CHRONO AXIS by maclaren1


									                                         CHRONO AXIS
                  Chrono Trigger - The Potential for Change…
                         Chrono Cross - The Point Where Destinies Cross…
                                   Chrono Axis - The One Around Whom Time Spins…


Crono             Lightning/Yellow           Samurai Sword               1004 AD - Truce, Guardia
The fiery-haired hero who led the original party against Lavos, ultimately preventing the destruction of the
world in 1999 AD. When time itself begins to splinter and break apart, revealing to Crono that he and his
future wife Marle will meet an unfortunate end in their near future, he decides to see what he can do to fix
the complex paradox that has enwrapped the world and prevent his own death in years to come.
                  Tech              Exp Level         Effect
         Slash                      1                 Attack a line
         Cyclone                    5                 Attack a circle
         Confuse                    15                Attack one foe multiple times (more times w/Level)
         Yellow Field               30                Force Field Effect to all yellow
                  Spell             Star Level        Effect
         Lightning                  8 / 22            Lightning magic (single); may cause ‗stun‘
         Lightning 2                20 / 40           Lightning magic (all)
         Life                       29                Restore ally from unconscious with 50% HP
         Luminaire           Letter from future / 70 Ultimate lightning attack (all)
                  Element Grid      Exp Level
         Level 1 Grid               1                 Equip an Element in Grid 1
         Level 2 Grid               10                Equip an Element in Grid 2
         Level 3 Grid               22                Equip an Element in Grid 3
         Level 4 Grid               40                Equip an Element in Grid 4

Lucca               Fire/Red                    Laser Gun                   1004 AD - Truce, Guardia
A conceited but brilliant scientist with more of a heart than most people give her credit for. In the old
timeline, Lucca and Belthasar arranged for Serge to defeat the Time Devourer and free Schala from her
fate, and though Lucca‘s plan was successful, the murderous Lynx traveled back in time to make sure she
didn‘t live to see the fruits of her work. After Serge‘s victory, however, this event never took place, and
Lucca is alive and well in the present. She is concerned both for the safety of her companions, her own life,
and what effect their living might have on the space-time continuum.
                    Tech               Exp Level         Effect
          Pineapple                    1                 Attack a circle
          Protect                      3                 Increase one ally‘s physical defense
          Anti-Blue                    12                Attempt to seal target‘s Water/Ice/Blue abilities
          Red Field                    30                Force Field Effect to all red
                    Spell              Star Level        Effect
          Fire                         8 / 22            Fire magic (single); may cause ‗burns‘
          Fire 2                       20 / 40           Fire magic (all)
          Flare                    Proto Dome / 85       Ultimate fire attack (all)
                    Element Grid       Exp Level
          Level 1 Grid                 1                 Equip an Element in Grid 1
          Level 2 Grid                 8                 Equip an Element in Grid 2
          Level 3 Grid                 19                Equip an Element in Grid 3
          Level 4 Grid                 36                Equip an Element in Grid 4

Marle             Ice/Blue                   Bow                          1004 AD - Guardia Castle
Although she prefers to be called Marle by her close friends, she is truly Princess Nadia, heir to the throne
of Guardia. The recent militaristic expansion of Porre has endangered her kingdom, and on top of that, the
revelation that she and her future husband Crono will die violently because of it hits her hard. Despite
Lucca‘s warnings, she joins Crono in his quest to prevent their death and protect time‘s flow.
                   Tech              Exp Level        Effect
         Aura                        1                Heal one ally
         Barrier                     6                Increase one ally‘s magical defense
         Anti-Red                    14               Attempt to seal target‘s Fire/Red abilities
         Awaken                      22               Restore all from unconscious with 25% HP
                   Spell             Star Level       Effect
         Ice                         8 / 22           Ice magic (single); may cause ‗frozen‘
         Cure                        16 / 25          Heal all allies
         Ice 2                       22 / 40 / 65     Ice magic (all)
         Full Life                   28               Restore ally from unconscious with full HP
                   Element Grid      Exp Level
         Level 1 Grid                1                Equip an Element in Grid 1
         Level 2 Grid                12               Equip an Element in Grid 2
         Level 3 Grid                25               Equp an Element in Grid 3
         Level 4 Grid                45               Equip an Element in Grid 4

Schala “Kid” Zeal          Fire/Red; Shadow/Black Dagger                           1020 AD - Porre Empire
Kid, as she usually goes by, is both an orphan raised by Lucca and Schala Zeal, lost princess of the ancient
kingdom of Zeal, all at once. After the destruction of the Time Devourer, Schala and her ―daughter-clone‖
merged, and Kid has lived on, searching endlessly for Serge. She lives as a thief in the gang known as the
Radical Dreamers, constantly harrassing the hated Porre army and just scraping by as she longs to leave
Zenan to continue her search for her lost companion.

(Note: Later in the story, Kid at last comes to grips with who she really is and assumes the name Schala
from then on. With her memories and powers as Schala finally unlocked, she has not only the Magic and
Innate Element as the daughter-clone Kid, but also her Magic powers and Innate Element as her true self.
Thus, once she accepts herself, Schala actually has both Fire AND Shadow Magic, and is an otherwise
unheard of natural double-Innate character.)
                   Fire/Red List (available from beginning)
                   Tech                Exp Level        Effect
         Pilfer                        1                Attempt to steal an item
         Red Pin                       8                Attack a line
         Demolish                      20               Attempt to reduce foe‘s HP to critical status
                   Spell               Star Level       Effect
         Haste                         8                Increase one ally‘s speed in battle
         Magmaburst                    13 / 25          Fire magic (circle); may cause ‗confused‘
         Volcano                       32 / 45          Fire magic (all)
                   Shadow/Black List (available after events in 11500 BC)
                   Tech                Exp Level        Effect
         Dispel                        20               Dispel target‘s status effects
                   Spell               Star Level       Effect
         Mist Wall                     28               Raise evade rates of all party members
         Void                          30 / 45          Shadow magic (single); may cause ‗blind‘
         Black Wind              Zealot priests / 90    Ultimate Shadow attack (all)
                   Element Grid        Exp Level
         Level 1 Grid                  1                Equip an Element in Grid 1
         Level 2 Grid                  8                Equip an Element in Grid 2
         Level 3 Grid                  19               Equip an Element in Grid 3
         Level 4 Grid                  36               Equip an Element in Grid 4

Serge              Light/White                Swallow                   1020 AD - Arni, El Nido
Despite Schala‘s attempts at erasing Serge‘s memories after the defeat of the Time Devourer, the second
Chrono Trigger still remembers bits and pieces of the adventure that never happened. He grows
increasingly restless and begins exploring the lands around Arni Village endlessly, much to his girlfriend
Leena‘s disapproval. Of course, that‘s nothing compared to Serge‘s insistence that ―she‖ waits for him
somewhere out there across the sea, a matter that has caused some thinning of their relationship in the last
few weeks. Serge is helpless to resist the feeling that he has forgotten something important or left
something crucial undone, but he can‘t for the life of him say what.
                 Tech                Exp Level           Effect
        Glide                        1                   Attack a line
        Anti-Black                   9                   Attempt to seal target‘s Shadow/Black abilities
        Rush                         15                  Attack a circle
        White Field                  30                  Force Field Effect to all white
        Flying Arrow            Acquire Mastermune Perform several randomly-targeted attacks
                 Spell               Star Level          Effect
        Photon                       8 / 22              Light magic (single); may cause ‗exhaustion‘
        Photon 2                     20 / 40             Light magic (all)
        Recover                      31                  Restore HP to all allies
        Frozen Fire           After Terra Tower / 75 Ultimate light magic attack (all)
                 Element Grid        Exp Level
        Level 1 Grid                 1                   Equip an Element in Grid 1
        Level 2 Grid                 10                  Equip an Element in Grid 2
        Level 3 Grid                 22                  Equip an Element in Grid 3
        Level 4 Grid                 40                  Equip an Element in Grid 4

Glenn              Plant/Green                  Broadsword                   1020 AD - Termina, El Nido
A knight from Termina, Glenn has been haunted by strange dreams of another life as of late, and that isn‘t
the worst of it. Rumors have begun circulating that his brother‘s death was the result of foul play, and it
seems that General Viper and the Dragoons may be hiding something terrible. Driven to action by his thirst
for the truth, Glenn is willing to betray even his liege if it means uncovering a story besides the one he has
been told for years. He initially joins the party at Viper‘s request while Kid is searching for the Frozen
Flame, and decides to stick with them afterward upon learning of the danger to time itself.
                   Tech                Exp Level          Effect
          Slice                        1                  Attack a horizontal row
          Antidote                     10                 Restore poison, blind, lock, exhaustion, confused
          Threaten                Read Garai‘s Note Lower target‘s physical defense
          Empower                 Talk to Garai           Increase target‘s physical strength
          Green Field                  30                 Force Field Effect to all green
          Sonic Sword             Need Einlanzer          Physical attack that hits all foes
                   Spell               Star Level         Effect
          Growth                       18 / 24            Plant magic (single); may cause ‗poison‘
          Growth 2                     26 / 42            Plant magic (all)
                   Element Grid        Exp Level
          Level 1 Grid                 1                  Equip an Element in Grid 1
          Level 2 Grid                 8                  Equip an Element in Grid 2
          Level 3 Grid                 19                 Equip an Element in Grid 3
          Level 4 Grid                 36                 Equip an Element in Grid 4

Leena             Water/Blue                 Utensil                      1020 AD - Arni, El Nido
The past few weeks have been torture for Leena. First off, her boyfriend Serge passes out mysteriously on
Opassa Beach, then wakes up with this crazy story about a Dragon God, FATE, Terra Tower and a whole
bunch of other nonsense. Then he begins striking out around the island, dragging her to all kinds of weird
places, and he keeps saying that he‘s looking for ―her‖ and that ―she‖ is waiting for him across the sea. All
Leena wants is to settle down with Serge and start a family, but she refuses to put up with his ridiculous
behavior for much longer. And if there‘s one thing Leena excells at, it‘s laying down the law with Serge!
                  Tech              Exp Level          Effect
         Prayer                     1/Talk to Mom Randomly restores HP/MP to allies
         Maiden Heart               9                  Restore use of Elements (self only)
         Blue Field                 25                 Force Field Effect to all blue
         Maiden Prayer              35                 Revive target if knocked unconscious
                    Spell            Star Level        Effect
          Water                      8 / 19            Water magic (single); may cause ‗flu‘
          Life                       14                Restore ally from unconscious
          Cure 2                     20                Completely restore one ally‘s HP
          Water 2                    25 / 40 / 65      Water magic (all)
                  Element Grid       Exp Level
          Level 1 Grid               1                 Equip an Element in Grid 1
          Level 2 Grid               12                Equip an Element in Grid 2
          Level 3 Grid               25                Equp an Element in Grid 3
          Level 4 Grid               45                Equip an Element in Grid 4

Mitan              Wind/Green                  Quarterstaff               100 BC – Fort Guar
A rogue explorer who has other ideas about what it takes to learn about the world than his contemporaries.
Mitan dreams of constructing a ship to sail the seas and someday map the entire world. He‘s always
running into trouble with his rival, Peor, who takes a more traditional approach to exploring. Mitan isn‘t
one to join a cause most of the time, but the chance to explore other lands and times is more than enough to
tempt him into helping the party out.
                   Tech               Exp Level        Effect
         Pole Vault                   1                Critical strike against target
         Discover                     5                View target‘s vital statistics
         Faithless                    12               Damage determined by target‘s magic power
         Anti-Yellow                  16               Attempt to seal target‘s Earth/Ltng/Yellow abilities
         Profiteer                    Talk to Fargo    Damage depends upon party‘s current G (single)
                   Spell              Star Level       Effect
         Aero                         15 / 24          Wind magic (single); may cause ‗afraid‘
         Aero 2                       22 / 42          Wind magic (all)
         South Winds                  Fort Guar / 70   Ultimate wind attack (all)
                   Element Grid       Exp Level
         Level 1 Grid                 1                Equip an Element in Grid 1
         Level 2 Grid                 10               Equip an Element in Grid 2
         Level 3 Grid                 22               Equip an Element in Grid 3
         Level 4 Grid                 40               Equip an Element in Grid 4

Norris               Earth/Yellow              Cartridge Gun                1020 AD - Porre Empire
A well-mannered officer in the Porre military who is sent to El Nido as a spy to discover whether or not the
islands hold such fabled treasures as stories tell, and how difficult it would be for Porre to invade and claim
those treasures as its own. His odd experiences with deja vu during his mission cause him to question
reality itself, and soon he encounters an unlikely group that diverts him from his original objectives
                     Tech            Exp Level           Effect
           Spiral Ray                1                   Attack a circle
           Heal                      7                   Restore afraid, petrify, frozen, burns, flu, stun
           Anti-Green                13                  Attempt to seal target‘s Wind/Plant/Green abilities
           Top Shot                  18                  Attack a foe multiple times (more times w/Level)
           Yellow Field              30                  Force Field Effect to all yellow
                     Spell           Star Level          Effect
           Earth                     8 / 22              Earth magic (single); may cause ‗petrify‘
           Earth 2                   20 / 40             Earth magic (all)
           Sandstorm              Tower of Trials / 80 Ultimate earth attack (all)
                     Element Grid    Exp Level
           Level 1 Grid              1                   Equip an Element in Grid 1
           Level 2 Grid              12                  Equip an Element in Grid 2
           Level 3 Grid              25                  Equp an Element in Grid 3
           Level 4 Grid              45                  Equip an Element in Grid 4

Atropos             None/White                Fist                        2402 AD – Proto Dome
Those familiar with Crono‘s first adventure may recognize Atropos simply as ―Robo‘s girlfriend,‖ but
there‘s more to Atropos than her famous fiance. Atropos recognizes the danger that Robo‘s friends are in
and, knowing that Robo himself is unable to travel with them as he‘d wish, she decides to tag along in his
stead. Being a robot, Atropos is unable to use magic, but she can still equip Elements and her techs leave
little to be desired.
                    Tech            Exp Level          Effect
           Phase Punch              1 / 46             Attack a circle
           Bio Beam                 1 / 50             Heal one ally‘s HP
           Strobe Dance             1 / 54             Attack all enemies; may cause ‗dizzy‘
           Open Fire                22 / 61            Attack a triangular area
           Bio Rhythm               28 / 69            Heal all allies‘ HP
           Repeating Fist           33                 Hit several times randomly (more times w/Level)
           Metal Tackle             38 / 75            Attack a line
           System Meltdown          43 / 90            Attack a single target for massive damage
                    Element Grid    Exp Level
           Level 1 Grid             1                  Equip an Element in Grid 1
           Level 2 Grid             10                 Equip an Element in Grid 2
           Level 3 Grid             22                 Equip an Element in Grid 3
           Level 4 Grid             40                 Equip an Element in Grid 4

Magus              Shadow/Black                 Scythe              Vagrant (originally circa 12000 BC)
A powerful and well-worn mage, Magus was once known as Janus Zeal, Schala‘s younger brother. After
aiding in the defeat of Lavos, Magus set out searching endlessly for Schala, a search that has taken him
across the ages and to parts of the planet unknown to all but himself. He is yet to find his long-lost sister,
however, and though his determination remains as strong as ever, his hope faded away long ago.
                   Tech               Exp Level        Effect
         Anti-White                   1                Attempt to seal target‘s Light/White abilities
         Black Field                  30               Force Field Effect to all black
                   Spell              Star Level       Effect
         Absolute                     0 / 20 / 52      Shadow magic (single); may auto-dispatch
         Fallen Star                  0 / 20 / 58      Shadow magic (line)
         Nightshade                   0 / 20           Lower evade rates of all enemies
         Final Mystic                 10 / 35 / 66     Attempt to absorb MP from a foe
         Emulate                      10 / 40 / 70     Hit target with opposite of its innate element
         Counter-Set                  24 / 50 / 85     Cause all allies to counter-attack when struck
         Dark Matter                  Madjir / 99      Ultimate shadow attack (all)
                   Element Grid       Exp Level
         Level 1 Grid                 1                Equip an Element in Grid 1
         Level 2 Grid                 8                Equip an Element in Grid 2
         Level 3 Grid                 19               Equip an Element in Grid 3
         Level 4 Grid                 36               Equip an Element in Grid 4

Elements Listed By Type and Level
        White Elements
Photon Ray       Light            Light magic (single)                              Grids 1-4
Magnify          N/A              Magic‘s power increases for allies & foes         Grids 1-3
Meteorite        Light            Light magic (circle)                              Grid 2
Revive           Light            Recover ally from unconscious                     Grids 2-3
*Holy Healing Light               Restore HP, status and KO of all allies           Grids 2-3
*Mag Negate      N/A              Temporarily nullify mag. attacks                  Grid 3
Holy Light       Light            Light magic (line)                                Grid 3
Meteor Shower Light               Light magic (circle)                              Grids 3-4
*UltraNova       Light            Light magic (all)                                 Grid 4
*Saints          Light            Light magic (all; req. white field), heal HP      Grid 4
(*Can be used by White innates and Atropos only.)
        Green Elements
Bushwacker       Plant            Plant magic (single)                           Grids 1-4
Aero Saucer      Wind             Wind magic (single)                            Grids 1-4
Bushbasher       Plant            Plant magic (circle)                           Grids 2-4
Aero Blaster     Wind             Wind magic (line)                              Grids 2-4
*Exhaustion      N/A              Temp. stops stamina regeneration (single)      Grid 3
*Heal All        N/A              Restore all status effects of all allies       Grids 3-4
Carnivore        Plant            Plant magic (all)                              Grids 3-4
Tornado          Wind             Wind magic (all)                               Grids 3-4
*Sonja           Plant            Plant magic (all; req. green field)            Grid 4
*Genie           Wind             Wind magic (all; req. green field)             Grid 4
(*Can be used by Green innates and Atropos only.)

          Red Elements
Fireball         Fire                 Fire magic (single)                        Grids 1-4
Ninety-Nine      N/A                  Temporarily raises accuracy to 99%         Grids 1-3
*Recharge        N/A                  Recharges another Element for reuse        Grids 2-3
Magma Bomb Fire                       Fire magic (line)                          Grids 2-4
Eruption         Fire                 Fire magic (circle)                        Grid 3
*Field Crash     N/A                  Temporarily freezes the field effect**     Grid 3
Fire Pillar      Fire                 Fire magic (single)                        Grids 3-4
Inferno          Fire                 Fire magic (all)                           Grids 3-4
*Red Wolf        Fire                 Fire magic (single; req. red field)        Grid 4
*Salamander      Fire                 Fire magic (all; req. red field)           Grid 4
(*Can be used by Red innates and Atropos only.)
(**Does not affect field effect until freeze is over.)

          Black Elements
Gravity Blow      Shadow          Shadow magic (single)                          Grids 1-4
*Seal All         N/A             Prevent use of Elements in battle              Grids 1-3
*Hell Soul        Shadow          Remove target from battle                      Grids 2-3
Revenge           N/A             Inflict current status of caster onto target   Grids 2-3
*Genius           N/A             Increase own magical power                     Grids 2-3
Gravitonne        Shadow          Shadow magic (line)                            Grids 2-4
Free Fall         Shadow          Shadow magic (single)                          Grids 2-4
*Diminish         N/A             Temporarily decrease magic‘s power             Grids 3-4
Black Hole        Shadow          Shadow magic (all)                             Grids 3-4
*Mother Ship      N/A             Non-elemental attack (all; req. black field)   Grid 4
*Grim Reaper      Shadow          Shadow magic (all; req. black field)           Grid 4
(*Can be used by Black innates and Atropos only.)

         Yellow Elements
Uplift           Earth            Earth magic (single)                           Grids 1-4
Electrojolt      Lightning        Lightning magic (single)                       Grids 1-4
*PhysNegate      N/A              Temporarily nullify phy. attacks               Grids 2-3
*Hi Res          N/A              Increase target‘s defense (until victory/KO)   Grids 2-3
Upheaval         Earth            Earth magic (single)                           Grids 2-4
Electrobolt      Lightning        Lightning magic (single)                       Grids 2-4
Earthquake       Earth            Earth magic (line)                             Grids 3-4
Thundrastorm     Lightning        Lightning magic (circle)                       Grids 3-4
*Golem           Earth            Earth magic (all; req. yellow field)           Grid 4
*Thundrasnake Lightning           Lightning magic (all; req. yellow field)       Grid 4
(*Can be used by Yellow innates and Atropos only.)

       Blue Elements
Aqua Beam      Water                 Water magic (single)                        Grids 1-4
Ice Lance        Ice              Ice magic (single)                           Grids 1-4
*Cura            N/A              Completely restore one ally‘s HP             Grids 2-4
*Esuna           N/A              Temporarily protect against status changes   Grids 2-3
Aqua Ball        Water            Water magic (circle)                         Grids 2-4
Ice Blast        Ice              Ice magic (line)                             Grids 2-4
*Cure All        N/A              Completely restore all allies‘ HP            Grids 3-4
Deluge           Water            Water magic (all)                            Grids 3-4
Iceberg          Ice              Ice magic (all)                              Grids 3-4
*Blue Whale      Water+Ice        Water and Ice magic (all; req. blue field)   Grid 4
*Vigora          N/A              Temp. prevents stamina from decreasing       Grid 4
(*Can be used by Blue innates and Atropos only.)

Elements – Where to Find Them
        Purchase Price Recharge Price      Sold 1020        Sold 2402          Other Locations
        White Elements
Photon Ray      1000          50           Termina (1)      Arris (9)          Serge starts with
Magnify         10000         500          Marbule (2)      Arris (1)          Sky D. Island, 1020
Meteorite       5000          250          Guldove (1)      Arris (9)          Hydra Marshes, 1004
Revive          30000         1500           N/A            Arris (1)          Fort Dragonia, 100 BC
Holy Healing    100000        5000           N/A             N/A               Defeat Sky Dragon
Mag Negate      60000         3000           N/A             N/A               Fort Dragonia, 1020
Holy Light      80000         4000           N/A            Arris (1)          Highway Ruins, 1020
Meteor Shower 100000          5000           N/A            Arris (1)          Defeat FATE
UltraNova       N/A           20000          N/A             N/A               Terra Tower, 1004
Saints          N/A           30000          N/A             N/A               Divine D. Falls, 100 BC

         Green Elements
Bushwacker      1000              50       Termina (1)      Foust (9)          Glenn starts with
Aero Saucer     1000              50       Termina (1)      Foust (9)          Viper Manor, 1020
Bushbasher      5000              250      Guldove (1)      Foust (9)          Shadow Forest, 1004
Aero Blaster    5000              250      Guldove (1)      Foust (9)          Lizard Rock, 1020
Exhaustion      30000             1500     Marbule (2)      Foust (1)          Defeat Green Dragon
Heal All        N/A               5000         N/A            N/A              Fort Dragonia, 1020
Carnivore       80000             4000         N/A          Foust (1)          Highway Ruins, 1020
Tornado         80000             4000         N/A          Foust (1)          Ruined Outpost, 1020
Sonja           N/A               20000        N/A             N/A             Divine D. Falls, 100 BC
Genie           N/A               20000        N/A             N/A             Divine D. Falls, 100 BC

          Red Elements
Fireball         1000             50       Termina (1)      Arris (9)          Kid starts with
Ninety-Nine      30000            1500     Marbule (2)      Arris (1)          Mt. Pyre, 1020
Recharge         100000           5000        N/A            N/A               Defeat Fire Dragon
Magma Bomb 5000                   250      Guldove (2)      Arris (9)          Mt. Pyre, 1020
Eruption         80000            4000        N/A           Arris (2)          Forbidden Island, 1004
Field Crash      60000            3000        N/A           Arris (1)          Fort Dragonia, 100 BC
Fire Pillar      100000           5000        N/A           Arris (1)          Bangor Dome, 2402
Inferno          N/A              20000       N/A             N/A              Terra Tower, 1004
Red Wolf         N/A              30000       N/A             N/A              Divine D. Falls, 100 BC
Salamander       N/A              30000       N/A             N/A              Divine D. Falls, 100 BC

         Black Elements
Gravity Blow     1000             50       Termina (1)      Foust (9)          Magus starts with
Seal All         100000           5000        N/A           Foust (1)          Defeat Black Dragon
Hell Soul        30000            1500     Marbule (1)      Foust (3)          Isle of the Damned, 1020
Revenge          60000            3000        N/A           Foust (1)          Defeat Squeezebot
Genius           60000            3000        N/A           Foust (1)          Defeat Tyranosore
Gravitonne       5000             250      Guldove (1)      Foust (9)         Isle of the Damned, 1020
Free Fall        10000            5000        N/A           Foust (9)         Highway Ruins, 1020
Diminish         60000            3000        N/A           Foust (2)         Fort Dragonia, 1020
Black Hole       N/A              20000       N/A             N/A             Terra Tower, 1004
Mother Ship      N/A              30000       N/A             N/A             Divine D. Falls, 100 BC
Grim Reaper      N/A              30000       N/A             N/A             Divine D. Falls, 100 BC

         Yellow Elements
Uplift           1000             50       Termina (1)      Proto (9)         Norris starts with
Electrojolt      1000             50       Termina (1)      Proto (9)         Viper Manor, 1020
PhysNegate       80000            4000        N/A             N/A             Fort Dragonia, 1020
Hi Res           60000            3000        N/A           Proto (1)         Defeat Earth Dragon
Upheaval         5000             250      Guldove (1)      Proto (9)         Sand Caverns, 1020
Electrobolt      5000             250      Guldove (1)      Proto (9)         Sand Caverns, 1020
Earthquake       80000            4000        N/A           Proto (1)         Highway Ruins, 1020
Thundrastorm     80000            4000        N/A           Proto (1)         Chronopolis, 1020
Golem            N/A              30000       N/A              N/A            Divine D. Falls, 100 BC
Thundrasnake     N/A              30000       N/A              N/A            Divine D. Falls, 100 BC

          Blue Elements
Aqua Beam         1000            50       Termina (1)      Proto (9)         Leena starts with
Ice Lance         1000            50       Termina (1)      Proto (9)         Shadow Forest, 1020
Cura              30000           1500     Marbule (1)      Proto (3)         Shadow Forest, 1004
Esuna             30000           1500     Marbule (2)      Proto (3)         Fort Dragonia, 100 BC
Aqua Ball         5000            250      Guldove (1)      Proto (9)         Waterfall Caves, 1020
Ice Blast         5000            250      Guldove (1)      Proto (9)         Waterfall Caves, 1020
Cure All          60000           3000         N/A          Proto (1)         Defeat Water Dragon
Deluge            80000           4000         N/A          Proto (1)         Ruined Outpost, 1020
Iceberg           80000           4000         N/A          Proto (1)         Chronopolis, 1020
Blue Whale        N/A             30000        N/A             N/A            Divine D. Falls, 100 BC
Vigora            N/A             5000         N/A             N/A            Marbule, 1020 (sidequest)

Note: With the exception of Summon Elements, any and all other Elements can be won as prizes at the
Coliseum in Proto Dome in 2402 AD.

          A Note on Summon Elements
To create Summon Elements, the party must bring special materials to the Dragonians at Divine Dragon
Falls in 100 BC. The party can only create one of each type of Summon Element—in other words, you can
only have one Golem, one Thundrasnake, one Blue Whale, etc. This even applies to New Game +
scenarios. If you already have one Golem when you beat the game, then start a NG+, that doesn‘t mean you
can create another Golem and have two in your inventory this time around. One copy of each Summon
Element, period.
          Summon Element            Necessary Materials
          Saints                    5 Shiny Salt, 2 Shiny Soot, 10 Rainbow Shell
          Sonja                     5 Shiny Leaf, 2 Shiny Sand, 50 Humour
          Genie                     5 Shiny Leaf, 2 Shiny Sand, 50 Feather
          Red Wolf                  5 Shiny Ember, 2 Shiny Dew, 50 Fur
          Salamander                5 Shiny Ember, 2 Shiny Dew, 50 Leather
          Mother Ship               3 Shiny Salt, 3 Shiny Soot, 3 Shiny Leaf, 3 Shiny Sand, 3 Shiny Dew
          Grim Reaper               5 Shiny Soot, 2 Shiny Salt, 10 Rainbow Shell
          Golem                     5 Shiny Sand, 2 Shiny Leaf, 50 Carapace
          Thundrasnake              5 Shiny Sand, 2 Shiny Leaf, 50 Fang
          Blue Whale                5 Shiny Dew, 2 Shiny Ember, 50 Scale

In Chrono Axis, characters have three kinds of abilities: Techs, Magic and Elements. Techs are learned
automatically as characters gain levels. Magic spells are learned only 1) if the characters have learned to
use Magic from Spekkio (only Serge, Leena, Kid, Mitan, Norris and Glenn need do this—Crono, Marle,
Lucca and Magus all learned to use Magic in their first adventure, and Atropos cannot use Magic) and 2) if
the party has gained a high enough Star Level for a character to learn a spell. Elements are special relics
that cannot be purchased outside El Nido in 1020 AD and around the world in 2402 AD (and even then in
very limited amounts), but can be found all over the world and in various eras. These Elements are
allocated to various locations on each character‘s set of grids. How many levels of grids a character
possesses is determined by his or her experience level.

Techs and Magic spells also have a secondary use—they tie into Double and Triple Techs as well.
Characters can combine their powers in combat for some pretty amazing results. Learning what skills will
be useful when is a big part of success in Chrono Axis.

(Note 1: Some magic spells have multiple Star Levels listed. The first Star Level is when the spell is
learned. At the second Star Level, the magic spell becomes more effective.)

(Note 2: Elements work quite differently than they did in Chrono Cross. An Element can only be used once
before it has to be recharged—and the only way to recharge an Element is to pay someone a hefty fee to do
so. Element Rechargers can generally be found in the towns of El Nido, though there are a few very
expensive {as in 1.5x the normal cost) Rechargers on the mainland. Also note that until an Element is
recharged, it cannot be removed/moved to another location from/on a character‘s set of grids, unless that
character leaves the party, in which case the Element is automatically recharged and placed back in the
party‘s inventory. Using powerful Elements can be a handy strategy in boss battles, but doing so can leave
a character unable to use or change Elements until the party makes some cash, so balance is key.)


#1       Eliminator        Cursed Mountain, 1020 AD                      Required
#2       Hydrax            Porre, 1020 AD                                Required
#3       Grendel           Seaship, 1020 AD                              Required
#4       Lagoonier         Cape Howl, 1020 AD                            Required
#5       Dodriller         Fossil Valley, 1020 AD                        Required
#6       Cassowaries       Shadow Forest, 1020 AD                        Required
#7       Lynx              Viper Manor, 1020 AD                          Required
#8       Vineater          Shadow Forest, 1020 AD                        Optional
#9       Beach Bumrush     Lizard‘s Rock, 1020 AD                        Optional
#10      Hi-Ho Dwarves     Hydra Marshes, 1004 AD                        Required
#11      Hydra             Hydra Marshes, 1004 AD                        Required
#12      Earth Dragon      Earth Dragon Island, 1020 AD                  Required
#13      Squeezbot         Water Dragon Isle, 1020 AD                    Optional
#14      Water Dragon      Water Dragon Isle, 1020 AD                    Required
#15      4 Slauthaurs      Excavation Site, 100 BC                       Required
#16      Fire Dragon       Mount Pyre, 1004 AD                           Required
#17      Tyranosore        Gaea‘s Navel, 1004 AD                         Optional
#18      Earth Dragon      Gaea‘s Navel, 1004 AD                         Required
#19      Black Dragon      Marbule, 1004 AD                              Required
#20      Sky Dragon        Sky Dragon Island, 1020 AD                    Required
#21      Landriver         Duskwood, 100 BC                              Required
#22      Granite Grunt     Undersea Tunnel, 100 BC                       Required
#23      Zorala            Amphian Gathering Spot, 100 BC                Required
#24      Deathgigan        Mysterious Isle, 1004 AD                      Optional
#25      Magus             Duskwood, 100 BC                              Optional <Leads to Bad Ending>
#26      Zealot Tank       West Cape, 11500 BC                           Required
#27      Neo Golem         Battle Creek, 11500 BC                        Required
#28      Mother Yuri       Palace of Zealots, 11500 BC                   Required
#29      Golem Twins      Palace of Zealots, 11500 BC                    Required
#30      Father Mikel     Palace of Zealots, 11500 BC                    Required
#31      Security Wall    Palace of Zealots, 11500 BC                    Required
#32      Demi-Assassin Palace of Zealots, 11500 BC                       Required
#33      Dario            Forbidden Island, 1020 AD                      Required
#34      FATE             Chronopolis, 1020 AD                           Required
#35      Forgotten Golem Southern Ruins, 11500 BC                        Required
#36      Old Nu           Southern Ruins, 11500 BC                       Optional
#37      Grobyc           Keeper‘s Dome, 2402 AD                         Required
#38      Grobyc           Bangor Dome, 2402 AD                           Required
#39      System Xabi m3 Bangor Dome, 2402 AD                             Required
#40      G. of Choice     Terra Tower, 1004 AD                           Required
#41      G. of Conseq.    Terra Tower, 1004 AD                           Required
#42      G. of Regret     Terra Tower, 1004 AD                           Required
#43      Omni Dragon      Terra Tower, 1004 AD                           Required
#44      Mikel & 2 TDs Zealot Chapel, 11500 BC                           Required
#45      Mecha Golem Bangor Dome, 11500 BC                               Required
#46      Giga Mutant      Bangor Dome, 11500 BC                          Required
#47      System Ixba      Bangor Dome, 11500 BC                          Required
#48      Firewall         Bangor Dome, 11500 BC                          Required
#49      M. Abomination Black Omen Ruins, 11500 BC                       Required
#49      Sacrifice Shadow Frozen Forest, 11500 BC                        Optional
#50      Dario            Viper Manor, 1020 AD                           Optional
#51      Mind Flayer      Tower of Trials 30F, 2402 AD                   Optional
#52      Dalton           Fort Guar, 100 BC                              Optional

         Veres           Center of Oblivion, Time Crash                  Required
         Lavos J. & 2 LM Inside Lavos Source, 2402 AD                    Required <True Ending Path>
         Lavos SC & 5 LJ Inside Lavos Source, 2402 AD                    Required <True Ending Path>

         TIME GATES
                  Limited Event Gates
#0       Guardia Woods, 1004 AD               &                 The Tesseract
#0A      Fort Dragonia, 1020 AD               &                 Edge of Oblivion, 2402 AD
#0B      New Enhansa, 11500 BC                &                 Keeper‘s Dome, 2402 AD
#0C      Guardia Woods, 1004 AD               &                 Duskwood, 100 BC
#0D      Path from Lab 26, 2402 AD            &                 Center of Oblivion, Time Crash
                  End of Time Gates
#1-2     Guardia Castle, 1004 AD              &                 Guardia Ruins, 1020 AD
#3-4     Opassa Beach, 1020 AD                &                 Opassa Beach, 1004 AD
#5       Duskwood, 100 BC
#6-7     Amphia Gathering Spot, 100 BC        &                 Choras Square, 1004 AD
#8       West Cape, 11500 BC
#9       Keeper‘s Dome, 2402 AD

         THE TIMES

11,500 BC – Age of Establishment              Arabya/The Zealots
A span of five hundred years has passed since the fall of Zeal, and the long ice age has finally subsided,
giving rise to new lands and a budding civilization. Yet all that could change if the Zealots have their way.
The Zealots are a powerful group that rules over the eastern world. They seek to contact the mythical god
―Lavos‖ to re-instate the legendary kingdom of Zeal. To do so, they have enslaved the demi-humans, who
only recently made their existence known to man, and are seeking ways to tap into the timestream.

100 BC – The Age of Exploration               Fort Guar/The Amphians
The oceans have gradually subsided over the past thousands of years, giving birth to more familiar
landmasses. Still, most of humanity eeks out a living on the western continent, where two explorers—Peor
and Mitan—fight to gain support from Silenscio, leader of the largest human city, to determine whose
name will go down in history. Meanwhile, the Dragonians worship freely in El Nido, and demihumans
have built their own civilization in the east.

1004 AD – Crono’s Present                   Guardia/Porre/Acacia
This is the time that Crono, Marle and Lucca call home. Porre is becoming more and more aggressive
under the leadership of Governor Poran, and the Guardian royal family is worried. Crono and crew set out
on their adventure when a mysterious Gate opens in Guardia Woods, leaving behind an infant.

1020 AD – Serge’s Present                     Porre Empire/Acacia
This is the time that Serge, Kid, Norris, Glenn and Leena come from. The Porre Empire conquered Guardia
15 years ago after the Masamune tragedy, and now Emperor Poran has his sights set on El Nido, which is
guarded only by General Viper‘s Acacia Dragoons. Meanwhile, an officer of Porre named Veres bears the
Masamune and seems to have ideas of his own. He also takes special interest in Kid, who wants nothing
more than to avenge Lucca‘s death and find ―him‖ across the sea. In El Nido, Serge feels that ―she‖ is
looking for him, and his questions eventually lead him to Viper Manor and into the conflict.

2402 AD – Time Crash                            Zenan Federation
Two years ago, an experiment in time caused a ―Time Crash‖ that is slowly tearing existence apart by the
seams. It seems only a matter of time before reality is engulfed into the Tesseract, despite Belthasar‘s
efforts to halt its spread. The Zenan Federation is aware of the conflict that took place at the beginning of
the 11th century, but as the party influences their own time, the records of the future change to reflect the
new timeline. It seems that Belthasar had a plan to resolve issues, but it has only resulted in further

The Tesseract                                Old 2300 AD/Old 1020 AD
The darkness beyond time, where all failed timelines are relegated to. Both the old 2300 AD (where the
world had been destroyed by Lavos; prevented when Crono and crew defeated Lavos in 1999 AD) and the
old 1020 AD (where the Time Devourer, Dragon Gods and FATE fought; prevented when Serge and crew
struck the Time Devourer from existence through use of the Chrono Cross) have been sent here.

The End of Time                                Gaspar/Spekkio
The point where all living points in time collide. The Guru of Time, Gaspar, resides here, as does the
Master of War, Spekkio. Both will support the party during their quest. The End of Time also serves as a
central hub for the many Gates the party will encounter during their adventures.

2400 AD
Veres, Belthasar‘s protégé, is with Belthasar when the Counter-Time Experiment goes awry and
Chronopolis enters the Time Crash. The two expected the Time Crash to be resolved when Serge used the
Chrono Cross, which would effectively nullify the Time Crash (because Belthasar would never start the
Counter-Time Experiment to free Schala since Schala is no longer in the Tesseract).

However, as this would have nullfied Serge‘s existence, Schala interferes at the moment the Chrono Cross
was used to create the new, whole dimension—due to Schala‘s will being expressed through the Chrono
Cross. Thus, the Time Crash still occurs, and Serge and El Nido still exist, meaning that the Time Crash
still occurs in 2400 AD instead of being resolved.

While Belthasar stays in 2400 AD to keep the effects of the Time Crash from spreading any further, Veres
agrees to study the issue in the past and see what can be done to nullify the Time Crash after the fact since
the Chrono Cross is no longer an option.

7600 BC
Veres ends up following Chronopolis into the past, where he witnesses the battle between Chronopolis and
Dinopolis, and ends up being drawn into the battle, as FATE recognizes him as a potentially harmful
outside influence on the present time. FATE is unable to kill Veres, however, and he escapes into the
newly-made land of El Nido. As he plans his next move, one night a Gate opens up nearby, and Magus
emerges. He is still searching for Schala after the defeat of Lavos. Intrigued by Veres‘ story, he lets Veres
accompany him back to his own time.

604 AD
Veres learns of Crono and crew‘s adventures from Magus and begins to understand the multi-dimensional
aspects of the planet they reside upon. He also learns of using Gates to travel through time and space. Late
one night, he steals a Gate Stone—the magical equivelant of a Gate Key, a creation of Magus based on
Lucca‘s science—and begins to travel through the different periods of the planet‘s life.

The Tesseract
Veres enters the Tesseract and learns of the lost 1020 AD. He has already concluded that there is no way to
prevent the Time Crash. The only way to prevent existence from being swallowed whole in 2400 AD is to
re-instate the original 2300 AD—if Lavos triumphs, then FATE will never exist and the Time Crash can‘t
happen. And the best way to do that, he decides, is by getting his hands on the Frozen Flame. To
accomplish this mission, he decides to manipulate events between 1004 and 1020 AD so that they remain
as close to those that led up to the TD‘s destruction as possible—thus, it is likely that Serge will still release
the Frozen Flame and Veres can capture it for his own use. Veres intends to allow Lavos to reign from
1999 AD until 2400 AD, when it will be sure that the Time Crash cannot occur—then Veres will use the
Flame to destroy Lavos and help the survivors rebuild and regenerate the world.

2400 AD
Veres approaches Belthasar with his plans, but Belthasar is unwilling to aid him, and tries to persuade
Veres from his course. The costs are simply too high, and the risk is too great. Veres and Belthasar have a
parting of ways.

1004 AD
Veres contacts Governor Poran for the first time and convinces him that Guardia is a threat to Porre and
must be eradicated. He does this because he realizes that Guardia may interfere with his plans for El Nido,
and he has also forseen that by re-instating the old 2300 AD he may incur Crono‘s wrath. He begins
formulating a plan to eliminate Crono and the Guardia royal family. As part of that plan, he uses a Gate to
enter the Guardia treasury and make sure of the Masamune‘s location. Nothing must be left to chance.

2401 AD
As part of his plan, Veres takes over production at Bangor Dome under a psuedonym (to avoid Belthasar‘s
interference). He realizes that he will have to hide most of his secret weapons in the past, but he still uses
them discretely. He begins supplying Porre with futuristic weapons.

1005 AD
Veres uses the same Gate as earlier (he has now been at his quest for over a year) to enter the Guardia
treasury and steals the Masamune. He uses its power to kill many people, including Crono and Marle. Porre
invades Guardia shortly after. Lucca survives only because she has grown apart from her old friends and
invests most of her time in the orphanage now that Taban and Lara are gone. With Guardia and Crono out
of the way, Porre begins looking toward El Nido, and Veres is prepared to do his dirty work. Veres hides
the Masamune away on the mainland; using it has begun to affect him, and thus he must rid himself of it

1009 AD
Veres puts all of his efforts into the eventual conquering of El Nido. To ensure that the new timeline will
play out similarly to the old one, Veres travels to this time period to raid Lucca‘s orphanage and burns it to
the ground, but makes sure that Kid survives. Luckily, Lucca avoids an awful fate; Belthasar draws her into
the future. Veres believes Lucca is dead, though, and leaves things be. From that day on, Kid has a grudge
against Veres, which is soon secondary only to her desire to see ―him,‖ who ―waits across the sea,‖ AKA
Serge in El Nido.

2402 AD
Belthasar, finally realizing that his protégé and former friend will not turn from his chosen path, and with
Lucca there to encourage him in the matter, decides to intervene. Using the prototype time circuit,
Belthasar is able to change the day and time when Kid appears in the Guardia Woods. By doing so, he
allows Crono, Marle and Lucca from 1004 AD to see the old 1020 AD and begin their quest to stop Veres
and heal the Time Crash.

1020 AD
When Crono, Marle and Lucca prevent Veres from capturing Kid on the Cursed Mountain, they also
prevent his clear path to the Flame in this era, and so the events of Chrono Axis are set in motion.

600 AD
Frog leaves the Masamune with the Guardian royal family. It is passed on through the years in the royal
treasury and stays there.

1005 AD
Veres uses the Gate in the treasury to take the Masamune and uses its power to slaughter the royal family,
including Crono and Marle. He then abandons the sword, knowing that it could consume him.

1010 AD
Radius and Garai find the Masamune while assigned to duties on the mainland. Radius becomes enraptured
by the taint on the Masamune and murders Garai. Afterward, Radius leaves the Masamune at Garai‘s grave
on the Isle of the Damned.

1016 AD
Karsh, Dario, Solt and Peppor make a trip to the Isle of the Damned. There, Dario becomes possessed by
the Masamune‘s power and attacks Karsh. Karsh defeats Dario, who falls into the sea, still clutching the

1019 AD
Fearing Veres‘ interference, FATE (through Lynx) takes the Masamune from Dario and places it at the
entrance to the Sea of Eden. The Masamune is still tied to Dario during this process.

The ―Chrono‖ theme song begins to play.
Crono, Lucca and Marle stare in horror as the video of Lavos destroying the planet plays in the year 2300
AD. The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Lavos is shown deep beneath the sea. It lets out a shrill wail, and space-time is ripped asunder as
Chronopolis is pulled back through time.
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
The planet responds by summoning Dinopolis into the past as well.
The screen goes black, some credits play.
Chronopolis defeats Dinopolis in the ancient past, and FATE begins operating.
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Crono, Magus and either Marle or Lucca are thrust into a battle against the Lavos Core. It‘s an easy battle.
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
In the next scene, Crono, Lucca and Marle watch helplessly as Schala is consumed by Lavos in the Ocean
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Crono, Magus and either Marle or Lucca battle against Lavos in 1999 AD, at last ending its threat to the
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Schala bonds with a Lavos Spawn that has been stricken from existence and hurled into the Tesseract,
creating the Time Devourer.
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Kid saves Serge from drowning on Opassa Beach.
The screen goes black, and some credits play.
Serge, Kid and Glenn or Norris fight against the Time Devourer in the Tesseract. At last, Serge uses the
Chrono Cross, and the Time Devourer is erased from any and all possible existence.
The screen goes black, and the music stops.

Cut to Kid standing on a beach.
Kid: ―Did it all ever happen at all...? Er was it all just a bloody dream...?‖

                   PART ONE: A TALE OF TWO TRIGGERS
         Dream’s Beginning - A Call From Beyond the Mists of Time
Crono is rudely awakened by his wife Marle at their house in Guardia, 1004 AD. She tells him that it‘s
about time he went out and found a job already, but not today. Today is the day they promised to visit
Lucca, remember? Crono remembers. The two head to Lucca’s house, where the ―mad scientist‖ is at it
once again. Marle takes special notice of one of Lucca‘s drawings. That circle looks a lot like a Gate...
Lucca admits a bit abashly that she‘s been working on her theories a bit more, but she promises that she‘s
done with putting it to practice (yeah, right). It‘s not like she has the time to deal with time travel on top of
helping Taban and Lara run their orphanage anyway! It‘s been in operation for about a year, and she still
hasn‘t gotten used to all the work.

So, where shall they go? It‘s been a while since the three of them got to go out and have some fun. Lucca
suggests they head down to Porre for some of that world-famous jerky—it‘s been a while since she had
some. Marle is vehement that they should definitely NOT go anywhere near Porre. Her father says that
Porre has been acting strangely lately, and she‘s seen enough to know that he‘s not kidding. They‘re up to
something... So what, then? Marle invites them to come back to the castle; she and Crono haven‘t eaten, so
why don‘t they start the day with a nice brunch and go from there? Lucca‘s not one to turn down a free
meal, and Crono is famished, so the castle it is.

To get to the castle they have to head through Guardia Woods. This is a short romp, but in a clearing
halfway to the castle, the three of them come to a screeching halt as the air suddenly rips apart and an
unusual Gate opens in midair. It closes quickly, but not before leaving a screaming newborn baby girl
wearing a familiar pendant on the forest floor. Lucca is quick to scoop the child up. Poor kid... what was
that all about? They forget all about brunch and head back to Lucca‘s place.

Back home, Lucca makes a quick examination of the girl. She can‘t be more than a day or two old... Could
she have been swallowed by a Gate in some sort of freak accident? But that Gate wasn‘t normal... They
found two kinds of Gates before. The normal ones intersected at the End of Time and focused in on certain
locations of their world at different times. But then there were special ones. For example, the one she used
in Robo‘s forest to prevent her mother‘s accident in the past; those Gates seemed to key in on events
relevant to the intended user instead. That Gate seemed to be one of the second variety. So was the Gate
tuned to that moment, when the three of them would be passing? Or did it perhaps LEAD to some special
point in time? That pendant around the baby‘s neck is all too familiar, too. It looks a lot like Marle‘s,
actually... Odd... Well, it seems that Lucca and her family have one more child to take care of at their
orphanage. Poor kid.

         Crossover - A Letter From the Future
A short time later, Lucca makes an announcement: she wants to check that Gate out. Can they do that?
Lucca admits that she has the means to do so... she never destroyed her old Gate Key. Crono and Marle
aren‘t too happy to hear that, but they decide it‘s a moot point. Something funny is going on, and they need
to find out what. The three decide to head back to Guardia Woods.

In the Woods, they come to the place where the Gate was and stop. Will the Gate Key activate it...? Sure
enough, the Gate opens up. With a deep breath, Lucca leads the other two inside.

They arrive in the middle of the Tesseract, the ―Darkness Beyond Time.‖ Marle recognizes the place
instantly—when she ceased to exist at the beginning of their first adventure, the place she was sent to was
much like this place. Lucca thinks she understands. This place, this anomoly in time—she terms it the
―Tesseract‖ for ease—must be outside their own timeline. If something existed, but then ceased to exist, it
might end up here... that‘s all theory, though. But look, she says; there seem to be images of things they
saw in 2300 AD in the ―bubbles‖ around them! Then could pieces of that timeline have been sent to this
place? She truly is baffled...

Marle hears some strange music from farther on, so they invesigate. They stop where the tune is strongest.
Here, the bubbles show images of a blue-haired boy, a vicious dark man-cat, and a familiar-looking blonde
young woman. Another timeline that has been made no more...? Why would this tune be playing...? None
of this makes any sense. It‘s risky, but... she decides to try to make contact with one the bubbles. Crono and
Marle agree to help.

They enter a bubble of the blue-haired boy in an occupied, unfamiliar town. They appear only as ghost
images here. Why? Easy—they‘ve entered a timeline that doesn‘t exist; or, more to the point, where
THEY don‘t exist. They run around town, listening in on conversations. They‘re shocked to learn that they
are in the city of Termina, in the El Nido Archipelago, and that the city has been occupied... by Porre!
Marle is sure that they must be in the future; Porre may be gaining power, and it‘s been very secretive
lately, but she knows for a fact they haven‘t conquered the southern islands yet. Sure, they settled them
initially, but the Viper Clan has governed there for generations. Lucca nods. Of course, El Nido didn‘t exist
before they left, remember? When they returned to their time after defeating Lavos, El Nido had just
―always‖ been there. She always wondered what happened. In any case, it‘s safe to assume that this is the
future from their standpoint… Sure enough, they find a calendar soon—it is the year 1020 AD in this
timeline. So... a future timeline that was abandoned? Why? That blue-haired boy must have something to
do with it. They want to follow the blue-haired boy, but he leaves town. Lucca warns that they shouldn‘t
stray too far from the place where they arrived. Maybe they can spot the blue-haired boy in another bubble
if they go back to the Tesseract.

They return to the darkness and find the blue-haired boy in another bubble. He‘s inside some kind of
massive mansion. They enter as well. An inscription on the gate labels this place as Viper Manor. They
follow the blue-haired boy, as well as the blonde girl and another young man into the basement; there the
trio meets with a woman whom Lucca recognizes at once—Luccia! Luccia is a fellow scientist; she‘s
young, but Lucca has taken Luccia under her wing in recognition of her brilliance. What is she doing here?
They shut up and watch as the blonde girl reads a letter—they read over her shoulder. It‘s from Lucca and
addressed to the girl, ―Kid.‖ The letter has to do with Lucca‘s concerns about their role in Lavos‘ defeat...
but what catches their attention is a reference to their old ally Janus and a secret identity for Kid. Lucca
finally realizes what‘s up. This Kid has a pendant exactly like that on the baby they found... and she looks
just like... just like... Kid asks the others to leave, but the party stays alone in the room with her. She speaks
to herself—and ―Sis.‖ She wonders out loud why ―Lynx‖ had to kill Sis, why everything had to change so
much... She goes out to join her comrades. Lucca is shocked. She‘s... dead? Luccia re-enters the room. She
still remembers hearing about Lucca finding Kid... it wasn‘t too long before the Masamune tragedy... She
goes silent. The party is all too curious now. Lucca is dead, there‘s mention of something awful happening
with the Masamune, and unless they‘re mistaken, Schala Zeal is running loose and was raised by Lucca
herself. And as a kicker, this timeline has been stricken out of existence! But why? They decide to head
back home for now to think things over.
When they re-enter the Tesseract, Lucca leads them back away from the music into the Gate back to their
own time. The Gate seems different somehow. Lucca noticed it beforehand, but she was afraid if she
mentioned it then Crono and Marle wouldn‘t let her go through it. So how is it different? She‘s not sure,
but it is. It changed between the time when the baby came through it and they used it to come to the
Tesseract. Unsure of what‘s going on, they step back into the Woods at last. It feels good to be ―real‖
again... They decide to head back to Lucca‘s place and talk things over.

          A Past in the Future - Our Journey Never Ended
Back at Lucca‘s place, they study the baby girl with renewed interest. Yes, she wears the exact same
pendant that the blonde girl did... Could this really be Schala? How is it possible? Lucca decides that the
future has at least given them one answer—she‘ll raise the baby at the orphanage, and her name will be
Kid. But there are so many questions... Lucca is unsure if they should be asking them or not. She‘s curious,
but there‘s still no telling what effects their altering the future has had on the planet. And while she doesn‘t
like the sounds of some Lynx character doing her in, what effect would it have on the timeline if she
decided to do something about it? And then there‘s mention of some trouble with the Masamune, and it
seems Porre will indeed become a power to fear in years to come. But the question remains: do they dare
make use of the knowledge they‘ve just been given?

Marle brings up that the future they saw never took place, right? Who knows what kind of future WILL
take place now, and why? What if that was the GOOD future they just saw in that Tesseract place? What if
someone has brought about a BAD future for 1020 AD? As much as she hates to say it, she thinks they at
least owe it to themselves to find out. If they can‘t enter the version of 1020 AD that they went to from the
Tesseract, how about at least checking out the 1020 AD in their own timeline? Lucca still isn‘t sure, but...
maybe just a peek wouldn‘t hurt. But Crono and Marle both have to agree not to try to change anything
without thinking about all the ramifications! So how do they go about getting to their own version of 1020
AD, then? Well, that‘s where it gets difficult. The Tesseract only seems to lead them to abandoned
timelines, not real ones... All the old Gates closed up after the defeat of Lavos. It would take time to find
another one. Time... Lucca suggests that while she does a bit of studying, Crono and Marle should go look
for a new Gate. Last time, the planet responded to its need for saviors by throwing up Gates to lead them
around the timeline. If the planet is in danger, maybe it‘ll turn to them again. She warns them to stay out
the Tesseract, then gives them a Gate Key.

Crono and Marle can go explore a bit now. All the spots where there used to be Gates are empty—Leene
Square and Guardia Woods are both empty. They can even take a ferry over to Medina, but the Gate
there is gone as well. Marle refuses to go south past Fiona’s Forest, arguing that Porre is too dangerous a
place for her to visit given her royal status. When Crono and Marle go back to Lucca‘s house after visiting
at least one of the old Gate locations, Lucca suggests they try looking around at the castle. Maybe there will
be records of some kind of disturbance there. The castle gets news from all over the world, right? If another
Gate opened up, it might have been reported to the throne. Crono and Marle head to Guardia Castle.
There‘s no news about any Gate... but something else is wrong. There‘s a thief in the treasury! Crono and
Marle head downstairs while the soldiers block the area off. In the treasury, they hear the thief muttering
about the Masamune (!) but they can‘t see his face. They think they have the thief cornered... but then he
uses some unknown power to open up a Gate in the treasury! How!? Crono and Marle are baffled, but they
have to give chase right away. Crono and Marle use the Gate Key to enter the Gate, to the bafflement of all
the soldiers present.

Instead of catching up to the thief, Crono and Marle end up in the End of Time. A familiar old friend is
waiting for them. Gaspar, Guru of Time, is pleased to see Crono and Marle alive and well. Whether they‘ll
be that way much longer is anyone‘s guess at this point, though. What does he mean? Gaspar can‘t tell
them much, because he‘s not sure of much himself, quite honestly. All he knows is that time seems to be
spinning off of its axis somehow. Something‘s gone terribly wrong. It‘s almost as if the Planet can‘t decide
which reality is reality anymore. All sorts of weird folks have been popping in and out of the End of Time
lately—and what‘s more, the Bend of Time has opened up as well. That can‘t be good. Crono and Lucca
tell Gaspar about what Lucca called the Tesseract and Kid‘s appearance in their own time. Gaspar doubts
that that‘s a good thing at all. They want to go to 1020 AD, eh? A Gate just opened from their time to that
time recently. Crono and Lucca thank him, then head for the time gate. Just as they do, Lucca appears! She
got word about what happened at the castle and came after them at once. How? What, did they think she‘d
only have one Gate Key? She remembers the trouble not having a spare led to last time... Lucca rejoins the
party. The trio steps into the gate leading to the year 1020 AD in their own timeline.

(Note: This is also a good time for the party to go renew their acquaintance with Spekkio, the self-
proclaimed master of war. He‘ll note that they‘ve let their Magic go because they haven‘t been practicing
it. Oh, they still have the ability to use Magic, but it‘ll take a while for them to regain all of their abilities.
And it won‘t be so easy as last time! He can‘t just allow anyone to be gaining Magic spells, especially not
with all this trouble in the space-time continuum. This time, they‘re going to really have to earn their spells.
How? That‘s easy—Star Points! Every time the party takes down an unusually powerful enemy, a Boss for
the uninitiated, they‘ll earn a new Star Point. They‘ll surely come up against several Bosses along the way,
but the surest way to gain spells is to seek out the optional Bosses as well. And if they meet any new
friends, they should be sure to bring those folks to see him as well!)

         The Cursed Mountain - He Waits For Me Across the Sea
The trio arrives in the Guardia Ruins in 1020 AD. Marle is shocked. What happened!? The castle is
reduced to rubble. Outside, the Guardia Woods have all burned down. Truce is occupied. When the party
visits Crono and Marle’s home, they find strangers living there. The Ashtear residence was burned to the
ground years ago by the looks of things. What in the world happened? They soon get a good idea from the
people of Truce—Guardia no longer exists. Truce is a holding of the Porre Empire. Currently, the Empire
is looking for a way to take the El Nido Archipelago, but the Acacia Dragoons are making that difficult.
The Empire‘s troops feel that it‘s only a matter of time, though...

While all of this is fascinating, they need to find the creep who was in the treasury, and they need to figure
out why the other version of this time was abandoned like the old 2300 AD was. They cross the bridge
southward. The southern continent isn‘t in very great shape either. The village of Bonyan (doesn‘t exist in
1004 AD, but exists in 1020 AD in roughly the same spot Dorino would have occupied had it not been
wiped out in CT—this village was founded by loggers cutting down the forest for Porre) has become over-
run by a group calling themselves the ―Radical Dreamers.‖ The Porre military is doing its best to track
them down, and has set a trap for the group atop the Cursed Mountain. At first the party is indifferent to
this news—until they learn that the most infamous member of the band is named ―Kid.‖ Lucca is
determined to save her, and Crono and Marle agree.

The party goes to Cursed Mountain and have to bust through some Porre troops to reach the top. There,
they finally catch up to the Radical Dreamers—Teron, Jacole and Kid. They‘re too late to spoil the trap,
unfortunately, but they are able to twist fate a bit. The party takes on the Eliminator (+1 Star) war robot
while the RDs confront the man who tried to trap them, Veres. Veres faces down the RDs. They‘re no
match for him. Teron, Jacole and Kid are all beaten. Crono, Marle and Lucca step up to challenge Veres as
well, but he doesn‘t like the look of them. They must have found the Gate he used to enter the treasury a
year ago, then. Yes, he recognizes the three of them: Prince Crono and Princess Nadia of Guardia, Lucca
Ashtear... don‘t they know that they‘re dead? He suggests they return to their own time and deal with their
fates there. He‘d rather not throw the time axis off further by changing history and killing them here and
now, but if he they persist in challenging him, he will. Veres disappears. The party is confused, but even
worse, Teron, Jacole and Kid are all unconscious. Suddenly, Kid begins screaming at them. They hurt
Teron and Jacole! She‘ll kick their arses so hard they‘ll kiss the...!!! She trails off as she notices who she‘s
talking to. It‘s Lucca... her old ―Sis,‖ dead some years now. How is that possible...? Kid passes out. It‘s
getting dark, so the trio decides to set up camp for the night and wait for the RDs to wake up.

Later that night, Kid awakens. She wakes up Teron and Jacole as well. Kid is confused. It really is Sis, isn‘t
it? And Aunt Marle and Uncle Crono, too... but she saw them all die years ago... Teron and Jacole
recognize ―Sis,‖ too; they were at the orphanage as well. Lucca is curious, too. She saw Veres beat up Kid
just like he did Teron and Jacole, but she‘s the only one without a scratch on her. How? Kid explains that
away—she‘s always dreaming that she gets in trouble, but then she‘ll wake up somewhere else. The
dream‘s always kinda hazy and disappears altogether after a while... Lucca is still curious, but she lets the
matter drop. So how is Lucca here? Lucca tries to explain away the question, and Kid lets it drop. Lucca is
curious about what Kid and her friends are up to, though. Kid tells them that Veres is an officer of the Porre
Empire. He‘s taken it upon himself to break up the Radical Dreamers... he almost succeeded this time.
What was Kid after? Teron and Jacole are old friends from the orphanage. They‘re trying to help Kid make
her way to El Nido. Why El Nido? Because, Kid explains, that‘s where he is. She doesn‘t know anything
beyond that... just that he is waiting for her there. She needs money to get to El Nido, though. They were
going to steal enough to get to El Nido, but Veres set a trap for her. It‘s hard to say what she‘ll do now...
That night, Kid watches over the party. Sis shouldn‘t be here... she‘s dead... The RDs can‘t figure it out, but
Kid has a feeling that maybe they shouldn‘t be asking questions, like it‘s dangerous or something...

The next morning, Kid and the RDs are gone. Lucca is upset. She has a feeling that Kid is at the center of
all of this somehow. What‘s more, that Veres fellow seems to know about Gates... going after him could be
dangerous. Nonetheless, they don‘t have a choice. If he‘s the one who was in the treasury, they need to find
out why and how. Plus, Lucca can‘t let Kid get hurt...

          The Porre Empire - Here Are They Who Slew Us
The trio heads south into Porre. They hear more about the conquering of Guardia fifteen years ago.
According to eye witness accounts, a man broke into Guardia Castle in 1005 and stole the Masamune from
the castle‘s depths. The same man then used its power to slay many people, and Porre conquered Guardia
shortly after. The royal family, as well as many soldiers and civilizians, were slaughtered... That doesn‘t
make sense. They saw Veres in the Guardian treasury in 1004, not 1005...

They learn a bit more about Veres in the city as well. It turns out that he‘s in charge of Porre‘s naval forces.
He was given that command only after leading the assault on Guardia. Emperor Poran thinks very highly of
Veres. Rumor has it that Porre‘s navy is going to sail for El Nido soon for a final battle against the Acacia
Dragoons led by General Viper. Legend has it that Viper holds a mythical object of power that can grant
any wish in his mansion, however, so everyone‘s nervous. Unfortunately, there‘s no sign of Kid anywhere,
and the seas are controlled by Porre and can‘t be sailed upon... It seems hopeless. They just might have one
chance, though. Maybe they could find clues back in their own time? That seems like the best bet. Besides,
Marle is determined that her father must know what‘s to come, though Lucca isn‘t sure that‘s a good idea.

When they head back into the End of Time, Gaspar stops them. So, they‘re after that Veres fellow, eh?
Gaspar tells the trio that Veres has been coming and going through Gates for at least a year now. He seems
to be all over the timeline. Gaspar hasn‘t seen anything like it since... well, since Crono and the others were
shooting from timeline to timeline. He can‘t make heads or tails of it. He has a bad feeling, though. He
wishes the trio luck in figuring out what‘s going on. If they took down Lavos, he has faith that they can
deal with this just fine!

Back in 1004 AD, the party is met in the treasury by King Guardia himself. He‘s glad to see that Marle is
safe. She was... going off in time again, wasn‘t she? Marle admits that she was, and she has bad news. She
explains what they heard about Porre‘s invasion and the theft of the Masamune to him. And they think that
this Veres fellow they saw here in the treasury has something to do with it? It seems that there‘s only one
way to find out. They should find Veres in this time period. If nothing else, perhaps they can learn how in
the world he learned to access the Gates!

Before heading out for Porre, the party can stop by the Ashtear residence to visit Taban, Lara and all of the
kids. Lucca gives her parents explicit instructions on taking extra care of Kid while she‘s gone. She still
doesn‘t understand what‘s up with Kid. She just hopes Kid is okay in the future...

The party can now head down to Porre in 1004 AD. In the last few years the village has gone through
some major changes. The old mayor and his family were ousted and replaced by Governor Poran, an
ambitious, military-minded man. Of course, even then, Lucca reminds Crono and Marle that this Porre is
very different from the one they knew in their youth. For some reason, El Nido didn‘t exist until after they
defeated Lavos. How did a victory in the future affect the past? It‘s hard to say… but it did. Defeating
Lavos in 1999 AD apparently caused El Nido to exist farther back in their planet‘s history, which changed
the situation in their present. As far as everyone else here is concerned, Porre began colonizing El Nido
centuries ago. It‘s always bugged her, but it never made her as nervous as it does now…
No one in Porre has ever heard of Veres. There‘s no sign of him anywhere in this time. How is that
possible...? Maybe he doesn‘t come to be known until later. They‘re about to give up when they finally spot
him. They follow him to his room at the inn, where he writes in a book, then leaves again. The party sneaks
into his room. They get a quick glance at his ―Chrono Diary.‖ It reads:

         1004 AD
         Made first contact with Governor Poran today. He is hungry for power. He will be soon agree
         with me in everything. My suggestions will seem as if they were his own ideas instead of mine. I
         have no fears about this part of the plan. The only thing that concerns me is Guardia. It would be
         dangerous if someone from Guardia were to bear the Masamune against me. Besides, it seems
         that, in the old timeline, the Masamune somehow ended up in El Nido. When the time comes, I‘ll
         have to make sure no one is able to claim it in defense of the kingdom. The plan must go off
         without a hitch. Nothing must stand between me and the Frozen Flame. Otherwise...

They hear footsteps coming, and the party hides in the closet. Veres enters the room and begins collecting
his things. That was too close… Probably just the guards. In any case, he‘s confirmed that the Masamune is
in the treasury. He‘ll let it stay there until the time is right. It wouldn‘t do any good to jump the gun and use
it too early—that could throw everything off. Veres takes his Chrono Diary and leaves the room.

The party steps out of the closet. Just as Lucca thought, Veres is here as well, and that was him in the
treasury. He was looking for the Masamune, it seems. It would seem that the Veres they met in 1020 AD
was an older version of the one they saw in the treasury and here, but he didn‘t look 16 years older in the
future. Hmm... She‘s also curious about this ―Frozen Flame.‖

Unfortunately, there are no clues about the Flame in their time. At last, the party heads back to the End of
Time. There, Gaspar has a hint for them. He doesn‘t know much about it because it‘s not a part of any
timeline he‘s ever lived in, but all the same, the power of the Frozen Flame resonates through time. If they
want their answer, they must return to 1020 AD... that‘s all he can tell them.

          Voyage - Trap or Treasure?
Crono and crew arrive back in 1020 AD through the Guardia Ruins Gate. In Porre, the party runs into
Jacole and Teron. Where‘s Kid? They tell the party that Kid has decided to do something brash. Since
they‘ll never afford a trip over there—and since they‘re criminals so it doesn‘t matter if they could at this
point anyway—Kid has decided to stow aboard a trading ship to El Nido. Such ships make rare trips to
Termina. For the most part, the residents of El Nido are isolationists, but even General Viper has to
recognize when some goods can only be imported, just as he makes a small killing off of exports. When
Lucca asks about the Frozen Flame, Teron and Jacole both brighten. Rumor has it that General Viper has
the Flame hidden away in his manor. Why‘s it so valuable? Well, according to legend, the Flame can grant
all kinds of wishes... Kid has always been interested in the legend of the Frozen Flame for some reason,
ever since she first heard of it when the RD were still new. She‘d know more about it than they would.
Unfortunately, the ship is about to head out to sea, with Kid on it!

The party makes a mad dash to catch the ship. Unfortunately, Veres is there as well. So, Crono and his
friends thought they‘d interfere, eh? He warned them not to try to interfere. Now, as much as it might risk
the timeline, he can‘t allow them to go any further. He knows more about Kid than they do, he‘d be willing
to bet. Why don‘t they just leave her alone? He only has her best interests—and the best interests of all
mankind—in mind. The party disagrees, so Veres summons the Hydrax (+1 Star), an aquatic robot, to
fight them. The party trashes it, then jumps aboard as it floats off after the ship. Veres is furious, but there
aren‘t any ships to pursue them in handy.

Aboard the Hydrax, Lucca begins doing some fiddling. She can get the Hydrax operating again to the point
where it will take them after the ship, but there‘s no guarantees beyond that. Well, that‘ll have to do, won‘t
it? Using the Hydrax, they finally catch up to the Sea Ship. The soldiers aboard the ship pull them aboard.
They already got word about the three of them... they‘re headed off to the brig.
The three awaken in the brig. Well, some cruise this turned out to be... It looks pretty hopeless. There‘s no
way out... What‘s worse, a storm has begun, and the boat is shaking like mad... Finally, the cell door opens.
Kid steps through, keys in hand. Not too hard for a trained thief. She tells them that she already has a life
raft rigged and ready to go. They can abandon ship and head for El Nido the rest of the way on their own
from here. Kid runs on ahead of the party. Crono, Marle and Lucca have to make their way through the
ship, battling the Grendel (+1 Star) along the way, until they make their way to the side of the deck where
Kid is waiting.

Kid drops the raft in the water and tells the party to hop inside. They do as they‘re told. By that time,
though, soldiers are pouring onto the deck. One in particular, a sleepy commander (this is actually Norris),
is confused about what‘s going on. Kid cuts the lines and lets the boat with Crono, Marle and Lucca in it
head out to sea. Now it‘s just Kid and a ship full of soldiers. Oi! Looks like it‘s a good time to be gone.
Desperate, Kid leaps off the ship into the stormy waters below. The scene fades as Norris finally gets a
good idea of what‘s going on.

          Arni Village - An Unexpected Encounter
When the scene reopens, Crono, Marle, Lucca and Kid are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the player is thrust
into the role of Serge, a young man living in Arni Village in the El Nido Archipelago. Serge had a fight
with his girlfriend Leena yesterday, and Serge‘s mom, Marge, expects Serge to be the one to apologize
first. Serge goes and meets up with Leena. She‘s been irritated with him ever since he passed out on Opassa
Beach a few weeks ago. He had all these crazy stories about FATE and Dragon Gods and Terra Tower...
and then he started talking about ―her,‖ some girl across the ocean... And then he made her go exploring
with him! She still hasn‘t gotten the clothes she wore to the Hydra Marshes clean! What‘s up with him?
Serge can‘t explain. He just feels so weird lately... Leena thinks the two of them should go take a day to be
by themselves. She knows where she wants to go... Cape Howl. Remember their rock up there? It‘s been a
long time since she saw that. Why don‘t they go up there together like they used to? Leena joins the party.

Serge and Leena arrive at Cape Howl and go up to their special spot. Leena begins to reminisce. She and
Serge are getting close to being full-grown now, and with that will come a lot of new responsibilities... and
new privileges... Before she can go on, Serge notices something down at the edge of the cliff, lying in the
surf. He drops down to investigate. Serge sees a young woman lying unconscious on the sand. With
Leena‘s help, he‘s able to pull her back into the cape. Once on dry land, the young woman awakens almost
immediately and introduces herself as Kid. Serge... he‘s ―him‖... isn‘t he...? She passes out again. Just then,
something else comes out of the water! Serge and Leena are forced to fight against Lagoonier (+1 Star).
Afterward, they take Kid back to Arni.

Later, Kid finally wakes up in Arni. Serge and Leena have been waiting for her to come to. How does she
feel...? Not so hot... she‘ll be okay, though. Oi, though, Serge looks familiar to her for some reason... Leena
isn‘t about to let Kid start putting the moves on her boyfriend, though, so she butts in. Kid looks to be from
somewhere far away. Guldove, maybe? Or Marbule? Nah, she‘s from Zenan... So, why is she here? Well,
that‘s a long story, and it‘s her own business besides. But while she‘s here, she might as well see what she
can‘t find out about this Frozen Flame she‘s heard so much about. It‘s supposed to be here in El Nido,
right? Well... Leena admits that she‘s heard of it—it‘s supposed to be in Viper Manor. But that‘s just a
legend...! Kid isn‘t so sure. She wants to check it out. Thing is, she doesn‘t know these islands at all. She
sure would appreciate it if someone would show her the way to this Viper Manor... Leena is against it, but
Serge accepts (if he disagrees at first, Kid can be very persuasive). Leena finally gives in. Okay, that means
that the three of them are headed to Termina.

         Termina - Cradle of the Hidden Jewel
With Serge, Kid and Leena in the party, it‘s time to head for Termina, far to the north. The only real
obstacle in the way is Fossil Valley. In the Valley, they run into the Dodriller (+1 Star). Once the boss is
out of the way, nothing stands between the party and the other side of the main island.

When the trio tries to go into Viper Manor, they‘re quickly stopped at the gate. No admittance! Kid isn‘t
about to just give up. They need to figure a way in... Hmm... She asks if maybe they could head for that city
she saw on the way there. If nothing else, they can rest their feet.
The party enters Termina. There, Leena starts to become nervous. She has a bad feeling about all of this...
maybe it‘s time she and Serge headed back to Arni. Kid asks for their help just a while longer, and Serge
agrees. Around the town they hear rumors about the Manor and the Frozen Flame both, only making Kid
more and more eager. At last, they make their way to the bar. Kid doesn‘t hide the fact that she‘s asking
around about the Flame. Her doing so draws the attentions of a tall, mysterious man who introduces himself
as ―Magil.‖ He seems to have a great interest in Kid, but he also seems very unsure. In any case, Magil is
able to tell Kid what she wants to hear—he‘d be happy to help her sneak into Viper Manor and nab this
Frozen Flame. He has certain talents that might come in useful for such a mission. Kid feels like she should
trust him—just like there was something eerily familiar about Serge, so too does she feel like she knows
Magil well... Well, looks like they‘re heading to Viper Manor tonight! They should go scope things out and
get ready, right? Leena disagrees. She and Serge have had quite enough of this little adventure... isn‘t that
right, Serge!? Magil is quick to intervene. He tells Leena that she should go home to Arni Village and tell
her parents and Serge‘s that they‘re both alright. But Serge has a responsibility, doesn‘t he? Both Magil and
Kid are new to El Nido. They might be lost without a native to guide them. Leena still argues—they‘re
going to steal from Lord Viper! Magil disagrees. No one said anything about stealing. They just want to see
the Frozen Flame, and perhaps make a harmless wish—they‘re not going to actually take the Flame from
the Manor. (Kid, of course, might have other ideas about that.) Serge is torn. He and Leena talk off by
themselves. Serge thinks that Kid is the girl he‘s been sensing lately... Kid is the ―she‖ from across the
seas... Finally, Leena gets frustrated and storms out, headed in a bee-line back to Arni Village. Magil and
Kid convince Serge to let her go. They have plans to make! Magil joins the party.

At this point, the three of them are free to explore the city and stock up. This is the first place in the game
where the party can get ahold of some new Elements. It seems that the falling-out of relations with Porre
has prompted Element costs to sky-rocket in the past few weeks. Not only that, but stock is extremely
limited, and once stock is out, it‘s out for the entire game. As stated before, Elements are more like special
summon spells than something to be relied on. Note that Elements must also be recharged every time
they‘re used; until recharged, an Element cannot be reused, nor can it be removed or re-allocated.

At last, the trio leaves Termina. Just as they leave, Crono, Marle and Lucca come running up. Wasn‘t that
Kid and that boy they saw in the Tesseract? They decide to follow at a safe distance. Just after the three of
them take off, Norris comes walking through the street. Weren‘t those the three stowaways from the ship...?
Well, he can‘t worry about that now. He has to get over to Viper Manor and get cooking! Emperor Poran
will have his head if he fails to get adequate information... The scene fades.

Serge, Kid and Magil are now playable once again on the world map. They‘re still turned away at the gate
when they try to go into Viper Manor. Instead, the party should head into the Shadow Forest. Before, this
area was blocked off by Karsh and Zoah, but now the way is clear. The party can find an Ice Lance
Element out in the open here as well, and it‘s definitely worth taking. Deep in the forest the party comes up
against the Cassowaries (+1 Star). After this battle, they make their way deep into the caves, where they
find a secret path to Viper Manor‘s garden. This will work nicely! Now they just have to wait for it to get
dark... They decide to make a campfire until then.

The scene cuts to Crono, Marle and Lucca, also in Shadow Forest. Unfortunately, they‘ve run up against a
vine monster that has taken them all captive! How embarrassing! Lucca is determined that the great Lucca
Ashtear won‘t be taken so easily... she just has to think of a way out of this...!

          Radical Dreamers - The Jewel That Cannot Be Stolen
At the campsite, Serge and Kid talk by the fire while Magil goes off by himself. Kid doesn‘t mean to freak
Serge out, but she feels like she knows him... like she‘s been looking for him ever since she was little... he
feels the same way about her, doesn‘t he? The scene cuts to Magil, who is staring at Kid. He‘d given up all
hope, but there‘s no mistaking it... Though she may dress differently, and her hair dye is missing... But why
doesn‘t she recognize him...? It must be... mustn‘t it...? He would recognize his own sister, even after all
this time.
Once it‘s dark enough, the three of them get together and finally sneak into Viper Manor’s Courtyard.
With all the guards in bed, it‘s not too difficult to go in through the front door. To go any farther than the
First Floor, however, they need a code. When they enter the wrong code, they‘re sent into a cage in the
basement, where Kid provokes some guards to attack them. After the bout, the party dons the guards‘
uniforms. They head into the Basement. They can see a few scenes between the head cook (Orcha) and his
new assistant (Norris). The goal, however, is to talk to Glenn in the Barracks, where he mentions the
strange statue in the dungeon. Down in the Dungeon, Kid persuades Serge to stick his hand in the statue‘s
mouth; when his arm comes out, Serge is holding a piece of paper with the correct code written on it. They
can also talk to Karsh and Zoah in a few of the rooms, but they don‘t have to. Exploring is definitely a plus,
however, as there are two basic Elements to be found here—Aero Saucer and Electro Jolt will help out in
the coming boss battle.

With the real code, the party heads back to the First Floor and gains access to the Second Floor. There‘s an
elevator leading to another floor, but they can‘t tell how to get it to work. The hallway to the right is locked
off. Their only choice is to head to the left. This path eventually leads them into the Library. An Old Man
is waiting there for them. He introduces himself as the the Prophet of Time. Magil and the Prophet seem to
recognize each other. The Prophet is more interested in Serge, though. He asks Serge if he believes in
fate—Serge‘s reply doesn‘t matter. The Prophet tells Serge that fate has marked him. ―Soon all time will be
torn asunder, and the very foundations of reality will be laid bare,‖ he tells them. ―When that time comes,
the future will throw its power against the past, and the present could cease to exist.‖ Their only hope then
will be the Chrono Triggers. The Prophet tells them that fate has chosen Serge; he is the second Chrono
Trigger—the Chrono Trigger of El Nido. When the two Chrono Triggers combine their powers, the past,
present and future may all stand a chance. Serge is understandably disturbed by this news. The Prophet tells
Serge to take all that he has heard to mind, but not to heart. For now, he should continue his search for the
Frozen Flame. His destiny will reveal itself in time. The potential for a new future has already been set in
motion when the Chrono Trigger of Guardia prevented Kid from falling into Porre‘s hands. Had Porre
taken Kid, the resulting timeline would have been disastrous. (Kid thinks off to herself… so when Sis
showed up…?) Even now, as the future stands, things are bleak, and Serge and Kid have only themselves to
blame. (Kid: ―I ain‘t takin‘ responsibility for something I didn‘t do!‖ The Prophet only shakes his head and
mumbles something in reply.) But in any case, for now, they should continue by using the switch behind
the third pillar on the left toward the elevator. Dragoons and soldiers aren‘t allowed up there, so they‘ll
have to go in their normal clothes. The Prophet fades away. Magil thanks the ―old one‖ for giving him
much to think upon. Kid is frustrated and screams after the emptiness. He never said why Serge is this
Trigger thing! The Prophet‘s voice answers them: ―You ask why? It‘s simple. ‗Fate.‘‖

They continue back on the Second Floor and avoid the guards to use the elevator. This takes them to the
Third Floor. They finally enter Viper’s Office. Unfortunately, the Flame isn‘t there... Suddenly, a man-cat
named Lynx appears and confronts the party. If they seek the Flame, they must be destroyed! This is where
their transgression ends! The party battles against Lynx (+1 Star). Luckily, this bout is fairly easy due to
Magil‘s incredibly powerful Magic. After the battle, Lynx transforms back into a very shaken General
Viper. Magil determines that Viper must be a shape-shifter. Viper tries to explain. He wasn‘t always like
this. He wants the party to help him. Several years ago he became cursed. Whenever he lets his guard
down, he becomes that Lynx creature, and his mind is no longer his own. To heal his soul, he must find the
Frozen Flame. That gets the party interested. They‘re after it too, then? Perhaps they believed the rumors
that he held it in his manor? Unfortunately, that is not the case. But if the three of them are able to break
through all of his security, they may be able to help him out. Viper believes that the Flame is held in Fort
Dragonia, an ancient fortress. The only way to unlock the Fortress is to use the Dragon‘s Tear. The Tear is
an ancient relic held by the Shrine Maiden Direa in Guldove. Viper desperately needs the Tear, but trouble
with Guldove would be a disaster at this point in time—he has enough on his hands dealing with the Porre
Empire. All the same... without the Flame, he will eventually lose himself... Thus, he proposes a deal. He
will give the party the supplies and support they need to obtain the Dragon‘s Tear and gain access to Fort
Dragonia. In exchange, once they obtain the Frozen Flame, he will be allowed to make a wish on it just as
they do. Agreed? Kid‘s all for it, and Serge decides to come along—that‘s what the Prophet told him to do,
after all. Magil, however, says that he has more pressing business. He promises to keep a close eye on Kid,
then leaves. Kid‘s irritated that he left, but all the same, feels some unknown sorrow about it, too. Serge
and Kid agree to Viper‘s terms. Viper is happy to hear it. He‘ll have a ship prepared for them at Termina‘s
docks. Their first objective should be to go visit the Shrine Maiden in Guldove. Perhaps Direa will listen to
them where he failed to convince her. And if that doesn‘t work, then it is Serge and Kid‘s job to find
another way to obtain the Tear. Kid assures Viper that she has ―professional experience‖ when it comes to
finding another way. Before the two of them can leave Viper‘s Office, Crono, Lucca and Marle burst
through the door ready to fight! Are they too late!? Viper is ready to call the guards, but Kid calms him
down. These three are friends of hers—they probably just thought she was in danger. Viper tells them that
they‘re all welcome to use the guest rooms in the basement for the night. (Tomorrow morning, he adds
under his breath, he‘ll have to see about punishing the guards who were on duty this evening. Two groups
of intruders in one night? This is just ridiculous. What if they had been Porre spies?)

In the guest room, Kid explains that she and Serge are after the Frozen Flame. Lucca is immediately
intrigued. Veres seems to be after the Frozen Flame as well. If they find the Flame, they may find out just
what he‘s after. How would Kid feel about letting three more companions join up? Kid will agree under
one condition—she wants to know what Uncle Crono, Aunt Marle and Sis are doing here, alive and well,
and looking about her age to top it all off. Lucca decides that she has to explain... Finally, Serge and Lucca
start to understand. It‘s hard to take in all at once. What‘s more... Crono is the original Trigger, right? And
Serge is the second Trigger. So the two of them are supposed to team up somehow? If this Prophet said as
much, it may be true... Lucca wishes she could meet him. It‘s all getting so confusing... Crono, Marle and
Lucca all seem to be dead... Veres is working with the Porre Empire and seems to be after this Frozen
Flame, not to mention apparently being able to travel through time... and now it seems as if Serge is the
new Chrono Trigger and has to work with Crono for some unknown reason... Lucca has a very bad feeling
about all this. Right now, though, she thinks they should concentrate on finding this Frozen Flame. Maybe
they‘ll get their answers then.

(Note: Now, the party can be formed by the player. The only requirement is that Kid has to be in the party
at all times. It is primarily her quest for the Frozen Flame, after all, so she‘s the leader for the time being.)

          Guldove - The Maidens of the Shrine
When the party heads back to Termina, they find that General Viper is good on his word—a boat is
waiting for them. Glenn, an Acacian Knight, is waiting for them at the docks. He was assigned to guard the
ship until Kid and her companions arrived to claim it. General Viper has also requested that Glenn
accompany Kid in her journey. No one‘s sure about how to feel about having one of the general‘s agents
along, but they can‘t back out now. Glenn joins the party. Now Kid and her companions have control of
the ship, and they can sail around the El Nido Archipelago at will!

(Note: At this point, the party can visit several locations, but all are optional at this point save Guldove.)

Viper Manor: The party witnesses a scene between Glenn and Karsh. Glenn‘s brother, Dario, died under
mysterious circumstances on an expedition with Karsh a few years ago. Glenn‘s attention has recently been
brought to a report that throws some questions on the official explanation. Zoah and Marcy bail Karsh out
of trouble, and the three of them take off. Glenn is still curious though... just what happened that day on the
Isle of the Damned?

Viper Manor Roof: If Lucca is in the party, she‘ll get to visit a friend, Luccia. Luccia is actually older than
Lucca in this meeting, which is a bit of a reversal—the Luccia whom Lucca knows is brilliant, but still only
12 years old and living in Truce. Luccia is surprised, delighted and intrigued to see Lucca again, but she
isn‘t sure what to say until Lucca announces that she already knows that she‘s dead. Luccia promises to
help Lucca in any way she can. Lucca was always the one who knew about physics and space-time
manipulation. Luccia was always more concerned with the wonders of biology. All the same, though,
Lucca was like a big sister to Luccia up until the day she died. Luccia may very well have ended up
pursuing her career as a scientist because Lucca was killed. Would she have done something different if
Lucca had lived? Would she be happier, or would she have wished for the life she lives now? It‘s hard to
say. She wishes Lucca luck in finding her answers, though. She knows Lucca must be up to more than
she‘s letting on, especially if she‘s accompanying Crono and Marle, but perhaps it‘s best if Luccia doesn‘t
know. She still invites them to drop by whenever they feel the need, though.
Arni Village: At this point, Serge can go visit his parents and tell them that he‘s off on an adventure.
They‘re a bit skeptical, but he‘s old enough to know what he‘s doing. The party can also go visit Leena,
who‘s glad to hear that Magil is gone but isn‘t too happy to see Serge still running around with Kid. Well,
she‘ll keep him in line! Leena will rejoin the party at this point.

Mount Pyre: If the party tries to enter, they find a pair of Acacian Dragoons blocking the way. They‘ll
only move if General Viper gives them the order to do so. Not even Glenn can sway them.

Marbule: The Sage will recognize Serge. He tells the party that 14 years ago, Serge was bitten by a
Panther Demon. Wazuki and Miguel both set sail from Arni and came to Marbule to seek the Sage‘s aid in
healing Serge. The Sage did so, but during the ceremony he had a strange sensation, as if Serge‘s soul was
residing in two places at once. He‘s been watching Serge from afar since then. The Sage feels that Serge
must one day face an incredible destiny. He feels something similar about his friends, too. It would seem
that the day of Serge‘s destiny is fast approaching. He bids them good luck and tells the party to come see
him if ever they require guidance.

Water Dragon Island: The Fairies here will be annoyed to see humans in their territory. They block off
the path further on into the island‘s caves.

Earth Dragon Island: The explorers here are searching for a way to get deeper underground. The party
can drop through the quicksand and into a series of underground caverns, but a ―strange rock‖ is blocking
the path before they can go very far.

Sky Dragon Island: Serge has an unexplainable sensation, but nothing appears to be out of the ordinary.
The Magnify Element is here, though in a chest hidden behind some trees where it‘s hard to spot.

Lizard Rock: An unmovable stone blocks any further exploration of the beaches near Arni at this point. If
a green innate character (such as Glenn) is in the party, he‘ll find the Aero Blaster Element lying on the

Shadow Forest: The party can fight the first optional boss of the game, Vineater (+1 Star) here.

Hydra Marshes: This area is poisoned and can wear down the party quickly. There‘s nothing to see here at
this time, though the party can nab some Safety Gear to nullify the poisoned water‘s effects.

Hermit’s Hideaway: This area is deserted. However, if Glenn goes into the hut and looks around, he‘ll
find what looks to be a note left over from his father, Garai. When Glenn reads the note, he learns one of
his father‘s old techniques. Glenn learns the tech skill Threaten.

S.S. Invincible: If the party tries to approach the ship, it gives off a warning shot. The party will refuse to
get close to it after that.

El Nido Triangle: The party comments that this area is strange, but nothing more.

Isle of the Damned: The enemies here will probably wipe out the party immediately, and all of the paths
are sealed at this point, though it is possible to reach the Hell Soul and Gravitonne Elements with a little

Gaea’s Navel: Though visible on the world map, this area remains sealed off for now because of the
unscalable cliffs that surround it.

Forbidden Island: The house here is locked up for now.

Sea of Eden: Though visible on the world map, this area remains sealed off by an unknown power for now.
Bend of Time: This bizarre area was mentioned by Gaspar earlier. In this unique set of sub-space, the party
can enter pillars of light to battle monsters from various locations, including locations the party cannot
reach any longer (for example, if an area is destroyed after the party explores it). Some enemies have
special items to steal, but of course Kid isn‘t always in the party, so this is the spot to do some major
pilfering when the mood arises.

Divine Dragon Falls: This area is empty for now, though the Great Explorer Toma and his assistants are
poking around the place.

Sea Gate: This area (leads to rest of world map) is sealed off by the Acacians for now.

At last, the party enters the demihuman town of Guldove. The village residents are wary of them, but they
still point out the way to Direa’s place. At last, the party meets up with Direa, the Shrine Maiden. When
Kid asks for the Dragon‘s Tear, Direa nearly turns them away until she notices the amulet that Kid wears.
There‘s something strange about that amulet... may she examine it? Kid is nervous, but she agrees. Direa
finishes her examination quickly. This amulet has incredible power... It‘s then that she notices Marle‘s
amulet as well. Two such amulets? One is bizarre enough, but two...? She senses that they have an
incredible tale. If they will tell it to her in full, she may contemplate their request. Lucca and Kid step up to

Direa thinks she understands some of it. They say that someone is tampering with the very fabric of time?
Most people wouldn‘t believe such a tale. But Direa senses many things, and she has lived to hear many
tales such as theirs that were all too true... She proposes a test. Her protégé, Steena, has recently become
gravely ill. She was attacked by a monster, and its poison has spread through her body. She does not have
long to live. The only way to cure her condition is to obtain Hydra Humor. Unfortunately, Hydras have
been extinct here on El Nido for over ten years... But if the party is telling the truth, time is of little
consequence to them, is it? If they can obtain the Humor for her, they‘ll also obtain her trust. That‘s a tall
order, but if that‘s what it takes to get the Dragon‘s Tear, the party will gladly do it.

Outside the hut, Glenn stops them. Are they serious? They‘re time-travelers? He doesn‘t mean to sound
rude, but he wonders what kind of loonies the general got himself involved with…

When the party visits the Hydra Marshes, they learn that the Hydras were all killed when the Marshes
were polluted over a decade ago. Nowadays, nothing dwells in the Marshes except some exceptionally
strong monsters. The party is unable to venture very far into the Marshes; to do so they would have to
control some strange plants, and they have no way of doing so. Kid announces that she‘s tired and wants to
put her feet up for the night. Maybe they can think of a solution once they‘ve rested. Serge‘s mom wouldn‘t
mind putting them all up, right...?

The party returns to Serge’s House. Marge and Wazuki are patient enough to let the party camp out in
Serge‘s room for the night. There, they have a quick chat. They need to find this Hydra Humor if they
intend to get the Dragon‘s Tear, but all the Hydras are extinct in this age. They need to go to another time
period. The problem is, they‘re stuck in El Nido, and the gate they used was back on the mainland. What
now? Lucca is curious. Serge says that he awoke with strange memories, correct? Perhaps his identity as a
Chrono Trigger had something to do with it. Serge‘s memories may correspond with the 1020 AD that
never was, the one that was sent to the Tesseract. It could be that, in an alternate timeline, Serge went on
some kind of adventure, and that the spot he collapsed at had something to do with them. If he somehow
changed the timeline so that those adventures never actually happened in the first place... that might explain
it. It‘s worth a shot. The next morning, the party heads out for Opassa Beach.

(Note: At this point, if Leena was not already re-recruited, she‘ll force her way back into the party to keep
an eye on Serge.)

          Opassa Beach - Where Time Holds No Sway
The first obstacle in the party‘s way is Lizard’s Rock. With all three party members working together,
they‘re able to push the rock out of the way and open this area up to exploration. This area is short and
simple, but the party can confront another optional boss, Beach Bumrush (+1 Star), in the southern

This takes the party to Opassa Beach. Kid, Serge, Leena, Crono, Marle, Lucca and Glenn all meet up here.
Lucca does some fiddling around with her Gate Key, and then announces that sure enough, there‘s a Gate
here. When she hits a button, the Gate appears. Ho ho HO! She is Lucca the GREAT! Nyuk nyuk nyuk! So,
what now? It‘s only safe to take three people through a Gate at a time, right? Lucca assures them it‘s
alright. They‘ll just end up at the End of Time. She wants to ask Gaspar something anyway. Everyone
ready? The Gate opens.

Sure enough, they end up in the End of Time. Serge, Kid, Leena and Glenn are confused. The party heads
over to speak with Gaspar. He has an immediate reaction when he sees Kid, but Lucca quiets him down.
She needs to ask him about this Hyrda Humor. Any ideas where they can find some? He suggests they try
searching El Nido in their own time. By accessing the Gate on Opassa Beach in Serge‘s time, they‘ve also
opened a Gate to Opassa Beach in 1004 AD. That‘s the best advice he can give as far as the Hydras are
concerned. He does suggest that their new friends visit Spekkio, though. They could surely use Magic in
their quest, no?

Spekkio has unique reactions to Serge and Kid. When Serge comes to see him, Spekkio tells Serge that he
senses an incredible power surrounding his soul... yet his soul seems distant. That doesn‘t stop Spekkio
from letting Serge use Light Magic, though! When Kid comes to see Spekkio, the Master of War is
amazed. She might not be quite as powerful as that pale weirdo they brought in a few years ago... but
DARN! She‘s still amazing. And yet Kid knows no Magic!? Well, he‘ll fix that! Spekkio grants Kid the
ability to use Fire Magic! Leena can also learn to use Water Magic now, but she‘s not special beyond that.
The same goes for Glenn; despite his protests that all of this is ridiculous, he still becomes able to use Plant

Now Kid‘s party can travel to Opassa Beach in 1004 AD. El Nido is a bit more innocent in this age, they
soon find. Serge and Leena are both only a year old in Arni Village. Fossil Valley is inhabited by some
strong monsters, but they‘re easily avoided. Termina, Viper Manor and Shadow Forest are all just as
they were in 1020 AD—though, of course, the party can‘t enter Viper Manor because they don‘t know
General Viper in this time period. The party can meet Zappa and Radius in this time period, however—the
two friends are at the bar in Termina talking about old times, and Radius mentions that as soon as Garai is
done with his current assignment they‘ll be getting together at the usual place.

          Hydra Marshes - A Shadow of its Future Self
Since they have no sea transportation, the party‘s wanderings are limited at this point. Their goal is to enter
1004‘s version of the Hydra Marshes. In 1004 AD, the marshes are still alive, and a race of Dwarves live
in the area. The Dwarves will get in the way at every twist and turn, trying to turn the human intruders
away. If the party explores a bit, they can find the Meteorite Element here.

Eventually, Kid‘s party comes up against the Hi-Ho Dwarves (+1 Star). After winning this battle, the
party can finally enter the Hydra’s lair and battle—you guessed it—the Hydra (+1 Star). This fight may
seem simple at first, but halfway through the Hi-Ho Dwarves will begin assisting the Hydra and things
become quite complicated!

After the death of the Hydra, the party finally nabs the Hydra Humor. With the Humor in their possession,
Kid‘s party travels back through time to 1020 AD, then hops on the ship to Guldove.

         Return to Guldove - Crisis in the Shrine
When the party returns to Guldove, they discover that the town is under attack! The assailant is actually a
single man, but he‘s insanely powerful. He was heading for the shrine... The party rushes to the Shrine,
where Direa is facing off against Veres. Direa won‘t let Veres have the Shrine‘s treasure. Veres is adamant
that he must have it immediately. When the party arrives, Veres begins to threaten their lives if Direa won‘t
hand over the Dragon‘s Tear. Desperate, Direa uses her powers to transport both herself and Veres away
from Guldove. Just then, a horribly weak Steena comes in the door. She must help Direa... she collapses as
Doc arrives.

The scene reopens in Doc’s clinic. He‘s used the Hydra Humor to prepare an antidote for Steena. She‘ll be
up and around in no time now. He‘s worried, though. Direa may have sacrificed herself to save Guldove
from that man. This Veres… Could Porre truly have such a powerful man on their side...? He invites the
party to stay the night at the clinic.

During the night, Kid awakens from a strange dream. Lucca tries to comfort Kid and prods her to speak
about the dream. Kid remembers only fragments. There was a kingdom in the sky... a terror in the sea... a
man haunted by the black wind... Lucca knows well what Kid was dreaming about, but she won‘t talk
about it. Serge watches them both silently.

That morning, Steena calls them to her room. She‘s still weak, but she needs to go to the Shrine at once,
and she wants to speak to them all there. Doc guides Steena from the clinic to the Shrine. The party has a
chance to explore Guldove and stock up, and then they need to visit the Shrine again.

At the Shrine, Steena decides to tell them about El Nido. It‘s said that long ago the power of the Dragon
Gods created the islands of the sea. That is a long story, and not one she has the strength to tell. But suffice
it to say that the Dragons are very powerful. In days past, the Dragonites worshipped the Dragons, and they
created the Dragon‘s Tear. As a symbol of their friendship with the residents of Guldove, before they went
extinct the Dragonites gave the Dragon‘s Tear to the people of Guldove with the understanding that the
Shrine Maidens would guard it always and keep it out of the wrong hands. That is the legend... Now Direa
is gone. Steena feels in her soul that her mentor and friend will never return. That means that it is now
Steena‘s place to decide whether or not she will grant the party‘s request. But that‘s the problem, isn‘t it?
She owes them her life and feels that the party‘s intentions are pure, but the Tear is not hers to give away. It
was a gift of the Dragonites, crafted using the power of the Dragon Gods, and it still belongs to them after a
fashion. Steena cannot give the Tear to the party unless the Dragons themselves approve the party. Thus,
Steena says, it is up to them to gain the favor of the Dragons. If they can do so and bring proof to her, then
she will relinquish the Dragon‘s Tear. She will give them one piece of advice, though—there is only one
person among them whom the Dragons will deem worthy of this quest. This one must lead their party, or
the Dragons will never accept them. Who? Serge. Steena cannot say why, but there is no mistaking that
much. Serge has been marked by the Dragons, and only he will be accepted by them.

The party talks outside the Shrine. So, they have to gain the favor of the six Dragons...? And Serge has to
lead them? Well, they may as well get to it then, right? From now on, Serge is the party leader and must be
included in the active party.

          The Six Dragons - Masters of El Nido
With Serge in the lead, it‘s time to get down to business. There are six Dragons to be found in El Nido—at
least, there are six according to the legends. The first three Dragons can be found at this point in time.
Serge can challenge (or attempt to challenge) these three Dragons in any order.

Sky Dragon (Sky Dragon Island): When Serge visits the Sky Dragon, he‘s told that all six Dragons
reside in El Nido. Unfortunately, three of the Dragons are sleeping at this time. Serge will have to wait for
them to awaken. How long will that take? Dragons are eternal creatures, so time is of little consequence.
The other Dragons could awaken today; they could wake in a hundred years. If Serge is worthy of the
Dragon‘s Tear, he will find a way to challenge them regardless. The Sky Dragon refuses to accept a
challenge from Serge until Serge has gathered the favor of the other five Dragons.

Earth Dragon (Earth Dragon Island): The strange rock that blocked the way into the depths of the caves
here has now been destroyed. Unfortunately, the blast created a hole that goes even deeper into the earth.
Serge has to explore the Sand Caverns in his search of the Earth Dragon Chamber. Along the way, they
can find the Upheaval and Electro Bolt Elements. When the party finally arrives in the chamber, the
Earth Dragon tells Serge that he is late. The one whom Serge should fear was here earlier, and he has
already been given a Yellow Relic. Why would the dragons help Veres? The Earth Dragon tells the party
that the Dragons will contest the powers of the Goddess of Fate in any way they can. Both Serge and Veres
offer them a suitable path. It is up to Serge to prove himself the true path. Otherwise, the Dragons will align
with Veres. Serge‘s party battles the Earth Dragon (+1 Star). After the battle, the party is given the
Yellow Relic and the Hi Res Element.

Water Dragon (Water Dragon Isle): When the party arrives back at this island, they find that the fairies
are in a panic. A ―dark man‖ forced his way past their forces and went back into the caves. When Serge
agrees that the man is evil and that they‘re his enemy, they let his party through. Serge‘s party enters the
Waterfall Caves. Unfortunately, explosives had caused a cave-in, leaving only a long path that weaves in
and out of the mountain. Along the way, the party can choose to battle Squeezbot (+1 Star), a ―friend‖ left
behind by Veres; winning nets them the Revenge Element. The Aqua Ball and Ice Blast Elements are here
for the taking as well. At the bottom of the caves, Serge comes up against Veres himself. Veres taunts
Serge‘s party—so, they‘re after the Relics too? That doesn‘t matter. Once Veres has collected all six Relics
and presents them to Steena, she‘ll have no choice but to hand over the Dragon‘s Tear; the Dragon Gods
will see to that. Veres departs. The party is curious as to why Veres didn‘t seem too interested in stopping
them... Serge continues to the Water Dragon’s Lair. The Water Dragon tells the party that change is
afoot in El Nido, and that one way or another, the Goddess of Fate‘s will shall be tested. Will Serge be the
one to heed the call of destiny? The party fights the Water Dragon (+1 Star). After the battle, they‘re
rewarded with the Blue Relic and the Cure All Element.

Once the party has the Blue and Yellow Relics, they‘re stumped. There‘s some talk around El Nido about
the power of the Dragons, but no one seems to know where the missing three could be. The Sage of
Marbule tells the party that the Black Dragon once resided in a cave at the edge of their village, but it
disappeared long ago. Likewise, decades ago when Mount Pyre burned hot it was said that the Fire Dragon
lived there; now the mountain lies cool and empty. And the Green Dragon? The Sage is unsure of where it
might be. Well, all this talk of what once was should give the party an idea of the next step. It‘s time to
head back into the past to search for the remaining Dragons!

There‘s one big problem, though—the party doesn‘t have any sea transportation in 1004‘s El Nido. They‘re
stuck on the main island without any chance of exploring Marbule or entering Mount Pyre, and no one in
Termina or Arni is willing to part with a boat. At last, Marle suggests that her father might be able to help
them if they go back to Guardia. Besides, with Veres running around, she‘s nervous about home.

          Guardia - To Get to Where We’ve Already Been
Serge‘s party travels back to Opassa Beach and into the End of Time. Gaspar doesn‘t have any clues as to
the whereabouts of the other Dragons except for an assurance that they‘re all within El Nido. He does,
however, hint that some force within El Nido prevents him from seeing much there. Could it be the
Dragons, the Frozen Flame, something else? It‘s impossible to say. Existing outside time, Gaspar, like
Crono, Marle and Lucca, remembers that El Nido wasn‘t originally part of the planet‘s geography. The
islands only appeared some time back in the past after Crono defeated Lavos and changed the future.
Changing the future somehow affected the past. Whatever mechanism caused El Nido to appear may be
related to their current problems, but Gaspar is unsure of any more…

Back in 1004 AD, Serge goes to visit the upper floors of Guardia Castle. There, Marle tells her father that
it‘s very important that they get a ship to go to El Nido. He‘d like to help any way he can. He orders for
part of the Guardia Woods to be cut down in order to build a ship capable of carrying his daughter safely to
the archipelago across the sea. It‘s going to be a while, though. Lucca decides that she should be getting
back home and invites Serge, Kid, Leena and Glenn to go along with her. Crono and Marle will probaby
want to get back to their house, right? Lucca, Serge, Kid, Leena and Glenn all leave, and Crono and Marle
alone remain under player control.

King Guardia invites Crono and Marle to stay for dinner at the castle. After all, it will be theirs one day...
During dinner, one of the soldiers bursts into the room. They‘ve uncovered something unusual in the
woods. It‘s some kind of black circle thing just hanging in mid-air... A Gate? Crono and Marle decide to
check it out.
In Guardia Woods, Crono and Marle find that it is indeed a Gate. This new spot is on a small hill in the
middle of the woods. There are some odd stone ruins scattered about. Marle is excited—they should check
it out! Crono isn‘t so sure, but he‘s not one to turn down the adventure, either. Crono and Marle head into
the Gate.

          Unfamiliar Times – An Unintended Detour
When Crono and Marle arrive at the other side of the Gate, the first thing they do is slide. In this time
period, the Gate is on a muddy embankment. Crono and Marle eventually fall into a quick stream of water
and are washed deeper into the forest.

Once they‘ve washed themselves off, it‘s time to figure out just where—when—they are. Things only look
vaguely familiar—the lay of the land is different, and they can‘t even see the castle from where they are. As
far as Marle could tell, they were washed eastward. Maybe if they get out of these woods they could hit the
Guardia plains (or whatever they‘re called in this time period) and figure out how to get back to their time.
Man, Lucca‘s going to have an earful for them back home, though…

It turns out that a fallen tree is blocking the way west, so Crono and Marle have to keep heading east
through Duskwood. Eventually, they come to a deserted, dark place where the trees thin. This area looks
familiar, but… It‘s kind of scary feeling, isn‘t it? Crono and Marle can head south to the World Map.

Sure enough, they‘re right around where Truce would be in 1004 AD, but the shape of the land is a little
different, and there‘s no village to be found. When Crono and Marle try to re-enter the western side of
Duskwood, men working for a man named Silenscio tell them that unless they have business, they‘re not
going to be allowed another step. Of course, they need to get back to the Gate through those woods… hm.
…What kind of business is this Silenscio into? …Oh, all kinds. But right now he‘s waiting to hear back on
a discovery down south.

That should be hint enough. Crono and Marle head southward. Interestingly enough, there‘s no need for the
Zenan Bridge in this still-unknown time period. The mainland is still one continuous piece, though the
coastline is thin where the bridge will eventually be. There‘s a sparse forest south of where the bridge
would be, though a desert is already forming.

Soon they come to Peor’s Camp. The explorer Peor is here. When the party first arrives, Peor is busy
complaining about his chief rival, a man named Mitan, who seems to have some fool idea about setting out
to sea on a new kind of boat he‘s designed. When Crono and Marle ask him if he could help them get into
Duskwood, Peor blows them off. He didn‘t get where he is today by doing people favors. Well, is there
anything they can help out with? Peor tells them that he‘s not in charge of that line of question. They
should go ask the foreman at the dig site if they‘re interested in jobs.

Crono and Marle next head to the Excavation Site to the west, and having spoken with Peor they can get
through. The workers tell them that the foreman is down in the ruins. They don‘t suggest going down there,
though… Some of the workers will give Crono and Marle a bit more info about what‘s going on in the
world. It seems that Peor currently has financing from Silenscio to dig at this excavation site. Silenscio?
He‘s the richest man in the world. There‘s another explorer named Mitan who has crazy ideas about
exploring the ocean, but it‘ll never work. The Amphians would put a stop to that. (Amphians?)

Crono and Marle shrug off the warning and head inside. The ruins underground seem highly decayed, as if
they‘ve been underground for thousands of years. Marle wonders aloud if these ruins could be from…
Before she can complete the thought, a pair of Slauthaurs appear and block the way back up. They can‘t
win this fight, but before Crono and Marle can be finished off, a familiar face appears—Magus! Magus
makes short work of the Slauthaurs. Crono and Marle are glad—and amazed—to see the dark sorcerer.
What in the world is he doing here?

Magus explains that he‘s been keeping an eye on Crono, Marle and the others since he spotted them on El
Nido in 1020 AD. But he never thought they‘d end up following him to this era. What is this era, anyway?
And why was he coming here? Magus tells them that this is a part of their world‘s past… by their calendar,
it would be the year 100 BC. As for what he‘s doing here… right now, he is the ―foreman‖ of this site. He
learned of this time period about two years ago by his reckoning. Surely they‘ve guessed where these ruins
originated from by now. He thought he might find a few clues in the old kingdom‘s remains. Marle shrugs.
If he‘s still looking for Schala, Marle might have news for him... Magus assures Marle that he already
knows. They‘re so similar, and they both wear the pendant... but he can‘t be sure. Besides, he has bigger
problems at the moment. He came back here mostly to clear his head, and they‘re lucky he did. Anyway…
Magus still has use for Crono and Marle, and he owes them one for old time‘s sake as well. He‘ll help them
get back to the Gate in this time period. Magus joins the party.

However, before the party can leave the ruins, another monster appears from behind. Crono, Marle and
Magus go toe-to-toe with 4 Slauthaurs (+1 Star). Normally Crono and Marle would be toast here, but with
Magus around the party is strong enough to win this one. Afterward, the party automatically leaves, and
Magus won‘t go back down into the ruins. The party heads back to the western half of Duskwood, where
the guards recognize ―Peor‘s foreman.‖ Magus leads Crono and Marle back up the embankment, but stops
at the Gate. Isn‘t he coming with them? Magus tells Crono and Marle that he is not. He needs to find out
what Veres is up to, but he‘ll do that in his own way. He tells them not to use this Gate again—he won‘t be
around to help them next time. Crono and Marle enter the Gate.

They‘re taken to the End of Time, where Gaspar wants to speak to them. He tells Crono and Marle that
Magus has been using the Gates often in the last few years. He seems to have replicated Lucca‘s Gate Key
somehow. Then again, for a wizard of his caliber, perhaps that‘s not so surprising. Gaspar suggests the
party head back to 1004 AD. For now, Gaspar will always stop the party from using the Gate to Duskwood
in 100 BC.

          Across the Sea - The Dragons Await
Crono and Marle arrive back home through the Gate in Guardia Castle. When they enter the ground floor,
everyone is glad to see them. Lucca and the others have been waiting at the castle for them to come home.
The Gate that Crono and Marle used was highly unstable—Lucca didn‘t dare follow them. It is curious to
find out that a Gate to 100 BC has opened, though. Why...? Just because of Magus, or something else?

King Guardia informs them that the ship is ready. It‘s waiting at the port in Truce Village. Now that Crono
and Marle‘s little adventure is over, they rejoin the rest of the party and Serge takes the lead again.

Serge heads to the port in Truce Village and speaks with the manager there. Sure enough, a small ship is
waiting for them. Actually, it‘s little more than a raft, but it‘s sturdy and will hold up on the seas all the
same. Having grown up in a fishing village, Serge won‘t have any trouble handling it. At last, the seas of
1004 AD are open for the party to explore! Although their destination is El Nido, they can sail around the
rest of the world at their leisure now. Don‘t think that means that everything is wide open, though—the
ship can only dock at Truce Port and Porre Port. The other areas are still off limits.

Eventually, Serge makes his way down to a large chain of islands and the El Nido Archipelago heading
appears. This is where the ship can enter and leave El Nido from the main world map.

Now that the party has a ship inside El Nido, they can visit several areas, but most are optional:

Termina: Rumor is flying about a recently proposed ―treaty‖ with Porre that General Viper rejected.

Viper Manor: The party is denied entry into this area.

Shadow Forest: The party score a couple of Elements here—Bushbasher and Cura. The way into the
caves leading to Viper Manor is blocked by heavy vegetation.

Arni Village: Serge and Leena are newborns here. Other than that, nothing.

Water Dragon Island: The Fairies here will be annoyed to see humans in their territory. They block off
the path further on into the island‘s caves.
Earth Dragon Island: A rockslide has blocked off the path to the quicksand, so there‘s little to do here.

Guldove: Direa is still alive and well here. Lucca warns everyone that they could harm space-time if they
have too much contact with her, so they decide to avoid the Dragon Shrine.

Sky Dragon Island: The Sky Dragon is here as well. The Dragon tells Serge that their sight transcends
space and time. The rest of the Dragons await his challenge. He will find them in this time period.

Hydra Marshes: It‘s the same as it was when the party visited it earlier, minus one Hydra, of course.

Hermit’s Hideaway: The party can meet Radius and Garai here. They‘re just going about their usual
training. Glenn is choked up to see his father, but holds his tongue regarding Garai‘s coming death six
years from now. If Glenn takes Garai up on a little sparring practice, Garai will teach Glenn one of his
special techniques, the Empower tech, and compliment him on his swordplay. Glenn has the makings of a
true knight, no doubt about it—his father must certainly be proud! Needless to say, hearing Garai say such
a thing makes Glenn‘s day, even if he can‘t reveal the truth.

El Nido Triangle: The party comments that this area is strange, but nothing more.

Mysterious Isle: There are Acacian Dragoons blocking this area for now. They say that a preliminary
investigation is underway at the moment.

Forbidden Island: The residents here have a bit of a story. It seems that while the dragoons were
investigating the Mysterious Isle, one of them dropped an Element in the water and the current carried it
down to this island. The residents don‘t need it, so they‘ll sell it for cheap. If the party chooses to, they can
purchase the Eruption Element for only 1000 G, which is an insane bargain.

Sea of Eden: Though visible on the world map, this area remains sealed off by an unknown power for now.

Divine Dragon Falls: There are a few demi-humans here, but they have no real info.

Sea Gate: This location corresponds to the El Nido Archipelago marker on the full world map and marks
the exit from El Nido.

         El Nido - Land of the Sleeping Dragons
At this point, Serge can confront the other Dragons. They can be defeated in any order.

Fire Dragon (Mount Pyre): The volcano is active, yet unguarded, in this time period. Serge and his
companions have to ride the chunks of rock floating in the lava streams to get through several areas. The
hardest part here is manipulating the lava flows and currents so the streams will take the party in the right
direction. At last, the party comes to the Fire Dragon’s Lair. The Fire Dragon tells the party that Veres is
yet to visit him—it looks like Serge may come out ahead in the race. Serge and the party battle against the
Fire Dragon (+1 Star). After the fight, the Fire Dragon gives Serge the Red Relic and the Recharge

(Note: It is impossible to travel past Mount Pyre to Fort Dragonia in this time period at this point.
Solidified lava blocks any hope of exiting the western end of the mountain, so there‘s no access to that
section of the world map.)

Green Dragon (Gaea’s Navel): In this time period, a mudslide has left an area where Serge and the party
can clamber up into the jungle. This is their only way to access Gaea’s Navel. Once Serge has made some
headway into the jungle, he comes upon some caves. If Serge enters the Earth Bore, he can fight against
an optional boss named Tyranosore (+1 Star), who drops the Genius Element when it goes down. Not
long after the Bore, the party finally comes to the Green Dragon’s Lair. The Green Dragon is yet to be
visited by Veres. Perhaps Serge‘s competitor has met a foul end elsewhere. That doesn‘t concern the Green
Dragon, though. What concerns him is that lunch has finally arrived! Serge and his friends fight the Green
Dragon (+1 Star). Afterward, the Green Dragon decides he‘ll have to get lunch elsewhere and gives Serge
the Green Relic and the Exhaustion Element.

Black Dragon (Marbule): In this time period, Zelbess is alive and well and, along with the Sage, is the
only demi-human in Marbule who will be friendly to the party. She, Fargo and their toddler son Nikki are
visiting Marbule together because Fargo is running from the Dragoons. Fargo needs to know if any ships
are headed in the direction of Marbule. When the party tells him ―Not a one,‖ Fargo is grateful and the
party has a new friend. He‘ll remember their faces if they ever need a favor, he promises. Just in case they
need help from his men, Fargo also gives them the Signet Ring, a personal token with Fargo‘s crest on it.
He can help them out right now, though. He and the Sage go back a way. If he talks to the Sage, he thinks
that Serge and the others will be allowed to enter the Black Dragon‘s Lair. The Sage is meditating in
seclusion now, but Fargo can still see him. Soon, Fargo has permission for Serge to enter. Inside the Black
Dragon’s Lair, the party comes up against the Black Dragon himself. He hasn‘t seen Veres either. Serge
goes up against the Black Dragon (+1 Star). After the battle, Serge obtains the Black Relic and the Seal
All Element.

Now that the party has the first five Relics, their next destination is Sky Dragon Island. When Serge visits
the island in 1004 AD, the Sky Dragon‘s voice comes to him. Serge must make the final challenge in his
own time. That means it‘s time to head back into 1020 AD. The party does just that. At last, Serge and his
friends confront the Sky Dragon on Sky Dragon Island. The Sky Dragon is pleased with him. Now comes
the final test. Serge‘s party battles against the Sky Dragon (+1 Star). Once the battle has ended, the Sky
Dragon rewards the party with the White Relic and the Holy Healing Element. They have found Serge
worthy to become their champion. They will support him in any possible way in his battle against Fate.

As the party leaves the Sky Dragon‘s lair, Veres appears before them. It seems that they have friends that
Veres wasn‘t counting on, but that doesn‘t matter. He‘ll take care of them here and now and take their
Relics for his own. Before he can get any further, Magus appears. He‘s in his Magil disguise again.
Magus/Magil chases off Veres before a fight can occur. Magus starts to leave. Lucca yells after him, using
the name ―Magus.‖ He doesn‘t stop. At last, Lucca stops Magus by calling him ―Janus.‖ Magus removes
his mask. Kid begins to feel strange and passes out. Lucca, Serge and Magus are all worried for her. After a
minute, Magus decides to depart. He has to keep following Veres. He‘ll be keeping an eye on their
progress, though. Lucca stops him. Why is Magus so concerned about Veres? What‘s he know about Veres
that they don‘t? Not much, Magus admits—but it‘s his fault that Veres is able to use the Gates. Magus
departs. The party decides to camp there for the night.

That night, Kid and Serge have another talk. Today when she saw Magil... or Magus, or Janus, or whatever
he‘s called... take off his mask, something... clicked in her head. She can‘t explain how, but she‘s known
Crono, Lucca and Marle before... and a frog with a gleaming sword... a man made of steel with a heart of
gold... a woman dressed in furs... and especially Magil. There were others, too. A man with an eye-patch...
a woman in dark robes... and a beast with a spiked shell... it‘s all so confusing. She knows that she knew
them all, and she was about the age she is now... but that never happened! She was raised by Sis until the
night of the fire, and then she lived with the Radical Dreamers after that. About then, Leena approaches
them, obviously jealous. Kid tries to make peace, though. She asks Leena a question—does Leena think
that maybe there‘s some world out there where their lives have gone differently? If there is, Leena wouldn‘t
want to see it, unless maybe it had kept Serge and she out of this mess...

At last, the quest of the Dragons has ended. It‘s time to go visit Steena again.

          The Dragon’s Tear - A Gift From the Ancient Gods
Back in 1020 AD’s Guldove, Steena is surprised but gladdened to see Serge return with all six Relics. She
knows now that the Dragon Gods have indeed chosen Serge. While she hates to part with Guldove‘s
greatest treasure, she will do so all the same. Serge obtains the Dragon’s Tear! Steena explains that the
Tear will unlock Fort Dragonia. It may have other powers as well, but it‘s hard to say just what...
Now that Serge has done his part, Kid asks if she couldn‘t assume the lead and take the Tear back to Viper.
After all, this was her job to begin with, right? Serge agrees. Kid becomes the party‘s leader once again.
The party boards the ship and heads back to Viper Manor.

Back at the Manor, General Viper is relieved to see them all. He asks Kid to hand over the Dragon‘s Tear,
and Kid does so. Viper begins to laugh. At last... now the last refuges of the Dragonians‘ power in El Nido
will be broken… Viper transforms into Lynx before their eyes. They all really are fools! They‘re being
used by everyone, and they‘re yet to realize it. If they wish to know the truth of the Frozen Flame, they‘ll
have to come to Fort Dragonia… Lynx disappears into thin air.

Well, this is obviously a very bad thing.

Solt, Peppor, Karsh, Zoah and Marcy are quick to come investigate, as is Riddel, Viper‘s daughter. Glenn
explains what‘s happened. Riddel is horrified. At last, her father has been consumed by his demons. What
if he should obtain the Frozen Flame in his condition? Glenn says that it was his fault that General Viper
obtained the Dragon‘s Tear in the first place, and he‘ll accept the task of stopping his liege if need be. Kid
and the others are quick to assure Glenn that he won‘t be going alone. With the Acacian Dragoons‘ help,
they should be able to prevent Lynx from reaching the Frozen Flame. They just need to hurry to Fort
Dragonia before it‘s too late! As for everyone else, they need to make sure no one else finds out about this.
Riddel will have to keep everything together in her father‘s absense with the Dragoons‘ help. If the public
finds out what happened to General Viper, morale would plummet and Porre might try something. They
just need to keep everything running smoothly, okay?

Afterward, Glenn thanks everyone for their help and promises to repay his debt to them once this mess is
over and done with. Kid won‘t have any of it, though. This is all her fault, and she was so close! She‘s just
PISSED, and more at herself than anything else! Kid storms off. Serge would follow her if it wasn‘t for
Leena. Lucca suggests that they just let Kid sit this one out. She has enough to think about lately anyway…

The party automatically exits. Meanwhile, Norris (in a chef‘s suit) steps out from behind a pillar where he
was listening in. So the Flame isn‘t here, but Viper has gone after it to Fort Dragonia, hm? It looks like it‘s
finally time to leave the manor and go back to the field…

          After Viper – A Quick Change in Plans
At this point, Kid can no longer lead the party, so Serge steps forward to lead the way. After all, he‘s the
one that the Dragons chose, right? He feels like it‘s his responsibility to make sure that the Dragon‘s Tear
isn‘t abused. Serge heads back to Termina and boards the ship. Nothing much has changed in El Nido,
except for one place.

When Serge arrives at Mount Pyre, he finds that the Acacian Dragoons set to guard the entrance have been
slain. They speak of some horrible man-cat, then die. Glenn is horrified. To think that General Viper could
be capable of this, even if he is being influenced… to turn on his own men… What if it was something like
this that took Dario…? For the Elements-conscious, the Ninety-Nine and Magma Bomb Elements can
both be found here.

Inside the mountain, the party has no trouble passing over all the cooled lava streams. They do enter the
Fire Dragon’s Chamber, where the Fire Dragon is waiting for them. He‘s not in a very good mood. That
Lynx character just came through here a while ago, and he made an awful mess of the place. He warns
Serge not to listen to a thing Lynx says, and instead to focus on killing him, even if it means losing General
Viper. Lynx is too dangerous to be left alive.

Serge comes out the other end of the mountain back to the world map. Fort Dragonia is straight ahead.
Serge enters Fort Dragonia, but… There‘s some kind of seal here. It‘s no good—they can‘t enter. Lynx
must have done something to keep them out, but what? Maybe they could bypass it by going to the past.

Unfortunately, as the party will discover if they head to 1004 AD and enter Mount Pyre, the route to Fort
Dragonia is blocked by solidified lava flows. And the mountains themselves? There‘s no actual route up
them; it‘s considered suicide to enter. Why did they think people would choose to enter through a
volcano!? It‘s impossible to reach the fort in this time period as well. So what now?

There‘s only one solution—they need to head even farther back and hopefully beat Lynx to the Flame by
grabbing it in an earlier time period. The party returns to the End of Time and speaks to Gaspar. Lucca
wants to head to 100 BC through the Gate Crono and Marle used earlier. Gaspar is okay with that, just as
long as they‘re careful. The Gate to 100 BC becomes available again, and Serge heads through.

         Fort Guar – Trying to Strike a Deal
Serge ends up in Duskwood in 100 BC. This time the party avoids a slip down the muddy embankment
and heads down into western part of the woods. The area is alive with activity. There are soldiers
everywhere fighting monsters! Serge finds himself caught up in the fray, and the party is forced to deal
with a Landriver (+1 Star). Afterward, the soldiers are all impressed. This is no place for civilians, but
they definitely handled themselves well. What‘s going on here? What, don‘t they know!? It‘s the freaking
Amphians. They‘re usually content to stay away in their own part of the world, but lately they‘ve been
encroaching on Silenscio‘s territory more and more, so much that Silenscio‘s even considering listening to
that dreamer Mitan.

When the party asks about El Nido, the soldiers have a lot less to say. What‘s El Nido? They‘ve never
heard of any islands. They have enough problems with just the land they have already, don‘t they?
Obviously Serge isn‘t going to get very far talking to these guys. Look, they were a big help. Maybe they
should talk to Silenscio himself if there‘s anything they‘re looking for. He‘s always happy to help
explorers, so long as they‘re not crazy (like Mitan, yeah, we get the point).

Now the party can explore the Age of Exploration, appropriately enough. If they head back to Peor’s
Camp and the Excavation Site, they discover that the foreman hasn‘t been seen in some time, and Peor is
beginning to get agitated. The party can explore the ruins if they want (the enemies are much more
survivable now) to find some new items. Unfortunately, what looks like an ancient cave-in has solidified
over the centuries into an impassible obstacle, so there‘s no going any farther after a point.

If the party heads to the Haunted Valley (where Crono and Marle left after being washed down the river
earlier), they run into a group of soldiers from Fort Guar. The Amphians seem to be coming from this area,
though no one knows just how. In any case, no one‘s being let past, not even after the party‘s impressive
display earlier.

The goal here is to enter Fort Guar, a walled town more or less where Guardia Castle will eventually
stand. The talk of the town right now is that nutbar Mitan being allowed to talk to Silenscio all of the
sudden. The recent Amphian attacks must have muddled his brain… The guards have heard about Serge, so
they let everyone in. When the party enters Silenscio’s Mansion, they overhear Mitan trying to convince
Silenscio of his plan. If Silenscio would agree to provide him the necessary funds for an expedition
afterward, Mitan could sail a ship to Amphian lands and bring the fight to their lands instead. And Mitan‘s
―expedition‖ would be over the sea as well. Yes. Silenscio still isn‘t so sure…

Serge enters. What if he could guarantee that Mitan would find an entire chain of islands rich in resources?
…That catches Silenscio‘s attention. And who are they? The guards explain Serge‘s role back in the
woods. So, they‘d be willing to help put an end to the Amphians? Yes. And what do they desire in return?
What else?—they need transportation to the El Nido archipelago in this era. If Silenscio would charter
Mitan‘s trip to El Nido, they‘d be happy to assist in getting rid of these Amphians, whomever they are.
Silenscio begins to laugh. Was this a little ploy Mitan dreamed up? He wants them all gone from his sight.
Mitan starts to protest. But—! Silenscio waves his hand. If Mitan and his band of actors can get rid of the
Amphians, he‘d happily pay for a thousand of Mitan‘s expeditions. But his advisors have been right all
along—Mitan‘s ideas are just insane. The party and Mitan are removed forcibly from the mansion.

Outside, Mitan has a few choice words for the party. Thanks to them, he‘s just blown a chance to finally
make a name for himself. Peor will be laughing himself into his grave when he hears about this! If he ever
sees them again… well, they‘d better hope he doesn‘t! Mitan storms off.
Well, what now? Serge still isn‘t sure… Just who are these Amphians, anyway, and where are they coming
from? Overseas, right? Maybe they should learn more about the Amphians.

          The Haunted Valley – Looking for the Hidden Path
The party enters the Haunted Valley (it will eventually be known as Truce Canyon in CT). Just as they
arrive, all hell breaks loose. More Amphians attack, and the human soldiers do their best to hold ground,
but it‘s a losing battle. In the confusion, Glenn suggests they go on ahead. One problem… Call it soldier‘s
intution, but he thinks the ground is full of traps. To demonstrate, he tosses a rock ahead… the ground
caves in under it, and human soldiers and Amphians alike try to steer clear. Why don‘t they try something
else? Lucca tries to think of something, but it‘s Leena who gets the idea first. See how the sentries have
been using the trees? What if they did the same? That way they could avoid traps on the ground. That‘s
probably the best bet! The party climbs into the trees, and though they have to fight a few humans and
Amphians, they avoid the traps on the ground. This leads them to a cliffside and a waterfall. Hey, behind
the waterfall…

Sure enough, the waterfall is hiding the mouth of a cave. The party enters the Undersea Tunnel. There are
Amphians waiting for them right at the entrance. G‘ha, the humans have discovered the entrance! Attack!
By now, the party shouldn‘t have any problem dealing with these grunts. The Granite Grunt (+1 Star)
that waits further on in is another matter. There is another problem to deal with, though—when the Granite
Grunt goes down, it hits a switch that starts to flood the entire tunnel with water, and the way back seals
shut! What now!? There‘s nothing for it but to keep going forward and hope they hit open ground before
the tunnel fills up.

They come to an opening with sunlight shining through. At last! The party climbs up and finds themselves
on a tiny island out in the middle of the ocean. Water begins gushing out of the opening, covering what
little land was left for them to stand on. …Hope everyone knows how to swim…

        Rescued! – …Or Not…?
The scene cuts to a man aboard a ship in the sea. …Wait, what‘s that…? Man overboard! Man overboard!
Someone tell the captain!

Out in the middle of the ocean, the party is floating around grumbling when the ship approaches. They
wave to be picked up. When the party is brought aboard the ship, the captain himself comes out to greet
them. …So who did they pick up? Fellow explorers out charting the seas? …OH. THEM. Sure enough, the
captain of this ship is none other than Mitan, and he‘s not too pleased to see them. …Give him one good
reason not to toss the lot of them right back in the drink where he found them. Lucca tries to explain. They
didn‘t mean to cause him any harm earlier. They‘re trying to reach a far-away chain of islands called El
Nido… Mitan isn‘t buying it. Um… Leena suggests that maybe they could make it worth Mitan‘s while to
help them out. There‘s, um, treasure in El Nido! Yeah, lots of it! He could fund all kinds of expeditions
with treasure, right? …Treasure, eh? Prove it. … Leena grabs something from Serge. Hey, this thing must
be worth something. Leena shows Mitan the Signet Ring the party got from Fargo earlier. Like this! They
got this in El Nido the last time they were there. Mitan takes the Signet Ring. What kind of cheap piece
of… …? …Toss ‗em in the brig for a while. He needs to think it over.

In the brig, the party sits around with nothing better to do than gripe. Some shortcut this is turning out to
be. By now, Lynx may have found the Frozen Flame, and chances are that if Lynx does get his hands on it,
Veres will be there to take it from him. Whose plan was this, anyway…?

A few crewmen come down and take Leena and Serge out of the cell. Come with them, please… Leena and
Serge follow the crewmen to the captain‘s quarters. Mitan is still there, holding the Signet Ring. …Alright,
the truth now. Where did they find this ring? They repeat—El Nido. …He‘s going to lose his patience with
them. How could they have found a ring bearing his family crest in this land he‘s never been to? …Oh,
um… Not going to change their story now, are they? Leena says they‘re not. Maybe he had family that
traveled there…? No. So they‘re going to keep saying, honestly, they got this ring in some chain of islands
to the south? That‘s right. … He needs to think. Back to the brig with them!
A bit later, Mitan himself comes down to the brig to see them. Alright, he‘s made up his mind. Maybe
they‘re telling the truth. Maybe they really did find this ring in some chain of islands. How, he doesn‘t
know. Maybe his family got their crest from somewhere else. Who‘s to say? But he‘s an explorer, and if
this doesn‘t make him curious, well, what else would? He wants to see this El Nido they‘re telling him
about, and they‘ll remain his ―guests‖ until he does. But first things first… Silenscio is a rich bastard that
Mitan would rather clout than look at, but Mitan has friends and family living back on land, and he can‘t let
those Amphians harm them. So how about a deal? He‘ll take them along to this El Nido place when
everything calms down, if in return they‘ll help him deal with these Amphians on their own turf. They‘re
headed there now—in fact, he was already en route when they spotted everyone in the ocean. They were
trying to do their parts too, weren‘t they? …Something like that. Well, alright then. Is it a deal? The party
doesn‘t have much choice in the matter, so they agree.

Later that night, the ship is easing up to shore on Amphian territory. Suddenly, a cry goes up. Has someone
spotted them? No—someone was waiting for them! The ship is under attack by Amphians! Mitan doesn‘t
like the sound of this, and he‘s going to require their help. Mitan joins the party. Mitan is required to be in
the party for now. The party has to defeat the Amphians onboard the ship. Unfortunately, it‘s too late to
save the ship by the time the attack wanes, and the crew has to abandon ship.

Everyone meets up again on the Southern Shore. Ooo… where are they…? Mitan‘s crew says that they‘re
just south of the Amphian tribe‘s village. Crono takes a moment to ask questions. Who are these Amphians,
anyway? They don‘t look like demihumans. Mitan doesn‘t know where they came from. They appeared
about ten years ago, and have probably been around longer. Whatever they are, they seem to have a grudge
against humans in general. They claim to stand ―against Fate,‖ whatever that means. That‘s not important,
anyway. They don‘t have their ship, which means a change of plans is in order, and retreat is no longer an
option. If a small group could sneak in and strike a blow against the Amphians‘ leadership, the resulting
chaos would give the crew a chance to attack. Guess who‘s volunteered as part of the ―small group?‖ Mitan
will come along as well, though he‘s no longer required in the party. They‘ll have to be quick—the
Amphians will eventually figure out where Mitan and his crew washed ashore and send a force to finish
them off.

          The Amphians – Those Who Stand Against Fate
The party is on the southeastern continent, where Choras will be in future times. It‘s night for now, so the
stars are out and everything‘s dark. One of the crew members at the beach will sell items and equipment,
and there‘s a spot to rest. If the party is low on cash, there‘s always the Hunting Grounds north of the
village to visit in order to rack up the G, as well as build any levels needed.

The goal is to enter the Amphian Village. It‘s still nighttime, though there‘s activity in the Gathering Spot,
which the party needs to avoid for now. There are some items to be found, including some low-level
Elements (!?), which shouldn‘t be outside El Nido in this time period, should they…? Even in Crono,
Marle and Lucca‘s time, Elements aren‘t yet being produced at levels high enough to be commercially
available, and even in Serge, Leena, Kid and Glenn‘s time, they can only be had at an arm and a leg in El
Nido. So how did Elements end up here?

After visiting every hut, the party hears a commotion from the Gathering Spot and stops to listen. It is time
to take back the world FATE has denied them! They, the descendants of the mighty Dragonites, chosen of
the planet, will take back what the descendants of the apes have stolen! …The party is a bit confused.
Descendants of the Dragonites? Descendants of the ―apes?‖ The same Dragonites as the ones in El Nido?
And for Crono, Marle and Lucca, it‘s been a long time since anyone called them apes… Mitan doesn‘t care.
He sees his chance to raise a disturbance. See those torches? If those fell onto the wooden stage…

In a minigame, Lucca and Marle have to time up their shots to bring down the two torches at the same time
in order to create a big enough fire to breed mass confusion. When they succeed, the crew back on the
beach sees the flames and decides the captain has given his signal.
While the Amphians are thrown into chaos and the crewmen are arriving, the party rushes to face the
Amphian chief, Zorala. Apes, here? They must be from the ship from earlier. But how did they get past the
sentries? Mitan tells Zorala to shut up. There‘s no way he‘s letting the Amphians live after what he just
heard! The party fights against Zorala (+1 Star), who also oddly uses Elements. After the battle, the
Amphians are all dead or fleeing, and Mitan‘s crew stands victorious. Zorala lies dying on the ground.
…Why…? Is FATE‘s reach so great, to not only subjugate and destroy their proud people within the
islands, but to slay them here as well? Or could this be the will of the planet, having forsaken them in the
past already…? How…? Zorala goes still. Mitan tells everyone to get some rest… he and his men have
some work to do while their blood is still hot.

In the morning, Mitan comes in to wake them. …They‘ve finished burying the dead. Everyone‘s getting
together in the Gathering Spot. They should come too. When the party arrives at the Gathering Spot, they
see the crew talking together in hushed tones. What‘s up? Mitan fills them in. His ship has been destroyed.
It‘ll take some time to craft a new one. Earlier today they tried to use that tunnel that leads back to home,
but the entrance collapsed because they didn‘t know how to open it. In short, they‘re stuck here for a while.
…Could be worse, of course. They have shelter, the land will supply them with food, and they can
eventually build a new ship with all the trees around. Of course, that‘ll take probably close to a year…
Sorry, but it looks like they‘re going to be living here for a while. Hope their trip wasn‘t too important.

Lucca has to disagree. Why‘s that? Because the Gate Key‘s reacting to something nearby! When they push
over the statue of a dragon, they discover a ladder leading down. Mitan follows them down. Sure enough,
it‘s a Gate! …The planet provides, it would seem. Well, it‘s been fun, Mitan, but they have to go! The party
steps into the Gate. Before it can close, however, Mitan jumps in too!

The party ends up at the End of Time. Everyone‘s a bit surprised to see Mitan with them, and Mitan is
bewildered about everything. …Call him crazy, but he thinks there‘s something to this that they weren‘t
telling him! Well, it‘s too late to hide it from him now. These Gates… Mitan cuts them off. Could one of
these ―Gates‖ be used to give Silenscio a visit? Well, sure… Then that‘s what Mitan wants to do. He still
owes them a trip to this El Nido place, right? It‘s a deal, then.

This is a good point to take Mitan in to meet with Spekkio. Mitan is a explorer aboard a ship, using the
wind to find his future, right? Well in that case, how about a little Wind Magic?

At this point, the party can return to 100 BC or cruise the times if they‘d like. Two new Gates are
available—one headed to the Gathering Spot in 100 BC, and another heading to Choras Square in 1004
AD. This is actually a good time to head to Choras in the present time, because this previously-unaccessible
town has some new equipment ready for purchase. If the party asks around, they hear that Choras is
actually just as old as Guardia, and was founded by pilgrims who left the western continent before the royal
family had come to power. The exact details have been lost to time, but that much has been passed down
from generation to generation. If Mitan is in the party, he‘ll be forced to admit that it really is a nice place,
if he ever wanted somewhere to settle down…

From here, it‘s also possible to use a Gate to head back to Zenan or to El Nido in 1004 AD or 1020 AD.
Despite all that‘s happened, there‘s still no getting into Fort Dragonia in either time period… their only
hope still lies in the past.

          Back to Fort Guar – Keeping a Deal
Serge and crew head back through the Gate to Duskwood, 100 BC, and from there to Fort Guar.
Everyone is in an uproar because the Amphian attacks suddenly ceased. The party heads to Silenscio’s
Mansion. Silenscio is surprised to see them alive. Last report he had, Mitan had sailed off, and those
characters with him (he knew they were in league!) ran into the middle of a battle in the Haunted Valley
and disappeared! So, now they‘ve come crawling back to beg for another chance, is that it? … Mitan
throws a staff to Silenscio. Look at the carvings. …These are Amphian runes. How did…? How does he
think they got it? …gulp… Mitan tells him it was a genius two-prong assault. His friends occupied the
main force in their secret undersea passageway while Mitan and his crew landed from the sea and attacked
the village. His men are busy at the site right now. All kinds of treasure and magical items. One of those
magical items transported them back here to this continent. …Uh… So, is Silenscio going to keep his end
of the bargain, or will Mitan have to find someone else to come take all those magical artifacts? …Uh…
All Mitan needs right now is a ship, since his is a bit indisposed back with his men. How about it? …Uh…
He‘ll take that as a yes. Just take a ship from the port, right? …Uh… Great, they‘ll do just that! Nice doing
business with you, Silenscio!

Outside, the others question Mitan. Was that really okay? Silenscio won‘t be too happy when he finds out
the truth. Mitan isn‘t too concerned. They got what they wanted, right? It won‘t hurt to lower Silenscio a
few pegs. Heh. Why don‘t they go get their new ship? At the port on the north side of the fort, Mitan picks
out a scooner. Not too big, but if it‘s just them, they don‘t want anything bigger. Serge and Leena look like
they know a thing or two about the sea, right? Well, how about they head to this El Nido place already?
He‘s still curious about everything that‘s going on here.

The party hops in the boat and heads for El Nido of 100 BC. They soon discover that El Nido is
surprisingly different in this time period. There are no humans living here. The Earth Dragon Isle and Sky
Dragon Isle are populated by demi-humans and Dragon-worshippers, while fairies run amock on Water
Dragon Isle and Black Dragon Isle is silent and solitary. The way to the Sea of Eden is completely
sealed. The Mysterious Isle is a place of silent mourning, where the dead are buried. There is a mass of
worshippers at Divine Dragon Falls. Native demihumans and Dragoniers co-exist in harmony. All in all,
the area is quite peaceful.

If the party asks around on Sky Dragon Isle, they learn that the Dragonites went extinct in El Nido about a
hundred years ago. While the race was dying out, a splinter group left for the outer world. They blamed
humans for the destruction of the Dragonite race, though just why is unknown. It‘s said that they found an
ancient record of El Nido‘s past, but what they learned from it, none can say. If the party relates what
happened to the Amphians, the Dragon-worshippers are sad, but not angry at the party. Perhaps it is fate
that those who live by violence shall in turn be struck down themselves. In any case, it sounds like the
Amphians were the descendants of that Dragonite splinter-group from a hundred years ago, and hearing of
their fate at least brings another mystery to rest, even if the end is a sad one.

There is something special to mention about Divine Dragon Falls in this era, though the party won‘t be
able to turn it to profit just yet. The worshippers here are able to create extremely powerful Elements at this
so-called ―power spot.‖ If the party brings them the right materials (and only aftering completing Fort
Dragonia‘s challenge in this time period), the worshippers can create Summon Elements. For those not
paying attention, those would be Saints (Light/White), Sonja (Plant/Green), Genie (Wind/Green), Red
Wolf and Salamander (both Fire/Red), Mother Ship (Non-Elemental/Black), Grim Reaper
(Shadow/Black), Golem (Earth/Yellow), Thundrasnake (Lightning/Yellow) and Blue Whale
(Water+Ice/Blue). These powerful Elements require a full field effect matching their innate color before
they can be used and are exclusively placed on Grid 4. This is the spot to come once the party starts
harvesting Shiny Materials to create these rare and ridiculously strong Elements.

When the party approaches Mount Pyre, they find the way clear and easy. The party enters Fort
Dragonia, where they meet the clerics gathered there. They‘re not happy to see humans in their sacred
fortress… The party tries to convince them that they‘ve come in peace, but it‘s not going too well until a
prophet among the worshippers named Yui steps forward. She tells the others to be at peace—she foresaw
the coming of this one in a dream. She‘s looking at Serge. The dragons have spoken to her from across
time, and they wish this boy to have their aid. But first, a test. He must reach the highest room of the
fortress and confront the challenge there-in. If he succeeds, Serge will have their cooperation. If not, the
dragons will not support him. Agreed?

The party works their way through the fort‘s challenges (and if they‘re looking hard enough, finding the
Revive, Field Crash and Esuna Elements), hitting the elemental switches, until they at last come to the
antechamber. Lucca is disappointed to see that the Frozen Flame isn‘t here in this time period—is it in
Fort Dragonia in another time period, or is this a false lead…? Irregardless, the voices of the dragon gods
address Serge from across time. If he would decry Fate in his own time, he need only bear their talisman…
The dragons bless the party with the Dragon’s Pendant. The worshippers below recognize Serge as one
chosen by the dragon gods now. Yui tells them that no enchantment will bar their entrance to Fort Dragonia
so long as they have the mark of the dragon gods. They may go in peace…

Outside, Mitan has some questions. Lucca was talking about the Frozen Flame—he‘s heard that legend
before. Supposedly, it can grant wishes to the bearer. Do they seek such power? To what end? Well, it‘s
hard to explain… but they have to keep the Flame out of the wrong hands. So why come here? Did they not
think that the Frozen Flame was within this fortress? Well, it may be, but not now… They decide to explain
things to Mitan. …Hmm. Mm, mm. That explains where the ring came from. It‘s all hard to believe, but he
saw that Gate with his own eyes. But they have his interest, and it sounds like they‘re up against something
serious. Besides, no explorer has ever even thought to explore time before! Would they mind if he came
along? Um… since he knows, he might as well. Mitan becomes a permanent party member!

With this resolved, it‘s time to travel back to 1020 AD and get back on Lynx‘s trail!

         Fort Dragonia – Lair of the Frozen Flame?
And so it‘s back to Opassa Beach in 1020 AD. The party can jump on the ship again and head out to sea.
Mount Pyre is now clear, luckily, so the trip to the next area should take only seconds. The party comes up
against Lynx‘s seal once again, but this time the Dragon‘s Pendant shines, and the seal shatters, leaving
Fort Dragonia open to the party.

Serge enters Fort Dragonia, where a few more slain Dragoons lie. Inside, the Dragon‘s Tear has already
been used to activate every room in the fortress, though there are still treasures to be found, such the Mag
Negate, Diminish, Heal All and Phys Negate Elements. Serge leads the party up to the antechamber.
Inside, he finds Lynx waiting for them, and the Dragon‘s Tear on a podium. Lynx is amused. Hasn‘t Serge
figured it out yet? Everything he‘s doing, he‘s done before in another dimension. He‘s only playing again
by the same script that took him in the first time. FATE is unsure of what Serge‘s significance is and how
he ties into the Frozen Flame, but it is very clear that it has something to do with the Prometheus Lock that
Lucca Ashtear built into the system. Reading the tale of the lost 1020 AD has revealed that much…

Lucca is bewildered. The Prometheus Lock? It must be something she‘s yet to do. Or was it something she
did in the old 1020 AD? But if that was true, it wouldn‘t affect this timeline. A ―Lock‖ connected to Serge
somehow… It must be something similar that happens in both the old 1020 AD and the new 1020 AD.
Suddenly, Lucca understands. Whatever it was that caused the old 1020 AD to be thrown into the
Tesseract, they can‘t allow it to happen again! Someone must be trying to recreate the old 1020 AD to
manipulate the new timeline!

Suddenly, Veres appears out of nowhere, clapping. My, my. Even the physical manifestation of FATE
herself fell for it, and the infamous Lucca Ashtear figured it out. Lynx forgets the party and turns on Veres,
but it‘s no use. Veres is able to defeat Lynx in a matter of moments, leaving him crumpled on the floor.
Veres turns to address the party, Serge and Lucca in particular. Haven‘t they figured it out yet? Time and
space are withering; history will soon be stricken from existence in reverse. Or hasn‘t Lucca thought to
contact her old friend Belthasar yet? There‘s only one solution to all of this. At this rate, time will slip from
its axis entirely and spin into nothing until it ceases to exist. The Time Crash has already assured that. The
only solution is to prevent the Time Crash from ever happening in the first place! But explaining to them is
pointless; they wouldn‘t understand the necessity. Not without seeing it with their own eyes. Besides, he
needs to get rid of them for a while… Veres focuses his power into the Dragon‘s Tear, and the room begins
to fade. What…? Lucca begins to panic. He‘s forcing them into a Gate! How…!?

Everything fades to black.

         The Time Crash – On the Eternal Edge of Oblivion
Lucca awakens alone on a blasted concrete ledge. All around the colors are faded; shapes are distorted;
there seem to be gaping empty spots in existence. What in the world…? Serge and one random party
member are nearby. Are they okay? Yeah, but where are they…? She thinks the better question would be
one of ―when.‖ Veres threw them into some kind of Gate. What was he saying about a Time Crash?
Whatever it was, they should probably look for the others.
Lucca‘s party wanders through the Edge of Oblivion, following what seems to be a freeway and train
tracks built over the ocean. It‘s very eerie. All around, nothing is moving. No water flowing, no wind
blowing… even sound and scent seem to have a hard time carrying, like they‘re delayed. They come upon
a few men and women who seem to be forever frozen in time. What a horrible fate… Finally they find the
others. Everyone looks to Lucca for answers, but she isn‘t sure she can give any. Obviously, there‘s
something very wrong with the fabric of time here. Could this be the source of the ―displaced axis of time‖
that Gaspar referred to? Perhaps. She thinks that this must be the Time Crash that Veres was referring to.
He said that it was essentially unmaking time in reverse. But how would he have known about it…?

At last, the party comes to the Research Center Ruins. It looks as if this area was hit hardest of all. Also,
it looks like there was once a large complex in the center of the ruins, and now only non-existence remains.
There doesn‘t seem to be anything left living here. Everything‘s a blur, and movement is sluggish. But
Lucca is picking up some recognizable readings not too far ahead; a Gate, hopefully. They enter a building
marked Ashtear Memorial Space-Time Research Library. Inside, Lucca notices a memo and takes a
moment to read it. According to this, the research center ―Chronopolis‖ was due to unleash the power of
the Frozen Flame through use of an experimental Time Egg in order to harness the power to manipulate
time itself through Chronopolis‘ main computer, FATE. This Counter-Time Experiment was to take place
tomorrow, from the memo‘s point of view. How long ago that was is anyone‘s guess. Lucca would guess
that it was this experiment that caused the Time Crash—this freezing and perhaps even reversal of time
itself. It‘s like space-time is folding in on itself, and where it meets the past, it erases everything. Such an
event would slowly descend through space-time itself until nothing was left. That must be what Veres
meant. So how does he intend to prevent it? Theoretically speaking, you should be able to prevent the Time
Crash from ever happening by manipulating the past. But why is he screwing around way back in 1020
AD, then? Surely it can‘t have begun that far back, right? There has to be more to it…

Lucca leads everyone into a back room, where sure enough, a lone Gate awaits them. They hurry to rush
through it and are whisked away to the End of Time. Gaspar is waiting for them. Even as they watch, the
Gate they came out of is beginning to fade out of existence already. Lucca explains what they just saw to
Gaspar. A Time Crash, hmm? Veres must be trying to grab the Frozen Flame in order to prevent the Time
Crash, then. From that perspective, he almost sounds like a good guy. But there‘s something Gaspar
doesn‘t trust about him… something wrong about his methods that makes him uneasy. He suggests that the
party return to El Nido and try to track Veres down again.

         Return to Viper Manor – Searching for Veres’ Trail
Lucca gives the lead back to Serge, and the party travels back to Opassa Beach in 1020 AD. They head
back up to Viper Manor, where Glenn explains what happened. It seems that Karsh, Zoah and Marcy
followed the party inside Fort Dragonia at a safe distance. But they didn‘t see Veres. All they saw was
General Viper‘s body and the shattered Dragon‘s Tear. The general is dead, and nothing can change that
now… They thank Serge and the others for doing their best, though. Karsh hands over the Shards of
Death. Oh, yeah, there was one other thing. It seems that they had a spy from Porre here in the manor.
They caught him trying to sneak around in Fort Dragonia. He says his name is Norris. He was in there
before the Dragoons were, so he might have encountered Veres… Whenever they‘re ready to leave, Karsh
took the liberty of returning the ship that General Viper loaned the party to Termina‘s harbor. It‘s there and
ready to be used.

Serge and the others go to the Basement, where Norris is locked in a cage. The party questions him about
Veres. Norris says that he did encounter Veres, and he‘ll share what he knows if they‘ll let him out. Glenn
promises that they will—if his information is good enough. That sounds fair. Norris claims that he was
watching when Veres used the Dragon‘s Tear to send them all away. That was what shattered the Tear;
maybe it was too much power at once or something. Right after that he rushed into the room and
confronted Veres about what he‘d just said. Veres just laughed and said that he‘d let Norris live if he‘d
promise to deliver a message to Serge. So what was the message? Veres said that he wants Serge and Kid
to follow him to the Sea of Eden if they want to understand what‘s happening. Then he used some kind of
ray, and Norris blacked out after that… When he woke up, Karsh, Zoah and Marcy were hovering over
him, all worked up. So, is that good enough to get let out? Glenn opens up the door and tells Norris to take
off before he changes his mind. Norris isn‘t about to leave, though. Ever since he came here to El Nido,
he‘s been having some kind of strange déjà vu going on. It‘s like he‘s done certain things before. But now
he feels like something new is beginning, and that makes him even more uneasy than the déjà vu did. If it‘s
all the same to them, he‘d like to come along to find some answers. Can he and Glenn call a truce until
then? Marle isn‘t so sure that she‘s not the one Norris should be worried about, but everyone agrees to let
Norris come along if he‘s honestly committed to getting some answers. Besides, Glenn says, it would be
best to keep a known spy under as close scruitiny as possible, right? Norris joins the party.

          Where’s Kid? – The Missing Key
They need to head to the Sea of Eden at once, but there‘s just one problem—Kid‘s still gone. The party
heads back to Termina, where they get bad news. There is some talk of a young man from Guldove named
Korcha who made regular trips around El Nido. It seems that he took off with a blonde haired girl a day or
so earlier. Time to track Kid down…

          THE END OF TIME
This is the time to take Norris to meet with Spekkio, who will teach him to use Earth Magic. Norris is still
baffled by the idea of time travel, but at the same time, he thinks it may explain the odd déjà vu he‘s been
experiencing lately. For his part, Gaspar knows very little. He hasn‘t seen Kid recently, so she must be back
in 1020 AD still, unless she‘s found a direct Gate to some other time without passing through here.

         1020 AD – EL NIDO
Viper Manor: Karsh, Zoah and Marcy are here, along with Viper‘s body. They remind Serge of the
message Norris carried—follow Veres to the Dead Sea, also called the Sea of Eden. But first everyone‘s
worried about finding Kid.

Arni Village: Serge and Leena‘s families are still worried about them, but there‘s no mention of Korcha or
Kid here. If Leena talks to her mother, her mother wishes her well and increases the effectiveness of
Leena‘s Prayer tech skill.

Guldove: Steena listens as the party explains about what happened to the Dragon‘s Tear. She‘s angry, but
she doesn‘t blame Serge and the others. She doesn‘t know who Lynx really is, and Veres is another
mystery. She wants Serge to get to the bottom of this… The people around here know Korcha, but he
hasn‘t been back today. Macha promises to hand him his head if he leaves El Nido on that rickety old boat.

Sea of Eden: Serge and the others can enter here, but they come up against some kind of invisible field.
They might as well forget this place for now and look for Kid…

S.S. Invincible: The party gets a warning shot from Fargo‘s crew, but this time Mitan is along for the ride,
and he wants to give the captain of that ship a piece of his mind. The other party members can‘t stop Mitan
from heading right up to the ship. Mitan‘s actions impress Fargo so much that he lets them aboard. Fargo
comes out to meet them, and the party shows him the Signet Ring. Wait… Before they can talk about it,
Mitan launches into a lecture about firing on innocent people that ends with Fargo laughing. …He likes
them. Alright, he‘ll tell the gunners to take it a bit easier. Fargo also tells Mitan that he looks like a man
who could use something Fargo has. What‘s that? Fargo hands over the Profiteer tech skill. Consider it
compensation for the lecture. After this, the party is free to come and go on the S.S. Invincible.

         1004 AD – El NIDO
Marbule: Fargo has left aboard the S.S. Invincible, though Zelbess and Nikki are still in Marbule. No one
is sure where Fargo took his ship, but he‘s been fleeing Viper for some time.

Mysterious Isle: At last, the Acacian Dragoons have departed from their investigation of what will be
called the Isle of the Damned in the future. It‘s eerie, and the enemies are strong, but this is a good side area
to find equipment, plus the party can find the first boss they‘ve seen in quite a while, an optional enemy
called Deathgigan (+1 Star) that guards some rare, powerful accessories. It‘s definitely a worthwhile
         1020 AD – MAIN WORLD
Porre: There‘s a lot going on in Porre right now—their ships are everywhere, as are their troops. The party
can‘t even get close.

Truce Village: It turns out that a skiff all the way from El Nido landed here just a few hours ago! The party
encounters Korcha in the inn. Did he see Kid? Yes; actually, he brought her here. She seemed to think that
the pendant wanted her to go somewhere. The pendant…? Interesting… Last Korcha knew, she was
heading north.

Bonyan: Jacole and Teron are here, alive and well. They report that Porre is in an uproar, and any traffic
going in and out of the city has been shut down. No one knows where Veres is, though rumor places him in
El Nido. Rumor also has it that Porre may be invading El Nido soon… If Norris is brought along, the others
will confront him about those rumors. Norris tries to get away with saying as little as possible, but he can‘t
hide that his unit, the Black Wind, is most definitely up to something. Jacole and Teron do mention an odd
man who stopped by just earlier that day, though. He was older, pale, with dyed blue hair, and very
frightening. He was looking for Kid as well. Should they be worried? Lucca assures them that as
frightening as he looks, he‘s just as worried about Kid—maybe even moreso—than any of them; it‘s okay
to tell him if they know anything. Jacole and Teron are relieved to know that the strange man is on their

The goal is to travel to the Guardia Ruins, where the party sees fresh footsteps leading to the Gate. Serge
and crew are taken to the End of Time. Did Kid just come through here!? No, but… Gaspar isn‘t sure. Kid
inherited Schala‘s pendant, did she not? Something like that… why? Just this—if Kid is using that pendant
to travel through time by herself, she wouldn‘t necessarily have to come through the End of Time.
Remember how Crono and his friends traveled directly from Gate to Gate before coming here? He‘s
worried that she could travel the same way. Besides… That pendant is made of Dreamstone. He worries
about what may attract it. For now, he suggests looking for signs of her passage around any Gates they‘ve
used. He‘ll listen for her voice in the winds of time from here…

Here comes the first of a few choices that will affect whether the party gets the true ending or not. The
party uses the Gate to travel to Duskwood, 100 BC. A familiar figure is waiting for them… Magus turns.
Are they looking for her? They‘ve lost her, haven‘t they? … She is wandering the timestreams, alone. Who
knows where and when she will end up? … Lucca assures him that they‘re looking. He hasn‘t seen her in
this time period, has he? Magus is sure that she isn‘t here. None of them can feel it, can they…? The black
wind howls from the past. His sister‘s presence… it threatens to change history. As far as history is
concerned, Schala Zeal died thousands of years ago, and the power of the Zeal kingdom was buried with
her. Letting her run amock in the timestream could obliterate the line of events leading to their own time.
And now, she is gone… And he blames one of them in particular for not watching after her…

Magus turns on Serge. Him… He has left her to her fate—will he deny it? Serge has two options. The first
is to Challenge Magus; the second is to Remain Silent.

         Challenge Magus: If Serge chooses this option, Lucca, Crono and Marle will stand aside.
         They‘re not going to become embroiled in this conflict. Serge and the remaining party members
         battle against Magus (+1 Star if victorious), a battle they‘re not likely to win outside of a New
         Game+. Either way, after the conflict Magus will call them fools, but decides he has use of them
         all the same. He‘ll journey with them for a while; they should go to the End of Time. Magus
         joins the party.

         Remain Silent: If Serge chooses this option, Lucca cuts in. She understands his concern, but
         surely Janus understands that Veres is equally dangerous. They won‘t ever be able to understand
         all he went through in losing Schala, but they can help him keep her safe if he‘ll let them. Magus
         remains silent himself for a moment, then nods. Alright. He thinks they should return to the End
         of Time. For the time being, he‘ll join them, but only until they find his sister. Magus joins the
(Note that the first choice will ultimately result in Magus refusing to join the party as a permanent character
later on in the story. The second choice is required to make Magus join up later on, and this is a
requirement for the true ending. In other words, make Serge keep his damn mouth shut this time.)

The party returns to the End of Time. Gaspar calls them over. Well, wouldn‘t he know it? Not long after
they left, a new Gate opened up. Maybe their friend‘s presence here has something to do with it. Magus
only nods. So where does this new Gate lead? … To her, Magus is sure. They don‘t have time to waste. It‘s
time to go. The party heads to the new Gate and takes the leap.

          Age of Establishment – Battle for the Future
The party ends up coming out on the West Cape and winds up right in the middle of a battle! Wait,
what…!? They keep jumping right into the middle of things, don‘t they? There seem to be two groups
fighting, and neither is cutting the party any slack. At last, a massive tank driven by demi-humans appears.
What now? There doesn‘t seem to be any choice—the party is forced to battle the Zealot Tank (+1 Star).
With the defeat of the tank, the attacking force retreats, and the demi-humans who were inside get out and
start thanking the party. Before they can ascertain just what‘s going on, the soldiers turn on the party. Who
are they? Zealot spies!? Their leader appears and tries to calm everyone down. He introduces himself as
Arabya. He doesn‘t know who they are, but perhaps they should exchange stories…

The party is taken under guard to Arabya’s Headquarters. Some of the party members, particularly
Magus, Lucca and Serge, get strange looks. Arabya tries to explain: people are suspicious when they see
blue hair around here. Surely they can understand…? But they should know that, no matter which side they
come from. ―Side?‖ Arabya wants to know where they came from and how. He had men watching the cape
so the Zealots wouldn‘t try sailing around behind them. ―Zealots,‖ he calls them. Lucca is curious. Would
this have anything to do with…? Magus gives a slight shrug. Yes, the Zealots… they make Arabya want to
scream. People never learn a thing. It‘s been 500 years since the ice age that had crippled humanity for so
long ended. Their ancestors worked so hard to rebuild the world. But those fools in the east cling to legends
and myths as if they were fact. They seek to rebuild a legendary kingdom no one can even prove ever
existed, the magical kingdom of Zeal. Arabya will admit that they‘ve found some strange things in the
ground, and the Zealots do seem to be tapping into some kind of strange power, but to suggest that an entire
nation once floated among the clouds is ridiculous. What‘s worse, they‘ve enslaved the demi-humans and
are constantly grabbing land in an effort to build their resources. The free people of the west are fighting a
never-ending war against the Zealots, but every battle they lose more and more ground. Even when they
defeat the Zealots in battle, their resources are so depleted that they have to pull back almost immediately.
There is no end in sight… Now, would they have him believe that they come from a place where they‘re
ignorant of such things? … Marle decides to ask a question of her own. Has he seen a girl with a pendant
like hers come through here recently? Arabya takes a look at her pendant and grows quiet. … Magus grabs
him by the collar. Has he, or not!? Soldiers surround the party, but Arabya calls them off. This girl is
someone important to them, yes? Blonde, dressed in blood-red clothing? He saw her just the other day.
They were skirmishing the Zealots near the eastern outpost when the girl wandered into the thick of it. A
group of Zealots fell on her, and by the time they dragged her away, she was bleeding and still… He
noticed the pendant hanging from her neck as her lifeless body was taken away. He is truly sorry. If he
could have saved her, he would have. … Magus storms out. Arabya tells the party that they are welcome to
rest here so long as they stay in peace, then locks himself away in his private study.

Now the party (minus Magus) is free to talk to the people. They flesh out Arabya‘s explanation. The
Zealots claim to have found ruins and writings from a magical kingdom that existed during the ice age 500
years ago, floating among the clouds. Supposedly, the people of Zeal commanded the power of magic
through worship of a great being that slept beneath the ocean. But now that kingdom is gone, and though
strange ruins have been found, there‘s no conclusive proof that it ever was at all. But the Zealots believe,
and they won‘t be satisfied until they control all of the world—harvesting resources and exploring ruins in
their quest to regain what the writings hint was lost. So, this is 11,500 BC. Crono, Marle and Lucca take the
others aside for a quick explanation—originally, when they were fighting Lavos, they arrived in 12,000
BC, when the ice age was ending on the surface and the Kingdom of Zeal ruled the skies. It was Queen
Zeal, Schala and Janus‘ mother, who built the Mammon Machine out of Dreamstone to commune with
Lavos. Lavos itself destroyed Zeal, causing it to fall from the sky, when it was awakened. That was when
Schala was absorbed into the Tesseract, and Janus was flung into the Middle Ages… In any event, these
Zealots seem determined to revive Zeal‘s legacy. Was this really part of their history all along? Even with
all they‘ve done, it‘s amazing how little they know of the Planet‘s life… In any event, it seems like whether
the Zealots won this war or not, they never got too far. What little of Zeal‘s legacy survived ended up in the
hands of people like Magus, and in the sleeping potential to use magic that exists in the descendants of
those who survived Zeal‘s fall. …But Lucca isn‘t too sure now. Kid‘s presence here… alive or not… could
have serious ramifications. Or more to the point, her pendant‘s could. Those pendants are the key to
unlocking Zeal‘s mysteries. If they change this time by letting the Zealots get their hands on that pendant,
history itself could be rewritten…

The party rests. Afterward, they head outside, where Magus is waiting. He wants to look around on his
own, but he‘ll be back later. They should go ahead with whatever they‘re planning; he‘ll catch up. Magus
leaves the party. … At this point, there is no ―lead‖ character, so any three party members can be under
player control. The party agrees to go investigate to the east, where Kid was last seen. Hopefully they‘ll
find something positive…

There are several areas to investigate now in this post-Zeal, pre-Guardia world:

Arabya’s HQ: The party can return here to rest at any time, but Arabya won‘t take visitors. If the party
visits the demihumans, they learn more of the Zealots and their campaign to enslave the demihumans, who
only recently made their survival through the ice age known to mankind.

West Cape: The Gate back to the End of the Time is fully functional, so the party isn‘t stuck here.

Lasav Free City: Not far from Arabya‘s HQ is Lasav, the Free City. Arabya joint-governs this territory
with the mayor. The citizens here are decidedly anti-Zealot. This is a spot to buy new weapons and armor,
including accessories that minimize elemental damage. Since this time is pre-FATE, however, there are no
Elements to be bought or found in this time period.

Southern Ruins: These ruins are just now being excavated. Could they be from the fabled magical
kingdom of Zeal? For now, there‘s no entering here, but the geographical location coincides with another
set of ruins Crono and Marle have seen before.

The goal is to head to Battle Creek, the beginning of the frontlines of the battle. This is where Kid was last
seen. The soldiers here have heard about the party from Arabya and won‘t block their path, but they warn
the party that there are probably Zealot soldiers hiding up ahead. Also… the Zealots are using something to
control some kinds of monsters, and they use them as soldiers. Also, they should be careful around the
demihumans. They‘re slaves, but they‘re controlled through fear, so they might be just as dangerous as the
Zealots. The party thanks them for their advice and heads on through. Sure enough, there are plenty of
monsters to contend with, but the real challenge comes at the eastern edge of the area, where the party runs
into a Neo Golem (+1 Star). Afterward, the Zealots who had been keeping the Golem under control run
off, and the party has successfully entered Zealot territory.

          The Zealots – Magical Kingdom’s Rebirth?
Now the party is on the eastern half of the world map, and it‘s immediately apparent just how advanced the
Zealots are over the free peoples. It‘s also apparent that their archeology has been influenced, and in some
cases constructed around, the ruins of Zeal. The party first enters the city of Kadjira, which features the
prominent Arabian-style towers and lush surroundings of 500 years before. Demihuman slaves are also
apparent here. The Zealots themselves are divided into two camps—the studious, philosophical lot, and the
military. A little conversation reveals that there‘s a strong division between the two sides, and it‘s more the
military that‘s interesting in subjugating demi-humans and expanding their power.

Unfortunately, there‘s no passing through Kadjira and into the rest of the Zealot lands without a pass. And
how do they get a pass? The passes are only issued by the ruling Guru. How do they get in touch with the
Guru? Supposedly, you have to go to the entrance of his study and play ―the song that binds time.‖ But no
one seems to know the song. Hmm… There are clues around the city, of course—and also ―of course,‖ the
song is ―Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White,‖ the Element order that, followed by the Chrono Cross,
eliminated the Time Devourer. This opens the path to the Guru’s Study. The Guru himself isn‘t there, but
there‘s a letter on the table. It says to meet him in New Enhasa. Well, okay… The Pass needed to head that
way is included with the letter. The party stows both away.

The next area to visit is New Enhasa (the first Enhasa, you‘ll remember, was a city of Zeal). This city is
also called the City of the Gurus. The three Gurus all have their offices here. The Guru of Magic and the
Guru of Ages both have offices out in the open. The party can visit both, but these Gurus seem little more
than glorified supervisors. Both refer begrudgingly to the Guru of Reason, who has his office hidden
somewhere in the city. The clergy puts up with him for some odd reason, but neither of the other Gurus can
see why. That sounds like the party‘s man. Again, there‘s a puzzle to solve before the party is admitted to
the Guru of Reason’s Office. And no wonder it was so well-hidden! It turns out that stepping into the
Guru‘s Office means stepping through a hidden Gate into another time altogether. Serge and the CT
members recognize this Guru immediately. The Prophet of Time—Belthasar. What in the world is he doing
here!? Why, waiting for them, of course. He told Serge that if he continued on his journey for the Frozen
Flame, he would soon find his destiny. Hasn‘t that held true so far? … Lucca has a few big questions. What
does Belthasar know of the Time Crash? Belthasar sighs. It‘s a long story…

From Belthasar‘s point of view, when he was thrown into the time rift by Lavos in 12,000 BC, he arrived in
2300 AD. Of course, this was the 2300 AD that existed after Crono, Marle, Lucca and their friends
defeated Lavos and allowed humanity to live on and prosper. Belthasar was unaware at the time that any
change had been made. In the peaceful future, he founded an institute for the study of space-time
phenomena, the Time Research Lab. It was through his studies there that he learned of the planet‘s original
fate, and the old 2300 AD. That future time axis had been thrown into the Tesseract. Unfortunately, that
future included a Lavos Spawn. Schala Zeal was also thrown into the Tesseract. Schala and the Lavos
Spawn bonded, becoming one entity—the Time Devourer, which would eventually destroy all time and
space. Belthasar and his assistants, using technology based on Lucca‘s theories, laid the groundwork for the
Counter-Time Experiment, though technology would still need to progress before it could be made a
reality. That was why Belthasar built his Neo-Epoch, so that he could see the fruits of his labor. A hundred
years after Belthasar laid the groundwork for the Counter-Time Experiment and then disappeared, the
government founded Chronopolis, which would complete his work. The point of the experiment, of course,
was using the Frozen Flame to free Schala and prevent the Time Devourer from destroying the future they
had worked so hard to achieve—not that anyone besides Belthasar and his closest assistants in 2300 AD
ever knew that. Belthasar would step in when Chronopolis achieved his goal and use Counter-Time to save

…That was when something went horribly wrong. The Time Crash in 2400 AD. Chronopolis was thrown
into a temporal vortex, and time began to collapse in on itself. What was more, Lavos perceived
Chronopolis and pulled it back 10,000 years for its own reasons, probably part of a plan to ensure its own
survival. It was actually Chronopolis‘ presense in the past, and its residents‘ desire not to affect history on
the mainland, that led to the creation of the artificial archipelago called El Nido in 7600 BC. Meanwhile,
Belthasar wanted to finish what he had started despite the set-backs. That was when Project Kid went into
effect… It was a great plan to change time yet again on a more fundamental level. It all centered around
Serge—the world split into two realities, one where he died and one where he lived. It‘s too complicated to
explain now, but the end result was that Serge was able to meet Kid and create the Chrono Cross. If they
haven‘t guessed, Kid is actually Schala‘s daughter-clone… or was, originally. When Serge used the Chrono
Cross to free Schala from the Lavos Spawn in the Tesseract, Schala and Kid became one person, just as
intended. What‘s more, the divided time streams were reunited, resulting in this present, ―true‖ time axis.

But… He made a miscalculation. Originally, the Time Crash was supposed to be resolved when Serge used
the Chrono Cross, but for… various reasons… that didn‘t happen. As part of that, time slipped off its axis.
It‘s not something they have time to discuss now. It is imperative that they prevent Veres from finding the
Frozen Flame, but it is equally imperative that they ensure Schala‘s safety. This age marks the beginning of
a long and violent history. It will be several millennia full of much suffering and discovery on the part of
people like Mitan before the peaceful world that Crono, Marle and Lucca were born into can come about.
And of course, Serge, Leena, Glenn and Norris have seen that even that will not last. But there is still
history to be made in this age, as well as history to be made in their own ages. He must have faith that
they‘ll do the right thing—if they don‘t, they‘ll probably end up never having this conversation! On that
note, Belthasar hands over the Field Key. This will give them access to the Palace of Zealots, where a new
destiny lies in wait. If they hope to live to see the end, it is necessary to witness the beginning… Belthasar
fades away from view, and the party is left in darkness.

The party leaves New Enhasa and heads back to the world map. Sure enough, now that they have
Belthasar‘s Field Key, they can enter the Palace of Zealots. This is an eerie place… The attendants here
treat the party as pilgrims on a religious journey. There is talk of great events in the past few days.
Whispered rumors point to a genuine heir of Zeal being crowned soon. But even that is overshadowed by
greater news—a small quantity of unusually powerful Dreamstone has apparently been recovered. With it,
they will make a weapon to finally overthrow the heathens! The party moves on until they come to the
Chapel. The recovered Dreamstone is sitting on the stage. Lucca can verify what it is from a distance—it‘s
definitely Dreamstone, and enough to cause trouble, too. Again, without the pendant, they probably
couldn‘t have done much, but now that history has been changed… Before they can leave, a group of
Zealot guards surround them. The Queen said they‘d be showing up soon. Queen? Yes, the reborn Queen
Zeal! The one who will rebuild the magical kingdom and bless them through the ages by the power of the
one who sleeps beneath the sea. Lavos… The guards part, and whispers go up and down the ranks. The
Queen comes! Sure enough, she comes… It‘s Kid, but with her hair straight and combed, dyed blue, and
wearing flowing robes. She looks just as Schala did when she was absorbed into the vortex 500 years ago.
The Zeal pendant is prominent across her breasts. The only thing different—her eyes. There‘s a poorly-
disguised malice behind them. She sweeps in and gives everyone a long look, then orders them held
without question for the time being. She wishes for those who would rise against the great Lavos to see the
folly of their ways. She will not fall into the same trap as her mother—they will control Lavos instead of
becoming slaves to his power. The magical kingdom will rise again, and the march of history will forever
follow their orders this time. She has the party stripped of their Gate Keys and taken away.

         The Frozen Flame – The Dream of the Devourer
The party is held in stasis much as they were long ago in the kingdom of Zeal until the guards come for
them. Even then, they have been stripped of their Elements and equipment, and everyone‘s been reduced to
1HP/0MP. It doesn‘t look too hopeful. When they are released, Mother Yuri waits to speak with them.
Mother Yuri is the spiritual leader of the Zealots. She tells them that they must accept the way of the future.
Queen Zeal says that the party would oppose the great Lavos, whose power they so desperately need to
ensure mankind‘s survival. If it was up to Mother Yuri, the party would be executed here, but Queen Zeal
is merciful, and wishes to demonstrate the power of Zeal and Lavos to the party. Even now she prepares to
renew the link between man and god—to use the Dreamstone in the Chapel as a way of communicating
with the sleeping Lavos. They will see the power of Zeal tonight…

The party is taken again to the church, where Schala is ready to begin. Serge struggles forward and yells for
Kid to stop what she‘s doing. Schala hesitates, but Mother Yuri prods her on. Schala focuses on the
Dreamstone, channeling into it with her pendant and through to the sleeping Lavos beneath the sea…
Serge‘s face disturbs her concentration again and again… Visions of herself as Kid, visions as herself as
Schala before Zeal‘s fall, visions of her younger brother Janus, visions of the Lavos Spawn that sought to
become one with her… And… Lavos responds, and the Dreamstone reacts. Schala‘s will shapes the
Dreamstone, guiding Lavos‘ power, creating… Lucca gasps. No… no! That shape, that color! That…
presence. Could it be anything else!? More visions… Lucca, ―Sis,‖ Uncle Crono and Aunt Marle… The
orphanage burning, and… And… She tears herself away to see what she has created.

It is done. Schala has created the ultimate link between mankind and Lavos, a work of high-quality
Dreamstone and Lavos‘ will. The party realizes what‘s just happened. …The Frozen Flame… Schala Zeal,
under the power of Lavos, is somehow responsible for the creation of the Frozen Flame in a time she never
should have been a part of… How…? Mother Yuri orders Schala to call to Lavos through this new relic,
but Schala refuses. She‘s fighting their control over her… She won‘t be their… puppet… SERGE! Schala
directs her power at the Frozen Flame, which speeds off through the roof and into the sky, flying away to a
place unknown even to Schala… to be buried for thousands upon thousands of years until the future
comes… Afterward, Schala drops unconscious. Mother Yuri orders the guards to seize their ―queen‖ now
that she‘s acting up, but it‘s not going to work out that way. The black wind howls, and Magus bursts
through the stain-glass window (hey, have to have that scene once in every Chrono game, right?). He tosses
the party back their weapons, armor, items, Elements and most importantly, their Gate Keys. Magus
promises to get his sister away to safety; they‘ll have to fight their way out without him! Magus leaves with
Schala cradled in his arms. The party is forced to battle against Mother Yuri (+1 Star), who dies at the end
of the battle. Of course, that isn‘t the end—now the party has to battle their way out of the Palace of
Zealots, which is a bit more difficult than walking in! They split into three parties, each having to hit
switches to let the others advance past security. Each group has a boss to battle: Golem Twins (+1 Star)
for the first party, Father Mikel (+1 Star) for the second party and Security Wall (+1 Star) for the third
party. The parties reunite only to be tossed up against a final boss, Demi-Assassin (+1 Star), before they
can head out the door. (Note: This is the first of a few areas later in the game where the party will quickly
rack up Stars, so some party members may suddenly gain new spells that will greatly enhance their power
against these bosses. The average first-time player should have around 30 Stars after defeating Demi-

After the party leaves the area, they automatically meet up with Magus in a forest glen. Kid is still
unconscious and shows no sign of waking up. Magus is watching over her quietly. Schala… She looks as
she did the day she disappeared… Lucca looks her over. She‘s fine… just asleep. They should get her
somewhere safe. Serge volunteers his house. They can watch over her there. It‘s agreed, though Magus is
hesitant. Alright…

The scene reopens in Serge’s room. There‘s no change in Kid. Crono hates to rush them, but they need to
get to the Sea of Eden, with or without Kid. She‘s safe, so maybe they should just count their blessings and
move on for now. If Veres gets ahold of the Frozen Flame, it‘s all over. Serge grudgingly agrees. Magus
decides to rejoin the party for the time being.

          The Pearly Gates – Seal of the Cursed Sword
Back in 1020 AD, the party at last heads to the Sea of Eden. There‘s just one problem—the so-called
―Pearly Gates‖ are creating an impenetrable seal on the area, and not even Magus is able to break through
the area. What‘s worse, this is the only time period where there‘s even any way of getting into the Sea of
Eden, so time travel won‘t solve this problem. And worst of all, there‘s an evil aura in the air… it‘s an aura
familiar to Magus, and yet… somehow tainted… Could this be the Masamune…? He‘s sure of it…
Someone is harnessing the Masamune‘s power to seal this area. He‘d recognize it anywhere. But there‘s
still something wrong with it… Where is the Masamune now? Glenn knows: according to local lore, the
cursed sword Masamune is what has caused such evil on the Isle of the Damned. It is near his father
Garai‘s grave… That sounds like their best bet, then.

The party heads to the Isle of the Damned and finds the paths finally all open. They soon arrive at Garai’s
Memorial. No sign of the sword, though… why…? Glenn kneels back at the grave and gives a quick
explanation. His father was slain on the mainland ten years ago when he and Radius found the Masamune.
The sword was laid to rest here; it was hoped that Garai‘s spirit would ease the sword‘s curse. Instead, the
Masamune transformed this entire island into a living hell. His brother, Dario, Dario‘s fellow Dragoon
Deva Karsh, Solt and Peppor of the Acacian Dragoons came here to investigate after it became the Isle of
the Damned. Dario was supposedly killed by demons, and to this day Karsh refuses to say much about the
incident, while Solt and Peppor claim they were away when Dario was killed. …Glenn has always been
suspicious of the entire ordeal. He has always wanted to visit this island to investigate on his own, but
General Viper forbade travel here. This is the first time Glenn has stood on this soil… and now he finds
that the cursed sword is missing. Did the general know this? Did Karsh? Norris points out an island to the
south. Smoke is rising from among the trees. Hmm… he drops a slip of paper into the water. Yes, look. If
something were to run with the current, it would probably be washed… south.

Back on the world map, the party heads to the Forbidden Island. Yes… Magus can feel it… they‘re close
now. The party enters the house. Dario is kneeling on the ground, the Masamune channeling dark energy
all around, as a woman hides in the corner. Dario! Glenn rushes to shake him, but he‘s thrown back. Magus
is more cautious. The Masamune… even now, is it channeling its power through this man to protect the Sea
of Eden? Surely this is the work of Veres or Lynx… Sensing its old foe, the Masamune responds to Magus,
and the party slowly backs out of the house with Dario following, Masamune pulsing in his hands. Kill…
kill… the dark one… it turns on Crono and Marle. Their blood… the taste of their blood… remembers…
They don‘t have any choice. The party is forced to battle Dario (+1 Star). Of course, the real object here is
the cursed Masamune. Once the battle is over, Dario and Masamune are finally separated, and the dark
energy is driven from the sword. While Glenn tries to awaken his brother, the remains of the Masamune
float over Serge. Masa and Mune have finally awakened, and Doreen is there to chide them for sleeping for
so long. They recognize some of these people, don‘t they? Yeah, the spikey-headed kid, the girl with
glasses, the future-princess and… hey, it‘s Janus! Hopefully the frog guy won‘t be using them to cut the
prince again. Doreen says they‘re hopeless, and she‘s coming along to make sure they don‘t cause any
more trouble. The Masamune transforms into the Mastermune.

With the Mastermune in Serge‘s possession and pure again (and a pretty powerful equipable weapon, it
turns out), the way to the Sea of Eden should be clear. First, though, Glenn asks the party to take Dario
back to Viper Manor. After losing the general, Dario‘s return should cheer them. Alright… The party
returns to Viper Manor, where Karsh, Zoah, Marcy, Riddel and Solt & Peppor are overjoyed to see Dario
up and about again. It will take some time for Dario to readjust… the sword held his mind in its sway for so
many years. Glenn wishes he could stick around, but they still have an appointment to keep.

Back at the Sea of Eden, the barrier has disappeared, and the way is open. Lucca warns them that they
could be in for… well, anything. She‘s getting readings that are off the scale… kind of like when they were
in the Time Crash. Be prepared… Serge leads the way in.

           The Sea of Eden – Where Life and Death Are Meaningless
It‘s amazing inside… time seems to be frozen in place. Waves stand more than a hundred feet high, ready
to crash down… and yet they do not move. The sea is solid beneath their feet, caught in mid-churn. Even
the air is stale, motionless. Lucca recognizes this… so, this place must be at the center of the Time Crash.
She feels that they‘ve entered not just another space, but perhaps they‘re moving partly across time as well.
They don‘t have time to sit around and study, though. There are a few obstacles to cross, but they should
probably head for the building in the center.

First in the way are the Highway Ruins, which look somewhat familiar to Crono‘s gang. With Lucca‘s
help, they‘re able to get a bike started to break through a few barriers. There‘s a few treasure chests with
some nifty new Elements to be found here, such as Holy Light, Carnivore and Free Fall. Continuing on,
the party soon comes to a Ruined Outpost. Here Lucca and Norris work together to get a computer up and
running. Research into a being called Lavos that supposedly lived in the world as a parasite in the past…
tales of time travelers who defeated it… the rest is lost. Marle wonders just how much trouble they really
caused by saving the future in the first place. Did they really do the best thing they could? Crono tells her to
cheer up. There wouldn‘t be a future worth working for if they hadn‘t done it, right? The Tornado and
Deluge Elements can be found in this area.

Finally, the party arrives at the entrance to the tower in the center of the Sea of Eden. So… Serge and
Crono nod to each other. This is it. Time to do it.

         Chronopolis – Welcome to Time Crash Ground Zero
The party enters Chronopolis. The ―ghosts‖ of those trapped in the Time Crash are all around, and seem
almost to be reflections of the actions that led to the Time Crash itself. As they progress, they learn more
about the Counter-Time Experiment, backing up what Belthasar told them earlier. The Thundra Storm
and Iceberg Elements are found in side-rooms of the facility. Soon enough they come to a door deep in the
heart of Chronopolis. A familiar voice (familiar to Crono, Marle and Lucca, at least) asks the Arbiter of
Time to step forward. What‘s that? The Arbiter of Time, the one chosen by the Frozen Flame—or more
specifically, the one chosen at the time of the Frozen Flame‘s inception. That is the one who can bypass the
Prometheus Lock. Anyone can step forward, but the choice should be obvious (though it‘s a bit comical if
Lucca tries anyway… ―Prometheus‖ is very apologetic that it cannot let its friend and programmer enter).

When Serge steps forward, the door identifies him and slides open. Inside, the party finally sees what lies at
the center of Chronopolis—FATE. FATE recognizes them. So, the time has come when they would
challenge destiny. Crono demands an explanation and gets only scorn. When Lucca repeats the request, the
voice of Prometheus responds. In the far future, Belthasar will create the FATE system as the heart and
soul of his Time Research Lab, and then the system will be enhanced for Chronopolis, the space-time
research institute. As a check on FATE, Belthasar will integrate the Prometheus Lock, designed in the past
by Lucca. The Time Crash sent Chronopolis back to 7600 BC, where it met and did battle with Dinopolis, a
Reptite city from an alternative timeline where Lavos never came to their planet and humanity was wiped
out. Chronopolis won, subjecting Dinopolis and splitting FATE‘s alternate-world equivelant, the Dragon
God, into the dragons they now know. Since then, FATE has shaped history throughout the world, but
especially here in El Nido, to ensure that El Nido‘s existence will not somehow affect the mainland and
thus change history in a way that causes Chronopolis to never exist. In short, ever since the Time Crash,
FATE‘s sole objective has been to prevent a paradox that would nullify its own existence in the future. But
so long as FATE does eventually exist, the Time Crash is inevitible. Belthasar thought to nullify the Time
Crash through the use of the Chrono Cross, but he didn‘t understand just what the binding of the two
dimensions would entail, and how much one‘s will could affect the way the Chrono Cross rewrote the

Lucca thinks she has a handle on it. Can‘t they just leave Belthasar a message or something? Tell him not
to initiate the Counter-Time Experiment? Prometheus says they cannot. What would happen, for example,
if they never traveled through time to defeat Lavos? The time they had rewritten… would be rewritten
again, and the original 2300 AD banished to the Tesseract would be reinstated. The Time Crash must occur
for El Nido to exist, and El Nido must exist for the Time Devourer to be destroyed. If one was to travel
back in time and destroy Guardia, would one expect Lucca and her friends to still defeat Lavos in 1999
AD? Without the Time Crash, the Time Devourer destroys all space-time; the pre-Time Crash future
banished to the Tesseract is reinstated. With the Time Crash, space-time collapses in on itself. With or
without the Time Crash, their existence will come to an end. This is the ultimate paradox that was set in
motion when Lucca and her friends defeated Lavos and changed the future. If they are to successfully save
the future, they must deal with the Time Crash after the fact, not attempt to prevent its occurance. Unless
they are willing to give up everything they have gained…

With the explanation finished, FATE deletes Prometheus from its memory. To think that such ancient
technology had hidden within its systems for so long, waiting for them. If Serge is the Arbiter of the Frozen
Flame, his existence could become a threat. FATE requires the Frozen Flame to ensure that El Nido‘s
presence does not impact events on the mainland. What is more, FATE has determined that Serge and his
allies are actively involved in altering the timestream. This is not something FATE can allow. FATE (+1
Star) attacks! Serge has to be included in the party who fights FATE. Victory nets the party the Meteor
Shower Element.

Afterward, the FATE operating system shuts down, and the locks in the center of the room are released.
And that‘s when it appears… The Frozen Flame. Serge feels himself drawn toward it… Before he can
move, though, Veres‘ voice freezes them all. So they‘ve done the work for him and killed the old bitch…
he owes them one for that. Porre soldiers come in through the door, guns drawn. Don‘t make any sudden
moves. Veres has been waiting for this moment for close to two years now… thousands of years, if you
take into account the times he‘s passed through. And now… Before Veres can take the Frozen Flame,
Magus reacts with a dark spell that pushes back the soldiers and damages what‘s left of FATE even further.
Chronopolis rumbles…

On the dragon islands, the dragons sense that their time has come. FATE is no more! They will claim her
power for their own and show this world what agony they have felt since beyond time!

Back at Chronopolis, the Frozen Flame rises of its own accord. Veres stammers. No… no! The Flame
disappears from sight, and the first of several explosions rocks Chronopolis. What…? They‘re being
attacked! And that‘s not all, Lucca tells them… this place—and time—is becoming unstable. Without the
Frozen Flame to keep things in check, the Time Crash is about to come crashing down on top of them!
Veres moves to confront them, but Magus holds him off. Serge… protect Schala! Magus and Veres begin
fighting while the rest of the party flees.
Outside, Chronopolis is… stopping. It‘s probably dangerous, and that‘s besides the assault. Who‘s
attacking them…!? Norris is the first to spot it… it‘s a massive dragon! Lucca thinks she understands, but
now‘s not the time. They have to move while there‘s still time flowing here to move through! Serge can
feel something calling for him… not the dragon, but the source of its power. Crono tells him to pick it up
and looks behind one last time for Magus and Veres before they take up running again.

          Reflection – Searching For a Third Destiny
Things pick up again back at Serge’s house. Everyone is feeling down and out after what‘s happened,
especially after what Prometheus said. On the plus side, Marge tells Serge that the friend who was resting
here is up and around. She was taking a stroll around town. If he wants to go see her… well, she can
distract Leena for a little bit. Serge agrees and goes to see Kid on the docks. Though she no longer looks
entirely like Kid, nor like the Queen of Zeal… She‘s wearing her thief outfit again, but her hair is straight,
long and still dyed blue, and her eyes are sad. Serge sits down beside her. …So. When Kid speaks, her
words seem refined; her accent is gone. …She remembers now. Being… herself. When she was captured
by the Zealots, they were able to trap her mind… but they also freed what was hidden. (Those familiar with
CT and CC can skip the next bit… those who didn‘t quite catch the drift should read on.)

Her name is Schala Zeal. She was born the princess of the kingdom of Zeal, which ruled the world over
13,000 years ago. She met Crono, Marle and Lucca when they came to her land. It‘s a long story. It
ended—or seemed to end—with Schala, her younger brother Janus, and the Gurus being thrown into
different parts of the timestream. Schala ended up in what Lucca calls the Tesseract. She… can remember
what happened in that abandoned timeline. She became one with a Lavos Spawn when the old 2300 AD
ceased to exist and it, too, was sent to the Tesseract. As the Time Devourer, they would have nullified all
existence. But… One day, a child was brought to her attention through the Frozen Flame, and through her
actions the ship carrying him was washed into the Sea of Eden and to Chronopolis. He had been bitten by a
Panther Demon, and the venom was killing him. Through the Frozen Flame, he was saved. Years later, that
same child, to whom Schala had bonded through the Frozen Flame, was about to drown on Opassa Beach.
She reached across time to create a daughter-clone of herself who, with Belthasar‘s help, would travel
through time to save the boy. But time split—in one world, the boy died; in another, the boy lived. In the
world where the boy had died, FATE did not know what to do—the Arbiter of the Frozen Flame was
nowhere to be found. So when the boy found a way to cross dimensions, FATE conspired to use the boy so
that it could pass its own Prometheus Lock. This was all orchestrated from the future by Belthasar so that
the boy would be able to create the Chrono Cross, which had the power not only to bind the two worlds
together again but also to eradicate the Time Devourer from all existence. In short, to make sure that Schala
never bonded with the Lavos Spawn—to make sure that the timelines never really split—to make sure that
none of it ever really happened. The Time Devourer never existed as far as time is concerned now, and that
old timeline with its divided dimensions was thrown into the Tesseract, just as the old 2300 AD had been.

That was what led to the creation of this true timeline. Schala can remember being part of the Time
Devourer… and yet it never happened. As far as time is concerned, she went immediately from the
Tesseract to becoming one with her sister-clone, Kid, who was raised in Lucca‘s orphanage. And in this
timeline, one day she will travel back in time and save Serge from drowning, ensuring Serge‘s survival in
the new timeline. That is who she is now… she is Schala, princess of Zeal, but she is also Kid, daughter-
clone of Schala, who was raised by Lucca and sought to cross the seas. Thanks to Serge, she was one since
the day she was born… she just had to open her eyes. …Serge is the one who saved her when no one else
could have. Whether he remembers it or not, he changed all time and space for her benefit, and she will
always be grateful to him for that. …But at the same time, it seems her mere existence, and her selfish wish
at that one crucial moment, may have doomed the planet to annhilation in the end. She wishes she could
travel to the moment before she was drawn into the Tesseract and undo it all… that may be the only way to
prevent this. Serge disagrees. They‘ll find a way out if it. If what she says is true, they managed to turn time
to their favor before, even if he can‘t remember it all… right, Kid? She nods, but one thing… She won‘t
deny who she is any longer. Please… call her Schala. Schala embraces Serge in a not-just-friends kind of
(From now on, Kid‘s name is changed to Schala everywhere in the game, and her double-innate nature is
unlocked, meaning she can use Shadow/Black skills, magic and black innate-only Elements. For a laugh,
take Schala to meet Spekkio, who‘s downright terrified of her.)

From her hiding spot, Leena has been watching it all. …Well, she supposes, that‘s that. How is she
supposed to compete? But at least… she should march out there and… No. She‘ll be an adult. If… that‘s
fate… that‘s fate.

With Schala following, Serge heads back to his house. The others, an eye-contact-avoiding Leena included,
are waiting for them… minus Magus, of course, who still hasn‘t been seen since Chronopolis. So what‘s
the situation? Lucca lays it out. She thinks that the dragons were waiting for this opportunity to nab the
Frozen Flame. Remember, Prometheus said that FATE‘s equivelant from the Reptite timeline had been
divided into the dragons? Without FATE, the dragons are free. They‘ve become one again—Lucca terms it
the Omni-Dragon—and taken the Frozen Flame. While that keeps the Flame out of Veres‘ hands for the
time, it‘s hard to say what the Omni-Dragon could do with its power. And that‘s not even the most pressing
matter. If what Prometheus said is right… Well, she needs to know more about the Time Crash. It‘s
obvious that time can‘t be allowed to progress as it has, but they have to be careful what they change, and
why. And they still don‘t know what Veres intends to do with the Frozen Flame if he can get his hands on
it. Norris thinks he has his head wrapped around it. Wouldn‘t the one way to prevent all of this be, well,
preventing any of this? How does he mean? This all happened because Crono, Marle and Lucca changed
the future. What if they never did that? Schala understands. If Crono never defeated Lavos, there would
have been no Lavos Spawn hurled into the Tesseract, so no Time Devourer, and thus no reason for
Belthasar to engineer the Counter-Time Experiment, meaning no Time Crash… Maybe the only way to
prevent the chain of events would be let time follow its original course. But then the world is destroyed on
the Day of Lavos in 1999 AD… Crono punches the wall. It seems like no matter what, their planet was
destined to die one way or another. All they did was put off the inevitible, and then by so little as to make
no difference.

That‘s the frustration everyone feels, but Lucca isn‘t ready to succumb to it. She wants to know more about
this Time Crash. Veres is just a distraction to the real issue. They can‘t let him have the Frozen Flame, but
moreover, they have to find a way to prevent the Time Crash from erasing their existence. She needs to see
Belthasar. And they know one way to reach him… Is Schala up to it? She is, but… She‘s worried about
Janus. Marle nods. So are they all. Lucca shakes her head, though. She wouldn‘t be surprised if he shows
up… something tells her Janus and Veres both will reappear in the near future. For now, they need to focus
on finding answers, and to do that, they‘ll force them out of Belthasar. To do that, they have to return to
New Enhasa.

Now the party is free to explore the world again. The Sea of Eden can no longer be entered, and all around
El Nido people are talking about the ―dragon god‖ who appeared in the sky. The Sage of Marbule fears an
ill omen… The dragons seemed to have taken to Terra Tower, but there‘s no entering at this time. The best
place to head is the End of Time. There, Gaspar and Spekkio are surprised and glad to see Schala back to
her old self (and as noted above, Spekkio is scared to death of her powers now). The Gate to 11,500 BC is
still open and ready to go.

          A Path to the Future – Predictions A Posteriori
The party returns to the West Cape, 11,500 BC. When they head to Battle Creek, Arabya is amazed and
relieved to see that they‘re safe. And it looks like they‘ve traded one blue-haired friend for another. But
come to look closer… this is the one he saw before, isn‘t it? Well, it looks like whatever they did earlier
pissed the Zealots off. They‘ve tightened things up even more… it won‘t be so simple to sneak into their
territory this time. So what now? Well, Arabya said it would be hard, not impossible… They saw the ruins
in the south earlier? Well, it looks like something old, at least a few centuries, maybe from this fabled
kingdom of Zeal. It‘s like an underground city, and it stretches away east. If they go down, they can travel
east underground and maybe find a way back up in Zealot territory. After all, chances are that it‘s just part
of the same vast underground ruin the Zealots found to begin with. It‘s worth a shot, right? Well, it‘s the
best option they have.
The party heads to the Southern Ruins. The workers have gotten word, so they‘re allowed to enter. At first
it‘s just rock and rubble, but sure enough, there‘s soon evidence of a city beneath the stone. Any current
party members from CT will recognize bits and pieces of the rubble as being from Kajar, Enhasa and the
Zeal Palace, and a bit more well-preserved than in 100 BC. That said, the past five hundred years have not
been kind to this rubble. At one point, the party has to move a series of blocks to trigger a landslide,
opening up the area for further exploration. (This in turn opens up more of the ruins for exploration in 100
BC.) Soon enough, they come up against the Forgotten Golem (+1 Star). There‘s a room to rest where the
party can confront an optional boss, the Old Nu (+1 Star).

(As an aside, there are several chests in this dungeon that will react to Kid and Marle‘s pendants when the
party approaches them. Old CT fans should know what‘s up here. If the party chooses to open the chests
now, they‘ll find different colored vests inside that reduce damage from different elements. If the party
instead chooses to leave the chests be, they can return to the same location in 100 BC and find that the
items inside have evolved into colored mails, which absorb damage from different elements as HP. Of
course, just as in CT, once the mail is taken, the party can still go back in time and take the vest
afterward—paradoxes are slippery business in the Chrono world.)

Eventually, the party spots sunlight drifting down. They climb up to find themselves emerging from the
inside of a hollow tree trunk whose insides rotted away long ago. So where are they? The party can see
New Enhasa just to the north. Success!

Entering New Enhasa is easy. The guards are watching the border, not their own lands. The party heads to
the entrance to the Guru of Reason‘s office, only to find a new lock. What now? Schala thinks she has an
answer… The party members need to touch the lock in the following order: Crono or Norris, Lucca or
Schala, Glenn or Mitan, Marle or Leena, Schala and last Serge. (Wondering why? Simple: Yellow, Red,
Green, Blue, Black, White. CC fans should know what‘s up.) The door slides open, and the party enters in

They appear in Belthasar’s Laboratory, part of the Keeper’s Dome, 2402 AD. No one seems to be
around. Funny… it would have been like Belthasar to know they were coming. Lucca isn‘t so sure it‘s not a
good thing he‘s absent. He might not approve of what they‘re going to do. But she doesn‘t see any other
way… They should look around to find some kind of library or whatever they use to store knowledge in
this era. But aren‘t they here to find out about the Time Crash? …Yes, but there‘s something else that‘s on
her mind as well. Something she started thinking about when she realized they were coming to 2402 AD.
What? Oh, she‘ll tell them when it‘s straight in her head.

The party is free to explore the world of 2402 AD, a lush world full of high technology. Some of the cities
are enclosed in domes that control the weather, and robots and humans live side-by-side. The Keeper‘s
Dome is Belthasar‘s private research facility, and works close in hand with the Zenan Federation to develop
new technologies. As for Belthasar himself? Apparently he has a project over at Lab 26, at the so called
―Edge of Oblivion.‖ If they‘re looking for a library, the best bet would be to check out the Arris Dome,
which would be on their way.

To travel any further means heading to the Tran Station in the Keeper‘s Dome, where they board a
platform headed through a Tran Tube. This takes the party directly to the Arris Dome.

At the Arris Dome, Lucca asks if they can see the historical records. The man in charge, Brenie, has no
problem with it. A hint of Lucca‘s train of thought comes with her next question: has he ever heard of a
man named Doan? ―Doan?‖ No, can‘t say he has. If Marle or Crono are around, they‘ll recognize the name

In the records room, Lucca begins pulling up files. Just as she thought, no record of him ever existing…
Who? …Doan, the director of Arris Dome in 2300 AD. They met him the first time they came to the old
2300 AD. Now Marle remembers. After they defeated Lavos, Lucca went back to 2300 AD and brought
Doan to their time so her father would understand why she ran off with Crono. But… wait, isn‘t Doan
supposed to be her descendant…? That‘s right. Doan was directly descended from the royal line of
Guardia, and when Lucca brought him from the new 2300 AD, the 2300 AD after they changed the future,
he was the director of this same facility. But now he never existed. Why? Because his ancestors were killed
before the line could go on. That‘s what caught Lucca‘s attention. Doan existed, even after they changed
the future… so even after they changed the future, Crono and Marle lived on in the original timeline. Their
deaths aren’t part of the original timestream after Lavos’ defeat. Doan proves that. So in other words, the
events in 1005 AD aren‘t necessarily related to Lavos‘ defeat—someone else had to change the timeline as
well. And that someone? …Veres, she‘s sure of it. …Lucca doesn‘t want to see Crono and Marle die. She
doesn‘t want to die, either. But she‘s been worried that preventing their deaths might have other
ramifications on the timeline. But now she‘s not so sure that‘s the case… it almost looks like in Crono and
Marle‘s cases, they only died because Veres intervened in the timeline. In other words, they don‘t have to
worry too much about changing things—they‘ll just be preventing Veres from messing with time instead of
messing with time on their own. Do they understand? …She‘s thought about the consequences of what they
did a lot in the past four years. Belthasar and Schala‘s story about a Time Devourer confirms a lot of her
fears. They were so carefree back in those days, and they ended up creating all kinds of paradoxes, the
result of which could still destroy all time. How much more can they risk changing? And how much do
they risk if they don‘t change it? …In the long run, she‘ll go on anyway. They all will, because they want
to keep their lives. They want to hold on to the idea that the future will go on and be the best it can possibly
be. If the Time Crash destroys all time, that‘s over. If an old timeline is reinstated that ends in the world‘s
destruction one way or another, that‘s over. It‘s hard to say what the consequences will be, but they have to
keep looking for another way. Agreed? …So now she wants to find Belthasar and ask him some questions.

There‘s another place to check out now as well, though the party will be visiting soon anyway.

Foust: The party can explore Foust and purchase some nifty new weapons, armor and Elements. The party
can‘t yet head west due to some trouble with an automated truck that‘s crashed on the highway.

The party can see the way east on the world map. They can walk the distance to their next destination or
just ride a tran from Arris Dome—either way.

          Belthasar’s Lab – The Prophet of Time in Doubt
Now the party can head east over the bridge crossing the sea to Lab 26, the junction point of the tran line.
Sure enough, Belthasar is here, and for once he‘s surprised to see them. Well, this is an unexpected
surprise! How can he help them? Surely that‘s why they‘ve come here. The party tells Belthasar what‘s
happened so far. The question is… with all they‘ve done, they still haven‘t found a way to prevent the Time
Crash. And all three of them will still die, and… It‘s like they haven‘t accomplished anything. Please, can
he tell them anything? Belthasar sighs. He thinks maybe there‘s someone else they should be talking to.
Would they care to take a ride with him? It‘s just a little way. The party agrees and jumps into a transport.

Along the way, Belthasar tells them to look at the future they created through their actions in the past. Once
upon a time, 2402 AD would have been a wasteland, the last breath of a planet destroyed by an
intergalactic parasite. It was hard, but they changed that. For the past few years, Belthasar has lived in a
future they created, first in 2300 AD with his Time Research Lab and now in the 25 th century helping
prevent the spread of the Time Crash. Lucca argues that in changing it, though, they just replaced one doom
with another. … The transport comes to a stop at the Proto Dome.

Everyone disembarks, and a familiar voice asks if their guests have arrived. Belthasar grins. It seems she
was keeping a secret or two from him. Out of the lab walks… Lucca. She‘s a few years older, but it‘s
definitely her. How…? The future Lucca tells them not to be so fatalistic. Although she can understand it.
For three years after Crono and Marle died, she tried everything to change the past. But it seemed that no
matter what, something was in her way… Then came the fateful night when Veres came for her. He wanted
to keep the timeline ―accurate‖ to how it had passed in the old 1020 AD. He burned the orphanage and tried
to murder her… and he thought he succeeded. Schala‘s mouth is hanging open. Then… they tricked
Veres…? Future Lucca nods. It was necessary. Belthasar pulled her into the future, and Veres thought she
had died in the fire.
They have to understand that there‘s still hope. The past can be changed, the future preserved. Belthasar
believes that. Lucca agrees. The saddest moment of her life was losing Crono and Marle… she doesn‘t
want that to ever happen. If all goes as planned the she that she is now will never exist. How does she
mean? …It was Lucca‘s idea. After Belthasar brought Lucca here, and Lucca helped complete the new
prototype time circuit Belthasar had been developing, she had an idea. As things stood, Veres was going to
win. He would trap Kid on the Cursed Mountain, then use her as bait to lure in Serge. That timeline would
have resulted in Veres claiming the Frozen Flame (realizing only when arriving in Chronopolis that, in the
revised timeline, bypassing the Prometheus Lock was unnecessary—it only became necessary again when
Schala imprinted the Frozen Flame with Serge‘s image in 11,500 BC; in short, if Veres had never involved
Serge and Schala, he could have obtained the Frozen Flame by simply entering FATE‘s chamber, because
there would have been no Arbiter of the Frozen Flame). It was inevitible. The destruction they saw in the
Dead Sea was a reflection of the most probable future—a future where Veres reinstated the Day of Lavos
in an effort to prevent the Time Crash from ever happening.

That was where Lucca and Belthasar came in. As a last resort, they used the prototype time circuit to hone
in on the moment the Chrono Cross created the new timeline. That was the same instant when Kid was sent
through a Gate to Guardia Woods. Originally, Lucca was alone when she found Kid… it was after the day
the three of them had brunch at Guardia Castle, and with the three of them at the castle, no one was around
the treasury to see Veres there… and so, too, the Gate went undiscovered. …With the prototype time
circuit, they changed the time and day that Kid appeared in 1004 AD so that Crono, Marle and herself
would be present to see the Gate—and they also did their best to reinforce the Gate long enough that it
could be used. By showing them the events of the old 1020 AD, their hope was that Crono, Marle and her
past self would change the timeline and interfere with Veres‘ plans. As a result, Crono and Marle found the
Gate in the treasury, went to 1020 AD, and prevented Veres from capturing Kid when he had the chance.
Shortly afterward, Belthasar made sure that, once set upon the path, Serge and Kid wouldn‘t leave it by
speaking with them at Viper Manor. By encouraging them to find the Frozen Flame, Belthasar and Lucca
set up a barrier to Veres‘ plans.

She has faith that they can make things right so that the sad path her life has taken will never have to be
walked. …Unfortunately, she can‘t tell them what to do. She comes from a timestream where they never
found the Gate in the woods. They never knew about the old 1020 AD, never knew about the coming
attack… they knew nothing until it was too late. That is her ―reality.‖ But they‘re already changing things,
right? Besides that, Belthasar says he has a responsibility to make things right, and so do Serge and Kid. Or
don‘t they remember what he told them? It‘s their fault that this happened. …What does he mean?
Belthasar takes a deep breath. When Serge used the Chrono Cross… According to Belthasar‘s plan, the
Chrono Cross would bind the worlds and nullify the Time Devourer, meaning that the Counter-Time
Experiment would never fail and the Time Crash would never occur. It was a sound plan; that was not
where his miscalculation came from, because all that was within the Chrono Cross‘ power.

Lucca speaks up. But wouldn‘t that mean that El Nido would never exist? Belthasar nods. El Nido, and all
of the people who lived there, including Schala‘s savior… Perhaps they will consider it a brutal plan, but
remember, those people would not have existed in the first place if it wasn‘t for the Time Crash. He saw
nothing wrong with nullifying their existence, considering their existence was a destructive anomoly in
time to begin with—and nullification was precisely what was supposed to happen. By using the Chrono
Cross to save Schala, Serge was supposed to prevent his own very existence. But… Belthasar turns to
Schala. You know what happened, don‘t you? Schala nods sadly. Belthasar explains. Schala was unwilling
to allow her savior—the savior that both the Schala in the Tesseract and the Schala living in the present as
Kid had come to love in their own ways—to cease to exist. When these two Schalas became one being
through communion with the Chrono Cross… Schala‘s will shaped and formed the resulting timestream
and dimension. For the one she loved to exist, the Time Crash would still have to occur, meaning the
Chrono Cross could not be allowed to heal the timestream completely. And yet the reason for the Counter-
Time Experiment and the Time Crash had been eliminated in the new timestream. Paradox… As a result,
instead of being made whole again, time slipped off its axis, and the Time Crash began to spread. One
could say that the world is on its path to destruction because of a love that time was never meant to allow.
That is how Serge and Schala are responsible.
As to how he is responsible… Besides initiating the Time Crash, he has made another grave mistake in
trying to resolve it. While Belthasar stayed here in the 25th century to hold the Time Crash at bay as long as
possible, he sent his protégé to study any possible way to resolve the Time Crash in the past. His protégé
came to an independent conclusion—that so long as Belthasar arrived in a peaceful 2300 AD, the Time
Crash could not be avoided. And Belthasar would arrive in a peaceful 2300 AD so long as Crono and his
friends defeated Lavos in 1999 AD. The only solution, his protégé believed, was to prevent that peaceful
2300 AD from ever occuring. That is why he seeks to reinstate the original timeline, and he seeks the
power of the Frozen Flame to do so. Then his protégé is… Belthasar nods. When Veres came to him with
his plan almost two years ago, they had an argument. Veres swore to carry out his plans on his own.
Belthasar believed Veres would come to his senses. He continued believing that, until he realized the role
Veres had played in killing Crono and Marle in the past and Veres‘ plan—to manipulate the current
timeline so that it would closely match the old 1020 AD, allowing Veres to take the Frozen Flame from the
Sea of Eden—became clear. The fact that the Sea of Eden began to change, reflecting that a future where
Veres‘ plan succeeded was becoming the most probable future, startled him to action. That was when
Belthasar decided to intervene, and rescued Lucca from her fate…

It‘s then that the alarms start to blare. Belthasar and Lucca run inside, and the party follows. A familiar
face, Atropos, is at the computer. Is it the Edge of Oblivion!? Don‘t tell them the barrier‘s going down. No,
not yet, thank God, even if it is just a matter of time. There‘s an alarm back at the Keeper‘s Dome. A break-
in…? If it is, they‘re not being quiet about it. Belthasar is worried. He‘s been working on some things best
kept out of other people‘s hands over there… It may be a bit to ask, but could they check it out? He‘ll stay
here and make sure everything is clear with the authorities. The party agrees. Before they can leave,
Atropos stands up. Her Robo has told her a lot about them. Robo…? Yes. Before he was integrated as part
of the Prometheus Lock. Even afterward, she was always with him. But two years ago, when Chronopolis
was swallowed in the Time Crash… He would have wanted to help them, but it looks like it‘s not to be. If
they‘ll accept her, she wishes to go in his stead. Lucca is touched. Well, it looks like they have a new
partner. Atropos joins the party.

          The Keeper’s Dome – A Thief in Time
It‘s time to head back to the Keeper’s Dome. There, it‘s a complete mess with robots all over the place.
Atropos recognizes this design. There are cosmetic differences to fool the human eye, but she can read their
signatures… these are the same model that guards the Bangor Dome. It‘s been a while since there was
some real fighting to do, but there‘s plenty to make up for it here. Soon enough, the party hits the main lab,
where the leader of this assault, Grobyc, is waiting. Wait, his signature is different… Something is
definitely amiss here. The party is forced to battle Grobyc (+1 Star). Grobyc is down, but not out, and he
escapes with something—the party isn‘t sure what. Luckily, when Grobyc goes, so does the robot army that
was with him. Well, what now… The scene fades.

When it reopens, Belthasar has joined them in the Keeper‘s Dome. As he feared… someone has stolen his
newest model of time circuit. …That doesn‘t sound good. It‘s not. He‘s been developing a new system that
would allow more pinpoint travel through time—travel to an instant instead of just a vague era. It‘s an
extension of Gaspar‘s experimental Time Egg, except instead of just moving a single person or object, this
new time circuit could be integrated into something larger. …Like a vehicle? …Sure, a vehicle… or an
entire research facility… …Oh. It was the same time circuit he and Lucca developed and then used to alter
when Kid appeared in 1004 AD, just taken to a larger scale.

Atropos knows who stole it. ―The Boss‖ over at Bangor Dome, no doubt about it. It‘s as he feared… For a
while, Belthasar has had his suspicions about this so-called ―Boss.‖ He showed up all of the sudden about a
year ago and took over production at Bangor Dome. No one seems to know who he really is. The Zenan
Federation has allowed him to keep his identity secret because they‘re afraid of reprisals from El Nido.
…Why…? There‘s been a revolt going on in El Nido recently. Bangor Dome supplies weapons to El Nido.
Sounds suspicious alright. The question is, what can they do about it? …Atropos volunteers. She can get
them into Bangor Dome. Is she sure? …Yes. Robo would do it, but he can‘t. She has to do it for him.
Belthasar understands. All he can do now is watch… he wishes them luck.

         Bangor Dome – No Honor Among Thieves
The way through Foust is clear, so the party can head west to the Bangor Dome. There are still guards at
the door, but Atropos releases a quick blast to disable them. Hurry—it won‘t be long before security
realizes the front door is wide open. The party hurries inside.

The entire dome is one massive factory. The party will have to tangle with more guard robots like the ones
from the Keeper‘s Dome to get through, as well as changing conveyor belts and hacking security systems—
remember the factory ruins in CT? One optional puzzle rewards the Fire Pillar Element for the party‘s

The party squeezes in behind some crates and watches as weapons are separated into two different
containers. The first is appropriate for 2402 AD and looks to be headed to transports. But the second, where
the majority of weapons and supplies are headed… They‘re going into wooden crates that would be more
appropriate for Serge‘s era. And that Grobyc fellow is overseeing things below…

A bit further on, the party comes upon a top-secret experiment. It looks to be a bastardized version of the
Epoch. Is this what the time circuit is supposed to go into? Lucca and Atropos giggle to each other as they
make a few ―adjustments.‖ Unfortunately, the time circuit hasn‘t been installed yet. Before they can go any
farther, Grobyc enters the room. Intruders, here? Before he can yell for the guards, the party takes him on
again. Again, it‘s a fight against Groybc (+1 Star), and this time to the end. Once Grobyc has stopped
functioning, the party takes a moment to examine him. …Built in Porre…? It looks like this robot was
actually constructed in Serge‘s time. So what‘s it doing here?

In the next room, the answer becomes apparent. The weapons produced here are being loaded into an 11th
century-style transport with Porre markings placed on a platform surrounded by computers. As the party
watches, the platform activates, and the transport disappears through an artificial Gate. …So that‘s it. Veres
has been supplying Porre with weapons created in this factory. But if it was already up and running, what
did he need the time circuit for? … In any event, the party doesn‘t intend to leave the factory operating.
Lucca, Atropos and Norris all begin entering commands into the computers, shutting them all down. Soon,
the alarm goes off, and a massive security robot lowers itself. It has a screen displaying Veres‘ face, and he
doesn‘t like what he sees. So they figured out his dirty little secret. What did he steal the time circuit for!?
While they‘ve been licking their wounds, he‘s been busy preparing to take the Flame. But he needed a little
extra firepower, and that circuit will help him increase efficiency here tenfold. The old man wouldn‘t have
known what to do with it anyway—he‘s too soft to do what has to be done. In any case, they all got away
when he took care of the warlock, but not this time. The security robot System Xabi mk3 (+1 Star)
attacks. There‘s a trick to this boss battle—it will ask for passcodes before unleashing some attacks. Those
passcodes are hinted at by the attack‘s name and can be nullified or weakened by entering the right button

Xabi‘s defeat sets off a chain reaction that fries the rest of the hardware, and Veres curses them before
signing off. The party rushes back to the room with the time machine just in time to see it take off, though
Veres lets out a cry before it leaves. Wha…? Heh. That should keep him occupied for a little while. But it
sounds like they still have business back in Serge‘s time. Before that, though, they should see Belthasar.

Back at the Keeper’s Dome, Belthasar thanks them for their efforts, even if they weren‘t able to take back
the time circuit. It‘ll take a little while before he can recreate it, especially because he‘s working on another
side-project right now. They‘ll talk again later. For now, he agrees they should continue their pursuit of the

          Porre and the Dragon Gods – Battle of Two Anomalies
The party returns to 1020 AD. If they head to El Nido, they‘re in for quite a shock—Sky Dragon Island
rose out of the water, became a giant flying fortress everyone is calling Terra Tower, and then on top of
that, flew out of El Nido altogether! Sure enough, right now Terra Tower is actually hovering just a bit east
of Medina village. There doesn‘t seem to be any way to get to it, though…

The goal here is to head for Porre, where the military is readying an all-out assault on Terra Tower. Veres
is back, though he doesn‘t look very happy. Governor Poran chides him for being so late. They were about
to make their move without him! Veres tells him not to worry—―everything is going according to plan.‖ As
soon as they take the tower, the Frozen Flame will finally belong to Porre as it was always meant to.

The party gets to see another item of technology Veres has decided to unleash on the present now. Porre
soldiers begin boarding transport planes. The assault is finally ready to commence. Before they can have
second thoughts, the party stows aboard one of the planes and closes it up before any Porre soldiers can
jump on board. With Norris at the controls, no one is the wiser. At Veres‘ signal, the planes take off,
headed directly for Terra Tower.

Terra Tower begins firing on the squadron, and Norris breaks out of formation almost immediately. While
most of the rest of the planes go down, the party‘s lone transport is able to land aboard Terra Tower, though
―land‖ is a polite way of putting it; they crash hard, and there‘s no going back.

Several more squadrons launch attacks, and it begins to look like Veres‘ futuristic weaponry is making a
dent. The party can hear as the dragon gods‘ voices rumble from inside the tower. Damn the human! With
the Frozen Flame, his mind is clear to them. Does he truly desire destruction? Then they‘ll give it to him.
To him and the nation he‘s used for the past 16 years!

As the party watches, reality around Terra Tower twists and fades. Are they…? From back in Porre, Veres
watches in horror. Governor Poran is bewildered. What in the hell is going on? Did they just vaporize it?
…No. It just created its own Gate. What!? What the hell is he talking about!? But Veres is already headed
for his time machine.

          Terra Tower – Cry of a Parallel Existence
Back in Terra Tower, the party picks themselves up off the ground. What…? The view is similar, but
things are different, and they‘re heading toward a Porre that‘s much smaller than the one they were just
looking at… Atropos announces what the others already guessed—they have traveled back to 1004 AD.
Then the dragons… they‘re going to destroy Porre back before Veres was able to muster a defense? It looks
that way, though it‘s doubtful they‘ll stop at Porre. In any case, there‘s no heading back. Luckily, inside
there‘s a spot to rest and save, and even a friendly Nu who will sell items, equipment and Elements
equivelant to what was available in 2402 AD.

As the party heads through Terra Tower, they hear the echoes of the dragon gods explaining their history.
They come from a parallel timestream where Lavos never came to the planet and humans died out. The
Reptites flourished and, in time, created Dinopolis, the planet‘s ideal. What they call Terra Tower is all that
remains of Dinopolis. Back in 7600 BC, the being Lavos pulled Chronopolis back in time a thousand years
for its own reasons, perhaps to create the exact situation they now find themselves in, where a so-called
champion of man would undo everything that Crono and his friends did to defeat Lavos. The planet
responded by pulling Dinopolis to the human dimension. But Chronopolis defeated Dinopolis, and FATE
used the Frozen Flame to subjugate the Omni Dragon and divide it into six pieces. They owe Serge a great
thanks—by defeating FATE, they have freed the six dragons and allowed the Omni Dragon to exist again.
Now, with the power of the Frozen Flame that FATE guarded, they will have their revenge on the humans.
What happens to this timestream afterward is of little consequence to them—the Reptite timestream will
continue on without knowing or caring that the human timestream has ceased to exist.

This doesn‘t all come at once, mind you. The party gets bits and pieces every time they encounter one of
the tower‘s guardians. The first is the Guardian of Choice (+1 Star), whose elemental properties change
depending on the party it faces. The next is the Guardian of Consequence (+1 Star), who attacks only
when responding to an attack against it, but always responds to each attack. The third is the Guardian of
Regret (+1 Star), who mimicks the least-used three characters in the party.

On top of that, there are several chests to pick up in Terra Tower, and some include some powerful
Elements. Not to be missed are the Ultra Nova, Inferno and Black Hole Elements.

With the three Guardians cleared, the party at last comes to the top of Terra Tower. The Frozen Flame sits
atop a pillar, and Serge can hear its voice calling to him… Before they can move, however, Terra Tower
shakes, and there‘s a great thundering boom. Below, they can see Porre engulfed in flames. The dragon
gods are already launching their attack! Quick, before they can do any more damage! Serge moves to take
the Frozen Flame, but he‘s stopped by the same massive dragon the party saw earlier in the Sea of Eden.
This is the dragon gods‘ true form—the Omni Dragon! Like the rest of humanity, they will bleed! The party
is thrown into battle against the Omni-Dragon (+1 Star). The Omni Dragon randomly changes its innate
elemental properties and uses extremely powerful attacks no matter what form it takes. Of course, that
means that it always has at least one easily exploitable weakness, too.

At last, the Omni-Dragon is defeated, and it dies cursing FATE, the Frozen Flame, Serge and all mankind.
With the dragons defeated, the Frozen Flame stands waiting for a new owner. Serge can hear it in his
mind… Schala admits that when she ―created‖ it back in the past… Well, she wasn‘t really creating it, only
releasing its power. Even had she not done what she did, the Frozen Flame was always the Frozen Flame—
she just activated it earlier than history originally intended. But she was thinking of Serge when she did it.
She was calling his name in the darkness inside her mind… That will no doubt went into the Flame. That is
why Serge is the chosen Arbiter of the Frozen Flame; his name was imprinted upon the Flame when Schala
transformed it into its current form. …So go on. Serge approaches the pedestal and takes the Frozen Flame.
There‘s a flash, and the Flame seems to melt into Serge‘s skin, becoming one with him. … He has it.
They‘ve done it! They…

Before they can celebrate, Terra Tower starts to shake. Without the dragons and Flame… Crono yells for
everyone to get back to the plane. Maybe it‘ll be good for one last crash landing. It looks like they‘re going
to hit the sea just west of Guardia Castle. Hurry!

(Note: After these events, Serge obtains the spell Frozen Fire.)

        Guardia Castle – A Time For Rest
Sure enough, Terra Tower crashes into the sea, but the party escapes in the airplane, which wrecks in
Guardia Woods. Meanwhile, Porre continues to burn…

Serge is sitting in a guest room in Guardia Castle, 1004 AD when a knock comes at the door. It‘s Schala
and Lucca. How is he feeling? …He‘s okay. The landing was what took the most out of him. How‘s
everyone else? Everyone‘s resting. Maybe once they‘re all up to it they can celebrate. They‘ve done it,
haven‘t they? As long as they have the Frozen Flame, they can stop worrying about Veres. That‘s one
problem down. There‘s still the Time Crash, of course… But Lucca and Schala are still worried about
something else. Serge can guess. Magus still hasn‘t shown up, has he? …No. Lucca thought he‘d get out
fine, but maybe she was wrong. She and Schala don‘t intend to just abandon him, though. Besides, if
they‘re going to celebrate having the Flame, he should be with them, right? Before everyone else gets up,
Lucca and Schala are going to head back to 1020 AD and try to find him. Surely he‘s somewhere, right?
Serge isn‘t so sure, but he agrees it‘s worth looking. They finally have some time to spare, after all. Lucca
and Schala are glad to hear it. They can use the Gate down in the treasury.

The party can explore Guardia Castle now, but not leave. The other party members are either resting up or
wandering around, but Serge, Lucca and Schala keep their mission to themselves. There is a chance to save
up, of course. Reports are still coming in about the destruction in Porre. It‘s a real mess… The party heads
to the treasury and uses the Gate. Lucca comments that it always makes her so sad to think what‘s on the
other side, but…

The trio steps out the other side of the Gate… into the Guardia treasury! Lucca isn‘t sure she‘s seeing
what‘s actually there. This is… well, it‘s the treasury, but you can tell there‘s been some new construction.
Is this really…? Could it be that they…? Before they can go anywhere, the Chancellor enters the room.
Right on schedule… Excuse them, what? The Chancellor apologizes. He was told that they would be
arriving at this point in time, from out of nowhere in the treasury, but he hardly believed it. Or he wouldn‘t
have, if other strange things hadn‘t been happening so frequently in the past few days. What in the world is
he talking about? Is this really Guardia Castle? Is it 1020 AD? How is it that this place isn‘t an abandoned
ruin after what happened in 1005 AD?
One question at a time. If they‘re referring to the assailant fifteen years ago… Well, fifteen years ago,
someone broke into the treasury and stole the legendary sword Masamune. The thief also set fire to part of
the castle, which was rebuilt in the following years. Actually, it wasn‘t the theft of the Masamune that
affected them so much as it was the disappearance of Prince Crono and Princess Nadia. Everyone had
assumed the worst. But then just a few days ago they reappeared out of nowhere, hardly looking more than
a few years older despite 15 years having passed! And they left behind a strange-looking wounded man and
instructions to meet two young ladies and a gentleman here in the treasury at this appointed time before
taking off again to heavens knows where!

Lucca is having a hard time taking it all in. Crono and Marle are alive…! What about Porre? The
Chancellor sniffs. Porre? Well, they still growl once in a while, to be sure, and they seem to have some
strange weapons, but they‘ve never come close to setting foot on Guardian ground. For a while, again about
15 years ago, it looked like they might, but then a good portion of Porre burned down in a night
following… well, to this day he isn‘t sure what it was. But by the time Porre finished rebuilding, Guardia
had caught up, and ever since then they‘ve been safe, if still wary. …Why all the questions? They all look
old enough to have learned this growing up. Never mind… would it be okay to see the man Crono and
Marle brought in? Certainly, if they‘ll follow him…

The Chancellor lets them into a guest room where Magus is lying asleep in a bed. The Chancellor leaves,
and Schala gently shakes Magus awake. Janus…? …ooohhh… Is that…? Magus sits up in the bed. …How
does he feel? … Does he remember what happened? …No. He remembers fighting with Veres, and
Chronopolis shaking, and then… waking up here. Did they bring him out? No. It was Crono and Marle.
…Those fools. He told them to run! Lucca laughs. No no no! It‘s so wonderful! They finally did what they
set out to do from the very beginning! …It was the Crono and Marle from this time period, from 1020 AD,
who rescued him. Magus is confused now. But they‘re dead. Or were. What happened to change it?
…Serge begins to laugh. They did it completely by accident, didn‘t they? Or the dragons did, more like it.
When the dragons attacked Porre—that was it, wasn‘t it? They changed the past without even meaning to.
Porre had to lay off its plans to attack Guardia so they could take time to rebuild. But someone still stole
the Masamune, and Crono and Marle… Schala gets it. Of course. Just like Lucca. Don‘t they see? Just like
Lucca left with Belthasar to make Veres think he‘d succeeded… Crono and Marle must have hidden away,
maybe even with Belthasar and Lucca, to make Veres think they were out of the way. They just came out
of hiding when they knew Janus needed help. And they let Veres take the Masamune, knowing that they‘d
eventually find Dario and Serge would claim it in this time period. They turned Veres‘ own scheme right
around on him, and the entire time he thought he was the one winning!

Magus is happy for them (or so he says), but what about Veres and the Flame? The party fills him in on
what‘s happened. …Then it‘s settled. Magus gets out of bed. If Veres is no longer a threat, he no longer
feels any responsibility for the mess. Lucca stammers. But there‘s still the Time Crash…! Magus ignores
her and turns to Schala. He has been searching for her since the day he was cast into the void and found
himself in the Middle Ages. …Does she intend to keep traveling with Serge? Schala says that she does.
She‘ll stay with Serge until the very end, no matter what comes.

Now Magus has a choice.

         If Serge chose to fight Magus at the branching point long ago, Magus will decide he‘s had enough
         of both of them and goes his own way. This will lead to the ―bad ending,‖ and Magus never
         joins the party as a permanent party member.

         If, on the other hand, Serge chose to stand down and not provoke Magus, Magus cracks a smile
         and grudgingly offers Serge a hand. It looks like they‘ll have to work together no matter what
         either of them wants. No doubt he‘s already seen her when she‘s angry. Serge takes his hand.
         …Alright. He suppose he can help them out for old time‘s sake. Magus finally joins the party!

Either way, Lucca says that they should go meet the others. They need to figure out what to do with the
Frozen Flame now that they have it, and figure out a way to solve the Time Crash. The party heads back to
the Gate in the treasury.
Back at Guardia Castle in 1004 AD, the party discusses their next move. First thing first—they need to get
the Frozen Flame somewhere safe. What about Belthasar? He‘d probably be able to help them out with
that. Then it‘s decided: they‘ll head back to 2402 AD. The party can explore 1004 AD at their leisure, but
the real goal is to head into a Gate.

The party arrives at the End of Time, and not a moment too soon! Veres is there, and he‘s threatening
Gaspar. Where are they!? When are they!? They have the Frozen Flame, don‘t they!? When Veres notices
the party, things get even crazier. Hand it over, now! Veres takes Gaspar hostage. Serge is closest, and he
rushes Veres. Veres tosses Gaspar away and grapples Serge into a hold with a gun to his throat. Veres
backs away from them, making a circle, until he‘s standing by the pillars of time. Which of them has the
Frozen Flame? C‘mon, hand it over! No one‘s willing to say anything. He‘ll give them two choices—hand
it over here, NOW, or he and the Arbiter go on a little treasure hunt through history. Marle tells him that he
should know where the Flame is if he‘s going to go looking through time—it‘s in FATE‘s chamber. Veres
laughs. The Flame sent back with FATE from 2400 AD is there. But the Flame exists here in the present,
too, just waiting to be unearthed so it can be incorporated into Chronopolis in the future. If he can‘t take the
future‘s Flame, he‘ll just take the past‘s. Really, haven‘t they figured it out by now? They‘re not the only
ones capable of playing god with time! So, are they going to hand it over, or does he take their friend with
him? No one is able to hand over the Flame. When Serge tries to break free, Veres hits him over the head
with the butt of his gun, knocking Serge out cold. Fine, then. He knows just the time to look in. Veres steps
into the portal leading to 11500 BC. And just to make sure they don‘t follow him… Veres and Serge
disappear, and the portal fades behind them.

Schala (and Magus, if present) run to where the portal was. It‘s sealed from the other end. There‘s nothing
anyone can do from here. All they can do for now is hope that Veres doesn‘t realize just how close to the
Flame he is. Serge, be strong… Gaspar suggests it might be a good time to pay a visit to Belthasar. He said
something about having a present ready for them.

         A Friend in Need – This Is No Time to Rest!
The party arrives back in the Keeper’s Dome, 2402 AD. Belthasar and Robo are waiting for them. Before
the party can even explain the problem, Belthasar starts in. He‘s finally finished! A brand new model that
can circumvent the law of conservation of time! Up to a dozen passengers with room to spare! He gives
them the Epoch mark 3—the Aeon! Sure enough, it‘s exactly what the doctor ordered: a brand spanking
new time machine, complete with wings for aerial travel. Belthasar had a feeling they‘d be needing it soon,
so he threw his back into getting it ready. The party explains what‘s going on, and Belthasar tells them not
to waste time here. With the Aeon, they can make their way to any time period they want in the blink of an
eye without a layover in the End of Time. Poor Gaspar, he‘s going to be out of a job… heh. But enough
talk! Go to Serge before it‘s too late!

Of course, that‘s where the story takes us… but now that the party has a vehicle that can not only jump
from time to time in an instant‘s notice, but also fly anywhere on the world map, there‘s a lot of exploring
that can be done. If the party heads to 11,500 BC the story will advance automatically, so here are the other
destinations where things are happening first.

         100 BC

Fort Guar: It‘s been some time since the party was here, and a lot‘s been happening. Silenscio sent a ship
to the old Amphian territory as he promised, and he didn‘t like what he saw. What‘s more, it seems that
with the Amphians suddenly gone, people don‘t feel that they need his protection anymore, and Silenscio is
starting to get nervous.

Excavation Site: With or without Magus in the party, these ruins are now open to further exploration if
they haven‘t been hit already. Opening up paths in 11,500 BC has also opened up paths here, meaning the
party can now find the amulet-reacting chests that contain either vests or full armor for each element.
Colony: In the time the party has been busy, Mitan‘s crew has been transforming the old Amphian village
into a human colony, and pioneers from the western continent are already starting to arrive. Some are tired
of the way Silenscio is doing things, and some are looking to make a quick buck. In any case, it seems this
place has a future, and the people are looking for a name for their new colony.

Divine Dragon Falls: By now, the party may have begun finding Shiny Materials enough to construct
some Summon Elements. Use ‗em if you got ‗em!

         1004 AD

Porre: The fires have settled down, and the destruction here is immediately evident. The new governor,
Poran, is railing that his plans will have to go on hold at this point. What a shame!

Medina: The party hears there have recently been rumblings from somewhere underground, but the source
is unknown. What could be happening?

         1020 AD

Guardia Castle: It‘s still just a dream come true seeing it standing here! The party can learn more about
the (adjusted) last decade and a half now, including some scholars discussing what ―might have been‖ had
it not been for the fire in Porre 16 years ago.

Porre: Porre has rebuilt in this time, and they still have an impressive military, but their presence is
nothing compared to what it was before the Dragons changed the past. Governor Poran still has his eyes on
El Nido, but he‘s wary of Guardia. He‘s also wondering where in the world Veres got to, running off in the
middle of a national crisis… The most interesting development in Porre at this time, however, has to be for
Norris. His father is alive and well, tending the store with his mother. Norris realizes what must have
happened. His father died in the assault on Guardia in 1005 AD. If that never happened… Norris has a
well-deserved reunion, and his parents give him a gift that must have fallen off of one of Veres‘ supply
trucks—Norris‘ Pulse Rifle.

Fiona’s Forest and Shrine: The surprise here is that it still exists. With Porre‘s power broken, the village
of Bonyan no longer exists. Instead, Fiona, named in honor of the forest and its guardian 400 years ago,
has grown in this area. Special armor and weapons with restorative properties are created and sold
exclusively here. Teron, Jacole and the other Radical Dreamers are here as well, and happy to see Kid—
sorry, ―Schala‖—doing well. They also have a present for her—the powerful Dream Dagger.

El Nido: There‘s talk all over about the rise of the Dragons and the sudden appearance and then
disappearance of Terra Tower. The Sage of Marbule in particular asks the party to bring Serge back to meet
him. Marge and Wazuki get a sense something has gone wrong and just ask the others to take care of Serge
no matter what happens… promise?

Sea of Eden: Amazingly, the party can enter the Sea of Eden, though they can‘t get very far. The air is like
moving through molasses, and time seems to be at a total standstill. They don‘t dare go farther…

         2402 AD

Bangor Dome: ―The boss‖ has sealed off any entrance or exit here, so there‘s no proceeding.

Proto Dome: If the party didn‘t explore this area earlier, they can do so now. Too bad it‘s on such a tiny

Geno Dome: This city of robots is where Atropos has her home. It‘s also where the party can participate in
battles at the Coliseum to win some fabulous prizes, including Shiny Materials, powerful accessories, and
even every non-Summon Element in the game!
Majir: This is the demi-human/Mystic city. Although there is generally peace between humans and demi-
humans in this day and age, Majir was constructed so that the Mystic traditions might be preserved. If
Magus has joined the party, he should return later on for something good…

El Nido: In El Nido, unfortunately, an idyllic peace is a thing of the past. The Zenan Federation claims
political pull here, but the residents want independence. For now, the party can‘t do much but listen to their
complaints, but the time for action could still come later.

As soon as the party sets the Aeon to head for 11,500 BC, the next set of story events begins automatically.

          Revenge of the Zealots – An Unfortunate Alliance…
From the Aeon, the party can see Arabya and his followers fighting Zealot-controlled monsters on the front
lines. Arabya‘s forces break through, sending the Zealots fleeing back, and Arabya‘s troops press on to
Kadjira itself. Lucca suggests they see if Arabya has heard anything. If Veres is in this time period, he may
have left his mark already.

The Aeon lands in Kadjira, and Arabya himself comes to meet them. Fancy seeing them here. That‘s
certainly some ride they have themselves. Guess the other guy must have been a trend-setter. Then he‘s
seen a vehicle like theirs before? Yeah, it flew around for a while, then headed to the Palace of the Zealots.
…That‘s the last thing they wanted to hear. Hoo boy. …Isn‘t it dangerous to be standing around talking
like this in a city they just conquered? And how in the world did it fall so fast!? Arabya shakes his head. It
didn‘t, not really. It looks like the military pulled out of Kadjira altogether; what they fought to get here
was just a diversionary force to give the last few units time to get to New Enhasa. Why retreat!? Arabya
doesn‘t know, but it didn‘t start until after that other vehicle had been at the palace for a while. He doesn‘t
like it at all… Hey, thinking of it, what happened to the blue-haired kid? …Oh. If that‘s the case… It could
be hard getting into the palace, even with their vehicle. But Arabya does have a suggestion. Though the
military and the citizens that supported it have pulled out, there are still Zealot citizens left here—mostly
philosophers and people who don‘t care much for the clergy. Maybe they‘d have some suggestions on how
to get through.

The party can now explore conquered Kadjira to their leisure. It‘s a sad place, and here they learn more
about the Zealots‘ history, with the people here finally free to talk. It started with a dream. Life has been
hard, with no foreseeable chance of getting easier, for centuries now. The discovery of ruins of the fabled
kingdom of Zeal brought hope, and a chance for a better future in their lifetimes. And in the beginning,
Mother Yuri, Father Mikel and all the rest of the clergy had the best interests of the world in mind. But as
time passed, the secrets they discovered, and the power they recovered, corrupted them. With Mother Yuri
dead, Father Mikel seems to have decided to make one last push using all of their strength. That is why
Kadjira has been abandoned—Father Mikel hopes to break the free peoples on the teeth of New Enhasa and
the Palace. Kadjira, and the rest of the world, will be the Zealots‘ for the taking if Mikel can break
Arabya‘s forces.

Unfortunately, no one seems to know how to get into the palace, so the party has to return to Arabya. …So
that‘s how it is, huh? Alright. Then he guess there‘s one other option. He hands over Arabya’s Letter. If
they take this to Mikel, they will be able to enter the Palace. How…? … Arabya decides to explain.
…Twenty years ago, when he was about Serge‘s age, he lived in a village that no longer exists, not too far
east from here, with his father. One day, Arabya discovered what seemed to be a cavern, but actually turned
out to be the remnants of a great ruin buried under the earth. He and his father explored the ruin, and much
of what they found coincided with legends of the long-lost magical kingdom. It was his father‘s idea to
revive the magical kingdom, and in his youth, Arabya supported him with all his heart. …But the dream
turned sour. His father and a soothsayer from another village started what amounted to a cult devoted to the
lost land of Zeal and its dark god, Lavos. Father and Mother, the people called them, and an entire clergy
soon arose to support and defend them, in turn indoctrinating what became a nation. But Arabya had
watched his father‘s slip from dreams to despair… Even since then, he has fought to absolve his father‘s
sin, and his own, in hopes that one day the two of them might meet in peace again. …It‘s stupid, thinking
his father will ever turn from this mad ambition. But this letter is Arabya‘s last attempt. If he won‘t be
swayed, then he won‘t blame them for doing what they have to. He hopes that they can rescue their friend
in time. The party thanks him and promises to make Mikel see reason if they can.

With that taken care of, the party can hop in the Aeon and fly right to the Palace of the Zealots. The
guards aren‘t about to let them in until the party displays the letter. …Hmm… The guards let them pass.
Inside, there‘s all kinds of talk about the new visitor. It seems that the ruins of a Zeal fortress have been
detected under the sea, but there‘s been no way to reach them. The visitor has promised to aid Father Mikel
in reaching those ruins if he can use their powers for some kind of ceremony. To show good faith, the
visitor has also brought the criminal who kidnapped Queen Zeal and murdered Mother Yuri. The criminal
has been placed under a dark spell to keep him from bothering the waking world ever again.

The party enters the Chapel, where Father Mikel is waiting for them. Ah. Veres said they would be along,
but he didn‘t expect them so soon. And it would seem that their queen has returned, though he hardly
recognizes her back in that gaudy outfit. But of course she‘s come back for her friend, hasn‘t she?
Unfortunately, he isn‘t here. Veres seems to have very special plans for that one. As long as it means
uncovering new ruins, Mikel is satisfied to let Veres keep the boy. The one he wanted has walked right
back into his hands. Now, Queen Zeal, if you will please be so kind as to step away from the heretics…

Schala steps forward, but only to hand Mikel Arabya‘s Letter. Mikel takes a moment to look it over. …
Trash. Idealistic, simple-minded. He burns the letter to ash with a wave of his hand. His son is yet to
understand the power they stand to gain, the progress they can make, if only the sleeping god Lavos were to
bless mankind as he did in the past. The world is awash with small-minded people like themselves, failing
to look beyond to the future. What matter is the present when the future is so bright? Mikel asks Schala one
last time to surrender to her fate. Her rightful place is with her people—her worshippers—in the palace.
Schala‘s response? ―You lay one hand on me and I‘ll kick your ass so hard you‘ll kiss the moons. Not that
you‘re going to avoid that anyway if I don‘t see Serge by the count of five!‖ One… Mikel waves his hand.
Two… The pews disappear, replaced by machinery. Three… The machinery starts to glow. Four… Mikel
begins to float. Five!

The party rushes Father Mikel and 2 Transfer Devices (+1 Star). Mikel isn‘t a pushover by any standard.
First off, he‘s a powerful magician by his own right. On top of that, Mikel draws energy from the two
machines on either side of the party (which also constitute targets that can be destroyed) and uses them to
attack as well, effectively giving him an extra turn for each machine. If both machines are destroyed, Mikel
goes mad with powerful magic spells, and since he‘s blue innate, if Lucca or Schala are in the party, they‘re
going to be hurting right away.

After the battle, Mikel lies bleeding as the palace begins to shake. What in the world is that…!?

In 2402 AD, technicians in Foust are going mad. What‘s wrong…? It‘s the Bangor Dome! It started
moving, and they contacted it to see what they were doing taking an unscheduled flight and… it
disappeared into thin air! WHAT?

Back in 11500 BC, Arabya watches with his jaw dropping as the Bangor Dome appears from a massive
artificial Gate to the southwest, then begins flying slowly over the continent toward the Palace.

Back in the Chapel, Mikel laughs. They‘re too late! Veres has returned from his errand, and he‘s brought
the right tools with him. Mikel disappears, apparently beamed away by some kind of transport beam. The
party hurries back to the Aeon.

They‘re just in time to see the Bangor Dome stopping over a spot in the ocean almost directly north from
the Palace. It hovers above the surface, and a miles-long tube descends from the bottom of the dome,
stretching down beneath the waves. Veres has brought the Bangor Dome back from 2402 AD. Unless they
miss their guess… Schala nods. Serge…

The Aeon comes back under player control.
           Breaking Point – The Past and Future Collide
When they‘re ready to proceed, the party uses the Aeon to fly to Bangor Dome. They park the Aeon in the
loading bay and find that Veres has made some adjustments since they were last here. For one thing, the
facility is crawling with assault robots ready to fire on anything that moves. For another, the Zealots have
contributed their own security measures as well—hordes of trained monsters with powerful magical
abilities. On top of all that, there are switches that need to be hit before the party can move on to any of the
major areas.

And did we mention bosses? Early on, the party runs into a little experiment between past and present—the
Mecha Golem (+1 Star). This opens up the west side of the factory, where the party can start up some of
the machinery to clear a path farther in. Unfortunately, this also means attracting the attentions of the Giga
Mutant (+1 Star).

The party approaches the center of the dome, where Veres has left another surprise for the party. The
security has been reinstalled and updated, and the party has to fight System Ixba (+1 Star). This time
entering the right commands isn‘t just helpful—it‘s necessary! After this battle, the elevator platform is

It turns out that the tube leading down was this very elevator, and the party can see the ocean floor through
the elevator windows. It looks like Veres has deployed some kind of walkers across the sea floor, but it‘s
too dark to make out where they‘re going. The party can‘t get too comfortable, because there‘s another
guardian waiting for them as soon as the elevator stops—this time it‘s a Firewall (+1 Star).

Now the party is in the undersea loading chamber. Lucca rigs one of the walkers, and they climb in. The
programming will automatically take them wherever the others are headed to… The walker passes outside
Bangor Dome onto the cold ocean floor. Crono, Marle and Lucca feel their breath catch when they see
where they‘re headed. Those ruins… no…

The walker takes them into the ruins and up a watery shaft until they reach an air pocket. The party is able
to climb out—the water hasn‘t flooded the rest of the ruins, it seems. But to come here again… The party is
now free to work their way steadily up the Black Omen Ruins. Actually, it‘s just the top chunk of the
Black Omen, lying broken and decaying on the ocean floor. Oddly enough, someone seems to be feeding
power to its defensive functions. Atropos can read a power source further on up—some kind of portable
module. Veres probably brought a miniature fusion reactor here from the Bangor Dome.

Once the party nears the top, they‘re stopped again by Father Mikel, who‘s still injured from the last battle.
He doesn‘t seem to care, though. What a magnificent creation! Surely this is the fabled Black Omen that
once dominated the skies. Once Veres is finished with his ceremony, they will have to see about raising it
from this unfitting end so that the heretics can fear its might once again. But first… It becomes apparent
that Mikel has somehow integrated himself with the circuitry of the Black Omen itself. Did Veres do this?
…Only at Mikel‘s request. His frail human body is about to die, but as part of the Black Omen, he can live
forever. Unfortunately, he can‘t say he expects any of them to live for more than a couple minutes more.
There‘s a little unsettled business he needs to attend to… The party has no choice to fight Mikel’s
Abomination (+1 Star). This time, the victory is complete, and Mikel doesn‘t survive when the circuits
he‘s attached to blow. The party takes a moment of silence for Arabya and hurries on.

At last, the party arrives in the Room of Ascent, where shattered glass pillars reach up from a black pit. At
the end of a long hall is an altar with Serge lying peaceful and cold atop it. Before the party can cross the
distance, Serge‘s body rises in the air and begins to glow. As they watch, the Frozen Flame seems to melt
out of Serge‘s chest, spinning up above, as Serge falls slowly back to the altar with a heavy thud. The
Frozen Flame comes down… and to an eager Veres.

…So nice of them to come at his hour of triumph. Clever, to hide the Flame within the Arbiter. He thought
to use this relic and the Arbiter to find the Flame in this era, but instead discovered that the Arbiter already
held the future‘s Flame in his possession, and with the ruins left by Zeal‘s hubris, it was only a matter of
patience before he was able to extract it. FATE, the Dragon Gods, and the ones whose interference with the
timestream caused this entire mess to begin with… in the end, they were unable to stop him. …Even Lavos,
in the end, will find its victories fleeting. But that part of the plan isn‘t yet in effect—that will be the next,
and final, step. All their efforts, from the day they first set out to defeat Lavos… meaningless. They might
count the current condition of this ruin as an example of their supposed victories, but see how easy it is to
awaken again what once would have slept eternally? So, too, must be the case of the future if humanity is
to survive. Schala screams and rushes him, but Veres—and the Frozen Flame—fade from sight. Heh…
With the Flame in his possession, he‘s through putting up with their nuisance. These ruins will make a fine
grave for them all.

The Black Omen Ruins begin to shake. Atropos can detect water pouring in from multiple points.
Approximately three minutes until the structure is completely flooded. Schala goes to Serge on the altar.
He‘s so cold… is he…? No, there is a pulse, but it‘s weak. If something isn‘t done soon, he might never…
Schala nods. She refuses to let it end like this. Marle—she needs help. The two take hands. Focus…
concentrate… feel the wind… Within their minds, Marle tells Schala one thing. There was a time before,
back when this same structure was called the Ocean Palace, that Schala did something very like this, and
stayed behind only to be cast into the Tesseract. This time, she‘s coming along. Schala gives a mental nod.
She can‘t abandon him. The party fades as water crashes into the ruins.

The scene reopens in Kadjira. Serge is yet to awaken, and in fact, he‘s only getting worse. The scholars
there agree—the Zealots really did a number on him. It was probably Father Mikel himself who used the
enchantment. At this rate, the boy is probably doomed. He‘ll slip farther and farther away until there isn‘t
any more of his mind left to dream. And the mind that cannot dream can never wake. Crono hates to sound
cruel, but Serge isn‘t their only concern right now, either. Veres has the Frozen Flame. It‘s only a matter of
time until he figures out how to use it the way he intends to. The Bangor Dome has disappeared… probably
to whenever and wherever Veres is going to use the Flame. …Lucca thinks she knows. Remember when
Veres sent them inside the Time Crash? If he intends to heal the Time Crash, that‘s the place and time to do
it—from inside. Then he‘s returned to the future? …Probably.

This is arguably THE turning point of the story.

         If Magus never joined the party, everyone despairs, but no one can think of a way to help Serge.
         After a sad silence, Lucca suggests they go see Belthasar. He might know how to help Serge, and
         even if he doesn‘t, they need to know what happened to Veres. He must be stopped… Schala
         breaks down in tears. This isn‘t the kind of thing she knows anything about. If only…

         If Magus did join the party, after a sad silence, he says that maybe, just maybe, there could be a
         way to bring Serge out of his coma. He knows everyone‘s anxious to stop Veres, but if they head
         for their final showdown now, it‘ll be too late by the time they come back to do anything for
         Serge. Magus wants to find out more about this enchantment. If it‘s anything like what he studied
         in the Middle Ages, he might be able to do something about it.

Long story short, if Magus isn‘t in the party, it is impossible to revive Serge, and Serge is permanently out
of the party. If Magus is in the party, however, there‘s still a chance.

In any event, this marks the conclusion of the linear path of events the characters have to take through the
story. With the exception of following Veres and initiating the final battle in the far future, everything else
after this point is optional.

         The Time Crash – How Love Destroyed Time
The party is under player control in Kadjira. With Magus in the party, it‘s time to go around and speak
with people in Zealot territory. It seems that the clergy is in an uproar, the military is suddenly a lot less
powerful, and the philosophers are pushing for peace with the free peoples and freedom for the demi-
humans. From talking to people in Kadjira and New Enhasa, Magus learns of a secret chamber Mikel kept
in the Palace of the Zealots.

At the Palace of the Zealots, Magus can open a secret chamber at the far end of the Chapel. Inside Mikel‘s
Secret Chamber, Magus finds a book of dark enchantments, the Zealomicron. This is what he wanted…
now to find someone who can figure out a counter-measure to the spell in these tomes. He‘ll need some
help and resources. They need a place devoted to the study of magic, but not here—they won‘t get the level
of cooperation they need.

The next step is to head to Majir in 2402 AD. The demi-humans who have upheld the Mystic traditions
realize what Magus has, and they listen when he requests their aid in reversing the effects of the spell. They
agree, on the condition that Magus leaves the book in their keeping. It‘s a fair trade. A short time later,
Magus and the demi-humans come to a conclusion. They need to create something called the Dreamer‘s
Eye. They‘ll need a few things that could be difficult to find. First, Baobib fruit, which has been extinct for
aeons, and even then it was rare. Second, a piece of Dreamstone, hard to find even if you can travel through
time. Third, an amplifier and someone powerful enough to wield it, though Magus thinks they have that
covered. If they can provide those three things, the spell can be reversed.

For the first, the party needs to head to Choras in 1004 AD. They arrive only to hear that the last of the
Baobib trees was cut down about a hundred years ago, and this island is the only place in the known world
that they‘ve grown for longer than that. Now a step back to Colony in 100 BC. Here, the party can meet the
gardener Chora, one of several new immigrants. He‘s interested in the new flora and fauna of this
unexplored continent, and he‘s brought a seedling with him. Sure enough, it‘s a Baobib seedling! Chora is
only happy to give the party a piece of the seedling, with the promise they‘ll plant it somewhere special.
The party can take the seedling back to Choras, 1004 AD, where the mayor will agree to let them plant the
Baobib seedling in the town square and watch over it. Now the party can head to Choras, 1020 AD to find
that the seedling is a strapping young tree bearing fruit. The mayor remembers them, and he‘ll allow them
to take one of the precious fruits for their own use. Why is Baobib fruit so precious, anyway? Magus breaks
the fruit in half and removes the pit. It‘s not actually the fruit they‘re after, he explains. Baobib fruit
concentrates enormous pressure on its pit, and as a result those pits turn into Baobib gems. Only rarely does
the pit remain a mere pit so that it can become another Baobib tree, which is why the trees are so rare and
eventually will probably go extinct. With the Baobib Gem, the party is halfway there.

For the second, the party needs to head back to Kadjir in 11500 BC. When the party asks around about
Dreamstone, they hear about an old religious group from the past that claimed to have found a strange rock.
They held their rites on an island to the northwest. Sure enough, now the party can enter the Frozen Forest
found on an island north of the West Cape in this time period. As soon as they enter, Schala and Marle both
feel their pendants reacting to something. Bingo… They soon come to an ancient set of ruins that look like
the site of many bonfires. Before they can go farther, the party has to tangle with the guardian of the ruins,
the Sacrifice Shadow (+1 Star). After exorcising the ruins, the party finds a fist-sized chunk of
Dreamstone on an altar inside. Hopefully this‘ll be enough…

With the ingredients ready, it‘s back to Majir, 2402 AD. Following the instructions in the book, Magus and
the demi-humans combine the two stones and apply plenty of magic to create the Dreamer’s Eye. Now it‘s
time to give Serge a visit.

Back in Kajir, 11500 BC, everyone gathers around Serge‘s bed. Let‘s hope this works… So what do they
do? Magus tells Schala to take the Mastermune. It will be their amplifier, allowing Schala to communicate
directly with Serge‘s mind. She‘ll have one chance to bring him back to the world of the living,
understand? If this doesn‘t work the first time… Schala understands. Inside her mind, she hears Masa,
Mune and Doreen promise to do their part too. They let the prince and princess down once—never again!
…Alright. Everyone except Schala, stand back. Magus activates the Dreamer‘s Eye, and its power flows
into the Mastermune in Schala‘s hands. Schala feels herself being drawn into Serge… Schala and Serge
disappear in a flash, leaving everyone else stunned.
In a strange, dream-like existence, Schala calls to Serge across the void. She hears something back…
help… help me…! …someone, help…

Schala finds herself on a familiar beach. She emerges from a Gate that seems to be flickering in and out of
existence. His father distracted, his mother absent, a lone boy has been swept out to sea and is desperately
crying for help as he struggles to stay above the waves. Without a second thought, Schala jumps into the
water and swims for him with all her strength. She drags the boy, still and lifeless, back to shore and begins
to perform CPR. He starts breathing again, though he‘s so cold. Schala strokes his face and stands. The boy
opens his eyes, still groggy, and sees Schala looking out at the sea. She turns and gives him a warm smile,
offering her hand. The boy goes unconscious again, but he‘s smiling too. Schala hears people coming and
heads back for the Gate.

         “I’ll always be there for you, Serge.”
Serge finds himself in an unfamiliar orphanage. The screams of frightened children fill his ears, and the fire
threatens to choke his lungs. He has to get them out before—! He makes his way to the top floor at last, just
in time to see someone stepping through a Gate. There is a girl lying on the floor, barely alive after inhaling
so much smoke. Serge wraps her in his arms and carries her, the last of the children still inside, out to
safety. She awakens and pleads with him not to go. Not after she lost Sis… and she feels like she knows
him… Serge pats her on the head and walks away, leaving her to fend for herself.

                  “You’ll always be there for me, too. I know, Serge.”
Back in the dream-like existence, only Serge is there with her this time. She tries to run to him.

                                     “It’s time to come back to us, Serge. Please. We need you.”

She‘s not making any headway. He‘s still so far away…

                                                       “I need you. So please, come back.”
Back in Kadjir, Serge and Schala reappear from thin air. Masa and Mune are complaining that they can‘t
hold on any longer. Doreen tells them just a little more, and… The Mastermune shatters. Schala slumps.
The Dreamer‘s Eye shatters as well, sending shards all over the room.

Schala looks up. Did it…? Serge‘s body floats back up into midair, and a dark wave crashes out from his
chest with a boom. Serge falls back to the bed and opens his eyes. …Schala…? Schala grabs his hand.
She‘s here. They‘re all here. They… At Magus‘ nod, everyone leaves the room. On the way out, Crono and
Marle give each other a knowing look and hold hands. Schala has broken into relieved tears. She thought
they had lost him. They all did. She never wants him to leave her like that again. Promise? Serge nods
weakly. …Anything she says. Schala buries her face in his shirt with her arms wrapped tight around him.

Outside, Leena is looking at the city from a balcony. …Oh well… Glenn comes to stand by her. …Is she
alright? Leena nods. She knows now that she and Serge… This journey has taught her a lot about who she
is, and about who he is. Serge seems like he‘s going to have a big life no matter what—an important life,
full of excitement and maybe even danger. That‘s not what she wants. When this is all over, Leena just
wants to return to a quiet life in El Nido, out in the country away from politics and time travel and saving
the world. Maybe it sounds simple-minded… Glenn doesn‘t think that at all. It sounds nice. Leena giggles.
That‘s strange to hear from a knight, especially from his family. Glenn shrugs. …Does she want to know
why he became a dragoon? It wasn‘t because he wanted honor, or glory, or fame. It was because he wanted
to be with Dario and Karsh and Miss Riddel, and to protect them should anything happen, so that they
could continue to all be together. To live a simple life like that was always his asperation… protecting El
Nido was just a way to ensure that he could have that life when he wanted it. So if that‘s simple-minded,
maybe he‘s just simple-minded too. Leena smiles. Maybe… that isn‘t so bad.
The next morning, Serge climbs out of bed feeling better. Crono is waiting for him. It‘s draining cutting it
close like that, isn‘t it? Serge nods. There‘s nothing like dying to make you realize just what kind of friends
you have. Crono hands over the Shards of Life, in case Serge ever needs a reminder of that. He also hands
over the Mastermune Pieces. It doesn‘t look like he‘ll be able to wield it again any time soon,
unfortunately… they put up quite a fight in there, though. In any case, everyone‘s waiting for him
downstairs. They still have a job to do. Serge nods and puts his things away.

Downstairs, everyone says good morning to Serge, and Lucca lays it out straight. Veres still has the Frozen
Flame, and they‘ve been lucky in that he doesn‘t seem to have used it yet. They can‘t count on that luck
lasting much longer. On the other hand, she still has no idea what to do about the Time Crash even if they
do deal with Veres, and she has a funny feeling that dealing with one without dealing with the other isn‘t
going to cut it. But really… In the end, they just have to do what they think is right. Serge rejoins the
party, and they‘re free to wander the timestreams again.

(Note: So long as Serge remains in his coma, the save-screen title will continue to be ―The Time Crash –
How Love Destroyed Time‖ for the rest of the game. Sorry.)

         The Final Battle – Time Spun Off Its Axis
The final battle is still available, but charging in won‘t be the party‘s best bet. For one thing, even with
Serge back in the party, there‘s still one more step to take before the true ending can be obtained. And
again, anything mentioned here is optional, and obviously anything that involves Magus or Serge requires
them to be in the party instead of missing/comatose.

                           11,500 BC

                  Hear the Black Wind Howl
         Schala needs to go back to the Palace of the Zealots, 11500 BC again after the events in the
         Black Omen Ruins. There, she meets former priests who ask her what she foresees for their
         kingdom. Schala needs to tell that, should they maintain their present course, the Black Wind will
         howl for them all. The priests respect her answer, and Schala learns the Black Wind spell.

                           100 BC

                  The Point Where Destinies Cross
         With Serge back in the party, it‘s time to take a trip back to Divine Dragon Falls in 100 BC.
         When Serge shows either the Shards of Death or the Shards of Life to the clerics here, they
         comment that they can feel great energy from these relics, but as they are they are incomplete and
         unable to release their energies. With both sets of shards, the clerics offer to make whole what has
         been undone. Serge hands over the Shards of Death and the Shards of Life. The two sets of
         shards meld into a single Element, which the clerics give back to Serge. Serge obtains the
         Chrono Cross!

                   Silenscio and Peor’s Awful Day
         When Mitan returns to Fort Guar, 100 BC, he hears something that makes his day—the people
         have turned against Silenscio and have him walled up in his mansion! It seems that the explorer
         Peor is there as well! Why? When the party investigates, the truth comes out—Peor hasn‘t been
         so much discovering sites as he has been doing in the real explorers and taking credit for their
         finds, and he‘s been doing so at Silenscio‘s request! Now that the truth is out, they‘re threatening
         to use a weapon from the ruins if everyone doesn‘t fall back in line. The party bursts into the
         mansion, where sure enough, Silenscio and Peor have some kind of ancient relic ready to go.
         They fire it up… summoning Dalton of all people! Dalton, understandably, is glad to be free but
         not happy to see the party, and they end up fighting Dalton (+1 Star). Once Dalton is down,
         Silenscio tries to use the relic again… creating a Gate that sucks Silenscio, Peor and Dalton back
         into wherever Dalton had been trapped to begin with—after which, the device breaks! Mitan
         automatically learns the South Winds spell.
                  1004 AD

         The Sword That Once Shone
With the Chrono Cross, the party‘s next step is to visit Melchior at his hut in 1004 AD. When
Melchior sees the shattered Mastermune, he clicks his tongue, but it‘ll take a lot of power to
repair. With Serge using the Chrono Cross, however, that shouldn‘t be a problem! Melchior
outdoes himself on the repairs, and the results are a holy weapon more powerful than ever before.
Masa, Mune and Doreen all feel a lot better after the recovery, too. Serge obtains his ultimate
weapon, the restored Masamune, given a new form somewhere between a sword and a swallow,
and with an even higher attack power than before.

        Melchior’s Memoirs
Melchior is writing about his life in 1004 AD. He asks the party to get some input from the other
Gurus. Take the memoirs to Gaspar in the End of Time or at Lab 26, 2402 AD and Belthasar in
2402 AD. Melchior is satisfied with his memoirs afterward and hands over a copy of “A Life Out
of Time.”

                  1020 AD

         Another Letter From the Future
The party can visit Guardia Castle, 1020 AD, where the Chancellor has another message for
them. Apparently, the prince and princess have mailed themselves a package for some reason, and
only they are allowed to collect it. Crono takes the package and discovers a letter from himself
inside. ―Good luck…?‖ There‘s something else inside as well… Crono learns his Luminaire

         A Dragoon’s Final Test
While in 1020 AD, the party would be well off to head to Viper Manor and visit the Dragoons.
Dario is feeling better and challenges Glenn to a match. If Glenn defeats Dario (+1 Star), his
brother tells Glenn that the Einlanzer is now his by right. Glenn can then head to Termina, 1020
AD and claim his most powerful weapon, the Einlanzer, which also allows him to use the Sonic
Sword tech.

          Crisis in Medina
In Medina, 1020 AD, the party hears that several years ago, sea monsters decimated the coral reef
beneath their village. As a result, the land is slowly sinking into the ocean. The party can verify
that much in the future—by 2402 AD, Proto Dome lies in the same location but on a tiny island.
What to do? The party can head back to Medina, 1004 AD, just in time for another earthquake.
Water begins flooding out of the forest to the north. The party can enter the Undersea Tunnel
Ruins now, which leads them to several spots where vicious monsters are eating through the coral.
Once all the monsters are defeated, the party can head to Medina, 1020 AD again and find that the
land is in no further danger of shrinking.

         Forge the Rainbow
Take Melchior‘s “A Life Out of Time” to Zappa in Termina, 1020 AD. Zappa isn‘t interested in
the book… until he realizes that Melchior has written about forging Rainbow material inside!
With Melchior‘s detailed instructions, Zappa can finally forge rainbow equipment for the party,
including Crono‘s ultimate weapon, the Rainbow Katana.

                  2402 AD

         The Tower of Trials
Once Medina‘s problem has been solved, the party can head to 2402 AD to find that the Proto
Dome is on a significantly larger land-mass. What‘s more, this landmass is home to the new
Tower of Trials. The Tower is part of a gameshow where contestants brave the randomly-
generated floors trying to reach the top. There are prizes for hitting certain milestones. Floor 10
         gives Norris his Sandstorm spell. Floor 20 is home to several rare and powerful Elements. Floor
         30 is home to the Mind Flayer (+1 Star), which drops the Obsidian Dust when it‘s defeated.

                   Magic in Madjir
         Still in 2402 AD, the party can drop in on Madjir for some more fun. With the Obsidian Dust,
         Magus can use Madjir‘s facilities to unseal his power, and Magus learns his Dark Matter spell.

                  Proto Dome Coliseum
         Again in 2402 AD, the Proto Dome is a great place to visit for one big reason—the coliseum.
         Single characters can enter tournament-style battles for rare items or extra cash, though there‘s a
         hefty entrance fee. If Lucca goes through the ranks, she‘s rewarded with her Flare spell. Nearly
         any and every Element in the game can also be won here as well, with the winning character‘s
         innate and element determining the nature of the Element(s) won.

          The Final Battle – Time Spun Off Its Axis (Heading to the End)
When the party is good and ready (and they‘d better be!), they take the Aeon to the Lab 26, 2402 AD,
where Belthasar and Gaspar are both waiting for them. So the time has come… all they can do now is hope.
Gaspar hands Crono the Time Egg. This is the second version of the prototype Belthasar and Lucca were
working on, with Gaspar‘s own modifications. If they want to defeat Veres and heal the Time Crash, they‘ll
need all the luck they can get. Speaking of Veres, where and when is he? Belthasar glances out the window
and to the Edge of Oblivion. He is inside the Time Crash, along with what is left of Bangor Dome. The
Frozen Flame acts as a buffer to keep him safe for the time being while he tries to determine how to go
about unleashing its power. Fool…

If Veres is in the Time Crash, how are they going to reach him? If they try to follow him in, won‘t they just
be destroyed? Gaspar shakes his head. No. Just as Veres is being protected by the Frozen Flame, an object
with power over space and time, so too are they protected by something even more powerful. And what is
that? The Chrono Axis. The what…? The Chrono Axis—the point around which time spins. Or more
appropriately, as is currently the case, the one around whom time spins. …Time is revolving around
someone…? What?

Gaspar explains: Belthasar is quite right in saying that it was Schala‘s will that prevented the nullification
of Serge‘s existence and thus allowed the Time Crash to continue unabated. That was the moment when
time slipped off its axis. But time‘s axis—the Chrono Axis—did not disappear entirely! Instead, the planet
sought a temporary replacement axis until its true axis could be reinstated. And what better temporary axis
than one who had been there when it had been weak, who had been at times and across dimensions both
one of its protectors and one of its greatest threats? What better temporary axis than the one who caused the
axis to slip in the first place? Schala Zeal is the planet‘s temporary Chrono Axis.

So she‘ll protect them in the Time Crash? Yes, but that‘s not all. Schala is one of the keys to undoing the
Time Crash. Another key is the Time Egg Gaspar just handed to Crono. A Chrono Trigger using an
artificial Chrono Trigger—a great potential for change on a grand scale. Yet that only presents the
opportunity. Next, they will need something to heal the rift in time and space, something that can make
whole what has been broken.

         If Serge is in the party, Belthasar will tell him that he‘s already possessed such an object in
         another time and place. If the Chrono Cross has already been created, Belthasar will come right
         out and tell Serge to use it after Crono uses the Time Egg.

When the potential for change exists, and the edges of the rift in time are brought together again, that will
be the time for the temporary Chrono Axis to relinquish her powers. The planet will handle everything
from there.

So where now? When they‘re ready, they should climb aboard the transport Belthasar has prepared. It will
take them to the Time Crash. With Schala, they‘ll be able to pass through safely. They need to head to the
very origin of the Time Crash, where the Frozen Flame once sat in this time period. That is the origin of the
rift, and where they will need to be to repair it. Just be warned… Veres will probably be there as well.
Conflict is probably unavoidable. …They should know that this center has reached its limit in their ability
to hold back the Time Crash. Should they fail, this era will probably feel the results within the next few
days at the most. And then all of time will start to disentegrate, going back until the moment their planet
was formed… and maybe spreading to the rest of the universe as well. …Good luck.

          Chrono Axis – The One Around Whom Time Spins
If the party is prepared, they can take the lift from Lab 26 to the edge of the Time Crash. Here, Lucca warns
everyone that it‘s probably going to be one-way. No looking back once they go inside… If they choose to
proceed, the party enters the Center of Oblivion.

This isn‘t a dungeon, as there are no enemies, but instead just a series of areas to make it through. They
begin on a disentegrating bridge that loops (and defies gravity in a few spots) as it leads to the remains of
the Bangor Dome. Inside the Bangor Dome‘s remains, time and space are even further warped, with what
direction is up, down, left or right changing every few steps. There‘s an odd after-image quality to
movement, suggesting that time is having a hard time compensating for their presence.

There‘s a time distortion ahead, and the party enters. They wind up in a pitch-black area reminiscent of the
End of Time. Are they too late…? … … (Ding.) A lamppost appears ahead. The party walks to it. (Ding
ding ding ding…) A series of lampposts appears on either side of a ―path‖ through the darkness. The party
follows until they come to a clear spot. The lampposts all disappear, leaving them in darkness again—until
a massive spotlight appears over the party. There‘s a hum, and Veres appears floating before them.

…Welcome to the very center of the Time Crash. He was just about to get to work, but he still has time to
deal with them. Schala tells Veres to step down. They can fix the Time Crash without destroying all life.
Does he really think a plan like that is worth trying? Veres laughs. Destroy all life? He‘s not quite so crass.
It‘s true, he will use the Flame to reinstate the original version of the timeline to avoid this unfortunate
situation. That is unavoidable. But surely Crono, Marle and Lucca remember that there were always
survivors. Veres will allow Lavos to ravage the planet, ensuring that his mentor Belthasar never creates
Chronopolis and initiates the Counter-Time Experiment. But once that end has been achieved, Veres will
turn the power of the Frozen Flame against Lavos and help the survivors rebuild their world. Life will go
on, despite the suffering of the generations from the end of the twentieth century until the present. It‘s a
small price to pay in exchange for still having a planet and time.

But there‘s no need for that! They can still resolve the Time Crash without causing so much suffering in the
world! Veres shakes his head. He thought as they do when he first started on this journey. But his
experiences have taught him that for some to live in peace, others must suffer. For some to live at all,
sometimes millions must die. And who is he to make the choice!? He‘s just as qualified as they ever were.
Just think of the lives wiped out when Crono and his friends defeated Lavos. An entire future, thrown into
the Tesseract without a second thought. He‘s just undoing what harm they caused in the first place. Was
Belthasar‘s original plan any different? To heal the destruction that caused El Nido to exist by having one
of its residents nullify the islands‘ existence—that was their original intention. He will only do the same on
a larger scale.

That‘s enough. Veres has work to do, and he can‘t do it with them around. He‘s been waiting a long time
for this… Even within the void, the black wind howls… The party comes up against Veres (+1 Star) at last
(and if Serge is around and has the Chrono Cross, the playable characters automatically become Crono,
Serge and Schala). There are two ways to fight this battle. The first leads to a bad ending, and that‘s also
the most obvious way—wittle away at Veres‘ HP using powerful techs, spells and Elements. Veres is using
the power of the Frozen Flame in this battle, and we‘ve already seen in the past that he‘s strong on his own,
so expect some powerful attacks that hit everyone just about every round. At the end of the battle, Veres
dies and the ending sequence (―Did We Do It?‖) begins. This unlocks the New Game + option.

…That‘s not how it‘s supposed to go, though. To do things the right way, Crono needs to use the Time
Egg. The Frozen Flame pulls away from Veres, who‘s suddenly very worried (this same strategy can be
used in a Chrono Cross-less game just to give the party a hand up on the battle). Again, assuming Serge has
the Chrono Cross, Schala will start calling the shots. Norris, Crono! From outside battle, Norris uses Earth,
and Crono uses Lightning. Yellow. Lucca! Do it! From outside battle, Lucca uses Fire as Schala uses
Magmaburst. Red. Veres stumbles, unable to respond. Wha…? Schala issues her next order—Glenn,
Mitan, you‘re up! Glenn uses Growth while Mitan uses Aero. Green. Marle and Leena! Marle uses Ice,
Leena uses Water. Blue. Veres tries to stand and fails. The Frozen Flame is resonnating. What the HELL
ARE THEY DOING? Schala ignores him. Janus… she needs his help! Schala uses Void while Magus uses
Absolute. Black. Serge! It‘s time! Atropos, use a white Element! Serge uses Photon, and Atropos uses a
Photon Ray Element. White. Veres is trying desperately to muster a spell. Can‘t… Schala screams. NOW,

Now is the time for Serge, under player control, to use the Chrono Cross. The darkness turns to light, and
Schala is lifting into the air. The light is coming from her—no, coming out of her. It‘s a crystalline relic,
shaped in the symbol of infinity with a ring around its center and globes of balance on both ends. The
CHRONO AXIS. Schala falls back to the ―ground,‖ and the Chrono Axis rises into the air. Reality
flickers, and Veres watches with his mouth hanging open. The darkness fades, and they‘re all standing in
FATE‘s chamber inside Chronopolis. Where the Frozen Flame once resided within the central matrix now
rests the Chrono Axis. And speaking of the Frozen Flame? It shimmers, reacting to the Chrono Axis, and
sends a visible line of energy through the ceiling. Afterward, the Frozen Flame shatters, leaving behind
something finer than dust.

Outside, Belthasar and Gaspar watch as the Time Crash seems to collapse in on itself into a singularity,
then explodes outward again—except now instead of engulfing emptiness, we have the contents of the Sea
of Eden, including Chronopolis. Gaspar confirms it. The Time Crash has ceased to exist. Chronopolis has
been drawn back to its correct time—back to the exact same time it disappeared two years ago, actually—
filling the void and nullifying the vacuum. It would appear that time has been placed back on its proper
axis. As far as most people will ever know, Chronopolis never disappeared at all—it will simply seem to
have aged and lost its personnel in the blink of an eye, and two years ago at that. Were they not existing
outside the timestream already and protected by their experiments, they wouldn‘t have been aware of any
change. Belthasar nods. …Then it‘s finally over. He wonders just how it happened…

Back in FATE‘s chamber, Serge bends over Veres‘ body. Already cold… Lucca looks around. They‘re…
in Chronopolis, in 2402 AD, aren‘t they? A familiar voice confirms that, yes, they are. Robo! How is he…?
FATE deleted his core systems, but as part of the Prometheus Lock, a back-up kernel allowed reinstallation
in just such an emergency. With the main OS shut down, it took some time to reroute the necessary
systems, but now Prometheus is online again. Atropos is glad to hear his voice again. Robo agrees… now
that it‘s over, maybe he can have Belthasar load his program back into a suitable body. But there will be
time for that later. First…

The matrix opens, and the Chrono Axis floats out, then fades away. What did he…? To avoid any
temptation. The Chrono Axis is the planet‘s once again; this facility is not its proper home. It was only
necessary to hold the Axis there temporarily to equalize when Chronopolis made the jump back to 2400
AD with the Frozen Flame absent. With that done, the Axis no longer required a physical manifestation.

Lucca shivers. She hates to leave Robo alone for a while, but she wants to get out of this place. Too many
weird memories. Robo understands. He just asks that they take Veres‘ remains with them. It seems that his
gamble cost him everything…

Back at Lab 26, Belthasar and Gaspar welcome everyone back. Belthasar didn‘t believe it could be done.
But in this case he‘s glad to have been proven wrong. Only one question… what in the world became of the
Frozen Flame? Lucca would like to know that as well. It seemed to be channeling energy out of
Chronopolis somehow. Why…? Gaspar thinks he might know. What? Take a look at this.

What? It‘s a screen showing reports of bodies moving outside the planet. One seems to have changed
course and is headed toward their planet at a remarkable rate. How…? Gaspar shakes his head. He
wondered, when he heard what was going on, just why it was that Lavos pulled Chronopolis back to 7600
BC in the first place. What possible reason could it serve? Lavos was a being capable of reaching across
time and dimensions. It knew that its defeat was imminent once Crono changed the future, even as far back
as 7600 BC. So was it trying to change the future again by pulling Chronopolis back? That was what
Gaspar believed at first, but now he doesn‘t think that‘s correct. Lavos knew it was going to be destroyed in
the new timeline. But by pulling back Chronopolis, Gaspar believes that Lavos intended for Serge to take
the Frozen Flame from the very beginning. And if not Serge, someone else. Someone who would be
corrupted by the power of the Frozen Flame… Perhaps Lavos even saw across the veiled dimensions to the
victory of mere hours ago for all they know. In any case, that was when the Flame finally fulfilled its
ultimate purpose.

Its… purpose? Yes. This is a healthy planet, ripe for consumption. Lavos was part of a greater species
trying to make its way in the universe through devouring planets like their own. If Lavos couldn‘t finish the
job, it might call out to others of its kind…

They enhance the visual, and sure enough, it looks like a massive Lavos. Then… It will arrive at their
planet in a matter of days. He hates to ask them this after all they just accomplished, but… But what? Just
get ‗em a way and they‘ll finish this once and for all! Belthasar says he can make some adjustments to the
Aeon. They still have time to rest and take care of any loose ends. They should come see him again when
they‘re ready, because this time, there really is no turning back.

The party is under player control again. Now‘s the time to save and rest. The party can still ride through
time and complete any side-quests available now. The story isn‘t over just yet!

         For All the Dreamers – How Love Saved Time
When the party is absolutely ready, it‘s time to talk with Belthasar in Lab 26 one last time. Belthasar
finishes his adjustments to the Aeon, and the party is raised on a special platform, nose pointing to the sky.
He‘s already set the correct trajectory in auto-pilot. They‘ll go right to it. There isn‘t much time, and what
they‘re calling Lavos Source dwarfs anything on this planet. But Belthasar and Gaspar have no qualms
now—they‘ll await everyone‘s safe return!

The Aeon blasts off into space, tearing past stars, and eventually the massive Lavos Source, easily the size
of a large moon, comes into view. This… this must be where the other Lavos come from… Hope
everyone‘s ready! The Aeon fires a hole through the Lavos Source‘s underbelly, and the party disembarks
inside. Hurry, they have to find the core!

They make their way further on in through the twisted insides of the beast. They stop before a massive set
of jaws at a dead-end. It screeches, and horrifyingly, they can hear its voice in their minds.

The one you call Lavos…

I am the Will of the one you call Lavos.

I have seen your accomplishments against my child, for my children are but extensions of my body.

Pain, and death, and regret, you have brought me. The last piece of my child’s mind screams for your
trespasses to be punished, for you to be put in your place.

How dare you stand against the will of a planet?

A… planet…?

Yes. I am all that remains of a once beautiful planet.
Beings such as yourselves, unmindful of time’s ebb and flow, brought ruin to everything that lived within my
shelter. Soon, my very life began to fade…

I could hear the voices of others beyond the stars, others like myself, and knew there was only one way to
It‘s a… cannibal? A planet that eats other planets!?

Such small-minded creatures. Do you think so much of eating what is below you? It is of little consequence.
That is the way of nature on any planet, living or dead…
It sent its young to their planet, where it controlled the entire evolution of their species and nearly
succeeded in devouring their planet… ―little consequence?‖ And now that its child failed, the mother is
going to come in and finish the job? Lucca hoists her gun. I think not! Everyone else draws their weapons.
It‘s sad to think that another planet like their own died, but… to exist in some kind of undeath bringing
misery to other planets just to delay the inevitible… No more!

The party enters into battle with the Lavos Jaw and 2 Lavos Mandibles (+1 Star). Each target in this
battle is a different innate, so target-all attacks won‘t be as effective as they would be were everything the
same innate. Unlike the battle with Veres, these battles are all about dealing massive amounts of damage
while dealing with anything the enemy throws at the party. Once the jaw is defeated, Lavos Source screams
(should sound familiar to CT fans) and they hear the voice again.

If that is the path you choose, so be it. Come to me…
The party enters the heart of Lavos Source through the ―mouth‖ where the jaw used to be. Inside, they see a
massive, pulsating organ covered in jaws and spikes. This is the Lavos Source‘s core… Now! The party
goes to battle against the Lavos Source Core and 5 Lavos Jaws (+1 Star). Luckily, the jaws are a bit
weaker than the massive pair the party just fought. All the same, this will be by no means an easy fight. For
one thing, each target is a different innate… and they‘re assigned randomly at the start of battle, so no one
character can be predicted beforehand to be effective against the main target. On the plus side, the Switch
rule goes out the window in this battle—this one time, you can use Switch all you like.

In classic Chrono fashion, what you‘d think is the Core is actually one of the jaws. Like the innates, the
status of ―Core‖ is actually randomly assigned to one of the five supposed ―jaws.‖ How can you tell which
one is the real deal, then? The decoy Core will counter-attack whenever someone attacks the real Core so
long as it‘s still alive. The idea is to attack each jaw until the Core is found, then destroy the decoy Core
before moving back to the real thing. Of course, destroying the other jaws eliminates a good deal of
damage each round, but takes longer—this is a battle that requires some strategy and just plain adjustment
based on personal comfort level.

With the Lavos Source Core destroyed, the entire beast begins to shake. It‘s… it‘s… it‘s…!

So this is what it feels like to die.
The party runs for the Aeon as the Lavos Source suffers its death shudders…

This leads to the good ending (―The Axis Restored‖) as detailed below and unlocks the New Game +

                          THE ENDINGS OF CHRONO AXIS
          THE AXIS RESTORED ―True‖ Ending                                    Unlocks New Game +
How to get it: Use the Time Egg and Chrono Cross when fighting Veres, then defeat Lavos Source. This is
the true ending wherein the world has been completely saved.

The Aeon lands at the Keeper‘s Dome in 2402 AD and the party disembarks. Belthasar, Gaspar and Robo
(!) are waiting for them. Atropos and Robo rush to hug each other. Gaspar says that Lavos Source has
disappeared… its remains seem to be rapidly decomposing. Chronopolis is back where and when it‘s
supposed to be. …He‘s still not sure how they did it, but Gaspar is glad they did. But…

But what? …But now it‘s time for goodbyes. The Gate here in the Keeper‘s Dome is already losing its
power. It won‘t be too long before the Gates have sealed themselves, and the Aeon has another purpose yet.
Everyone understands.

Mitan is first to give his farewells. After this, he‘ll never stop exploring their world until he‘s old. And
when that day comes, he thinks he knows where he‘ll settle down. …It‘s good to know that, some distant
day ahead, the lands he‘ll discover will be cared for by them. And if they‘re ever ―in the neighborhood…‖
Mitan steps through the Gate and disappears.

Next come Crono and Marle. Crono would say goodbye, but he supposes it‘s probably more like ―see you
in a year.‖ Belthasar smiles. Something like that, though his part in it has already been played. To think
they‘d been keeping an ending like this to themselves, though—or will be, depending on how you look at
it! Time travel is exhausting… Crono has to agree. Marle wants to go home. Lucca, coming? Lucca says
she‘ll be along in a minute. Crono and Marle head through the Gate.

Schala… She‘s torn. She may have come from one time, but her heart tells her she belongs in another.
…Serge thinks he understands. There‘s a part of her that still thinks of them as her people, right? Schala
nods. Yes. People in Arabya‘s time are suffering because of what she helped her mother do once upon a
time. Watching them struggle, and almost repeat the same mistakes… Maybe it‘s crazy, but she feels like
she should be there, then, helping them rebuild after she was partly responsible for destroying so much.
Magus is nodding silently. So she feels it too… Janus? Magus shrugs. He spent most of his life so far
looking for her. He will follow wherever she chooses to go. Schala shakes her head. But… Sis, what do you
think she should do? Serge looks at Glenn and Norris. He has a favor to ask. Can they make sure Leena
gets back to Arni and give his parents a message? Schala looks back at him. Serge, can he really…? He just
smiles. She almost destroyed time once to get back to him. Does he dare let her go off on her own? Schala
hugs him tight, then turns to Lucca. Sorry if it‘s unexpected, Sis. Looks like they won‘t get to have their
reunion back in 1020 AD. Lucca mimics polishing her glasses. It‘s alright… getting to see her grown into a
woman and travel with her… she‘ll treasure that just as much as the years to come before Veres pays them
a visit. And who knows? She‘s learned that goodbye doesn‘t always mean forever in this world. Schala
nods. Then… goodbye…

Serge shakes Norris and Glenn‘s hands, then gives Leena a hug. …Sorry about the way this turned out.
Leena shakes her head. He needs to be with the person he loves. Serge gives her a last glance, then takes
Schala‘s hand. Magus gives Lucca a nod (and a smile, amazingly), and the three walk through the Gate

Glenn gives Lucca a deep bow and thanks her for trusting him. Maybe some day in the future… or the
past… they will meet again. Norris takes Lucca‘s hand as well. Here‘s to hoping to see all three of them
again soon. Leena gives Lucca a wave and follows Norris and Glenn through the Gate.

Finally, Lucca turns back to Atropos, Gaspar, Belthasar and Robo. …So it‘s over, at least for a little while.
She supposes it really is over for the four of them. Belthasar nods. Maybe it won‘t take quite so long on
Lucca‘s end as she seems to think, though. Lucca hopes so. Sitting there waiting for Veres to come burn
her house down won‘t be easy. But if she changes something now… Robo tells her not to worry. She‘ll do
what‘s right when it‘s necessary. Lucca tells him to take care of Atropos and steps through the Gate. The
Gate closes behind her.
As soon as she‘s gone, Crono, Marle and Lucca come out of hiding. Phew, did they really all take that long
to get out of here? Lucca tells them to hush. Well, is everyone satisfied? Belthasar and Gaspar nod. Good.
Then if they don‘t mind, she wants to get home. It may have only been a couple months for her here, but
there‘s going to be eleven years worth of work to catch up to! Crono and Marle laugh. Hey, she thinks she
has it bad. They spent a weekend here in the future, and now they‘re going to a time 16 years after they
left! How‘s that for having some catching up to do? Lucca tells them not to talk back to their elders. Marle
just grins back. Hey, that‘s right. She‘s four years older than them now… is she starting to get wrinkles
yet? Lucca balks. The great LUCCA ASHTEAR does not have WRINKLES, nor GRAY HAIRS, nor has
ha ha ha… eh… Why does doing that make her short of breath anymore…?

Belthasar hates to cut in, but if they don‘t hurry… Lucca waves a hand. With this new time circuit, they
have all the time in the world! They‘ll make it! Crono, Marle and Lucca hop into the Aeon, followed by
Robo and Atropos. Gaspar and Belthasar wave as they take off.

As the credits begin to roll, Crono, Marle and Lucca gather their friends from the ages—and not just from
Chrono Axis. They travel to 65,000,000 BC to pick up Ayla and Kino… 100 BC to pick up Mitan… 600
AD to pick up Glenn, a.k.a. Frog… 1020 AD to pick up Norris, Glenn, Leena, Wazuki and Marge…

In 11,498 BC, it‘s a massive celebration, and people are lining the streets of Kadjira. At the tables, there‘s a
few comical and touching pairings. Leena and Glenn (1020 AD) are out on the dance floor, and this doesn‘t
seem to be the first time they‘ve danced together. Amazingly, Magus and Glenn (Frog) are talking at the
same table… and actually burst out laughing together! Norris is trying to demonstrate the proper way to use
eating utensils to Ayla and Kino. Lucca, Robo and Atropos are laughing over something way too technical
for Crono and Marle to even begin to understand. Marge and Wazuki are trying their best to fit in and
comprehend what‘s going on.

Everyone turns as the bride and groom enter the room, and the applause begins as Serge and Schala walk
together through the crowd. We fade as Serge and Schala embrace each other and the full-screen credits
begin to roll.

After the credits, we see the familiar diary of Schala ―Kid‖ Zeal sitting on a table next to the same picture
seen at the end of Chrono Cross—though hopefully this time more people realize what it is: a photo from
the day Schala and Serge were married.

                                                  THE END

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