SCV Career Technical Education Consortium Meeting Minutes Hart by env73157


									                  SCV Career Technical Education Consortium
                                  Meeting Minutes
                Hart District Office, Sequoia Charter School - MPR
                              Tuesday May 19th, 2009

Attendees: Edel Alonso (COC), Jeff Aronsky (LMJHS), Patrick Backes (COC), Doris
Barela-Fossen (SVJHS), Jim Briece (WSH), Jan Burns (WSH), Sue Dielientheis
(ASJHS), William Dinsenbacher (Comm. Rep), Adriana Estrada (SCVSBA), Thomas
Flores (SVJHS), Sal Frias (GVHS), Pete Getz (CHS), Sandra Geyer (BHS), Audrey
Green (COC), Diane Hamburger (SHS), Brad Hampton (PJHS), Lee Hilliard (COC),
Jonathan Horton (LDI), Dave LeBarron (WSH), Renee Marshall (COC), Dorothy
Minarsch (COC), Mike Nugent (BHS), Paul Priesz (VHS), Jeff Rogers (WRHS), Ron
Rudzinski (WSH), Jan Weber (WSH)

Schools not Represented: Academy of the Canyons, Golden Oak Adult School, Hart
High School, Learning Post, Rancho Pico Junior High School, Rio Norte Junior High
School, and Sequoia Charter School.

       I.     Welcome/Introductions:
              Minutes from the April 21st, 2009 meeting were passed out for review
              along with an agenda for the meeting.

       II.    Review/Approval of Minutes from April 21st, 2009 Meeting:
              Revisions were made to the minutes from April 21st, 2009. Motion for
              approval from William Dinsenbacher; second from Pete Getz, approved

       III.   Approval of Amendments to Original CTE Equipment Grant Request:
              Ron Rudzinski handed out a sheet summarizing the changes to the CTE
              supplies and equipment grant from February 1st, 2009 – March 31st, 2009.
              Motion to accept the changes made to the original CTE supplies and
              equipment grant from Paul Priesz, second from Jan Burns, approved.

       IV.    CTE Course Approval
              Pete Getz updated the group on the career exploration courses that he and
              Doris Fossen have created. The career exploration courses will consist of
              two courses, one at the high school level and one at the junior high school
              level. Doris explained that the junior high level course would start with
              the basics of career exploration and then move to the next level during the
              high school course to go deeper into it with more hands on activities
              similar to the Faculty & Counselor in Industry programs. Doris and Pete
              see these courses getting started at Sierra Vista Junior High and Canyon
              High then moving it on to other schools throughout the district. Motion to
              accept the career exploration courses as career technical education courses
              from Mike Nugent, second from Jeff Rogers, approved.
V.     New Committee
       This item was skipped as Rita Thomas was unable to attend today’s
       meeting due to a parent meeting at her school site.

VI.    CTE Newsletter Distribution
       The group discussed many ways of distributing the first edition (Spring
       2009) of the CTE Newsletter. It was decided that emailing everyone in
       the Hart District with the newsletter attached would be the first step so
       everyone could receive it before the end of the school year. Other
       suggestion for future distribution of the newsletter included: insert in The
       Signal Newspaper, email to local businesses through the SCV School and
       Business Alliance, email to parents, COC email to all college faculty, and
       hand out at back to school nights.

VII.   Faculty in Industry Site Reports
       A report was given from each CTE school site representative on how their
       “pitch” of the Faculty in Industry program went at their respective
       campuses. Everyone reported that the idea of the program was well
       received and there is a lot of interest from faculty members to participate.
       Completed applications have already been received at most of the school

VIII. SCV College and Career Day – Saturday October 3rd, 2009
      Audrey Green briefed the group on SCV College and Career Day which is
      scheduled to take place on Saturday October 3rd, 2009 at College of the
      Canyons. This event is being expanded from SCV College Day to include
      career presentations. The group brainstormed and gave ideas on what
      should be included during CTE workshops for students and parents during
      SCV College and Career Day. A few of the ideas and goals included:
      parents leaving with options other than a 4-year university for their
      children, presenting information on general fields as a whole, and using
      college as an avenue; not as the ultimate goal.

IX.    Semester Wrap-Up and Goals
       Everyone felt that the CTEC had a very productive year. We have
       leveraged funds from three different grants, completed two career
       pathways, and have hosted a lot of great events such as Career Technical
       Education Awareness Day, Counselors in Industry, Faculty in Industry,
       College Making it Happen, and Discovering Careers.
X.     CTEC Meeting in August
       The group decided that the CTEC should meet in August to get a head
       start on our plans for 2009-2010 instead of waiting until September for our
       first meeting. The group decided to meet on August 25th, place to be

XI.    Closing Discussion/Other Business

XII.   Next Meeting
       August 25th, 2009. Location to be announced.

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