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									October 2008

Dear Grade 1 Families, The year is off to a buzzzy start! Our first graders have been working very hard and are looking forward to the month of October because that means that Halloween is approaching. We have made some more new First Grade Friends. A special welcome to the new families who have joined our school community in the month of September: Nehemias Valladares and Brianna Luchuck. It was a pleasure to see so many parents on Program Night. It’s nice to begin the school year with so much support! Don’t forget! Agendas will be sent home every night. Notes and reminders from the school or from me will be either in the agenda pocket or beside the day’s date. Please take the time to check your child’s agenda every night; initial besides the days date (so that I know you have checked) and send the agenda back to school everyday. Your child will get a stamp in their agenda each morning if they begin the day by showing me their agenda. If you could also help your child move over the “post-it” flag that marks the beginning of each week, I would REALLY appreciate it. Homework folders begin today! They will be used throughout the school year to provide a home-school link to the curriculum and allow the students to practice newly learned skills at home. The children will be given a homework book in which to complete their homework. Each month the students will be given a homework calendar, which will be glued into the homework book. A homework activity for each day of the month will be on that calendar. Please complete as many activities as you can. Not everything must be written down in the book. Some of the homework may be tasks the child needs to complete without any writing. Any additional sheets may be glued directly into the homework book or included in the homework folder. At the end of the month, the homework folder must be returned to school so that I can check over the homework, give a sticker (or two) and send the next month’s homework calendar home. *I encourage you to read at home with your child everyday. It is so important to help them develop and practice their own reading skills. Later this month, students will bring home small books that are appropriate for their reading level. More information will be provided at that time. Spelling with Spezza. I have registered our class for this special Senators program. It was designed to motivate and teach elementary school students the importance of spelling. Spelling With Spezza generates excitement, rewards participation, and provides students the opportunity to win class visits from Jason Spezza, Sparty and many terrific prizes. PHYSICAL EDUCATION - We have been practicing gross motor skills (traveling, throwing and catching) and playing cooperative games, like soccer. LANGUAGE ARTS – We continue to review alphabet letters and sounds and we will begin to look at word families (rhyming words). We will also continue to practice our “Fix-up

Strategies” that can help us as readers: sounding out, skipping a word and reading on, looking for smaller words, looking at the picture for clues etc. We have been learning that good readers are always thinking. When we are reading we add to and modify our schemas. Schema refers to all the "stuff" that is already inside your head-things you already know. We have also begun To learn how to make connections to what be are reading. Making connections is an integral part of responding to literature, as well as supporting comprehension of text. Making connections allows the reader to form a meaningful attachment to the text, which in turn helps the reader to understand what is being read. MATH – In October, our focus in mathematics will be data management. Students will compare and sort object into groups based on a chosen attribute. They will then organize their information onto a graph. We will also learn how to take a survey by asking questions, collecting and recording information. SCIENCE – In our science unit: Daily and Seasonal Changes, we are learning about the earth cycles and how the season’s change. We will discuss how plants, animals and human activities change during each of the four seasons. RELIGION AND FAMILY LIFE – The title of our theme is “We Belong to God”. We have been discussing our special place in the Family of God. Through song, prayer and scripture, the children will celebrate God’s love. We have also been learning more about our classmates through our special star student interviews. LUCKY US! We are fortunate to have the students in Mrs. Bruno’s grade six class join us on a regular basis for Reading Buddies. This gives us the opportunity to read to our grade six friend or to choose a really challenging book from our class library that they can read to us!

Thank You to all of the grade one families who sent in a donation for our Terry Fox Walk! The students enjoyed learning about Terry – a hero and inspiration to us all. We also enjoyed our run-walk in Ben Franklin park in memory of Terry. A special thank you also goes out to Bryanna and Mrs. Busby for sending in erasers for the class and to Lukas for the neon stickers. CONGRATUALTIONS to Dante Nicastro, our September recipient for the virtue of showing Community. This year, Pope John teachers and staff will be recognizing students who consistently demonstrate the Catholic Graduate Expectations. Different values will be recognized throughout the year. We will also be recognizing students who get caught caring for others - another way that students show that they “Care for God’s Creation.”

Scholastic orders Due – Thursday October 9th PD DAY – Friday October 10th Thanksgiving – Monday October 13, 2008 Thanksgiving Liturgy – Wednesday October 15th Halloween Celebration – Friday October 31st

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. Your Partner in Catholic education, K. Murphy

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