MAGGIE INNES – WRITER by maclaren1


Maggie is currently writing for BBC daytime drama DOCTORS. Her family drama, BLAME THE PARENTS,
was selected for the 2007 TAPS Full-Length Script Development Course.
Maggie graduated with distinction from the MA in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths College, where her short script,
DELIVERY DAY, won the Goldsmiths Short Screenplay Competition. Maggie’s work includes: BINGO WINGS,
a “Sex in the City” style sitcom for gritty London girls; CONTROLLED CRYING, a hard-hitting and very human
drama about the pressures of new parenthood; and feature screenplay, A HITCH IN TIME, a delightful
tragicomic road movie about estranged childhood friends trying to recapture the zest of their youth.
Maggie’s writing career began on the features desk of a variety of mainstream women’s magazines. Before
going freelance she sharpened her writing skills in every conceivable role from agony aunt to crossword
compiler. Her short stories have won national prizes, and appear regularly in the hugely popular ‘Woman’
publication, among others.

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