EBT Grant Applications and Administration by cze94904


									EBT Grant Applications
   and Administration

 WIC EBT Users Group Meeting
       San Diego, CA
        November 2008
 Funding Overview for EBT Grants
 Solicitation Requirements
 Budget Submission
 Reporting Requirements
     EBT Funding - General
 Normal source of funding is
  infrastructure/multipurpose funding
 Separate line item in appropriations
 Legislation requires USDA/FNS to use
  these funds for specific things
 Special/targeted technology funding
       FY 2008 EBT Funding
 Total funds available for infrastructure/
 multipurpose funding was $13.6 million
Major items funded:
 Regional infrastructure funds for SAs to
  assist with new food package implementation
 FNS/WIC reports, educational and monitoring
  tools (PC Study, TIP, WIC Works website,
  automated ME tool)
 Breastfeeding initiative
 SAM and EBT
       FY 2008 EBT Funding
 Majority of funds from infrastructure/
  multipurpose went for technology related
 SAM funding = almost $5.2 million (38%)
   – SAM consortia
   – SAM transfers (4 State agencies)
 EBT funding = just over $5 million
   – Nearly $3.9 million for grants to States
   – Approx. $1 million for contracted technical
   – $175,000 for UPC database
            FY 2009 EBT Funding
 Appropriation unknown at this time
 Currently under a CR
 Funding for technology may be similar to FY
 Unless……..
Priority of funding:
 SAM consortia & existing transfers
 Existing EBT
 New SAM transfers
 EBT planning/new projects
       Solicitation Requirements
 Timing of solicitation and funding awards
 Number and type of award dependent on
  available funding and staffing resources
 Follow solicitation instructions/guidelines!
 Pay attention to:
   – Submission deadlines and process
   – Eligibility requirements
   – Project description, to include narrative
     introduction, procurement plan, resource/staffing
     overview, schedule, vendor support, MIS
     capabilities, and budget
              EBT Budgets
 Proposals must include a project budget
 SF 424, 424A and B must be completed
 For grant funding purposes, need funding
  request/need broken out by fiscal year by
 We fund for “immediate need” which
  usually means 15 months
               EBT Budgets
 For existing projects, fiscal year integrity
  must be maintained
 Budgets and reporting must follow the
  fiscal year in which the funds are
 Funds may be redirected from one line
  item to another, but cannot be “reassigned”
  to another fiscal year
 FIFO rules apply to the extent practicable
  under existing EBT contracts
              EBT Budgets
 Should use suggested Budget Format for
  assessment of unspent prior year funds
  and requested redirection of grant funds

 Prior to the award of new funding, current
  funding levels and remaining funds will be
  verified using the 269A reports

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