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					                               OhpuppyLove (OPL) Sales Contract
Buyer: _______________________________________           Seller: OhpuppyLove LLC c/o Popovich Family
                                                         4631 Hwy 22 Lena, Wi. 54139
Address:______________________________________           Telephone: 920-834-2028
                                                         Email: ohpuppylove@yahoo.com
City:___________________________ State: ________         Website: ohpuppylove.com

Zip Code: ____________________
                                                      PuppyDog Name:_________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________         Breed: _________________________       Male   Female

Pic Up Arrangements: OPL Home Currier          Ship   DOB: __________________ Color:__________________
                                              
Airport ______________________________________ Papers:__________________

Currier Location: _____________________________ Sire: ____________________________________________

_____________________________________________         Dam:___________________________________________

_______________ Price of Puppy
_______________ Tax 5.5% Wisconsin Only
_______________ Heat Pad (Snuggle Safe), Currier Fee per phone quote, Other:__________________________
_______________ Shipping Fee 320. *Puppies 12 wks.or older require Rabie.@ Buyers Expense. 20.
_______________ Total
_______________ Deposit or Reservation Fee. Check # _____________________(Non Refundable after 48 hrs.)
_______________ Balance Due. Paid In Full: Seller Intials: _____________

                                      Ohpuppylove (OPL) Terms

1. A.OhpuppyLove LLC shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Seller”. B.The original purchaser of puppy
shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Buyer”.
2. Seller Guarantee’s Said Puppy is Healthy and Symptom free on Day of purchase. Every Caution has been
given to puppy in regards to Vaccines per Breeders Vaccination Schedule,Deworming, Heartwormer,
Quality Diet Started.
3. 1 year Health Guarantee. If w/in 1 yrs. time from said puppys dob is found to have a “Serious life
threatening congenital defect on major organs only, Buyers must provide a Veterinarian DVM documenting
this condition w/ a signed written statement. *In event of death of said puppy, an autopsy must be
obtained to establish cause.      In addition, all health records, Registration Papers, Spay/Neuter document,
and any other paper work concerning said puppy shall be provided to Seller. Upon receiving this Seller will
provide a “Replacement Puppy” @ equivalent value-upon availability. Seller is not responsible for
transportation fee’s of Defective or Replacement Puppy. If all items mentions herein cannot be fulfilled by
Buyer, Health Guarantee is void.
4. 1 year Temperament Guarantee. If w/in 1yrs. time from said puppys dob is found to be vicious,
aggressive, or possess more than one “severely negative” trait, resulting in puppy unsuitable for adult
human companionship. Buyers must provide a Veterinarian DVM and a Cetified Professional Animal
behavior/ dog trainer with no less than 10yrs. Experience >documenting this puppy as unfit for adult pet
companionship, and cannot be “rehabilitated” per signed written statement. Upon receiving this Seller will
provide a “Replacement Puppy” @ equivalent value of said puppy upon availability. Seller is not
responsible for transportation fee’s of “Replacement Puppy”.
5. No Cash Refunds and/or Vet Bills are to be paid by Sellers for any reason at anytime after puppy leaves
our premises.
6 Deposit & Reservations A Deposit or Reservation is required to hold a puppy. Buyer shall provide Seller with
their Exact Requirements of said puppy in terms of Breed, Gender, Size, Color. as Stated on Sales Contract.
Seller shall secure said puppy for Buyer in this way. Balance is due upon Buyer receiving their puppy.
Deposits & Reservations are non refundable After 48 has. A processing fee equal to 8.5 % of the entire
contracted price will be assessed if a refund requested before 48 hrs.

7 Seller is not responsible for Any Side Effects, Allergy Reactions, or Health Issue’s resulting in the use of:
any Vaccines, Dewormers, Parasites Meds, conventional med’s for dogs, Homeopathic or Herbal
Treatments. Or any of such mentioned being used off label.
8. Shipping. Includes: Pet Taxi, Vet Health Report, food, Vitamins, Health Records, other paper work. Note:
It is in the Buyers best interest to comply with the Original Agreed Scheduled Flights between Seller & Buyer.
Puppys Vet Health Report expires in 10 days. Flights delayed due to weather or unforseen circumstances,
shall be rescheduled w/in the Original Vet Report of 10 days. After 10 Days the Buyer is responsible to
update Vet Health Report. Vet’s Fee for this is approx. 55.
9 . Seller cannot Guarantee: A Exact size of said puppy, Seller give’s a honest experienced grade
evaluation of puppy @ approx. 7 wks.of age. Considering: parents bloodlines, gender, how many puppies
in litter, breed standard, growth pattern of breed, offspring of prior litters from parents...
10. Seller acknowledges: 2-4 Size puppy or dog aka: tcup, pocket, minnie, micro minnie..as a
”Specialty Pet”. And Require’s Careful Management- especially early on. Any Buyers who choose to
purchase this size puppy dog, shall do so at “their own risk”. Note: Buyers who have children 8yrs old and
under and/or have other larger breed dogs do not come with any Health or Temperament Guarantee.
11. Seller Require’s that Buyer Read and apply Care Instructions Fully provided via www.ohpuppylove.com.
And, *Buyers are to obtain a new “Basic Care Puppy Training” Book per receipt, to their liking. Failure to not
comply with both shall result all Health and Temperament Guarantee Void.
12. Buyers must provide a“Pet Screening” Form with their initials and date. Failure to provide one,
and / or give untruthful answers on such, will Void the Health and Temperature Guarantee.
13. Buyers must provide puppy with: Any and all medical treatments, loving atmosphere, Quality Diet
along with safe clean, humane housing. Failure to do so results in Health & Temperament Guarantee Void.
*If at anytime Seller finds said puppy lacking in severe neglect of items mentioned here, Seller has
“Authority” to retain Full Custody of said puppy-ASAP. Failure of Buyers who do not relinquish custody
of said puppy, will result in Humane Society Action. Under these circumstance’s Sellers are to
receive Full Custody of said puppy, along with a 3,000. fine upon Buyers to be paid w/in 1yrs.time.
15. Seller is: not responsible for any vet bills or expense’s incurred by Buyer involving and related to:
Hypoglycemia, parasites, viral, bacterial issue's - after puppy leaves our premise’s in Buyers Custody.
16. Seller Acknowledges, working w/ other Reputable Breeders, who likewise raise Quality bloodlines.
17. Seller offers a lifetime “Rehoming Service” of said puppy. Due to circumstances, out of one's control,
buyer may not be able to properly care for said puppy. OPL will accept and “Rehome” puppy dog back
under the followed conditions. Said puppy dog must have Rabie vaccine. And be in a adoptable position
for families. Said puppy must be surrendered to OPL 4631 Hwy 22, Lena Wi 54139 in a clean condition, with
all health records, foods, and any other paperwork that relates to said puppy dog. Surrendered puppy
dog, is done @ no charge to OPL. All information involving puppy dog, must be revealed. OPL is
responsible for all advertizing and process fee's required to place puppy dog in new home.
18. Seller And Buyer Agree to said puppy being spayed or neutered, unless breeding rights are
reached by seller and buyer stated by Seller’s checked Box. Yes No
                                                                           Sellers Initials: ________________

Seller “Ohpuppylove” aka OPL, is the final authority on the interpretation of these conditions. Any legal
action involving seller and buyer shall be handled by Wisconsin State Laws in Brown County.
This Agreement represents the total agreement between the Seller and Buyer, and no other
terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale. Both Seller and Buyer have read, understood
and agree to conditions herein.

Date of Purchase: ____________________________

_______________________________________________            __________________________________________
              signature of seller                                      signature of buyer