Instrument Rental Agreement Form by oli20659


									               Please sign and return this page by Sept. 4th with payment.

                 Instrument Rental Agreement Form
                                North Ridge Middle School

Student Name ________________                  Instrument ____________________

Model/Brand _________________                  Serial Number _________________

   •     Students will pay a $100 fee to use a school-owned instrument for the school
   •     By signing this form, the parents and student assume liability for the instrument
         during the school year.
   •     Any damage to the instrument while on issue to the student is the sole
         responsibility of the student and parents.
   •     The user fee covers the ONLY the use of the instrument. The user fee does not
         cover maintenance or damage repair.
   •     It is the parent’s responsibility to take the instrument to a music store to be
         repaired by a professional repair person in the event of malfunction or damage
         during the school year.
   •     The instrument must be returned in the same condition as it was issued.

                    I have paid the $100 user fee for my child’s instrument.
       I agree to the above terms. I understand I am financially liable for any damage
          (accidental or otherwise) while the instrument is in my child’s possession.

       _______________________                      ____________________________
          Print Parent Name                                Parent Signature

*If you have any financial concerns or would like to work out a payment plan with a
director please contact Mr. Smith or Mrs. Shadman by phone or e-mail. Band Hall
phone number is: 817-547-5240. or

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