GATEWAY TO ENGLISH 2                               COURSE OUTLINE

                                                                                  SKILL OR LANGUAGE FOCUS
TOPIC            Listening and                         Reading                   Reference                  Writing                      Grammatical              Vocabulary sets
                   speaking                        texts and skills                skills              genres and skills                  structures              Word formation

SECTION A        Fantasy
1           Listening for specific points   Narrative (Greek legend)            ΗInternet          ΗParagraph writing               would/wouldn’t like to +
            in a monologue                  Prediction based on headings and    research           (daydreams/charity work)                  for wishes
Dreams      Evaluating the identified       pictures                            (predictions for                                    will/won’t + INFINITIVE for
                                                                                                   Short play (The Three Wishes)
and         information                                                         the future)                                         predictions
                                            Following the sequence of events                       Setting out dialogue
            Eliciting and expressing        Interpreting explicit information                      Characters
            personal opinions and           Evaluating                                             Division into scenes
            supporting details

2          Giving and evaluating            Factual reports (mysteries)         *Internet          Email reservation                Sentence modifiers            Fantasy characters/
           explanations                     Web page (ghost tour)               research           Invitation card                  perhaps/maybe                 creatures
Believe it                                                                      (mysteries)
           Identifying and evaluating       Multi-path story (mysteries)                           ΗNarrative (visit to a haunted   Determiners all of, most
or not!    specific information in a                                                                                                of, a few of, none of
                                            Classifying, evaluating                                house)
           dialogue                                                                                                                 Imperatives for
                                            Information transfer to a table                        Mystery story
                                            Interpreting explicit information                      Selecting suitable information
                                                                                                                                    Simple past tense:
                                                                                                   Invitation format
                                                                                                                                    irregular verbs (revision)
                                                                                                   Story features (characters,
                                                                                                   setting, etc)
                                                                                                   Planning content, peer editing

3           Eliciting and providing         Email                               *Internet          ΗNarrative (story extension)     Present simple and            Natural features:
            information with WH-            Science fiction (War of the Worlds) research (solar    Email reply                      present continuous            space
Alien       questions                                                           system)                                             tenses (revision)
                                            Joke                                                   Planning (generating content;                                  Science fiction
calling!    Listening for specific                                                                                                  may for possibility
                                            Predicting from title/illustrations                    sequencing of main ideas)                                      Computers
            information                                                                                                             Comparatives, modified
                                            Identifying and collating explicit                     Drafting from a plan
                                            information                                                                             with much/a little
                                            Inferring from explicit
                                            Inferring vocabulary from context
                                            Interpreting and evaluating
                                                                              SKILL OR LANGUAGE FOCUS
TOPIC            Listening and                        Reading                   Reference               Writing                       Grammatical           Vocabulary sets
                   speaking                       texts and skills                skills            genres and skills                  structures           Word formation

SECTION B       Lifestyles
4        Carrying out a survey (food        Interview (healthy eating)         Dictionary use   Recipe                           Determiners: a little, a   Food: categories,
         preferences)                       Advertisements (restaurants)       (headwords and   Describing a process (baking a   lot of, plenty of, too     specific items,
Fabulous                                                                       derived words)                                    much, (not) enough,        adjectives, cooking
         Making notes from a                Dialogue (working as a chef)                        cake)
food     telephone conversation                                                                                                  more, less                 Suffixes: –y, -ness,
                                            Personal narrative (famine)                         ΗConversation (story
         Making a reservation by                                                                extension)                       Adverbs of degree: very,   -less, -er, -tion
                                            Identifying and interpreting
         telephone                                                                              Paragraphing                     really, quite, too
                                            explicit information
         Ordering food/recording                                                                Use of sequencing adverbs
                                            Understanding narrative
         orders in a restaurant
                                            Applying information to a given
                                            Evaluating/expressing opinions

5          Asking about and describing      Biography (Terry Fox)                               Guided summary (Terry Fox)       Frequency expressions:     Health: diseases,
           symptoms                         Predicting from illustrations                       Identifying relevant             once/twice/three times     body parts,
Staying                                                                                                                          a (week); every (week)     treatment, personnel
           Identifying and interpreting     Identifying and inferring from                      information
healthy    information in a dialogue                                                                                             used to + INFINITIVE       Prefix: -un
                                            explicit information                                Narrative based on picture
           (health check/family             Relating text to a map                              sequence (road accident)         to + INFINITIVE to
           discussion)                                                                          Expanding basic ideas with       express purpose
           Pair discussion (list of first                                                       details
           aid items)

6          Discussion (teenage              Personal diary                                      School report                    Time conjunctions:         Teenage slang
           activities)                      School report                                       Letter to an agony aunt          before, when, after        Text message jargon
           Role play: parent/child          Dialogue (Parents’ Day)                             Choosing and developing          if in Type 1 conditional
pains      (holiday timetable)                                                                                                   sentences
                                            Magazine headlines                                  relevant information.
                                            Agony aunt advice                                   Paragraph topics
                                            Predicting from headings                            Letter format
                                            Identifying topics from details                     Editing
                                            Interpreting scores and grades
                                            Inferring and deducing from
                                            explicit information
                                            Application to own experience
                                                                             SKILL OR LANGUAGE FOCUS
TOPIC Listening and speaking                         Reading                      Reference               Writing                        Grammatical            Vocabulary sets
                                                 texts and skills                   skills            genres and skills                   structures            Word formation

SECTION C       Travel and Exploration
7          Completing a checklist and     Advertisements (used cars)                              A ‘small ad’ for a car             Superlatives: long and     Travel: means of
           making a decision based on     Driving licence application form                        *Instructions (car maintenance)    short adjectives           transport, locations,
Wheels     information in a dialogue                                                                                                                            occupations, verbs,
                                          Road signs                                              Inserting relevant and accurate    Expressing time using
and        Game: Race to Brunei                                                                                                      the 24-hour clock          car parts
                                          Highway code extracts                                   information on a form
wings                                                                                             Choosing relevant information      Present continuous tense
                                          Personal narrative (flight
                                          attendant)                                              Being concise                      for future arrangements
                                          Identifying and collating                               Using imperatives with
                                          information                                             conditional clauses
                                          Inferring and evaluating
                                          Application of information to a
                                          given situation

8          Identifying specific           Tabulated information (nomads)                          Guided summary (nomads)            Past continuous tense      Categories of
           information from a dialogue    Story (animal instinct)                                 Identifying and excluding          Clauses with although      travellers
           Preparing and conducting an    Matching information to table                           examples                                                      Adjectives for
on         interview with an expatriate                                                                                                                         feelings
                                          headings                                                *Description based on an
                                          Identifying and inferring from                          interview                                                     Movement verbs
                                          explicit information                                    Narrative based on a picture
                                          Collating information                                   sequence (refugees)
                                          Transferring information to a                           Layout and punctuation of
                                          map                                                     direct speech (single sentences)
                                                                                                  Incorporating direct speech
                                                                                                  into a narrative

9          Sharing information about a    Maps (Amazon)                          Using an         Journal entries based on a         Sentence connectors: in    Space travel
           topic (exploration)            Personal narrative/diary (Benedict     encyclopaedia:   picture series (The Lost World)    addition, besides,
Into the                                                                         locating                                            moreover, also, too
           Identifying and interpreting   Allen)                                                  Planning content
unknown    information in a dialogue                                             information                                         Combination of past
                                          Identifying, collating, interpreting                    Journal format
           (moon landing)                 and evaluating explicit                *Guided note                                        simple and past
                                                                                                  Editing and publishing
                                          information                            making                                              continuous tenses
                                          Interpreting graphic information                                                           Use of the with
                                                                                                                                     geographical names
                                                                               SKILL OR LANGUAGE FOCUS
 TOPIC           Listening and                        Reading                    Reference               Writing                        Grammatical             Vocabulary sets
                   speaking                       texts and skills                 skills            genres and skills                   structures             Word formation

SECTION D       The World of Books
10          Evaluating factual             Poem (Tigress)                                        *Description of a scene            Present perfect tense       Adjectives, nouns
            statements                     Short story (Fatima and the tiger)                    Report (tiger conservation)        (positive forms)            and verbs relating to
The tiger                                                                                                                                                       the different senses
                                           Identifying main events                               Using the different senses
                                           Predicting from previous text                         Planning: paragraph topics
                                           Identifying attitudes and opinions                    Using connectors for similar
                                           Interpreting similes and other                        points and examples

11          Identifying the sequence of    Play (Marif)                                          *Play scene (alternative ending)   Present perfect tense       Plays/drama
            events and the speakers in a   Description (character in a play)                     Description (character from        (negative)                  performance
Sons and    story (Nakhoda Manis)          Identifying and inferring from                        play)                              Relative pronoun who        Character adjectives
mothers     Oral reading: using sentence                                                                                            and relative clauses
                                           explicit information                                  Expanding main ideas with
            stress and body language                                                             examples and details               introduced by who
                                           Understanding and evaluating
            Reading/acting a scene from    characters and actions
            a play                         Identifying main ideas and

12          *Describing a favourite        Description (a favourite             Using an index   Guided summary                     Relative pronouns           More adjectives for
            possession                     possession)                          (revision)       Choosing relevant information      which/that; relative        feelings
Telling                                                                                                                             clauses introduced by
            Exchanging information (an     Extract from an autobiography                         Removing details
our own     unpleasant memory)             (Roald Dahl)                                                                             which/that
                                                                                                 *Description (a favourite
stories     Describing an unpleasant       Biodata (Pele)                                        possession)                        Present perfect tense
            experience                                                                                                              (questions, including use
                                           Identifying explicit and implied                      Mini-autobiography                 of ever)
            Identifying explicit           information                                           Using multiple formats
            information in an interview                                                                                             *Contrast of past simple
                                           Identifying points of view                                                               and present perfect
                                           Story setting and structure
                                           Identifying logical sequence
                                                                                SKILL OR LANGUAGE FOCUS
                   Listening and                      Reading                     Reference                 Writing                       Grammatical         Vocabulary sets
                     speaking                     texts and skills                  skills              genres and skills                  structures         Word formation

SECTION E        When Things Go Wrong

13            Making suggestions about a    Modern fable (Warm Fuzzies and                          *Dialogue (getting into trouble   Reflexive pronouns      Animal similes
              picture                       Cold Pricklies)                                         at home)                          Present passive tense
              Describing a bad day          Instructions (making a fuzzy,                           Narrative (a day when things
Tuesday                                     doing a magic trick)                                    went wrong)
              Evaluating behaviour in a
              dialogue                      Story (bad day at school)                               Punctuation of direct speech
              Role play: making polite      Identifying explicit information                        (utterances with two sentences)
              complaints about a service    Evaluating and predicting                               Story structure
              or product                    Application to own experience
                                            Following instructions (text and

14            Identifying specific facts    Multi-format information: poster,    Internet           News report (Titanic survivor)    Past passive tense      Travelling by sea
              and figures in an interview   brochure, tickets, news report,      research (the      Developing a draft from notes     with/without an agent   Parts of a ship
Practically                                 map (background to the Titanic)      Titanic)
              Identifying specific                                                                  Presentation in newspaper         Connector however       Crew of a ship
unsink-       information in a dialogue     Narrative (voyage of the Titanic)                       format                                                    Morse code
able          Collating information and     Identifying explicit and implied
              negotiating a decision        information
                                            Making deductions
                                            Collating, sequencing and
                                            interpreting information

15            Group discussion: thinking    Quiz (response to fear)              Library/internet   Guided summary (Muhammad          Tense revision:         Symptoms of fear
              of examples, making           Multi-format information: birth      research           Ali)                               - present perfect      Boxing
Courage       suggestions (feeling                                               (African-
                                            certificate, newspaper reports,                         Identifying relevant points        - past simple
              frightened)                   captions, medical notes,             Americans)
                                                                                                    Excluding direct speech            - past continuous
              Reading/acting a short play   quotations, narrative (Muhammad                         *Short play (response to fear)     - past passive
                                            Identifying explicit and implied                                                          Comparatives with
                                            information                                                                               quantity expressions
                                            Transferring information to a
                                            Predicting, classifying and

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