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					                                 Executive Summary
COMPANY             Cellulight was founded in 2007 as an organization harnessing the
                    power of microcellular plastic technology to produce
                    biodegradable, material saving, and cost effective PLA (polylactic
                    acid) disposable chopsticks.
MISSION             The Company strives to produce environmentally friendly and
                    hygienic plastic disposable chopsticks for everyday use.
VISION              Our Vision is to be the leader in developing advanced
                    environmentally friendly and hygienic microcellular plastic
                    chopsticks for everyday use.
MARKET              The success of this business is dependent on three key factors: the
OPPORTUNITY         addressable market size, the adoption rate, and the potential market
                        • Addressable market size stands at 24 billion imported pairs
                            of chopsticks used per year in Japan.
                        • The adoption rate and the potential market profitability are
                            high due to the high growth rate of people taking up cheaper
                            plastic disposable chopsticks as an alternative to wooden
                            and bamboo versions.
TECHNOLOGY          Microcellular plastics use a process that injects microscopic air
                    bubbles into a plastic material to reduce the density by up to 80%.
                    The technology does not chemically alter the plastics, so they
                    remain 100% recyclable. This technique can be applied to several
                    current production methods for creating plastic parts, and these
                    parts will retain their strength to weight ratio and overall
PAIN POINTS         The program will also solve the following pain points:
                    • Deforestation: China produces approximately 45 billion pairs
                        of chopsticks every year. The deforestation activities will cause
                        China to lose all of its forest in less than a decade. In 2006
                        China imposed a 5% tax on disposable wooden chopsticks and
                        wooden toothpicks to help protect the environment by reducing
                        the exploitation of timber resources.
                    • Hygiene: The health bureaus from major cities announced that
                        a majority of bamboo disposable chopsticks contain excessive
                        amounts of bleach and sulfur dioxide which are serious threats
                        to the user’s health.
                    • The sterilization process: China lacks the capability to enforce
                        food and drug safety regulations. A recent report by Reuters
                        reported a Beijing factory selling up to 100,000 pairs of
                        disposable chopsticks a day without any form of disinfection.
                        CCTV reported that many safety procedures such as
                        sterilization methods and moisture content control during the
                        bamboo chopstick manufacturing process are not carried out.

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MARKET              Currently the market is only determined by the number of users.
DRIVERS             Market drivers are affected by various human factors. The factors
                    that affect the market growth of chopsticks are:
                        • Changes in habits towards more disposable and hygienic
                        • Increasing concerns about the manufacturing processes for
                        • Greater movement towards environmental concerns
MARKETING           Cellulight’s strategy is to ride on the current worldwide campaign
STRATEGY            to use environmental friendly products to protect our natural
                    resources and the growing concern of the hygiene of disposable
                    wooden and bamboo chopsticks.
                    Cellulight’s disposable microcellular PLA chopsticks are both
                    environmental friendly and hygienic. PLA plastics are made from
                    corn and are biodegradable. Cellulight does not advocate cutting
                    down trees and at the same time does not cause air pollution.
                    The business structure is as shown below:

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MANAGEMEN          Comprised of 5 extremely experienced, well qualified, passionate,
T TEAM             and dedicated individuals who have worked in various industries.
                   The team is committed to the growth of Cellulight and its future
                   expansion into other parts of Asia.
                      • Kenny Chua: Second Upper Degree Honors in Engineering.
                          Currently running his own business in web designing. He
                          was sent for work attachment in China and the USA. He was
                          awarded the Dean’s List (2006).
                      • Ryan Longhurst: Has been running a private real estate
                          investment firm for the past two years and has worked with a
                          team of biologists studying the fisheries industry in Florida.
                      • Erik Roby:          Background in mechanical engineering.
                          Assisted in the development of injection molded plastics

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                           parts of medical grade plastic.
                       •   Lee Hui Wen: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
                           graduate. She has been working in financial sales for the past
                           18 months since graduation.
                       •   Hendri: Electrical and Electronics Engineering honors
                           graduate. He has strong experience in team management,
                           leadership, and as a business liaison. He would serve very
                           well as part of the management team.

FUNDING            Cellulight will be seeking initial investment of 1,000,000USD in
REQUIREMEN         Nov. 2007 for the purposes of:
TS                     • Developing a trial product
                       • Financing product trials
                       • Completing research on scaling
EXIT               Cellulight is aiming to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2012 on
STRATEGY           the Mothers Board for startups under the grouping Mothers Global.

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