Charles Dickens Internet Scavenger Hunt by qiy16524


									Charles Dickens Internet Scavenger Hunt

Go to the URL below and answer the questions. You will have to click on links
in the body of the text and in the left column to find all of the answers.

1. When was Charles Dickens born?_______________________________

2. Where (city, country) was Charles Dickens born?___________________

3. What did his dad do for a living _______________________________

4. When Charles Dickens was 12 years old, what was he forced to do?

5. Why was he forced to do this?________________________________


6. What was his first job? _____________________________________

 7. What skill did Charles learn while attending school in the evenings that
helped him as a reporter? _____________________________________


8. The first lady Charles Dickens fell in love with was?

9. Why did their relationship not last? ____________________________

10. Charles eventually married a lady named? _______________________

11. What did he do for a living before and during the time he was writing
novels? ___________________________________________________
Charles Dickens Internet Scavenger Hunt

12. What is the name of the first work that Charles Dickens had published?


13. What is the title of the first novel that Charles Dickens wrote?


14. How many novels did he write in the course of his life? _____________

15. What was his pen name?____________________________________

16. Besides “A Christmas Carol”, name three novels written by Dickens.


17. Which novel is more of a biography of Dickens' life than a work of
fiction? ___________________________________________________

18. In what form were his novels and stories published? _______________


19. When did Dickens die? _____________________________________

20. Where is he buried? ______________________________________

21. How did he die? __________________________________________

22. Go to this site: and answer the following
question: How many movies (or TV series) have been created based on a novel or story
written by Charles Dickens?


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