A Simple Bug Tracking System Project Proposal CSC Version by epmd


									A Simple Bug Tracking System
             Project Proposal

                  Version 1.1

             Michael Baldwin
       There are many systems for tracking the bugs found in software projects,
but all of these systems are designed with large projects with many team
members. These systems are typically web based, and are more complex than
needed for small projects. My goal is to create a program which will track the
bugs found in a software project, but the system is designed for individual users
or small teams, which would not normally need a full web based system. This
would be a tool that a person writing software as a hobby or student developers
could use to efficiently track bugs in their programs.

       The system will primarily target the Microsoft Windows platform and will
take advantage of the features provided by the .NET framework and Visual
Studio.   The exact language to be used has yet to be determined, but by using
one of the languages in Visual Studio, I can utilize all of the built in controls and
functionality for creating GUI’s which have the standard Windows look and feel to
them. The backend of the program will be an Access database to store all of the
data in the program. This will allow for simple installation on the user’s computer
without the need for any external software such as an SQL server, other than the
.NET framework version 1.1 or 2.0, depending on the version of Visual Studio
selected for the implementation of the project. It is assumed that the user will
already have the .NET framework installed on the system.

       The system will allow for bugs from multiple projects to be tracked
independently of each other. There will be a simple user management system
which can be used at the option of the user to allow the system to automatically
record who reported the bug and who fixed the bug. The user entering the bug
will still be allowed to select another person for either of these fields. The user
will be able to view bugs which are waiting to be fixed and those which have
already been fixed.

       The data that will need to be tracked by the program includes each bug,
categories of bugs, and users. The bug will include at least the following data:
name, description, category, person reporting the bug, initial version where
found, date found, date fixed, initial version number where fixed, and person
fixing the bug. There will be a list of categories to which bugs can be assigned. It
will be editable by the user to define their own categories. There will be a list of
user information which may include the following data: name, responsibilities, e-
mail address, and phone number. This is the base data which will be needed for
the project. There may be more data needed which will be addressed in the
software requirements specification.


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