Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives by gnl24647


									                                                                      Administration of George W. Bush, 2003 / Sept. 13

                 Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Transmitting
                 Amendments to the FY 2004 Budget
                 September 12, 2003

                 Dear Mr. Speaker:                                               posals are assumed to be funded within
                    I ask the Congress to consider the en-                       this constraint.
                 closed amendments to the FY 2004 Budget                            This transmittal also contains FY 2004
                 for the Departments of Agriculture, Home-                       budget amendments for the Legislative
                 land Security, and Housing and Urban De-                        Branch and FY 2003 supplemental pro-
                 velopment, as well as the Corps of Engi-                        posals for the Judicial Branch. As a matter
                 neers.                                                          of comity, appropriations requests of the
                    These amendments would not change                            Legislative and Judicial Branches are com-
                 the total pending Presidential Request for                      monly transmitted without change.
                 FY 2004. However, they would adjust up-                            The details of these proposals are set
                 ward the total discretionary budget author-                     forth in the enclosed letter from the Direc-
                                                                                 tor of the Office of Management and Budg-
                 ity requested by $0.9 billion, bringing the
                 total discretionary funding agreed to by the
                 Administration and the Congress to $785.6
                 billion. This increase in discretionary fund-                                                GEORGE W. BUSH
                 ing is fully offset by a corresponding de-
                 crease in mandatory funding. All other pro-                     NOTE: An original was not available for
                                                                                 verification of the content of this letter.

                 The President’s Radio Address
                 September 13, 2003
                    Good morning. Two years ago this week,                       we removed the Taliban regime that har-
                 America suffered a brutal attack. We will                       bored Al Qaida. In Iraq, we defeated a
                 never forget the burning towers and the                         regime that sponsored terror, possessed and
                 smoke over Arlington Cemetery and the                           used weapons of mass destruction, and de-
                 passengers who rushed the hijackers. Yet                        fied the United Nations Security Council
                 history asks for more than memory. On                           for 12 years. We have helped to liberate
                 September the 11th, 2001, we began a war                        people from oppression and fear.
                 on global terror that continues to this hour.                      Today, with our help, the people of Iraq
                    In the decades before that terrible day,                     are working to create a free, functioning,
                 the terrorists conducted a series of bolder                     and prosperous society. The terrorists know
                 and bolder attacks in the Middle East and                       that if these efforts are successful, their
                 beyond. They became convinced that free                         ideology of hate will suffer a grave defeat.
                 nations were decadent and weak and would
                                                                                 So they are attacking our forces, inter-
                 never offer a sustained and serious re-
                                                                                 national aid workers, and innocent civilians.
                 sponse. They now know otherwise.
                                                                                 Their goal is to drive us out of Iraq before
                    Together with a coalition of nations, we
                 have struck back against terror worldwide,                      our work is done. They are mistaken, and
                 capturing and killing terrorists and breaking                   they will fail. We will do what is necessary
                 cells and freezing assets. In Afghanistan,                      to win this victory in the war on terror.


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