Pirate Research Scavenger Hunt by qiy16524


									                               Pirate Research Encyclopedia

1. During what years was the Golden Age of Piracy?
     www.piratesinfo.com/history/history.php Find The Golden Age of Piracy on the right side
of the screen and click.

2. Why would a person become a pirate?

3. Insert a picture of one kind of punishments used to discourage piracy.

4. Who are the major officers of a ship and what are their duties? www.piratemuseum.com
   click on: New England Pirate Museum, Education Curriculum (top of page),
   Who’s Who on Board Ship

5. Insert a map of the Spanish Main where pirates were commonly found. What is the
   name of the country in the top left corner of the map? www.piratehaven.org/~beej/pirates/

6. What kind of food was used on board ship in a pirate’s life at sea?
7. List the different types of ships on which pirates sailed. Insert and label a picture of
   one of them. www.inkyfingers.com/pyrates

8. List several different kinds of weapons that the pirates used. Insert and label a picture
   of one of them. www.inkyfingers.com/pyrates

9. What is the Jolly Roger and what does it symbolize? What is the origin of the name?
   Insert and label a picture of a famous Jolly Roger.

10. What are the pirate codes of conduct? Which code is your favorite?

11. What kind of compensation would you get as a pirate if you lost a limb in battle?
12. Pirate Vocabulary: Define each of the following vocabulary terms.

   A. buccaneer

   B. landlubber

   C. Davy Jones’s Locker

   D. Walk the plank

   E. Keel haul

   F. Shiver me timbers

   G. Black spot

   H. Bilge

   I. Broadside

   J. Foc’s’le

   K. Yardarm

13. Were there any female pirates? If so, who? Use any of the websites above to find
    information on pirates.

14. Use any of the above websites to find information on a famous pirate. Then answer
    these questions.
    A. What is the name of your pirate?
    B. Of what nationality was your pirate?
    C. Birth and death dates?
    D. Why did this person turn to piracy?
    E. In what part of the world did your pirate prowl for treasure?
    F. Name some persons who came into contact with your pirate.
    G. What eventually came of your? Tell what ending he or she had.
    H. What did you think of your pirate? Would you have wanted to serve on board
        with this pirate?
    I. Insert a picture.

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