Teacher Certification Career Technical Education by env73157


									Teacher Certification
Career & Technical Education
Michigan Teaching Certificate
   Major in Industrial Education & Minor
   Michigan Provisional Certificate
       Initial teaching certificate
   Michigan Professional Certificate
       Advanced teaching certificate
           3 years teaching experience
           18 credits
Vocational Certificate
   Interim Occupational Certificate
       (Initial License)

   Occupational Education Certificate
       (Advanced License)

       Both are valid for teaching in a state-approved
        career and technical education program (CTE).

   Provisional (Industrial Technology & Minor)
    & Interim Occupational (Welding)
       Initial Certification

   Professional & Occupational Education
       Advanced Certification
Interim Occupational Certificate
(Initial License)
   Requirements:

       Bachelor’s Degree
       Major (Ind. Tech.) or minor in an occupational
       Two years (4,000 hours) of recent (past 6 years)
        and relevant work experience in an occupational
Work Experience
   Recent & Relevant

   Must be completed within the six years
    immediately preceding application for the
    vocational certification.
   Must be acquired in the specific occupation
    for which certification is sought.
   Full-time & part-time work allowable
Work Experience Cont.

   Wage earning
   Family operated business
   Self-employment
Relevant Work Experience
   All employment experience must be
       Applicants must provide a notarized affidavit
        affirming work experience.

              Signed by applicant & employer(s)
              (Applicant retains W-2s, tax returns, job descriptions, letter
               of verification)
Relevant Work Experience, Cont.
   Self-Employment
       Business records, tax returns, notarized
        statements from clients or suppliers
   Family Operated Business
       Applicant’s W-2, tax returns, job/position
       Business’s records, tax returns
Work Experience Alternatives
   Supervised Work Experience (Internship)
       Course credit
       Outside of major/minor credits
       Full-time work experience in occupational
        specialty supervised by NMU
       Provide quality & relevant work experience
       1:2 ratio of hours worked toward the work
        experience requirement
Work Experience Alternatives, Cont.

   Student Teaching
       1,000 hrs. in a state approved career & technical
        education program

   Occupational Assessment
       Substitute for up to 1,000 hours of work experience
           Example: MOCAC test (Michigan Occupational Competency
            Assessment Center)
Work Experience Alternatives, Cont.

   Candidates choosing to use the alternative
    methods of establishing work experience must
    complete a minimum of 2,000 hours of actual
    hr. for hr. work experience in the specific
    occupational area.
Interim Occupational Certificate

   Application
       Documentation of 4,000 hours of work to Mr.
       Mr. Turino files recommendation to the NMU
        Registrar’s Office
       Michigan Department of Education sends the
Renewal of Interim Occupational

   Completion of 9 professional education
       4 yr. teacher preparation institution

   Renewal validity – 3 years
Occupational Education Certificate

   Requirements:
       Three years of successful teaching experience
       Completion of 18 semester hours of professional
        education credit at a teacher preparation institution
           10 of the 18 credits must be vocationally related
           All 18 credits & teaching completed after issuance of Temporary
            Vocational Authorization
       MAE or PHd
           No vocational credits required
Occupational Education Certificate
(Advanced) Cont.

   How to Apply
       Apply directly to the Michigan teacher
        preparation institution where the 18-hr. planned
        program was completed.
Occupational Education Certificate
   Renewal is valid for five years
       Requires completion of 6 semester hours of credit
       18 State Board Continuing Education Units (SB-
        CEUs)      OR
       Combination of semester hour credits and SB-
           (3 SB-CEUs equal 1 semester hour)
Occupational Education
Certificate Renewal Cont.

   Semester credits or SB-CEUS
       Completed within the five-year period preceding
        the date of application
       Completed after the date of issuance of the
        previous certificate
Contact Information

   Nancy E. Carter
   Certification Counselor
   179C Whitman Hall
   227-1625
   ncarter@nmu.edu

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