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                          n this time of tight local government budgets, special planning        The Mellgren Planning Group can
                          and development projects have been delayed or indefinitely             help your local government write
                          postponed. Rather than fret over funding shortages, there is no        grants and seek funding for a
                        better time than now to diversify traditional funding sources and        variety of projects, including:
                        follow through on projects that can benefit your community.
                                                                                                 •	    Affordable	housing
                        Seeking grant funding can help your local government receive
                        earmarked revenue for specific service and equipment needs, as           •	    Community	education	
                        well as to assist with infrastructure redevelopment, or to launch              programs and services
                        a community wide idea that leads to a specific and positive
                        outcome.                                                                 •	    Community	education

                        The Mellgren Planning Group helps local governments by writing           •	    Community	meetings
                        grant proposals that are compelling and competitive. We cannot
                        guarantee funding, but we do provide you with professional and           •	    Downtown	redevelopment
                        time-saving research, writing and follow-up services that give your
                        government a competitive edge.                                           •	    Economic	development

                        Meeting The Requirements                                                 •	    Educational,	historical	and	
                                                                                                       cultural media
                        Grant applications have a variety of mandated requirements for
                        project-specific analysis, historical data, facility inventory,          •	    Emergency	operation	centers
                        electronic and hard copy deliverables, mapping, photographs and
                        deadlines. These requirements can place an extra burden on your          •	    Environmental	restoration
                        planning and community development departments to research
                        funding sources, write grants, follow up, secure funding and             •	    Greenways
                        administer the program.
                                                                                                 •	    Health	care	grants
                        Finding Solutions
                                                                                                 •	    Historic	and	façade	restoration
                        We successfully serve local governments by providing clear
                                                                                                 •	    Infrastructure	improvements
                        definitions to projects and service needs, and focusing on the
                        differentiating factors that attract funding sources’ attention.
                                                                                                 •	    Neighborhood	redevelopment
                        After specific project needs are identified, TMPG researches
                                                                                                 •	    Parks	and	recreation	facilities
                        available grants, financial awards, matching programs and
                        other financial opportunities from governmental and private              •	    Public	safety	improvements	
                        organizations committed to the public sector.                                  and equipment acquisition

                        We write grant applications that:                                        •	    Trails
                        •	 Accurately	describe	your	local	government.
                        •	 Identify	specific	problems	or	needs	that	will	be	assisted	by	         •	    Transportation	studies
                           grant funding.
                        •	 Describes	the	project’s	details,	parameters,	time	frame	and	
                           implementation process.
                        •	 Project	realistic	outcomes	and	impacts.
                        •	 Structure	an	evaluation	process	for	measuring	outcomes.
                        •	 Have	an	accurate	budget.

                        Finally, after submission of grant proposals we follow up with the
                        funding sources to clarify and provide additional information.

                        The Mellgren Planning Group’s research and grant writing fees
                                                                                                       UnderstandInG IssUes
                        are based on your local government’s proposed projects and services.
                        We work with you to evaluate your goals, identify and prioritize your         IdentIFYInG OPPOrtUnItIes
                        needs, and develop a retainer or fee structure that is equitable and
                                                                                                         CreatInG sOlUtIOns
                        equates to your desired outcome.

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