Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt by qiy16524


									                             Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt

It is always fun to walk along a nature trail. It is even more fun when you
make your walk a scavenger hunt. A nature trail scavenger hunt is when you
gather as many things as you can from a list. If several children are included in
the scavenger hunt, make the hunt a game. All you need is a bag. Who is the
first person or group to find everything?

Find these on your scavenger hunt:

___ Something green                     ___ A feather             ___ A flower
___ Something with needles              ___ A fern                ___ A leaf
___ Something with a hole               ___ A pine cone           ___ Moss
___ Something twisted                   ___ Something flat        ___ A dead twig
___ Something curly                     ___ Something smooth ___ A weed
___ Something sticky                    ___ Something that floats
___ A seed                              ___ Something red
___ Tree bark on the ground             ___ Something orange

After the Hunt
Make a poster of everything you collected. Compare posters. Which things are
alike? Which are different? Wash your hands.

Science Strands: SPS1, SPS2, LS1, LS2                                   11/09

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