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									                    KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
HRH Princess Anne        Save the Children                                                                Scotland
Mrs Pat Allison          Provides support & opportunities to families & their disabled children / young   Durham
David Altschuler         Charitable businessman                                                           Greater London
Micky Ambrose            Actor (PC Bill Tate) - set up celebrity football team to fundraise               Kent
Ms. Sabrina Archibold    Pre-school nursery teacher                                                       West Yorkshire
Mrs Gillian Archibald    Non-teaching assistant (special needs)                                           West Yorkshire
Ms. Catherine Arkley     Works with children with liver diseases                                          West Midlands
Ms Jane Ashley           Business                                                                         Greater London
Ms. Rachel Ashman        School counsellor - set gives up her own time to help students                   Somerset
Sir Richard              Arts / Environment                                                               Greater London
Mr Simon Ayrton          Lawyer who helps children                                                        Greater London
Olgun Aziz               Teacher and he also teaches football free after school                           Enfield
Christina Baines         35 years devoted to Beaver Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders                           North Yorkshire
Mr Sean Baker            He saved and runs the Kids Gym for children in the neighbourhood                 Kent
Danny Baker              Broadcaster - fundraises for children                                            Greater London
Ms Cheryl Baker          TV presenter and campaigner for safe toys                                        Kent
Johnny Ball              Fundraises for children - Actor, TV and Radio Presenter                          Greater London
Mrs Helen Banks          Teacher - brings out the best in everyone - puts children first                  Guernsey
M. Barber                Trustee Children‟s Charity - raises funds for bullied children                   Greater London
Michael Barrymore        TV presenter                                                                     Greater London
Mr Kendrick Barter       Headteacher who ensured that bullying stopped and children thrived               Devon
Mr Frank Beech           Fundraising for children / yong people living with HIV/AIDS                      _Wales
Floella Benjamin         Children Panel BBFC, Children‟s TV Broadcaster & Writer                          Kent
Mr Mark Bentley          Businessman who gives time to children‟s charities                               Greater London
Dr Arnon Bentovim        Child Psychiatrist who pioneered helping abused children - author                Greater London
Dr Marianne Bentovim     Psychiatrict Social Worker who treats abused children                            West Sussex
Mr Chris Berthoud        Radio Production (BBC R4 Home Truths)                                            Greater London
Margaret Bailey          SmithKline Beecham Co-ordinator Corporate Giving                                 Greater London
Ms Jean Birkett          Teaching - Special Support Assistant in school
Ms Julie Bishop          Learning support Autistic Unit (7-11), Briarwood School                          Bristol
Cilla Black              Broadcasting                                                                     Greater London
Dr Dora Black            Child psychiatrist worked for 40 years with children                             Greater London
Ms Babette Bleach        Sen. Residential Social Worker- gives children love & holidays                   Hertfordshire
Mrs Betty Bloomer        Childminder 22 years, signs for deaf children, runs toddler group                West Midlands
Judy Blume               Author of Children‟s and Young People‟s books                                    Greater London
Mr. David Boucker        15 years working to give children in area a place to play                        Worcestershire
Mr Ashley Bowler Arell   Student who has raised over £1500 for charities                                  Derbyshire
Katie Boyle              TV and Radio Personality who rsupports chairites                                 Greater London
Jackie Brambles          Radio DJ who raises money for children                                           Greater London
John Bramley             Headteacher - always supportive- runs very good school on estate                 Bayswater
Ms Marilyn Brenton       Civil Servant, works to help children and is always helpful & cheery             Wiltshire
Ms Pam Bridges           Set up charity for one parent families - very dedicated                          Kent
Ms Fern Britton          TV Presenter, good role model for children - raises funds for charity            Greater London
Mrs Fiona Brown          Chief Executive, involved with charities                                         Greater London
Mr N. Brown              Retired Headteacher - respected and loved - knew all children                    Middlesex
Frank Bruno              Sports champion works to prevent bullying                                        Kent
David Bryant                                                                                              Greater London
Emma Bunton              Spice Girl                                                                       Greater London
Ms Carol Butterfield     Scheme manager to 87 elderly people                                              Leicestershire
Mrs. Lulu Button         Ran Mother & Toddler group - 20 years, supports charities                        Surrey
Jasper Carrott           Comedian                                                                         Gloucestershire
                     KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Vivienne Carlton         IOD- fundrasier fo several children‟s charities                               Surrey
Ms Barbara Cassani       Businesswoman raises money for charities                                      Essex
Tessa Champion           Fosters children with learning disabilities                                   Gloucestershire
Phil Champion            Fosters children with learning disabilities                                   Gloucestershire
hief Insp Ian Chappell   Policeman who champions children                                              Greater London
Mike Charles             Heart of Gold - makes sure children are not being bullied                     _Wales
Ms. Carol Charmbury      Involved in Girl Guides for over 25 years - hard worker                       Nottinghamshire
Ms. Susanna Cheal        Works to help children in care - runs Who Cares?                              Greater London
Linford Christie         Sportsman                                                                     Greater London
Alice Faye Cleese        Psychologist, author                                                          Greater London
Martin Clunes            Actor                                                                         Greater London
Andy Cole                Sport - plays for Manchester United                                           Cheshire
Michelle Collins         Actor                                                                         Greater London
Billy Connolly           Media                                                                         Greater London
Mrs Judy Cook            Pedestrian crossing supervisor, Swanmore Primary School (teaching-related)    Hampshire
Ms Alison Cox            Chief Executive, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY)                              Surrey
Michael Crawford         Actor                                                                         Greater London
Bernice Cresswell        Nursery teacher, Brownie & Youth Leader - helps children w/special needs      Cornwall
Miss Crew                Teacher who listens to and helps children                                     New Malden
John Culshaw             Impressionist                                                                 Greater London
Annie Cunningham         PA, works to help children‟s charities                                        Devon
Ms. Susan Curry          Worked for 8 years to help children with HIV sand AIDS                        Greater London
Mrs Cheryl Dagul         Nursery school owner - supports children and community                        Hertfordshire
Ms Patricia Davidson     University student who helps and inspires children who are fostered           _Northern Ireland
Ann Davidson             Foster mother of 28 children                                                  _Northern Ireland
Mr Robert Davidson       Runs 4 football clubs for boys in neighbourhood for over 30 years             _Scotland
David Davies             Trustee children‟s charity, worked with cases of abused children              Windsor
Liz Davies               Works with children with ADHD                                                 Pernbrokeshire
Mrs Frances Dawson       Dance school principal who brings self-esteem and confidence to children      West Midlands
Mrs Kathleen Taylor      Civil Servant responsible for helping prevent child abuse for many years      Greater London
Ms. Liz Delbarre         Works with children                                                           Greater London
Janet Desmond            Set up charity for disabled                                                   Greater London
Frankie Dettori
Anne Diamond             Broadcaster and campaigner for the prevention of Cot Deaths                   Greater London
Patricia Djemli          Cared for under-privileged children for over 30 years                         Staffordshire
Anita Dobson                                                                                           Greater London
PC Tony Donaghy          Policeman working with children -set up Safe Child Scheme                     Greater London
Mrs Sue Dowdeswell       Foster carer who keeps in contact with all her children over the years        West Sussex
Ms Angela Dudley         Director of fundraising for charities                                         Gloucestershire
Mrs Brenda Eaton         Teacher - helped pupil set up peer-support group, great listener              Buckinghamshire
Ms Lesley Ann Eden       Teacher- 25 years spent helping children giving free lessons                  North Yorkshire
Mrs P Edgar              Admin assistant in school - her children when they have problems or are ill   Surrey
Ms Michelle Edwards      Telephone adviser for parents whose children may be victims of bullying       West Sussex
Dr Roz Eirew             Medical doctor who helps children‟s charities                                 Greater Manchester
Mr. Neville Eisenberg    Lawyer who raises funds for children‟s charities and supports them            Greater London
Rita Eker MBE            Charity Director - works to help disadvantaged children                       Greater London
Hilary Eldridge          Faithful Clinic - works to prevent child abuse                                West Midlands
Angela Ellis             Works to ensure that children are supported and kept safe                     Surrey
Mr. Ben Elton            Media                                                                         Greater London
Lord Elton               Parliamentarian - wrote one of first reports on bullying                      Greater London
Mrs Barbara Esam         Lawyer who works for children‟s rights                                        Greater London
                   KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Chris Evans             Media                                                                             Greater London
Ms Carlene Farrell      Set up Children‟s Champion‟s speaker and supported the award                      Greater London
Margaret Fenn           Lawyer                                                                            Greater London
Ms. Louise Fenton       School support assistant - helps children deal with behaviour problems            Kent
PC David Finch          Police officer who raises funds for Dreams Come True running Marathons            Greater London
Anne Fine               Children‟s Author - deals with problems such as bullying                          Greater London
PC Jim Fletcher         Police Constable, set up youth clubs, supported community projects                _Wales
Mr Brian Fletcher       Foster carer who is adopting some of the children he and his wife foster          South Yorkshire
Mrs Jean Forrest        Foster Carer who fostered 635 children over many years                            West Sussex
Mary Louise Foster      Charity worker with Banardos, cycling proficiency instructor                      North Yorkshire
Mrs Susan France        Makes children laugh in spite of disablement and pain                             Surrey
Michael Fraser          Businessman who raises money for charity                                          Greater London
Dawn French             Media                                                                             Greater London
Elaine Furness          Foster parent much loved by foster children                                       Derbyshire
Dean Gaffney                                                                                              Greater London
Noel Gallagher          Singer                                                                            Greater London
Denise Gallagher        Care worker willing to come out in the middle of the night to help child          West Midlands
Liam Gallagher          Singer                                                                            Greater London
Mrs Patricia Gamston    Helps children who have been bullied                                              Gloucestershire
George Gawlinski        Trustee of Children‟s Charity, Social Worker, worked with abused children         Norfolk
Neil Gerrard MP         Politics                                                                          House of Commons
Dr Alan Gilmour CVO     Child abuse & protection, Former Head of the NSPCC, author                        Dorset
Mrs. Angela Glaser      Charity worker, helped children who were bullied, ran Anti-Bullying Campaign      Greater London
Mr Andy Godfrey         Artist, contributed drawing to help children‟s charities                          Kent
Ms Mara Goldstein       Worked to help children                                                           Greater London
Duncan Goodhew          Olympic Gold Medalist - works to prevent bullying, set up sports for children     Greater London
Det. Sup. Chris Gould   Set up Safer Children Scheme to prevent children being abused abroad              Bristol
Ms Suzy Graham          Theatre                                                                           Greater London
Leslie Grantham         Actor                                                                             Greater London
Ms Freja Gregory        Teacher, Autistic Unit, Briarwood Special School                                  Gloucestershire
Mr Peter Gwynn          Former head City of London Police, Pioneer in preventing child sexual abuse       Surrey
John Hadjipateras       Helped set up and fund the children‟s charity Kidscape                            USA
Dame Brenda Hale        High Court Judge and chair of Nuffield Family and Law Funding Committee           Greater London
Miss Carolyn Hamilton   Director of the Children‟s Legal Centre                                           Essex
Paul Hamlyn             Publisher, philanthropist                                                         Richmond
Mr Christopher          Manager motor industry, runs marathons for charities, volunteer Mencap            Hampshire
Mr Colin Handforth      Set up ski clubs for children and “he‟s a great Dad”                              Devon
Dr Hans                 Medicine - child friendly orthodontist                                            Greater Manchester
Leris Harfield          Charity Co-ordinator                                                              Greater London
Ainsley Harriet         TV personality                                                                    Greater London
Rolf Harris             TV personality- helps children and animals                                        Greater London
Hereward Harrison       Director of Children's Services, ChildLine - worked with children for 30 years    Greater London
Lady Elizabeth Haslam   Director Michael Sieff Foundation for Children - helps thousands of children      Surrey
Mr. Ian Haworth         Education                                                                         Greater London
Donna Hayward           Childminder teaches children crafts and supports working mothers                  Dorset
Mrs. June Heath         Teacher looking after 2500 girls over 23 years - helped anorexics, suicidal etc   Surrey
Ms Jessica Helen        Dance education, helps children learn to love drama and dance                     Greater London
Lenny Henry             Arts                                                                              Greater London
Kate Hill               Teacher Greycoat Hospital School - has helped children for over 20 years          Greater London
Mrs Janet Hill          Foster parent, 66 children, every child precious, does respite care as well       Lancashire
                     KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Mr Julian Hodgson       Retired (formerly book & music publisher), helped many charities                  Greater London
Miriam Ann Hodgson      Children's book publisher willing to tackle issues such as bullying, divorce      Greater London
Mr Roger Holdom         Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Barrie Holland          A wonderful teacher, kind and helpful to the children                             Basildon
Eamonn Holmes           Media, Supporter of Children‟s Charities including NSPCC & Kidscape               Greater London
Chris Hook              Campaigner for Children                                                           Cheshire
Mr Richard Hope-        Media, campaigner for the rights of children who have been sexually abused        Bristol
Sandra Horley           Director Women‟s Refuge - has helped thousands of children and families           Greater London
Mrs Simonetta Hornby    Solicitor, helps children and families                                            Greater London
Linda Horsefield        Head teacher, hardworking, caring, fun - dresses up as Mrs Blobby!                Greater London
Ms. Valerie Howarth     Director ChildLine- has worked with children for over 30 years                    Greater London
Mr Tim Howle
Mr Rupert Hughes        Author of The Children Act and tireless worker                                    Greater London
Brian Hughes            Voluntary youth leader for 40 years, saved countless children from becoming       Lancashire
                        criminals, raised £16,000 for local charities, self-taught individual
Gloria Hunniford        Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Judith Hymer            Administrator, Dyslexia Institute                                                 Greater London
Lisa I' Anson           Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Ms Gwen James           Social work, advocated for children for 25 years - Voice for the Child in Care    Greater London
Miss Margaret Jarrad    Sister of Charity - works for children - quietly and without fanfare              Pembroke
Mr Paul Jarvis          Director of children's adventure activity charity                                 East Sussex
Mr Scott Jeneary        Music / Teaching, charity work for schools in deprived areas                      Greater London
Robin Jessel            Welton Foundation gives funding to charities                                      Greater London
Pam Jones               Foster parent, loving and generous                                                West Midlands
Roger Jones             Foster parent, unselfish and kind to all his foster children                      Dudley
Mrs Viv Jones           Voluntary worker with children w/learning disabilities, reading helper, teacher   Kent
Eric Jones              Teacher, writer, presenter of Royal Gala for 800 children Royal Albert Hall       Kent
Julie Anne Jones        Loves and cares for children with extreme compassion and kindness                 Greater London
Diane Louise Jordon     TV presenter, campaigner for small children‟s charities                           Leicestershire
Mrs Jo Jonett           Helps runs International Love & Light Foundation                                  _Wales
Mr Ron Jonett           Chairman & aid worker of International Love & Light Foundation                    _Wales
Mrs Iza Jozwiak         PA / personnel at CC&S                                                            Bedfordshire
Ms Joan Jukes           First aider - ASS Group & Centre organiser for British Red Cross W. Midlands      West Midlands
Dr Barbara Kahan        Lawyer, author, long-time campaigner for children‟s rights                        Oxfordshire
Sir Stanley Kalms       Businessman                                                                       Greater London
Ronan Keating           Boyzone singer                                                                    Greater London
Sally Keeble MP         Works to help children‟s charities                                                Northampton
Mr Chris Keene          Community playworker for 15 years, called the Gentle Giant, kind & caring         Lancashire
Lorraine Kelly          Media, supporter of children‟s charities                                          Greater London
Matthew Kelly           Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Mr Henry Kelly          Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Ms Margaret Kennedy     Social work trainer in child protection of disabled children                      Greater London
Dame Helena Kennedy     Lawyer - takes causes of importance to children and families                      Greater London
Patsy Kensit            Actress                                                                           Greater London
Mr Davy Kett            Adult support worker, carer, raises funds for local charities                     North Yorkshire
Mr Tom King             Teaching - Patrol crossing attendant, St Bernadette's School                      Greater London
Maggie Laird            Known as „Wee Maggie‟, volunteer, set up nursery for 1-3 yr olds, & others        _Scotland
Cara Lavan              Broadcasting                                                                      Greater London
Neville Lawrence        Founder Steven Lawrence Campaign                                                  Greater London
Penelope Leach PhD      Childcare expert - guru to millions of parents throughout the world               Greater London
Anne Leach                                                                                                Buckinghamshire
Sam Leeming             Sky News, set up children‟s charity launch, support charities                     Greater London
                   KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Lord Peter Levene
Mr. Allan Levy QC       Lawyer, author of Pindown report, Expert in Children‟s Legal affairs                Greater London
Mrs Penny Lowe          Computer consultant                                                                 Berkshire
Nadine Lowenstein       Broadcasting                                                                        Greater London
Joanna Lumley           Arts                                                                                Greater London
Desmond Lynam           Broadcasting                                                                        Greater London
Lord Brian MacKenzie    Lawyer, dealthwith hundreds of cases of abused children, inspires others            Durham
of Framwell Gate, OBE
Isabella Malcolm        Teacher, children gravitate to her- she listens and helps them - voluntary worker   _Scotland
Mr. Jerry Marks         Teacher, works in deprived schools                                                  Cornwall
Michael Marland OBE     Headteacher of three campus school, author, speaker, advisor, writer                Greater London
Gail Marriot            Runs youth clubs and nothing is too much trouble for her                            Suffolk
Mr Forrest Mars         Retail                                                                              Greater London
Ms Angela Mason         Head of Stonewall                                                                   Greater London
Mrs Marie Mather-       Foster parent                                                                       Northamptonshire
Mr Bill Mathews         Business - printing, charity worker                                                 Berkshire
Mrs Vicky Maud          Agony Aunt / Journalist / Author                                                    West Sussex
Davina McCall                                                                                               Greater London
Mary McCloud            Director Family and Parenting Institute                                             Greater London
Ms Alice McKenzie       Cook for many years in nursery school - loved by all the children                   Lancashire
Bob McLaughlin          Policeman head of the Paedophile Unit New Scotland Yard                             Greater London
Mrs Ros Meek            Nursing                                                                             Greater London
Melanie G               Arts
Andrew Mellor           Head of anti-bullying initiative for Scotland                                       _Scotland
Mr Colin Mock           Founder of Welsh Conductive Education for disabled children                         _Wales
John Monk               Youth club volunteer for 20 Years                                                   Lincolnshire
Mr Malcolm Moore        Foster parent (retired), has fostered 180 children, scout leader                    South Yorkshire
Mrs Josie Moore         Housewife & Foster parent                                                           South Yorkshire
Mr. Richard Morgan      Set up auction and raised £30,000 for children‟s charities                          Oxfordshire
Mr Phil Morgan          Public affairs                                                                      Greater London
Mrs Jane Morgan         Teacher, gymnastics coach, competition judge, grandmother                           Cornwall
Mr. Mick Morris P.C.    Policeman who deals with bullying                                                   Greater London
Ms. Susan Morris-       Charity worker                                                                      Greater London
Mo Mowlam               Politics, role model for children dealing with disease                              Greater London
Mrs Pat Munro           Law                                                                                 Greater London
Jenni Murray            Broadcasting                                                                        Greater London
Ms Carol Murray                                                                                             Greater London
Mrs Angela Neame        Childminder, kind, flexible, caring                                                 Hampshire
Lisa Newbury
John Noakes             Media                                                                               Greater London
Archie Norman           Retail
Dan Norris MP           MP, supports and sets up children‟s charities                                       Greater London
Peter O'Callaghan       Building supervisor, Grosvenor Estate, marathon runner for charities                Greater London
Ms. Pamela O'Dowling    Social worker working over 20 years                                                 Kent
Mr Peter Ogden
Mrs Debbie Ornstein     Nursery school owner, helps mother and children                                     Hertfordshire
Elaine Owen
Michael Owen
Patsy Palmer            Actor
Mr. Kevin Parke         Businessman raised thousands of pounds for charity                                  Oxfordshire
Jim Parton              Campaigner for Children‟s Rights                                                    Greater London
                    KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Mrs Doris Patton         Teacher, helps bullied children                                           _Scotland
Denise Paluch            Established Harrow youth Counselling Centre
Dr John Pearce           Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, author                                 Nottinghamshire
Ms Carmen Peets          Foster carer, on panel for new Foster Care Guidelines                     Greater London
Andi Peters              Media
Erin Pizzey              Founder of the Refuge movement                                            Greater London
Mr Gordon Quirey         Mechanic, runs gym for local children                                     Essex
Anna Raeburn             Broadcasting                                                              Greater London
Mr. Steve Ranford-       Business                                                                  Kent
Roger Reade              Sport                                                                     Greater Manchester
Jamie Rednapp            Sport                                                                     Merseyside
Bonita Refson            Director The Place To Be- helps children in schools                       Greater London
Mrs Christine Reynolds                                                                             Hertfordshire
Mr. Jim Reynolds         Public                                                                    Hertfordshire
Sir Cliff Richard        Arts
Jennifer Rigby           Teacher, primary school 30 years
Peter Rimmer             Public
Mrs Michelle Robinson    Customer service rep., scout leader                                       Tyne & Wear
Mr Paul Robinson         Betting shop manager, youth leader                                        Tyne & Wear
Ms Amanda Ross           TV producer                                                               Greater London
Chris Roycroft Davis     Public
Professor Sir Michael    Child psychiatry, author, one of most respected child care expert in UK   Greater London
Debbie Ryecraft          Pre-school worker                                                         Surrey
Mr. Jez Saan             MD, computer software company                                             Greater London
Ms Deidre Sanders        Problem page editor, The Sun                                              Greater London
Jennifer Saunders        Arts                                                                      Greater London
Lily Savage              Arts                                                                      Greater London
Ms. Julia Sawalha        Actor                                                                     Greater London
Ms Joanie Scott          Children's internet (AOL) Agony Aunt                                      Berkshire
Lloyd Scott              Leukaemia Survivor and Charity Founder                                    Essex
Nick Scott               Daisy‟s Dream                                                             Berkshire
Mrs Scullion             Teacher - playschool for 20 years                                         Surrey
David Seaman MBE         Sport
Gitta Sereny             Author Mary Bell, worked with refugee children during WWII                Greater London
Louise Sergeantson       Helps children deal with behaviour problems                               Kent
Helen Shields            Working to help young people on estate                                    Lancashire
Carol Smillie            Broadcasting                                                              Cheshire
Sir Harry Solomons       Business                                                                  Greater London
Jayne Spiers             Volunteer with CURB anti-bullying organisation                            Pernbrokeshire
Mr Colin Spiers          Helped set up anti-bullying organisation in Wales                         Pernbrokeshire
Ms Lynne Stainthorpe
Ms. Sue Stinson          Medical                                                                   Hampshire
Mrs Sandra Stone         Founder/President CHATA                                                   Greater London
Dr Miriam Stoppard       Author, broadcaster, campaigner for children‟s rights                     Berkshire
Mrs Theresa Strain       British Airways Worldwide Cabin Crew Member, set up children‟s orphange   Greater London
Jonathan Stranger        Sport                                                                     Cheshire
Susan Stranks            Media, Campaigner for Children‟s Radio                                    East Sussex
Jack Straw               Politics - speaker for Chidlren‟s Champions                               Greater London
Ms Di Stubbs             Charity worker, Samaritans                                                Berkshire
Ms Daniell Simon         Teacher - disabled children                                               Cheshire
                   KIDSCAPE Children’s Champions – List of all those invited
Mr Alan Tall             Retired docker, professional magician (member of Magic Circle)                  Greater London
Liza Tarbuck             Broadcasting                                                                    Greater London
Chris Tarrant            Broadcasting                                                                    Greater London
Mick Taylor              Helps children with learning disabilities, runs gym for local children          South Yorkshire
Lord Taylor of Warwick   Patron of children‟s charities, broadcaster                                     Greater London
Mr. Jamie Theakston
Miss Natalie Thirsk      Role model for children- leg amputated, but continues to be positive            Greater Manchester
Mr Wyn Thomas            Prince's Trust senior team leader                                               Carmarthenshire
Major Nessie Thomson     Salvation Army officer - everyone‟s auntie                                      _Scotland
Ms Audrey Thornton       Youth & community (play voluntary)                                              Lancashire
Mrs. Linda Titmarsh      Foster parent for children with special needs                                   Norfolk
Mr. Anthony Tomei        Director The Nuffield Foundation                                                Greater London
Susan Tully              Actor
Brian Vann               Takes children with cancer on trips, works to better their lives
Chad Varah               Founder of the Samaritans                                                       Greater London
Lana Vaughan             Teacher, charity worker                                                         Greater London
David Vaughan            Businessman, supports medical and other charities                               Greater London
Simon Vicars             Teacher, anti-bullying coordinatator                                            Essex
Dr Eileen Vizard         Child psychiatrist runs Young Offenders Programme to prevent child abuse        Greater London
Mary Voice               Foster parent devoted her life to looking after children                        Surrey
Carol Vorderman          Broadcasting                                                                    Bristol
Stephanie Wallace                                                                                        Essex
Mr Paul Walsh            Lawyer                                                                          Greater London
Derek Ward               Transport -saved life of teenager by stopping his bus when boy walked out       Surrey
                         without looking
Miss Dee Warner          Supporting families of murder victims                                           Surrey
Mr Norman Waterhouse     Medicine, plactic surgeon who rebuilds faces of children with deformities       Greater London
Mr Ronnie Welsh          Secondary school teacher - always there to talk to                              Staines
Mr Richard White         Solicitor                                                                       Surrey
Mrs L Whitehouse         Works with 19 Plus club for disabled young people                               West Midlands
Mrs Gloria Wiggall       Welfare & medical at Beaufort School                                            Gloucestershire
Mr Andy Wilkinson        Business                                                                        Wiltshire
Mr Haydn Williams        Set up charity 9 years ago- Rescue Foundation re: brain injuries in children    _Northern Ireland
Ms Jayne Williams        Ward clerk, John Apley Ward, Royal United Hospital, Bath                        Somerset
Ms Carolyne Willow       Children's Rights                                                               Nottinghamshire
Carolyne Willow          Adult support worker                                                            Nottinghamshire
Mr Mark Wilson           Broadcasting                                                                    London
Ms Barbara Windsor       Media                                                                           Greater London
Ms Oprah Winfrey         Broadcasting - presenter                                                        USA
Prof Lord Winston        Pioneering doctor in infertility - presenter of body programme on tv            Greater London
Mr Jim Wood              Teaching - University project manager - involves student in helping community   Northumberland
Ms. Elaine Wozniak       Clerical/Administration- works in Milton Hospice for terminally ill children    Norfolk
Jimmy Young              Broadcasting                                                                    Greater London

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