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									   At the cutting edge of reading

  Welcome to Papercut, and a new school term.
  We’ve had lots of contributions and we hope that
  the new year 7 will be just as keen to help. As
  always, we have lots of poems and rhymes, rec-
  ommendations and

Editors : Hannah
   Abbott, Sara
 Lucy Burrows,
  Chris Carter,
Connor Holden,
Arunpreet Hothi,
 Michael Jones,
Filipa Rodrigues,
       More news from the paper-
 1     cut team.

       Some more great poems,
 2-4   this time from Maisie
       Draper, Adam Lloyd and
       Lauren Tofiluk.
       Harry Potter Quiz
       How much do you know
 5     about the boy who lived?
       Harry Potter Quiz
Page   Answers
 6     How well did you do?
       What character are you?
       Do you belong in Harry
 7     Potter’s world?

       Word Search                 K W O R D R
       What can we say? It’s a
 8     word search
                                   S E A R C H

       We take a look at some
 9     fashionable characters.
       Agony Aunt
       Helping you with some of
 10    life’s little problems
        Keeping you up to date with LRC News

   To begin a new year we now have new books
We have many new books some are:
                         •     Drawing Dragons
                         •     Gung Ho! Drawing Military Comics
                         •     Wayne Rooney
                         •     Thierry Henry
                         •     Ronaldinho
                         •     Kaiser Chiefs
                         •     The latest Princess Diaries– Seventh Heaven
                         •     The latest Artemis Fowl– The Lost Colony
                         •     Vampirates 2
                         •     Pirates of the Caribbean
                         •     “….startled by his furry shorts”

And many, many more

Solihull Children’s Book Award
Help us pick the shortlist for this year’s Solihull Children’s
Book Award. Come read the long list-it’s only 6 books.

See Mrs. Hemming for details.

Kid’s Lit Quiz
Want to win the vist of a lifetime? Winners of the Quiz will
get the chance to go to New Zealand next year.

See Mrs. Hemming for details.
To see beauty in a dolphin’s eye,
To see beauty in the sea’s tide
To see beauty in a birds song,
Is like to see the sun rise.

To see beauty in an elephants stride,
To see beauty in a seabirds dive,
To see beauty in a rabbits ear,
Is like to see a sprinting deer.

To see beauty in a fox’s tail,
To see beauty in a killer whale,
To see beauty in a tree’s bud,
Is like to see a burrow dug.

To see beauty in a swallow’s feather,
To see beauty in a field of heather,
To see beauty in a butterfly wing,
Is like to see a lily pod floating.

To see beauty in a growing tree,
To see beauty in a brood of three,
To see beauty in a dormouse curled,
Is like to see the natural world.

Maisie Draper 7PTO.
Everybody says that a poem has to rhyme,
But just because it doesn’t, doesn’t mean it’s a crime.

It matter if the lines
Look neat?

Do they all have to have
Long verses?

Do the syllables have to be right?


Poems should
What you want them to be.
Started at the beginning
Let the story
In verse
Flow out

Poems are yours
Not what other people want them to be.

Use them.
People can’t see how much I hurt
When they say these spiteful words
I wish I could say stuff back to them
But I can’t, you see I’m too scared

They hit me and punch me to the floor
I wish I could just run home
And swing open the door

But mom will ask questions
I don’t want to tell her
I’ll stop at my friends
Whom I know I can depend on
What can I do to stop these fools?
Who have given me many a bruise.

By Lauren Tofiluk 7RT
1. Who are the Dursleys?

2. How did Harry get his scar?

3. Finish the spell… expecto ……..

4. What is Scabbers’ true identity?

5. In what year at Hogwarts do you do your Owls?

6. Which Owls did Harry fail?

7. How many Horcruxes are there?

8. What happened to Bill in the 6th book?

9. Who is Bill marrying?

10.Who did Ron go out with in the 6th book?

11. What is Ron’s Owl called?

12. Why was Draco Malfoy acting
strangely in The Half Blood Prince?
1. The Dursleys are Harry’s Uncle and Aunt. Aunt Petunia was
Lily’s sister and as no other relatives survived they had to look
after Harry.

2. Harry got his scar by Lord Voldemort, the most powerful
wizard at that time (apart from Dumbledore). He tried to kill
Harry, but the spell reversed, though leaving Harry
the scar.
3. Expecto Patronum

4. Peter Pettigrew

5. 5th year
6. Divination and History of magic

7. 7

8. He was bit by a were
wolf though not at full

9. Fleur Delacour

10. Lavender
11. Pidgewidgion

12. He was under orders to kill Dumble-
dore and couldn’t cope very well with the stress. Nothing was
going to plan.

                                  Which lesson do you prefer?           Do you enjoy creating fic-
                                                                        tion stories?
                                  Science Maths English

                                                                        Yes                No
Do you get most practical ex-
periments right?                           Do you have a really
                                           good attendance level?

                                           Yes             No
Yes                   No                                                      Would you say you’re a
                                                                              good listener?

                                                                              Yes             No

                                           Would you say you are
                                           quite clumsy?
  Would you say you
  are responsible?                         Yes             No

  Yes          No

                                              Do you always keep up                 Do you enjoy going
                                              to date with homework?                to school?

                                              Yes               No                  Yes         No

                           You are like                                                                  You’re like
                           Hermione                                  You are                             Draco Mal-
                           Granger, al-
                           ways willing
                                                                     like                                foy, just
                                                                                                         keeps stan-
                           to learn.                                 Ron                                 dards the
                           You’re the                                                                    same
                           kind of per-                              Weasle                              through out
                           son Lode                                                                      the year. Try
                           Heath needs,
                                                                     y; al-                              to get pro-
                           keep it up!!!                             ways                                gress!
                          Find the Author

T   E   R   R   Y   P     RA   T   C   H   E   T   0   Z   n   p   p   s   J
s   c   h   w   e   a     my   p   o   m   p   a   T   m   a   o   u   s   A
C   S   L   E   W   I     Ss   e   s   t   e   I   a   s   r   t   c   y   N
e   d   i   d   y   w     qv   i   g   l   W   e   D   d   i   d   a   y   E
s   m   o   l   l   o     li   e   a   O   p   o   A   p   n   i   t   n   A
s   a   p   l   i   f     lT   u   R   b   s   s   R   t   d   l   h   e   U
n   e   v   v   e   e     On   O   s   s   b   r   R   e   e   u   y   n   S
d   o   n   e   e   B     rH   i   e   j   o   x   E   i   r   c   c   s   T
r   a   w   k   A   i     Yn   m   y   w   o   r   N   l   d   y   a   d   E
l   y   k   C   d   N     aw   r   e   d   y   i   S   m   h   d   s   g   N
u   n   G   b   O   l     ie   w   a   s   b   d   H   s   a   a   s   e   f
s   E   t   H   i   v     al   l   z   i   n   g   A   a   m   n   i   l   i
M   n   T   g   u   n     sa   n   n   e   f   I   N   e   i   i   d   a   n
d   N   s   e   s   o     re   b   t   n   a   t   y   p   o   e   y   q   w
A   e   r   o   s   e     im   p   e   y   x   c   s   c   s   l   i   m   i
a   m   i   x   z   i     gr   a   c   e   d   e   n   t   k   s   m   q   a
h   m   q   w   b     n   ts   x   g   l   u   m   o   g   w   x   t   u   q
J   A   C   Q   U   E     LI   N   E   W   I   L   S   O   N   g   a   m   h
s   w   q   m   a   n     ha   m   g   r   b   i   r   s   m   i   n   s   w
G   R   A   H   A   M     MA   R   K   S   s   p   a   m   q   w   v   x   f
Terry Pratchett                                    Anne Fine
C.S Lewis                                          Anthony Horowitz
Jane Austen                                        Grace Dent
Graham Marks                                       Lucy Daniels
Jacqueline Wilson                                  Rose Impey
Meg Cabot                                          Narinder Dhami
Darren Shan                                        Cathy Cassidy
This issue’s fashion icon is the
 most loved character, Tracy
Tracy’s style is all about attitude,
attitude, attitude! Nothing says I
have attitude problems more than
stripes. Tracy wears a lot of
striped t-shirts, Her style of
clothes is very relaxed and laid
back. She tends to wear just a T-shirt and jeans.
Shops like Tammy seem to be the best place to buy
Tracy Beaker attitude style clothing.

Do you wish you looked like your fa-
vourite book character? Then let me
know, write the name of the character
on a piece of paper and put it in the
suggestions box in the LRC!
I have just come to this school. I am worried be-
cause none of my friends
have come to this school. I            Dear Anonymous,
am not that good at making
                                   We would recommend you to
new friends and I am not con-
fident at speaking to new peo- read “Suitcase Kid” by Jacque-
ple I don’t know.                 line Wilson. Someone will like
  Anonymous                       you who you are, so do not
                                 change who you are. Try not to
                                 worry, in time you will fit in and feel
                                 comfortable at your new school.
                                           Agony Aunts

                                                               Always talk to
                                                               someone you
                                                                trust, (like a
                                                                 parent) no
                                                                matter what
                                                                the problem
Both my mates hate each                                            is !!!!!
other what do I do? I hate
one of them but love the
   Miss Confused                  Dear Miss Confused,
                             We suggest you read The
                             “STELLA ETC.” series by Karen
                             McCombie. We believe this could
Send all of your
                             help you. We say that you should
problems to:
                             let both your friends know how
    The Papercut
                             you feel. You never know, they
Box                          could feel the same way.
    LRC                               Agony Aunts

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