Dear Prospective Member of the RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS DIRECTORY, by lkn19743


									    Dear prospective participant in the RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS

      United Nations in Ukraine, in partnership with the Ukrainian Chamber
of Commerce and Industry, the European Business Association and the
American Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce to you the first
Responsible Business Directory in Ukraine. The Directory features socially
responsible companies at the local market. This edition is unique in its
concept and promotes outstandingly the goal of improving business practices
to increase business positive impacts on the society and environment.

      UN Global Compact initiative supports and strongly encourages the
responsible behavior of business globally. We believe that ten Global
Compact principles, incorporating human rights, labor rights, environmental
protection and fight against corruption should be in the very core of business
philosophy of the private sector in Ukraine. We compliment your responsible
business practices and would like others to be informed about it.

Your participation in the Directory is free of charge due to the
financial support provided by the Institute for Sustainable
Communities – Ukrainian Citizenship Action Network (ISC-UCAN) as
part of their program funded by the US Agency for International
Development (USAID).

       The Directory will be a wonderful resource of information for a wide
audience and will be distributed within the country and also abroad. The
distribution channels include business associations, government bodies, the
Ukrainian embassies abroad, and leading business networks in Europe. The
circulation is aimed at 1000 copies in Ukrainian and 500 in English.

      As your company is applying for the opportunity to be listed in the
Responsible Business Directory, we would like to introduce you to the
concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, promoted in this book. The term
"corporate social responsibility" (CSR) is used to name the attitude of
ethically right business behavior and to describe a company's actions
towards any sort of social improvement and communal benefit. The "CSR"
notion is as much abstract as it is concrete. Its existence is revealed in
anything from the shared company vision to the direct company action. The
broad range of areas in which CSR is categorized includes:
      - Involvement in the community
      - Internal corporate culture
      - Education and leadership development
     - Corporate governance and business ethics
     - Environmentally friendly business

      For the purpose of creating a publication, we kindly ask you to take
your time, read through the explanations and fill out the questionnaire that
you can find attached herewith.

      Due to restrictions in volume, we will be inviting only companies with
more that 50 employees locally based in Ukraine to participate in this
edition of the Directory.

      We would like to also announce that there will be possibilities for
companies’ commercial advertisements in the publication. Information about
the advertisement opportunities is attached herewith.

      We will greatly appreciate it if you submit this questionnaire together
with other information you are willing to provide by 31 March, 2007 at the
following e-mail address

      Should you have any questions regarding Responsible Business
Directory, do not hesitate to call Anna Danylyuk at 8 (044) 253 93 63 or at

      Let’s write together the first Responsible Business Directory of

                                 Sincerely yours,

                  United Nations Global Compact Team Ukraine

Company name

As stated in the foreword of this questionnaire what we mean by
social responsible business is a company that is engaged with
benefiting society and environment in its daily practice.
Please feel free to use the questionnaire as an open format.
Should you have any supporting documents related to the CSR
activities, you are welcome to share them together with the
submitted questionnaire (electronically). We are kindly asking
you to limit your answers up to 100 words for one question and
to describe your company’s activities in the following areas:

1.     What is your company’s involvement with the COMMUNITY?
     Please describe your company’s activities beneficial for the community at
     large. Please specify what type of activities and support your company
     provides related but not limited to such as: grants/cash funds, if yes,
     approximately how much do you provide on an annual basis - for what
     types of activities and organizations?; volunteer time of staff; material
     goods or resources; internship mentoring programmes; other (please
2.     What  is  your           company’s        involvement        with     the
     Here you can include examples that illustrate your company’s
     responsibility for various environmental issues. This question is related to
     the efficient usage of natural resources by your company, measuring and
     improving the environmental impact of operations, products and services,
     your company’s management effort of raising such awareness, etc. Any
     contributions concerned with ecology are also an important asset to this

3.     What does your company do at WORKPLACE in the frame of
       corporate social responsibility?

Does your company invest in people? Does it stimulate employee
involvement and personal development? In this section we encourage you to
elaborate on the company’s attitude to its human capital, e.g. what training
and development programs you provide for the employees, remuneration
and benefits packages and other kinds of incentives as sign of appreciative
attitude of the company to the people who work for it.
4.   What is your company’s practice of BUSINESS ETHICS?
Does your company practice morally right and generally responsible
business behavior? Do you have a code of ethics? Here you can state your
awareness and partiality for the principles of business ethics, as well as
affirm that the CSR concept influences your behavior in the business

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire!

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