; Palo Alto Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Catrin Hasson, Provides Safe Solutions For Headaches
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Palo Alto Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Catrin Hasson, Provides Safe Solutions For Headaches


Dr. Catrin Hasson, Chiropractor is dedicated to helping individuals achieve relief from headaches and other forms of pain with the use of safe techniques. It further works to provide ample education to everyone about the importance of making healthy choices in life.

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									Palo Alto Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Catrin Hasson, Provides Safe Solutions
For Headaches

Palo Alto, CA 06/10/2010 - Dr. Catrin Hasson, Chiropractor is happy to
announce about its safe and natural answers to headaches. This Palo Alto
chiropractic professional works not only to applying chiropractic
techniques for headache relief but also strives to educate individuals
about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Known as cephalgia in the medical world, a headache is basically the pain
felt anywhere in the head and neck areas. Aside from being painful and a
discomfort on its own, headaches can also be a symptom of many other
different medical conditions.

Although the brain itself is not sensitive to pain due to the absence of
pain receptors in the brain tissues, the structures around the brain are
highly sensitive. Any disturbances experienced by these structures result
to headaches.

There are different categories of headaches as determined by the
International Headache society. The pain management options specified for
headaches are based on their underlying causes. Most common choices are
analgesics especially for benign cases.

Headaches may also entail serious causes. These include an increase in
intracranial pressure as well as intracranial bleeding. The first is
commonly due to brain tumors and certain hypertension attacks and is
actually the heightening of pressure within the skull. Bleeding inside
the skull, on the other hand, may cause an increase in pressure or
possible inflammatory reaction. Both are painful.

While painkillers can easily get rid of acute headaches, chronic ones
need major actions taken. They should be carefully noted of and
thoroughly observed before any options are considered. Various solutions
to headaches have been developed and continuously made better to suit the
specific conditions headache sufferers are experiencing.

To know more about headaches and what can be done to manage them
correctly and efficiently, check out www.hassonchiropractic.com. Members
of the press can contact the following details for additional information
pertaining to this release.

Contact Name: Dr. Catrin Hasson

Company Name: Dr. Catrin Hasson, Chiropractor

Address: 744 San Antonio Road #29, Palo Alto, CA94303

Contact Number: 650-269-7340

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