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2005 November by maclaren1


									Club Express

                                                                November 2005
Leicestershire Road Club
                                 incorporating Leicester Off-road Club
               Issued by Dave Binks tel :- 0116-2296015 email :

    Join us for Lunch at                             Ben is the anti-gravity
  the Annual Dinner and                                     Champ!
     Prize Presentation                              Winner of the Annul Club Hillclimb on Sun-
                                                     day October 2nd at Pollybotts Lane was our
 Included in this newsletter is a ticket to the
                                                     own Ben Oliver.
 Club’s Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation.
        Following last year’s successful move to     For being the fastest LRC rider up the hill,
 a Sunday lunch instead of a Saturday evening,       Ben took the “Bill Billings” Trophy.
 the committee has decided to repeat it again.       But that wasn’t all. As the event also incorpo-
 The date is Sunday 11 December. The venue           rated the championship for the Leicester Cy-
 is the “Six Hills International Hotel”, at Six      cling Association (LCA), and also the Burton
 Hills, Leics. This is on the junction of the A46    & District Cycling Alliance (BDCA) as an
 and the B676 approx. 7 miles north of the           integral part of the event, Ben also becomes
 City. The meal will start at 12.30am, but try to    their Champion.
 get there about 12.00am to get settled first.
 The meal is a Carvery, where you go up and          Not content with that, he then rode the
 tell the Chef what you want (from the choices       Matlock CC Open Hillclimb two weeks later.
 available), so will be quite a relaxed affair.      If you think Pollybotts is steep, you need to
 Vegetarian choices are available.                   see the hill the Matlock use; Riber Hill, where
 Afterwards, we will present the Club’s mag-         it climbs up to Riber Castle from Matlock.
 nificent trophies to this year’s winners. The       This is so steep it’s difficult to walk up, never
 attached list shows who has won what, so you        mind push or ride a bike up. Ben took 3rd
 can see if you have won something.                  place against a good field!
 We are pleased to be hosting Andy Salkeld, of       Well done Ben.
 the Leicester City Council. Andy is their resi-     The full result of the Club Hillclimb is on the
 dent Cycling Promotion Officer, and as such         website, and from that you can see we also
 is very influential in getting cycling facilities   had the fastest Lady (Sarah Coleman) and
 installed. He will say a few words and present      Veteran (Graham Green). Although not the
 the awards.                                         fastest Junior, Jon Walton surprised everyone
                                     (cont’d over)   (but perhaps not himself) with a great ride in
                                                     the Junior category.

 This really isn’t a “stuffed shirt” affair. We
 hope that many will take the opportunity to
 ride out and home (take lights if you have a
 long way to go).
 The usual “cross toasting” - a long estab-
 lished practice where we poke a little fun at
 each other during the meal, should enliven
 the occasion.
                                                               We are Film Stars
 We have managed to keep the price down to
 £10.50 for adults and £5.50 for under 17’s.
                                                         The Leicester City Council has made
 Youngsters are VERY welcome, and those                  a video of the club as part of its his-
 that came last year really enjoyed themselves.          tory of the local sporting clubs and
 Jo Clarke, 7 Nottingham Rd, Barrow upon                 we are featured heavily in that
 Soar, Loughborough, LE12 8HZ tel 01509-                 video.
 412637 is the person to contact.
                                                                                  Copies (which
                                                                                  really are worth
 See you there!
                                                                                  seeing) are for
                                                                                  sale from the
  Cyclo-Cross Training                                                            club at the bar-
                                                                                  gain price of £3
 This is a new venture for us, but, based on the
 interest in off road racing there is currently in
 the club at present, should be well supported.
 We will be training by floodlight in the vicin-
 ity of the clubroom, every Tuesday with the                           Copy Needed
 evening getting underway at 7.30pm.                      We need articles and other items to put in this,
 Graeme McLay will be putting you through                 YOUR newsletter. Don’t leave it to others all
 your paces and teaching you some new tech-               the time. Write a short story, or article, or some
 niques.                                                  news item and let us have it. Without copy,
 All ages are welcome—the more the merrier!               there won’t be a newsletter (That’s why this is
                                                          the first this year)
 In view of the nature of the activity, a change          We prefer electronic or typed copy, but neat
 of clothes and a towel are advised.                      handwritten items are still OK.
                                                          Some people say “If I had known when you
     Don’t forget the Website Forum                       wanted it, I would have written something”.
 The “forum” page on the website is the place             Well, we want it 7 days after you think of it, so
 to go for the latest club info. The password for         don’t wait, write it and let us have it without
 this year is “on2wheels”. Check it out at                delay. We’ll publish it in the next edition.

Please Return Your Trophies.
If you are in possession of a club trophy, please return it (CLEANED) to
the clubroom in plenty of time for us to get the new recipient's name to
be engraved in time for the Dinner and Prize Presentation on December
11th. Please get them back by 28th November absolute latest.

               First time under the hour*
The build up to the day had been fairly low key as this            and stayed near to the start as I had no watch (note to
wasn’t the event that I had planned for this to happen.            self for next time!)

 During my winter training I had managed to keep to my             As always, before you know it its “5,4,3,2,1 go” and I
plan pretty well and stuck to my guns in leaving it until          was off.
this weekend to ride my first TT. This was despite most
other club riders already having done several events                The start is a gentle rise for the first quarter mile and
already.                                                           so I was careful to keep in a low gear so that I didn’t
                                                                   get breathless.
 The day before I had ridden my first TT of the season, a
10 on the A0/1 A46 course. This had gone well for me               Once over the mini roundabout it eases and you
and I clocked a mid 23. This was quite a tester, what              merge onto the A1.
with it being the first of the season, coupled with the fact
that I was riding without an onboard computer. This was             Once on the dual carriageway I settled quite quickly
purely down to not being able to fit the magnet onto my            and felt ok and found a rhythm.
new wheels!
                                                                    One of my targets was to pass the lady who started a
 Having posted a reasonable time on the Saturday, par-             minute in front by half way to the turn, so I knew that
ticularly when compared to some other riders, I felt               either I was going ok or that she was having a bad ride
good. It also helped that my legs showed no sign of                when I caught her within a couple of miles. That
tiredness after this first outing.                                 spurred me on and I had a nice steady cadence going
                                                                   and felt ok.
Anyway, onto the Sunday.
                                                                    I started to see a few riders heading back on the return
 The start to the day didn’t bode well; there had been a           leg but couldn’t gauge much from them as to how hard
frost and when I set off in the car at just after 6 am it          is was coming back.
was still reading zero degrees.
                                                                    The next target was not to be caught by Sam Barker (a
 The journey down to Tempsford was quiet, as you                   49 minute man) who had started 2 minutes after me
would expect for early on a Sunday morning but even                until over half way to the turn. Each mile that he didn’t
though the sun was up and the sky clear, the outside               catch me made me feel good. When he did ride by I
temperature was reading zero all the way down.                     was only 1.5 from the turn at most, so I again thought
                                                                   that maybe I was going ok. This was helped when I
 When I arrived and parked the first decision to be made           overtook a rider, as from the start sheet I hadn’t ex-
was weather to wear leggings or not; I could see that              pected to catch anyone else.
nearly all the riders out were doing so.
                                                                    I did make a mistake when Sam overtook in that I
 When I stepped out of the car and walked to the HQ my             tried to up my pace but should have just kept to my
teeth were actually chattering! Thoughts of going under            rhythm, but I soon realised the error of my ways and
the hour were pretty remote at this stage, just getting            settled again.
warm was going to be the main priority.
                                                                    Having negotiated the roundabout turn without any
 After collecting my number it was back to the car to              holdup I mentally told myself that I was just starting a
change and prepare. I could see that the sun was shin-             10 mile TT and settled into a rhythm.
ning bright and would soon rise over the line of trees
that ran along the east side of the A1. This was good, as           Once the road straightened I could see another rider in
I knew that once the sun rose high enough it would soon            front and I then knew that maybe, just maybe this
warm the air.                                                      could be the day.

 Just incase, it was two pairs of socks and plenty of               The northbound return run was easier than the out-
warming spray on the legs but I had decided against                bound with a slight tailwind and even though there
leggings, I wanted to dress for speed even if it meant             was a long rise I kept the speed up and felt good.
being cold to start with.
                                                                    Because there are 3 roundabouts it was fairly easy to
 The warm up was edgy and I didn’t feel overly optimis-            gauge the distance and when I saw the first of these I
tic as there was going to be a slight headwind for the             knew that I was about half way back.
southbound first half. Still, I had a reasonable warm up

 By now the air temperature was warm and I was cruis-              Before getting my result a doubt crept in when I
ing along. The road seemed to be smooth under the tyres           checked the clock on my mobile and tried to calculate
and so as the gradient went with me I changed up a gear           roughly what sort of time I could expect, but unbe-
and found myself maintaining a reasonable cadence in              known to me at the time my mobile clock was 4 min-
53x13.                                                            utes fast!

 Thoughts of realising my dream were now starting to               Walking up to get my time I knew that I must have
enter my head and, although I could feel myself starting          achieved it but daren’t hope for any particular time.
to get a bit tired, knew that I was near enough for it not
to matter.                                                         When I walked in and saw Ian Wroblewski and he
                                                                  said “Well done, you did a good time” my mind was
 By now I knew that the only thing to stop me would be            reeling as to what time that meant. “What was it?" I
a puncture and I prayed.                                          replied” as I couldn’t see the board “57.49” he replied.
                                                                  The feeling was awesome that I had managed to go
 The man now in front took some catching though and I             under the hour for the first time and by such a margin.
think this helped drag me home. Over the last round-
about and I still hadn’t caught him and so it was time to          As I drove home I kept smiling to myself. The only
dig in and go for it.                                             problem is that going under the hour was my target for
                                                                  the season and so having done it on the first 25 TT
 I could see the finish and with about 400 metres left I          what do I do now?!
went past and started to make for the flag. At this point I
also caught another and going past the HQ the adrenalin            P.S. The answer, is to do a 55:35 but that is another
rush created a strange sensation of feeling no pain or            story!
breathlessness.                                                                                 Martin Shannon
 I may have imagined it but thought I heard Ian shout
                                                                  * “Under the Hour” means doing a 25 miles time trial
encouragement from the side.
                                                                  on the road in under an hour, i.e. maintaining an aver-
                                                                  age speed of 25mph for 1 hour. This has attained the
 As I passed the finish and shouted my number I didn’t
                                                                  mythical status of the dividing line between the “fast
know what to do; normally I am so out of breathe that
                                                                  men” and the “also rans”, and is thus something every
choice doesn’t come into it, so I smiled and rolled to a
                                                                  new racing cyclist strives to do.
halt before gently heading back to the car.

             Leicestershire Road
               & Off Road Club
                               Annual Prize Presentation
                           & 3 Course Carvery Luncheon
          with choice of meats and vegetarian option
                                                  to be held at
                                Six Hills Hotel, Fosseway
                                        (ex “Durham Ox”)
                                 On Sunday 11 December
                   12.00 for 12.30pm £10.50 adult £5.50 U/17s
                                 Bookings (by 28 November) to
    Jo Clarke, 7 Nottingham Rd, Barrow upon Soar, Loughborough,
                      LE12 8HZ tel 01509-412637
Hunstanton YHA hostel Weekend.                                   Thoughts turned to food and where could one find an
                                                                 alternative to the hostel for the evening meal so Jan and
 Four club members braved the forecast wet weather and           I set about this task. We headed along sustrans route one
travelled to Norfolk for a weekend visit to Hunstanton           towards Burnham Market and off roaded down to Titch-
YHA Hostel on Friday 15th October 2004. We met at                well for lunch at the RSPB place. Excellent soup was
the hostel and planned the evening activities and as is          enjoyed. I have seen some posers in my time but bird
usual explored the surrounding area. Now Hunstanton is           watchers parade their equipment at these feeding sta-
not overwhelmed with alcohol outlets. There where two            tions like courting birds. We had looked at the menu at
at one time the Sandringham Hotel and the Golden Lion            the Gin Trap and it was expensive. As we were near
Hotel. The latter is the only one at present as the San-         Thornham I suggested that we look at the Lifeboat Inn
dringham hotel was demolished to make way for a car              where we arrived just after three o’clock to be told that
park. A newly opened wine bar in the High Street was a           coffee would not be served until after 3.30 p.m. We
welcome resting place to imbibe and chat.                        looked at the menu prices and again found them to be
Saturday dawned. After a standard hostel breakfast and           expensive. Well the next place was the Ancient Mariner
because of our widely differing standards of riding abil-        in Old Hunstanton. This is an annex to the Le Strange
ity we agreed to cycle our own ways having exchanged             Arms Hotel. Well I needed to rest my lower limbs so
mobile numbers. Gail and Dave Binks travelled east-              bought a pint for £2.70, and then rested my wallet. The
wards towards Wells next the Sea and Cromer whilst               menu prices here were also very expensive. These
Jan and Alan off roaded almost immediately from the              prices are possibly cheap by London standards the beer
hostel. A lane leads from near the police station to the         prices were certainly equal to those in London. Well
east and crosses through Ringstead Downs. There were             recovered I set of after Jan who was now window-
large puddles about. Heavy overnight rain had caused a           shopping. Our search for a reasonable eating-place was
flood warning to be issued for North Norfolk! This part          the hostel where an excellent meal was eaten accompa-
of the country is one of the driest in England. It was           nied with wine.
intended to cycle part of Peddars Way along the old              On Sunday we again went our separate ways. Jan and
roman road. Now Peddars way is a long distance path              Gail cycled to Wells next the Sea for lunch. Dave did a
several kilometres long. We reached the objective and            circuit around Heacham. Whilst I not suffering as much
set off southwards. This path then became a footpath             as I thought I might set off an a cycle tour along Sus-
with no cycle diversion signs. We read the map and set           trans route one to Wells YHA hostel leaving my car
off towards Sedgeford only to finish back at Ringstead           outside Hunstanton hostel. I enjoyed an excellent lunch
where a quick look round the art gallery at the prices not       in the Lord Nelson Pub in Burnham Thorpe.
the art encouraged us to a coffee in the Gin Trap Pub.                                                        (go to page 6)

Dear Deidre…
The following recently appeared in the "Dear Deidre" (an agony Aunt) column of a National Newspaper.

"Dear Deidre,
I'm second to cycling.
I encouraged my husband to take up a hobby - and now our sex life takes second place to cycling maga-
We are in our early thirties and have been married for just over a year. Everything was great until six
months ago when he took up cycling.
Now my husband's up at dawn for a ride before work and heads for the garage for a fiddle with his bike
when he comes home.
When he goes to bed he reads cycling mags instead of making love to me. I've joined our local football sup-
porters' club and a guy there is giving me the eye.
I'm tempted because I'm fed up with being ignored at home. My husband might wake up if he knew another
guy was keen."

 Deidre says:-
Why were you so keen on him finding an interest if things were so great?
Maybe he is an all-or-nothing guy giving 100 per cent to his new pursuit. Instead of seeing it as a threat
show some interest.
Don't risk your marriage with temptation. Agree to his cycling mags in bed on alternate nights and introduce
some sexy mags.

Dean Tacey tells me he thinks it was wife Claire, who wrote to Deidre!

The local church was commemorating the 199th anniver-
sary of Nelson’s Victory at Trafalgar with a special ser-
vice. I continued my ride around the quiet lanes enjoy-
ing a cycle tour for the first time in half a century. The
club weekend finished when Gail, Jan and Dave met up
                                                                 Volunteers to help at the clubroom on the nights
to motor back to Leicester. I enjoyed further touring            we are open, and generally help run the club.
around north Norfolk visiting Stiffkey, Blakeney, Bin-
ham, Wighton, and Great and Little Walsingham. I                 The club is entirely run by amateur volunteers and
managed to avoid getting wet and it was only when a              “new blood” is needed as the silly old codgers who
few yards away from my car in Hunstanton did it rain on          have done it in the past need a hand, and new ideas.
Wednesday. I broke a spoke trying too hard but I know
an excellent cycle repairer in Loughborough who has              Can you take on a job and give us a hand?
promised to make good the damage.
I think that this cycle tour club weekend could be done
                                                                 All jobs come up for grabs at the AGM (see be-
twice a year. The early year one could be a training
weekend. I look forward to any suggestions as to place           low), but don’t wait until then—let us know you’re
and date for 2005. The continent is not too far away.            interested and then we can tell you what’s involved
                                                                 (not a lot usually, but it just needs a bit of commit-
Alan Summers                                                     ment).
      November 2004.                                             Particularly needed is someone to take on the job
                                                                 of Clubroom Sec. Have a word with Jan Preston
                                                                 (01509 413192) for more info on this one.

                                       LEICESTERSHIRE ROAD CLUB
                                        LEICESTER OFF ROAD CLUB
                                                                           Founded 1909

                            ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                          Monday 23 January 2006
8.00pm at the Clubroom. Items for inclusion on the Agenda must be submitted not
later than Monday 26 December 2005 to me at the address below.
Propositions must be in writing and seconded by one other member.
This is your opportunity to change any rules etc that you don’t like, and/or question
the committee on any matter.
Would CLUB OFFICERS also note that their written report of their activity (or event
etc) must also be handed in by 26 December. Verbal reports will not be accepted.

Merry Christmas                                        and

                                                                 Happy New Year
                                                                                              to all our members
DE Binks, (tel 0116-2296015)
92, Balmoral Road, Mountsorrel, Loughborough, Leics, LE12 7EN

                                Trophy Winners 2005
            These Trophies will be awarded at the Luncheon 11th December.

Under 12 Cyclo Cross                                 The Middle Marker’s Fifty Miles Cup
Boys – Samuel Broughton                              Richard Chapman
Girls – Lucy Garner                                  The Dagley Memorial Trophy
The Massed Start Trophy (for under 16s)              Neil Gibson
Daniel McLay                                         The Scratch Cup
The Juveniles Time Trial Championship Cup            Neil Gibson
Kimberley North                                      The Handicap Cup
The Ladies Championship Cup                          Neil Gibson
Gail Summerlin                                       The Diamond Jubilee Trophy
Coltman Shield                                       Lucy Garner
Kimberley North                                      The Founders Trophy
The Senior Mountain Bike Trophy                      Lucy Garner
Neil Gibson                                          The 1939-1945 Memorial Trophy
The Senior Road Race Trophy                          Dave Binks
Graeme McLay                                         The Trevor Farrands Trophy
The Senior Track Cup                                 Richard Chapman
Graeme McLay                                         The Bill Billings Trophy
The Veterans Championship Cup                        Ben Oliver
Graham Green                                         The Alec Bilson Shield
The J.G. Green Trophy                                Neil Garner
Steve Hibben                                         The T.P. Beeston Memorial Trophy
The Senior Best All-Rounder Shield                   Dean Tacey
Graham Green                                         The Ivy Newton Trophy
The F.A. and E.M. Beardsmore Memorial Trophy         James Perkins (Zenith CC)
Richard Chapman                                      The Presidents Cup
The 12hr Cup                                         ????????
Gail Summerlin                                       The Best Clubman Trophy
The 100 Miles Cup                                    Gary Coltman
Graham Green                                         The George Bennett Trophy
The Halford Fifty Miles Cup                          Graeme McLay
Richard Chapman

Leicester at top of the Cyclo X                          don't have exact results for them (hope I've not
                                                         missed anyone).
Recently at Misterton hall. Lucy Garner carried on
in her winning ways taking the under 12's with           With such good all-round results and participation
over 50 starters.                                        we stand a very good chance of winning the team
Daniel McLay cleaned up the under 14's and man-          event overall.
aged 3rd in a strong youth race. This was another
strong field of 25 plus.                                 National Youth series
Going into today’s race Neil Gibson was leading
the West Midlands league. However, Neil may              Daniel and Lucy competed at the National youth
now have some work to do to regain this position         circuit series event @ the Lee Valley circuit re-
after a puncture saw him having to claw back a top       sently.
15 position. His support came from Grace Garner,
                                                         Lucy finished 8th overall (second girl) a fine
who was quick to lend him her wheel. Dan Alexan-
der 1st, Steve Adams 2nd, Steve Knight 3rd, Dave
                                                         effort especially as this was her first appearance
Collins 4th.                                             in a national league race.
                                                         Daniel was 4th in the under 14's this adding to
Harry, Grace, Alfie, Charlotte, Sam B, Sam S.            his 2nd place at Milton Keynes.
Jake, Katie and Neil Garner also raced although I                                            Graeme McLay


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