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									May 20,2005

    TO:                                     CHAIR AND MEMBERS
                                     COMMUNITY AND PROTECTIVE SERVICES
                                          MEETING ON MAY 30,2005
    FROM:                                 SUSANNA HUBBARD KRIMMER
                                       INTERIM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                                            LONDON PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                      SCOPE INCREASE TO LIBRARY BRANCH
    SUBJECT:                               LIFE CYCLE MAINTENANCE
I                                                                                                       I


    Committee of the Whole September 22, 2004. Information about London Public Library Branch
    Refurbishment Plan included in the London Public Library 2006 Operating and Capital Budget
    submission and presentation.

                                             BACKGROUND                                                1

    The purpose of this report is to seek approval for London Public Library to draw down up to
    $170,000 from the Library Facilities and Equipment Reserve fund.


    During the course of the refurbishment of the Beacock, Byron, Jalna and Landon branch
    libraries, facility life-cycle maintenance issues beyond the original scope of planned work have
    arisen. Resolution of these issues is key to maintaining the integrity of these buildings and their
    ongoing use by public and staff. Given this, the identified issues need to be addressed


    The total cost to address immediate facility needs is $170,000 as described in the following:

    a)     E.S. Beacock Branch Library

           The exterior brick wall on the west side of the building had previous water leakage where
           the siding abuts that brick, resulting in deterioration of the brick throughout the wall. This
           damage resulted from structural issues that need to be addressed. Cost: $56,000

    b)     Byron Memorial Branch Library

           The roof required repair work. In recent years ongoing work has been done to stop
           water leakage resulting from the design of the roof abutment with the parapets. New
           leakage has begun on the west wall, in an area that had not been previously repaired
           and unrelated to the current construction. Roof work included in the construction contract
           only addresses the roof in conjunction with the installation of the new elevator. Cost:
    c)       Jalna Branch Library

             The total branch library roof needs replacement. It has been patched over the years but
             during the course of construction leaks increased and concerns were expressed by the
             project architect about the effectiveness of further patching. In the last few months,
             several new significant leaks have occurred which the contractor engaged in the Jalna
             Branch Library-South London Community Centre attempted to temporarily patch on
             behalf of the Library. (This was not part of the contracted work.) Cost: $74,500

    d)       Fred Landon Branch Library

             During the course of construction significant mold 'was discovered in the southeast
             corner of the building. This had resulted from leakage from the large exterior planter that
             had been on the front facade of the building. Costs have been incurred for a technical
             assessment of the type and extent of the mold. There will be additional costs for mold
             extermination and remedial work related to walls and cabinetry. Cost: $12,000

             The presence of asbestos was identified by City of London Staff as a pre-condition at the
             Landon Branch Library; however, the extent was greater than projected. Cost: $7,000

             The parking lot and shared lane way requires repair and re-paving afler construction due
             to the impact of heavy equipment. This was not included in the construction contract.
             Cost: $18,000

    Source of Funding

    Meetings were held between the Library Administration and City Administration, including Victor
    Cote, General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services and Martin Hayward, Director,
    Financial Planning and Policy, to discuss the facility needs, preliminary cost projections and to
    identify sources of funding. City Administration indicated that the identified needs met the
    criteria for use of funds held for the Library in a City of London Life-Cycle Maintenance Reserve
    Fund and that sufficient funds would be available.

    On the basis of this, firm quotes for the necessary remedy for each issue were sought.

    The Library Facilities and Equipment reserve fund held for the Library has a balance of
    approximately $366,000 for 2005. This would support the requested draw down and would
    leave a balance of $196,000 should funds be required for emergency purposes. This will not
    impede the capital program or require future additional contributions to this reserve fund.

     This report was prepared with the assistance of Ms. Barb Jessop, Manager Financial Services.
    cc:     Victor Cote, General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services
            Martin Hayward, Director, Financial Planning and Policy

    Prepared By:                                             Reviewed by:

                                                             Martin Hayward,

    Susanna Hubbard Krimmer
    interim CEO, London Public Library                                 f
                                                             Director o Financial Planning and Policy


    V. A. Cote
    General Manager of Finance and Corporate

    Y\Shared\\General\LPL Life Cycle Maintenance update mp
                                                   APPENDIX 'A'


 Chair and Members                                                                            May 20,2005
 Community and Protective Services                                             (Approve Additional Funding)

 RE: Scope Increase to Library Branch Llfe Cycle Maintenance
     Capital Works Budget, Project No. RC3521 2005 Branch Facllities Upgrade

 Finance and Corporate Services Department confirms that the cost of this project can not be
 accommodated within the financing available for it in the Capital Works Budget. The additional funding
 requirement is available as an additional drawdown from the Library Facilities and Equipment Reserve
 Fund. Subject to the adoption of the recommendations of the Interim Chief Executive Officer, London
 Public Library, the detailed source of financing for this project is:

                                                Approved              Additional               Revised
  ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES                         Budget              Requirement               Budget

  Construction                                       $265,000               $170,000                $435,000


  Drawdown from'Library Facilities and               $265,000               $170,000                $435,000
   Equipment Reserve Fund


1) The additional funding requirement of $170,000 is available as a drawdown from the Library Facilities and
   Equipment Reserve Fund. This reserve fund has a balance of approximately $366,000 for 2005. The
   balance will be approximately $196,000 after all commitments have been fully drawn.

   JG                                                                  f      i   C L
                                                                                   L A          '         -
                                                                               Peter Christiaans
                                                                    Specialist, Financial Analysis & Policy

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