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					                                                                Relationships                                   Year 1, summer 1

                            Learning Objectives                                                                               Learning Outcomes
1b) to share their opinions on things that matter to them and explain                  I know the people who are important to me.
their views;                                                                           I can tell you something that has made me jealous.
1c) to recognise, name and deal with feelings in a positive way;                       I can feel proud on behalf of my friends when they have done something well.
1d) to think about themselves, learn from their experiences and                        I can tell when I am proud or jealous.
recognise what they are good at;                                                       I understand that being unkind and hurting someone doesn‟t make me feel better.
4d) that family and friends should care for each other;                                I can think of ways to make me feel better when I feel hurt without hurting others.
4a) that their actions affect themselves and others, to care about other
people‟s feelings and to try to see things from their points of view;
4d) to realise the nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying
and aggressive behaviours, and how to respond to them and ask for help.
                         Drama Focused Learning                                                                               QCA learning Objectives
Making- take part in a wide range of pretend situations, stories and characters.       To explore familiar themes and characters through improvisation and role play.
Performing- take turns speaking their part and act out familiar stories which they     To act out own and well-known stories, using different voices for characters.
share with friends.                                                                    To discuss why they like a performance.
Responding –say why they adopted a particular movement, voice or facial expression
when they talk about their drama.
      Resources                Book-Cinderella, Picture of sisters, letter from sister, object to pass, paper & pen, Pic of Cinderella, Magic spot, 3min timer,
Lesson        Games/             Main Activity
/             Rounds
1.            Huggie1. Read story of Cinderella.
Family        Bears 2. Discuss family. Who are they? What is their relationship like? Who is in your family?
                    3. In groups create a freeze frame of a family.
                    Who are they? Children to look at one groups freeze and discuss.
                    4. Create a scene of Cinderella- add in father- What is he thinking? What would he say?
                    5. Quiet time to think about whom is in their family and say “I love my family because…”
2.      Standing up 1. Look back at Ugly Sisters- Why do you think they behaved that way towards Cinderella? Write words on outside of picture.
Feeling game.       2. Teacher in role as an old friend of the sisters- chn to question to find out more about the sisters.
Jealou              3. Out of role write what we have found out inside pic. What do you think they were feeling now?
s                   4. Stand in circle; show how „jealous‟ looks, what they would say and how.- round “I was jealous when…”
                    5. Read a letter from sister about how she feels to an agony aunt.
                    6. How should the sister‟s have dealt with their feelings of jealousy? Mantle of the expert chn to write a letter (teacher scribe) to sister‟s.

HIAS Healthy Schools website                                                                                                                         Relationships – Angela Davis, Romsey Primary School   1
3.      Pass the                                  1. Look at picture of Cinderella left behind. What has happened?
Hurtin  clap                                      2. Stand in circle with magic spot children to stand on spot and become Cinderella and say what she is thinking.
g       Round “I am                               3. In pairs chn to act out one being Cinderella and one being friend –freeze in positions- Teacher to touch chn what would they say?
Others  a good                                    4. Chn as Cinderella to think about what they can do to feel better when they feel hurt- “I feel better when…”
4.      Pass the                                  1. Who in the story does something to be proud of? Discuss ideas.
Feeling smile                                     2. What would that character look like to show they are proud?
Proud   Round “I am                               3. In 3 groups act out scenes- Cinderella helping sisters, Fairy Godmother, Cinderella meeting Prince. Freeze- Chn to look at each grops freeze and
        good at…”                                 review-what is happening? How do they look? Who is who? Etc.
                                                  4. What are you proud of? Can help friends think of something to be proud of-3 mins talk time.
                                                  5. Stand in circle and go round –what are they proud of?
                            Faces and                1. What different relationships were there in the story? Friendship, family, husband & wife.
                            sounds to                2. In pairs show one of these relationships. Chn to look at 3 examples and discuss what they are doing? How they look, what relationship do
                            show given                  they have?
                            feelings.                3. Chn are going to be relationship experts- Cindy is coming (Teacher in role) needs help with making friends and being better with her family.
5. Relationships

                                                        Chn to suggest ways to help Cindy.
                                                     4. Relaxation –Imagine you are on an island in the warm sun, along come your mum and gives you a hug, then your best friend comes to play on
                                                        the beach with you. You are happy and relaxed together with all the people who love and care for you on the island. Imagine thee
                                                        person/people who care for you and how you show them you love them and how you feel inside. We are going to come back from the island all
                                                        together so think about being in aeroplane and count back from 3 on 1 open eyes.

     2             Relationships – Angela Davis, Romsey Primary School                                                                                                          HIAS Healthy Schools website