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Moving further than a couple of streets


									Sometimes, moves take us hundred's of miles from our home town – to new
states, countries or continents. These moves are harder to plan for, and
require much more stringent assessment of belongings, so that you can
afford the move itself.
Long distance moves are harder on families who are used to supporting one
another – you'll often find that your phone bill increases and that
you'll have more problems adjusting if you're moving away from familial
support – if you're moving TO your family though, you can be sure that
things may get easier – if a little nutty. Moving back to one, or both
families guarantees that your life will probably be filled with help – or
interference, depending on how you view your family's input – either way,
its worth it, once you find clear and consistent boundaries.
The move itself should be planned the same way as you would any other
move – but remember, the more you're moving, the more petrol you'll need.
A 400 mile move MAY end up costing you the same as renting a van in the
UK – a move out of the country may be cost prohibitive, and it may be
easier just to sell everything and start fresh when you get there.
A long move such as over several hundred miles may also change schooling
arrangements, or your job – uprooting over a distance of hundreds of
miles can lead to new opportunities – or the loss better ones back where
you were – so you have to carefully evaluate what you want from your
life, and whether it would be best served by moving to a whole new part
of the world.
Moving to a different country or continent may leave you with language to
consider – do you speak the language that is predominant there – and if
not, can you learn it? If you can't communicate, you'll find it harder
to do many things we take for granted.

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