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					                                                 Saturday Jan 30th - Sunday Jan 31st
                                                         NATIONAL SHOW CENTRE · DUBLIN AIRPORT
                                                           LARGEST DISPLAY OF BUILDING MATERIALS AND
    EXTENSION&                                          SERVICES IN NORTH COUNTY DUBLIN & NORTH EAST
    EXHIBITION 2010                                                            

                                   STAND RENTAL CONTRACT
         To book your floorspace simply sign this form and fax
                         back to: 01 657 2090
o Indoor Stand Rental – per square metre                E99 + 21.5% VAT
Price includes: Carpet, walls, fascia, signs, 2 x 150 watt spotlights per 6 sq. metres, 1 x 13amp 3 pin socket, daily stand cleaning,
waste disposal, on line Exhibitor profile with link to your website, and 200 complimentary tickets to invite your customers.

I wish to book _____________ square metres of floorspace at Stand No: _________________

Total cost of E_____________ +21.5% VAT

Please invoice me for 50% deposit by return,
deposit required within 10 working days.
50% balance by Friday December 18th 2009.
Stands cannot be held without a rental
deposit and deposits are non-refundable.

                                                     PAYMENT OPTIONS:
	        •	Cheque	in	Euro	drawn	on	an	Irish	bank	made	payable	to	Arena	Exhibition	Group	Limited
	        •	Bankers	draft	in	Euro	drawn	to	Arena	Exhibition	Group	Limited
	        •	Bank	transfer*
	        •	Credit	Card	/	Laser	Card*

Card No:

Expiry Date:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Phone:                                                            Fax:

Email:                                                            Mobile:


Exhibitors must arrange their own insurance to cover all liabilities and responsibilities arising from their participation in this
Exhibition, in particular to comply with clauses 15 & 17 of the rules & regulations. Arena Exhibition Group Limited will require
confirmation from your broker or insurer before the start of this Exhibition.

This application is made subject to the rules and regulations, I hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of these rules and
regulations and agree to comply fully with and be bound by such rules and regulations.

Contact Name: ______________________________________ Purchase Order No: _____________________ (if required)

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: _____________________
1. Allocation of positions                                   10.	Excavations,	Foundations,	Driving	of	stakes           not recoverable thereafter. The Arbitration shall be 29. Termination by the Company of Agreement
The allocation of positions for stands rests exclusive-      To prevent damage to electricity cables, water and        governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.              for	Hiring	of	Space
ly with Arena Exhibition Group Limited. Their officials      drainage services, permission must be obtained for                                                                      An agreement with an Exhibitor for the hiring of
will endeavour, as far as possible, to meet any special      excavations, laying of foundations, sinking of flag       20.	Exhibition	of	Cinematographic	Films                       space by him may be terminated by Arena Exhibition
wishes expressed by an Exhibitor. Arena Exhibition           poles, driving of stakes, etc., in the open ground. Ap-   Prior written permission must be obtained from Group Limited without reasons stated, either before
Group Limited shall not be responsible in respect            plications should be accompanied by a plan of the         Arena Exhibition Group Limited for the exhibition of or at any time during the Exhibition. Upon such ter-
of loss or damage arising from any error in the ap-          site showing the proposals. At the conclusion of the      cinematographic films on Exhibitors’ stands, and this mination the Exhibitor shall forthwith dismantle and
pointment of floorspace, or from any encroachment            Exhibition holes and excavations must be made good        permission will only be granted if Arena Exhibition remove his stand and exhibits and, if he fails to do so,
by one Exhibitor on the floorspace apportioned to            by the Exhibitor, who shall also remove any concrete      Group Limited are satisfied (a) that the films to be Arena Exhibition Group Limited shall be entitled to
another. Arena Exhibition Group Limited reserves             foundations, sand and any other material used in the      displayed are in keeping with the business of the Ex- dismantle and remove such stand and exhibits at the
the right of rejecting an Application for floorspace,        decoration or staging of the exhibition, and restore      hibitors; (b) that the films and projecting apparatus expense of the Exhibitor. An Exhibitor whose hiring is
and returning fees, or otherwise with the application        the site to its original condition. Any Exhibitor not     are of a type guaranteed to be suitable for general so terminated shall be entitled, if the termination oc-
as it deems fit.                                             complying with these requirements to the satisfac-        use in any room, without the use of special fireproof curs before the Exhibition, to the return of one-third
                                                             tion of Arena Exhibition Group will be liable for the     enclosure; (c) that the showing of such films will not of his fees for each day or part of a day after such ter-
2. Subletting                                                cost of carrying out the necessary work.                  cause inconvenience either to other Exhibitors or to mination during which the exhibition continues; and
No Exhibitor will be permitted to sublet or allow to                                                                   the public by the blocking of passages etc.                   in neither case shall an Exhibitor have any further
be used by any other person, firm or company, the            11. Entry of goods                                                                                                      claim against Arena Exhibition Group Limited.
whole or any portion of the space allotted to him            Entry of goods of any kind into the Exhibition hall       21. Prohibitions
without the consent in writing of Arena Exhibition           shall be confined to those intended for stand dis-        Bells, whistles and exhibits of every such descrip- 30. Termination by the Exhibitor of Agreement for
Group Limited                                                plays.                                                    tion will be prohibited from causing annoyance to Hiring	of	Space
                                                                                                                       visitors and Exhibitors. Musical instrument perform- An agreement by an Exhibitor for the hiring of space
3. Non – occupancy of stands                                 12. Photographers                                         ances, sound reproductions, radio and television sets by him maybe terminated by the Exhibitor by giving
In the event of any Exhibitor failing to occupy flo-         Private photographers will be allowed entry into the      in operation are not permitted, except under special Arena Exhibition Group Limited three months notice
orspace by the day prior to the Exhibition, Arena            exhibition hall only on production of Arena Exhibi-       conditions. No display of a political nature will be al- in writing of his intention to withdraw from the Exhi-
Exhibition Group Limited, at its discretion, may fill        tion Group Limited’s permission in writing.               lowed, nor may literature of a political or religious bition. Arena Exhibition Group Limited shall return to
up, or let such space, and the fees shall be forfeited. If                                                             character be distributed. If it is found that the busi- the Exhibitor the monies actually paid without inter-
it is not possible for Arena Exhibition Group Limited        13. Conveying goods                                       ness upon any stand is of such a nature as to be an est, costs or compensation and less 20% of deposit
to fill up or re-let such a floorspace, a notice will be     Exhibitors must provide their own means of convey-        inconvenience to other Exhibitors or injurious to paid for liquidated damages and this agreement
placed on it stating the name of the applicant who           ing goods into and out of the Exhibition hall.            the interests of Arena Exhibition Group Limited, the shall be at an end. In the event of an Exhibitor not
booked the floorspace and failed to occupy it.                                                                         stand will be closed without compensation to the Ex- giving the required Notice of intention to withdraw
                                                          14. Removal of Exhibits                                      hibitor, who shall forfeit all fees paid by him to Arena within the above three month time frame, Arena
4. Consigning                                             Exhibits must not be packed or removed from the              Exhibition Group Limited.                                     Exhibition Group Limited, shall be entitled to retain
All exhibits must be legibly addressed and bear the       Premises until after the termination of the Exhibi-                                                                        all monies paid by the Exhibitor by way of liquidated
name of the Exhibitor and stand number. Exhibitors        tion, nor must the stands be closed or dismantled            22. Competitions                                              damges and this agreement shall be at an end.
are not to consign their goods to Arena Exhibition        before that hour. A fine equivalent to the National          No exhibitor shall conduct a competition, or offer
Group Limited, or any of its officials, as Arena Exhi-    Show Centre rental charge per day will be incurred           prizes or awards, unless application shall have been 31. Responsibility
bition Group Limited will not receive them or be          for each implement or exhibit not removed from the           made to, and permission obtained from Arena Exhi- Neither Arena Exhibition Group Limited nor any of
responsible for any charges for freight, carriage or      premises within the dismantling period. Any stands           bition Group Limited in advance.                              its Officers, Officials or Servants shall be in any way
delivery.                                                 or exhibits not removed from the premises may be                                                                           responsible or accountable for anything that may
                                                          dismantled and removed by Arena Exhibition Group             23. Distribution of Publicity Matter & Advertising happen (from any cause or circumstances whatever)
5. Delivery of exhibits to stands – Prior to the Ex- Limited at the Exhibitors’ expense and risk and these             Novelties                                                     to Exhibitors or their servants, or to any exhibit or
hibition                                                  charges will be additional to the fine.                      Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute leaflets etc., property brought into the Exhibition premises, or for
No vehicle will be allowed to enter the hall either                                                                    anywhere within the exhibition premises, except on anything else in connection with, or arising out of,
to deliver or remove goods, unless by permission of 15. Risk & Responsibility                                          their own stands, and they must not for this or any or attributable to Arena Exhibition Group Limited’s
Arena Exhibition Group Limited, and it will, therefore, The entire risk and responsibility as regards all exhib-       other purpose encroach upon the passages or open Exhibition. Arena Exhibition Group Limited will en-
be necessary that all exhibits shall be trucked to the its, and all legal liability arising therefrom or caused        spaces, or do anything which may cause obstruc- deavour to have the catalogue as complete as pos-
Exhibitor’s stand, and Exhibitors are required to pro- thereby, must be wholly borne by the Exhibitor, who             tion. The distribution or retailing of Badges, Balloons, sible and in accordance with the particulars given
vide plant and staff for that purpose.                    shall indemnify and keep indemnified Arena Exhibi-           Model Aeroplanes and other advertising novelties on the entry forms; it cannot, however, hold itself
                                                          tion Group Limited, Irish Kennel Club and National           appealing to children is prohibited.                          responsible for any additions, omissions or mistakes
6.	Obstruction	of	gangways	or	open	spaces                 Show Centre Limited, against all losses and claims for                                                                     which may occur for any reason whatsoever in the
No Exhibitor shall at any time obstruct or allow to injuries or damages arising to any person or prop-                 24. Sales to the Public                                       catalogue.
be obstructed by his goods, or in any other manner, erty whatsoever which may arise out of or in conse-                The sale of goods by auction, shouting or any other
gangways or open spaces. Any article placed in con- quence of the construction, erection or use of or the              annoying behaviour is forbidden, as is also the distri- 32. If on account of war, flooding, strike, lock out or
travention of this regulation will be removed.            occupation of any part of the Exhibition premises or         bution of Gift Parcels, the sales of samples of goods conflagration, or any other cause over which the or-
                                                          lands by the exhibit machinery or other property of          at reduced prices and practices such as distribution ganisers have no control, the Exhibition cannot be
7.	Heights	of	stands,	signs,	etc.,                        the Exhibitor or any act or omission of the Exhibi-          of literature or magazines by non-Exhibitors. All ap- held at the appointed time or is forced to change its
Except where otherwise provided, stands and signs tor or any employee or agent of the Exhibitor and                    plications must be made on the distinct understand- scope or time, the organisers cannot be held liable to
shall not exceed 3 metres in height. The company against all claims, demands, proceedings, damages,                    ing that this rule will be enforced and Arena Exhibi- refund or part of the stand rentals paid. If an Exhibi-
may, on written application, allow a greater height costs, charges and expenses whatsoever in respect                  tion Group Limited’s decision on the matter will be tor has paid his stand rental, however, this will entitle
where, in its opinion, this is desirable owing to the of or in relation thereto. These obligations shall be            final and binding.                                            him to an equivalent space as soon as it is consid-
nature of the exhibit or the location of the stand. No provided by means of an insurance policy from an                                                                              ered possible to put in hand a new arrangement of
screen or building of any kind may be placed on the approved insurer for the following amounts: Public/                25. Unauthorised Acts                                         a similar type.
open space in front of stands.                            product liability - E6.5 million and Employers liabil-       Conditions of entry to this Exhibition is that Exhibi-
                                                          ity - E13 million. These policies must be extended to        tors only shall be allowed to transact business, and 33. In case of conditions arising over which the
8.	Erection	of	stands,	signs,	and	notices                 include Arena Exhibition Group Limited, Irish Ken-           no person will be permitted to solicit money except organisers have no control, the supply of heating,
All stands must be entirely self-supporting. Nails and nel Club and National Show Centre Limited as joint              he or she holds a licence form Arena Exhibition water, electric current, or compressed air ceases or
screws must not be used in either the floors or the insured. Arena Exhibition Group Limited will not be                Group Limited to do so.                                       is curtailed, the Exhibitor does not have the right to
walls of the building. The pasting of notices on any responsible for any damage, breakage, theft or for                                                                              claim a refund of any invoices paid in stand rentals or
part of the structures or buildings is strictly prohibit- the loss arising from any source either in transit or        26. Assistants & Contractors                                  any other form of compensation.
ed. Arena Exhibition Group Limited reserve the right during the Exhibition.                                            All Exhibitors’ assistants in charge of exhibits will be
to remove from a stand any sign, bill or poster which                                                                  subject to the order of Arena Exhibition Group Limit- 34.	General
is considered objectionable. Signs carrying the Ex- 16.	Accident	&	Fire                                                ed’s officials. It is a condition of issue of each ticket for Arena Exhibition Group Limited reserves to itself
hibitors’ names and addresses must be strongly con- In particular it is a condition of entry that each Ex-             an assistant of an Exhibitor that such Exhibitor will be the sole and absolute right to interpret these or any
structed and fixed on a rigid frame. Linen signs are hibitor shall hold Arena Exhibition Group Limited                 held responsible for the behaviour of his assistants, other prescribed conditions or regulations, and to
not acceptable.                                           harmless and indemnify it against legal proceedings          and for the consequences of any misconduct thereof. settle arbitrarily and determine all or any matters,
                                                          arising from any accident or fire caused by his ma-          Exhibitors employing contractors for the erection or questions, or differences in regard thereto, or other-
No Exhibitor will be permitted to arrange his stand, chinery exhibits or other property on the space al-               servicing of their stands will be held responsible for wise arising out of connected with or incidental to
or to place any sign in such a manner as to obstruct lotted to him or brought into the Exhibition grounds              the observance of such Contractors of Arena Exhibi- the exhibition.
the light, or to inconvenience or disadvantageously by him.                                                            tion Group Limited’s regulations, including the use of
affect the display of any other Exhibitor. Signs placed                                                                trade union labour exclusively.                               Also to refuse or to cancel any entries, disqualify Ex-
on or near the boundary lines of the stands must not 17. Insurance                                                                                                                   hibitors, prohibit exhibitions of entries, vary or can-
carry advertising matter or the name of the stand- Every Exhibitor should take such steps as he may                    27. Removal of Article by Order of Arena Exhibi- cel awards of prizes or reserved numbers, and relax
holder on the side facing adjoining standholders’ deem necessary, either by insurance or otherwise to                  tion	Group	Limited                                            conditions as Arena Exhibition Group Limited may
sites. Exhibitors will be strictly confined to the space protect himself against loss, theft or damage to his          Arena Exhibition Group Limited have the power to deem expedient; and the decision of Arena Exhibi-
allotted.                                                 exhibits, stand, furniture, fittings, samples or packing     order any article out of the premises, or to remove tion Group Limited shall be final in all aspects.
                                                          cases arising from fire or any other cause whatso-           it, or close the stand of any Exhibitor who does not
9. Arranging stands                                       ever and without limiting his responsibilities under         conform to the regulations of Arena Exhibition 35. Completion of application forms for space shall
Exhibitors should submit well in advance plans for clause 15                                                           Group Limited. All articles removed by Arena Exhibi- be regarded as an Exhibitors’ Acceptance of these
approval to ensure that the design and layout of                                                                       tion Group Limited will be so labelled. Any Exhibitor rules and regulations. The infringement of the above
their stands are in keeping with Arena Exhibition 18.	Flammable	Products                                               or his representative again taking such articles with- rules and regulations can result in the exclusion of
Group Limited general scheme of uniformity. All LPG, Petroleum products and all flammable or cor-                      out permission will be liable to expulsion from the an Exhibitor from the Exhibition without having the
standholders must arrange their exhibits on their rosive materials are strictly forbidden from the Ex-                 Exhibition premises.                                          right to claim compensation or a refund of any mon-
stands by 9am on the opening day. No exhibit will be hibition.                                                                                                                       ies paid or expenses or claims of damages.
allowed to enter the premises after 9am on that day.                                                                   28.	Fines	and	Exclusions
Stands must be open daily for inspection by visitors 19. Arbitration                                                   All charges and fines shall be recoverable as debts 36. No contract will come into existence until the
during the Exhibition hours. All exhibits must, during Any dispute between the parties hereto arising out              and, until payment, persons owing them will be de- completed application form together with deposit
these hours, be in charge of a competent representa- of, in relation to or under this contract shall be re-            barred from exhibiting at future Exhibitions of Arena is received and signed by Arena Exhibition Group
tive of the Exhibitor, and must remain uncovered ferred, within twelve calendar months of the dispute                  Exhibition Group Limited. Arena Exhibition Group Limited and the laws of the Republic of Ireland shall
until the close of the exhibition daily. In the event first arising, to Arbitration to an Arbitrator, appointed        Limited may exclude from the Exhibition grounds apply accordingly.
of any Exhibitor neglecting to open or uncover his jointly by the parties, appointed on the application                any person, firm or corporate body, who in Arena
stand during such hours as the Exhibition is open, of either party by the Chairman for the time being of               Exhibition Group Limited’s opinion has infringed the
Arena Exhibition Group may do so at the Exhibitors’ the Bar Council of Ireland, and the decision of such               regulations or has been guilty of dishonest or unfair
own risk and expense.                                     Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties.       conduct, or behaved in a manner injurious to Arena
                                                          If the dispute has not been referred to Arbitration          Exhibition Group Limited’s interests at or in connec-
                                                          within the aforesaid twelve month period, then the           tion with its Exhibition.
                                                          claim shall be deemed to have been abandoned and