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									Obtain Beautiful Nails at Tranquility Day Spa

There are so many things we see when we look in the mirror, all of them important, all
of them things we, as women, obsess over. So many of the things we look at are big,
the way our butts look in a brand new pair of jeans, the color of our hair, or the giant
pimple resting on our chin. Some of the things we obsess over are small, the tone of our
skin, and the shape of or fingernails. Tranquility Day Spa is a place that women (and
men) can go to make sure all of our pieces not only look great but also feel great.

Many people think that taking care of their finger and toe nails is purely a cosmetic
thing, These people are wrong. Finger and toe nails serve two important functions. They
are responsible for making sure that the tips of the fingers and toes are protected,
without the nails protection the tips of your digits would be unbearable tender and
susceptible to injury. The second function of the nails is to improve the dexterity of the
digit, this is obviously more important for the fingers then the toes.


 When most people think about having their nails done they are normally thinking about
their fingernails. When work is done on the fingernails it is called a manicure. The
average manicure consists of shaping the nail, polishing the nail, and dealing with the
nails cuticle. Most women maintain they’re nails good looks and good health by giving
themselves manicures at home. At home manicures are fine but there are some
manicures you simply can’t do by yourself.

Fancy manicures like French manicures are difficult to do by yourself. For the fancier
manicures you should seek the assistance of a professional manicure specialist, this is
just the type of person you would find at Tranquility Day Spa. Seeking the aid of
someone at the Tranquility Day Spa is also helpful if you are someone who likes to wear
acrylic nails, when they are put on professionally the acrylic nails will not only look
better, they will also stay stuck longer. The other bonus about getting a manicure at the
Tranquility Day Spa is that the manicures are accompanied by hand massages that
ease tension and muscle fatigue.


Most people seldom think about their toes when they are considering their appearance.
To most people toes are just things that are stuck to the end of their feet, and their feet
are just something to be hidden in a pair of really nice shoes. Anyone who has ever had
an ingrown toenail knows that keeping their toenails healthy is important to keeping your
feet pain free. The professionals at Tranquility Day Spa will make sure that you toenails
will both look and feel fantastic.

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