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February 2010                                          Volume 35, Issue 2

                                     Business Directory
Chamber luncheons are held at
the Courtyard by Marriott at           The deadline is drawing near to book your advertising space for
1789 S. Eagle Road, and
reservations are required.           the Meridian Chamber Business Directory. Do not miss this
                                     valuable opportunity to “step-up” your advertising and be noticed
PROGRAM:                             by your fellow Chamber members and the residents of Meridian.
February 2: Zee Quintana, US
                                       Your ad will appear in 1,000 Member Business Directories and
Census Bureau
                                     5,000 Buyers’ Guides. The Buyers’ Guides will be distributed
February 16: Congressman Walt
Minnick                              through the Chamber office, City Hall, local banks and advertisers’
                                     locations. This year, at no extra charge, your ad will be accessible
Luncheon Sponsors:                   online from your business directory listing on the Chamber
February 2: To be announced
February 16: Edward Jones              Deadline for space reservation and ready to run artwork is
CALENDAR OF                          February 26th. Please use the reservation form at the end of this
EVENTS                               newsletter to place your order. Fax your completed form to the
February 1: Ribbon cutting,          Chamber office at 888-2682.
Hobby Lobby, 9:00 am, 3547 N.

                                     “Leading the Way to a
Eagle Road.
February 2: Ribbon cutting,
Silverstone Plaza, 1:30 pm, 3405
E. Overland Road.
February 5: First Friday Net-
                                     Brighter Future”….
working, 7:30 – 8:30 am, Initial
Point Gallery, 3rd Floor, Meridian      …is the topic of our next           Our keynote speaker is
City Hall, 33 E. Broadway            Meridian Economic Excel-            Renee Sinclair, Executive
February 10: Muffins & Mem-          lence Breakfast, scheduled for      Director for Congressional &
bership, 7:30-8:30 am. Location:     Friday, March 12th. The event       Public Affairs, Northwest
Chamber Office, 215 E. Franklin
Rd. Networking, plus learn more      will be held at the Courtyard by    Region, U.S. Chamber of
about making your Chamber mem-       Marriott from 7 to 9 am. The        Commerce. Renee will be
bership work for you! RSVP           focus of our theme is on the        talking about the U.S.
                                     leadership component in the         Chamber’s new initiative “The
February 18: Business After          equation, and what business and     Campaign for Free Enterprise”.
Hours, 5:30 – 7:00 pm, Lytle
Signs, 2070 E. Commercial Street,    community leaders need to do        Other speakers will be an-
Suite B.                             to help ensure a brighter future.            (continued on page 6)
                                                                                                Chair man’ s Messa ge
                                                                                                      man’ Messag

          215 E. Franklin Road
                                                                                                “The Energy is in
   P.O. Box 7 • Meridian, ID 83680-0007
  (208) 888-2817 • FAX (208) 888-2682
                                                                                                    As a kid in the 1960’s, which most of
      BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                          you don’t remember, one of my favorite
Chairman: Clint Shiflet                             888-1416
                                                                                                  songs was Frog Kissin’, written by Chet
Bank of the Cascades
PO Box 328, Meridian
                                               fax: 887-4965                 Atkins. (Since most of you don’t know Chet Atkins, he was
Chair-Elect: DeAnna Ruehl                           288-1501                 a world-class guitar player and songwriter.) I still remem-
Washington Trust Bank                  direct line: 884-2711
3251 E. Presidential Dr., Meridian                        ber the chorus to the song:
Vice Chair: Bruce Altig                             407-9258
Insurers of Idaho
2965 Tarpon Dr. Ste 170, Meridian
                                                                               Well if you’ve never been a frog kissin’
Treasurer: Jorene Batali
Independent Consultant, Scentsy
                                                    870-0986                   Then you don’t know what you’ve been missin’
Past Chair: Tracy Vance                             908-5545                   There’s a world of opportunity under each and every log
Hawkins Companies                              fax: 376-8523
855 Broad St, Suite 300, Boise                      If you’ve never been a charm breaker
Christine Donnell                           489-3533(work)                     And if you’ve never been a handsome prince maker
IBCEE                                               850-5783
P.O. Box 190163, Boise
Scott Freeman
                                                                               Just slow down, turn around, bend down
ESI Construction
12400 W. Overland Rd, Boise
                                                                               And kiss you a frog.
Patrick Geile
Foley Freeman, PLLC, Attorneys
                                                                               I know it’s a stretch, but I think the Meridian Chamber is
77 E. Idaho Ave., Suite 100
Meridian                                                                     kind of like a frog. For years we’ve been happily hopping
Julie Lemna                                         375-2679
Westpark Printing                                                            around in our pond, eating the occasional bug, and just
9364 W. Franklin Rd, Boise   
Dale Newberry
Micro 100 Tool Corp.
                                                    888-7310                 enjoying the good life. Now it’s time for us to turn this
1410 E. Pine Ave.
                                         frog into royalty. I was going to say a prince but to be
Rob O’Donahue                      467-8412 cell: 761-5644
NNU Center for Professional Development                                      politically correct I have chosen to remain gender neutral.
623 Holly St., Nampa     
Carol Rawlings                                cell: 863-0086                   How do we do that? We need to get more people to join
Creative Balloons
PO Box 6, Meridian                          and become involved in the Chamber. We need to make sure
Steve Sedlacek                                      888-3999
Sanitary Service Inc.
2130 W. Franklin Rd., Meridian
                                                                             that our business neighbors know about the energy being
Marilyn Whitney
Idaho National Lab-Boise Office
                                                                             generated in Meridian. We need to attend the Mayor’s State
702 W. Idaho Suite 310, Boise
EX OFFICO DIRECTORS                                                          of the City Address on February 4. We need to wear our
Linda Clark (ex-officio)                            855-4540
Superintendent, Meridian School District                                     “Energy is in Meridian” buttons. What, you don’t have one!
1303 E. Central Dr., Meridian
Tammy de Weerd (ex officio)                         884-2468                 Well then you missed the February 2nd luncheon. There
Mayor-City of Meridian
33 E. Idaho Ave., Meridian                         might still be a few left at the Chamber office, stop in and
              CHAMBER STAFF
President & CEO ........................................... Teri Sackman
                                                                               As I said last month, 2010 is going to be a great year. My
Business Srvcs Director. ..................... Laurel Muenchausen
                                                                             challenge to you is to get out, look under a few logs and
Marketing/Communications                                                     help me turn our frog into royalty. Thanks for all that each
  Coordinator ....................................... Celeste Newberry
                                        of you do to help make Meridian the greatest city in Idaho.
Executive Assistant .......................................... Vickie Herr

        MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                     Clint Shiflet
     To Serve, Strengthen, and Promote
                                                                                                              Chairman of the Board
     the Meridian Business Community.
President & CEO’s Message

    January was an exciting                sion: the Chamber staff, the         members and get energized.
 month as we started planning              Board of Directors and espe-         Whether it is our Economic
 for spring programs and                   cially all of you, our mem-          Excellence Breakfast, some
 events, scheduling great                  bers. But beyond the first           really special Business After
 speakers for our luncheons,               impression, people find that         Hours that are being planned,
 and worked on membership                  interacting at Chamber func-         or the Golf Tournament, or
 renewals. We’ve welcomed                  tions is a positive experience,      whether it is at City events
 many new members this                     even “comfortable”. In these         like the Mayor’s State of the
 month, (see the list in this              times, both of those at-             City Address or the
 newsletter) and we hope that              tributes are very important          Firefighters’ Chili Cook-off,
 you will welcome them to our              because people want to be            make it a point to join us and
 great organization.                       around others who are                catch the excitement, because
    Welcome them, indeed.                  friendly and positive. If            you know what Clint
 One of the most frequent                  you’re having a disappointing        says………The Energy is in
 comments we hear from                     or trying day, just come to a        Meridian!
 prospective and new members               Chamber event or meeting
 is how “welcoming” the                    and you’ll soon start feeling          “From Calvin & Hobbes:
 Meridian Chamber is. I have               better just because of the           Nothing spoils fun like find-
 always taken great pride when             camaraderie.                         ing out it builds character.”
 hearing this compliment,                     You will have many oppor-
 because it tells me we’re all             tunities this spring to get to                     Teri Sackman
 making a good first impres-               know your fellow Chamber                           President & CEO

    ROOKIE OF THE MONTH                                         VETERAN OF THE MONTH
   Dr. Matthew Hales opened Evergreen                            Larry Davenport, President of Acclaimed Video,
Chiropractic in November of 2005. Having worked               is fascinated with portraying stories. He started his
in surgery for 10 years, Dr. Hales brings a unique            business part-time in 1985, and in the intervening years
perspective to chiropractic. Evergreen Chiropractic           has made it his full-time endeavor. During those years,
isn’t your typical chiropractic office. Why are we            myriads of stories have been portrayed on video, from
different? Rather than pain management, Dr Hales              aerobatic flight to personal stories of local veterans
looks to the root of the problem; dysfunction. What’s         for the Veterans History Project, from a training video
the value of this approach; getting your life back.           for the Maintenance Department at Meridian’s City
                                                              Hall to an onsite testimonial to promote a local business.
How? State of the art evaluation and treatment                Every client’s project is a priority. Larry has been a
technologies are utilized. To see if chiropractic is right    member of the Meridian Chamber since 2001. Let
for you, visit Evergreen Chiropractic on the corner of        Acclaimed Video make your story come alive by
Cherry Lane and Linder or call 895-8595. We’re here           contacting them at 377-2695 or www.acclaimed-
to serve you.                                       
Committee Reports:
  Economic Development:              Government Affairs: The        lature this year, due to the
The Committee met on January      Committee met on January          budget concerns, and the fact
7th to hear an update from Paul   12th to review the Governor’s     that the Governor’s Transporta-
Hiller, Executive Director of     State of the State and Budget     tion Task Force will not com-
the Boise Valley Economic         messages. Dr. Linda Clark         plete its work until later this
Partnership (BVEP). He shared     shared how the proposed cuts      year. The Senator discussed the
the 2009 Project Report of        in education funding would        possibilities of a second round
companies that have been          affect both Joint School Dis-     of federal stimulus funds for
looking to move to the area,      trict #2, and other districts     transportation projects, the
and talked about the status of    around the State, and discus-     Meridian Interchange rebuild,
those projects. There should be   sion centered around education    and the need to pass ITD’s
an announcement soon from a       funding. Teri Sackman pre-        GARVEE bonding request.
company that has chosen to        sented information on the         Legislation that he expects to
move here. Mr. Hiller also        Idaho Chamber Alliance Cham-      see this session includes the
discussed a new initiative that   ber Days at the Legislature       approval for “Design-Build”
BVEP is working on with BSU       program, and encouraged           projects and an “anti-texting”
and other universities in the     members to attend some or all     bill, but probably not local
area to start a research park.    of the sessions.                  option tax authority. The Com-
They are also speaking with          Transportation: The Trans-     mittee also reviewed the re-
developers who may be inter-      portation Committee met on        quest from COMPASS for
ested in developing a park,       January 15th with members of      letters of support for their
which is estimated to need up     the Nampa Chamber Commit-         FY2011 Annual Appropriations
to 100 acres. Committee Chair     tee, to hear Senator John         applications for specific
Rob O’Donahue presented           McGee, Chairman of the Sen-       projects. They sent a recom-
information on the next Eco-      ate Transportation Committee      mendation to the Board to send
nomic Excellence breakfast        for the Legislature. Sen.         the letters of support for all
that is being planned for         McGee said that there would       applications, which the Board
March, with details to follow     not be the concentrated focus     approved at their January
as speakers are confirmed.        on transportation in the Legis-   meeting.
                                                                    February KoKo
 Committee Meetings:                                                Fit – Ambassador
      All noon meetings require reservations for lunch orders.      of the Month
   All meetings are to be held at the Chamber office unless           Congratulations to our KoKo
   otherwise noted.                                                 Fit Ambassador of the Month,
                                                                    Jason Geisler, Franklin Ameri-
    Thursday February 4th:   Economic Development,                  can Mortgage, who will be
                             12 noon, Bank of the Cascades.         honored by our sponsor, Doug
     Tuesday February 9th:   Government Affairs, 12 noon,           Roberts, during the February
                             Meridian Chamber office.               2nd luncheon.
     Friday February 12th:   Transportation, 7:30 am,                 Special thanks to Doug
                             Meridian City Hall.                    Roberts of KoKo Fit for being
    Tuesday February 23rd:   Membership/Ambassador,                 our Ambassador of the Month
                             12 noon, Washington Trust Bank.        sponsor for the 1st quarter of
Free Workshop—Phil Eastman’s                                                     NEW TRAINING
“Character of Leadership”                                                        AVAILABLE
                                                                                   The Idaho Department of
   The Chamber is pleased to be          lenges we face today are not
                                                                                 Labor Employer Association is
hosting the first Meridian presenta-     economic, environmental, social, or
                                                                                 sponsoring their next work-
tion of Phil Eastman’s workshop          legal; they are challenges of char-
                                                                                 shop, Bullying in the Work-
which he discussed briefly at our        acter and leadership."
January 5th luncheon. If you were            The workshop is based on the        place” on Wednesday, February
one of those who attended and            premise that a genuine understand-      10th from 7:30 – 9:30 am,
listened intently to the presentation,   ing of the nature of character can      Meridian School District,
don’t miss this chance to learn          help us make meaningful and lasting     Salmon Room, 1303 E. Central
more. The event is scheduled for         changes in the way we lead. If you      Drive. Bullying in the work-
Tuesday, April 13th from 7:30-9:30       want to take your leadership to a       place is a common but misun-
am in the conference room at             new level, come explore with us         derstood problem. Space is
Micro 100 Tool Corporation.              the important elements of charac-       limited. Please RSVP to John
   Join author, teacher and advisor,     ter.                                    Russ at 208-364-7785 ext
Phil Eastman for a two-hour                  This workshop is free, but space    3303 or
interactive workshop exploring the       is limited so we will be requiring
foundation of leadership and             reservations for the event. Please        Open Lines Training will be
character. In his new book, The          RSVP to                                 presenting “A New Outlook” on
Character of Leadership: An     or           February 10th from 9:30 -
Ancient Model for a Quantum Age,         call Vickie at 888-2817.                11:30 am at University of
Eastman contends that, "the chal-                                                Phoenix, 2950 E. Magic View
                                                                                 Drive off of Eagle Road and I-
Leadership Meridian-                                                             84. Help strengthen the
                                                                                 economy around you, get
Social Media Day                                                                 proactive, implement fresh
                                                                                 ideas and rebuild the passion
Melissa Fulcher, Home Federal Bank-Branch Manager
                                                                                 for your business! Register
   The Leadership Meridian Class of 2009-2011 would like to thank Glen
                                                                                 today by calling 850-6526 or
Lexa of TownePlace Suites by Marriott for hosting our last session on
January 14th, and sponsoring our breakfast.                                      e-mail questions to Becky
   We began the day at TownePlace Suites by Marriott, with several               McKinstry:
   Karleigh Deeds, Publisher & Editor of Meridian Living Magazine,               Seminar cost is $69.00 with
talked about this local lifestyle magazine, which really brings out the “life”   part of the proceeds to be
in each article. Cliff Marks with Touch Fall Marketing & The Blue Maga-          donated to the American Red
zine, spoke about how to create a blog or become involved with online            Cross for Haiti earthquake
blog sites. Glenn Alves and Robert Truman of Fuel3 Advertising educated          victims.
us on how to capitalize on social media.
   After a quick bus ride into KTVB-Channel 7, where we had a tour and
watched the live broadcast of the noon news and had great dialogue with
many of the station’s employees. During lunch we were greeted by
Carolyn Holly and Larry Gebert. We want to thank the KTVB group for
serving this great community we live in.
   Our afternoon session was presented by Rhea Allen of Peppershock                        884-0027
Media. Rhea gave us much insight into different types of social media and            • Construction Managers
how this can add value to our businesses and personal life. We ended the             • General Contractors
                                                                                     • Design Builders
day at Louie’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant for wonderful food, and dis-         
cussed our day.
Networking Events
   January First Friday was held at
                                       Welcome New Members
BridgeTower Chiropractic. Dr.            Welcome to the following businesses and individuals who have
Scott & Debbie Gibbons were            recently joined the Chamber.
wonderful hosts and the group was
treated to tasty breakfast and         IDAHO BUSINESS SERVICES LLC                        Phone: 888-5055
coffee from Good Thyme Grille          1575 E. Mastiff Street                                Fax: 888-5055
& Catering. There was a large          Meridian, ID 83642                    
group for the first event of the       Lisa Baird, Owner
   January Business After Hours
was held at Redline Recreational       KABLOOM OF EAGLE                                   Phone: 938-0040
Toys. Dustin and the staff were        3210 E. Chinden Blvd #132                            Fax: 938-5509
wonderful hosts. The turn out was      Eagle, ID 83616                     
amazing, everyone was treated to       Diane Laubengayer, Owner
delicious food from Flatbread
Community Oven, there were             KUNA MELBA NEWS                                     Phone: 922-3008
tons of door prizes, and one lucky     326 Avenue D                                          Fax: 922-3009
winner walked away after winning       PO Box 373                        
a fishing trip to Alaska!
   February First Friday will be       Kuna, ID 83634
held at Initial Point Gallery          Nicola McIntosh, Publisher; Scott McIntosh, Editor; Kelly Sugai,
located on the third floor at Merid-   Sales Rep
ian City Hall, 33 E. Broadway.
Come and visit the new art on          LEAPFOX LEARNING                                  Phone: 898-9036
display and bring your business        2100 E. Fairview Ave Suite 12   
cards!                                 Meridian, ID 83642
   February Business After             Scott Galloway, President
Hours will be held on February
18th at Lytle Signs, located at
2070 E. Commercial Street off of       MEMORY MAKERS EVENT PLANNING LLC Phone: 376-5110
Nola and Pine in Meridian. They        9116 Halstead Drive                      Fax: 376-5118
are looking forward to hosting the     Boise, ID 83704    
best event we’ve ever had amid         Glenna Tooman, Owner/Manager
other promises like wonderful
refreshments. Bring your business      MERIDIAN LIVING MAGAZINE
cards and be ready for a great         Karleigh Deeds, Publisher
evening of networking.       
“LEADING THE WAY TO                    MONSTER PERSONAL TRAINING                        Phone: 407-3160
A BRIGHTER FUTURE”…                    910 E. Franklin Rd #104               
(continued from front page)            Meridian, ID 83642
nounced soon, so please be watch-      Jason Wanlass, Owner
ing your Chamber communications
for more information.                  RICH RECORDKEEPING                                Phone: 863-7914
   Admission for this event is $25     3630 S. Murlo                       
per person, and includes a served      Meridian, ID 83642
breakfast. Reservations can be         Todd Rich, Owner
made by emailing, or         SOS INTERNATIONAL                                Phone: 841-7945
calling the Chamber office at 888-     800 Industry Way Suite 310            
2817. For more information,
including sponsorship opportunities    Meridian, ID 83642
for this event, please call the        Paul Thomas, Owner
Chamber staff.                         Mito Alonzo, Business Development Team
Thank you to the following Members who have renewed their investment in the Meridian Chamber of

127 Club                             Boise/Meridian RV Resort               Edward Jones Investments-Chris
A Company Inc                        Boys & Girls Club of Meridian          Klein
A-1 Heating & Air Conditioning       BridgeTower                            Ellison Family Chiropractic
AAA Idaho                            BridgeTower Chiropractic               Epi’s-A Basque Restaurant
Accent Funeral Services              Brown, Don-db Insurance                Erhart, Milt
Acclaimed Video Inc                  BRS Architects                         ESI Construction
Account Serv Inc                     Butte Fence Inc                        EventRent
Acorn Storage                        Campbell’s Siding & Windows            Evergreen Chiropractic
Action Coach Business Coaching       Candlewood Suites                      Express Café
Ada County Commissioners             Canyon Financial of Meridian           Exterior Elements Inc
Ada County Highway District          Capital Educators FCU                  Falash & Ross Construction
Advanced Mailing Solutions           Capital Matrix Inc                     Famous Dave’s
AES Inc                              Cartridge World                        Farmers Insurance-David Hefferman
Air Conditioning & Heating Service   Casabella Salon & Spa LLC              FedEx Office
of Meridian                          Century 21 Gold Team                   Finer Frames
Air Van Moving Group                 Champion Windows                       Flagpole Country
All American Insurance LLC           Chapel Of The Chimes Inc               Flatbread Community Oven
Alliance Title & Escrow              Cherry Lane Family Clinic              Flower Place, The
Amos, Terry                          Church Of God Seventh Day              Foley Freeman, PLLC, Attorneys
Anacker Clinic of Chiropractic       City of Meridian                       Framed!
Anytime Fitness                      Civil Survey Consultants Inc           Fred Kesler Agency-Farmers
Artech                               Clean Impressions                      Insurance
AspireOn                             Clothesline Cleaners                   G & M Associates
Assistance League of Boise           Cloverdale Funeral Home & Cemetery     Gem State Developmental Center Inc
Assisting Angels Home Care           Cold Stone Creamery                    George Fox University
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill             Cole Valley Christian Schools          Gfeller Casemakers Inc
Ballard & Co Inc Insurance           Coleman Homes LLC                      Giesler’s Auto Repair
Ballard, Brian, Attorney-Hawley      COMPASS                                Gold’s Gym
Troxell                              Complex Care Hospital of Idaho         Graphic Zen
Bank of the Cascades- El Dorado      Computer Products/Clearwire            Green Leaves Counseling
Bank of the Cascades-Meridian        Conklin, Jake-The Conklin Team         Greene, Jeff
Bank of the West                     Connect Wireless                       Gridiron Rehab & Athletic Fitness
Banner Bank                          Cosco Wholesale                        Guymon Orthodontics
Batali, Jorene, Independent          Cottages of Meridian at Bridgetower,   H.W. Lochner Inc
Consultant, Scentsy Inc              The                                    Habitat for Humanity-Boise Valley
BBSI Inc                             Country Inn & Suites Boise West        Hagedorn, Marv
Beniton Construction Company         Courtyard by Marriott Boise            Hair Art Gallery
Bennett, Mark-Silverhawk Realty      West/Meridian                          Hallett, Jae-EideBailly CPA’s
Benoit Development                   Creative Balloons LLC                  Hammond, Tom, OD., Vision Quest
Bergan, Malinda-Mass Mutual          Creekside Arbour                       Medical Center
Financial Group                      CTR Cleanup & Total Restoration        Handyman Connection
Best Western Rama Inn-Meridian       Curves                                 Harris & Co PLLC
Better Business Bureau Inc           D & A Glass Company Inc                Harvest Design
Big Brothers Big Sisters             D & B Supply                           Harvey’s Custom Embroidery & More
Big O Tire                           D. L. Evans Bank                       HDR Engineering Inc
Bill Davis Construction              DataTel Communications                 Heritage Auto Repair
Bird, Keith                          DaVita Treasure Valley Dialysis        Home Federal Bank-Meridian
BizPrint                             Design West Architects                 Hosbein, Liz-Homes of Idaho
Black Box Network Services           DK Commercial                          Hubble Homes LLC
Blimpie Subs & Salads                Donnell, Christine                     Hummel Architects PLLC
Blue Cross of Idaho                  Dreamwood Furniture                    Idaho Athletic Club
Blue Rider Music & Instrument        Du-Rite Nursery Inc                    Idaho Banking Company
Repair                               Dutch Bros Coffee                      Idaho Business Review
Bobby’s Transmission Inc             East Meets West Catering               Idaho Central Credit Union
Boise Capital Soccer Club            Edward Jones Investments-Calvin        Idaho Central Credit Union-Mountain
Boise Rescue Mission Ministries      Barrett                                View
Boise State University                                                      Idaho Department of Labor-Meridian
Idaho Fleet Service Inc               Meridian Family Medicine            Rountree, Nancy
Idaho Housing & Finance Association   Meridian Ford Sales                 Rowell, Shelly, SelEquity Real Estate
Idaho Independent Bank                Meridian Gospel Tabernacle          Safety Enterprise Inc
Idaho National Lab-Boise Office       Meridian Historical Society         SagePoint Financial
Idaho Parents Directory LLC           Meridian Insurance Agency LLC       Saltzer Medical Group PA
Idaho Pizza Company                   Meridian Joint School District #2   Sanitary Service Inc
Idaho Power Company                   Meridian Library District           Sawaya & Associates
Idaho Statesman                       Meridian Meat & Sausage             Sawtooth Technology
Idaho Urologic Institute PA           Meridian Police Activities League   Schumacher Tile & Stone
Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store        Meridian Real Estate Inc            Shadow Trackers Investigative
Impact Design Studios                 Meridian Stars Dance LLC            Services Inc
Impact Directories                    Meridian Symphony Orchestra         Sherer & Wynkoop LLP
Impact Radio Group                    Meridian Technical Charter HS       Shopping By Mystery
Indian Creek Winery                   Meridian Veterinary Hospital        Signature Dental
Indiplex Media                        Micro 100 Tool Corporation          Signature Title & Escrow
Insurers of Idaho                     Mimura Law Offices PLLC             Signs Etc Inc
Integrated Benefits Admin             Miss Tami’s Cottage & Tearoom       Sinnard, Crolyn-John L. Scott Real
Intermountain Agency Inc              MLS Direct Network of Idaho         Estate
Intermountain Gas Company             Modern Printers                     Slocum, Craig-CSHQA
Interstate All Battery Center         Molenaar Jewelers                   Slye, S.E.-Peasley Transfer & Storage
Investment Resources Of America Inc   Mountain West Bank                  Something Special Gifts And
Irena's European Fine Foods LLC       Mountain West Bank-Fairview         Antiques
ISU-Meridian                          Mountain West Bank-Real Estate      Speedy Sharp Inc
J & J Horizontal                      Mr. Sandman Inn & Suites            Spring Creek Manor
Jacksons Food Stores                  MS Administrative Services Inc      SpringHill Suites by Marriott-Boise
JB’s Family Restaurant                Mulvihill, Cheryl, Independent      St Alphonsus Meridian Health Plaza
JG CPA's, LLC                         Consultant-BeautiControl            St Luke’s Meridian Medical Center
Jiffy Lube                            MWI Veterinary Supply               Stanley Consultants Inc
Jim Fica Insurance Agency, The        Nahas Enterprises Inc               State Farm Insurance-Chambers
JL Boyd Company                       New Frontier, The                   Agency
John’s Auto Care Center               New Horizon Academy                 State Fire DC Specialties
Johnson Architects PC                 Northwest Nazarene University       Sterling Savings Bank
Johnson, Jim & Virginia               Oasis Interactive LLC               Sterling Savings Bank-Commercial
KeyBank                               OB/GYN Associates PA                Banking
KeyBank-El Dorado                     Office Depot                        Stork Spinal Care
KokoFit Club                          Office Value Inc                    Strate, Gene-Keller Williams Realty
LaFever Roofing                       Parametrix                          Sundance Company, The
Laska Company                         Paul’s Service                      Swire Coca-Cola
Leatham, Krohn, Van Ocker             Petals & Stems                      Syringa Bank
Architects                            PETRA Inc                           Syringa Bank-Mortgage Lending
Lee P. Cordon CPA                     Port of Subs #127                   Division
LeMaster Daniels                      Practical Magic Salon               System Kleen & Restoration Inc
Les Schwab Tire Center                Price Associates                    Ten Mile Christian Church
Louie’s Pizza Italian Restaurant      Primary Health Medical Group-       Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial
Lytle Signs Inc                       Crossroads Clinic                   Real Estate
Martin, James, Attorney- Moffatt      Primary Health Medical Group-
Thomas Barrett Rock & Fields          Meridian Clinic                     Tierney Consulting Inc
Matt Joyce, MD, PA                    Primeland Development Company       Timson Studio of Photography
Medicap Pharmacy                      LLP                                 Total Woman Fitness
Memorial Monuments & Vaults Inc       Production Services Int’l Inc       Treasure Valley Coffee Inc
Memorial Pet Care                     Quick Computer Services             Ultra Touch Car Wash
Meridian Area Senior Citizens         Raymond James Financial Services    United Heritage Financial Group
Association                           RC Willey Home Furnishings          Upchurch Remodeling
Meridian Assembly Of God Church       Redline Recreational Toys Inc       UPS Store, The
Meridian Automotive & Machine Inc     Reflections Church                  US Bank
Meridian Bowling Lanes                Region 4 Health & Welfare           V2K Window Décor and More
Meridian Computer Center              Rehab Authority                     Valley Regional Transit
Meridian Dairy Show Board             Ripley Doorn & Company PLLC         Valley Shepherd Church of The
Meridian Development Corporation      CPA's                               Nazarene
Meridian Downtown Business            Riverside Community Church          Valley Times
Association                           Roaring Springs Water Park          Vance, Tracy, Attorney-Hawkins
Meridian Education Association        Ronald W. Van Auker Inc             Companies
Vision Quest Medical Center PA      Wells Fargo-Meridian North          Women's & Children's Alliance
Wahooz Family Fun Zone              Western Benefit Solutions           Yellowbook USA
Wal-Mart                            Western States Equipment Company    Zga Architects & Planners Chtd
Walt Morrow Construction Inc        Westmark Credit Union               Zions Bank
Washington Federal Savings & Loan   Westpark Printing                   Zions Bank-Meridian
Washington Trust Bank               WH Moore Company
Wells Fargo-Business Banking        WH Pacific Inc
Wells Fargo-Meridian                Willowtree Dental Group

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DC Engineering
Keller Associates Inc
Meridian Speedway
Schenck, Derek, Atova
   2nd Annual

 ADMISSION         Dare to put some fire in your mouth
  Adults: $5      and show you care for families who’ve
  Seniors: $4    lost their homes to fire. Try some tasty
 Kids 6-12: $4     chili and help a neighbor start over!

  Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the Meridian Speedway
        Doors are Open from 11:00AM to 3:00PM
                 Prizes and Awards for:
Commercial   Non-Commercial People’s Choice    Best of Show
                                              Meridian Chamber Business Directory Advertising

       Your advertisement will appear in 1,000 Member Business Directories and 5,000 Buyers’ Guides.
       Buyers’ Guides will be distributed through the Chamber office, City Hall, local banks and advertiser’s
       This year, at no extra charge, your ad will be accessible online, from your business directory listing on
       the Chamber website!

               Space reservation and ready to run artwork deadline is February 26.
             If you require someone to create your ad, please contact us immediately.
Ads will be located as close to your yellow page listing as possible (but we DO NOT guarantee placement.)
All Directory ads will be black ink on yellow pages. Buyers’ Guide ads will be black ink on newsprint, with
additional 4-color full-page ads available. All ad space is on a first-come, first-served, space available basis.
Prices are for ad space only, based on camera-ready ads. Advertisers will be invoiced for set-up charges
for any ads that are not camera-ready.

Size                   Directory                                      Buyers’ Guide                          Cost
                       Actual image size (w x h) in inches            Actual image size (w x h) in inches

Full page              4.5 x 7.162                                    5 x 8.5                                $450
Half page              4.5 x 3.5                                      5 x 4.4                                $250
¼ page                 2 x 3.5 (vertical only)                        2.4 x 4.4 (vertical only)              $150
Full page              4.5 x 7.162 (black in Directory)               5 x 8.5 (4-color in Buyers’ Guide)     $625
Back cover             4.5 x 7—one color                              5 x 6--4-color                         Sold

Please note that these sizes are exact, and ads will ONLY run in the direction shown.
Digital file formats only:       Encapsulated Postscript (Adobe Illustrator 13.0)
                                 TIF (Adobe Photoshop 10.0)
                                 PDF file
Please include all artwork and fonts in your ad.
Line art must be no less than 300 dpi and screens must be no less than 85 lpi.
If you need someone to create your ad for you, the Chamber office can refer you to a member.
Advertisers are responsible for all costs associated with creating their ad. If you send us ads that require any
adjustment by our printer, you will be charged for their time and work.

YES!! I have circled the size ad I want to run, and will provide the artwork to the Chamber office.
Name                                                          Company

Phone Number                                                  email

       Fax to: 888-2682. For questions, call Celeste at 888-2817, or email
158 East 52nd St.
Ste. B
Garden City, ID 83714

7154 W. State St. #383
Boise, ID 83714
Ph: (208) 377-1877
Fax: (208) 377-1884

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