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									       Career and Technical Training Grants ::
The primary purpose of the career and technical training grant program is to provide the ca-
reer and technical training necessary to access quality high demand and high wage employ-
ment in Wyoming in an industry for which the trainee receives training under the program.

Approved career and technical training providers:
•  Wyoming community colleges;
•  University of Wyoming;
•  Private post secondary educational institutions;
•  Organizations providing career and technical training in Wyoming licensed or registered
   under W.S. 21-2-401 through 407; and
•  Approved and registered apprenticeship programs.

Who is eligible:
•  The trainee has demonstrated Wyoming residency as determined by the eligible program
   at which the trainee is enrolled;
•  The trainee has graduated from high school or has obtained a GED;
•  Has earned a baseline career readiness score; and
•  A trainee shall be eligible for a grant for the equivalent of four years, but no more than six
   years after initial eligibility. Exceptions shall be established for military services, reli-
   gious services and other good cause shown.

Who is not eligible:
•  Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien;
•  An individual who has not complied with U.S. selective service requirements (where ap-
•  Anyone who is in default on a federal education loan;
•  Anyone who is incarcerated; and
•  Anyone who has been convicted of a felony and has not been granted an exception.

Award amounts:
•  Shall not exceed seventy-five percent of Hathaway scholarship awards.
•  If the applicant is qualified for a Hathaway scholarship for the program being entered, that scholarship
   shall be applied first.

Trainee requirements:
•   Entering into a written agreement to work in Wyoming in the industry for which the indi-
    vidual receives training.
•   Repay those funds that correspond to the contract period if a trainee breaches the con-

DWS requirements:
•  DWS shall pay the cost of an eligible applicants initial career readiness test.
•  Provide technical assistance to prospective applicants and training entities.

•   $6.5 million per biennium.
•   $250 thousand for administration.
•   Provision to allow the receipt of donations from foundations and other private sources.
•   Provision to allow donations to be matched by state.

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