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									Social Networking (Web 2.0)
Its Impact on Your Organizational

Laura Baur, Microsoft Corp., Business
   Productivity Solution Specialist
John Webster, Microsoft Corp., Business
   Productivity Solution Specialist
Aging Populations

        When You Hire Millennials …
       You Hire Their Friends

                                                                               Windows Live™ Spaces

    Harrison Group:                                                  68% of Teens Have Profiles
                                                                     Over 25% keep in touch daily
Source: “Teens and media: a full-time job,” CNET, December 7, 2006
The Millennial Workplace
   MyPod Generation
Boomerang Generation
Social Computing is the next wave
of collaboration
   1st Wave                                             2nd Wave                              3rd Wave: Social Computing

E-mail                                         Virtual workspaces                            Blogs

                                               Instant messaging                             Wikis
                                               Enterprise portals                            RSS feeds
Group scheduling
                                               Presence                                      Social networks
Discussion forums
                                               Web conferencing                              Tagging
Directories (taxonomy)                         Expertise automation                          Social bookmarking
                                               Personal websites                             Personal profiles

                                               Composite Applications                        Mashups

          “Social Computing is not a fad. Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by. Gradually, Social
          Computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world. Firms should
          approach Social Computing as an ongoing learning process, using some of the best practices of firms that
          have successfully taken the first steps.”1
          - Forrester Research

         1 Source:   Forrester Research, Inc. “Social Computing - How Networks Erode Institutional Power, And What to Do About It”, February 2006
Main Drivers For Social Computing
                                               Capture the
Drive collaboration     Capture & share       “wisdom of the
& social interaction    tacit knowledge      masses” via social

                                   Build a sense of
           Discover content in
                                  connection to the
               new ways
 Common Technical Challenges

Provide consumer-like capabilities

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Comply with corporate security & privacy

Support tools affordably and efficiently
 First let’s define success…
User generated content

Mass collaboration

Real-time knowledge

Increased productivity

Intuitive user experience

Pervasive: whenever, wherever

Integrated with our way of work
Learning 2.0
                       Centrally developed or      User/Expert generated
                       purchased courses           content + user ratings

                       Learning segments lasting   Segments consumable in
Learning 2.0
Traditional Learning

                       hours                       minutes

                       Delivery via PC             Delivery via cell phones,
                                                   Zunes, etc…
                                                                               = Learning 2.0
                       Often just in case          Just in time

                       Often compliance driven     More performance driven

                       Train on competencies and   Deliver knowledge at
                       knowledge                   point of need
British Telecom

• Business Sponsor: Peter Butler, Head of Learning, BT
• Learning and Development Vision:
   – To weave learning into the fabric of the work environment so
     that employees do not have to remove themselves from their
     customers and responsibilities for long periods in order to
     learn and develop
• Solution: Learning 2.0 via Podcasting Kit for SharePoint
• Business Partner: Accenture
Planning for learning in most companies
Likely Outcome
        Content Produced       Employee’s Experience

• ½ or full day courses:   • FRUSTRATION
    – Expensive
    – Few of them          • “I wish I didn’t spend the whole
                             day in this training… only 30
• One size fit all           minutes was relevant to me”

                           • “I don’t have time for this”
• Formally structured

                           • “I don’t want to learn how to use
• Too little… too late
                             another tool”
 How did British Telecom NOT Fail?
Creating a business case

    Establishing alignment to the business strategy
    and priorities

         Securing executive business sponsorship and

             Working with Knowledge Management and Social
             Media “teams”

                  Conducting a proof of concept
  British Telecom
                                      Audience Strategy
In which line of business do   Number of       What type of role are you      Number of
you seat                       Podcasters      in?                            Podcasters
Group                          1               Leadership                     5
Design                         10              Service                        7
Retail                         6               Technical                      10
Wholesale                      22              Sales                          7
Operate                        13              Other                          29
Global Services                6

To which Professional          Number of       Are you an existing user of    Number of
Community do you belong?       Podcasters      social networking sites such   Podcasters
P&PM                           21              as Facebook or MySpace
Sales                          10
Infra Eng                      5               Yes                            18
HR                             1               Some                           32
MEN                            1
                                               No                             8
Other/ No PC                   20
British Telecom
                             Business Impact and Return on Investment

    Impact                   Hard ROI                   Result
‣   Doing things right   ‣   Cost of training      ‣   32,473 man days or
    the first time                                     141 FTEs given back
                         ‣   Travel                    to the company: to
‣   Improving
    Customer Service                                   be re-invested in
                                                       strategic initiatives
‣   Employee Morale
Microsoft Academy Live
     Podcasting Kit for SharePoint

     • It is an accelerator that will help you save time, money
       and reduce your risk when deploying social media in
       your enterprise
     • It’s FREE, delivered as-is with the source code
     • It is not supported by Microsoft
     • It is supported by the community, customers, partners
     • It is available on the Microsoft open-source web site: Find the list of participating
       partners at this location as well.
*Requires Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2007 to run
How Microsoft Leverages Social
The SharePoint Social Platform
Recent Enterprise 2.0 ISVs
  Why Bet on Microsoft

 Integrated suite of the     Rich app development         Single infrastructure
                                                                                       Reduce Cost and
 core social computing       platform and partner             for business
                                                                                       complexity for IT
   tools provided OOB              ecosystem                  productivity
• Integrated suite of the   • Solid platform with       • Build intelligence by     • Extend existing
  core Social Computing       basic capabilities that     leveraging                  investments to
  tools in one platform       is easily extensible or     functionality across        support tools
• Social Computing            customizable                the platform                efficiently
  features are part of      • Rich set of partners      • Integrated with other     • Simplifying
  the natural way end         that offer best of          workloads in the            maintenance costs
  users work                  breed features or           SharePoint platform         and architectural
• Seamless user               services based on           with social computing       complexity by using a
  experience during           customers’ needs            tools                       single solution
  transition between        • Multiple add-ons          • Familiar user interface   • Comply with
  tools                       already available via       and contextual              corporate security
                              open source for free        availability drive          and privacy with an
                                                          increase in adoption        integrated
       Resource                            Link
Official SharePoint page

Official SharePoint blog
Community Kit for
Podcasting Kit for
New SharePoint   

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