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									   THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD                                                               4TH ANNUAL AUCTON & GALA
                                                  For the second year in a row,
    The newly elected Alumni Association                                                  On November 3, 2006, the Fourth Annual
                                                SNESL alumni joined the graduates
       Board members are as follow
                                                  in the graduation procession!           Taste of the Region Auction & Gala raised
         Carolina Africano ‘92, President
                                                                                         funds for Public Interest Summer Stipends.
         Roger Dugal ‘89, Vice President
          Kevin Whitaker ‘00, Treasurer
             John Davey ‘97, Secretary                                                        3RD ANNUAL SNESL ALUMNI
     Ryan Benharris ‘05, Membership Chair                                                 U.S. SUPREME COURT SWEARING IN
    Jacqueline Grasso ‘93, Fundraising Chair                                             On April 24, 2007, several members of the
     Patricia Bloom McDonald ‘02, CLE Chair     Fetcher Jadotte ‘07 is the second
                                                                                          SNESL community were sworn into the
              Catherine Albanese ‘89            SNESL student to graduate with a
                                                                                          U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
              Robert Fennessy, Jr. ‘01          JD/MBA from UMass Dartmouth.
               Anne Walsh Folino ‘97                                                        1ST ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT
           Christy Johansen Killoran ‘00
                                                      Not a part of the SNESL            On June 10, 2007, the SNESL Roundtable
                    Paul Lee ‘97
              Joseph Marciano, III ‘89            Alumni Email Distribution List?        Symposium Law Journal hosted its first golf
                 Ronald Weiss ’97                      Just send an email to              tournament at the Lakeville Country Club.
                Lawrence Zalis ‘95     to be included!

   Law School Happenings: The SNESL Immigration Law Clinic co-sponsored the Model Hearing Program training session
     on asylum defense at the Boston Immigration Court on November 3, 2006...The SNESL Alumni Association hosted
      the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys “Elder Law Basics” seminar on May 1, 2007 at the law school…
       The Massachusetts Bar Association’s “Legal Tech Talk” was held at SNESL on May 9, 2009...Mediation Works
                   provided a 30-hour mediation certification training at the law school during June 2007.
     Faculty Notes: Professor Phillip Cleary published an article in the UCC Law Journal about Section 3-420(a) in June
    2007...Professor Debra Cohen taught a course at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay on international business
transactions in May 2007....Professor Dunlap presented at the Institute for Law School Teaching conference in June 2007.
 Student Interns at the Hague: For the sixth year, SNESL community members have been legal interns at the International
  Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Netherlands. During this academic year the following 2007 graduates
         participated: Stephanie Bain, Randall Cochran, Dominique Jean, Oluwatosin Oguntimein and Kelly Wright.
Free Alumni Access to Westlaw: The law school library has a dedicated Westlaw computer terminal to provide SNESL alumni
                  with free access to Westlaw databases containing state and federal cases and statutes.
   Job Postings: The Career Services Office distributes a list of current employment opportunities to alumni and students.

       THIS YEAR KUDOS TO...Christopher Delmonte ‘00 promoted to Lieutenant at the Bridgewater Police Department…
  Michael DiGioia ‘06 working as an Assistant District Attorney for the Bristol County District Attorney...Charles Green ‘05
  now working as an Assistant Deputy Public Defender for the State of Connecticut...Sandra Hathaway ‘02 now working at
   Moira Tierney Law Office in New Bedford...Jernita Hines ‘05 now working as a Staff Attorney at the Legal Aid Bureau in
       Baltimore, Maryland….Dennis Kokenos ‘05 now working for himself in Trumbull, Connecticut...Paul Lemont ‘96
                              Dennis                                                                   Paul
       appointed Town Administrator for Seekonk...Teresa Nickols ’05 working for Dey Smith in Milford, Connecticut…
    Kerri Quintal ‘96 inducted into the National Association of Professional & Executive Women’s Women of Excellence
    Registry...Marcus Riley ’06 working at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office...Kelli Sarrett ‘05 elected Secretary of the
               Marcus                                                            Kelli
   Taunton Bar Association...Lauren Shapiro ‘06 received a LLM in Taxation from Boston University...Laurel Spallone ’06
                              Lauren                                                                    Laurel
     working as a Judicial Clerk for the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court...Leo Spano ‘04 now working at Moira
    Tierney Law Office in New Bedford...David Vartian ‘02 now working at the Risk Management Division for the City of
  Dallas...Lawrence Zalis ’95 received the Massachusetts SJC’s Adams Pro Bono Publico Award...if you have changed jobs
    or achieved other professional milestones share your good news with us by sending an email to

         For further information about alumni matters, please contact Leslie B. Wilson, Assistant Dean for Career Services and
            Alumni Relations, by telephone at (508) 998-9600 x168, email at, or fax at (508) 995-8542.
           N O W I S T H E T I M E T O J O I N T H E A L U M N I A S S O C I AT I O N !
          Current Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
          Name at Graduation (if different): _______________________________________________________ ____
          Graduation Year: _________________________________________________________________________
          Home Address: __________________________________________________________________________
          Home Telephone: ____________________________ Home Fax: __________________________________
          Home Email: ______________________________________________________________________ ______
          Work Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
          Job Title: ________________________________________________________________________________
           Work Telephone: _____________________________ Work Fax: __________________________________
          Work Email: _____________________________________________________________________________
           Send this completed form and a check for $25.00 made out the SNESL Alumni Association to:
                     Ryan Benharris, Membership Committee Chair, SNESL Alumni Association,
           Southern New England School of Law, 333 Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth, MA 02747

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                                                             North Dartmouth, MA 02747
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