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					                                               Voting Information News
                                                                                 September 2009 Volume 19, Issue 9
  Inside this Issue
FVAP Social Networking         1

Election Dates 2010            2
                                            FVAP Embraces Social Networking
Past FVAP Reports              3
                                    Communications are shorter and           releases. For example, our first
VAG Update                     4    more frequent than when letters          update announced the
                                    were the norm. With advances in          appointment of FVAP’s new
                                    technology, response times have          director and our second
                                    greatly diminished. It is with this in   announced the posting of all FVAP
                                    mind that the Federal Voting             post election reports.
 Voting Assistance                  Assistance Program is engaging in
Officers’ “To Do” List              a      more       aggressive             FVAP        is    on    Facebook
    If you are a new Voting
                                    communications strategy that             http://www.facebook.com/pages/
    Assistance Officer, re-         utilizes social networking sites like    Washington-DC/Federal-Voting-
    view the online Training        Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to       Assistance-Program-
    Workshop presentation           reach our more than 6.1million           DoD/104504438466 - Facebook is
    for VAOs at the FVAP            Uniformed and Overseas Citizens          also used to get out
    W e b s i t e ,                 Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA)             information in a quick manner but
    www.fvap.gov, to ob-            voters.          This form of            can also be used as an
    tain a brief orientation        media will allow FVAP to post real       educational tool. FVAP will use it
    of the program. The             time alerts with information             to share video PSAs, press
    V o t i n g A s s i s ta nc e   important to Voting Assistance Offi-     releases and real-time
    Guide (also online) pro-        cer and voters alike. All three ser-     broadcasts. Facebook will give
    vides an overview of            vices will allow “followers/fans/        both uninformed service and
    your responsibilities as        connections” to post a question and      overseas citizens an opportunity to
    a VAO.                          receive assistance and                   answer questions and participate
                                    feedback much faster than                in voting issues through discussion
    Have you requested a
                                    previously.                              b o a r d s           a n d / o r
    Voting Training Work-
    shop in your area?
                                                                             private messaging. Facebook will
    Please         email
                                    FVAP         is    on     Twitter        offer a way to keep in touch with
    vote@fvap.ncr.gov as
                                    http://twitter.com/FVAP.                 the UOCAVA community that
    well as your Service            Twitter is a web and phone based         would normally be stronger offline,
    Voting Action Officer           application used to get out              such as social and professional
    (contact information on         information as quickly as possible.      groups. Facebook will also make it
    Page 3) to submit your          It provides an at-a-glance update on     possible for people who would not
    request. A regional             what FVAP is doing at that               normally communicate more than a
    Workshop schedule is            moment or what is important in the       few times a year to keep in touch—
    now being planned with          UOCAVA voting world. Users will          colleagues              met      at
    training to begin this          be able to gather information            conferences, for instance, and
    Fall.                           pertaining to them quickly, without      even the citizens themselves that
                                    needing to gather it from multiple       met through the online community
                                    sources. FVAP will use Twitter to        itself.
                                    post important updates and press                        (continued on page 4)
Page 2                                                                                                                                        Voting Information News

                                                                   Election Dates 2010
The general election is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. This election information is current as of August 2009.
 .        Check your state election website or www.fvap.gov for updates or additional details.
                                                          State                                     State                          General Election
                State                                    Primary                                Runoff Primary                 Federal Offices                State
                                                                                                   (if necessary)        U.S. Senate   U.S. Representative   Governor
  Alabama                                                June 1                                      July 13                Yes                7               Yes
  Alaska                                               August 24                                     ---------              Yes                1               Yes
  American Samoa                                        ----------                                   ---------              -----         1 Delegate            No
  Arizona                                              August 24                                     ---------              Yes                8               Yes
  Arkansas                                               May 18                                      June 8                 Yes                4               Yes
  California                                             June 8                                      ---------              Yes               53               Yes
  Colorado                                             August 10                                     ---------              Yes                7               Yes
  Connecticut                                          August 10                                     ---------              Yes                5               Yes
  Delaware                                            September 14                                   ---------              Yes                1                No
  District of Columbia                                September 14                                   ---------              -----         1 Delegate          Mayor
  Florida                                              August 24                                     ---------              Yes               25               Yes
  Georgia                                                July 20                                    August 10               Yes               13               Yes
  Guam                                                September 4                                    ---------              -----         1 Delegate           Yes
  Hawaii                                              September 18                                   ---------              Yes                2               Yes
  Idaho                                                  May 25                                      ---------              Yes                2               Yes
  Illinois                                             February 2                                    ---------              Yes               19               Yes
  Indiana                                                May 4                                       ---------              Yes                9                No
  Iowa                                                   June 8                                      ---------              Yes                5               Yes
  Kansas                                                August 3                                     ---------              Yes                4               Yes
  Kentucky                                               May 18                                      ---------              Yes                6                No
  Louisiana                                       August 28 (1st Party)*                       October 2 (2nd Party)**      Yes                7                No
  Maine                                                  June 8                                       ---------              No                2               Yes
  Maryland                                            September 14                                    ---------             Yes                8               Yes
  Massachusetts                                       September 14                                    ---------              No               10               Yes
  Michigan                                              August 3                                      ---------              No               15               Yes
  Minnesota                                           September 14                                    ---------              No                8               Yes
  Mississippi                                            June 1                                      June 22                 No                4                No
  Missouri                                              August 3                                      ---------             Yes                9                No
  Montana                                                June 8                                       ---------              No                1                No
  Nebraska                                               May 11                                       ---------              No                3               Yes
  Nevada                                                 June 8                                       ---------             Yes                3               Yes
  New Hampshire                                       September 14                                    ---------             Yes                2               Yes
  New Jersey                                             June 8                                       ---------              No               13                No
  New Mexico                                             June 1                                       ---------              No                3               Yes
  New York                                            September 14                                    ---------             Yes               29               yes
  North Carolina                                         May 4                                       June 22                Yes               13                No
  North Dakota                                           June 8                                       ---------             Yes                1                No
  Ohio                                                   May 4                                        ---------             Yes               18               Yes
  Oklahoma                                               July 27                                    August 24               Yes                5               Yes
  Oregon                                                 May 18                                       ---------             Yes                5               Yes
  Pennsylvania                                           May 18                                       ---------             Yes               19               Yes
  Puerto Rico                                            ---------                                    ---------             -----            -----             -----
  Rhode Island                                        September 14                                    ---------              No                2               Yes
  South Carolina                                         June 8                                      June 22                Yes                6               Yes
  South Dakota                                           June 8                                      June 29                Yes                1               Yes
  Tennessee                                             August 5                                      ---------              No                9               Yes
  Texas                                                 March 2                                       ---------              No               32               Yes
  Utah                                                  June 22                                       ---------             Yes                3                No
  Vermont                                             September 14                                    ---------             Yes                1               Yes
  Virgin Islands                                      September 11                                    ---------              No           1 Delegate           Yes
  Virginia                                               June 8                                       ---------              No               11                No
  Washington                                           August 17                                      ---------             Yes                9                No
  West Virginia                                          May 11                                       ---------              No                3                No
  Wisconsin                                           September 14                                    ---------             Yes                8               Yes
  Wyoming                                              August 17                                      ---------              No                1               Yes
  *1st Party Congressional.   **State Primary, & 2nd Party Congressional Runoff if necessary
Volume 19, Issue 9                                                                                               Page 3

                 Past Reports now available on FVAP Website
Past reports issued by the Federal Voting Assistance Program are now available on the FVAP
website. For the first time, this information is available for review by voters, Voting Assistance Offi-
cers, voting advocates, and the public at-large.
Available reports include:
    • Post-Election Survey Reports
    • DoD Inspector General Reports
    • Government Accountability Office Reports
    • Voting Over the Internet (VOI) Final Report
    • Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE) Final Report
    • Integrated Voting Alternative Site Final Report
    • Expanding the Use of Electronic Voting Technology for UOCAVA Citizens- May 2007
Additional reports will be made available online as they become available.
The reports are available on the FVAP website at http://www.fvap.gov/reference/reports.html

                                                Voting Action Officers

                              Department of State: Office of Overseas Citizens Services
   Mr. Mark Raugust (202) 736-9163, fax: (202) 647-6201votinginfo@state.gov, http://travel.state.gov/law/info/

                                            Service Voting Action Officers
   Army:         Mr. Alton Perry (703) 325-4530, DSN: 221-4530, fax: (703) 325-4532, DSN fax: 221-4532,
                 voting.questions@conus.army.mil, https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/Active/TAGD/pssd/psb/ votingin
   Navy:         Mr. Dave Stevens (901) 874-4634, DSN: 882-4634, fax: (901) 874-6844,
                 DSN fax: 882-6844, vote@navy.mil,
   Air Force:    Mr. William A. D'Avanzo (210) 565-5000, toll free: 1-800 616-3775 (Select options 1, then 1, then 2
                 from menu), DSN: 665-5000, fax: (210) 565-2543, DSN fax: 665-2543,
                 afpc/dpffofvotefund@randolph.af.mil, http://www.afcrossroads.com/VoteFund/Vote/default.htm
   Marine Corps: Mr. Robert Wagner (703) 784-9511, DSN: 278-9511, fax: (703) 784-9823, DSN fax: 278-9823,
   Coast Guard: LTJG Frank Marcheski (202) 475-5382, fax: (202) 475-5927, Frank.A.Marcheski@uscg.mil

                             Links to the Services’ websites are available at www.fvap.gov.
  Federal Voting
Assistance Program
                                       FVAP Embraces Social Networking (con’t)
                                FVAP is on LinkedIn
  Department of Defense
  1155 Defense Pentagon         LinkedIn Groups are a great avenue to communicate with a group or
     Washington, DC             professional organization online who share similar concerns and inter-
       20301-1155               ests. We plan to use LinkedIn for the discussions abilities. Click on
                                the “Discussions” tab on a Group to get started and view recent dis-
   Phone: 703-588-1584          cussions. FVAP will be able to discuss issues that are of interest to
     DSN: 425-1584
                                the entire group in this vibrant and professional atmosphere. On the
        Toll-Free:              Discussions tab, you can also use the navigation links on the right
   800-438-VOTE (8683)          side to sort discussions by most recent, popular topics, and those that
                                you’ve participated in.
    Fax: 703-696-1352
      DSN 426-1352
                                               2010-11 VAG launches online
    Visit our website for
international toll-free phone   The 2010-11 Voting Assistance Guide is now available on the FVAP
      and fax numbers           website. The Voting Assistance Guide (VAG) is a compilation of
                                absentee voting regulations, laws, deadlines, and procedures. It has
 Email: vote@fvap.ncr.gov
                                been updated with the most recent information, including dates for
Comments or suggestions on      upcoming primary elections, for all 55 states and territories.
this newsletter are welcomed
       and appreciated.         The printed version of the Voting Assistance Guide will be available
                                this fall. It will be available through your regular service distribution
                                channels, as well as directly from FVAP.

  Please feel free to copy, redistribute, or use Voting Information News articles in other publications.