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					Title: Scavenger Hunt
Teacher Name 1: Jeffrey M. Burns
Teacher Name 2:
State: PA Country: USA
School District: Phoenixville Area School District
School Name: Phoenixville Area High School
Grade Level: 9-12
Instructional Time:Three 50 minute class periods
Technology Level:
Subject: (check all that apply)
Social Studies
Technologies Used : (check all that apply)

Section 2
Background: Write a good description of what the lesson is about- what the topic is,
why the experience is valuable, how you will go about presenting it to your students.
Students will make a PowerPoint slide show project which will describe various current leaders, political
parties, special interest groups, associated with the United States government. It will expose students to
various private and governmental Internet based web sites and the roles of their departments, organizations
or agencies.

Section 3a
Academic Standards: What are the Academic standards met by your learning experience?
Click here to view the Academic Standards.
5.1.12.M 5.3.12.B 5.3.12.F 5.3.12.H 5.3.12.E 5.3.12.I

Section 3b

Nets for Students:
1A- Basic operations and concepts:Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation
of technology systems.
1B- Basic operations and concepts:Students are proficient in the use of technology.
3A- Technology productivity tools:Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase
productivity, and promote creativity.
3B- Technology productivity tools: Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing
technology-enhanced models, prepare publications, and produce other creative works.
Nets for Teachers:
1A- Demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology (as
described in the ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Students)
1B- Demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and
emerging technologies.
2C- Identify and locate technology resources and evaluate them for accuracy and suitability.
3D- Manage student learning activities in a technology-enhanced environment.
Section 4
Assessment: How will you measure the degree to which a student has met your objective? e.g. rubric, test
score, etc.
The project will be evaluated based upon a rubric which will assess the following. 1. Accuracy 2.
Appearance 3. Originality

Section 5
Performance Indicators: How will students demonstrate what they have learned?
What will they do, or what will they produce to let you know they have learned the skills/concepts?
e.g. multimedia presentation, diorama, written report, web site, etc.
Students will present their project in the form of a PowerPoint slide show.

Section 6
Essential Questions: What do you want students to know and be able to do when they complete the
learning experience.
How to become more familiar with public and private government related web sites and the massive
amounts of information available via Internet web sites. How to develop more effective Internet research
skills. How to gain a basic understanding of working with PowerPoint.

Section 7
Instructional Objectives: What do you want students to know and be able to do when they complete the
learning experience.
Students will be familiar with some of the key concepts, leaders, organizations, and agencies associated
with the United States government in both the public and private sector.

Section 8a
Preparation: What do you need to do before and during the learning experience?
Students will be informed they will participating in a scavenger hunt, and will be required to create a
PowerPoint slide show with the information they will locate. Students unfamiliar with PowerPoint will be
given assistance during in class work sessions.

Section 8b
Materials/ Resources/ Scaffolds: What is needed to accomplish the instrcutional objectives?
What pieces do you have to create to support students in their learning?
The students will be able to access a document which details the requirements of the project, and lists the
questions and information that they will have to locate, access,and download.

Section 8c
Online Resources: Digital Content.

Section 8d
Instructional Setting/ Strategies: How will you assess and activate prior knowledge, guide new learning,
and provide closure?
As a class we will engage in a verbal question and answer period to refresh our memories on the key points
and bring closure to the lesson.

Section 8e
Brief Step by Step Directions: (include student activities)
Students will attempt to locate various answers to questions by using the teacher generated website. They
will find the information in a scavenger hunt format and then be required to create a basic PowerPoint slide
show presentaion addressing all of the questions with the information they have searched for and found.
Finally, students will submit completed projects to the instructor for presentations. Directions, Questions,
and Guidelines... United States Government Scavenger Hunt Directions: Locate the answers to the
following questions/statements and then display that information by creating a PowerPoint slide
presentation. Answer all questions thoroughly and furthermore include pictures of people, places, or things
when you are asked to do so. When an asterisk (*) follows a question or statement include a photo/image
for that particular topic in your slide show. Respond to the following questions/ statements: United States
Political Parties: 1. What is the GOP? List 3 goals / issues associated with the GOP. 2. List 3 goals / issues
associated with the Democratic Party. 3. List 3 “third parties” in the United States political system. 4. Who
is the current leader of the Libertarian Party? (*) The United States Congress: 5. Name the United States
Senators from Pennsylvania? (*) 6. What Senate Standing Committees are these Senators members of? 7.
Who represents the 6th Congressional District (PA) in the United States House of Representatives? (*) 8.
Who is the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives? (*) 9. Who is the current Clerk
of the House? 10. What is the Federal Register and what purpose does it serve? The President of The
United States: 11. List 5 current members of President Bush's Cabinet. (*) 12. Who is the current Director
of the Central Intelligence Agency? (*) 13. Who is the current Director of the FBI? (*) 14. Who is the
current Director of Homeland Security? (*) The United States Supreme Court: 15. Name all of the current
Supreme Court Justices and the Chief Justice of the United States. (*) The United States Military: 16. In
what building is the headquarters of the Department of Defense? (*) 17. Name the current Commandant of
the United States Marine Corps. (*) 18. Name the current Chief of Staff of the United States Army. (*) 19.
Name the current Chief of Naval Operations in the United States Navy (*) The News Media: 20. What is
Al-Jazeera? What is a major issue currently discussed on the Al-Jazeera web site? 21. How does a similar
topic differ from Al-Jazeera on the coverage provided by the Fox News web site? What about that same
issue on the BBC? Symbols of the United States: 22. List 3 significant facts about the Great Seal of the
United States. (*) The State of Pennsylvania: 23. Who is the current Governor and Lieutenant Governor of
Pennsylvania? (*) 24. What is the Pennsylvania state bird, mammal, and tree? (*) 25. Who is the
Pennsylvania state representative in district 157? (*) 26. Who represents the 19th Senatorial District in the
state of Pennsylvania? (*)

Section 9
Interventions: What additional help and challenges will you offer?
Instructor will provide in class assistance to any student requiring help.

Section 10
Extensions: What additional help and challenges will you offer?

Section 11
Examples of Student Work:

Section 12
Reflections: Use this opportunity to think about what actually took place during the lesson.
What advice do you have for another teacher who may use this lesson?

In creating this lesson...
Be sure to create a user friendly web site so that students can easily follow instructions.