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					                                YEAR 10 GEOGRAPHY SCHEME OF WORK
                                 UNIT GCSE H1 – POPULATION CHANGE

Pupils that have followed the More House KS3 Geography Programme of Study will have studied population in Year 8,
providing them with a basis in this topic and building upon the foundation built at KS3, thus providing familiarity whilst
fostering progression. This topic is one of the options in the 40302 Human Geography paper, and has been chosen due
to the important issues relating to global population, immigration and resources that are currently affecting the world and
are becoming and will continue to become pressing as the pupils grow up, especially the problems related to the ageing
population of Britain and debates about immigration laws. The topic encourages pupils to adopt a balanced stance
regarding immigration – it could be seen as a way of reducing the problems related to the ageing population in Britain,
whilst it could also put strain on other resources. More contemporary issues and case studies have been used to illustrate
these points such as a set of activities and role plays related to Polish migration to the UK and an in depth case study of
migration of Bosnian refugees to Germany in the early-mid 1990s.

Kinaesthetic learners will enjoy the set of activities related to Polish migration to the UK. This includes a mystery guest
activity (on Powerpoint) which also includes images and some Polish music to engage visual and auditory learners, card
sorting and matching activities (‘Who said that?’), a ‘taking sides conscience corridor’ activity where pupils in the role
of the wife of a Polish migrant have to walk through a corridor of pupils and are persuaded to go to England or stay in
Poland by other pupils in role. Similarly, role plays about solutions to the ageing population and migration are designed
to engage kinaesthetic learners particularly and are a good way of allowing pupils to express values and attitudes relating
to these issues. Videos on transmigration in Indonesia and demographic change in Italy are also targeted to visual
learners. Pupils are provided with an Understanding GCSE Geography for AQA Specification A pupil textbook written
for the new specification. This provides additional activities for revision purposes and is particularly effective for visual

It is possible that some pupils in the class will be taking the Foundation tier in the examination (it is possible under the
new specification to re-sit a paper at a different tier or take the physical and human examinations in different tiers
depending on the requirements of the individual pupil). As a result, questions will be identified as relating primarily to
higher or foundation tier; as a result, pupils will answer the questions that are related to the level of examination they
will be taking, although a pupil sitting the foundation tier will also have the option of including higher tier questions if
they so desire (for example, designing and justifying a population policy is more characteristic of higher tier questions).
Areas of the unit also consider A-level issues such as Malthusianism to stretch and challenge the more able pupils.

Curricular and Cross-curricular Links:
 Geography GCSE AQA A (40302) specification
 Citizenship (creating new policies, understanding issues affecting migration and that affect migrants and empathising
  with migrants)
 Literacy (writing for persuasion, developing and justifying a population policy, writing a diary of experiences of a
  migrant, writing an ‘agony aunt’ column to convince, Cloze exercises)
 Numeracy (drawing an analysing a line graph and the Demographic Transition Model, constructing population
  pyramids, constructing a pie chart)
 Art (designing a fact-file on China’s ‘One Child Policy’)
 SMSC (issues relating to population growth in China, identifying and expressing views and attitudes of interested
  groups, writing a diary entry from the point of view of a migrant)
                        UNIT GCSE H1 – POPULATION CHANGE

  Key Questions / Time   Learning Objectives               Activities                   Resources             Homework
What is the Demographic  To understand the         Examine population            Powerpoint GCSE       Pupils complete
Transition Model? (2      exponential growth         growth rates on                H1.1                   graph showing
lessons)                  in world population        worksheet                     Worksheet - ‘How       change in birth and
                         To understand how         Look at birth and death        does population        death rates in UK
                          changes in birth and       rate change through            change?’               and complete living
                          death rates affect a       bath analogy                  Worksheet - ‘The       graph and cartoons
                          country’s population      Look at DTM and                Demographic
                         To understand the          explore the 5 stages           Transition Model’
                          Demographic                that the UK has               Worksheet -
                          Transition Model           experienced                    ‘Population growth
                         To understand the         Complete DTM ‘living           in England and
                          reasons why                graph’                         Wales’ and living
                          population changes        Read and make notes            graph
                          over time                  on 4 major factors            AQA Geography A
                                                     affecting population           GCSE pages 176-
                                                     change from AQA                177
                                                     Geography A GCSE
                                                     pages 176-177
How can population        To be able to draw a     Pupils draw population      Powerpoint GCSE         Complete questions
structure be shown? (2     population pyramid        pyramids using data          H1.1                     on population
lessons)                  To understand how         from the worksheet          Worksheet -              structure and
                           the population           Pupils look at different     ‘Population              pyramids
                            pyramids of MEDCs       shapes of population     Structure’            (Numeracy)
                            and LEDCs vary          pyramids, linking them  Worksheet -
                            from each other         to the DTM               ‘Population
What problems are          To understand          Look at Malthusianism  Powerpoint GCSE       Complete questions
associated with             Malthus’s theory on     and the ‘positive        H1.2                  on Malthusianism
population growth? (1       population growth       checks’                 Worksheet -           and problems caused
lesson)                    To understand the      Look at problems         ‘Malthus and Neo-     by population
                            causes and possible     caused by population     Malthusianism’        growth
                            effects of population   growth in rural areas   Worksheet -
                            growth in LEDCs         (the Sahel) and urban    ‘Problems caused by
                                                    areas (Delhi)            growing

How can the problems of    To understand how  Pupils create a              Powerpoint GCSE      Complete leaflet
population growth be        China, India and       brainstorm to identify     H1.2                  fact-file on China’s
tackled? (2 lessons)        Indonesia have         ways of controlling       Understanding         One Child Policy
                            tackled the problems   population growth,         GCSE Geography        (SMSC)
                            caused by              using Understanding        pages 139 and 140    Develop and create a
                            overpopulation         GCSE Geography            Worksheet - ‘Case     display to illustrate a
                           To evaluate the        page 139 to help           Study - China’s One   new population
                            effectiveness of      Carry out China’s          Child Policy’ and     policy (Citizenship)
                            various policies to    ‘One Child Policy’         project sheet
                            control population     case study and project    Worksheet -
                            growth                To read about and          ‘Population Growth
                                                   answer questions about     in India’
                                                   India’s sterilisation     Worksheet -
                                                   policy                     ‘Transmigration in
                                                    Pupils read about           Indonesia’
                                                     population policies        Video -
                                                     employed in Thailand        ‘Investigating Asia -
                                                     and Niger using             Indonesia :
                                                     Understanding GCSE          Transmigration’
                                                     Geography page 140         Video question
                                                    Look at Indonesian          sheet
                                                     transmigration policy
                                                     by reading the resource
                                                     sheet, watching a
                                                     video and answering
                                                     questions on it
                                                    Pupils design their
                                                     own population
                                                     policies to tackle
                                                     overpopulation in a
What problems are           To understand the      Consider the problems      Powerpoint GCSE      Pupils complete
associated with ageing       problems associated     of ageing populations       H1.3                  questions on ageing
populations? (3 lessons)     with ageing             through a video and        Worksheet - ‘World    populations
                             populations in          worksheets                  faces old age boom’  Pupils design a
                             MEDCs                  Rôle-play between           including newspaper   leaflet to explain the
                            To understand           advocates of different      articles              policies that the UK
                             government              solutions - French         ‘Population Change    could introduce to
                             strategies to cope      government, Shetland        in the UK’ in         cope with its ageing
                             with ageing             Island Council,             Geography Review      population
                             populations             UNHCR and Care              (September 2008)      (Citizenship)
                            To evaluate the         home manager in the         (extension)          Pupils complete
                             effectiveness of        UK                                                summary grid to
                            different policies                                Video – Population      show points of view
                                                                               Transition in Italy     of each group
                                                                              Video question          (SMSC)
                                                                              Worksheet –
                                                                               ‘Strategies to cope
                                                                               with an ageing
                                                                               population in the
                                                                              Briefing sheet -
                                                                               ‘Ageing Population
                                                                               including rôle-play
                                                                               cards and summary
How can the problems of    To understand how       Rôle-play between        Briefing sheet -       Pupils complete
an ageing population be     the problems of          advocates of different    ‘Ageing Population      summary grid to
tackled? (1 lesson)         ageing populations       solutions - French        Rôle-Play’              show points of view
                            can be tackled           government, Shetland      including rôle-play     of each group
                                                     Island Council,           cards and summary       (SMSC)
                                                     UNHCR and Care            grid
                                                     home manager in the
What is migration? (2      To understand what      Pupils recap definition  Powerpoint GCSE        Complete diary
lessons)                    migration is             of migration and look      H1.4                   entry from the point
                           To understand push       at push / pull factors    Worksheet - ‘Key       of view of one of the
                            and pull factors and    Pupils look at different   Migration Terms’       6 migrants on key
                            why people migrate       types of migration        Worksheet - ‘Case      migration terms
                                                     through 6 mini-case                               sheet, mentioning
                           To understand the       studies                       Studies of               push and pull
                            different types of                                    Migration’, rôle-        factors and
                            migration                                             play cards and           experiences
                                                                                  summary grid             (Literacy, SMSC)
What are the effects of    To understand the      Complete worksheet           Powerpoint GCSE         Complete Cloze /
economic migration? (2      advantages and          on three types of             H1.4                     word-gap exercise
lessons)                    disadvantages of        migration and effects        Worksheet - ‘Types       on types of
                            economic migration     Pupils write notes from       of Migration and its     migration (Literacy)
                            to donor and            Case Study of                 Effects’                Pupils write an
                            recipient countries     Senegalese migration         Understanding            ‘agony aunt’ column
                            and migrants            to Italy from page 193        GCSE Geography           to Katarina about
                            themselves              in AQA Geography A            pages 144-145            whether she should
                           To know and            Using Understanding          Polish migration,        migrate to the UK or
                            understand the          GCSE Geography                ‘Who Said That’          not, using writing
                            factors influencing     pages 144-145, pupils         and ‘Taking Sides’       frame if required
                            economic migration      create 2 brainstorms,         activity sheets and      (Literacy / SMSC /
                            with the EU             showing the                   cards                    Citizenship)
                                                    advantages and               AQA Geography A
                                                    disadvantages of              GCSE page 193
                                                    international migration
                                                    and classify them as
                                                    advantages or
                                                    disadvantages and for
                                                    the donor or recipient
                                                   Pupils participate in
                                                    mystery guest and
                                                    Polish migration
                                                    kinaesthetic activities
What are the causes and     To know and               Examine the causes         Powerpoint GCSE       Pupils answer
effects of migration of      understand the             and effects of              H1.4                   questions about the
refugees? (1 lesson)         reasons why people         migration of Bosnian       Worksheet –            causes and effects of
                             may seek refuge in         refugees to Germany         ‘Bosnian refugees in   Bosnian refugees to
                             another country            following the 1992-5        Germany’               Germany (SMSC)
                            To identify some of        war in the former          Understanding         Revise for end of
                             the positive and           Yugoslavia                  GCSE Geography         unit test, using
                             negative effects of       Read pages 146-147          pages 146-147 and      pages 150-151 of
                             migration of               and 149 from                149                    Understanding
                             refugees on the            Understanding GCSE         Understanding          GCSE Geography to
                             countries concerned        Geography and answer        GCSE Geography         prepare including
                             and the refugees           activities 1 and 2b on      pages 150-151          answering practice
                             themselves                 page 147 and activities                            GCSE question on
                                                        2a, 3a and 4 from page                             page 150
     End of unit test (1 lesson) and review (1 lesson)
     GCSE Geography 1 lesson = 2 periods