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					ENGG1803 – Presentation Skills

          Jonathan Bruck
  Presentation skills are important
• “If you want to deal with indigenous people,
  you gotta take the wool outa your ears and
  put it in your mouth”
• ****
       Presenting and Listening
• In Pairs
1. Speak for 2 minutes, impromptu
  – Tell a story, eg what did you do on the weekend,
    what did you do in the holidays
  – No Interruptions At All
2. The other person then needs to attempt to
   repeat back the entire story
  – Again, no interruptions
Good presentations use:
     1. Mannerisms
     2. Attitude
     3. Voice
     4. Appearance
     5. Personality
     6. Enthusiasm
     7. Control
     8. Knowledge
     9. Adaptability
     10. Speech
     Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data
              went worldwide


              This guy talks for 5min 30sec. He gets his point across, he tells
              a story, he has a WOW factor.

              Can you do a talk this good??
    Great Presentations are like TED.com

             TED commandments slightly
1. Dream big. Strive to create the best talk you have ever given. Reveal something never seen
     before. Do something the audience will remember forever. Share an idea that could change
     the world.
2. Show us the real you. Share your passions, your dreams ... and also your fears. Be vulnerable.
     Speak of failure as well as success.
3. Make the complex plain. Don't try to dazzle intellectually. Don't speak in abstractions. Explain!
     Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific.
4. Connect with people's emotions. Make us laugh! Make us cry!
5. Don't flaunt your ego. Don't boast. It's the surest way to switch everyone off.
6. No selling from the stage! Unless we have specifically asked you to, do not talk about your
     company or organization. And don't even think about pitching your products or services or
     asking for funding from stage.
7. Feel free to comment on other speakers' talks, to praise or to criticize. Controversy energizes!
     Enthusiastic endorsement is powerful!
8. Don't read your talk. Notes are fine. But if the choice is between reading or rambling, then
9. End your talk on time. Doing otherwise is to steal time from the people that follow you. We
     won't allow it.
10. Rehearse your talk in front of a trusted friend ... for timing, for clarity, for impact.
                  MAVAPECKAS with
1.    Mannerisms           1.  Hands in pockets
2.    Attitude             2.  Body language
3.    Voice                3.  Stuttering, voice projection
4.    Appearance           4.  Formal
5.    Personality          5.  Confidence
6.    Enthusiasm           6.  Hand gestures, intonation
7.    Control              7.  Self control, of audience,
8.    Knowledge            8.  Know your stuff
9.    Adaptability         9.  Be ready for questions,
10.   Speech                   where from the room are
                               you going to talk, (you are
                               allowed to walk around...)
                           10. logical
• Tell a story
• Build a logical argument in small easy to
  understand steps

• Work your presentation so you get your
  desired impact!
• This needs rehearsal, especially in speaker
  change over
        Ask questions/Be asked
• Participate in other presentations by asking
• Be prepared for questions
• Involve your audience with questions, or
  something innovative
                 Aids some ideas
•   Audio
•   Visual
•   Tactile
•   Practical Demonstration
•   Handout
    – Paper
    – Tangible
• Eg: mosquitos??
          Presentation Content
• What is your project
• What is interesting about it
• What have you achieved so far
• What challenges have you come across and
  envisage are to come
• How has this project changed your perception of
• What have you learnt about group work
• What remains to be done
• All of you need to be up at the front
• 3 people need to speak
  – (beware about timing and handover)
  – Rehears!
      Project Proposal Feedback
• Be careful about ruling out solutions too early
• Make sure you continue to use your gantt chart
• Find as much as you can about Bendee Downs,
  Cunamulla, the other local towns, the people, the
  land, etc. Share your research, but don’t share
  your analysis
• In terms of team roles, make sure one person
  isn’t too overloaded (at any one time), and
  everyone contributes equally
       Technical considerations
• Consider the energy (in Joules) cost and where
  is this coming from
• Consider the quantity and quality of resources
  you’ll need
• Consider the long term benefit and life cycle
• Consider the education requirements
• Is your project suitable for 150 tourists/week?

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