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									                 Discover 101 Ebay Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Profits

                            Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Ebay

EBay has opened up a whole new world in terms of monetary gain and the elimination of
household clutter. Time was that if you found that your house was simply getting too crowded,
the day when the attic door just refused to open over your head or the garage was just too
stuffed to fit your vehicle, you had no choice but to make a trip to the dump or await the
summer garage sale season in order to get rid of some of the clutter.

The advent of eBay changed all of that, however. Now you can eliminate the clutter around
your house without the waste involved in a trip to the dump or the iffy prospects of selling at a
garage sale. All you need is an Internet connection and your junk could turn into someone
else’s treasure.

EBay works on the old adage that if the customer base is big enough, a seller will always be
able to sell any item, no matter how obscure. This has certainly proved true so far in the short
history of eBay, where three million auctions close every single day, in every area conceivable.
You might find it hard to believe, but the auction environment is such that that pile of old
National Geographic magazines that you have might fetch close to their original value or even
higher on the site. There are so many opportunities that some people have made a business
out of becoming eBay Power Selling professionals, with some stores netting $1,000 a day!

In order to make eBay work for you, you have to use the right approach both in your marketing
and in avoiding common eBay pitfalls. One great way to ensure sales is to purchase or borrow
a digital camera to take pictures of your goods- items that have accompanying pictures are
much more likely to sell, and at a higher price, than are ones that are placed without a visual
aid. Buyers can see what the product is like, including the condition it is in, and thus the
chance they are taking is much lower.

In terms of pitfalls, most of the deals that go bad on eBay are avoidable if you have a good
heads up. The first issue, of course, is one of non-payment. If you have sold an item on eBay
to a buyer who just refuses to pay, a simple task can become an arduous exercise in
collections, and might even end up costing you money. In order to avoid a non-payment
scenario, it is crucial to set up a payment option before you ship the goods. If the buyer
refuses to pay you, all you have to do is relist the item and start another auction.

Other eBay pitfalls mostly revolve around bad payments. Bad checks, credit card fraud,
international fraud, and credit card charge backs are all part of the Internet selling process. All
of these situations can now be avoided, however, by requesting payment through the eBay
developed Pay Pal. Pay Pal is a great way to receive money from the sale of goods
immediately, and also incorporates a dispute resolution system in the event that the buyer or
seller is unhappy with the outcome of the sale.

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                Discover 101 Ebay Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Profits

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