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									    Volume 31
                 THE LAKER REVIEW                                       Calloway County High School
     Issue 1                                                      2108 College Farm Road, Murray, Ky. 42071                                                                    September 29, 2006

  Calloway rejects Murray District’s proposal
                                                                                    Danielle Pritchett                             According to Hoskins, there has        property tax matched by the state that
                                                                                    Feature Editor                             already been a pre-conference hear-        is still levied.”
                                                                                                                               ing, and another is scheduled in Octo-         The agreement reached by the two
                                                                                        The Calloway County Board of           ber. If the state board is convinced to    districts projected the numbers basi-
                                                                                    Education recently rejected a proposed     rule in favor of Murray, the next step     cally even in three years, which would
                                                                                    resolution by the Murray Independent       is Franklin Circuit Court. It will be a    give both districts time to adjust to the
                                                                                    School System, according to School         long time getting settled and will cost    change in the enrollment numbers, ac-
                                                                                    Superintendent Steve Hoskins.              a lot of money.                            cording to Hoskins.
                                                                                        The resolution came after the Cal-         “It is a shame that it just can’t be       Last year, Calloway gained ap-
                                                                                    loway Board appealed Murray’s pro-         dropped,” he added.                        proximately 200 new students, and
                                                                                    posed annexation of the Crossfield             The entire state is watching to see    about 40 new students were enrolled
                                                                                    subdivision, currently located in the      what precedent this is going to set.       this year.
                                                                                    Calloway School District.                      According to Hoskins, county               Realistically, under the present
                                                                                        The resolution stated that if Cal-     schools exist by statute, while inde-      circumstances, most of the students
                                                                                    loway County would withdraw its            pendent districts do not.                  who will change schools have already
                                                                                    appeal, Murray wouldn’t annex again            “They chose to be independent,         changed. This means that Murray will
                                                                                    until 2008.                                and they are limited to their boundar-     have several out-of-district students
                                                                                        In addition to the annexation, the     ies. As a county district, we are land     enrolled in their system — a number
                                                                                    resolution included a proposal for         locked also. We cannot annex from          above the one-to-one ratio. Murray
                                                                                    the two districts to amend the 04-05       Graves County or Marshall County,”         would not receive money for those
                                                                                    non-resident contract to prevent a         he said.                                   out-of-district students that are in ex-
                                                                                    large sum of money from being left in          In a recent district-wide meet-        cess of the 04-05 contract agreement.
                                                                                    Frankfort next year.                       ing, Hoskins said, “We believe the             Hoskins said that if Murray would
                                                                                        Hoskins said, “What we’re going        non-residential agreement between          stop the annexation, the Calloway
                                                                                    to get out of the proposed resolution is   the two districts should be one that is    Board would agree to working with
                                                                                    half the money that would have been        mutual and equally beneficial to both      the Murray Board in order not to leave
                                                                                    left in Frankfort, and what Murray is      districts. We have never wavered from      any money in Frankfort.
                                                                                    getting out of it is one-half the money,   the 04-05 non-resident agreement.              Murray has only three choices to
                                                                                    the Crossfield subdivision, and another        “This was a very generous offer un-    make up the difference in monies per
                                                                                    annexation in 2008. This is a win-win      der the circumstances that we did not      student, according to Hoskins. It can
                                                                                    for them and lose-lose for us.”            have to do, but we didn’t want to leave    either refuse to enroll those out-of-
                                                                                        The additional subdivision that        money in Frankfort. Keep in mind, we       district students, raise its tuition rates,
                                                                                    Murray would gain in 2008 is what          tried in the very beginning to grand-      or raise its tax rates to the level that
                                                                                    the Calloway Board called the domino       father all those students in and were      all other independent districts in Ken-
                                                                                    effect.                                    refused. None of this would be hap-        tucky levy.
                                                                                        “The Commissioner of Education         pening. Here we are now being asked            After rejecting the resolution
                                                                                    has made a recommendation that was         to amend again, plus lose a subdivision    proposed by Murray, the Calloway
                                                                                    in favor of the Murray School System       and another in 2008!”                      Board did not write a new resolution,
                                                        Courtesy of David Dowdy     regarding the annexation. This is-              Hoskins added, “In 2004, it was       Hoskins said.
  Superintendent Steve Hoskins informs faculty about the Murray proposal at a       sue will now be addressed by a state       discovered that Murray was grossly               “This is all very unfortunate in
  district-wide meeting recently. The board later rejected the resolution.          hearing officer, who will make a rec-      misreporting its numbers to Frankfort      light of what we just went through last
                                                                                    ommendation to the State Board of          and receiving state funding according-     year,” he added.
                                                                                    Education,” Hoskins said.                  ly for a decade and has passed a nickel

Calloway County Schools’ CATS scores exceed expectations
Whitley Dick                              prentice, proficient and distinguished,   exceeded the goal with a score of 83.3     district score has exceeded our bien-
Staff Writer                              on a 0- to 140-point scale, with the      during the 2005-2006 school year.          nium goal. As I look back over past
                                          proficiency level set at 100 points.           Our goal was to exceed a score of     years, it is good to see that Calloway
    The Kentucky Department of                The CATS test comprises a battery     80.2. In 2004-2005, we scored 82.0.        County scores are continuing to trend
Education has released the Common-        of tests in three parts: the Kentucky     In 2005-2006, we scored 83.3.              upward.”
wealth Accountability Testing System      Core Contents Test; the national              Pyle said that she was pleased with        Hoskins praised students, staff,
(CATS) scores for 2006.                   Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills        the scores and is looking forward to       faculty and parents for putting the
    Officials at both Murray Indepen-     and non-academic measures of school       even more improvement in the future        district over the goal for the two-year
dent and Calloway County Schools          performance, including attendance,        with new technology and programs.          period and beyond.
are thanking the students for meet-       retention rates and dropout rates ac-         Pyle said, “We already have in             Statewide, 2005-2006 CATS
ing, exceeding and progressing toward     cording to murrayledger.com.              place new technology to boost next         scores show that more than half of the
state-required academic goals.                In Calloway County Schools, high      year’s test scores. I’m looking forward    state’s public schools met or exceeded
    Calloway County Schools scored        school students also exceeded a 2004-     to using the new A+ computerized           their individual goals, with as many as
an 83.4 as a district, beating the bi-    2006 “improvement goal” of 80.2           curriculum designed to meet individ-       50 schools already scoring at “profi-
ennium goal of 82.3, and all schools      with a combined index score of 82.7       ual student needs and to see the ben-      ciency” level.
have been designated at either “Meet-     and were classified as “meets goal” by    efits from placing an InFocus projec-          Only two schools in the Purchase
ing Goals” or “Progressing” toward our    KDE officials, according to murray-       tion system in every classroom in our      Area have reached the 100-point “pro-
goals, according to a Calloway District   ledger.com.                               school to share lessons from computer      ficiency” goal thus far; Farmington El-
press release.                                According to Principal Yvette Pyle,   presentation software or from video        ementary and Graves County Central
    At the high school, tests were tak-   an error in a recent article from the     programs designed for instructional        Elementary have reported scores of
en by all four grade levels. The tests    Murray Ledger & Times reported that       purposes.”                                 105.9 and 104.6 respectively, accord-
are scored according to four categories   the high school fell slightly below the       Superintendent Steve Hoskins           ing to murrayledger.com.
of academic achievements: novice, ap-     mark two years ago, when it actually      said, “I’m pleased to announce that our
     2                                                                                           News                                                                                   The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                                        September 29, 2006

America remembers 9/11 tragedy
Kelsey Dublin
Staff Writer
                                          could get a chance to say what they
                                          wanted about it.”
                                               Sophomore Toree Rogers said, “I
                                                                                     and finally after a while, he explains
                                                                                     and turns the T.V. to where we could
                                                                                     see it. It was just freaky to see.”
                                                                                                                                 Portfolio changes
    Five years ago this month, the
United States was attacked by ter-
rorists from the Middle East. Many
were killed, hurt and devastated by
                                          was in fourth grade at East Elemen-
                                          tary, and I was in Mrs. [ Janay] McK-
                                          ee’s class. It was like nine-something
                                          in the morning, and I remember all
                                                                                        Sept. 11th is a day we will always re-
                                                                                     member. No matter where we were or
                                                                                     how we found out, it affected us all.       arrive at Calloway
this tragedy and are haunted by it to     of a sudden, all of the parents started                                                Valerie Crowder                              dents to have to present one of these
this day.                                 coming up and taking all of their kids.                                                News Editor                                  types of pieces.”
    Many students and teachers reflect    And that’s how we found out what                                                                                                        English teacher Patsy Pittman said
back every year, remembering exactly      happened.”                                                                               Due to state-mandated portfolio            that the fact that the Kentucky De-
where they were, how they felt and            Junior Heather Lowe said, “I was                                                 changes, seniors have to submit four           partment of Education has reduced
how they found out about 9/11.            in Mrs. [Patricia] Albritten’s health                                                writing pieces. Up until this year, se-        it to four pieces instead of five has
    One of the Lakers’ own, senior        class, and I remember hearing about                                                  nior portfolios consisted of five pieces:      made it easier for students and teach-
Madison Selstad, was living in Man-       the whole thing and didn’t believe it at                                             a reflective piece, a literary piece, a per-   ers. However, she is frustrated with
chester, New Jersey, at the time of the   first. I also remember all of the teach-                                             sonal expressive piece, and two trans-         the fact that it hasn’t provided enough
attack; Manchester is about 30 min-       ers trying to hide it from us. I guess                                               active pieces.                                 information about the scoring process
utes from New York.                       they thought we were too feeble-                                                         English teacher Jarrod Martin at-          of the portfolios.
    Selstad said, “I was walking into     minded to understand the situation,                                                  tended training for the new portfolio              Students seem to be happy with
class when the second plane hit the       but I remember I didn’t understand                                                   changes. He said the new senior port-          the changes that have been made.
building, and every teacher was freak-    what was really going on until I got                                                 folio will include a reflective piece, lit-        Junior Courtney Elder said, “I
ing out because a bunch of people         home later that day.”                                                                erary/personal piece, and two transac-         think that it will help because it’s more
knew everyone that worked there.              Senior Whitney Wicker said, “I was                                               tive pieces. One transactive piece will        real world with the transactive, and
    “And when you looked outside, you     in Mrs. Heather Scott’s science class,                                               be analytical, and the other one can be        you can focus more on just four pieces
could see some of the smoke in the dis-   and unfortunately, she wasn’t teaching                                               analytical or strictly factual.                instead of five.”
tance, and about three-quarters of our    that day because she was out with her                                                    Martin added that the analytical               Jonathan Higgins is a senior cur-
school got let out to go home because     pregnancy. It was Mr. [David] Foley,                                                 piece will be persuasive in nature. As         rently taking composition class. Ac-
so many people knew the employees         and so Mr. Foley turned on the T.V.                                                  before, the transactive pieces may take        cording to him, reducing the number
in the Twin Towers. And I was one of      and turned it where we couldn’t see                                                  the form of a letter, essay, speech, bro-      of portfolio pieces takes a lot of stress
them,” she said.                          it. And he was just freaking out and                                                 chure, article, and a number of other          off the students, but it doesn’t allow
    Teacher Jarrod Martin said, “I was    just leaves the room without telling us                                              real-world forms.                              students to broaden their writing ho-
teaching class, and we were about to      anything.                                                                                The reflective piece will be a bit dif-    rizons.
start on a grammar lesson, and some-          “We all thought that maybe she                                                   ferent this year. Instead of the reflec-           Martin agreed that these changes
body said to turn on the T.V. So, we      was just having her baby, and it ended                                               tive piece being in the form of a letter       will make it easier for students. He
turned it on, and we spent the rest of    up being the attack. Well, he comes                                                  to the reviewer, it can be in the form         said that students tend to have the
the period watching it. And we pulled     back in, and he just started saying,                                                 of an essay.                                   most trouble writing transactive piec-
out a sheet of paper after it was over    ‘Guys you just won’t believe it.’ And                                                    Literary/personal pieces will be           es, and with the new changes, they will
just to write about it, so everyone       we kept asking him what happened,                                          yahoo.com
                                                                                                                               written the same, but now a student            be able to put more focus into those
                                                                                                                               chooses which he wants to write rather         pieces.
                                                                                                                               than writing both.                                 Senior Gina Stafford said the im-
                                                                                                                                   Some of the writings that may be in        proved senior portfolios seem to be
                                                                                                                               this category are a memoir, short story,       better than the old portfolios. Stu-
                                                                                                                               personal narrative, poem or a play.            dents will have less to worry about,
                                                                                                                                   Martin said, “These two forms of           and they will be able to write more in-
                                                                                                                               writing are basically the same type of         depth with fewer pieces.
                                                                                                                               writing, so it makes it easier for stu-

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      The Laker Review
      September 29, 2006
                                                                                                   News                                                                                                       3

                                            Calloway students strive                                                              Club Briefs                                 FEA – attended the regional con-
                                                                                                                                                                              ference at Murray State Tuesday.

                                            to fit society’s standards
                                                                                                                                                                              Jasemine Carr, M.E. Coleman and
BOE clarifies                                                                                                                     Student Council – officers are senior
                                                                                                                                  Ashley Winkler, president; juniors
                                                                                                                                                                              Leanne Linn attended summer camp
                                                                                                                                                                              at Murray State University (MSU) this

purse size                                 Allyson Miller
                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                  Tatum Dale, vice-president; Danielle
                                                                                                                                  Pritchett, secretary and Allyson Miller,
                                                                                                                                  treasurer. The Homecoming Dance
                                                                                                                                                                              summer. Seniors Michelle Bradley and
                                                                                                                                                                              Matt O’Neil are enrolled in dual-credit
                                                                                                                                                                              courses at MSU, where they will re-
                                                                                                                                  raised $585, which will go toward the       ceive six hours of college credit.
Whitley Dick                                   As students came back from sum-                                                    Santa Project and area charities.
Staff Writer                               mer break, several wondered about                                                                                                  Tennis – Anyone interested in play-
                                           the number of people who had lost                                                      Leadership Tomorrow – members               ing tennis should contact Coach Darra
    Through a decision-making process,     weight.                                                                                are seniors Whitley Edwards, Leanna         Benson in room 709. Open courts are
the Board of Education (BOE) made a            Junior Whitney Anderson said, “I                                                   Linn, Brennan Parker, Victoria Mos-         on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5 p.m.
new rule on what size a purse should       was kind of shocked when I came back                                                   coe, Crystal Eldridge, Jordan Patterson
be, according to Principal Yvette Pyle.    to school and saw how many people                                                      and Kelsey Dublin; juniors Allyson          FFA – Horse Judging Team won state
    Past decisions about purse sizes       had lost weight.”                                                                      Miller, Heather Lowe, Patricia White,       competition in July and will be com-
have caused confusion.                         Freshman Austin Miles said, “It                                                    Valerie Crowder, Tatum Dale, Ellie          peting in the national competition in
    The first decision made by the BOE     seemed like losing weight was on a lot                                                 Fisher, Jacob Wade, Danielle Pritchett,     Indianapolis, Ind. during October.
was that girls could carry a purse big     of people’s minds this summer.”                                                        Jennifer Vincent, Coby Lyell and Katie      Floriculture Team placed third in the
enough to hold a student handbook.             So the question was, why?                                                          Clark.                                      state. The annual picnic was Sept. 14.
Many students requested to carry larg-         A number of students cited pres-
er ones.                                   sure to look a certain way.                                                            BETA – will meet Wednesday. Mem-            FBLA – is collecting baby items this
    The second decision the BOE made           Junior Shelby Webb said, “I feel                                                   bers may contribute to Kosair Chil-         month for Lifehouse. Every $5 is a
                                           like I have to look a certain way to be                                                dren’s Hospital and volunteer at rest       point; members must keep your re-
was that students could carry medium-
                                           popular and fit in.”                                                                   homes. Rebate night at Sirloin Stock-       ceipts. Laker Legacy T-shirts are
sized purses. This medium size didn’t
                                               According to a recent poll given                                                   ade is Oct. 19, and a bake sale/ car wash   on sale, and orders are due Monday.
really have a description, though. Af-                                                lifelong struggles, and something you
                                           to 200 students here, 44 percent of                                                    at Captain D’s is Oct. 21. Members          Members must sell five shirts to be
ter a while, with this new rule, teach-                                               never get over. We want to prevent          may volunteer at East Elementary Fall
ers and staff started realizing that the   students feel the need to be skinny.                                                                                               eligible to attend the Nashville, Tenn.
                                                                                      eating disorders now, because once you      Festival Oct. 23.
purses were getting too large.             Twelve percent said they had strug-                                                                                                trip.
                                                                                      start, you may quit for a while, but you
    After students began bringing big      gled with eating disorders so that they    will never completely overcome it.”         Band – received the following awards:       FCCLA – Twelve officers and mem-
purses, the BOE met and decided that       could look better and because they felt         Sophomore Carey Boggess and            First place, Class AAAA; Best Per-          bers attended the Region I FCCLA
they needed to define the size. It then    pressure.                                  junior Megan Starks both agreed that        cussion, Class AAAA; Best Color             officer and member training at MSU
made a rule that students could carry a        Junior Savannah Todd said, “Peo-       there is so much pressure because of all    Guard, Class AAAA; Overall Class A-
                                           ple are really stereotypical these days.                                                                                           Sept. 8. The chapter will attend the
purse big enough to fit a student hand-                                               the skinny models and the way people        AAAA, Color Guard; Overall, Class           National Cluster Meeting in St. Louis,
book but not big enough for the new        In order to be popular and to fit in,      look on television.                         A-AAAA, Percussion; Overall Class           Mo., Star Events competition in Bal-
grammar book, according to Pyle.           you have to say the right things, wear          “You feel like that’s what you are     A-AAAA Grand Champion and the               lard County and the state meeting and
    A student gave her opinion on the      the right clothes, and look the right      supposed to look like,” said Boggess.       only Distinguished Rating given at the      competition in Louisville.
new rule.                                  way and that includes being small and           Senior Josh Price added, “People       Madisonville North Hopkins March-
    Senior Michelle Schroader stated,      skinny.”                                   feel they have a certain image they         ing Band Invitational. This year’s show     NSHS – is collecting coats this month
“I think that we should have a purse           School Nurse Vicki Williams said,      have to obtain, so they do what they        is “The Shape of Things to Come.”           for the Resource Fair, and recycling
check but not a purse size.”               “Right now one of America’s biggest        can to uphold it.”                                                                      paper here.
    Now that the final rule is made,       issues is childhood obesity. But we             But despite all of the unhealthy im-
students keep asking why we even have      also have people on the other end of       ages we have, and all the pressure there
to carry a certain size purse if we have   the spectrum who have serious eating       is, some people haven’t given in to it.
purse checks in the morning.               disorders. Although some guys have                Freshman Vivian O’Neil said,
    Pyle said with small purses, stu-      struggled with eating disorders, the       “People don’t need to worry about
dents carry fewer items, and it doesn’t    majority are females. Guys often pres-     what other people think; just be your-
take a lot of time to check them.          sure girls into having eating disorders.   self.”
                                               “This is a serious problem. Eat-            Senior Jeremy Jenkins added,
                                           ing disorders are not curable. They are    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”
    4                                                                                                Viewpoint                                                                              The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                                            September 29, 2006

                                                                                                                                         Staff deems site ban futile
Myspace: good or bad?                                                                                                                              With the November elections drawing dangerously near, politi-
                                                                                                                                         cians and electoral candidates are fiercely debating over pressing issues such
                                                                                                                                         as immigration, war strategy, tax cuts and… MySpace?
                                                                                                                                                   That’s right -- according to think.mtv.com, representatives in
                                                                                                                                         Congress have recently proposed a ban of access to social networking sites
                                                                                                                                         in public libraries and schools in the name of protecting minors from online
                                                                                                                                                   However, this is not an effective way to handle the issue.
                                                                                                                                                   Since their inception in 1995 with the creation of Classmates.com, a
                                                                                                                                         website designed to let its users find and keep in touch with old classmates,
                                                                                                                                         social networking sites have rapidly grown in popularity with people world-
                                                                                                                                         wide, according to wikipedia.com.
                                                                                                                                                   Now over 200 social networking sites exist on the web, counting
                                                                                                                                         over two-thirds of Americans as users.
                                                                                                                                             	     MySpace, one of the newest members of this social phenomenon,
                                                                                                                                         has surpassed the user count of all of its predecessors with a whopping
                                                                                                                                         108,050,967 members and counting, according to wikipedia.com statistics.
                                                                                                                                                   All of these sites are essentially the same, allowing their users to
                                                                                                                                         link themselves to a community of friends, family members or business as-
                                                                                                                                         sociates across the globe, with whom they can then share anything from
                                                                                                                                         pictures to online journals via online profiles.
                                                                                                                                                   Even though this topic is just now under the legislative spotlight,
                                                                                                                                         it has been in the headlines countless times in the past couple of years.
                                                                                                                                                   The investigative series To	Catch	a	Predator, which aired over sev-
                                                                                                                                         eral months on Dateline	NBC, used mock profiles under false identities of
                                                                                                                                         minors to lure in sexual predators, exposing and arresting over 130 predators
                                                                                                                                         on national television in the process.
                                                                                                                                                   This extensive investigation, along with many other newsworthy
                                                                                                                                         cases of online sexual abuse, opened the eyes of both parents and children to
                                                                                                                                         the dangers of social networking.
                                                                                                                                                   Many now argue that these sites have become hunting grounds for
                                                                                                                                         child predators, putting young users at risk, but banning access to these sites
                                                                                                                                         is not the solution.
                                                                                                                                                   Oftentimes, the advances of an online predator can be easily pre-
                                                                                                                                         vented with the privacy feature both MySpace and Facebook offer. These fea-
                                                                                                                                         tures allow users to set their profiles to private, making their profile viewable
                                                                                                                                         only by their approved group of friends.
                                                                                                                                                   However, many young users opt not to use this feature, allowing
                                                                                                                                         anybody to view their information, making them easy targets for predators.
                                                                                                                                                   Senior Whitney Whicker said, “I think sites like MySpace and
                                                                                              Laker Review                               Facebook are good things, but only if used wisely. As long as you don’t post

            The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                         your whole life story or personal information you don’t want a stranger to

                                                                                              changes to                                 know, you should be fine.”
                                                                                                                                                   Predators aren’t the only ones who reularly view online profiles.
           Genevieve Postlethwait
               Editor in Chief
             Whitley Edwards
                                                          Sara Dick
                                                      Advertising Manager
                                                        Colby Starks
                                                                                              new process                                Law enforcement officials and employers have been known to search
                                                                                                                                         MySpace and Facebook as well.
                                                                                                                                                   Junior Mackensie Karraker said, “I know that one of our local
              Associate Editor                             Cartoonist                             For The Laker	Review	staff, the new    banks screens the MySpace and Facebook profiles of potential tellers to help
              Valerie Crowder                            Photographer                         year not only brought new classes and      decide if that person is someone they’d want to hire.”
                News Editor                               Staff Writer                        teachers but a complete overhaul of the              In a virtual world that eliminates face-to-face contact, it is easy
               Connor Olsen                             Whitley Dick                          publishing system.                         to forget that what is written and posted on social networking sites is seen
            Entertainment Editor                          Staff Writer                            The transition from a combination      by real people on the other end of the connection. What happens on the
             Danielle Pritchett                         Kelsey Dublin                         of word processing, manual manipula-       internet, never stays on the internet. This is why users should be especially
                                                                                              tion of graphics and pictures, and pas-
               Feature Editor                             Staff Writer
                                                                                              teup by hand, piece by piece, to a new
                                                                                                                                         cautious when posting any information online.
                Blake Lencki                             Keela Evans                          desktop publishing system has been a                 Also, according to the Crime Against Children Research Center,
                Sports Editor                             Staff Writer                        nerve-racking process, to say the least.   in 89 percent of online sexual abuse cases, the child encountered the preda-
               Allyson Miller                           Ginny Furches                         But alas, we present the first computer-   tor either through chat rooms or instant messaging, meaning that the child
            Circulation/Exchange                          Staff Writer                        generated Laker	Review issue.              voluntarily talked to the predator.
                 Staff Writer                             C.J. Green                              We thank David Dowdy, Callo-                     Perhaps, since the internet seems to have replaced playgrounds
                  Kris Fazi                               Staff Writer                        way County Schools Public Relations        as predators’ main link to their young victims, the old adage, “never talk to
                   Adviser                             Kayla Simmons                          Coordinator, C.D. Bradley, asst. city      strangers” should be reapplied.
                                                          Staff Writer                        editor of the Paducah	 Sun, and Tom                  Though Congress’s attempt to put a stop to MySpace-related crime
                                                                                              Bell, production manager of the Mur-       is noble, it is futile in the end. When it comes down to it, the internet is
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                                                                                                                                         common sense, social networking sites can be used safely and for their
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                                                                                                       Editor in Chief                   keep in touch, regardless of distance.
    The Laker Review
    September 29, 2006
                                                       Viewpoint                                                                                                           5

If you could change one thing
                                                    Educators question legitimacy of score ratings
                                                    Genny Postlethwait                          tries and ours, it’s nearly impossible          “For example, some of the com-
about high school, what would                       Editor in Chief                             to standardize the comparison.
                                                                                                    As Monty Neil, associate director
                                                                                                                                            parisons being made between school
                                                                                                                                            districts and between states aren’t
it be?                                                  According to think.mtv.com, a
                                                    recent international comparison
                                                                                                of Fair Test, a Boston-based group
                                                                                                that analyzes the quality of standard-
                                                                                                                                            made on a level playing field. Hope-
                                                                                                                                            fully, once they’ve addressed this
                                                    showed that American 15-year-olds           ized tests, said, “To what extent are       problem, the goal of NCLB will be
                                                    ranked 24th out of 29 among devel-          they comparing apples and apples,           achieved.”
                                                    oped nations in mathematics, literacy       apples and oranges, or vegetables and           One requirement of NCLB is that
                                                    and problem-solving.                        animals? One has to take the results        schools provide information about
                          “I would make the             However, many educators and stu-        with a grain of salt.”                      their progress towards proficiency by
                         hours from 10 a.m. to      dents are questioning the legitimacy
                                                    of these figures, saying that judging
                                                                                                    To our credit, when the achieve-
                                                                                                ment of high-scoring American
                                                                                                                                                In the September issue of Ken-
                         5 p.m.”                    the progress of American schools by         states is compared with that of stu-        tucky Teacher, it was pointed out that
                                                    comparison to that of foreign schools       dents in high-achieving countries           each state and district uses its own
                         -Senior Luke Stinnett      isn’t entirely accurate.                    such as Taiwan and Korea, we come           standards to determine their annual
                                                        This is because the majority of the     out even. Likewise, the achievement         progress towards that goal, giving
                                                    foreign nations with which America          levels of low-scoring states are about      some schools and districts an unfair
                                                    is being compared have a nation-            the same as those of the low-achiev-        advantage.
                                                    wide curriculum and testing system,         ing countries such as Jordan, accord-           According to Stanford Magazine,
                                                    whereas America has 50 separate ed-         ing to educational researchers and          NCLB also requires schools to make
                                                    ucational systems, each with its own        authors Berliner and Biddle.                “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP),
                                                    standards of assessment.                        Despite these facts, President          and to report that progress by sub-
                                                        Another kink in these compari-          George W. Bush and the Depart-              groups (including ethnic groups, spe-
                                                    sons is the question of which students      ment of Education have enacted the          cial education students and English
 “I would get rid of                                are represented in the test data -- all     American Competitiveness Initia-            learners).
the purse rule, and I                               students (as is the case in America) or     tive Act (ACI) in hopes of putting              If any of these 30-plus subgroups
                                                    only the top percentile?                    America back on top of the academic         fail to make AYP for two consecutive
would add a 30-minute                                   Principal Yvette Pyle is among          world.                                      years, that school may face sanctions.
study hall.”                                        those who question the validity of the          The ACI will provide nearly $6              Even if 36 of the 37 subgroups
                                                    numbers.                                    billion for educational research as         pass, it is uniformly failing in the
-Junior Heather Lowe                                    “In America, all students are en-       well as science and math-oriented           federal eyes of NCLB.
                                                    couraged so that no child is left be-       programs in public schools over the             This is comparable to a student
                                                    hind, whereas in other countries, only      next 10 years.                              who made all As and one B having
                                                    a select few who show promise are               The well known No Child Left            the same GPA as one who made
                                                    actually allowed to continue on with        Behind (NCLB) policy is another             all Fs. It defies common sense, said
                                                    their education,” Pyle said.                initiative to improve our nation’s sup-     Robert F. Sexton, Executive Director
                         “I wish they would             “With all of America’s students         posedly lackluster educational system,      of the Prichard Committee for Aca-
                         change the internet        taking standardized testing and only        projecting a 100 percent literacy rate      demic Excellence.
                                                    the top percentage of students test-        by the year 2014.                               Even as national test scores rise,
                         policy; it’s               ing in foreign countries, it’s not a fair       Just as assessment of our educa-        students and educators are being
                         ridiculous how             comparison,” she added.                     tional progress through comparison          pushed to the limit in hopes of beat-
                                                        According to index-china.com,           to foreign test scores has been under       ing out other nations in a battle of
                         many sites they            Chinese students are only required to       fire, NCLB has also been a target of        numbers and statistics.
                         have blocked.”             attend school for nine years. In order      sharp scrutiny as a means of measur-            More weight is being placed on
                         -Sophomore                 to continue with their schooling, stu-      ing our nation’s progress.                  the standardized test and less on
                                                    dents must pass entrance examina-               Pyle said, “In theory, No Child         the individuality of the students and
                         Megan Summers
                                                    tions, thus weeding out students with       Left Behind is an excellent initia-         educators, changing this global com-
                                                    lower aptitudes.                            tive, but in practice, just like with all   petition from a battle of the brains to
                                                        With such stark differences in the      educational initiatives, it needs some      a battle of the test-takers.
                                                    educational systems of foreign coun-        tweaking.

“I would make
                                                    Dress code prohibits leggings with short skirts
                                                    Danielle Pritchett                          the skirts need to be the appropriate            “That’s what makes us different.
extras at lunch                                     Feature Editor                              length, which is below mid-thigh. If        However, some students support
                                                                                                they wear them under shorts, then the       the dress code.
free.”                                                  Leggings worn under a skirt is          shorts need to have the appropriate              Junior Cynthia Barnett said, “I
-Freshman Tyrell                                    the most popular method of wearing          length of a four-inch inseam or lon-        think it’s a very good thing because
                                                    spandex, but some female students           ger.”                                       I don’t want to see indecent dress-
Willis                                              are using the new trend to get around           Freshman Brittnee Deitz said,           ing.”
                                                    the dress code.                             “I think we should be able to wear               Sophomore Herbert Felix said,
                                                        They believe that wearing a piece       shorter skirts because your skin is         “I like it because it shows too much
                                                    of skin-tight material gives them the       covered by the leggings.”                   otherwise.”
                                                    right to wear a shorter skirt. This just        However, covering the body with              When all’s said and done, school
                                                    isn’t the case.                             skin-tight material does little more        isn’t a place to show off bodies in-
                                                         Regarding leggings in the dress        color and texture via clingy fabric         decently; it’s a place to learn, and it
                         “I would make it where      code, Principal Yvette Pyle replied,       leaves nothing to the imagination, so       must have rules. Whether you like
                                                     “As far as spandex, I know that            skirts and shorts should remain with-       it, a dress code exists, as well as pun-
                         there would be only         spandex is back in style. Spandex          in dress code length.                       ishments for violating it.
                         studying in the library     has never been allowed. It was not             Teacher Marshall Ward said,                  If caught, a student has two op-
                                                     allowed even 30 years ago. I know          “The dress code in general needs to         tions, according to Pyle.
                         during lunchtime.”          that people are going to want to wear      be practical; it needs to be balanced            “Students can either change into
                         -Media Center Specialist    spandex-type stuff, but they can’t         among fashion, acceptable styles, and       something appropriate that they have
                         Melissa Spiceland           wear it underneath something that’s        individuality. However, I see no need       at school, or wear something from
                                                     out of code.                               to stifle all individuality and promote     the Clothes Closet in the Harbour. If
                                                         “For example, if they wear span-       a Brave New World mentality of              they refuse to comply, they will sit the
                                                      dex underneath mini-skirts, then          looking like automatons.                    day out in In-School Suspension.”
    6                                                                                     Entertainment                                                                                  The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                                         September 29, 2006

Band Hinder rocks as Concert scams continue to
newest teen sensation plague fans of music industry
Whitley Edwards                            inspired by timeless groups like Bad
Associate Editor                           Company, Aerosmith and the Rolling          C.J. Green                                   cording to msn.com.
                                           Stones, among others.”                      Staff Writer                                     “They’re definitely allegations
    Dedicated to bringing back the             “We’re hoping to be the band to get                                                  against the same person,” Molinelli
good old, decadent days when sex,          people into rock again,” said Hanson,           Last month, music fan Richard            said, referring to a possible connection
drugs and rock ‘n’ roll weren’t dirty      who writes the majority of the band’s       Martinez gladly forked over $100 at          among incidents in South Carolina,
words, but a way of life, is an Okala-     material with Winkler.                      the door for a concert by reggaeton          New Jersey and three other locations.
homa City fivesome, Hinder.                    It is Winkler who is behind Hin-        star Daddy Yankee, a leading light in            A statement on Daddy Yankee’s
    Hinder means to be or to get in        der’s often harsh sentiments of regret      Latin music.                                 website provides an e-mail address for
the way of, to obstruct or to delay the    and forgetting the past on songs such           But after a three-hour wait, Daddy       fans to report suspected fraud.
progress of, and to interfere with ac-     as Bliss and Better Than Me.                Yankee was nowhere in sight. Marti-              “Every day there are new scams,”
tion or progress, according to hinder-         The band’s goals for their lyrics       nez and other witnesses said a wom-          Yankee publicist Mayna Nevarez said.
music.com.                                 are mainly to get stuff off their chests,   an selling tickets got into what she             In October, Nevarez said investors
    They have been doing some major        something people can understand, un-        claimed was the rapper’s limousine           for a Daddy Yankee date in New York
hindering in the music world.              like the dark feel-sorry-for-yourself       and screeched out of the parking lot         were ripped off for $75,000; more re-
    Hinder formed more than four           stuff some bands put out.                   with the money, according to msn.com.        cently, a San Antonio, Texas, investor
years ago in Oklahoma City, Okla.,              “We didn’t want to be just another         When the hundreds of fans in at-         called before sending money to Daddy
when guitarist Joe Garvey and drum-        faceless rock band playing depressing,      tendance caught on to the scam, they         Yankee management for a non-exis-
mer Cody Hanson discovered lead            ‘I hate my dad’ music,” added Hanson.       broke loose.                                 tent concert, according to msn.com.
vocalist Austin Winkler singing for a      “We want to go out there and kick               “They were about to burn the club             Unlike Latin pop and regional
cover band at a college dorm party.        butt like they did in the ‘80s.”            down. They started throwing bricks,          Mexican musicians, who have longer
    “I heard him and was blown away,”          Hinder is popular among students        glass, everything at the club,” Marti-       touring histories and more established
said Hanson. “He has the kind of cha-      here at Calloway.                           nez said.                                    relationships between venues, man-
risma very few people have and that            Senior Beth Ross said, “I went to           The melee followed one of the lat-       agement and promoters looking to
unique voice. You can’t really compare     see Hinder in concert, and they were        est alleged scams reported to law en-        make money on reggaeton concerts                                         google.com
him to anybody.”                           even better than on their CD. Their         forcement by management for Daddy            often literally don’t know who they’re     Despite being another victim of concert
    “When we first got together, we        music is truly amazing.”                    Yankee, who is not currently on tour.        dealing with, Nevarez and others say.      scamming, Daddy Yankee continues to
were in a negative state of mind, re-          Junior Rachel Adams said, “I love           Bergen County, New Jersey-based              In the South Carolina case, the        please crowds at real events.
covering from personal problems,”          Hinder; they are probably my favorite       prosecutor John Molinelli has issued         club owner and the president of the
said Hanson of the band’s name. “We        group. They have music for every mood       an arrest warrant for a suspect -- be-       local Spanish-language radio station           Javier Perez, who manages up-and-
had our issues. They were different is-    for wanting to get pumped up, or to be      lieved to be in the Dominican Repub-         say they were shown a performance          coming reggaeton act Alexis & Fido,
sues, but we were all trying to over-      sad about a past relationship.”             lic -- who received a wire transfer of       contract that turned out to be fake, ac-   said promoters often jump the gun
come them.”                                    Senior Julie Gingles said, “Hinder      $100,000 to produce Daddy Yankee             cording to msn.com                         and advertise a show lineup before all
    Hinder is produced by Brian Howes      is my favorite group. They will be huge     for a recent concert in New Jersey, ac-          “They really did a number on us,”      the deals have closed.
and engineered by Mike Fraser, who         one day. My favorite song would have                                                     says Esperanza Ebersole of Radio Sol,          “It happens all the time. You’ll see
worked for Aerosmith and AC/DC, in         to be Lips of an Angel or Better Than                                                    which ran promos for the Daddy Yan-        10 artists being announced, and three
Vancouver, British Columbia’s Ar-          Me.                                                                                      kee show in exchange for a promised        show up,” Perez said.
moury Studios.                                 Hinder’s new album, “Extreme Be-                                                     cut of ticket sales. “And we got noth-         He recalled a promoter trying to
      According to hindermusic.com,        havior, is sold in stores now. No mat-                                                   ing.”                                      lure him into booking Alexis & Fido
“Hinder’s debut Universal Records ef-      ter what style of music you like, you                                                        Veteran promoter Henry Cardenas        on the promise of a bigger act’s par-
fort, Extreme Behavior, is all crackling   will love Hinder.                                                                        said inexperienced people looking to       ticipation -- even when the supposed
dual lead guitars, ethereal four-part          For more information on the band,                                                    cash in on the Yankee concert are easy     headliner was not scheduled to per-
harmonies and soaring rock vocals, are     visit hindermusic.com.                                                                   victims.                                   form, according to msn.com.
                                                                                                                                        “We work with a lot of managers            For now, no plans exist to placate
                                                                                                                                    and agencies. Before we get into one       disgruntled Daddy Yankee fans with a
                                                                                                                                                                               South Carolina concert.
          Murray State University                                                                                                   of these deals, we do our homework,”
                                                                                                                                    Cardenas said, who is handling the             “I know it’s not his fault, but it
                                                                                                                                    Yankee tour starting next March.           would be nice,” Ebersole said. “Not for
                  and the                                                                                              google.com
                                                                                       Incarcerated concert scammer, Nathan              Msn.com stated that the difference    free, but maybe half-priced.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     Murray and surrounding cities
                                                                                       Brenner, allegedly stole $21 million worth   between a legitimate booking and a
           Division of Student                                                         of revenue in ticket sales.                  fake one can be a bit slippery.            have not been hit with this -- yet.

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         The Laker Review
         September 29, 2006
                                                                                               Entertainment                                                                                                          7

Dylan’s ModernTimes:
“they are a changin” Tom Petty strikes gold with
Colby Starks	
Staff Writer
                     new album, Highway Companion
                                                music has slowly drifted from folk rock
                                                ‘n’ roll to ragtime country. We have
                                                heard these same old country tunes a
    American singer-songwriter and              million times over, with better vocals,     Connor Olsen
acoustic guitar legend Bob Dylan has            so for Dylan—this doesn’t work.             Entertainment Editor
produced a record that has taken the                 Senior Jessica Martin said, “This is
corporate rock ‘n’ roll world by storm,         definitely not Dylan’s best work. To            Tom Petty. The name is legendary,
topping the charts as the number-one            best describe the album, it’s a country     but he just won’t back down with his
album in the United States, according           waltz.”                                     latest release, Highway Companion.
to wikipedia.org.                                    The only shred of the old Dylan            Since his debut album with the
    Critics have hailed Modern Times,           that is left from this album is his out-    Heartbreakers in 1976, Petty has re-
Bob Dylan’s 31st studio album, as a             standing lyrical genius, said most crit-    mained a favorite of true rock ‘n’ roll
masterpiece; magazines have dubbed              ics. A hint of his worldly views are in     listeners, and for good reasons.
it with the highest scores. Even Roll-          this album; he just speaks more slyly           Songs such as American Girl, Refu-
ing Stone magazine gave it five out of          about them. He is mature enough             gee, Free Fallin, and Mary Jane’s Last
five stars, which is a rare feat.               now not to beat listeners over the head     Dance are just a few of those good
    The corporate rock ‘n’ roll industry        with them.                                  reasons.
has been telling lies. If one is deeply              Though Modern Times was not                His collaborations with Stevie
rooted in the soil that I call rock ‘n’ roll,   what I was looking for out of Dylan, I      Nicks (formerly of Fleetwood Mac),
the latest work of Dylan just doesn’t           respect his will to keep making music.      his great musical covers, his ability to
cut it.                                              Dylan once said, “Do not go gentle     change his playing style so well, his
    Freshman Dane Garner agreed.                into that good night/ Old age should        insanely wise supporting act choices
    “If this is what Dylan calls the            burn and rave at the close of the day/      during his tours (this years includes an
modern times, then I will take the old          Rage, rage against the dying of the         all-star lineup with Phil and Trey, The
times any day of the week.”                     night.”                                     Allman Bros. Band, Ben Harper, The
    Dylan (whose real name is Rob-                   Rage on Bob, but my advice for         Black Crowes, and Pearl Jam), and his
ert Allen Zimmerman) has been a                 those of you who are looking for a          work with Bob Dylan are a few more                                                                                  tompetty.com
mainstay in the rock ‘n’ roll culture as        folk fix from Dylan—stick to the old        reasons why Petty is a rock ‘n’ roll leg-
                                                                                                                                           As freshman Wade Garner laugh-
an author, musician and poet for five           times.                                      end.
                                                                                                                                        ingly said, “Petty’s latest album is sim-   80,000 eager fans for three hours.
decades. Dylan, 65, recorded his best                                                           As with his previous work, 1989’s
                                                                                                                                        ply awesome. It’s just classic Petty do-        Many felt that part of what makes
work throughout the 1960s.                                                                  Full Moon Fever, Petty played and
                                                                                                                                        ing his thing. If I were a traveler on a    Petty such a musical force is how he
    He wrote his most famous songs                                                          produced almost all 12 tracks of his
                                                                                                                                        long, dusty road, I definitely wouldn’t     makes his appearances.
when America was in an outcry against                                                       solo album. Vocals, rhythm guitar,
                                                                                                                                        mind if he was my highway compan-               As alumnus Corbet Hall said after
the Vietnam War and racism. Songs                                                           drums, backing vocals, harmonica,
                                                                                                                                        ion.”                                       the Bonnaroo performance, “It was
like Blowin’ in The Wind and The Times                                                      bass, keyboards, and lead guitar were
                                                                                                                                            Petty can still put on quite a show.    just a good classic rock show, and one
They Are Changing were his lyrical cries                                                    all handled by Petty, and his skills as a
                                                                                                                                        His live performances have captivated       of the few of its kind. Not many rock
of anti-war and civil rights efforts.                                                       musician really shine through.
                                                                                                                                        audiences for 30 years, and he’s still      veterans can still put on a great show
    “Dylan was known as a documenter                                                              With sounds ranging from sim-
                                                                                                                                        got it. He tours every major city with      like Tom Petty can, and not many can
and reluctant figurehead of American                                                        ply Petty on the tracks Saving Grace
                                                                                                                                        a great opening act, and he still plays     tour and do music festivals like Petty
unrest. His lyrics spoke of politics, so-                                                   and Ankle Deep, to a Ben Harper-ish
                                                                                                                                        all the best festivals.                     does. He’s just that good.”
cial commentary philosophy and liter-                                                       sound on Jack, to an even eerily done
                                                                                                                                            Earlier this summer, on the open-           He is just that good. Check out the
ary influences,” according to wikipedia.                                                    Allman Bros. impersonation on The
                                                                                                                                        ing night of the 2006 Bonnaroo Mu-          45 minutes of pure rock ‘n’ roll bliss on
org.                                                                                        Golden Rose, Petty really hits it home
                                                                                                                                        sic and Arts Festival, Petty was kick-      his new album Highway Companion.
    From a musical standpoint, Dylan’s                                                      with Highway Companion.
                                                                             bobdylan.com                                               ing off his new tour by jamming with
latest work is not up to par. Dylan’s

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                                                                                                 Serving all day

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                           Legder & Times
                                                           COLLEGE                                                                               What will be the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE BEST COLLEGE RESOURCES

Kelsey Dublin                          arship workshop for all seniors in             want a good and thorough recom-                                                                                Danielle Pritchett                          calculate the approximate amount            what they’re there for.”
Staff Writer                           November. Carmen Garland of
                                       Murray State Admissions will be
                                                                                      mendation. Otherwise, we won’t
                                                                                      have much time to write one for                          greatest influence on                                 Feature Editor                              of money the college of choice will
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 cost and the amount the student
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When planning a college visit,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             collegeboard.com proves helpful
    Seniors, it’s time for scholarship
applications. College is right down
the road, and there isn’t much time
                                       speaking to anyone who wants in-
                                                                                          To apply for a general scholar-
                                                                                      ship, the quick and easiest way is to
                                                                                                                                               your college choice?                                      When looking at colleges, any
                                                                                                                                                                                                     college student or alumnus will
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tell students to use their resources.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 needs to save personally.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The site also provides an orga-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nizer that shows deadlines in order
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by providing contact names and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 One essential thing to remem-
to waste. It may seem too early to
be thinking about your future col-
                                                                                      go to fastweb.com. Coca-Cola gives
                                                                                      scholarships every year around the
                                                                                                                                                (220 students surveyed)                                  Guidance Counselor Susan
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Williams said, “The web is huge,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 for a student to stay on schedule.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Peterson’s 2006 Edition of Four-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ber while researching colleges is to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             beware of scams. Never pay some-
lege experience, but there’s only a                                                   country. It’s all online and infor-                                                                            and everyone can have access to it.         Year Colleges is helpful if a student       one else to do research.
few months left until you are off                                                     mation for it is in the guidance of-                                                                           If you know of a college that you           already has an idea of the school                “Never pay for financial aid or
on your own.                                                                          fice. Applicants must have at least          44% - Quality of Education                                        want to research, but don’t know            he wishes to attend. It provides an         scholarships because they’re free,”
    According to guidance counsel-                                                    a 3.5 GPA and have gotten a 25 on                                                                              its website, just Google it.”               unbiased, comparative overview of           advised Williams.
or Laura Crouse, the deadline for                                                     their ACT. The deadline is Oct.                            26% - Location                                          However, some students don’t            nearly every four-year college in               Colleges will send material, and
all scholarships is Feb. 1st. That’s                                                  31st, Crouse said.                                                                                             even know where to begin look-              the world.                                  a multitude of resources is avail-
only four months away.                         For scholarship applications,              Other scholarships that will be                   13% - Financial Aid                                      ing at colleges. In such cases, col-           Peterson’s also publishes an an-         able to those wishing to research
    Many scholarship applications students need at least three letters coming in after Christmas are the                                                                                             legeboard.com can be very helpful.          nual summary of several scholar-            colleges.
are now available online and are of recommendation. They should area-wide scholarships, such as the                                                                                                  This website grants the user access         ships offered all over the United
easy to fill out. That way, seniors be sure the references are people ones from local business organiza-                                       12% - Social Life                                     to information about thousands of           States titled Scholarships, Grants,
send a neat professional applica- who know them well. Students tions, Crouse added.                                                                                                                  colleges around the world.                  and Loans.
tion for the admissions and schol- must also send a resume with the                       Some seniors believe they don’t                           4% - Friends                                         The user simply fills out ques-            In addition, Williams said,
arship committees.                         letters.                                   have to make good grades; they                                                                                 tions about his ideal college, and          “Campus visits are important.
    Senior Mallorie Esterlein said,            Crouse said, “If you would like think it doesn’t matter, but it does.
“I’m already stressed just thinking a letter of recommendation from Any college can take away schol-                                     STARS HOST VIDEO TOURS                                      the search engine matches the re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                     sults to several colleges, even pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Contact people in admissions. So
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 many times I have had students
about applying for scholarships. I us, you need to see us two weeks in arships at any time, according to                        Though a college visit is one of the best                            viding links to the colleges’ web-          come to me and say, ‘Well, I want
mean, that’s my whole future.”             advance. The latest we would like Crouse.                                         ways to find out more about a potential                                 sites.                                      to know this about a certain col-
    The school is providing a schol- to have them in is Jan. 15th, if you                                                    college, many students don’t have the time                                  When considering financial              lege.’ Well, I don’t know. You need
                                                                                                                             or are short on the money necessary to take                             aid and scholarships, the site will         to call the college and ask. That’s

 NEW COLLEGE CLASSES: THE DIRTY DOZEN                                                                                        such a trip.

Genevieve Postlethwait
                                                                                                                                The U, which was launched by a col-
                                                                                                                             lege student in January of this year, offers                                 QUOTES: TEACHERS GIVE THEIR ADVICE
                                                                                                                             behind-the-scenes tours of over 50 of the
Editor in Chief                                                                                                              nation’s most popular colleges.                                             “In high school, I didn’t have to study, and in college, I learned how to study and how to be prepared for exams. You
                                                                                                                                Creator Doug Imbruce said on his web-                                have to attend all your classes. Be responsible and make yourself go. Go to your instructors if you’re having trouble. I
    In recent years, universities have been offering an increasing number of wild and wacky classes to their students, ac- site, “About two years ago while sitting in                               learned the hard way.
cording to theprincetonreview.com.                                                                                           my dorm room, I realized that kids could learn more about Snoop             I made a few low grades and had to work extra hard to get my grades back up to keep my scholarship. Once I worked
    The Young America’s Foundation’s (YAF) list of America’s most bizarre college courses, otherwise known as the Dirty Dogg’s house than they could about the college they were going to            hard and focused more on my studies than my social life, I started making the dean’s list. That is what it is going to take
Dozen by the YAF, outlines what it considers to be the top 12 outlandish classes being offered to students for the 2006- attend, and I had an idea: why not create content like MTV Cribs,           to be successful.”
2007 school year.                                                                                                            featuring colleges instead of celebrity homes?”                         -Teacher Lisa Harrison
    The YAF researched over 55 courses and sifted out 12 of the most outrageous to demonstrate what is being taught in          When The WB, now The CW after their recent merge with UPN,
contemporary higher education, according to YAF spokesman Jason Mattera.                                                     caught wind of this new DVD series, they suggested that WB stars           “I think everyone should at least try college before saying they don’t want to attend because almost every job nowa-
    Near the top of their list is The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie: Race and Popular Culture in the United States, of- from shows, such as One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls, host the tours.        days requires a college education.”
fered by Occidental College in California. According to its online course catalog, this oddly named course explores “ways       On TheU.com, students can view any one of the full-length videos
in which scientific racism has been put to use in the making of Barbie,” among other things.                                 for free and purchase additional videos for only $3.99 each.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Teacher Vicki Simmons
    Making the Dirty Dozen list twice, Occidental College also offers a course, Stupidity, in which students compare the        Recently, the website has also expanded to include student-written      “If you did not study in high school, you are in for a rude awakening because in college, if you don’t study, you just flunk
American Presidency to Beavis and Butthead.                                                                                  reviews of over 2,000-plus colleges.                                    out. There is no making it up later, or turning it in a little late for half credit. Professors don’t care if you come to class or
    Other Dirty Dozen courses include Alfred University’s Nip, Tuck, Perm, Peirce and Tattoo: Adventures with Embodied
                                                                                                                                                                                                     not because you are the one paying for the class, and if you don’t come, you’re the one who doesn’t get a degree.
Culture and Brown University’s Black Lavender: A Study of Black Gay & Lesbian Plays.
    Though not mentioned on the YAF’s list, other unconventional classes are offered by universities nationwide.
                                                                                                                                           “Education is what                                            But it is fun; it is nice to get out of the little fishbowl that you live in when you are in high school. I didn’t realize how
                                                                                                                                                                                                     much fun I would have in college and how much better it was than high school, until I went to college. But then again, I
    Several universities now offer relationship-related courses such as Falling in Love Without Losing Your Mind and How
to Break Up Without Falling Apart at Seattle Pacific University.
                                                                                                                                          remains when one has                                       went to Marshall County.”
    Cincinnati State’s course catalog includes Taking a Road Trip with the Family, Your Reptile Pet, Journal Writing for                                                                             - Teacher Sarah Loveless
Happiness, Instant Mittens and Planning a Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget.                                                            forgotten everything he                                        “I think the biggest advice I can give is be ready for lots of responsibility. Most students rely so much on the parents.
    For potential college students who love to shop and spend, Miami University’s Social Psychological Aspects of Clothing
or Williams College’s Shopping: Desire, Compulsion and Consumption would be perfect additions to their course load.                         learned in school.”                                      When you get to college, all that’s gone. When you have late nights, and you have a lot of activities, it’s easy to sleep in
                                                                                                                                                                                                     and miss those early classes.
    Those who rank music next to oxygen on their list of necessities of survival might find University of Miami’s History of
Rock ‘N’ Roll to be the perfect class.                                                                                                                  - Albert Einstein                               “The good students, the mature students and the ones who really value what they’re doing, will find a way to get up
                                                                                                                                                                                                     and make sure they are in class. Responsibility is probably the biggest adjustment.”
    Other music-related classes include Brown University’s Bob Dylan, University of South Carolina’s The Beatles Albums:
A Critical Appraisal, DePaul University’s Rock Journalism, University of California Los Angeles’s Cultural History of Rap                                                                            -Coach Terry Birdsong.
and University of Florida’s Pop Music and Culture: A Geographic Perspective.
    Additional oddball courses worth mentioning include Duke University’s Failure Analysis and Campus Culture and                                                                                       “I would suggest you go to class. Don’t miss one! If you do that and study hard, the rest of it will take care of itself.
Drinking, Georgetown University’s Philosophy and Star Trek, and Centre College’s Art of Walking, in which students                                                                                   Keep your priorities straight. College is a time to get to know who you are and turn into an individual.
frequently take neighborhood strolls with the professor and his dog.                                                                                                                                    Stay true to who you are and stay focused. You’re there to get a good education. Don’t have too much fun because
    Though the FAC may think these unorthodox classes are a waste of tuition, students are saying classes like these offer                                                                           you may just get stuck there.”
a refreshing break from a normal, somewhat humdrum curriculum.                                                                                                                                       -Coach Josh McKeel.
      10                                                                                             Feature                                                                              The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                                          September 29, 2006

Staff, faculty, student body welcomes                                                                                                                                             Laker football
                                                                                                                                                                                  fans tune into
three new foreign exchange students                                                                                                                                               new station
                                                                                                                                                                                  Whitley Edwards
Danielle Pritchett                            for one month to improve her Eng-            practice karate for three hours. I fin-    “Kanna is fitting in very well with the     Associate Editor
Feature Editor                                lish.                                        ish at about 8 and get back home at        girls. It’s really fun because she can
                                                  Of her stay, she said, “It was very      9:15.”                                     tell us stories about the differences in        “Logan Seay looks to his right,
    This school year, three foreign ex-       fun but too hot.”                               Here, students often complain           cheerleading between Japan and the          drops back to pass, where wide re-
change students are attending here.               Regarding the main differences in        about riding the bus. In Japan, Tsuru-     United States. It’s really good for ev-     ceiver Chase Chrisman is open. The
    Senior Jon Salinas, an exchange           the United States and Japan, Tsuru-          maru said she has to take the bus, train   eryone because they are learning about      pass is complete. Calloway County
student from Spain, didn’t pick Mur-                                                                                                  different cultures.”                        scores another touchdown!”
ray randomly. His older brother, Aitor,                                                                                                   Tsurumaru admitted that she                  This is an example of what lis-
played basketball for Calloway nearly                                                                                                 misses home but added that she loves        teners hear during a live broadcast
four years ago, so it isn’t surprising that                                                                                           it here.                                    of home and away games from 89.7
Salinas is following in his brother’s                                                                                                     Norway is junior Silje Nyborg’s         FM, home to Laker Football.
footsteps.                                                                                                                            native country. A friend told her               Athletic Director Bill Cowan
    Though living with Head Coach                                                                                                     about the program, so she went to           explained why the station was relo-
Terry Birdsong means that he can’t                                                                                                    her school’s guidance counselor, who        cated from 1340 AM to 89.7 FM.
play basketball, Salinas says that his                                                                                                helped her through the application              “89.7 FM will reach everyone
host family is very nice.                                                                                                             process.                                    in the county. Also, we had to share
    He’s also the new manager of the                                                                                                      Nyborg said her main motive for         1340 AM with Murray High. That
basketball team, so he’s still able to be                                                                                             joining the student exchange program        meant they would do some of our
around the sport.                                                                                                                     was her passion for traveling.              games and some of Murray, making
    Regarding what he and his friends                                                                                                     Regarding what she and her              Laker games sometimes delayed or
do for fun in Spain, Salinas said that                                                                                                friends did for fun in Norway, she re-      not covered at all. Now we have our
they went to the cinema and the mall.                                                                                                 plied, “Most just hang out—the same         own station broadcasting all games
    Many students can’t imagine leav-                                                                                                 as here.”                                   at the time they are played.”
ing their home for a new country                                                                                                          One of the most difficult things for        Will Aubrey broadcasts the play
where they know no one.                                                                                                               Nyborg to become accustomed to was          by play for the Lakers, and former
    Salinas said, “I was scared because                                                                                               the change in climate.                      Laker Football Head Coach Joe
of the difference in English and Span-                                                                                                    Nyborg said she wasn’t scared to        Stonecipher is broadcasting, too.
ish, but I understand a lot.”                                                                                                         come to a new country. Instead, she             “I am very excited about being
    Though he admitted he misses his                                                                                                  was excited.                                part of Laker Football again. I spent
home, Salinas is still able to talk to                                                                                                    She added she misses Norway             28 seasons coaching on the sidelines,
his friends through instant messaging                                                                                                 sometimes, but she loves it here and        and I am proud to play a role again,”
on his computer, and he said he likes                                                                           Danielle Pritchett    still talks to her friends and family       Stonecipher said.
America overall.                                Foreign exchange student junior Silje Nyborg from Norway does homework                through emails and phone calls.                 “My main goal in doing the ‘color’
    Junior Jacob Wade said, “Jon is a                                                                                                     Sophomore Carey Boggess said,           part of Laker football on the radio
really good guy and nice to talk to. He
                                                after school.                                                                         “She is so sweet, and I think it’s really   is to offer input and actual football
seems to be adjusting pretty well.”                                                                                                   neat that she came here from a com-         knowledge to our fans. Plus, I want
    Kanna Tsurumaru is a junior from          maru replied, “First, here it’s very free.   and walk a little because people have      pletely different country. I just love      to be totally biased on the side of the
Japan. However, Murray wasn’t her             I also have more time. I’m very busy         to be 18 to get their driver’s licenses.   her to death.”                              Lakers. It is our radio station, and
first stop upon coming to the United          in Japan. I leave my house at 7 in the           Tsurumaru recently made junior             Nybrog plans to travel even more        I am pure Calloway County, and I
States.                                       morning, and my first class starts at        varsity cheerleader here.                  once her stay here is over.                 want it to show,” he added.
    Tsurumaru first went to California        8:50. My last class ends at 5. Then I            Head Coach Sarah Loveless said,                                                        Senior quarterback Seay said, “I
                                                                                                                                                                                  think Coach Joe will bring some-
                                                                                                                                                                                  thing to the show no one else could.
                                                                                                                                                                                  He is a Laker through and through;
                                                                                                                                                                                  we need that support backing us up!
                                                                                                                                                                                  I think Laker fans will enjoy listen-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing to a man who knows football like
                                                                                                                                                                                  the back of his hand.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Senior Alley Hendon said, “I
                                                                                                                                                                                  think Coach Joe will be good ‘color’
                                                                                                                                                                                  because he knows what he’s talking
                                                                                                                                                                                  about, and he’s very funny!”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stonecipher added, “I am totally
                                                                                                                                                                                  enjoying adding color to our games.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Of course, it is rather easy working
                                                                                                                                                                                  with Will Aubrey and talking about
                                                                                                                                                                                  the program that I truly love.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      Stonecipher advised, “People
                                                                                                                                                                                  should tune in to hear Laker Foot-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ball play by play laced with interest-
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing facts and opinions.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      As for the Lakers’ season so far,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Stonecipher said, “I can see great po-
                                                                                                                                                                                  tential in the 2006 Lakers. We have
                                                                                                                                                                                  some excellent athletes, and I believe
                                                                                                                                                                                  that the fans are really going to enjoy
                                                                                                                                                                                  watching and hearing the Lakers.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      So Laker fans, tune in to 98.7
                                                                                                                                                                                  FM to hear play by play and com-
                                                                                                                                                                                  mentary of Laker Football.
        The Laker Review
        September 29, 2006
                                                                                                   Feature                                                                                                     11

 costume ideas
                                           New coach makes State changes hit
 for everyone                              changes in dance Kentucky schools
                                           Ginny Furches                                      As far as competition goes for the
                                           Staff Writer                                  Laker Dance Team, that one is “up in        Valerie Crowder                            to allow seniors to test when they are
                                                                                         the air,” according to McCugh, though       News Editor                                in writing mode. Seniors are taking
                                               This year, a new coach has made           she did say that if the team was to                                                    composition class this fall, and writing
                                           some additional changes to the dance          compete, it would be mostly at local            Standardized testing changes have      will be fresh on their minds.
                                           team program. Coach Cara McCugh               competitions.                               hit Calloway this fall. The current            Guidance Counselor Laura Crouse
                                           has definitely helped to change the                One of the veterans of the team,       changes affect seniors, sophomores         said, “I look for them to do a lot better
                                           way things are being done this school         junior Bianca Mora, said that she likes     and freshmen.                              because that senioritis hasn’t set in.”
                                           year, as well as how the team’s dances        the changes being made this year.               Testing adjustments will be made           At a recent Leadership Tomorrow
                                           look in general.                                   “We have more technique, and           for juniors during the ‘07-’08 school      Conference, a member of the Ken-
                                               R e -                                                                     we are      year.                                      tucky Board of Education, Keith Tra-
Valerie Crowder                            garding                                                                       doing           According to information released      vis, shared with the group some infor-
News Editor                                changes                                                                       harder,     from the guidance office, freshmen re-     mation about the changes for juniors
                                           McCugh                                                                        m o r e     cently had to demonstrate their writ-      starting next year.
      Halloween is coming up fast, and     s a i d ,                                                                     difficult   ing skills with a new on-demand writ-          All juniors will be required to take
it’s time to decide what to wear. Here     “ We ’re                                                                      dances.
                                                                                                                                     ing test. The freshman MAPS test ran       the ACT exam, along with CATS
are some unique costume ideas that are     g o i n g                                                                     I like
                                                                                                                                     on a normal schedule.                      testing. This will allow all juniors to
cheap and easy:                            into more                                                                     t h e
                                           techni-                                                                       dances          The PLAN test was given to all         take the ACT at least once. Students
                                           cal dance,                                                                    t h a t     sophomores recently. This test is de-      will not pay for the exams and will be
   For Singles:                                                                                                                      signed to prepare sophomore level          allowed to submit their scores to dif-
                                           w h e r e                                                                     we’ve
                                           they ’re                                                                      d o n e     students for the ACT exam. After the       ferent schools.
    Darth Brooks: Wear western                                                                                                      exam is taken, students will receive an        According to Guidance Counselor
clothes with a cowboy hat and carry        learning                                                                      t h i s
                                           mainly                                                         Allyson Miller y e a r .   estimation of what score they will re-     Susan Williams, “The ACT is a pretty
a guitar. Wear a Darth Vader mask.
                                           technique                                                                     They’re     ceive on the ACT.                          good measure of student achievement.
– costumeideazone.com
                                           instead of choreographed dances.”             more pom than anything, and we’re               Junior Patti White, who has taken      This test will put the accountability
    Robin Hood: Dress in green.
– junior Andrew Tacker                         McCugh also said that the team            learning more technique with turns          the PLAN, said, “It is a good idea be-     on the students’ shoulders and that’s
    Chick magnet: Attach Barbie           has been learning and improving on            and leaps with kind of a jazz feel to       cause sophomores will know what to         where it needs to be. It will give stu-
dolls all over yourself. - costumeide-     more leaps, turns and other techniques        it.”                                        expect from the ACT.”                      dents a vested interest in doing as well
azone.com                                  that come with dance, requirements                 “[Our coach] has a lot of dance ex-        Seniors will take the on-demand        as they possibly can.”
    Thomas the Tank Engine: Wear          for competitions or dance camps, and          perience; she has been to nationals a       writing test this fall instead of in the       Williams added, “It’s all done in
a decorated box on your head. Make         an overall more professional dance            few times, and she is highly qualified      spring. According to the guidance of-      the name of progressing to a more
sure it looks like the smokestack of the   technique.                                    in her background of dancing,” Mora         fice, the test will be administered dur-   valid measure of what our students are
train. Then paint your face to look like       According to McCugh, the team             remarked.                                   ing the week of November 13-17.            learning.”
the Thomas Tank Engines. –senior Jai-      has learned three dances this year, each           Regarding competition this year,           The change of dates is supposed
mie Murdock                                one a different style of dancing: pom,        Mora said, “I think it would be fun
    Chia pet: Wrap yourself in duct       hip hop and jazz, so they’re covering         if we competed just to get that expe-
tape with the sticky part facing out,      many of the types of dance seen from          rience and to have that fun time to-
and roll around in your lawn. - cos-       dance teams.                                  gether.”
tumeideazone.com                               According to jamfest.com the dif-              Even if their competition season
                                           ferent styles of competition dance are        is up in the air, Laker fans can catch
   For Groups:                             hip hop, jazz, pom, variety, lyrical, prop    a performance by the Laker Dance
                                           and kick.                                     Team at home games and pep rallies.
    Dominoes: Wear all black, and
pin white circles in a domino pattern

                                            Breaktime billiards
to your body. When you arrive at a
house, one person lean in, and you all
fall over. -costumeideazone.com
    Seven Deadly Sins: Envy wears
green. Sloth dresses sloppily and
moves slowly. Gluttony dresses like a                                                        TUESDAY
pig. Wrath has a red, angry face. Pride                                                   Pool Tournament
walks around with a mirror and praises
himself. Lust looks longingly at a Vic-                                                     WEDNESAY
toria’s Secret catalog. Greed pins play                                                   Ladies Shoot Free
money all over his clothes. - costumei-                                                 Line Dancing with DJ
deazone.com                                                                                 THURSDAY
    Mean Girls: Wear short skirts,
slinky shirts and high heels. Carry
pink cell phones. - senior Jackie Thomas
                                                                                         9 Ball Tournament
                                                                                                                                                             Tina A. Carter, D.C.
                                                                                         8 Ball Tournament
   For Couples:                                                                               FRIDAY
                                                                                          Teen Dance Night
    Tom and Jerry: Dress as a cat and                                                                                                                  604 South 12th Street, Suite A
a mouse, and Tom chases Jerry around.
– junior Haley Fain                                    FREE 1/2 Hour of Pool with Meal Purchase
                                                                                                                                                              Murray, KY 42071
    Clothesline between two trees:
Dress in brown and glue on lots of                     $7 Special Every Night from 6 pm -12 pm                                                           Telephone: (270) 753-1361
leaves. Wear a hat and glue branches                      Best Rates in Western Kentucky!
to it. Paint faces brown and green.                                                                                                                          Fax: (270) 753-1369
Hang a clothesline between the two of                           •753-9303•
you and don’t forget the delicates.        Monday - Saturday 10 am - 2 am • Sunday 12 pm - 2 am
    – costumeideazone.com
12                                                                                   Feature                                                                               The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                           September 29, 2006

 Here she is....                                                           Kentucky ranks                                                                         Florida law
                                                                           fifth nationally in                                                                    requires early
                                                                           adult obesity rates                                                                    Keela Evans
                                                                                                                                                                  Staff Writer
                                                                           Kayla Simmons                               hypertension at 29.4 percent, accord-
                                                                           Staff Writer                                ing to healthyamericans.org.                   Picture this scenario: freshmen
                                                                                                                           Childhood obesity rates have more      have just started high school and
                                                                               Kentucky has adult obesity rates of     than tripled from 1980 to 2004, from       are still looking for classes, trying to
                                                                           26.7 percent, ranking fifth heaviest in     five to17 percent, according to healthy-   figure out times and schedules and
                                                                           the nation, according to healthyameri-      americans.org.                             dealing with a whole new environ-
                                                                           cans.org.                                       To change our obesity rates, the       ment. On top of that they also must
                                                                               Kentucky is also one of the 31          2006 report, The Trust for America’s       decide what they’re going to do with
                                                                           states in which obesity rose in the past    Health states, “Individual behavior        the rest of their lives.
                                                                           year.                                       change will not work in isolation.”            According to heraldtribune.com ,
                                                                               In Kentucky, 6.2 percent of all adult       The following are a few statements     The idea is a part of the A++ Plan
                                                                           medical expenses are related to obesity,    this report recommends: full funding       Education Reform Bill passed in
                                                                           according to healthyamericans.org.          for long-term government actions,          Florida. The bill requires that ninth-
                                                                               The five states with the highest        improved physical fitness programs         graders entering high school in 2007
                                                                           obesity rates are Mississippi, Alabama,     and nutrition in schools, nutritional      must declare a major area of study as
                                                                           West Virginia, Louisiana and Ken-           labeling of foods based on product         incoming college freshmen do.
                                                                           tucky.                                      size rather than serving size and fast-        Sophomore Casey Brockman
                                                                               The South is said to have the larg-     tracking research to identify the best     said, “No, I couldn’t have made that
                                                                           est waistline. The South is the home to     ways to fight obesity.                     decision yet, it would have been too
                                                                           nine of the 10 states with the highest          Kentucky is one of 11 states that      hard, and I would be planning my
                                                                           rates of obesity, according to healthy-     require their school lunches to meet       future 10 years before it would actu-
                                                                           americans.org.                              higher nutritional standards than the      ally matter.”
                                                                               Senior Megan E. Futrell said, “I        U.S. Department of Agriculture re-             Senior Julie Gingles agreed.
                                                                           believe that people in Kentucky are         quirements, according to healthyameri-         “I think it’s unfair to make a
                                                                           obese because we now lead busier lives      cans.org.                                  freshman in high school determine
                                                                           than before, and the fast food restau-          Kentucky is also one of 16 states      their life’s direction; most freshmen
                                                                           rants are very convenient. Also, the        that has passed taxes on junk food or      haven’t ever even had any life expe-
                                                          Allyson Miller   fast food restaurants offer many choic-     sodas, in hopes of changing bad food       rience before.”
                                                                           es that are cheaper than going home         choices, according to healthyamericans.        State officials believe that forc-
 Whitney Wicker was voted Football Homecoming Queen recently. Se-                                                                                                 ing students to choose a major early
 niors Keela Evans, Julie Gingles, Lyndsey Cleaver, Beth Ross and Ashley   and making a healthier meal.”               org.
                                                                               Junior Patrick Wyatt said, “I think         Recently, an article in the Murray     in high school might boost Florida’s
 Winkler made up the court.                                                that people in the South are over-          Ledger & Times and a segment on The        dismal dropout and college atten-
                                                                           weight because all they eat is fried        Today Show specifically pinpointed the     dance rates. They also claim that
                                                                           food, like fried chicken and grits and      South as having a large waistline.         the students, faculty and staff will
                                                                                                                                                                  not see that big of a change.
                               Elle’s Dance Studio                         foods similar to that. Of course, eating
                                                                           at McDonalds all the time doesn’t help
                                                                                                                           Senior Katlyn Smith said, “If ev-
                                                                                                                       eryone in our country tried to eat             The only change, per se, is the
                                                                           much either.”                               healthier and exercised more, it would     number of electives sudents must
                                   903 Arcadia Circle                          Kentucky also rates eighth in the       really help to prevent these problems      take. Students must take 10 elec-
                                                                           nation for adult diabetes levels at 8.3     from occurring.”                           tives. Of these 10, a student is re-
                                   Murray, KY 42071                        percent and ranks seventh for rates of                                                 quired to take at least four classes
                                                                                                                                                                  that deal with their certain career
                              Phone: (270) 753-5352                                                                                                               major.
                                                                                                                                                                      This means 40 percent of the
                                                                                                                                                                  classes that Florida students take
                                   Owner: Elle Arant                                                                                                              are subject to a change.
                                                                                                                                                                      Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said, “De-
                                                                                                                                                                  claring a major area of interest will
                                                                                                                                                                  make high school more interesting
                                                                                                                                                                  to many students.”

           Terrapin Station                                                                                                                                           Freshman Sumer Starks dis-
                                                                                                                                                                      “I think that I would end up un-
                    920 South 12th St.                                                                                                                            happy with my decision in the future
                                                                                                                                                                  because I’m only a freshman, and I
                     (Bel-Air Center)                                                                                                                             would rather enjoy high school, and
                    Murray, KY 42071                                                                                                                              I would need more time to think.”
                                                                                                                                                                      Will Kentucky ever decide to
             -New & Used Compact Discs,                                                                                                                           pass a similar law?
                                                                                                                                                                      Asst. Principal Brian Wilmurth
                LPs, DVDs and Books                                                                                                                               said, “Yes, moving to a program like
                                                                                                                                                                  the one in Florida could be the next
   Murray’s Best Music Store for 20 Years!                                                                                                                        move, and there has already been
                                                                                                                                                                  discussion on changing the entire
             It’s Worth The Trip!                                                                                                                                 educational system. If the program
                                                                                                                                                                  in Florida is deemed successful, then
                    BUY-SELL-TRADE                                                                                                                                other states will move to mimic that
                                                                                                                                                                  program in their states.”
 Mon-Sat                                                                                                                                                              So, faculty and students, be
10:00-5:30                                        753-8926                                                                                                        aware of the possibility of such a
        The Laker Review
        September 29, 2006
                                                                                                   Sports                                                                                                13

Track team seeks new running surface                                                                                                  Fore!
Blake Lencki                                then flexes to compensate for the           at a time.”
Commentary                                  knee, putting a great deal of strain on         Regarding a new track, she said, “I
Sports Editor                               the lower back.                             think a new track would be great. Not
                                                Every time the back is strained, a      only would it help performance, but it
    It’s time for a change here, a dras-    great amount of pressure is placed on       would boost the numbers on the track
tic, rubberized change! For years, this     the vertebrae and discs.                    team. No one runs because our track is
school has had the same old, outdated,          This can cause an unnatural cur-        so embarrassing.”
eyesore of a track.                         vature of the spine, similar to that of         Adams agreed the current track
    According to the Nicholas Insti-        scoliosis. All the things the body does     has been the cause of several recent
tute of Sports Medicine and Athletic        to “soak up” shock can eventually cause     injuries.
Trauma (NISMAT), athletes whose             serious damage to the entire body, ac-           “Yes, every runner on the team
sports involve a lot of running, such as    cording to NISMAT.                          suffers from shin splints, tendonitis,
track or cross country, puts an enor-           As a member of the track team, I        ankle, knee or hip problems.” Track
mous amount of strain on                                                                             coach Keith Jared stated
their legs. Every time a run-                                                                        his opinion on the track.
ner’s foot hits the ground,                                                                              “To me, our cur-
a force of more than twice                                                                           rent track does not
their body weight hits one                                                                           meet the standards of a
of their legs.                                                                                       AAA track program in
    Just as repeated ham-                                                                            the state of Kentucky,
mering will eventually re-                                                                           compared to Paducah
duce a stone to dust, the                                                                            Tilghman or Marshall
impact associated with run-                                                                          County. It really says a lot
ning can ultimately break                                                                            of negative things about
down bones, cartilage, mus-                                                                          our track program.”
cles, tendons and ligaments.                                                                             Regarding the resur-
    NISMAT has docu-                                                                                 facing, Athletic Director
mented stress fractures in                                                                           Colonel Bill Cowan said,
almost every bone in the                                                                             “You have to look at the
lower extremities and pel-                                                                           big picture. No one has
vis, caused by running on unfit and         know firsthand the effects a hard sur-      the crystal ball to look into the future.
outdated surfaces.                          face has on your body. Not only have I      The best we can do is consider the ef-
    What most people don’t realize          experienced the small aches and pains       fects a new track will have in the few
is that running on a hard surface can       such as shin splints, sore feet and tired   years to come.
damage the back as well. With every         muscles, but I have also experienced              “I agree that a new track would                                                                      Colby Starks
footfall, the body absorbs the shock        the major problems that can come            help the track team, as well as attract        Senior Eric Berberich fights his way out of a bunker at Oaks Country
from the foot hitting the ground.           from unfit running surfaces.                outsiders to our school. However, a            Club. The boys’ golf team finished fifth in the region, with Josh Miller
    The absorption begins low, then             I have been operated on four times      new track is not a high priority at the
works its way into the body, so all         due to knee problems. Running on a          time being. The cost will play a major
                                                                                                                                       two strokes from qualifying for state.
muscles and joints absorb an equal          hard surface only aggravates my in-         part in the building of a new track,
amount of shock, and no single area         juries more; not only has my perfor-        as well as the maintenance it takes to
is overloaded.                              mance been affected, but my physical        keep the facilities in shape.”
                                                                                                                                         753-0700                                      Free and Confidential
    According to NISMAT, the ab-            health as well.                                 What will become of the track             1-800-395-HELP                                      Pregnancy Test
sorption begins in the foot, the arch           Junior Rachel Adams said, “Our          here is unknown. However, with sup-
flattens, the ankle joints compress and     track is horrible; it is a hazard to the    port from the school, families and
twist, the knee joint is compressed to      track team, and it causes injuries that     fans, a new track is only a hop, skip
one-eighth its resting size. The hip        have kept some runners out for weeks        and a jump away.
                                                                                                                                    Information about....

Student claims title,                                                                                                               * all your options
                                                                                                                                    * Pregnancy
                                                                                                                                                                                               602 Poplar St.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Murray, KY
breaks meet records                                                                                                                 * Sexuality
                                                                                                                                    * STDs                                                      lifehouse@
Keela Evans                                                                                                                         * Relationships                                            murray-ky.net
Staff Writer

    Over the summer, junior Rachel
Adams was named the Class AAA
High Jump State Champion.
    According to Adams, she broke
many meet records at the competition,
including all school records in this cat-
egory and was invited to many national
meets to compete in this area.
    “I trained all spring,” said
Adams. “We practiced every day and
had about two meets a week on aver-
    Brooke Lenki, alumna, has been
the only other record-breaking state
champion from Calloway; hers was in
the 300-meter hurdles, according to
Head Coach Keith Jared.
    A recent award night here honored
many students and teachers for accom-
plishments over the summer, and Ad-
ams received her official trophy.
 14                                                                                          Sports                                                                             The Laker Review
                                                                                                                                                                                September 29, 2006

Run, Jacob, run!                                                                Lakers seek revenge tonight
                                                                                Blake Lencki
                                                                                Sports Editor

                                                                                     In their recent game against cross-town
                                                                                rival Murray High, the Laker and Lady
                                                                                Laker Soccer Teams took two losses.
                                                                                     It’s time for payback, and the Lakers
                                                                                are due for it. The boys lost to the Tigers
                                                                                in the last few minutes of play. The Tigers
                                                                                scored a goal with less than 10 minutes left
                                                                                in regulation to put the Lakers down 2 - 1.
                                                                                     On the girls’ side, the Lady Lakers went
                                                                                into the game with a 3 - 5 record, hoping
                                                                                to come out with one more win. Unfortu-
                                                                                nately, the Lady Lakers’ effort just wasn’t
                                                                                enough; they lost 2 - 0.
                                                                                     Monday the boys played host to Graves
                                                                                County ending in a tie of 4 - 4, and Tues-
                                                                                day the Lady Lakers played host to the
                                                                                Marshall County Lady Marshals, losing 5
                                                                                - 1.
                                                                                     Tonight, we will see how the Lakers
                                                                                play coming off last night’s game against
                                                                                Hickman County. The Lakers will play
                                                                                host to the Murray High Tigers. Girls’
                                                                                action starts at 5:30 followed by the boys’
                                                                                     Senior Seth Asher said, “Last week, we
                                                                                just didn’t want the game, and that hurt us.
                                                                                I think last time we played Murray, they
                                                                Colby Starks    were in better shape than us, and that really
The cross country boys’ team is ranked first, and the girls’ team is ranked     hurt us. Tonight, we just have to come out
second in the Purchase area. Both teams will compete Oct. 7 a the Mar-          ready to play; we have to want it before we
shall County “Invitational of the South,” a 30-team meet of schools in          can win it. I predict a three-to-one win.”
Ky., Tenn., Mo., and Ill. The season will conclude with the state series             The Lady Lakers should have fresh legs
beginning at Christian County Nov. 4 for regionals. The boys’ team has          going into tonight’s game, coming from a
                                                                                two-day rest after losing to the Lady Mar-
qualified for state the last two years, while the girls’ team qualified three   shals.
years ago. The state meet will be at the Lexington Horse Park Nov. 11,               Concerning tonight’s game, senior
according to Head Coach Keith Jared.                                            Mallory Esterlein stated, “In our last game
                                                                                against Murray, the girls just didn’t want to
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Colby Starks
                                                                                win. We didn’t play to our potential, and
             Pro Wash Of Murray                                                 some of the girls were put in odd positions.
                                                                                Tonight we have home-field advantage,
                                                                                                                                Senior Brennan Parker heads the ball during last Monday’s game against Murray
                                                                                                                                High School. The Lakers were beaten in the last few minutes of play, losing
                                                                                and hopefully, we will play better because
                                                                                we have seen them before.”                      4 - 3.

                                                                                                                                                                              305-A South 12th
                                                                                                                                                                              Murray, KY 42071
 1310 Main Street- Murray, KY
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                                                                                       arrival of :                                                                                 Phone:
                                                                                                                                                                                (270) 753-7441
                                                                                    Lucky Brand
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                                                                                 jeans, sportswear,
                                                                                 jewelry, handbags,
                                                                                  belts and scarves                                                                          Monday - Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                10 - 5 pm
        The Laker Review
        September 29, 2006
                                                                                                Sports                                                                                               15

Lakers enjoy turnaround season Lakers spike again
                                                                                                                                Kelsey Dublin
Colby Starks                                                                                                                    Staff Writer                                Calloway has made it to semi-fi-
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                            nals. They fell to Caldwell County
                                                                                                                                    The Lady Laker Volleyball Team      by one point in a final match.
    The       Calloway                                                                                                          has broken all its records this year        Senior Alley Hendon said, “I’m
County Laker Foot-                                                                                                              since its inception five years ago.     pretty excited that we are the only
ball Team, possibly                                                                                                                 This was the first year that a      team that has ever brought home a
one of the most un-                                                                                                             varsity volleyball team has had a       trophy after going to a tournament,
derrated teams in the                                                                                                           winning record, according to Head       and since our season is a winning
area, has players who                                                                                                           Coach Cassidy Palmer.                   season this year, it’s pretty exciting.
are equipped with                                                                                                                   With a 17-8 record at press time,   Also, we are the second team to
speed, strength and                                                                                                             they still have more games to play.     beat the Murray High Tigers. We
players who are well                                                                                                                Senior Abby Kelly said, “This       have had some really big accom-
coached.                                                                                                                        year was the first year we                         plishments so far.”
    The question that                                                                                                           have ever won a tourna-                                Also, according to
lingers in the minds                                                                                                            ment as a varsity team.                            Palmer, this year was the
of most is: after two                                                                                                           We won the Livingston                              first time since 2002 that
straight 1-9 seasons,                                                                                                           Central Cardinal Classic.                          the Lady Lakers beat
do the Lakers know                                                                                                              Now, as a J.V. team, we                            Murray High. They won
how to win?                                                                                                                     had won some tourna-                               with two consecutive sets
    “It’s difficult to                                                                                                          ments, but this is the first                       to take home another
have success and                                                                                                                time any varsity has won.                          win.
win at anything if                                                                                                              It’s pretty exciting.”                                 In addition, this is the
you haven’t had any                                                                                                                 The Livingston Central Car-         first year that Calloway has beaten
success in the past.                                                                                                            dinal Classic was in August. The        Paducah Tilghman.
Winning is a habit,                                                                                              Colby Starks
                                                                                                                                Lady Lakers sailed through the              These were both big wins for the
but so is losing. Hab-                                                                                                          tournament and won 5-0. They            Lady Lakers, especially cross-town
its are hard to break,       The Lakers line up against their opponents, the Marshall County Marshals, on Friday, Septem-       beat different teams around the re-     rival Murray High.
but I think this year,       ber 8. The Lakers took a loss to the Marshals, pushing their season record to 1-3. Pictured is     gion, such as Hopkins Central and           Kelly said that win was one of
our habits of the past       wide-receiver Chris Dobbins.                                                                       Livingston Central.                     her favorite moments this season.
will be broken,” said                                                                                                               They competed at Slam Fest re-          The Lady Lakers travel to
senior Elliott Lovett.                     continue to progress is our offensive McKeel.                                        cently at Caldwell County. Slam         Graves County Monday for junior
    Calloway’s record currently stands line, which is led by our only senior             In Calloway’s class 3A district, the   Fest is one of their biggest tourna-    varsity and varsity matches. Tues-
at 3-3 in overall play, and 1-0 in dis- offensive lineman Elliott Lovett,” said six teams to quality for district playoffs      ments, according to Palmer.             day night they host Fulton City,
trict play.                                Head Coach Josh McKeel.                   must win two of five games. Callo-             During the first round, the Lady    and it is senior night.
    With two wins against rival Mur-           Junior Jacob Burks said, “I think way, who has already won one of their          Lakers breezed through all of their         The district tournament, hosted
ray High and homecoming guests we have improved a great deal, and district games against Union County,                          matches and made it to semi-finals,     here, is Oct. 9-12.
Crittenden County, it’s becoming some of our losses are due to some is well on its way to compete for the                       the first year.
clear that the Lakers not only have the minor setbacks that can easily be fixed district title.
tools to win but they are beginning to with some work. If we improve in                  “Unlike past years, I think the
find out what it tastes like.              those areas then we will be ready for competition in the district is even, and
    “Our number-one strength is the districts.”                                      if we play to our capabilities, we have
definitely our speed offensively, with         Calloway County is not only strong a shot at the number-one seed,” said
guys like Trey Travis, Logan Seay, and offensively, but defensively. The Lak- McKeel.
Aaron Dossey. Another strength that ers have the number one pass defense
has been progressing and will have to in the state in Class 3A, according to

     Have a
   Safe & Fun
   Fall Break
   The Laker Review
   September 29, 2006
                                                                           Sports                                                                                                      16

                               SPORTS PROFILES

Brennan Parker                           Tatum Dale                                 Kayla Cunningham                                               Tyrell Willis
Grade: Senior                            Grade: Junior                              Grade: Sophomore                                               Grade: Freshman

Sports: Soccer                           Sports: Soccer, Track, Cross Country       Sports: Basketball                                             Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball

Most Memorable Sports Moment:            Most Memorable Sports Moment:              Most Memorable Sports Moment:                                  Most Memorable Sports Moment:
Beating Marshall last season, 2 – 1.     Placing 5th at Cross Country regionals.    Beating the freshman scoring record.                           Winning the championship in 8th grade
Words to Live By: “Soccer is our busi-   Words to Live By: “Our sport is your       Words to Live By: “If you are going to
ness; business is good.”                 punishment.”                               take it to the bank, then you better cash                      Words to Live By: “Only real men play
                                                                                    it in.                                                         football.”
                 --Mark Kennedy Sr.                           --Coach Keith Jared                               --Shannon Fish                                            --Unknown

    Among Murray Nation s Best Universities
     Pro Wash Of
                                                                                                  Among the nation’s “Top Tier” universities in academic quality
                                                                                                  16 consecutive years.   ~ U.S.News & World Report 1992 – 2007

                                                                                                  Murray ranked 9th in the nation two consecutive years among all
                                                                                                  public master’s universities.   ~ U.S.News & World Report 2006, 2007

                                                                                                  Ranked for four consecutive years in category of “Great Schools
                                                                                                  at Great Prices.”   ~ U.S.News & World Report 2004 – 2007

1310 Main Street- Murray, KY                                                                      Ranked 15th among all public and private universities in the
                                                                                                  southern region.  ~ U.S.News & World Report 2007

                                                                                                  Among the nation's top 22 "best buys" for online business and
                                                                                                  management bachelor's degrees.      ~ GetEducated.com 2006

                                                                                                  Ranked as Kentucky's best value in higher education and one of
                                                                                                  the best values in America. ~ Kiplinger's Personal Finance 2006


                                                                                         Equal education and employment opportunities M/F/D, AA employer

                                          M U R R AY S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y

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