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					Free College Music / Theater Courses

      Music and Theater Arts (available from MIT)
      MIT Course #               Course Title           Term
  21M.011                  Introduction to Western Music Spring 2006
  21M.030                  Introduction to World Music Fall 2006
  21M.051                  Fundamentals of Music Spring 2007
  21M.065                  Introduction to Musical Composition Fall 2005
  21M.113                  Developing Musical Structures Fall 2002
  21M.220                  Early Music Spring 2007
  21M.223J                 Introduction to Anglo-American Folk Music Fall 2005

  21M.250                  Schubert to Debussy Fall 2006
  21M.262                  Modern Music: 1900-1960 Fall 2006
  21M.263                  Music Since 1960 Spring 2006
  21M.271                  Symphony and Concerto Spring 2007
  21M.291                  Music of India Spring 2007
  21M.293                  Music of Africa Fall 2005
  21M.294                  Popular Musics of the World Spring 2005
  21M.301                  Harmony and Counterpoint I Spring 2005
  21M.302                  Harmony and Counterpoint II Spring 2005
  21M.342                  Composing for Jazz Orchestra Fall 2008
  21M.350                  Musical Analysis Spring 2008
  21M.351                  Music Composition Fall 2008
  21M.361                  Composing with Computers I (Electronic Music Composition)       Spring 2008

  21M.410                  Vocal Repertoire and Performance: African American Composers
                                                                                                Spring 2

  21M.410                  Vocal Repertoire and Performance: Women Composers           Spring 2007

  21M.505                  Music Composition Fall 2008
  21M.515                  Vocal Repertoire and Performance: Women Composers           Spring 2007

  21M.603                  Principles of Design Fall 2005
  21M.604                  Playwriting I Spring 2005
  21M.606                  Introduction to Stagecraft Spring 2003
  21M.616                  Learning from the Past: Drama, Science, Performance        Spring 2007

  21M.621                  Theater and Cultural Diversity in the U.S.   Spring 2008

  21M.670                  Traditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and
Autobiography                              Spring 2008
  21M.675                  Dance Theory and Composition Fall 2003
  21M.710                  Script Analysis Fall 2005
  21M.714                  Studies in Drama: Theater and Science in a Time of War       Spring 2005

Free College Music / Theater Courses

   21M.732                 Costume Design for the Theater Fall 2004
   21M.733                 Design for the Theater: Scenery Spring 2005
   21M.734                 Lighting Design for the Theatre Fall 2003
   21M.734                 Design for the Theater: Scenery Spring 2005
   21M.735                 Technical Design: Scenery, Mechanisms, and Special Effects     Spring 2004

   21M.775                 Hip Hop Fall 2007
   21M.785                 Playwrights' Workshop Spring 2007
   21M.873                 Theater Arts Topics Fall 2004
   21M.873                 Theater Arts Topics - Suburbia January (IAP) 2008


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