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Lions Club International
Massachusetts District 33 S

                                                      September 2009
                                            Calendar of Events E-Mail Newsletter

                                                             With Lion Ray Hebert
                                                              District Governor

                                          “There is a destiny that makes us family”

                                     Message from District Governor Ray Hebert
My fellow Lions: Summer has finally arrived. As I sit here writing this, it is about 90 degrees but
I am not complaining. This is better than cold and wet. By the time you read this, our first
Cabinet Advisory meeting will already be history and two months of my term will already be
over. Where does the time go?

But here we are in September, clubs are back to having meetings and everyone is planning for
our first big district event, THE WALK-A-LONG. Last year, our district raised over $312,000
for Mass Lions Eye Research. Let’s give this year a good beginning by supporting the Walk.
There is no reason why at least one person from each club cannot be there to help with this
worthwhile project.

If you were at the Cabinet Advisory meeting, you know that one of my goals this year is to
increase our participation in youth programs. After having been a teacher for 35 years, this
seems a natural goal for me. Clubs do pretty well with the Peace Poster contest but other youth
programs are seeing less and less participation. Youth Speech and All-State Band are concerns of
mine. I remember when the band would have 120 members with 40 of those coming from
District S. Last year I think we had 12. Youth Speech had less than 25 clubs participate last year.
These are fine programs and yes, I know that it is tough to get into the schools to have them
participate. This does not mean that we should stop trying, however. Keep at it. You will

I would also like to see more clubs form Leo Clubs in their communities. Most high schools
require community service hours for graduation now. Why not get those hours by participating in
a Leo Club? This past summer for the first time in a long while, we had students visiting our
district through the Youth Exchange program. Martin Middleton worked long and hard to make
this a success. Thank you Martin. Bridgewater Academy, Dennis-Harwich and South Attleboro
received valuable points in the district contest for hosting students.
In closing, I wish every club great success in their endeavors this year. Have fun and take care
of those less fortunate in your communities.

Good Luck.
DG Ray
DG Ray can be reached anytime at:

                                     District Governor 33-S

                                     Lion Raymond Hebert
                                          56 Page Road
                              North Attleboro, Massachusetts 02760

                             508-699-3883 or

                                  It is a new year
    We have a new Governor, new challenges, new opportunities, and a new webmaster


                                    DISTRICT 33S WEB SITE

                      Lions District 33S (Massachusetts, USA) Official Home Page

                                    THE LIONS WEBSITES

              Lions International ………………
              Lions Multiple District 33……….
              Lions District 33S………………. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Please send your Bereavement Notices and Sunshine Notices to Barbara Otto at:

              (New) Calendar Newsletter……………..
              (New) Sunshine Notices………………...
                      Also: or

Our new Webmaster is Dr. Ash Fry. For now he can be contacted at
When the new web page is up and running there w ill be a link on it to contact A sh. Please
support Dr. Fry as he rebuilds the district web page from the ground up.  

     District Governor’s visitation schedule – Clubs in odd numbered zones 
Zone 1                                              Zone 7 
Barnstable‐Yarmouth              Oct       6        Berkley                    Jan      13 
Chatham‐Nauset                   Oct     21         Norton                     Jan      20 
Dennis‐Harwich                   Oct     14         Norton Community           Oct        8 
Falmouth                         Nov     19         Raynham                    Mar      18 
Lower Cape Cod Lighthouse        Nov     11         Raynham King Philip        Jan      11 
Provincetown                     Nov     11         Taunton                    Oct      20 
Zone 3                                              Zone 9 
Acushnet                         Feb     23         Abington                   Nov      18 
Freetown                         Oct     27         Brockton                   Oct        7 
Lakeville                        Jan     28         Easton                     Oct      28 
Middleboro                       Oct     15         Halifax                    Dec        7 
Rochester                        Jan     27         Hanson Tri‐Town            Dec        2 
South Carver                     Mar     11                                                     
Zone 5 
Dighton                          Oct     22          
Dighton Dandi‐Lions              Feb     10 
Rehoboth                         Dec       9 
Rehoboth Anawan                  Feb     18 
Seekonk                          Sept  17                         DG Ray Hebert 

    Vice District Governor’s visitation schedule.  Clubs in even numbered zones 
Zone 2                                             Zone 8 
Dartmouth                       Oct     13         Bridgewater                Nov     25 
Fairhaven                       Oct     28         Bridgewater Academy        Oct     27 
Mattapoisett                    Oct     14         Bridgewater Community      Sept  21 
New Bedford                     Apr       1        East Bridgewater           Feb       9 
Sandwich‐Bourne                 Nov     10         West Bridgewater           Nov     12 
Wareham                         Nov       5 
Zone 4                                             Zone 10
Fall River                      Oct       7        Hanover                    Oct     20 
Fall River Carousel             Oct       6        Kingston                   Oct     19 
Seekonk Hearthstone             Jan     21         North River Community      Dec       2 
Somerset                        Sept  22           Plymouth                   Jan     14 
Swansea                         Oct      8         Rockland                   Nov     11 
Westport                        Jan     20 
Zone 6 
Attleboro                       Nov     17 
Mansfield                       Nov     24 
North Attleboro                 Sept  16 
South Attleboro                 Oct     21 
South Attleboro Village         Mar     10                       VDG Joyce Middleton 

                              ZONE ALIGNMENTS
                            And ZONE CHAIRPEOPLE

Zone 1-                            Zone 2-
PCT Floran Rozzelle                Roland Grenier
H 508-349-0157                     H 508-998-7408
E                E
Lower Cape Cod Lighthouse          Dartmouth
Provincetown                       Mattapoisett
Dennis-Harwich                     Fairhaven
Chatham-Nauset                     New Bedford
Barnstable-Yarmouth                Sandwich-Bourne
Falmouth                           Wareham

Zone 3-                            Zone 4-
David Marshman                     Ed Olney
H 508-947-9718                     H 508-823-0836
E        E
Acushnet                           Fall River Inc.
Freetown                           Fall River Carousel
Lakeville                          Somerset
Rochester                          Swansea
South Carver                       Westport
Middleboro                         Seekonk Hearthstone

Zone 5-                            Zone 6-
Russ Latham                        Ray Moreau
H 508-252-4272                     H 508-222-4736
E”            E
Rehoboth                           Attleboro
Rehoboth Anawan                    South Attleboro
Dighton                            South Attleboro Village
Dighton Dandi-Lions                North Attleboro
Seekonk                            Mansfield

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Zone 7-        Z                                   one 8-
Gretchen Olney                                    Sharon Audette
H 508-823-0836                                    H 508-279-1587
E                          E
                                                  (underscore between sharon & audette)
Berkley                                           Bridgewater
Raynham                                           Bridgewater Academy
Raynham King Philip                               Bridgewater Community
Taunton                                           East Bridgewater
Norton                                            West Bridgewater
Norton Community

Zone 9         Z                                   one 10-
Nancy Sullivan                                    Frank Maguire
H 508-238-2015                                    H 781-878-3960
E                         E
Abington                                          Plymouth
Halifax                                           Hanover
Hanson Tri-Town                                   Kingston
Brockton                                          North River
Easton                                            Rockland


The 2009-2010 Lions District 33S “District Directory” was scheduled to be distributed to
District Clubs at the August 24, 2009 Lions Cabinet Advisory Meeting.

Due to circumstances, I was not able to meet this expectation and take full responsibility for this situation.
I apologize to Lion DG Ray and the Lions of District 33S for this inconvenience. The Directory will be
distributed to Clubs by their assigned Zone Chairpersons with the goal of every club in the District having
their copies of the Directory by their first Club meeting in September. Each District Club receives copies
of the Directory for the President, Secretary, and Membership Chairperson. Also, I will oversee the
distribution of the Directory to all those individuals who are scheduled to receive copies. Please contact
me at anytime if you have questions or comments regarding the Directory, or any other Lions matter, at or 508-397-3853.

 Work Together..
."We Serve".

Yours in Lionism

CST Dave

District 33S
                             EYEMOBILE DRIVER & TRAINING

                                 Held at the Lakeville Lions Club
                                 25 Staples Shores Road, Lakeville

Open to all Clubs and Club Members. If interested in learning please call scheduler Earl Servant
to set up an appointment. 781-293-6772.

                          EYEMOBILE MEETING’S – OPEN TO ALL
                         Meetings held at Lorenzo’s Restaurant, Middleboro
                          Time: 6:30 pm - Second Monday of the month.
                           EYEMOBILE SCHEDULE For 2009

    Call: Earl Servant at 781-293-6772 or E mail at

Please include the following information in your E- mail
       1. A Telephone Number and Contact Person that Earl can reach you
           (Your e mail will be answered with a telephone call from Earl)
       2. The Date for your Clubs Eyemobile Fundraiser
       3. Also, please specify a time for Earl to call you


September        12/13         Lower Cape Cod Lighthouse
September        16            Easton Lions Club
September        19/20         Rehoboth Lions Club
September        21            Fall River Carousel
October           3            Walk-A-Thon
October           4            Easton Lions Club
November         11            E Bridgewater Lions Club
December          5            Easton Lions Club
December          6            Taunton Lions Club


March             14           North River Community Lions Club
June              19           Taunton Lions Club


District 33S  
                              YOUTH CAMP AND EXCHANGE

Greetings Fellow Lions! It's hard to believe that our first successful year participating in the
program has just ended. The purpose of the program is to create and foster a spirit of
understanding among people of the world. It was a rousing success!

This summer we hosted two lovely young ladies from Algeria. Being Muslim, they both had a
fear that they would not be accepted here in the US. They expected to encounter a certain amount
of anti-Muslim sentiment from Americans, given the current world situation. I am happy to
report that--thanks to the host families with with they stayed--not only were their fears alleviated,
they were thrilled and surprised by the warm welcome they received in our country. Some new
friendships were forged

Special Thanks goes out to the following Lions: Sharon Audette, Rick and Pam Bliss, Beverly
Dillon, Sandy Fife, Lorraine Guy (and her daughter Erica Benoit), and Jane Otis for agreeing to
host our visitors. Without you, the program would not have been a success this year! I will be
visiting each of your clubs to deliver banner patches and pins.

So what now? Well, there are big things planned for the summer of 2010. I am proud to
announce that this year Massachusetts will be hosting a Youth Camp! A website will be going
online soon and there will be plenty of info to come.

In the meantime, in addition to host families, this year there will a need for chaperones, LEO
ambassadors, transportation coordinators, etc. I'm currently working on a DVD that will be
available to any club that's interested. I would love to see the DVD broadcast on your local cable
access stations.

I'm also looking for folks who are interested in joining the Youth Exchange Committee to help
get this all organized. After all, on person can't do everything! It doesn't take a lot of time and
your help will be truly appreciated.

With your help I believe we can make the Massachusetts Youth Camp THE premier camp that
young people from around the world will want to visit!

Yours In Lionism,
Martin Middleton
33S Youth Camp and Exchange Chair

                     Operation Shoebox – A Time to Remember 
Operation Shoebox began 4 years ago as a means by which members of District 33-S could
demonstrate their care and support for those currently serving in the armed forces who are
sacrificing so much that we may enjoy our freedoms. While currently our primary emphasis is to
support those currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will send care packages to any unit
or individual in the world. We need items for the troops, the names of individual members or
units, and money for postage. Items themselves do not need to be packed in shoeboxes – they
will be prepared and boxed with other items for units or individuals. I’ve talked to many
returning soldiers and marines to realize that our efforts are appreciated and welcomed. The
collection of items for the troops will begin on October 29th at the Cabinet Advisory Meeting.
Help support our troops and show them that they are not forgotten.

                                OPERATION SHOEBOX
                                                    DISTRICT 33S 
         Items will be COLLECTED at the Cabinet Advisory Meeting on October 29th

AA Batteries                                      Mosquito Repellent or bug spray 
Advil                                             Mouse Pads   
Antibiotic Cream (such as Neosporin)              Mouthwash 
Athlete’s Foot Cream or Spray                     Munchies – (cereal bars, cookies, Pringles, gum 
Baby Wipes (unscented, refill –pack)                 hard candy, mints, trail mix, Jerky, nuts, non‐    
Bacon Bits                                                perishable‐crushable snacks – no chocolate 

Band Aids (travel packs)                                           
Bandanas                                                 Oatmeal (instant) 
Books – Paperbacks                                       Pens and Pencils (Black ink only) 
Breakfast Bars                                           Playing Cards 
Chap Sticks or Lip Balm                                  Pop‐Top cans of fruit, ravioli, etc      
CDs and DVDs (used)                                      Powdered, pre‐sweetened and in single packets:         
Coffee (ground)                                          tea, Kool Aid, Gatorade, lemonade, hot Chocolate 
Coffee Mate                                              Q‐Tips 

Coffee Mugs (travel size)                   Razors (disposable) 
Dental Floss                                Shampoo (trial size)   
Deodorant (sample size)                     Shaving Cream 
Duct Tape                                   Silly String 
Eye Drops                                   Soap 
Feminine Products                           Socks (wool/cotton blend – size 10‐13) 
Flashlights                                 Soup (single serving) e.g. Lipton cup of soup etc. 
Envelops                                    Tissues (travel size)                          
Hand/Body Lotion (unscented)                Sunscreen with high SPF 
Hand Sanitizer                              Tea Bags 
Hot Sauce                                   Throat Lozenges, cough drops 
Hair Conditioner                            Toothbrushes and Toothpaste (travel size) 
Hot Chocolate (single serve packets)        Word puzzle magazines           
Lens Cleaner for Glasses                    Writing Pads             
Magazines (take off the address label)      Zip Lock Baggies                        

*Other items requested:  Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, Jolly Rancher Hard Candies, and Rice Krispie 
Bars.  Pre‐Paid AT&T Cards, Hand Held Games with extra Batteries are always appreciated. 
For clubs that wish to prepare a shoebox for a woman soldier, please mark the box “For a 
Woman Soldier”   
If you know of someone in the service, family, friend, neighbor please send their address to Lion 
Barbara Otto    or Joe Rizzo   so that they can be 
placed on the list to receive one of the individual shoe boxes.   Bulk Boxes will also be sent to 
point persons who will distribute them to unit personnel. 
                             God Bless the USA

September 12 & 13th      Halifax Lions Club

                                   ANNUAL MUM SALE

                      The Halifax Lions will be having Their Annual Mum Sale at both
                      The Grange Hall, School Street and the Hatch Bldg, Center Street. in
                      Pembroke, Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm

                 The grange Hall (our new home) will be open for review

September 12, 13th Plymouth Lions Club

      On the Hedge House Lawn
      Plymouth Waterfront
      Noon until 6:00 pm

Live Music – Good Food
Sponsored by L. Knife & Son
September 13th
                                 NE Lions Necrology Service

                           Service on Sunday, September 13, 2009
                                        12:00 noon
                                   Cathedral of the Pines
                                        Rindge, NH 

September 12-13th Rochester       Lions Club

                                 APPLE PEACH FESTIVAL

The Rochester Lions will be cooking up sausages, pepper and onion sandwiches. Also fried
dough and iced tea.

September 16th DISTRI          CT 33S

TO: Family Fun Day Committee Members

                                       PLEASE RSVP….

                     Family Fun Day/Walk A Long – 2nd Planning Meeting

                   DATE/TIME: September 16, 2009 – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
                           LOCATION: Lakeville Lions Club

September 26th        Norton Lions Club

                                    ANNUAL CLAM BOIL

Date:   Saturday, September 26, 2009
Time:    7:00 pm
      (they start serving at 7:00 pm sharp, so you would want to get there earlier to get seats)
Place: South Seekonk Gun Club (61 Reed St., Rehoboth, MA)
Cost:   $25 per person

For tickets and more information contact Jack. (or send me an email and I’ll get you tickets).

If you have love clam boils and have never been to this clam boil, you will certainly enjoy this
one and you won’t go home hungry. Soda, Beer, and Wine available.


September 26th        Bridgewater Academy Lions Club

                                      GIANT YARD SALE

                                  Saturday, September 27, 2009
                                 (Rain Date Sunday September 27th)
                          Winter Place Parking Lot, Route 18/28 Bridgewater

                             7 am to 11 am - Multi Group Yard Sale

Some 10x6 foot spaces are available for $15.00 if you are interested in Participating in the Yard
Sale (must bring own table) Call Lion Paula at 508-697-3660 and leave a message or
E mail to

      All proceeds from this event will benefit Bridgewater Academy Lions Club charities

 September 20th DISTRI         CT 33S

                                      Second Chance For
                                     OFFICER TRAINING

                              PRESIDENT AND SECRETARIES

                              6:30 pm at Raynham King Philip Hall
                                  King Philip Street, Raynham

               For those wishing to attend please RSVP to CST David Barbour at
            or leave message at 508-397-3853

October 1st Wareham       Lions Club

                                Welcome Charter Night for the
                                   Wareham Lions Club
Please join us on October 1st for the Charter presentation and induction of new members to the
Wareham Lions Club. Celebration to be held at Salerno’s on Onset Ave., Onset. Tickets are
$35.00 per person for Prime Rib or Stuffed Sole.

                       Invitations are being sent to all clubs in the District

October 3rd Dartmouth      Lions Club

                                   proudly presents
                                A Night with the “Arts”

                    At Dartmouth Middle School, Slocum & Hawthorne Sts
                                 Saturday, October 3, 2009
                               Doors open to the public at 6 pm
                            $3.00 per person – call 774-929-7352
                       All proceeds to fund Lions Club Local Charities
                          The more you ART, the better you FEEL!

                                   For more info contact:
          Rena Jacobson, Secretary Dartmouth Lions Club at

October 2-4 District 33S

                                     FAMILY FUN DAY
That’s right; there are no hook-ups. We had always had fun camping in the safari field. We had
A lot of fun with getting back to the basics of camping, meeting old friends and making new
Friends in Lions and those new friends wanting to learn more about Lions.
                               Wanting maybe to become a LION
There will be coffee on Friday night and a Pot Luck Supper on Saturday night. Everyone is
asked to bring something to share in the pot luck. Come and enjoy in all the fun, food and
                     RESERVATION FORM-Deadline is September 21, 2009

              Contact: Ken & Betty Corti - 395 Holmes Street, Halifax, MA 02338

October 3rd Rochester     Lions Club

                                     FAMILY FUN DAY

Sign up for THE BIKE RIDE RUN, leaving the Highlander in Acushnet and arriving at Family
Fun Day. If that’s not enough, we will also have a booth at the Manjiro Festival in Fairhaven on
that day. Again, we will be serving Chowder.

October 3rd

                                   DISTRICT 33S LIONS
                              FAMILY FUN DAY/WALK-ALONG

                              Curing Blindness One Step at a Time!

                            Saturdary October 3rd 8:00 am until 3:00 pm
                                  Scussett Beach, Sagamore, MA

Bring your entire family and friends! Come join the fun at our Districts first 2009-2010
fundraiser for Massachusetts Lions Eye Research.

Walk as an individual or get a team together.. Let’s see which club team can raise the most.
Please complete the pledge sheet and turn them in at the sign in table when you arrive to walk.

Participant prizes for donations will include:

Individual with 100 or more who walks at the Family Fun Day will receive a T-shirt
Individual with $300 or more who walks at the Family Fun Day will receive:
       A jacket with a participation patch for the first year this goal is reached.
       A date patch for their jacket will be awarded after their first year.
       Clubs who donate $1,000 or more will receive a participation patch for the first year and
       A date patch for subsequent years.
REMEMBER: 100% of the money raised will go directly to Massachusetts Lions Eye Research

There will be lots of things to see and fun activities for kids of all ages:
       Face painting
       “Wheels of Time” Classic Cars
       Motorcycle Run for Sight
       Music by Zone Chair Roland Grenier

AND delicious food to temp your taste buds.

If you have any questions, please call:
Co-Chairpersons – Lion Judy Plummer (508-243-0278)
                   Lion Diane McCue (508-566-2794)

Camping-Lion Ken Corti (781-293-3401)


October 3rd District    33S
                                  MINI CARNATION DAY

                       $6.00 Per Bunch - For Mass Lions Eye Research

                       Orders with payment must be received no later than
                       October 3rd – NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE

           Make payment of ONE check, payable to Taunton Lions Club Carnations
                   (Mail to) 5 North Walker Street, Taunton, MA 02780

                               Delivery Date October 24, 2009
          (Please give contact person name and telephone number for delivery set up)

Each Lions Club will receive credit of $3.00 Per Bunch sold to Mass Lions Eye Research
Any questions contact PP Sue Young 401-230-3420 or PDG Don Hebert 508-822-1236

October 3rd   Seekonk Hearthstone Lions Club

                  The Seekonk Hearthstone Lions & the LIVE Rock Band

                          Liberal Club, 20 Star Street, Fall River MA
                                  Dancing-Cash Bar-Raffles!!!
                                      7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
                Ticket Price $10.00 each (only 200 available so reserve early)
              For tickets, call: 774-991-0262 or 508-642-2268 or 508-523-8699

In addition to helping the community some of the premier research institutes in the country
will benefit from your donation: they include the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,
Joslin Diabetes Center. Tufts University & Children’s Hospital.


October 10th & 11th Rochester Lions Club

                                  CRANBERRY FESTIVAL

We will be cooking again at the Cranberry Festival in Wareham,


October 16th Chatham-Nauset Lions Club

                       The Chatham Nauset Lions Charities, Inc.
                    Brewster – Chatham – Eastham – Orleans – Wellfleet

                       Captains Golf Course –Freeman’s Way – Brewster
                              Hole in One prize $10,000 CASH!

                       8:00 am Registration and Gift, 9:00 Shotgun Start
                  Golf and Lunch: $120. Reservations due by October 1, 2009

                                  For further information call
                                 Vivian Siddell 508-430-1795

October 17th   South Attleboro Village Lions Club

                                  CHOPSTICK AUCTION

                                   Knights of Columbus Hall
                                    Rte 123 South Attleboro

                                      Doors Open at 6:15

                               Free Refreshments at Intermission

                               Door Prizes & Free Give-A-Ways
                                    Cash Bar All Evening

               Remember that 100% of Profits are returned to our Community

October 17th Rochester Lions Club

                                         CAR SHOW

Car show in Rochester, and we will be serving hamburgers
and hot dogs again, also, coffee and donuts in the morning.
Come early as this event wraps up quickly.

October 17th & 18th Westport Lions Club

                      Westport Lions Fifth Annual Arts & Crafts Show
The Fifth Annual Westport Arts and Crafts Show will be held on Saturday October 17, and
Sunday October 18, 2009 at the Westport High School Cafeteria, 19 Main Rd. Westport, MA.

The event will be held from 10 AM to 4 PM each day. Admission and parking are free. The
Show features diverse artisans and crafters. Food and a Chinese auction are available. Start your
Christmas Shopping Early!!

October 25th Bridgewater Academy Lions Club
                               1st Annual Halloween
                               SCAVENGER HUNT

                                   Sunday, October 25, 2009
                                2 PM Start from the Polish Club
                                 123 Spring Street, Bridgewater

                        Cost $10.00 PER PERSON 0 Open to any Lion
                         Proceeds to benefit BALC Admin Account

                                  JOIN THE FUN & GAMES

                           Best Scavenger Hunt by Bridgewater pair
                           Best Scabenger Hunt by visiting Lions Club
                           Best Halloween Costume
                           Best “Pin the Tail on the Lion”
                      JUDGES: to be announced
                           Pizza and Salad
                           Cash Bar
                                  EVENT ENDS: 8 PM


                             You Are Invited to Come Celebrate
                                   Massachusetts Lions
                                       District 33-s

                                      50th Anniversary
                                   Mid - Winter Conference
                                    January8, 9, 10 2010
                      The Radisson Hotel, 180 Water Street, Plymouth, MA

           First come, first serve basis. Deadline for reservations is December 1, 1009
           Applications received after this date may be subject to prevailing hotel rates.

Package #1     Double room for Friday/Saturday, Friday Night Buffet and Family Comedy
               Night, Saturday Banquet, Sunday Candidate’s Brunch, including registration
               for two $279.00.
Package #2     Same as package #1 but for one person $210.00.
Package #3     Room only for Friday/Saturday nights including registration for two $190.00.
Package #4     Friday Night Buffet/Family Oriented Comedy Night includes registration $30.00 pp.
Package #5     Saturday Night Banquet including registration $40.00 per person.
Package #6     Sunday Candidate’s Brunch including registration $20.00 per person
Package #7     Registration only. Admission to meetings and hospitality room $5.00 per person

Club Banners to be presented to Hotel Registration Desk upon arrival or before 1:00 PM on Saturday.
Packages must be picked up prior to 4:00 PM on Saturday, January 9, 2010

Contact information and applications:

PDG Bert & Lion Muriel Patenaude at
PDG Don and Rachelle Hebert at

May 1st 2010 New Bedford Host Lions Club

                                       75th Anniversary
                     Details and a formal invitation will be sent to all clubs

                                       SAVE THE DATE!

                      YES! Please continue to save all EyeGlasses

                       Bring them to the Cabinet Meetings or give them to your
                       Zone Chair Person.

Thank you!

Yours in Lionism,
Lion Barbara Otto,

                     Not Above You, Not Beneath You, But With You

Please get your upcoming Fundraisers to me early for the October 2009 Calendar of Events

New e mail address
Or you can still use the old ones at or –  

                          The DEADLINE is September 20th, 2009



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