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									                               Source:      Originally prepared by Carlin Bryant Aden
                      Contact: T. Sheldon at ( A “nom de plume” for Wanda Aden Sutich)
                            (This link is no longer active due to her having passed away – Last active in 2005)

                                  /UNKNOWN ADEN b: 1799 Germany
                           /Ennen Hinrichs ADEN b: 1844 m. 06 Feb 1875 Linn, Woodford Co, Ill d: 1937Immigrated
                       |           \                                                                                       to US from Germany
                      ↓                \Theodora 'Dora' RETHMEIER b: c.1824 Germany
        /Johann      (John) Ennen ADEN b: 26 Mar 1882 Woodford County, Illinois, d: 27 Dec 1969 Walla Walla, WA
        |             ↑                                  / (A) Nikolaus Claas BEENDERS b: 1755
        |             |                      / Evert Claasen BEENDERS b: 16 Feb 1796
        |             |                    |            \Anna Margaretha WILDTS b: c.1760
        |             |       /Johannes Everts 'John' BEENDERS b: 2 Feb 1822
        |             |       |              \Hiske (GEESCHE) JANSSEN b: c.1801
        |             \Hiskia Johanna (BEENDER) SCHOMERUS b: 1845 d: 1884
        |               {↑--Immigrated to US from Germany, m. 1875 in Linn, Woodford County, Illinois
         |                        Ennen Aden is her second husband. She had one son, Nick, by her first husband who died.)
        |                         Schomerus was the name of.Hiskia‟s first husband who died, then she later remarried.
         |                           |
        |             |                             / (A) Nikolaus Claas BEENDERS b: 1755
 100% German          |                /Wilt Claasen BEENDERS b: 13 Dec 1784
     |                |              |              \Elsche Maria WILTS b: 1759
     |                \Elsche Wilts BEENDERS b: 12 Mar 1827
     |                               |              /UNKNOWN BEHRENDS
     |                                 \Janna BEHRENDS
     |          There is a problem with Hiskia‟s genealogy of “too many Beenders”. How are they all related? 
Clifford Ennen ADEN b: 07 Apr 1914 m. 11 Nov 1938 d: 03 Jul 2001
         |                                                         {Carlin Aden believed that one of these listed below may have
             |                                                      a Cherokee Indian ancestor, most likely a Cherokee wife.}
        |                                     /William BRYANT b: 1750 d: c1834
        |                             /Thomas BRYANT b: 1795 d: 1845
        |                           |       |          /John Wilcoxson b. 1720
English, Welch, Cherokee(?), Jewish |       \Rachel WILCOXSON (f) b: c1754 d: c1842
Italian, Syrian, Egyptian, Danish   |                  |^^ 9 kids ^^
German, Saxon, Norman, Viking +++ |                    \Sarah Cassandra BOONE (f)
Except, for J.J. Rohn and his parents, all of      |                                (sister of Daniel Boone)
the rest listed below were born in the.            |                                b. 07 June 1724 d. 1815
United States.                                     |                                m: 25 May 1742  2 wks before turning 18
         |                                         |                                 (↑-- This fami ly b ranch is traceable back
         |                                         |                                  m o r e t h a n 4 , 0 0 0 y e a r s t o Ad a m a n d E v e . )
         |                                         |
        |                             /Joshua BRYANT b: 9 Mar 1823 d: 18 Mar 1907
        |                           |         \Mary 'Polly' BENNETT b: 1797 d: @1857  8 Kids
        |                  /(5)Thomas Jay BRYANT b: 1865 d: 1912
        |              |            |         /Maxfield HUNTER b: 1800
        |              |              \Angeline HUNTER b: 25 Oct 1834 m:. 27 Sep 1848 at 13.9 years of age
        |                |                  \             d: 1871  English or Welch
        |              |                      \Jane (Smart) ALLEN b: 18 May 1799, m #2
        |              |
             \Freda Gertrude BRYANT (f) b: 28 Apr 1893 m. 30 Apr 1911 d: 08 Sep 1987
                       |                          ( got married 2 days after her 18th birthday )
                       |                      /Johann Nikolaus ROHN b: 1780 d: 1847
                       |            /Johann Jacob ROHN b: 1834 d: 1919 Immigrated to US from Germany
               100% German -----  /           \Katharina Zipf b: 1806 d: 1846
                         \        ↓
                            \Nancy Catherine 'Kate' ROHN b: 1867 d: 1954
                                  \Sarah 'Sally' SANDERS b: 1848 d: 1872
The names in “highlighted” or “bold” print above show the recent generations of a branch of this family tree that
can trace its ancestry back to “Daniel Boone”, “Charlemagne, the Great”, the family of “Jesus Christ”, and on back
to Adam and Eve using numerous patriarchal family lines and female connections between these family lines.
 Freda Gertrude Bryant is the lady from whom all of the magic in this family tree originates. When she was
young, she was tall and had a genetically inherited “hourglass figure”, was exceptionally beautiful, and was
very brilliant with an exceptionally high IQ. It would take an expert genealogist to figure out what she was in
terms of her mix of many nationalities. She was more than 25 percent German with the first 25 percent
coming from her grandfather Rohn. But as for the rest, she was descended from all of the early royal families
of Europe and the Middle East, and from the early Egyptian Pharaohs. She had the blood of Julius Caesar,
Jesus Christ, and Charlemagne flowing through her veins. She was a “super-mom” who successfully sent three
of her four children through college and graduation during the Great Depression on the salary of a “blue collar
laborer”. She was a great lady whom we would all have wanted to have met and known.

Genealogy: During the period of December 1961 to about September 1962 when Nancy and I were
especially close and the best of friends and spent about 700 hours together, Nancy, along with her parents,
aunts, and uncles, shared much of her family information and genealogy with me, including the fact that they
was descended from the family of the famous early American frontiersman and explorer, Daniel Boone.
Nancy also told me that there were several famous people in her genealogy. I found all of this to be very
interesting and began copying it down and filing it away since I was interested in learning as much as I could
about Nancy and her unique and exceptionally gifted family. I wanted to discover “what made them “tick”. I
acquired additional genealogical information from her father, Clifford, and from her Uncle Carlin, (Clifford’s
brother), her Aunt Wanda (Clifford’s sister), as well as from several other relatives and other sources. When
people discover that you are genuinely and honestly interested in learning about them and their background
and heritage, they are usually more than willing to share their knowledge with you, and that is the way it was
between Nancy and her family, and myself.
          The genealogy of Nancy can be traced back to Adam and Eve via the internet – but only through her
grandmother, Freda Gertrud Bryant. The other branches of her family tree quickly evaporate after a couple of
hundred years, but the family line going back to Daniel Boone through her grandmother, Freda Gertrude
Bryant, keeps on going. For several generations before Daniel Boone it is just a single main trunk with short
twigs branching off of it, then it splits into several, then many major branches. Daniel Boone is descended
from the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne from about the years 750- 800 AD, and Charlemagne is in turn
descended from most of the various early European Kings and Middle Eastern Kings before him, and from the
Holy Family of Mary and Joseph of the Christian bible, and from Julius Caesar.
          This genealogical listing that follows traces only one branch of many possible family lines in Nancy’s
genealogy that goes back to ancient times. I selected this specific branch of the family tree because it contains
the Holy Family and as such, is the most interesting as well as the most controversial. The supporting
evidence for some links is unquestionably weak and thin with many contradictory and even some
intentionally fabricated false genealogies to choose from, but the one I have created from a composite of
many other existing genealogies seems to be the best or strongest from the evidence and sources available
without having gone into any great deep and extensive research. If you are not satisfied with the credibility of
some links, there are so many cases of cousins, distant cousins, and other relatives marrying each other since
royal families tended to keep their marriages within royal families, such that very often detour routes can be
established around questionable linkes, that connect back onto this specific branch of the family tree a few
generations sooner or later. So if you do find a questionable link that you don’t like, don’t be too quick to
trash the whole branch of this family tree; just find a detour around the offending portion and keep on going.
          One error common to many genealogies that I found was since being king is an inherited position and
the title goes to the oldest son, many genealogies just listed the succession of Kings as their genealogical
record. They failed to take into consideration the fact that sometimes Kings get deposed or are assassinated
or beheaded by jealous and plotting relatives, rivals, or even people who were totally outside the royal
families. I tried to watch for this and did catch it several times, but I am also likely to have missed a few cases
where it occurred, so anyone who is seriously into genealogy will have to double check my work for this error.

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ADEN, Clifford Ennen b: 7 Apr 1914 in Walla Walla Co., WA d: 3 Jul 2001 in Port Angeles, WA
ADEN, Dora b: 1879 in Minonk, Woodford Co. IL d: 1959 in WA
ADEN, Ella b: 16 May1876 in Minonk, Woodford Co., IL d: 6 Feb 1939 in Crete, Saline Co NE
ADEN, Enne b: 1880 in Woodford Co IL d: 1880 in Woodford Co LI
ADEN, Enne Hinrichs b: 1844 in Aurich, GER d: 1937 in WA
ADEN, John Ennen b: 26 Mar 1882 in Minonk, Woodford Co IL d: ? Dec 1969 in Walla Walla Co WA
ADEN, Living
ADEN, Living
ADEN, Living
ADEN, Living
ADEN, Marion Elpha b: 1918 in WA
ADEN, UNKNOWN b: 1799 in GER d: in GER
ADEN, Wanda Kathleen b: 1918 in WA
ALLEN, Jane (Smart) b: 18 May 1799 in Barren Co KY
BEENDERS, Agnes b: 1890
BEENDERS, Anna b: 1864 in GER
BEENDERS, Edward Albert b: 1852 in GER
BEENDERS, Ella b: 1888
BEENDERS, Elsche Wildina b: 1854 in GER d: 1918
BEENDERS, Elsche Wilts b: 12 Mar 1827 in Lintel, Hanover, GER d: in Crete, Saline, NE
BEENDERS, Etta b: 1892
BEENDERS, Everet b: 1886
BEENDERS, Everet Classen b: 1896 in Hanover, GER
BEENDERS, Evert Claasen b: 16 Feb 1796 in GER d: in GER
BEENDERS, Frank b: 1885
BEENDERS, Johannes Everts b: 1822 in GER
BEENDERS, Johannes Everts 'John' b: 2 Feb 1822 in Westgaste, Hanover, GER d: in Crete, Saline Co NE
BEENDERS, John b: 1880
BEENDERS, Mary 'Gertie' b: 1879 d: 1908
BEENDERS, Nikolaus Claas b: 1755 in GER d: in GER
BEENDERS, Nikolaus Claas b: 1755 in GER d: in GER
BEENDERS, Theodora b: 1900
BEENDERS, William A. b: 1875
BEENDERS, Wilt Claasen b: in GER
BEENDERS, Wilt Claasen b: 13 Dec 1784 in Hanover, GER d: in GER
BEENDERS, Wilt K. b: 1856 in GER
BEHRENDS, Janna b: in GER d: in GER
BENISON, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' b: 1862 in IA
BENNETT, Mary 'Polly' b: 1797 in Estill Co KY d: @1857 in Wapello Co IA
BLAKE I, James Vila b: 21 Jan1842 in Brooklyn NY d: 1925
BLAKE, Clinton Frederick b: 4 May 1871 d: 6 Jul 1948 in Clackamas Co OR
BLAKE, Dorothy
BLAKE, Frances Ann b: 6 Sep 1903 in Muskegon MI d: 20 Feb 1989 in Tacoma, Pierce Co WA
BLAKE, Hamlin b: 24 Jun 1817 d: 23 Jul 1901
BLAKE, James Vila
BRYANT, Alice A. b: 1860 in WA
BRYANT, Andrew Jackson
BRYANT, Archie b: 1886
BRYANT, Benjamin
BRYANT, Deborah
BRYANT, Ella b: in WA
BRYANT, Elvira 'Ella'
BRYANT, Erastus Jackson b: 1854 in WA d: 1901
BRYANT, Eva b: 1880
BRYANT, Freda Gertrude b: 28 Apr 1893 in Pullman, WA d: 1987 in Umatilla, OR
BRYANT, James b: @1896 in WA d: @1917 in WA
BRYANT, Josephine b: 10 May 1904 in WA d: 1977 in San Bernadino Co CA
BRYANT, Joshua b: 9 Mar 1823 in Estill Co KY d: 18 Mar 1907 in Pullman, Garfield Co WA
BRYANT, Lena b: 1889
BRYANT, Lucretia
BRYANT, Lula b: 1882
BRYANT, Mary Jane b: 1855 in WA
BRYANT, Maud Irene b: 1891 d: 1981
BRYANT, Monroe b: 1852
BRYANT, Rachel
BRYANT, Roy b: 1883
BRYANT, Thomas b: 1795 d: 1845
BRYANT, Thomas Jay b: 1865 in Wash. Terr. d: 1912 in Walla Walla Co. WA (5)
BRYANT, William
BRYANT, William b: @1739 d: @1834
BRYANT, William Tell b: 1857 in WA
CADOW, Anna Marie b: 1844 in Charleston SC
CADOW, William b: c1814
CHISHOLM, Sarah b: c1819
CLEMENTS, Charles Reuben b: abt 1842
CLEMENTS, John b: abt 1798
CLEMENTS, Vida Cadow b: 18 Dec 1870 in Toronto, Ontario CAN d: 18 Dec 1960 in Oregon City OR
DEXTER, Elizabeth
DOLL, Harold Percy b: 1913
DOLL, John
DOLL, Lonnie Edward b: 1915
ENGLE, Emil b: 1873 in GER d: 1957 in CA
ENGLE, Emil Eldon b: 1923
ENGLE, Katherine Yvonne b: 1922
ENGLE, Myron Robert b: 1927
HOVEY, Abbie Frances b: 5 Sep 1848
HOVEY, William C. b: 19 Dec 1820 d: 20 Nov 1855 in Salem MA
HUNTER, Angeline b: 1833 in Minonk IL d: 1871 in Walla Walla Co. WA
HUNTER, Maxfield b: 1800 in GA
KERST, Alfred
KERST, Alfred 'Fred'
KERST, Louis
KERST, Marie
LAGE, Carrie b: 1919 d: 1962
LAGE, Herman
LAGE, Willa Jean b: 1924
MEINERS, Cornelius M. 'Cornie' b: 1875
MEINERS, Elsina M. b: 1889 d: 1960
MEINERS, Grace W. b: 1879
MEINERS, John Evert b: 1877
MEINERS, Martin b: 1847 d: 1918
RETHMEIER, Theodora 'Dora' b: c.1824 in GER d: in GER
ROHN, Johann Jacob b: 1834 d: 1919 in WA
ROHN, Johann Nikolaus b: 1780 d: 1847
ROHN, Nancy Catherine 'Kate' b: 1867 d: 1954
SANDERS, Sarah 'Sally' b: 1848 d: 1872 in WA
SIMPSON, Mary Francis b: 6 May 1822 in Concord MA d: 20 Nov 1855 in Salem MA
UNKNOWN, Dorothea b: 1861
WILCOXSON, Rachel b: @1770 d: @1842
WILDTS, Anna Margaretha b: c.1760 in GER d: in GER
WILTS, Elsche Maria b: 1759 in GER d: in GER
         By Paul Olson

ID numbers are identification numbers assigned by . Numbers in red reference identical entries in different descendant trees.
Most of the following narratives were written by Carlin Aden or his younger sister, Wanda Aden Sutich. Most of the genealogical information was
also supplied by Carlin and Wanda Aden. Clifford Aden supplied some stories, dates, and relationships. Where it says “ADEN, Living” above in the
index, the names were removed by for privacy reasons since those people are still living.


UNKNOWN ADEN ID: I549044365, M, b: 1799 in GER
== Theodora 'Dora' RETHMEIER , ID: I549044366, F, b: c.1824 in GER

         Etta ADEN, F

         Enne Hinrichs ADEN , ID: I102643460, M, b: 1844 in Aurich, GER, Mar. Lic.: 6 Feb 1875 Linn, Woodford Co IL, d. 1937 in WA.,
     (1) == Hiskia Johanna (BEENDERS) SCHOMERUS , ID: I102643461, F, b: 1845 in GER, d. 1884 in Woodford Co IL
                   == m. #1: Gerd SCHOMERUS in Germany, M, died early leaving Hiskia a widow with a son and daughter.
                                              Nicholas “Nick” Cristofer SCHOMERUS, M, b. 1869
                                              Jan SCHOMERUS F., b. 1871.
                                              == Everet, M
                   == m #2: Enna Hinrichs ADEN

                      Enne came to New York, USA about 1865 from Germany, and settled in Minonk, Woodford Co., IL. On a trip to NE visiting his kinfolk (who were they?), he met
                   Hiskia, soon marrying her. They moved to IL where three more children (Ella, Dora, John ADEN) were born.
                     Enna and Hiskia farmed in Illinois. After the death of his wife, Hoskia, in 1884, Enne took the children to NE to his relatives to be raised. This is proven by the 1885 NE
                   Census on which Ella and John appear. Family believes Hiskia‟s death was due to ongoing complications of the childbirth of John Ennen two years prior. Enne stayed in NE,
                   but switched residences every couple of years. Enne "Henry" never remarried. After the kids got a bit older, Henry gathered them up and moved them to Walla Walla WA.
                   Enne managed to stay with his children, one family at a time, throughout his lifetime. He was a farmer and had a passion for flowers, always planting and tending them.
                   Enna and Hoskia spoke German in their home, and the children (two sons and two daughters) were expected to learn English from their American playmates.

                   ADEN, Ella , ID: I549047980, F, b: 16 May1876 in Minonk, Woodford Co., IL, MAR. LIC: 8 Mar 1894 Crete, Saline Co NE., d: 6 Feb 1939 in Crete, Saline Co., NE
                   == Alfred KERST , ID: I550935882, M, b. 1871, d. 1940
                             Lived in NE.

                              Louis KERST, ID: I550935900, M
                              Marie KERST, ID: I550935903, F
                              Alfred “Fred” KERST, ID: I550935909, M

                   ADEN, Dora , ID: I549047981, F, b: 1879 in Minonk, Woodford Co. IL, d: 1959 in WA,
                   == Cornelius LYNCH, M,
                             Moved to OR.

                              John LYNCH, M, b. 1901
                              Maurice LYNCH, M, b. 1903
                              Martha LYNCH, F, b. 1918
      ADEN, John Ennen , ID: I37435921, M, b: 26 Mar 1882 in Minonk, Woodford Co IL, M: 30 Apr 1911 in Walla Walla Twp/Co WA., d: 27 Dec 1969 in Walla Walla Co., WA
(4)    == Freda Gertrude BRYANT , ID: I37435922, F, b: 28 Apr 1893 in Pullman, WA, d. 1987 in Umatilla, OR

                   “Big John” (he stood 6‟ – 6 1/2 “ tall) farmed in NE during the time he was there, then moved out west with his father and sister. His ultimate destination was Walla
                Walla WA, then still part of the Oregon Territory. Here he farmed a pretty good parcel of land for the landowner and did well with horses. He worked for a grocery for
                a short while, then moved to the Mill Creek area.
                    He married Freda Bryant in Walla Walla on 30 Apr 1911, just two days after her 18th brithday.
                   They issued four offspring, two boys and two girls. Freda became a great cook, feeding the family and all the farmhands. At a later point in John's life he sold out
                and moved to town. He resided in a smaller home that was built around the 1920's, but it was groomed well both inside and out. It was at this time that he went to work
                for the Walla Walla State Prison System as a guard. He was at that position until retirement.
                  When John was asked about any siblings, he claimed to have had an older brother, deceased, but that was a long time ago. The question was posed in the 1960s....
                This writer found out his half-brother was a son from his mother's first marriage (she was a former widow). John and Nick were pretty close, exchanged many letters
                and shared visits until Nick's death.
                  The day before his death, John was up and active for an elder. He'd cleaned the furnace already, but checked it again (always cautious about the oil heat). A normal
                day for him when he had already cleaned off the sidewalk and porch too. A hard worker, he was. No question about it. That night he went to bed as normal, and the next
                morning his wife found him lifeless. We know that his spirit yet lives, and his family is surely around him, now, and forever more.
                   Note: All four children of John and Freda had near genius level IQ‟s (“genius” officially begins at 140). They were all very brilliant academically.

                              Carlin Bryant ADEN ID: I37435923, M, b: 23 Feb 1912 in Walla Walla ,WA, d. 28 March 1994 in Tacoma, Pierce Co WA
                       (6)     == Frances Ann BLAKE ID: I37435926, F, b: 6 Sep 1903 in Muskegon MI , m. 6 Sep 1931 in Seattle(?) WA

                                A farmer's child by birth, Mr. Aden was educated in normal schools as a youngster and worked the farm growing up. Taking on odd jobs, he put himself
                             through his higher education at the University of Washington.
                                Mr. Aden was in the field of education. He practiced in the Tacoma School District for high school biology/sciences; next as Hudtloff Jr. High principal;
                             on to the school district administration offices; teaching in the local community college level; and ended his career as a creative writing instructor overseas,
                             for the University of Maryland.
                                In addition to his love of fishing, he wrote a considerable amount of nationally published poetry, winning several awards and mentions. He belonged to
                             Kiwanis, Masons and several community associations.
                                         No issue. (Two adopted children).

                                        Peter ADEN, ID: I37435927, M, b. 1942, ADOPTED as an infant  gifted fine artist but was unable to earn a living financially from his art.
                                         == Mary Ellen Johnson, ID: I68740710, F, b. c 1944, m: c 1963, divorced c 1967±
                                                 Had two daughters
                                        Carla ADEN, ID: I68740714, F, b. 1945, ADOPTED as an infant

                             Clifford Ennen ADEN , ID: I549047979, M, b: 7 Apr 1914 in Walla Walla Co., WA., d. 3 Jul 2001 in Port Angeles, WA
                               == Dorothy King
                             Note: Clifford was a Washington State patrolman from 1937 through 1970, and then he was promoted to the position of
                             Director of the Washington State Traffic Commission under governors Dan Evans and Dixie Lee Ray through 1977.
                             Cliff Aden served the State for 40 years. He was born April 7, 1914 in Walla Walla and after attending Whitman College
                             where he was an outstanding athlete and at 6‟-6” tall and weighing 210 pounds, was a starting offensive tight end and wide
                             receiver on his college football team. He joined the State Patrol in the Port Angeles District in 1937 and shortly thereafter
                             married Dorothy King, who survived him. He was transferred to Olympia in the summer of 1960 and ultimately rose to then
                             rank of major before retiring. His seven years' service in the Traffic Safety Commission saw many improvements and earned
                             the praise of two governors before his retirement from State service. Cliff and Dorothy returned to Port Angeles to their
                             friends and relatives in 1988. Cliff passed away peacefully after a short illness on the evening of July 3rd, 2001 and is
                             survived by his wife and by his daughter, Nancy, and grandson, Michael, both of whom are living in Auckland, New Zealand,
                             and by his sisters Wanda Sutich in Olympia and Marion Culley in Weston, Oregon. Cliff's great good humor and his
                             compassion for everyone he met will be remembered both in the State Patrol and the Olympic Peninsula for many years.
                              – Dorothy Aden (with significant editing and some additional information provided by Paul Olson)
        Issue of Clifford and Dorthy ADEN
           Nancy Lee ADEN, F, b. Nov 11, 1944 in Port Angeles, Wash.
            Notes: June 1962, Nancy graduated from Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington in the top
             10 percent of her class. There were about 2000 students in Clover Park and about 600 in her class.
             June 1973, Nancy graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from University of Washington as Nancy Lee Jewett.
             August 1974, graduated with a MS in Speech Pathology from University of Washington as Nancy Lee Felix,
             just 3 months prior to her 30th birthday.
           Husbands and marriages:
             == m #1 Robert GRIESLER, M, b. 1943, m . 18 April 1965 in Tacoma, Wash., divorced. about 1967
                      No issue
             == m #2 JEWETT, M, m. about 1968, divorced. abt 1969
                      No issue
             == m #3 Robert G. FELIX, M, b. abt 1939, graduated Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
                      m: summer of 1973, most likely in Pierce or King County, Washington
           Living in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, since mid 1970‟s where Nancy works(ed ) as a speech therapist
                      Michael FELIX, M, b. Aug 1982

Wanda Kathleen ADEN, ID: I550977785, F, b: 1918 in WA , d. c. 2005-2006
  == George N. SUTICH, M, b.1915.
   Wanda was an outgoing person on a one-to-one basis. Always had nice things to say, and wore a smile. She was a stay-at-home wife, tending to the needs
of her sons and her home.
   George was, for many years, the principal of the local elemtery school in Lakewood WA (on the outskirts of Tacoma). He was a fun person to be around,
and delighted the children with jokes. He worked that job until Park Lodge closed down, though he still stayed with the school system through retirement.

           Matthew 'Tom SUTICH , M, b. 1949
           John SUTICH, M, b. 1955.

Marion Elpha ADEN ID: I550978210, F, b: 1918 in WA, d. still living in July 2001
  == Charles Herbert 'Herb' CULLEY, M
  Marion is remembered for the spread she put on the table at mealtime. A farmer's wife with a parcel of children, the woman could really satisfy a person's
hunger. She also had a sense of humor that is recalled as wry, to the writer, but she was a fun and active person to be around. She certainly wasn't afraid of
working the farm with Herb, as she had to do the crops (wheat) too. The oldest children watched the younger ones many times, as was expected. Marion
graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelors degree in nursing.
           Robert Bruce CULLEY, M, b. c. 1939
             == Mariann Louise ( maiden name ? ) Culley, F, b: c 1938
                      Travis B. Culley, M, b: c 1971
                      Erin L Culley, b: c 1974
           Colleen Diane CULLEY, F, b. c 1942
           Maureen Ellen CULLEY, F, b. c 1945
           Kathleen Wanda CULLEY, F, b. c 1948,
             == Howard, M
           Clifford Lee CULLEY, M, b. c. 1951
             == Veronica J ( maiden name ? ) Culley, F, b: c 1953
                      Cl Herbert Culley |  > same person?
                      Charles H Culley |  -/
                      Heather C Culley, F, b: c 1972
           Kimberly Sue CULLEY. F, b. c. 1957 (?)

     Nikolaus Claas BEENDERS , ID: I550936804 & ID: I550936808, M, b: 1755 in GER. d. in Ger.
     == m #1 Elsche Maria WILTS ID: I550936805, F, b: 1759 in GER, d. on Ger., Mar. Lic: 3 Apr 1784 GER

               Wilt Claasen BEENDERS , ID: I550935973, M, b: 13 Dec 1784 in Hanover, GER, Mar C.: 1826 in Ger., d. in Ger.
               == Janna BEHRENDS, ID: I550935974, F, b: in GER., d. in Ger.

                           (2) Elsche Wilts BEENDERS ID: I550935920, F, b: 12 Mar 1827 in Lintel, Hanover, GER, d. Death: in Crete, Saline, NE
                                 == Johannes „John‟ Everts BEENDERS ID: I550935919 & ID: I550937630, M, b: 2 Feb 1822 in Westgaste, Hanover, GER.,
      == m #2: Anna Margaretha Wildts, F, b: c.1760 in GER

           (3) Evert Claasen BEENDERS ID: I550935978 & [ ID: I550937216  many errors ], b: 16 Feb 1796 in GER, d. in Germany
               == Hiske (GEESCHE) JANSSEN ID: I550935979, F, b: c.1801 in Hanover GER
                          note: Several genealogy problems exist with this entry, check dates.
                          Note: may have 1 or 2 other children, but several errors in this genealogy entry make it difficult to determine.

                         Johannes „John‟ Everts BEENDERS ID: I550935919 & ID: I550937630, M, b: 2 Feb 1822 in Westgaste, Hanover, GER., d. Death: in Crete, Saline Co NE
                     (2) == Elsche Wilts BEENDERS ID: I550935920, F, b: 12 Mar 1827 in Lintel, Hanover, GER, d. Death: in Crete, Saline, NE
                         Note: Married Elsche Wilts Beenders, who is his half first cousin. They have the same grandfather, Nikolaus Claas Beenders, but different grandmothers.

                               (1)   Hiskia Johanna (BEENDERS) SCHOMERUS ID: I102643461, F, b: 1845 in GER, d. 1884 in Woodford Co IL
                                     == m #1: Gerd SCHOMERUS in GER. :
                                                                Nickolas Christofer SCHOMERUS, b. 1869
                                                                Jan Everet SCHOMERUS, b. 1871
                                     == m #2: Enne Hinrichs ADEN , ID: I102643460, M, b: 1844 in Aurich, GER
                                     Edward Albert BEENDERS , ID: I550977739, M, b: 1852 in GER,
                                     Elsche Wildina BEENDERS, ID: I550977743, F, b: 1854 in GER, d. 1918
                                     == Martin MEINERS , ID: I550979146, M, b: 1847, d. 1918.
                                                Cornelius M. 'Cornie' MEINERS, ID: I550979150, M, b: 1875
                                                John Evert MEINERS , ID: I550979155, M, b. 1877
                                                Grace W. MEINERS, ID: I550979156, F , b. 1879
                                                == George COCHRAN , M, d.1959.
                                                           Cynthia COCHRAN , F
                                                           Kay COCHRAN , F
                                                           Ena COCHRAN, F(?)
                                                           Isador COCHRAN, F
                                                           Ira COCHRAN, M
                                                           George Allen COCHRAN, M
                                                Elsina M. MEINERS, ID: I550979161, F, b. 1889

                                     Wilt K. BEENDERS , ID: I550977756, M, b: 1856 in GER,
                                     == Dorothea UNKNOWN , ID: I550979574, F, b: 1861
                                               William A. BEENDERS , ID: I550979578, M,, b: 1875
                                                Mary 'Gertie' BEENDERS , ID: I550979582, F, b: 1879, d. 1908
                                                == Stephen MAHURIN M, b. 1874
                                                John BEENDERS , ID: I550981621, M, b: 1880
                                                         Frank BEENDERS , ID: I550981624, M, b: 1885
                                                         Everet BEENDERS , ID: I550981626, M, b: 1886
                                                         Ella BEENDERS , ID: I550985228, F, b: 1888
                                                         Agnes BEENDERS , ID: I550985232, F, b: 1890
                                                         Etta BEENDERS , ID: I550985237, F, b: 1892
                                                         Theodora BEENDERS , ID: I550985240, F, b: 1900

                                  Anna BEENDERS , ID: I550977760, F, b: 1864 in GER

          Nikolaus Claas BEENDERS , ID: I550936804 & ID: I550936808, M, b: 1755 in GER. d. in Ger.
          == m #1: Anna Margaretha Wildts, F, b: c.1760 in GER
              (3)       Evert Claasen BEENDERS , ID: I550935978, M, b: 16 Feb 1796 in GER:

          == m #2 Elsche Maria WILTS ID: I550936805, F, b: 1759 in GER, d. on Ger.,                  Mar. Lic: 3 Apr 1784 GER

               Wilt Claasen BEENDERS , ID: I550935973, M, b: 13 Dec 1784 in Hanover, GER, Mar C.: 1826 in Ger., d. in Ger.
               == Janna BEHRENDS, ID: I550935974, F, b: in GER., d. in Ger.

                            (2) Elsche Wilts BEENDERS ID: I550935920, F, b: 12 Mar 1827 in Lintel, Hanover, GER, d. Death: in Crete, Saline, NE
                                == Johannes „John‟ Everts BEENDERS ID: I550935919 & ID: I550937630, M, b: 2 Feb 1822 in Westgaste, Hanover, GER.,

                        Wilt Claasen BEENDERS , ID: I550976848, M, b: in GER  has an error at this point as his name and wife and dates are the same as his parents.


          Sarah Cassandra BOONE F, b: 07 or 18 Jun 1724, Chalfont, New Brit. Twp.,Bucks Co.,Pa. m: 29 May 1742, Exeter,,Penn  2 wks before turning 18. d: 1815, Madison Co,Ky 
          Sister of Daniel Boone
          == John WILCOXSON, M. b. 06 Sep 1720, Berks Co., Penn., d. 03 Feb 1782, Bryan Station, Lexington, Ky.
          Notes for Sarah Cassandra Boone: From THE BOONE FAMILY by Hazel Atterbury Sprater
             The Boones were Quakers and John Wilcoxson was not. The Church notes say that they treated her for “marrying out” and her father, Squire Boone, was spoken to by members of the
          Church. Her father was chastised by the Quaker church for letting her marry a non member and he apologized and said that he would be more careful in the future. Friends church records
          5-29-1742", Sarah daughter of Squire Boone, treated with for marrying out ". Another says Sarah Boone out of the Unity with Friends ( first offense of this kind ). Friends appointed to
          speak to the father, Squire Boone. The same day Squire Boone declareth he did not countenance or consent to the marriage but confesseth himself in fault in keeping them in his house after
          their keeping company but that he was in great streight in not knowing what to do and hopeth to be more careful for the future. --------------------------------------------------------------- This is not
          an error as her niece, Sarah Boone, daughter of Squire Jr. also married a J ohn Wilcoxson who is our direct line. The two are easily confused. I confirmed this by several sources. --------------
          From SQUIRE BOONE AND HIS DESCENDANTS. Sarah Boone, daughter of Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone, born 7 June 1724 near Chalfont, New Britain Twp, Bucks Co. Pa. Married
          at Exeter Pa. 29 May 1742 a non-quaker, John Wilcoxson, born 1720 Berks Co. They went to N.C. when her parents moved there. They lived in Coolumee, Davie Co. N.C. Then they went
          to Ky. when her brother, Daniel Boone, and the others went to Ky. ( Abt 1779 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------- From notes of Linda Jean Thompson Ryan - well
          documented Sarah Boone maried John Wilcoxson in 1742. The Boones were Quakers and evidently John Wilcoxson was not since Sarah was Condemned for marrying out. Sarah's
          marriage ( and also the fact that her first child was born suspiciously soon after the marriage ceremony ) added further strain to the already stretched relationship between Squire's family and
          their Quaker society. Soon, Squire moved his family from Penn to N.C. Sarah and her husband migrated with the rest of the family. They had eleven children
          who lived past infancy ---------------------------------------- From WILCOXSON AND ALLIED FAMILIES by Wulfeck Treated with for marrying out - friends appointed to speak to father,
          Squire Boone.. John and Sarah went to N.C, about 1855 and appeared on the first tax list in 1759 in 1778 - 1782 and census of 1787
John WILCOXSON Jr , M, b: c.1744, d: aft. 1830
Elizabeth WILCOXSON, F, b: bef.1745, d: 1818
Israel WILCOXSON, M, b: bef.1755, d: 1783
Daniel WILCOXSON, M, b: 1755, d: 1837
Samuel WILCOXSON, M, b: 1755, d: 1825
Isaac WILCOXSON, M d. bef. 1783
William Bryan WILCOXSON, M, b: c.1760, d: 1828
David WILCOXSON, M, b: 1742

Rachel WILCOXSON ID: I570455203, F, b: 1770, d. c. 1842
== William BRYANT ID: I570455202, M, b: 1739, d. 1834
          Hiram BRYANT, M,
          Hurum BRYANT, M,
          Benjamin BRYANT, M
          Rachael BRYANT, F
          Susan BRYANT, F
          Jeremiah BRYANT, M
          Monroe BRYANT, M
          Henry BRYANT, M

         Thomas BRYANT , ID: I570455187, M, b: 1795, d. 1845
         == Mary 'Polly' BENNETT , ID: I570455188, F, b: 1797 in Estill Co KY,      Mar Lic: 11 Dec 1817 Estill Co KY,     d. 1857 in Wapello Co IA
                   Jeremiah BRYANT, M,
                   William Tell BRYANT, ID: I570460880, M
                   Rachel BRYANT , ID: I570460881, F
                   Benjamin BRYANT , ID: I570460882, M
                   Andrew Jackson BRYANT , ID: I570460883, M
                   Lucretia BRYANT , ID: I570460884, F
                   Deborah BRYANT , ID: I570460885, F
                   Elvira 'Ella' BRYANT , ID: I570460886, F

                   Joshua BRYANT , ID: I546379491, M, b: 9 Mar 1823 in Estill Co KY, Mar Lic: 27 Sep 1848 Wapello Co IA, d. 18 Mar 1907 in Pullman, Garfield Co WA
                   == Angeline HUNTER , ID: I546379492, F, b: 25 Oct 1834 in Minonk IL, m.: 27 Sep 1848 in Wapello Co IA at age 13.9 years old, d. 25 Nov 1871 in
                    Walla Walla Co. WA
                       Angeline was a personable woman, slight of build, and a woman to whom many children were born. She taught school for a while in WA Terr, but
                    records don't offer dates.
                        Additional information and a photo of Angeline‟s grave can be found at
                                Grave Photo of Angeline Hunter Bryant
                       Parents of Angeline:
                          Father: Maxfield HUNTER , ID: I570468129, M, b: 1800 in GA
                          Mother: Jane (Smart) ALLEN , ID: I570468130, F, b: 18 May 1799 in Barren Co KY
                   Note: Joshua was a fun-loving, jovial person who enjoyed a good laugh. He was known to pull entertaining pranks as a child, and never lost his sense of
                   humor later in life.
                   Joshua was bound for new and different lands, leading him towards IA for a while, then relocating to the WA Territory.
   His family had turned to farming long before his birth, so farming wasn't an un-natural experience for him as he grew to manhood. He did well with cattle
and horses, adding a few pigs to his stock. He developed a fenced, improved ranch in IA for a while and made enough money to support his growing family.
It was here he met amd married his wife, Angeline Hunter.
    With their family in tow, Joshua packed up their belongings and made their way, overland, to the Washington Territory. Here he found the land rich in
content, large spaces were available, and he took over acreage outside of Walla Walla, in eastern WA. He grew mainly wheat, as there were a few good-
paying local mills in the area. He did manage stock as well.
    Children of Joshua and Angeline HUNTER

           Monroe BRYANT , ID: I570460845, M, b: 1852
           == m#2. Emma Nelson., F, No children or other information listed.
           == m#1. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' BENISON, ID: I570468115, F, b: 1862 in IA
                     Eva BRYANT , ID: I570468116, F, b: 1880
                     Lula BRYANT , ID: I570468119, F, b: 1882
                     Roy BRYANT , ID: I570468122, M, b: 1883
                     Archie BRYANT , ID: I570468125, M, b: 1886

           Erastus Jackson BRYANT , ID: I570460854, M, b: 1854 in WA, d. 1901
           == Sylvania Esther Wheeler, F.
                      Nataniel BRYANT M,
                      Wilbur Erastue BRYANT M,
                      Elvira BRYANT, F,
                      Thomas Jefferson BRYANT, M,
                      Alice Pearl BRYANT, F,
                      Lolita Grave BRYANT, F,
                      Earl Edward BRYANT, M,
                      Harry Wayne BRYANT, M,
                      Lester Francis BRYANT, M,
                      Clarence Monroe BRYANT, M,

           Mary Jane BRYANT , ID: I570460860, F, b: 1855 in WA
           == William HENDRICKS, M.
                     Estell HENDRICKS, F,
                     Ralph HENDRICKS, M,
                     Leila HENDRICKS, F

           William Tell BRYANT , ID: I570460863, M, b: 1857 in WA
           Alice A. BRYANT , ID: I570460864, F, b: 1860 in WA
           == Oscar E. YOUNG, M.
                     Daisy M YOUNG, F,
                     Nellie V. YOUNG, F,
                     Frank Bryant YOUNG, M,
                     Alvarhetta YOUNG, F

           Ella BRYANT , ID: I570460872, F, b: in WA
           == Andrew J. FARR, M.
                    Clyde FARR, M,
                    Liva FARR, F,
                    Winifred FARR, F
(5) Thomas Jay BRYANT , ID: I68156560 , M b: 1865 in Wash. Terr, Mar Lic: 27 Feb 1887 Walla Walla WA, d.: 1912 in Walla Walla Co. WA
    == Nancy Catherine 'Kate' ROHN , ID: I68156561, F, b: 1867, d. 1954
    Of Welsh and English blood lines. His mother is of Royal blood.
    This Bryant family is related to Daniel Boone.

               Lena BRYANT , ID: I550997553, F, b. 1889
               == m #1. Paul Seeliger, ID: I550997569, M,
               == m #2. Herman LAGE. ID: I550997570, M,   Issue: Carrie(1919), Willa Jean(1924).
                         Carrie LAGE ID: I550997583 F., b: 1919, d. 1962
                         == Edward DAVES, M.

                         Willa Jean LAGE , ID: I550997584, F, b: 1924
                         == Larry BARNETT, M.
                                    Debbie BARNETT, F.

               Maud Irene BRYANT ID: I550997562, F, b: 1891, d. 1981
               == m#2: Harry FINLEY, ID: I550997615, M
                         second marriage of Maud, no children
               == m#1: John DOLL, ID: I550997589, M,
                         Harold Percy DOLL , ID: I550997592, M., b: 1913
                         Lonnie Edward DOLL ID: I550997594, M, b: 1915
                                   Gary Doll, M.

                         Note: Lonnie had a son named Gary. Lived near Schumann's Theatre in CA. A gentle man, soft-spoken. I (Carlin Aden
                         or Wanda Aden Sutich) met once with him and his family, and both adults were quite social, gracious, and kind. Their son,
                         Gary, was a good-looking teen who was well dressed, mannerly, and much like his father.

               James BRYANT , ID: I570455232, M, b. 1896 in WA., d. 1917 in WA at the age of 21 years
               Josephine BRYANT, ID: I570455234, F, b. 10 May 1904 in WA., d. 1977 in San Bernadino Co CA
               == Emil ENGLE, ID: I570468103, M, b.1873 GER, d. 1957 in CA. Issue: Katherine Yvonne (1922), Emil Eldon (1923),
                         Myron Robert (1927).
                         Katherine Yvonne ENGLE , ID: I570468106, F, b: 1922
                         Emil Eldon ENGLE , ID: I570468108, M, b: 1923
                         Myron Robert ENGLE ID: I570468111, M, b: 1927

         (4)   Freda Gertrude BRYANT , ID: I37435922, F, b: 28 Apr 1893 in Pullman, WA, d. 1987 in Umatilla, OR
               == ADEN, John Ennen , ID: I37435921, M, b: 26 Mar 1882 in Minonk, Woodford Co IL, M: 30 Apr 1911 in Walla Walla Twp/Co
                  WA., d: 27 Dec 1969 i

                James Vila BLAKE I , ID: I72722863, M, b: 21 Jan1842 in Brooklyn NY, d: 1925
                Abbie Frances HOVEY, ID: I72722864 , F, b: 5 Sep 1848

                         Clinton Frederick BLAKE , ID: I37435924, M, b: 04 May 1871, d: 06 Jul 1948 in Clackamas Co., OR
                         == Vida Cadow CLEMENTS , ID: I37435925, F, b: 18 Dec 1870 in Toronto, Ontario CAN, d: 18 Dec 1960 in Oregon City OR
                              Parents of Vida Cadlow:
                                    Charles Reuben CLEMENTS , ID: I514943692, M, b: abt 1842
                                    Anna Marie CADOW , ID: I514943693 , F, b: 1844 in Charleston SC
                         Notes: A minister for Unitarian Church. Met bride, Miss Vida Cadow Clements,I n Chicago, and later moved to OR to settle.
                                    Dorothy BLAKE, ID: I102643428, F, b: 28 Jul 1900 in Green Bay WI,
                                    == John CRISWELL, M
                                               Donald CRISWELL, M,
                                               Frances Faye CRISWELL, F,
                                               Richard CRISWELL, M

                                   James Vila BLAKE II , ID: I102643462, M, b: 13 Sep 1907 Chicago IL.
                                   == Marion ?.
                                             Sally BLAKE, F,
                                             Ronald James BLAKE, (adopted), M.

                              (6) Frances Ann BLAKE ID: I37435926, F, b: 06 Sep 1903 in Muskegon MI , m. 6 Sep 1931 in Seattle(?) WA
                                  == Carlin Bryant ADEN ID: I37435923, M, b: 23 Feb 1912 in Walla Walla ,WA, d. 28 March 1994 in Tacoma, Pierce Co WA



Carlin Aden and all three of his younger siblings, Clifford, Wanda, and Marion, (b. 1912-1918) all had near-genius level IQ‟s of
135± 5 points. They were all taller than average, very attractive, and very athletic with Clifford being superlative and the best of
the four siblings in all three areas. Carlin, Clifford, and Marion all completed their bachelor degrees. Carlin went on to get his

Carlin‟s forte was writing, literature, and poetry. He was the family‟s published poet and historian. He developed and did most
of the research and work over a period of about 40 years on the genealogy found at
In his final years when illness and failing health sidelined him, his younger sister, Wanda, took over and assumed responsibility
for the family‟s genealogy effort. Wanda was extremely brilliant and thrived on academic mental challenges - like genealogy
research. But this particular genealogy can reveal several secrets about the inner workings and relationships within the Aden
family during the period of the 1960‟s to 1990 if one knows what to look for and how to interpret the meaning of what he sees –
or does not see. I will share some of these genealogical insights with you.

Wanda did not care for Carlin‟s wife, Frances, and thought she had robbed the cradle when she seduced Carlin into marriage
when he was still just 19 years old since she was nine years older (at 28 years of age) than he was at the time and had already
been around the block a few times. Young Carlin, was fresh out of high school when they met, was still very naive and green
behind the ears when it came to women at the time So in this genealogy referenced above, it was Carlin who put in an entry for
his wife, Frances. He included listing her in the index, and included several generations of her ancestors even though Carlin and
Francis had no issue of their own and thus no one will be interested in it or read it. Wanda would not have done this for her.
Carlin also listed his two adopted children but only his two granddaughters by his adopted son in the genealogical index, and got
them an ID number. None of these four Adens are genetically related to Carlin or to any other members of the
Aden clan.

Wanda did not care for Clifford‟s wife, Dorothy, either. She too had seduced her husband into marriage, but was only a high
school graduate. Dorothy‟s main drawback was that she did not have any use for college or academics like reading, but liked the
perks, social status, and income that resulted from being married to one of the very highest ranking officials in state government.
She always kept their house spotlessly clean. There was not a lick of reading material to be found anywhere in their house.

Carlin had no use for Dorothy either, so since Carlin and Wanda wrote the genealogy above, they determined who made it in and
who was omitted, and what was said in the narratives for each person. It is mentioned in fine print that Clifford married Dorothy,
but she is not listed in the index, she does not have any narrative, nor is any of her family or genealogy listed. To give you an
idea of how the four Aden spouses fared in this genealogy, I will list them and the narratives where they are mentioned below.

ADEN: Spouse           Notes:
Carlin BLAKE, Frances Ann Fully listed in the index of with an ID number, a narrative of her own, along with
                       several generations of her ancestry.
                       The narrative for Frances: “A doctor of Speech and Hearing, practiced in Tacoma WA at Mary
                       Bridge Children's Hospital in the first clinic of it's type in the city. She graduated from University
                       of Washington. Single pregnancy lost, thus adopting son, Peter. Daughter was applied for but
                       knows of no official record of adoption.”.
                           Written by Carlin.

                              His two adopted children and two granddaughters also have entries as ADEN, Living. Carlin
                              favored his adopted son, Peter, and listed his name in the narrative above for Frances. Carlin also
                              listed Peter‟s children with an ID number, but not those of his adopted daughter,
                              Carla, who did not get her name, the name of her spouse, or the names of any of her children even
                              mentioned anywhere. In the early 2000‟s Wanda told me that Carla was working in the Seattle area
                              as a youth councilor.

Clifford Dorothy >__ <        Neither Dorothy‟s middle name nor even her middle initial was listed. She is the only spouse not
                              to have at least her middle initial listed. She received no entry in The only
                              reference to Dorothy, her daughter, Nancy, and their grandson, Michael, is in the complete but very
                              short and curt narrative for Clifford.
                              “Note: m. Dorothy King. Issue: Nancy (m. Robert Felix, living in New Zealand, speech therapist,
                              has one son).”
                                 Probably written by Carlin because it is curt, short, abrupt, and to the point with no extra words.
ADEN: Spouse                   Notes:
Wanda George N.                No entry listed in for George Sutich but given a nice narrative under Wanda‟s entry
                               as follows: Notice that George is the only spouse to have his birth year mentioned, and their
                               children are the only children to have their birth years listed.
                               Narrative for Wanda Aden: “m. George N. Sutich (b.1915). Issue: Matthew „Tom‟ (1949),
                               John (1955).
                               Wanda was an outgoing person on a one-to-one basis. Always had nice things to say, and wore a
                               smile. She was a stay-at-home wife, tending to the needs of her sons and her home.
                               George was, for many years, the principal of the local elementary school in Lakewood WA (on the
                               outskirts of Tacoma). He was a fun person to be around, and delighted the children with jokes. He
                               worked that job until Park Lodge closed down, though he still stayed with the school system
                               through retirement.”        Written by Wanda.
                               Wanda and Carlin wrote the genealogy, and chose who got to be included and what was said in
                               each narrative about each person!!!

Marion    Charles Herbert 'Herb' Culley  Herb was not listed as an entry in, but his name received the full
                             treatment! It is very likely that Carlin and/or Wanda asked Herb for genealogical information
                             about his family and ancestors, but I suspect that Herb, like most relatives, was lazy in terms of
                             caring about his genealogy and never got around to responding to Carlin‟s requests. Herb did not
                             receive any narrative, but this is the write-up for Marion Aden: They were also the only Aden
                             family to live some 300 miles away from the other three siblings, they lived on a farm in
                             northeastern Oregon.
                             “m. Charles Herbert 'Herb' Culley. Issue: Robert Bruce, Colleen Diane, Maureen Ellen, Kathleen
                             Wanda, Clifford Lee, Kimberly Sue.
                             Marion is remembered for the spread she put on the table at mealtime. A farmer's wife with a parcel
                             of children, the woman could really satisfy a person's hunger. She also had a sense of humor that is
                             recalled as wry, to the writer, but she was a fun and active person to be around. She certainly wasn't
                             afraid of working the farm with Herb, as she had to do the crops (wheat) too. The oldest children
                             watched the younger ones many times, as was expected.”          Written by Wanda

Wanda and Carlin were upset with their sibling brother, Clifford, for not having the guts to stand up to his wife, Dorothy, who
most definitely wore the pants in the family and made all of the important family decisions in a very no-nonsense manner. She
was a very poor parent to their only child, a tall, slender, brilliant, athletically gifted, and exceptionally beautiful daughter named
Nancy, and effectively destroyed her best years when she was in her late teens and twenties. (Check out Nancy’s 3 marriages and
the dates and her age when she graduated from college.) As a result, there was no narrative write-up about Clifford in Carlin‟s
genealogy. Clifford was the most famous and successful career wise of the four siblings, yet he was the only one of the four
siblings who did not receive a narrative. I used Dorothy‟s newspaper obituary for her husband, Clifford, and edited it slightly,
improving some poor grammar and adding a small amount of additional material, and used that as Clifford‟s narrative in my own
genealogy of their family.

We have been wondering who “Z. Hunter” and “T. Sheldon” were. They were both Wanda Aden Sutich, the younger sister of Carlin
and Clifford Aden. I have already mentioned some of the reasons above of why it had to be her. In addition, after Clifford‟s
daughter, Nancy, graduated from high school in 1962, she created numerous closet skeletons and seriously offended virtually all of
her relatives living close by, and her friends from high school. There is one event in particular that only Nancy, her parents, her
uncle Carlin, her Aunt Wanda, and myself knew about. “Z. Hunter” mentioned it to me after Carlin and Clifford had already passed
on. Since Dorothy is not the academic type and would have no interest in genealogy and the deep research that was being done by Z.
Hunter, Z. Hunter could only have been Wanda Aden Sutich, Clifford‟s brilliant sister and younger sibling in whom he most
confided and shared his family problems. She and her family lived about two miles from Clifford in Lakewood, Washington during
most of the late 1900‟s and he frequently would visit her once or twice every week for a few minutes at a time.

This is further confirmed, because Nancy refused to apologize to any of her relatives for her extreme misbehavior following her
graduation from high school, but instead fled to New Zealand some years later following her marriage to Robert Felix, her third
husband, and after having received her masters degree from the University of Washington three months before her 30 th birthday.
Wanda was very upset with Nancy since she refused to apologize to her and that she had so upset Clifford, Wanda‟s favorite
brother and Nancy‟s father. As a woman thing, Wanda did not change or add to Carlin‟s short and curt listing for Nancy and her
mother, Dorothy, but instead left it just as Carlin had written it in the fine print under Clifford‟s entry as follows: “Note: m.
Dorothy King. Issue: Nancy (m. Robert Felix, living in New Zealand, speech therapist, has one son)”. None of Dorothy, their
daughter, Nancy, nor their grandson, Michael, are listed in the index, or rated an entry or even an ID number,
although the adopted children of Carlin along with his grandchildren are listed. None of the Culley Children, (Clifford‟s
youngest sister, Marion Aden) are listed either, but I do not know what was going on there. I suspect that since they live way out
in north eastern Oregon on a farm, they probably made no effort to keep in touch with their aunt and two uncles in Lakewood,
Washington, nor to respond to their genealogical inquiries.
I have witnessed this family spat within the Aden family go on quietly now for almost 50 years. Time and geographical distance
have made the split permanent. That is too bad too, because Nancy did not have a good role-model as a mother and needed the
help of all of her close relatives working and cooperating together as a close knit family to properly raise her and later her own
son, Michael, and she intentionally denied herself and her son that needed family support structure.

I intentionally got close to the Aden family and relatives, spending about 700 hours with them, mostly in 1962, but also through
the years up to 1990 and remained in contact with them for a few more years afterwards. The next generation following Carlin
and his three siblings were all exceptionally gifted but I appear to have been the only one who recognized this fact. Except for
the two adopted kids, they all did very well in school academically, were very good to exceptional athletes, were natural peer
leaders within their groups of friends and classmates, and were all tall, slender, very attractive, and healthy. Nancy graduated in
the top 10 percent of her high school class, was 5‟-8” tall, weighed 125 pounds, had a figure of 37B – 23 – 35 ½ inches when she
was 17-18, was exceptionally beautiful, and was an outstanding athlete. They were what the rest of us would like to have been.
To me that defines a genetically gifted family. I considered everyone of that generation to almost be what could be defined as
“some of our living national treasures”. I encouraged them to set high goals for themselves in life, because they were capable of
achieving life targets that were beyond the capability of most of the rest of us. They were all capable of achieving or coming
close to achieving the career success and fame of Clifford Aden.

My best efforts at being a cheerleader to the extended Aden family fell on deaf ears as they all set easier to achieve goals for
themselves and seemed to be more interested in being part of the mediocre masses of humanity rather than trying to be
exceptional and reaching out to touch the stars. The extended family slowly drifted apart and fell apart over the years,
disintegrating before my very eyes. That was a real shame. And now I, a non-relative, am left holding their genealogical pieces
with no one within the family showing any real interest in picking them up.

Both Dorothy and Frances thoroughly dominated their husbands at home, thus no man within that Aden family stepped forward
to assume the mantle as the family patriarch. Because of the squabbling and snipping among the women, there were never any
major family reunions nor major family gatherings where all of those relatives would get together at someone‟s home during the
Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays despite the fact that three of the four siblings and their families were living within five
miles of each other for about 25 years.

And I was involved in the family too. I spent about 700 hours with the Aden‟s, mostly as Nancy‟s best friend in high school.
Dorothy wanted and ordered Nancy to break off her friendship with me following our graduation from high school because I
came from a blue-collar, working class family from the wrong side of the tracks. She convinced Nancy that I would never
amount to anything and would always be a bum and an embarrassment to her and her future family. Clifford, on the other hand,
always thought that I would make something of myself someday, and took me under his wing. I eventually received my
bachelors degree in engineering and a little later my masters, and married a medical doctor. Dorothy would not allow Clifford to
gloat and say “I told you so”, and she could never bring herself to ever apologize or even to say, “congratulations” to me. And
Nancy, like her mother, never makes mistakes, so she could never bring herself to face me again, especially after the way she had
misbehaved and the fact that she knew that I knew about much of her petulant and immature misbehavior. So only Clifford was
excited, exuberant, and jumping with joy to see me every time I would stop by and visit them once every few years. From
Clifford‟s perspective, I was the very last “best friend and former classmate” that his daughter, Nancy, ever had while she was
still “Daddy‟s sweet little girl” and “the apple in the eye” of all of the Aden family and relatives. After Nancy broke off her
friendship with me, she began misbehaving in a major way and causing the family and relatives an untold amount of grief,
consternation, distress, headaches, and stress. Their household became anything but a place of peace and tranquility. The more
Nancy misbehaved, the more Clifford thought I should have stuck around and continued to be Nancy‟s best friend because he felt
that I had obviously been a positive role-model and a good influence on her behavior and that I had been good for maintaining
the peace and stability within their household. So my occasional visits to Clifford‟s and Dorothy‟s always reminded him that I
came from a time when his household and family were happy, peaceful, and tranquil, and from a time when he still had had a
happy, loving, and appreciative daughter.

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