Chemistry Ion scavenger hunt

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					Chemistry : Ion scavenger hunt
   Bring in 5 food, cosmetic or medicine labels of 5 different types of products. If you can't
bring in the label, write down the list of ingredients, type of product and the brand name as
shown below. You can skip the "non-ion" ingredients if you want. We will be looking for
Ionic compounds and Acids. Listed below are some of the ions we will be using. You’ll get 4
points on the exercise for each label you bring in. If you forget the labels, or can’t find 5, you’ll
just have to write down more compound formulas for the exercise.
               Cations                                            Anions
Aluminum                  Ammonium                        Bicarbonate                 Bromide
Calcium                   Copper (cuprous, cupric)        Carbonate                   Chloride
Hydrogen (acid)           Iron (ferrous, ferric)          Fluoride                    Nitrate
Magnesium                 Potassium                       Nitrite                     Oxide
Sodium                    Zinc                            Phosphate                   Sulfate

Examples: (we won’t use the crossed out names, only the Ionic compounds and Acids)
Viadent mouthwash : Water, Glycerine, Polysorbate–80, Zinc Chloride, Sodium
   Saccharin, Citric acid

Colgate toothpaste: sodium fluoride

Di–gel antacid: Simethicone, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide

Chemistry Lab: Ion scavenger hunt
        This exercise will help you see that these ionic compounds we have been naming are
not just weird chemicals only found in a chemistry lab. They are all around us. We eat them,
drink them, put them on our skin, etc.
        Look through the labels in the boxes to find ions and/or formulas you know. Then fill
in a chart as in the following example. You get a point for each ion and 2 points for the
formula for the compound. So if you know both ions and can write the formula correctly,
you get 4 points. If you brought in labels, you start with 4 points for each label (up to 20
points). If you find 20 compounds with 2 ions each, you’ll get 100. If you didn’t bring in
labels, you’ll need to do 25 compounds to get 100. You'll be surprised how many formulas
you can write.

Name of        Type of           Compound                Formula              Formula for
Product        Product             name                  for ions             compound
Viadent       mouthwash        sodium saccharin       Na +, C7H4O3NS–         NaC7H4O3NS
                               zinc chloride          Zn+2, Cl–               ZnCl2
                               citric acid            H+, C6H5O7–3            H3C 6H5O7
Digel         antacid          calcium carbonate      Ca+2, CO3–2             CaCO3
List of Ions for scavenger hunt
Ferrous       Iron(II)             Cuprous    Copper(I)        Stannous     Tin(II)
Ferric        Iron(III)            Cupric     Copper(II)       Stannic      Tin(IV)

Iodate         IO3–                Borate     BO2–             Molybdate    MoO4–2
Selenate       SeO4–2              Silicate   SiO3–2           Bromate      BrO3–
Remember: –ate anions form –ic acids : acetate ion= C2H3O2– so acetic acid is HC2H3O2

Ascorbate         C 6H7O6–
Benzoate          C 7H5O2–
Choline           C 5H14NO+
Citrate           C 6H5O7–3
Folate            C 19H18N7O6–
Fumarate          C 4H2O4–2
Glutamate         C 5H8NO4–
Gluconate         C 6H11O7–
Lactate           C 3H5O3–
Malate            C 4H4O5–2
Maleate           C 4H2O4–2
Oleate            C 18H33O2–
Palmitate         C 16H31O2–
Pantothenate      C 9H16NO5–
Propionate        C 3H5O2–
Stearate              C 18H35O2–
Sorbate               C 6H7O2–
Saccharine            C 7H4O3NS–
Tartrate              C 4H4O6–2
Thiamine              C 12H18N4OSCl+