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					Unified Communications: Drivers & Benefits

Brian Fenix
Business Development Manager
Unified Communications and Collaboration
HP Services
HP Overview

 The worlds largest IT company - $104bn FY07
 The worlds 6th largest software company
 Ranked the 8th most sustainable corporation in the
  world by the The Global 100.
 Enables more than 200 million mobile phone
 Powers 106 of the world’s 120 stock exchanges
 $5bn Health and Life Science business
 HP Services are one of the largest System Integration
  partners for both Microsoft and Cisco WW
HP / Microsoft Frontline Partnership

  The Microsoft and HP partnership is one of the oldest of its kind in the industry with
         more than 20 years of combined marketplace leadership. Our focus on
      innovation and synchronization, our technical expertise and track record, and
      stability-driven approach enable us to offer proven Frontline Innovation for the
                                way you run your business.

                        The benefits to customers:
                                      • Adaptability
                                       • Credibility
                                        • Stability
Reducing HP’s climate impact

    HP’s goal is to
      reduce the
  combined energy
 consumption of our
    operations and
   products to 20%
  below 2005 levels
       by 2010.
Enabling our customers to develop
sustainable computing plans

 Re-designing data centres to make the best of smart cooling
 Archiving and data management processes
 Automation of energy saving procedures
 Virtualisation – partitioning large servers to run multiple
  operating systems and thus increasing utilisation
 Deployment of thin clients for desktop users
 Mobile computing and remote working technologies which
  transform the workspace and reduce energy costs
 Slashing travel costs through video conferencing
Research by Royal College of Physicians – Feb. 2008

 Annual savings of 60,000 tonnes of carbon
  dioxide (CO2) and around £121m on travel costs
  could be achieved if 3% of NHS trusts used
  standard conferencing technology, according to
  research by the Royal College of Physicians.
Unified Communications & Collaboration
Key Benefits

  Reduce CO2 footprint

  Streamline IT and facilities management

  Enhance collaboration and service delivery

  Drive significant time savings for employees
Unified Communications and Collaboration
Market Momentum

As of Aug 20, 2007
Healthcare Objectives and Challenges
Healthcare Objectives
Improving patient outcomes while managing costs and privacy

Reduce medical errors and    Integrate and transfer     Improve real-time
promote patient safety       medical information from   collaboration among care
                             various systems            teams who consult
                                                        on patient care

Connect IT at the hospital   Enable effective           Support staff training and
with remote environments     communication between      continuing medical education
                             caregivers and patients
Traditional Hospital design
– multiple proprietary networks

   FIRE                                                      LIGHTING
   Functionality                                             Schedules
   checks                                                    Occupancy Sensing
   Detector service
   Fire, Life, Safety                                        LIFTS
   SECURITY                                                  Maintenance
   Doors/Cameras                                             Traffic Performance
                                                             24/7 Monitoring
   ACCESS                                                    Breakdown
   Doors                                                     Plant Tuning
   Buildings                                                 Conditioned Monitoring
   Occupancy                                                 Car Park Utilisation
   Feed Forward
   ENERGY                                                    HVAC
   Utility Monitoring                                        Air-Handling Unit
   (Elec/Water/Gas/Oil)                                      Boilers
   Tenant Building                                           Pumps
   Air/Water                                                 Fans
   Heat                                                      Energy Control
   Lighting                                                  Variable Air Volume
   Back-up Generation                                        Air Quality

                          Multiple Control Environments
Digital Hospital Design
– single converged IP network - the new utility

   FIRE                                                    LIGHTING
   Functionality checks                                    Schedules
   Detector service                                        Occupancy Sensing
   Fire, Life, Safety                                      Tenant Metering
   IP Gateway to 1st
   Responder                                               LIFTS
   SECURITY                                                Maintenance
   Doors/Cameras                                           Traffic Performance
                                                           24/7 Monitoring
   ACCESS                                                  Breakdown Alarms
   Doors                                                   Central Plant Tuning
   Buildings                                               HVAC Conditioned
   Occupancy                                               Car Park Utilisation
   Feed Forward
   ENERGY                                                  HVAC
   Utility Monitoring                                      Performance Optimisation
   (Elec/Water/Gas/Oil)                                    Air-Handling Unit
   Tenant Monitoring                                       Boilers
   Air/Water                                               Pumps
   Heat                                                    Fans
   Lighting                                                Energy Control
   Back-up Generation                                      Variable Air Volume
                                                           Air Quality

                          Central Monitoring & Control
 HP’s vision of
 Unified Communications and Collaboration
                         PDA                                           Communications
             Desk                                                        & Real-time
             Phone                                                      Collaboration

Blackberry                        Whatever Whatever
                                you’re using you’re doing                             Business
  Phone                                     Wherever
                                             you are
       At your Desk                                                                In the Air

                Branch Office                                        On the Road
                                  At Home              Head Office
Unified Communications & Collaboration
Value to Healthcare Providers

 Reduced medical errors and improved patient safety
 Improved productivity for healthcare professionals
 Improved access to patient information at the point of care
 Improved healthcare worker job satisfaction
 Simplified compliance with HIPAA and/or other regulatory
 Helpful tools for controlling the rapid rise in healthcare costs
 Better quality patient care
 Improved patient satisfaction and patient care outcomes
Medical Training and Education

      Keep the care team up-to-date with
        medical advances and policies
Medical Training and Education
Keep the care team up-to-date with medical advances and policies

             Expensive to train and    Standard procedures    Inefficient collaboration for Required accreditation
Industry      educate staff, and to
            lead team-building from     needed to improve              clinical and
                                                                                               and regulatory
                                                                                             compliance to avoid
                                         operating model          research meetings
Drivers         remote locations                                                               liability events

            Training completion,        Reduced medical                                     Better adherence
            accreditation rates,       errors and improved          Certification
KPIs            and meeting           processes and patient            level                 to requirements
                                                                                             and procedures
                 attendance                 outcomes

                                               Improved productivity
Industry    Improved caregiver skill             through employee                   Improved compliance
              level, expertise, and           convergence on medical                  with regulations,
Benefits            reputation                 care, diagnoses, and                    such as HIPAA
  Bucks New University

 Partnership with HP covering both the delivery of IT infrastructure
  requirements and an enhanced learning experience, includes:

    – implementing Voice over IP (VoIP) for all internal telephony requirements
    – implementing wireless networks throughout the High Wycombe campus
    – re-architecting the current data network
    – introducing an integrated access and security capability on the campus
    – enabling location independent learning for nursing students in Uxbridge
    – providing fully interactive computer based learning environments
    – implementing a multimedia resources capability with access to major
      reference sources
    – developing e-learning and distance based learning, making full use of inter-
      activity and real-time methods
York Health Trust

  HP Services and implemented a high speed
   convereged network and IP telephony at York
   Health Trust.

  Single voice and data network slashed
   management costs

  Network provided the foundation for advanced
   applications to improve patient care and
   streamline collaboration with partner care
Unified Communications and Collaboration
Evolution rather than revolution

Where are organizations today?
 Large installed base of mobile devices
 PBX with various applications
 IP network in place
 Data center operational
 Data messaging system – e-mail, instant messaging
 Support & management in place
….50-75% of solution components already in place
 Unified Communications
 Building the Solution

 Select core components
   –   Identity & presence
   –   Collaboration                                                   Focus
   –   Voice & conferencing
   –   UM & telephony

 Understand the key touchpoints            UC Business Integration
                                            Security – Applications – Control –
                                                                                      People & Org.
                                            Governance - Transformation               Oper. & Mgmt
   –   Governance
                                            UC Core Components
   –   Security
   –   Application & workflow integration
   –   Service Management
                                            Productivity &   Voice &      Unified       Identity &

 Build the right foundation
                                            Collaboration    Conferencing Messaging     Presence
                                             UC Infrastructure
                                             Servers - Network –
                                             Directory - PC - PDA
The UCC Journey is different for everyone
Tailored to the unique requirements of individual clients

 Solution elements                                                                                   Company A
                                                                                                     Company B
             Mobile telephony -                                           7           8
                      IP telephony -             3                                         10
       Enterprise applications -
                                                  3                            7
          IP network upgrade -              2                  5
           WLAN networking -           1
                            Portal -        2             4
               E-mail upgrade -        1                 4
           Unified Messaging -                                                  8
   Collaboration (audio/video) -
                                           Phased approach            6
Presence/Instant Messaging -                                    5                    9
                  Management -
                                                                      6                         11
                                            Using common infrastructure, management, security        Time
                                                   and standardized HW/ SW platforms
  26    9 June 2010
HP Unified Communications
Step by Step Methodology
HP UC Components :
Services solutions, to             Analyze               HP Unified
help Plan Implement and     Identify                   Communications
Support UC strategy                          UC Business Integration
                                             Security – Applications – Control –
Technology solutions,                        Governance - Transformation
from HP and leader UC
                                            UC Solutions
solution partners

Evolutionary Consulting &                  Productivity &
                                                             Voice &     Unified
                                                             Conferencing Messaging
                                                                                      Identity &
System Integration                           UC Infrastructure
                                             Servers - Network
Approach                                     Data Centers - PC - PDA                                 Pilot

                                                              Solutions                            Roll-out

Follow up
 UCC Executive Briefing Center Offerings
   –   Discovery Workshops
   –   Assessment Workshop (Business/Functional/Technical)
   –   Strategy & Visioning Workshops
   –   UCC Demo
   –   Duration: Half Day, Full Day, 2 Half Days , 2 Full Days
   –   Featured UCC technology from Microsoft, Cisco, Nortel & Ericsson
 HP UC Roadmap Service
   –   Ensuring business & IT alignment
   –   Recommending approach and investments
   –   Identify future state and implications
   –   Roadmap & measure
 Pilot & Implementation Services

               9 June 2010                        28
Why HP & Microsoft for your
Unified Communications

 Focus on business value first.
     – Improve ROI and reduce payback period

 Risk less and evolutionary approach.
     – Maximize investments
     – Industry best practices approach
     – Step approach

 Enabling the complete vision
     – Complete product and services offering from mobility to infrastructure
     – Business Application and Business Operations complete offering

 Leveraging actual desktop and network investments
     – Leading UC Technology integration capability

29                                                  29