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									                       Lace Front Wigs Preparations

Preparation for Your Full Lace Front Wigs Fitting
It takes a least of 1 to 2 hours to properly and perfectly apply your Full lace front
You do not have to bring your own products; we provide a professional
service...meaning you come to our shop to fit your Full Lace Front Wigs or Half
Lace Frontals in a private fitting area giving you professionalism privacy &
Preparation prior to appointment:
    Your own hair must be washed and prepared prior to an appointment.
    Your skin has to be in good condition prior to wig application and able to
     withstand the use of adhesives, no compensation for any adverse reactions
     you may have to the adhesives as you should always test your skin for
     sensitivity to adhesives.
Attention: We will not compensate for any damage to your skin or any adverse
reactions you may have from using adhesives or tapes.

(Patch Test Recommended)
If this is your first time using this Lace front Tapes & Adhesive, we highly
recommend performing a "patch test" prior to attachment to avoid possible scalp
irritation of discomfort.

To perform a patch test: place a small amount of tape or glue on a sensitive area of
the skin (typically the forearm, behind an ear or behind the knee) leave on the test
for 24 hours. If no irritation occurs then the product should be safe to use. If the
test area becomes irritated, develops a rash or redness, do not use the products.

Please bring a scarf or a hair band with you. Once the lace wigs application is
completed you will need to tie the circumference of your head with the scarf for 2
hours in order to completely set the bonding process.
Additional advice:
After the wig fitting avoid heavy perspiration as well as water on the full lace wigs
for 24-48 hours.
Slightly Larger can be Just Right
If your measurements are too large, then the cap will be looser on your head and
you will probably end up having to trim off quite a bit of lace and hair in order to
get a proper fit. Many lace wigs wearers find that a slightly larger unit is more
comfortable for them to wear and also holds applications longer because there is
less pulling at the hairline and adhesive than there is with a tight fitting unit. I
usually advise my customers to always add an extra 1/4 inch to allow for a little
extra "give" to their unit. For more details:

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