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Department of Public Works Uniforms                                        9.10
Purpose. To provide information and delineate responsibilities for accepted
dress, uniforms, and required personal protective equipment for Department of
Public Works employees.

General. All Department of Public Works employees will wear a complete daily
uniform, in accordance with the safety and uniform requirements specified below.
Uniforms will be kept clean and in good condition (without holes, tears, etc.)

Standard Uniform:

   a. Footwear. Workers will wear work type boots. Employees will be
      provided an allowance for their purchase. No other footwear is acceptable
      except in special circumstances with the previous approval of the
      Department Foreman.

   b. Trousers. Workers will wear long blue jean trousers. Trousers must be
      clean and maintained in good repair with no holes.

   c. Raingear. Workers will be provided with GoreTex foul weather jackets
      and trousers in safety yellow/green with the City of Hayden crest silk
      screened on the chest and “City of Hayden Public Works” on the back.
      Workers will label their names on the inside collar.

   d. Hot Weather.

          a. T-Shirts. Workers will be provided grey t-shirts emblazoned with
             the City of Hayden crest. No sleeveless or tank top type shirts will
             be worn.

          b. Safety Yellow/Green T-Shirts. Effective April 1st, 2007, workers
             will wear safety yellow/green T-shirts with the City of Hayden crest
             (black). No sleeveless or tank-top type shirts will be worn.

          c. Headgear. Workers will be issued a black baseball type cap with
             City of Hayden crest on the front. This headgear will be worn at
             official functions. Gold stars may be embroidered on the side of the
             hat signifying receipt of “Director’s Gold Star Awards”. However,
             employees may wear headgear of their own choosing during day-
             to-day work details provided its’ labeling/inscription(s) is in good
          d. Gloves. Workers will be provided with a pair of work gloves each
             summer season.

   e. Cold Weather.

          a. Sweatshirts. Employees will be provided with safety yellow/green
             sweatshirts emblazoned with the City of Hayden crest (black) for
             wear. No other shirts or garments will be worn over the sweatshirts
             other than that issued as work wear.

          b. Coats. The City of Hayden will provide winter work coats to each
             of its employees.

          c. Headgear. Workers will be issued safety yellow/green wool caps.

          d. Gloves. Workers will be issued a pair of leather lined work gloves
             each cold weather season.

   f. Safety Gear.

          a. Hardhats. At all times, workers will wear hard hats on construction
             projects. In cold weather, the worker may wear a cold-weather liner
             under the hard hat. Hardhats will be issued in color as specified
             below and stenciled with a black “PW” on the side for identification:
                 i. Safety Yellow/Green. Employees.
                ii. White. Director and Foreman

          b. Safety Vests. Workers will be issued a yellow/green safety vest
             with “City of Hayden Public Works” emblazoned on the back.

          c. Safety Glasses. Workers will be issued safety glasses and will
             carry them in their vehicles.

          d. Ear Plugs. A cache of soft ear plugs will be maintained in the
             Streets Division facility for easy access. Workers will keep a pair in
             their assigned vehicles.

          e. Hazardous Material Contingencies.

New Employees. New employees will be issued seasonal uniforms at the
completion of 30 days on-the-job.

Violations. Violations of the uniform policy will be subject to progressive
disciplinary action. Workers will make on-the-spot corrections as directed by
their supervisors/crew chief. Recurring violations may result in sending the
employee home without pay.

Updates and Recommended Changes. Procedures are reviewed annually by
the Crew Maintenance Chiefs, Safety & Compliance Officers, Foreman and
Director of Public Works.. Provide recommended additions or changes to the
Director of Public Works.

Last reviewed: March 12, 2008