Presentation Skills for the Influential by oli20659


									     Presentation Skills
     for the Influential
You can deliver your message effectively
and with confidence!

                      In the Room?

Show of hands, please…
– Experience in giving
   •   Never
   •   Once, but I almost fainted
   •   Forever, but I still get nervous
   •   Every chance I get, just LOVE it!
– Types of presentations


Prepare concise, hard-hitting content.
See yourself as an instrument to enhance
message and influence.
Create consistent presentation messages.
Stay grounded in the face of challenge.

      The INeffective Presentation

What you noticed…

        Material Design

Define the Objective

Opening, Body and Close


       Message Delivery

Voice, Eye Contact, Movement, Gestures

Brevity, Handling Difficult Questions

Active Listening, Maintaining Composure

       The Effective Presenter

Material Preparation
Delivery Techniques

            Defining Your Objective

Start With the End in Mind
– Why am I doing this
– What results do I
  want to achieve?
– What do I know
  about the audience?

                 Introducing Self

Establish credibility
Create a link between
yourself and their needs
Model openness and approachability
Be brief

              The Opening

Provide credentials, if appropriate
Set the technical level according to the audience
Personalize remarks to the audience
Tell them what they can gain from you
Tell them what you’re going to tell them!

Create a clear roadmap
Connect phases of the
(Open, Body, Close)
Bring coherence to
ideas within the Body
Simplify understanding
for the audience

                   The Body

Begin with a Transition and support your Objective
Develop key points from your Opening (no more than
three) succinctly and effectively
Determine visuals and audience
End with a Transition

                        The Close

Begin with the transition that clearly
identifies you are coming to the end
Imagine that you are “tying a bow”
around key points of the Opening and
Body to meet your Objective
End with what you want the audience
to remember!

Presentation Media

                             Power Point
                             Poster Boards
                             Flip Charts
       Delivery of the Presentation

Material is prepared and ready
for rehearsal
Presenter is focused
on how it gets said
Rehearsals are timed
Design is subject to modification

          The Instrument of Voice

Use the voice to convey passion and belief.
Modulate to distinguish key points, transitions.
Vary your rate of speech to
create drama.
Use silent pauses for emphasis.
Speak your knowledge with confidence!
                 Eye Contact

Look directly and into people’s eyes
Hold eye contact for a comfortable amount of
Focus on the audience when
talking, not your visuals
Balance your attention
across the audience
         Movement and Gestures

Manage the stage
Be purposeful in your movements, no roaming
Paint the visual
Make gestures that
match your words

         Get to the Point…Brevity!

Know what you are going to say
Know how you are going to say
Say it, and don’t fill up time or air space

               Body Language

Be aware of physical self
Notice your own body movement
Check your posture
Manage your facial expressions
Keep a loose jaw, especially
when challenged
               Active Listening

Rely on the “Best Friend”
of Presenters
Re-state question or statement in summary form
Use “I” statement in response to thoughts,
beliefs or feelings

                 Darn it! Questions.
Repeat the question by listening actively
Clarify the question, if helpful
Make a connection
Provide an example
Check back to see if answered
Ask open-ended or close-ended
questions as needed

                       The Bow

Start with the end in mind
Define the Objective
Create clear Open, Body, Close
Use your personal talents to influence
Take the risk to innovate

Practice, Practice, Practice

              Thank You!
Margaret Seidler, Speaker & Author
  Power Surge: A Conduit for
   Enlightened Leadership


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