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									                      get your monster mash on with mwr this halloween

                                                          MWR       M AG A Z I N E

special events 6-7
MEM BE RS new events 12
full of fun and events 21-25

FALL 2 0 0 7
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                                                                            bN              FALL 2007
                                                   8-9                      vOlUME THREE                     iSSUE THREE

COMMANDING GENERAL                      f or a Jo b?
    MG Robert P. Lennox        Get the insider secrets
                          landing a job in El Paso with
                                      the help of ACS.
     COL Robert Burns

      Joe K. Kennedy

       Ronald Telles              Okt o be r fe st
                           learn all about the history
                             of this German tradition.
      Debbie Kembro
                           You don’t have to cross an
     RECREATION                  ocean to celebrate it.
        Lindy Sorrell


                                                       27                     6-7
         Pat Smith

     SERVICES                 Impro ve Yo u r
       Peggy Brown
                                 P u sh - U p s                                Bre w a
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT       MWR shows you the right                             H a l l o w e e n Po t i o n
       Indri O’Hara         way to do a push-up and
                             increase your PT score.                           MWR has tons of great
     Kimber McCarden                                                           events lined up this scary
                                                                               season, so dress up and
      Carrie Eastburn
     Alexandra Sutphin
                                      28-29                                    join us at a Halloween
                                            Bowling!                           party, dinner event, or
  MARKETING CLERK                Read about National
      Tamika Christie
                                Bowling Week, events,
                                                                               costume contest!
                            and meet our fun, friendly
      Katie Edgett                      coaching staff.
     Miguel Mascorro

     Elizabeth Maline

                            Bliss NOW is a Morale, Welfare and Recreation magazine published quarterly for activities on Fort Bliss, Texas. Circulation: 20,000.
                            The appearance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S.Army, Department of Defense, or Federal Government.
                            The information in this issue is current at the time of publication; activities and events are subject to change without notice. For more
                            information,please call the individual facility. MWR Marketing is located in Building 11,Pershing Road,Fort Bliss,TX 79916,915-568-6741.
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                                                                                                        keeping you in the know                         bN


   Fall is Approaching...

              or someone who grew up in El Paso, i          event, Murder Mystery Dinner with the
              can remember how happy i was when             Mystery Troupe of Colorado and Texas,
              the fall season arrived. i knew that with     and Fort Bliss haunted tours with ghost
               Halloween on the horizon, relief from        writer Ken Hudnall. if Halloween is your thing,
               the extreme heat of summer was on            you’ll definitely want to check out the feature
               the way! For those of you who are new        article on pages 6 & 7 for more information.
               to the region, Halloween is typically the                                                                         by Kimber McCarden,
   first day that El Paso begins to cool off and you        Fall is also a great time for football and comfort                   MWR Marketing Manager
   actually have to wear a light jacket or sweater in       food. You won’t want to miss the NFl Sunday ticket
   the evening. With the advent of fall and the holiday     at the Officers’ and Centennial Clubs, as well as the
   season, Fort Bliss has a variety of activities planned   Army vs. Navy game at the O’Club. if you get tired
   to suit your needs.                                      eating of hot dogs, hot wings, and popcorn in the
                                                            midst of football season, both Clubs will feature a
   We have a ton of spooky Halloween events planned         delicious Thanksgiving Brunch the weekend before
   for kids of every age! There are costume parties,        the holiday. See pages 12 & 13 to find out about
   costume contests, the ever-popular Pumpkin Patch         all Club events.

  If you need some answers or would like
                                                                justask! AND MWR WILL ANSWER
 to comment on anything regarding MWR
programs or facilities, please write or email:
                                                            Q. I’m new to El Paso and would                    units, or standard packages for high demand
           blissNOW Magazine                                like to find out more information                  activities. Contact Kirsten Dahlberg at 915-
             MWR Marketing                                  about outdoor activities such                      568-2784.
           Bldg 11, Pershing Rd
            El Paso, TX 79916                               as hiking, mountain biking etc.
                                                                                                               You can also visit the Convention and
                                                            Where should I go?
                                                                                                               visitor’s Bureau kiosk at the PX. There is an                            A. visit El Paso and the surrounding region        abundance of information on local events and
                                                            with the Outdoor Adventures program. The           attractions.
                                                            program is a hot concept in the travel/tourism
                                                            industry that allows individuals to coordinate
                                                            vacations, group trips and outings through a       Q. I’d like to get the word out on
                                                            “programmer”. The programmer schedules             activities that my FRG group is
                                                            activities such as rock climbing, skiing, white    hosting, where can I do this?
                                                            water rafting, and hiking to various places        A. You can participate in information
                                                            like the Grand Canyon, Taos, or Ruidoso.           Exchange, which is held at the Officers’ Club
                                                            Equipment is usually part of the package           on the last Monday of every month. You will
                                                            prices.                                            be allowed to speak for a total of 5 minutes to
                                                                                                               promote your event or organization and your
                                                            it’s an exciting alternative to self guided        promotional flyers will be placed in a special
                                                            activities previously offered. Our Outdoor         packet that is given to all attendees. To sign
                                                            Adventures Coordinator can design custom           up, please contact Alex Sutphin, Marketing
                                                            trips for interested groups of friends or          Assistant at 568-2554.

                                                                                                                        blissNOW 5
Brew a Halloween Potion
         The most important ingredient is MWR!

                           alloween is one of my         Pumpkin Patch Harvest. This family
                           favorite holidays, as it      event will include face painting, pump-
                           is the only time during       kin decorating and contest, scariest/
                           the year that you’re          most original costume contest, ghost
                           able to be someone (or        storytelling, and bobbing for apples.
                           something) else for an        Popcorn, caramel apples, apple cider,
                           entire day! You can dress     hot chocolate and coffee will be avail-
                           as your favorite celebrity,   able at the event. For more informa-
                           horror movie character,       tion please call 569-5715.
             cartoon character, animal or item. No
             matter what you wear, it’s always fun       The O’Club’s Murder Mystery Dinner
             to get together with friends and family     will be held on Friday, October 26
             to go trick-or treating, carve pumpkins,    at 7pm. This costume party is similar
             bob for apples, and eat caramel or          to one of my favorite films, Clue, and
             candied apples.                             features a performance by the Mystery
                                                         Troupe of Colorado and Texas. in
             The MWR Business Operations Divi-           true murder mystery form, there has
             sion has planned several Halloween          been a murder that must be solved.
             related events to take place at the         With the help of a super sleuth who
             Bowling Center, Centennial and Of-          will lead you through the evening,
             ficers’ Clubs. On Saturday, October         you will attempt to solve the mystery.
             20, from noon-3pm the Officers’ Club        The scene of the crime is a costume
             will host its 3rd Annual Halloween          ball, so all participants should come

By Kimber McCarden,
MWR Marketing Manager

dressed for the occasion. Prizes       a campfire buffet dinner of BBQ          27 from 6-9:30pm. The costume          a $5 cover charge. Complimentary
for best costumes and for solving      brisket, smoked chicken, potato          contest will take place at 8:30pm in   snacks will be provided through
the mystery will be awarded. Of-       salad, vegetables, garden salad, and a   the lounge. Prizes will be awarded     midnight. The costume contest
ficers’ club members pay $30 and       s’mores chocolate fountain. Tickets      for best costumes in two divisions     will take place at midnight and
non-members and guests pay $35.        are $14 for members, $17 for non-        – youth, ages 12 and under, and        prizes will be awarded for the best
Non–Military residents of El Paso,     members and children over 7 years        individuals ages 13 and up. First      costumes. For more information,
las Cruces and the surrounding         of age are $8. Please call the club at   place winners in each division will    call 562-5969.
area are invited. Contact 568-7013     568-7013 for tickets.                    receive a bowling ball and bag. Ev-
or 569-5715 for tickets.                                                        eryone is then invited to enjoy the    if you like to dress up for Hal-
                                       Mr. Hudnall has written over 29          Bowling Center’s state-of-the-art      loween and love to hear tales of
Wear your walking shoes and join       books covering topics as broad as        sound system and glow-in-the-dark      ghosts, ghouls and goblins, you
MWR for Ghosts of Fort Bliss           unsolved mysteries, lost treasures       bowling, Thunder Alley, which be-      won’t want to miss out on any of
on October 29 & 30, from 6:30-         and ghosts along the southwest           gins at 10pm. For more informa-        the events taking place at your
9:30pm in the historic Fort Bliss      border, such as Spirits of the           tion, please call 568-6272.            Bowling Center, Centennial Club
Officers’ Club. Listen, as noted       Border: The History and Mystery                                                 or Officers’ Club.
author Ken Hudnall tells spooky        of Fort Bliss, Texas. His new book,      Metro Station, a nightclub for all
and suspenseful tales of ghosts and    which details haunted areas on           enlisted ranks, located in the lower
unexplained events which have oc-      Biggs Airfield and in Building 2, will   level of the Centennial Club on
curred on post throughout history.     be unveiled during the event.            Biggs will also host a Halloween
Following the tales, participants                                               costume contest and party on
will take a walking tour of build-     The Fort Bliss Bowling Center will       Saturday, October 27. There is no
ings 1, 2, 8, 9, 12, 13 and Pershing   host a Halloween costume contest         cover charge from 10-10:59pm,
House. This special night includes     and party on Saturday, October           however, from 11pm-5am there is
  bN        army community services

    for a Job?

                                          By Shannon Branson,
                                         Employment Readiness
                                            Coordinator, Army
                                           Community Service

                               Insider Secrets to Landing a Job in El Paso
                                               A military spouse moved with her         work experience and a formal education under
                                               Soldier husband to Fort Bliss from       your belt, chances are you may have felt this way
                                               Fort Riley. She was experienced in       too when beginning your job search in El Paso,
                                              education, HR, counseling and highly-     particularly if doing it alone. Here are some
                                             educated, so she knew her job search       insider secrets to launch or rejuvenate your
                                           would be a piece of cake; after all, it                  total job search campaign!

                                         was never a problem in other places she
                                     lived to find employment appropriate to her                         Secret #1: Enlist the help of
                                  skills...or so she thought. She quickly noticed                        experts who specialize in com-
                                 how she qualified for many jobs but because of                          prehensive job search train-
                                 a single requirement that she did not meet, was                       ing. The Employment Readiness
                                 not eligible for the job. “Bilingual with fluency in               Program (ERP) at Army Community
                                 English and Spanish required” was popping up           Service (ACS) was especially crafted to meet
                                 everywhere! Soon, she didn’t even read the ads         the needs of today’s military spouse. We offer
                                 until she used her newly acquired speed-read-          cutting-edge training to meet all of your job
                                 ing skills to scan the ad for this statement. She      search needs-whether it is attending one of the
                                 started to get discouraged and even thought            free workshops in value-based resume writing,
                                 maybe she should just give up her job search           ten steps to a federal job, networking, behavior-
                                 altogether…until she set a goal, made a plan,          based interviewing, or getting on our distribu-
                                 and took proactive steps to make her aspiration        tion list to have hot job leads directly emailed
                                 of getting a job she really wanted a reality. This     to your inbox from us, we can help you stay on
                                 military spouse is me.                                 top of career development trends and one step
                                                                                        ahead of the competition to maximize your
                                 The above scenario is very common for many             chances of landing a job.

                                 military spouses to experience when relocating
                                 to Fort Bliss. Whether you are 18 years old and        Secret #2: is your Network-
                                 fresh out of high school or 38 years old with          ing for you? Job search experts

8 blissNOW
                                                                                                    army community services                     bN

and employers agree-up to 80% of all jobs are        You are the only one who can make sure that
not advertised at all! Knowing who should be         you get the job you really want. Keep track of
in your network and then developing, cultivat-       all of your efforts by using a notebook, binder,
ing, and expanding that network should be the        or electronic planner-whichever method you
biggest chunk of time spent while searching for      are most comfortable with. What does your
employment. include people who can provide           resume look like? Are you portraying a total
encouragement and support to keep you mo-            professional image? What if the person you ask
tivated and on-track. Employment Readiness at        about obtaining an interview does not have any-
ACS has a workshop on creating connections.          thing available? Do you just accept the answer
Additionally, you will receive access to valu-       or do you ask them for names of individuals they
able free resources to assist you in learning this   know who do? Are you simply searching major
critical skill in the job search. Remember, it is    job search boards online or do you frequent in-
not just who you know, but also-who knows            dividual company websites and niche boards for      Looking for
what you need to know, what you know, and            additional leads? Reevaluate your methods for
             who knows that you know what you        looking for employment if they are not working.     a Home?
                know!                                Remember to be patient and define success by
                                                     your own standards.                                 By Ana Hernandez, Financial
                                                                                                         Readiness Coordinator, Army
                Secret #3: Know the type of                                                              Community Service
               job you want. Do you like work-       Located inside Army Community Service in Bldg
              ing with numbers, being creative,      2494, Ricker Road, the Employment Readiness         Purchasing a home is a job
           being around children, helping care       Program offers the following services to military   in it of itself, especially if
                                                                                                         you have never purchased
for the sick or injured, taking objects apart and    spouses:
                                                                                                         a home before. Each step
putting them back together, or managing proj-            •	 Career Coaching                              and decision you make will
ects and people? if you don’t know where you             •	 Job Fairs                                    affect what type of home you
are going, you will never get there. Make an             •	 Job Postings (on-post, off-post,             purchase, what neighborhood
appointment to take a self-directed career as-              and work-from-home)                          you live in, and how much
sessment and find out what field you want to             •	 Resource library with access to              your monthly payment will
                                                                                                         be. important steps along
work in. The more focused your job search is                copier, fax, computers, and up-to-
the better results you will see. Unless you’re                                                           the way such as finding the
                                                            date materials, books & videos               right lender and loan product,
passionate and committed about the job(s) you            •	 virtual Assistant Training Program           selecting a real estate agent,
are applying for, you won’t pursue it with the           •	 Attire for Hire                              and putting your finances in
enthusiasm and energy it takes to be successful          •	 Small Business Counseling                    order can be overwhelming.
                                                         •	 Army Spouse Employment Part-

in the long run.                                                                                         Real estate terminology like:
                                                            nership / Operation RE/MAX /                 good faith estimate, appraised
Secret #4: Create an action                                 Spouses to Teachers information
                                                                                                         value, escrow, earnest money,
plan and make it happen! A goal                                                                          vA, FHA or Conventional,
without a plan is just a dream.                                                                          and how these terms apply
                                                                                                         to you as buyer can be quite
What specific steps are you taking
to find a job? Do you know what steps to take?
How do you know if you could be incorporat-                                                              The Homebuyer
ing other ideas to expand your search? learn                                                             Information Seminar
both published and unpublished strategies and                                                            provides you with a wealth
sources for contacting potential employers                                                               of information in your home
about jobs. For example, read your local paper                                                           buying process. This 2 hour
to find out what companies are expanding or              Job Search Skills Workshops                     seminar is composed of
                                                                                                         speakers from the veterans
have recently opened shop in El Paso. Attend
                                                                                                         Administration, Texas veteran
the jumpstart your job search workshop at ACS            •	 Writing a Winning Resume                     land Board, Consumer Cred-
and get motivated to schedule your daily action          •	 Creating Connections for Job                 it Counseling Service, El Paso
plan of what you do each and every day to ac-               Search Success                               Affordable Homes, El Paso
          complish your goal of getting a job.           •	 Ten Steps to a Federal Job                   Central Appraisal District

              Another way to turbo-charge your           •	 Ace Your Next Job interview!                 and Fannie Mae. The seminar
               job search is to learn what NOT           •	 Career Exploration & Planning                will be held Tuesday, October
                                                         •	 Jumpstart Your Job Search
                to do!                                                                                   16 from 1:30-3:30pm at the

                                                         •	 Mobilize Your Home Business
                                                                                                         Centennial Club, Biggs Air
                                                                                                         Field. For more information
              Secret #5: Strategy is every-                                                              call 568-7088 or email Ana.
           thing. Review and revise your strat-          Free childcare available for military spouses
egy for looking for a job as necessary. What is          to attend a workshop with pre-registration      Child care will be provided
working? What is not working? What can you               and advanced reservations through the Child     through CDC, 568-5689.
do better to get 3 more interviews this week?            Development Center!

                                                                                                                    blissNOW 9
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10 blissNOW
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                                                                                                                  child & youth            bN

Internet Resources for FCC
           Meet Family Child Care
           providers before you PCS.
           By Carrie Eastburn, MWR Marketing Assistant

            arents considering family child care as an alternate source from
            center based care now have internet resources available to
            research Family Child Care (FCC) options. FCC is available to
            military families, DoD civilians, and DoD contractors working at
            Army installations. This unique Army initiative allows families to
            explore certified family child care providers at all Army installa-
tions prior to their PCS move, simply by visiting Army           Army Waiting List &
FCC Online contains both a public and password protected private section.         Registration Policies
The website is also linked through, and can be found by
clicking “CYS” and then “FCC”. The public can access general information          Army FCC Online gives you a “head start” in select-
about the Army Family Child Care program. Once parents have registered            ing the best placement for your child but does not
their children through their local CYS central registration office, they are      guarantee you a space in a specific home.
then able to completely access the site and start meeting the different pro-
viders virtually by viewing photos and reading autobiographies at that office.    At some installations, there is a waiting list for a
                                                                                  particular age group such as infants or for a pro-
The Army FCC website is also a superb means for the FCC providers to              gram type such as Child Development Center
market their services online, once they have completed all the required           or Family Child Care. To ensure a fair process
training, home inspections, and obtained approval from the FCC director.          for all families, you must request child care
The FCC program at Child & Youth Services will provide training for all           through the installation Child and Youth Services
new providers on how to post their information on the website. Training           (CYS) Central Enrollment Registry (CER) Office.
and website networking are not the only services available to new FCC             The Installation CER Office follows DoD, Army,
providers, it is feasible for anyone interested in becoming an FCC provider       and installation policies for managing a waiting
on post to get their in-home business started by spending less of their own       list. When your child’s name comes to the top of
money, according to Betty Halliburton, director of FCC, Fort Bliss. Homes         the waiting list, a CER Staff person will contact
Off Post (HOP) must pay for local inspections, however, after certification       you to offer the vacancy and provide informa-
the fees are reimbursed with subsidies. Halliburton explains that qualified       tion on the process of selecting a program type
FCC providers are furnished with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, rest mats,   or individual provider.
child sized furniture, shelves, toys, games, and more. What’s more, providers
have the ability to earn various subsidies and $500 bonus for completion of       Before using any CYS program, families must
each accreditation through the Child Development Association (CDA) and            complete a registration process and pay a
National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), but also an additional        registration fee. Completion of the registration
$50 each month! More in depth information regarding the requirements              process is not necessary to place your child’s
for accreditation completion can be found by visiting http://www.childcare.       name on the waiting list. Please contact the CER
org/providers/accreditation.htm and        Office at your Installation as soon as possible
creditation.asp.                                                                  to determine whether a waiting list exists and
                                                                                  ensure your child’s name is on the waiting list.
Two new local providers who have opened their FCC business and taken
advantage of the child care supplies offered, as well as the Army FCC             Families undergoing a Permanent Change of
website, are Mrs. Mirna Hines (Fort Bliss) and Mrs. laura Ulmer (Biggs Army       Station (PCS) to the area, including families
Airfield). Mrs. Hines stated her favorite activity with the children is music &   expecting a new baby, may place their child or
dance, while Mrs. Ulmer mostly enjoys arts & crafts. Both providers accept        children on a “Projected Demand Waiting list”
children ages 4 weeks to 12 years old. if you are interested in learning more     prior to arrival. They may do so through the los-
about these, or the other dedicated FCC providers, visit          ing Installation’s CER Office or by contacting the
or link through                                                 gaining Installation CER Office.

                                                                                                               blissNOW 11
   bN           officers’ club

   O’Club Events                                                                                                                  LUNCH PUNCH CARDS
                                                                                                                                  It’s Back! The Officers’ Club Lunch Punch
                                                                                                                                  Cards are now available to members only.
                                                                                                                                  Purchase nine hot line lunches, sandwich/
   TASTE THE WORlD AT THE                    MEMBERSHiP DRivE & APPRECiA-              States Naval Academy at Annapolis,         salad/soup combos, or all-you-can-eat salad
   O’ClUB!                                   TiON NiGHT                                Maryland (Navy) against one another.       bars and you will get free one hot line lunch,
   Please join the O’Club for exciting       The Officers’ Club, in conjunc-           it is one of the most traditional and      sandwich/salad/soup combo, or all-you-can-eat
   dining options including:                 tion with El Paso Ballroom Dance          enduring rivalries in college football,    salad bar. Offer expires on April 1, 2008. For
       •	 Sept 21 China Town                 Academy, presents “Dancing with           and is televised every year by CBS.        more info call 568-7013.
       •	 Oct 12 Cajun Night                 the Stars” Membership Appreciation        Did you know that it was in the 1963
       •	 Nov 30 Hawaiian buffet             and Drive on Friday, November 16          Army-Navy game that instant replay         PREPAID MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM
   Unless otherwise noted, all Friday        at 5pm. Come experience an evening        made its debut? So let’s watch a little    Attention All OFFiCERS! The Fort Bliss
   dining programs start at 6pm and          filled with dancing, music and deli-      history being made on M&T Bank             Officers’ Club is excited to announce that
                                                                                                                                  we now offer an Annual Prepaid Member-
   cost $12.50 for Members/$14.50 for        cious food in the historical O’Club       Stadium in Baltimore, MD! Enjoy the        ship Card which no longer requires you to
   nonmembers. Call 568-7013 for info        ballroom. A cash bar will be open         game on 5 screens, along with snacks,      get a Chase Credit Card. This option will
   and reservations.                         during the event with our always          always low beer prices, and door           be available to those individuals who do not
                                             low drink prices. Door prizes will        prizes. Call 568-7013 for more info.       want a credit card and are willing to pay their
   SATURDAY SOCiAlS                          be awarded and one lucky Officers’                                                   membership 1 year in advance. There is no
   Saturday Socials: A Cultural Enrich-      Club member will receive a special        SUN BOWl BRUNCH                            billing or charging capabilities with this option.
   ment Program for Officers’ Club           grand prize! For more information         The Officers’ Club will host its an-       Please help us attain our goal and assure the
                                                                                                                                  continued long standing tradition of the Of-
   members is a new offering that            on this and other MWR business            nual Sun Bowl Brunch beginning at          ficers’ Club membership. Download a prepaid
   brings members together for an af-        facility special events call 569-5715     9am December 31, in the club’s main        membership application at
   ternoon of sophistication, socializing    or 568-7013.                              dining room. Start out the day with
   and enlightenment, on a Saturday of                                                 a delicious assortment of hot and          “REFER A FRIEND” PROGRAM
   each month. This program is com-          THANKSGiviNG BRUNCH                       cold breakfast items and a refreshing      in an effort to boost membership and
   prised of talks and demonstrations        Celebrate Thanksgiving early this         selection of morning libations before      maintain profitability, MWR and the Fort Bliss
   by local experts in visual art, wine,     year at one of MWR’s distinctive          heading out to enjoy the 74th Annual       Officers’ Club are proud to present our new
   ballroom dance, sports and culinary       holiday celebrations!                     Brut Sun Bowl game. The cost for           “Refer a Friend” program. By participating in
   art. Fall Socials start at 3pm and        The Officers’ Club will host a            brunch is $11 for members, $13 for         this program, not only will you receive over
   discussions include:                      “Thanksgiving Champagne Brunch”           nonmembers, $6 for children ages           $50 in free Food and Beverage Gift Certifi-
                                                                                                                                  cates to use at the Club for each referred
      •	 Oct 13 Dia de los Muertos           from 10am-1pm, November 18. The           7 to 11 and children 6 years and           individual that joins, but every referred indi-
      •	 Nov 10 Holiday Entertaining         tantalizing brunch offerings include      under are free. For tickets, please call   vidual will also receive one month’s dues free
      •	 Dec 1 Holiday Pastry Demon-         turkey and dressing, and other            568-7013. Don’t forget to purchase         with their paid year-long membership. if you
         stration/Class                      traditional Thanksgiving items. There     your discounted Sun Bowl game              are a member that would like to participate in
   Events are limited in size to the first   will also be a delicious assortment of    tickets at iTR, 568-7506 Kickoff is at     this program, simply fill out a “Refer a Friend”
   50 people, so please call 569-5715 to     vegetables and side dishes, salad bar,    Noon (MT) at the El Paso Sun Bowl          Voucher, available at the Officers’ Club and
   RSvP for any or all of these future       and dessert cart. The cost is $13.95      Stadium on Monday, December 31,            hand them to prospective members. They
                                                                                                                                  in turn, should take the voucher to Bldg 11
   events.                                   for members, $15.95 for nonmem-           2007.                                      or the Officers’ Club Main Office to sign up.
                                             bers, half price for children 7-11, and                                              Once completed, we will mail you your gift
   OKTOBERFEST GERMAN BEEF &                 free for children 6 years and under.      BRASS BARTENDiNG                           certificates worth over $50.
   BURGUNDY                                  Reservations are required. Please call    Brass Bartending at the Fort Bliss Of-
   October 10 at 6pm the Officers’           568-7013.                                 ficers’ Club is still going strong. New    UNWIND AT THE O’CLUB
   Club will host their own Oktober-                                                   dates have opened up. This is a great      Did you know that the Officers’ Club Pershing
   fest. Traditionally, Wednesdays are       ARMY-vS-NAvY GAME                         way to have fun and join in on unit        Pub is open EvERY Friday Night at 4:30pm?
   Beef and Burgundy nights but we           Catch the Traditional Army/Navy           camaraderie. if you are interested in      No? Well, come check out our new upgrades
   will add a new twist for this special     game at the Officers’ Club in the         signing up for one of these available      including flat screen TV’s and XM radio along
   occasion. Our menu will consist of        Pershing Pub on December 1 at             dates, please call 568-7013 to reserve     with our always low drink prices and laid
                                                                                                                                  back atmosphere. it’s the perfect place to
   wienerschniztel, goulash, smoked          noon with the pre-game beginning          your date.You won’t want to miss           stop by and unwind after work, meet some
   pork chops, mashed potatoes, red          at 10am. The Army-Navy Game, an           out on this great opportunity.             new friends or catch up with an old one.You
   cabbage, saurkraut, grilled BBQ           annual game generally played on the                                                  can even bring your laptop and surf the net
   chicken and more. We will also offer      last weekend of the college football                                                 with our Free Wi-Fi service. light snacks are
   authentic German beer for an always       regular season in early December,                                                    provided as well. Hope to see you there! Call
   low price! Members are $13.95 and         pits the football teams of the United                                                578-7013 for more info.
   non-members are $15.95. For reser-        States Military Academy at West
   vations call 568-7013.                    Point, New York (Army) and United

   daily lunch specials                                                                                                                For more information, call 568-7013.

   Every MON is Chef’s Choice, TUE is Schnitzel, & FRI is Fried Catfish. WED & THU feature:

   S E P T E M B E R 3 CLOSED Labor Day 5 Baked Chicken 6 Spaghetti 12 Baked Cod 13 Beef Stir-Fry 19 Rainbow Trout 20 Roast Beef 26 Chicken Fried
   Steak 27 Sweet & Sour Chicken O C T O B E R 3 Meatloaf 4 Fried Chicken 8 CLOSED Columbus Day 10 Chicken Parmesan 11 Beef Tips 17 Baked Cod
   18 Roast Beef 24 Baked Cod 25 Rope Sausage 31 Rigatoni N O V E M B E R 1 lasagna 7 Baked Cod 8 Pot Roast 12 CLOSED Veterans Day 14 Fried
   Chicken 15 liver & Onions 21 Sliced Turkey 22-23 CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving 28 Rainbow Trout 29 Meatloaf

                                                                     Meal Winners             S E P T E M B E R Doris lekowski, David Franks, Preston King
                                                                                              O C T O B E R Michael Splawn, Debra Rushbrook, Joseph West
                                                                                              N O V E M B E R Frank Snow, Bruce Patterson, Jacqueline Welsh

12 blissNOW
                                                                                                                                        centennial                bN

Operation Rising Star
                 Do you think you have what it
                 takes to be this year’s Rising Star?

                                                                               peration Rising Star is a worldwide singing competition building
                                                                               on the success of Military idol and moving the program into a new
                                                                               and exciting era. Operation Rising Star continues for the Army, the
                                                                               excitement and popularity of Tv reality shows such as American
                                                                               idol, Nashville Star, Star Search and Rock Star Supernova.
  Celebrate Thanksgiving early this year
  at one of MWR’s distinctive holiday cel-                 All men and women serving on Active Duty, with any Branch of Service, are eligible
  ebrations! The Centennial will serve its                 to compete at any of the hosting installations around the Army. Contestants
  traditional “Thanksgiving Brunch” from                   perform live during an eight week elimination competition at the installation level,
  10am until 1pm, November 18, featur-                     where they will compete for prizes and a chance to be their installation’s Opera-
  ing a delicious assortment of breakfast                  tion Rising Star winner.
  items including crepes and omelets
  made to order. Highlighting the lunch
                                                           Come to the Centennial Ballroom every Friday (except Training Holidays and Sept
  selections will be turkey and dressing,
  along with other traditional Thanksgiv-
                                                           28) at 7pm throughout October 19 where MWR and the Armed Forces vaca-
  ing entrees. The Centennial’s salad bar                  tion Club will be sponsoring Operation Rising Star 2007! Audience members will
  and dessert bar round out the tempt-                     receive one ballot upon entrance to event. Additional ballots will be given out with
  ing array of brunch offerings. Costs are                                        the purchase of a meal or appetizer. Also featuring special
  $14.95 for adults, half price for children                                      guest judge Patti Diaz from Power 102 FM! For more info
  7-11 years and children 6 and under are                                         call 569-6774 or 568-6741.
  free. Reservations are required. Please
  call 562-5969.

  Every Friday night (except for Training
  Holiday weekends) from 4:30pm to
  close the Centennial Pub & Patio will
  be hosting Fiesta Fridays in conjunction
  with Operation Rising Star! Come enjoy
  margaritas, delicious food, live music and
  wine tasting by New Mexico Wineries
  (tasting from 4:30-7:00pm). For more
  information, call 562-5969.

daily lunch specials                                                                                                                For more information, call 562-5969.

Every MON is Chef’s Choice, WED is Schnitzel, & FRI is a choice of Fried Catfish, Baked Cod, or Grilled Steak. TUE & THU feature:

S E P T E M B E R 3 CLOSED Labor Day 4 Pork Chow Mein 6 Herb Roasted Beef 11 Fried Chicken 13 Chicken Bliss 18 Chicken Pot Pie 20 Meatloaf
25 Grilled Steak 27 Stir Fry Chicken O C T O B E R 2 Mexican Plate 4 Stuffed Cabbage 8 CLOSED Columbus Day 9 Cajun Pork loin 11 lasagna 16 Beef
Fajitas 18 Breaded Pork Chops 23 Beef Stroganoff 25 Baked Chicken 30 BBQ Ribs N O V E M B E R 1 Fried Chicken 6 Stuffed Pepper 8 Chopped Steak
12 CLOSED Veterans Day 13 Chicken Pesto 15 Sesame Pork 20 london Broil 22 Chicken Teriyaki 27 lemon Pepper Chicken 29 Stuffed Pork loin

                                                                                                                                blissNOW 13
   bN           special events

  More club events...
   NFL SUNDAYS                                               free. Reservations are required. Please call 562-5969.   BOSS’ DAY
   Beginning September 9, the Down Under Sports Bar          Santa Claus will also be stopping by The Officers’       Did you know that National Boss’ Day is Monday,
   at the Officers’ Club and the Metro Station at the        Club on December 16 to talk to all of the boys and       October 15? The Centennial and Officers’ Club will
   Centennial will offer DirectTv’s NFl Sunday Ticket.       girls, so you better make sure you’ve been good!!        celebrate Boss’ Day lunch from 11am-1pm. Gather
   Both Clubs will open at 11am and offer multi-cast         During his visit why don’t you stay to enjoy a lovely    your colleagues and surprise your supervisor with
   games daily. Come watch the game, enjoy free snacks       “Christmas Champagne Brunch” from 10am to 1pm.           a free dessert. let the club’s help you look good in
   and low beer prices! The Officers’ Club will also         The tantalizing brunch offerings include Christmas       your bosses’ eyes! For more information call the
   feature Sunday Brunch before the game. For more           Ham, as well as other traditional Christmas fare and     Centennial at 562-5969, or the O’Club at 568-7013.
   information please call 568-7013 or 562-5969.             all the trimmings!! There will also be a delicious as-
                                                             sortment of vegetables and side dishes, salad bar, and
                                                             dessert cart. The cost is $13.95 for members, $15.95     HALLOWEEN PARTIES
   CHRISTMAS BRUNCH                                          for nonmembers, half price for children 7-11, and        The “Metro Station, a Nightclub for all Enlisted
   Celebrate your Christmas a little early this year at      free for children 6 years and under. Reservations are    Ranks,” located in the lower level of the Centennial,
   one of MWR’s distinctive holiday celebrations!            required. Please call 568-7013.                          will host a Halloween costume contest and party
   The Centennial will serve its traditional “Christmas                                                               Saturday, October 27. There will be no cover from
   Brunch” from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. December 16,                                                                     10pm to 10:59pm, after which a $5 cover will be
   featuring a delicious assortment of breakfast items       GIVE THE GIFT                                            charged from 11pm to 5am. Complimentary snacks
   including crepes and omelets made to order. High-         THAT KEEPS ON GIVING                                     will be served through midnight. The costume
   lighting the lunch selections will be the Christmas       Holiday Gift Certificates for the Officers’ Club,        contest will be held at midnight and prizes will be
   Ham, along with other traditional Christmas entrees.      Bowling Center and Underwood Golf Complex will           awarded for the best costumes. For more informa-
   The Centennial’s salad bar and dessert bar round          be for sale starting November 19. Gift certificates      tion, call 562-5969. Check out page 6-7 for more
   out the tempting array of brunch offerings. A special     are available for food purchases as well as merchan-     Halloween events!
   visit from Santa will surely complete the wonder of       dise from the pro shops at both the Bowling Center
   this event! Costs are $14.95 for adults, half price for   and Underwood Golf Complex, For more informa-
   children 7-11 years and children 6 and under are          tion, please contact the appropriate facility.

14 blissNOW
                                                                                                                       special events               bN

                     The History

                                                                        Oktoberfest is known around
                                                                        the world as THE German Fest.

                                                                                          ktoberfest is often
                                                                                          associated with
                                                                                          bratwurst and
                                                                                          sauerkraut; beers
                                                    By Alex Sutphin,                      served in steins
                                              MWR Marketing Assistant
                                                                                          (0.5 to 1 liter
                                                                        mugs); lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread
                                                                        hearts); those guys in the lederhosen;
                                                                        “Oompah” music; and an extremely
                                                                        good time. Today, many cities and
                                                                        communities around the world have          MWR, in conjunction with German
                                                                        adopted the German tradition that          Air Force Air Defense Center, First
                                                                        attracts young and old to come to-         light Federal Credit Union, USAA,
                                                                        gether and enjoy a festive occasion.       Buck Rogers Travel, Magnolia Coca
                                                                                                                   Cola Bottling Company, Marina’s
                                                                        However, most people do not know           German Bakery and Metro Graphics
                                                                        the origin of Oktoberfest. The first       ScreenPrinting, kicked off Oktober-
                                                                        original “Oktoberfest” was actually        fest festivities with the 14th Annual
                                                                        held as a public wedding celebration       German American Night Run. The
                                                                        of Crown Prince ludwig and Princess        run was held at Kelly Park on Satur-
                                                                        Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen         day, September 8. if you missed it this
                                                                        on October 12 of 1810. The entire          year, please make plans to attend next
                                                                        city of Munich was invited and it          year’s.
                                                                        should be noted that 30, 000 of the
                                                                        approximately 40,500 city’s residents,     The German Air Force Air Defense
                                                                        including the Military, attended the       Center is hosting OKTOBERFEST
                                                                        event. The Fest included many dif-         2007 on Friday, September 14, at
                                                                        ferent activities and was concluded        7pm (gates open at 6pm) with the
                                                                        with a horse race. The day after the       traditional TAPPING of the first keg.
                                                                                                                   The event continues on Saturday,
Tickets Now on Sale for New Year’s Eve Parties                          wedding it was suggested to rename
                                                                                                                   September 15, at 7pm (gates open at
                                                                        the event “Theresienwiese” to honor
at the Officers’ Club and Centennial Club.                              the new bride                              6pm), and finishes with a big family
                                                                                                                   party on Sunday, September 16, from
Come Blow out the New Year “007” style on December 31,                  A year later, for the first time, “Okto-   noon to dusk (gates open at 11am).
2007 at the Fort Bliss Officers’ Club featuring Dancing with            berfest” and the central agricultural      All events will take place in Building
the Mike Caranda Orchestra from 8pm, dinner will be served              exhibition were celebrated together        747 on Carter Road, Fort Bliss. We
promptly at 9 p.m., and breakfast will be served from 12:30 to          and attracted many citizens and            offer authentic Bavarian beer and
1:15 a.m. Members: $85 Per Couple, $65 single / Non-mem-                exhibitors. The crowd applauded the        food specialties, a brass band from
bers: $95 Per Couple, $75 single. Reservations are required.            attendance of King Max Joseph and          Bavaria, and our famous Schuhplat-
Please Call 568-7013 for more information.                              Crown Prince ludwig at the Fest and        tler Folk dancers.You also can win
                                                                        therefore became a truly traditional       valuable prizes. Tickets for Friday and
The Centennial Club New Year’s Dance party begins at 10                 Bavarian tradition.                        Saturday evening are available for $25
p.m. in the Metro Station nightclub, lasting until 4 a.m. Partiers                                                 each (including admittance, a Beer
receive a split of champagne and party favors. A breakfast              Throughout the almost 200 year             Stein, a Bavarian dinner, and a raffle
buffet will be served from 12:30 until 1:30 a.m. $20 Per                tradition, many amenities have been        ticket); admission on Sunday will be
Couple, $12 single Please Call • 562-5969 for Reservations              added including beer tents, merry-go-      $6. Tickets are non-refundable and
and information.                                                        rounds and food booths. The Munich         sold only through general ticket sales
                                                                        Oktoberfest is still held annually at      at BwBA USA/West, Bldg. 516 A, R.
Tickets to either event are non-refundable. NOTE Clubs                                                             111. information: 568-3884 or visit
will be CLOSED Dec24–Dec 31 during this time frame tick-                the “Wiesn” and is known as the larg-
                                                                        est festival in the world.       
ets for either event may be purchased at ITR - 568-7506.

                                                                                                                    blissNOW 15
                      bN      outdoor recreation

                                 Adventure Trips
                           Outdoor Adventures is a hot concept in the travel/tour-
                            ism industry that allows individuals to coordinate vaca-
                            tions, group trips and outings through a “programmer”.
                           The programmer schedules activities like rock climbing,
                              skiing, white water rafting, and hiking at various places
                             like the Grand Canyon, Taos, or Ruidoso. Equipment is
                                usually part of the package prices. For more info call
                                  568-2784. Below is a listing of great trips that have
                                                   already been set up for this season.

                                                      22 Carlsbad Caverns

                                                      29 Ruidoso Day

                                                                                              6 Trinity Site

                                                                                             27 Carlsbad Caverns

                                                                                              3 ladies Shopping Day
                                                                                                to Ruidoso

                                                                                          10-11 Wild West Weekend
                                                                                                in Tucson, AZ

                                                                                              1 Christmas on the
                                                                                                Pecos / Ski Apache

                                                                                             15 Dripping Springs
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16 blissNOW
mwr phone directory
Director                                             568.3500
Army Community Services Chief                        568.1132
Recreation Division Chief                            568.7533
Child & Youth Services Chief                         568.5709
Business Operations Chief                            568.3208
NAF Resource Management Division Chief               568.3412
Marketing                                            568.6741

Financial Readiness                               568.7088
Family Advocacy                                   568.4878
Relocation Services                               568.6291
Mobilization & Deployment                   568.4878 / 1132
information & Referral                      568.4614 / 1132
Exceptional Family Member Program                 569.1854
Family Member Employment Assistance Program       568.0494
installation volunteer Services                   568.1132
Army Family Team Building                         568.2382
Army Family Action Plan                           568.1132
Army Emergency Relief                             568.7088

Mitchell W. Stout Fitness Center & Track Complex      568.3264
logan Heights Fitness Center                          568.5198
Biggs Fitness Center                            568.8697 / 8730
Ronald D. Milam Fitness Center                  568.7318 / 7518

                                                                                          Paid Advertisement
Tennis Club & Fitness Zone                            569.5448
Community Pool                                        568.4825
Replica Aquatic Center                          568.7431 / 5380
Biggs Water & Paintball Park                          568.8087
Omar N. Bradley Softball Complex                568.1145 / 4508
Mickelsen Community library                     568.6156 / 1491
Outdoor Adventures                                    568.2784
Rv Park                                               568.0106
information, Ticketing & Registration                 568.7506
Framing Bliss                                         568.5563
Auto Crafts                                           568.7280
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)       568.6556

Central Registration                             568.4374
Child Development Center (Main)            568.5689 / 6335
Child Development Center (logan)           568.3989 / 4887
YouthPlex                           568.KIDS (5437) / 5495
School Age Services                        568.8336 / 1295
School Liaison Officer (SLO)                     568.9306
Family Child Care (FCC)                          568.4198

Centennial Banquet & Conference Center                 562.5969
Fort Bliss Officers’ Club                              568.7013
Club Special Events                                    569.5715
Underwood Golf Complex                          562.1273 / 2066
The Golden Tee                                         562.3559
Fort Bliss Bowling Center                       568.6272 / 1685
Rod & Gun Club                              565. GUNS (4867) /
Fort Bliss lodging Services                            568.2983
Uncle Bao’s Restaurant                565.7777 / 1.800.723.8130
                                              565.7777 ext.352
vet Services                                           569.2266
Unit Funds                                             568.7506
Military Rent All (Furniture Rental)                   565.8473
Scuds & Suds Car Wash                                  630.8669
                                                                                          Paid Advertisement

lock’n’leave Storage                                   566.8321
Private Organizations & Solicitations                  568.4444

                                                         blissNOW 17
                                                                    1 MWR Trip: Gila Cliff                  14 Military Culture/Deployment

                                                                      Dwellings call 568-2784 or visit         Counselors Workshop 9am-4pm
                                                                      Bldg 1743 to sign up                     at the O’Club

                                                                    3 Labor Day                             14 Hispanic Heritage Lunch
                                                                                                               Special 11:30am at the O’Club &
                                                                    4 Flag Football Intramural                 Centennial
                                                                      League Begins Omar Bradley
                                                                      Softball Complex                      15 SKIESUnlimited Fashion
                                                                                                               Modeling Begins 2:30-4:30pm at
                                                                    4 RACC Meeting 3-4pm at ACS                Youth Services

                                                                    5 10 Steps to a Federal Job 1:30-       17 Youth Soccer Practice Begins at
                      C A l E N DA R O F E v E N T S 2 0 0 7          3:30pm at ACS                            the YouthPlex

                                                                    7 Mexican Night Buffet 6pm at           17 Checkbook Management 1:30-
                                                                      the O’Club                               3:30pm at ACS

                                                                    7 Baby Care 101 1-3pm at ACS         17-21 AFAP Conference varied times
                        S    M    T    W     T    F    S                                                       each day
                                                                   7 Post Pay Day Activities 1-4pm
                        26   27   28   29   30   31    1             at the Bowling Center               18-20 PEP (People Encouraging
                                                                                                               People) 9am-2pm at ACS
                         2    3    4    5    6    7    8           8 Saturday Social: Border
                         9   10   11   12   13   14   15             Photography 1pm at the O’Club          18 Writing a Winning Resume
                                                                                                               1:30-4pm at ACS
                        16   17   18   19   20   21   22           8 MWR Trip: Dripping Springs
                        23   24   25   26   27   28   29             call 568-2784 or visit Bldg 1743 to    19 Golf Membership
                                                                     sign up                                   Appreciation Day 6:30pm at the
                        30    1    2    3    4    5    6                                                       Underwood Golf Complex
                                                                   8 German American Night Run
                                                                     6pm at Kelly Park                      19 How to Mobilize Your Home
                                                                                                               Business 5:30-7:30pm at ACS
                                                                   8 Waiting Families Free Bowling
                                                                     Event 6-9pm at the Bowling Center      19 Expectant Sibling 6-7:30pm at
                                                                   9 Grandparent’s Day Brunch
                                                                     10am at the O’Club                     20 Mobilization & Deployment
                                                                                                               Readiness 8am-4pm at ACS
                                                               11-12 FRG Training (Day Class) 9am-
                                                                     2:30pm at ACS                          21 Chinese Buffet 6pm at the
                                                                  12 Creating Connections 1:30-
                                                                     3:30pm at ACS                          21 Partners in Education Kick
                                                                                                               Off Meeting 9-11am at the
                                                                  13 FRG Forum/Focus Group 9-                  O’Club
                                                                     11am at ACS
                                                                                                            22 MWR Trip: Carlsbad Caverns
                                                                  13 Ace Your Next Job Interview               call 568-2784 or visit Bldg 1743 to
                                                                     1:30-4pm at ACS                           sign up
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20 blissNOW
24 Information Exchange 9-                     28 Teen Night 7pm-12am at the
   10:30am at the O’Club                          Centennial Metro Station

25 10 Steps to a Federal Job 1:30-             29 MWR Trip: Ruidoso Day call
   4pm at ACS                                     568-2784 or visit Bldg 1743 to                                 REGUlAR EvENTS
                                                  sign up
                                                                                                 ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE             MONTHLY SEXUAL ASSAULT REVIEW
                                                                                                 every MON & WED 8:30-10:30am             BOARD MEETING every 4th THU
                                                                                                 at ACS                                   10-11am at Bldg 2, Rm 118

                                                                                                 SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT                        OPERATION RISING STAR every FRI,
      Fall Gardening in the Southwest                                                            ORIENTATION every MON & WED
                                                                                                 10am at ACS
                                                                                                                                          until Oct 19 at 7pm at the Centennial

      By Elizabeth Maline, MWR Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator                                                                    SEAFOOD LUNCH SPECIAL every FRI
                                                                                                 SKIESUnlimited ACTIVITY CLASSES          11am-1pm at the Bowling Center
      Western Texas is hot and arid. Therefore, your gardening experi-                           offered several days throughout the
      ence while being stationed here at Fort Bliss will be unique to other                      week, contact YESS at Youth Services     MIX & MATCH, SUMMER FUN
      locales.                                                                                                                            FRIDAYS every FRI 4:30pm at the
                                                                                                 ACS NEWCOMER’S ORIENTATION &             O’Club
                                                                                                 RE-ENTRY WORKSHOP every MON-
      Spread a winter conditioner on common bermuda grass in late                                FRI 8am-4:30pm at ACS                    KARAOKE NIGHT every FRI & SAT
      summer/early fall. Did you have weeds last spring before the grass                                                                  8:30pm at the Bowling Center
      started growing? These would have been cool-season weeds which                             CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH every
      germinated last fall. A pre-emergence herbicide (weed preventer)                           TUE & THU 8:30-10:30am at ACS            CLUB THUNDER ALLEY every FRI &
                                                                                                                                          SAT 10pm-1am at the Bowling Center
      applied in October will help reduce the recurrence of the same                             PLAYGROUP FOR PARENTS &
      weeds next spring.                                                                         TODDLERS (18MOS-4YRS) every              SUPER AWESOME SATURDAYS every
                                                                                                 TUE & THU 10am-12n at the                SAT 6pm-12am at SAS Logan Heights
      if you want a green winter lawn, “overseed” Bermuda grass lawns                            Bowling Center
      with a cool season grass (Rye) two to four weeks before the first                                                                   SKIESUnlimited FASHION
                                                                                                 READ ME A STORY every TUE 10am           MODELING every SAT 2:30-4:30pm
      frost date (mid November).                                                                 at Mickelsen Library, E-Wing of Bldg 2   at Youth Services

      Fall and winter are the best time to plant trees, since they don’t suffer                  1ST TERMER’S FINANCIAL                   FAMILY STORY TIME every SAT
      from transplant shock as much as summer planted trees. Trees need                          MANAGEMENT every 2nd TUE & 4th           10:30-11am at Mickelsen Library
                                                                                                 MON 9am-4pm at ACS
      the opportunity to grow roots before being subjected to summer
                                                                                                                                          BOWLING SPECIAL (bowl 2 games,
      heat and dryness. Check the amount of thatch build up, aerating your                       SCHNITZEL LUNCH SPECIAL every            get 1 free) every SAT 11am-1am at
      lawn will reduce compaction.                                                               WED 11am-1pm at the Bowling              the Bowling Center
      Cut back lantana and mulch for the winter, and divide and plant                                                                     ROD & GUN CLUB IDPA DEFENSIVE
                                                                                                 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT every               HANDGUN MATCH 4th & 5th SAT of
      Bearded iris bulbs.                                                                        WED 1:30-3:30pm at ACS                   every month

                                                                                                 BOSS MEETING every 1st & 3rd             SUNDAY BRUNCH every SUN 10am-
      Resources                                                                                  WED 3pm at USO Bldg 2408                 2pm at the O’Club                                                         BEEF & BURGUNDY every WED                FAMILY FUN BOWLING every SUN                     6-9pm at the O’Club                      11am-6pm at the Bowling Center

      General gardening hot line by Master Gardeners: 566-1276                                   AUTO MAINTENANCE & SAFETY                NFL SUNDAY TICKET starting Sept
      El Paso Native Plant Society, talk on fall planting of native plants, 7pm Oct. 11 at the   CLASSES every WED 6-7pm & every          9, every SUN 11am at the O’Club &
      Centennial Museum at the UTEP campus.                                                      SAT 8-9am at Auto Crafts                 Centennial

                                                                                                                                                                                  Paid Advertisement

                                                                                                                                          blissNOW 21
                                                                   1 Parenting (Early Childhood)          18 Treasurer Training 9-10:30am or

                                                                     1-3pm at ACS                            5:30-7pm at ACS

                                                                   3 Parenting (School Age-Teen)          18 Ace Your Next Job Interview
                                                                     1-3pm at ACS                            1:30-4pm at ACS

                                                                   3 Jumpstart Your Job Search            20 Fall Pumpkin Patch Harvest
                                                                     1:30-3:30pm at ACS                      12noon at the O’Club

                                                                   4 Process Action Team Meeting          22 Parenting (Early Childhood)
                                                                     9-11am at the O’Club                    1-3pm at ACS

                                                                   4 Writing a Winning Resume             22 Checkbook Management 1:30-
                      C A l E N DA R O F E v E N T S 2 0 0 7         5:30-7:30pm at ACS                      3:30pm at ACS

                                                                   4 BOSS Bash 9am-4pm at Biggs Park      22 FRG Leadership Refresher
                                                                                                             Course 9-11am or 5:30-7:30pm at
                                                                9-11 FRG Training (Evening Class)            ACS
                                                                     5:30-8:30pm at ACS
                        S    M    T    W     T    F    S                                               23-25 PEP (People Encouraging
                                                                  10 Parenting (School Age-Teen)             People) 9am-2pm at ACS
                        30    1    2    3    4    5    6             1-3pm at ACS
                                                                                                          24 Parenting (School Age-Teen)
                         7    8    9   10   11   12   13          10 Oktoberfest Beef & Burgundy             1-3pm at ACS
                        14   15   16   17   18   19   20             6pm at the O’Club
                                                                                                          25 AFTB Basket Bingo 6:30pm at
                        21   22   23   24   25   26   27          12 Post Pay Day Activities 1-4pm           the O’Club
                        28   29   30   31    1    2    3             at the Underwood Golf Complex
                                                                                                          26 Halloween Murder Mystery
                                                                  13 Dia de los Muertos Saturday             Dinner 7pm at the O’Club
                                                                     Social 3pm at the O’Club
                                                                                                          26 Teen Night 7pm-12am at the
                                                                  15 Bosses Day Free Dessert 11am            Centennial
                                                                     at the O’Club & Centennial
                                                                                                          27 Halloween Parties 6pm at the
                                                                  15 Parenting (Early Childhood)             Bowling Center and 10pm at the
                                                                     1-3pm at ACS                            Centennial

                                                                  16 Point of Contact Training 9-      29-30 Ken Hudnall’s Ghosts of Fort
                                                                     10:30am or 5:30-7pm at ACS              Bliss 6pm at the O’Club

                                                                  16 10 Steps to a Federal Job 5:30-      29 Information Exchange 9-
                                                                     7:30pm at ACS                           10:30am at the O’Club

                                                                  17 Parenting (School Age-Teen)          29 Parenting (Early Childhood)
                                                                     1-3pm at ACS                            1-3pm at ACS

                                                               18-19 Swimming Post Championships          29 Flag Football Post
                                                                     at Replica Pool                         Championships
                                                                                                             at Stout Gym
                                                                  18 Mobilization & Deployment
                                                                     Readiness 8am-4pm at ACS
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22 blissNOW
30 Writing a Winning Resume                 31 Parenting (School Age-Teen)
   1:30-4pm at ACS                             1-3pm at ACS

31 Fall Carnivals 9-11am at CDS
                                                                                                       REGUlAR EvENTS

                                                                                       ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE             MONTHLY SEXUAL ASSAULT REVIEW
                                                                                       every MON & WED 8:30-10:30am             BOARD MEETING every 4th THU
                                                                                       at ACS                                   10-11am at Bldg 2, Rm 118

      Elizabeth’s Chili
      By Elizabeth Maline, MWR Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator
                                                                                       SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                       ORIENTATION every MON & WED
                                                                                                                                OPERATION RISING STAR every FRI,
                                                                                                                                until Oct 19 at 7pm at the Centennial
                                                                                       10am at ACS
      olive oil (or canola oil)                  another can of water. Reduce                                                   SEAFOOD LUNCH SPECIAL every FRI
      1 large onion (diced)                      the heat to a simmer. Add             SKIESUnlimited ACTIVITY CLASSES          11am-1pm at the Bowling Center
                                                                                       offered several days throughout the
      2 celery sticks (diced)                    green chilis.
      1 green bell pepper (diced)
                                                                                       week, contact YESS at Youth Services     MIX & MATCH, SUMMER FUN
      2 cloves garlic (finely minced)                                                                                           FRIDAYS every FRI 4:30pm at the
                                                 Add chicken bouillon (this is         ACS NEWCOMER’S ORIENTATION &             O’Club
      1 can diced tomatoes                                                             RE-ENTRY WORKSHOP every MON-
      1 can tomato sauce                         probably all the salt you will
                                                 need), but taste it later to
                                                                                       FRI 8am-4:30pm at ACS                    KARAOKE NIGHT every FRI & SAT
      1 can green chilis (diced)                                                                                                8:30pm at the Bowling Center
      2 tsp Knorr™ Chicken bouillon              be sure. Add two to three             CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH every
      2-3 tsp ground cumin powder                teaspoons of ground cumin             TUE & THU 8:30-10:30am at ACS            CLUB THUNDER ALLEY every FRI &
      1/2 tsp black pepper                       powder, black pepper, and a                                                    SAT 10pm-1am at the Bowling Center
      oregano                                    spoonful each of oregano, cilan-      PLAYGROUP FOR PARENTS &
      cilantro                                                                         TODDLERS (18MOS-4YRS) every              SUPER AWESOME SATURDAYS every
                                                 tro, thyme and paprika.               TUE & THU 10am-12n at the                SAT 6pm-12am at SAS Logan Heights
                                                                                       Bowling Center
      1 lb hamburger                             i collect various kinds of chili                                               SKIESUnlimited FASHION
                                                 powders from around the               READ ME A STORY every TUE 10am           MODELING every SAT 2:30-4:30pm
      red chile powder                                                                 at Mickelsen Library, E-Wing of Bldg 2   at Youth Services
      cooked beans                               southwest (they can also be
                                                 found in the Mexican food aisle       1ST TERMER’S FINANCIAL                   FAMILY STORY TIME every SAT
      Preheat a Dutch oven on a me-
                                                 of the grocery store). Take a         MANAGEMENT every 2nd TUE & 4th           10:30-11am at Mickelsen Library
      dium flame, once the pot is hot;
                                                 teaspoon of each chili powder         MON 9am-4pm at ACS
      add the oil. into the hot oil add:                                                                                        BOWLING SPECIAL (bowl 2 games,
                                                 (that you have) and add to the
      the onion, celery, green bell pep-                                               SCHNITZEL LUNCH SPECIAL every            get 1 free) every SAT 11am-1am at
                                                 meat mixture. The secret to           WED 11am-1pm at the Bowling              the Bowling Center
      per, and garlic.
                                                 my chili is the layering of all the   Center
                                                 different chili flavors.                                                       ROD & GUN CLUB IDPA DEFENSIVE
      After the vegetables are cooked                                                  FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT every               HANDGUN MATCH 4th & 5th SAT of
      (onions are translucent and                                                      WED 1:30-3:30pm at ACS                   every month
                                                 Cover and let it simmer. Add
      celery and bell pepper are bright
                                                 cooked beans (pinto or red,           BOSS MEETING every 1st & 3rd             SUNDAY BRUNCH every SUN 10am-
      green), push the vegetable off to
                                                 juice and all) if you want and        WED 3pm at USO Bldg 2408                 2pm at the O’Club
      the sides, and brown the meat.
                                                 let it all cook at a very low
                                                 temperature. Finish off with          BEEF & BURGUNDY every WED                FAMILY FUN BOWLING every SUN
      Once the meat is cooked add                                                      6-9pm at the O’Club                      11am-6pm at the Bowling Center
                                                 your favorite toppings!
      cans of tomatoes, sauce, plus
                                                                                       AUTO MAINTENANCE & SAFETY                NFL SUNDAY TICKET starting Sept
                                                                                       CLASSES every WED 6-7pm & every          9, every SUN 11am at the O’Club &
                                                                                       SAT 8-9am at Auto Crafts                 Centennial

                                                                                                                                blissNOW 23
                                                                   2 Baby Care 101 1-3pm at ACS        15 Mobilization & Deployment
                                                                                                          Readiness 8am-4pm at ACS
                                                                   2 Post Pay Day Activities 1-4pm
                                                                     at the Bowling Center             16 O’Club Membership Drive &
                                                                                                          Appreciation Night 4:30pm at
                                                                   2 In/Out Processing Parent             the O’Club
                                                                     Workshop 9am-4pm at the O’Club    18 Thanksgiving Brunches 10am at
                                                                                                          the O’Club and Centennial
                                                                   4 Expectant Sibling 6-7:30pm at
                                                                     ACS                               19 Parenting (Early Childhood)
                                                                                                          1-3pm at ACS
                      C A l E N DA R O F E v E N T S 2 0 0 7       5 Parenting (Early Childhood)
                                                                     1-3pm at ACS                      21 Healthy Kids 1-3pm at ACS

                                                                 6-7 FRG Training (Day Class) 9am-     26 Information Exchange 9am-
                                                                     2:30pm at ACS                        10:30am at the O’Club
                        S    M    T    W     T    F    S
                                                                   7 Parenting (School Age-Teen)       28 Ace Your Next Job Interview
                        28   29   30   31    1    2    3             1-3pm at ACS                         1:30-4pm at ACS

                         4    5    6    7    8    9   10           7 10 Steps to a Federal Job 1:30-   30 Teen Night 7pm-12am at the
                        11   12   13   14   15   16   17             4pm at ACS                           Centennial

                        18   19   20   21   22   23   24           8 Jumpstart Your Job Search
                        25   26   27   28   29   30    1             1:30-3:30pm at ACS

                                                                  10 Holiday Entertaining Saturday
                                                                     Social 3pm at the O’Club

                                                                  12 Checkbook Management 1:30-
                                                                     3:30pm at ACS

                                                               13-15 PEP (People Encouraging              Plan ahead and
                                                                     People) 9am-2pm at ACS
                                                                                                          book your holiday
                                                               13-20 Turkey Bowl (Flag Football) at
                                                                     Stout Field
                                                                                                          party or event with
                                                                  14 Healthy Kids 1-3pm at ACS
                                                                                                          MWR Catering.
                                                                  14 Writing a Winning Resume
                                                                                                          See the ad on page
                                                                     1:30-4pm at ACS                      14 for more info.
 Paid Advertisement

24 blissNOW
Crafty Ideas                                                                            REGUlAR EvENTS
By Carrie Eastburn, MWR Marketing Assistant
                                                                        ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE             MONTHLY SEXUAL ASSAULT REVIEW
Alternative to journaling                                     Save      every MON & WED 8:30-10:30am             BOARD MEETING every 4th THU
                                                                        at ACS                                   10-11am at Bldg 2, Rm 118
As a result of recently cleaning out a                       your
closet, i came across many old letters                     emails!      SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT                        OPERATION RISING STAR every FRI,
and cards from when my spouse and i had                                 ORIENTATION every MON & WED              until Oct 19 at 7pm at the Centennial
                                                                        10am at ACS
written throughout military separations. The family memories de-
                                                                                                                 SEAFOOD LUNCH SPECIAL every FRI
tailed in that correspondence now serve as the journal for which        SKIESUnlimited ACTIVITY CLASSES          11am-1pm at the Bowling Center
i had always intended to keep, but somehow never made the time          offered several days throughout the
for. Although separations are a tough part of life for all military     week, contact YESS at Youth Services     MIX & MATCH, SUMMER FUN
families, i couldn’t be more thankful for the record, unintentionally                                            FRIDAYS every FRI 4:30pm at the
                                                                        ACS NEWCOMER’S ORIENTATION &             O’Club
kept, of our families’ funny stories and experiences during those       RE-ENTRY WORKSHOP every MON-
times. Often, daily activities or funny remarks are easily forgot-      FRI 8am-4:30pm at ACS                    KARAOKE NIGHT every FRI & SAT
ten, but if you keep your mail and email messages, you can have a                                                8:30pm at the Bowling Center
wonderful way of taking a trip down memory lane.                        CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH every
                                                                        TUE & THU 8:30-10:30am at ACS            CLUB THUNDER ALLEY every FRI &
                                                                                                                 SAT 10pm-1am at the Bowling Center
                                     Scrapbooking Sense Do              PLAYGROUP FOR PARENTS &
                                    you have a decade worth of          TODDLERS (18MOS-4YRS) every              SUPER AWESOME SATURDAYS every
                                                                        TUE & THU 10am-12n at the                SAT 6pm-12am at SAS Logan Heights
                                   unorganized photos ranging from      Bowling Center
                                 family outings to past holidays?                                                SKIESUnlimited FASHION
                                Why not start a scrapbook and cre-      READ ME A STORY every TUE 10am           MODELING every SAT 2:30-4:30pm
                              ate your own family keepsake albums?      at Mickelsen Library, E-Wing of Bldg 2   at Youth Services
                            It’s not as expensive or difficult as you
                                                                        1ST TERMER’S FINANCIAL                   FAMILY STORY TIME every SAT
                           may think. Begin by separating photos,       MANAGEMENT every 2nd TUE & 4th           10:30-11am at Mickelsen Library
either chronologically or by theme (ie. travel, birthdays, or family    MON 9am-4pm at ACS
reunions). Ziplock bags or envelopes will work for separating and                                                BOWLING SPECIAL (bowl 2 games,
organizing your photos. Next, start collecting supplies. Shopping       SCHNITZEL LUNCH SPECIAL every            get 1 free) every SAT 11am-1am at
                                                                        WED 11am-1pm at the Bowling              the Bowling Center
at a craft store is not always necessary. Many local dollar stores      Center
now carry a wide array of materials, such as various scissors,                                                   ROD & GUN CLUB IDPA DEFENSIVE
cardstock, and stickers. Be sure to select an album that pages can      FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT every               HANDGUN MATCH 4th & 5th SAT of
be added to or rearranged, if necessary. Free templates, patterns,      WED 1:30-3:30pm at ACS                   every month
and ideas are also available on the internet. The word process-
                                                                        BOSS MEETING every 1st & 3rd             SUNDAY BRUNCH every SUN 10am-
ing program on your home computer can be used to add varied             WED 3pm at USO Bldg 2408                 2pm at the O’Club
font sizes and styles to your pages. Just don’t forget to adjust
your printer for the thickness of the cardstock. let the photo          BEEF & BURGUNDY every WED                FAMILY FUN BOWLING every SUN
or photos you want to highlight on your scrapbook page be your          6-9pm at the O’Club                      11am-6pm at the Bowling Center
inspiration and let your imagination go!                                AUTO MAINTENANCE & SAFETY                NFL SUNDAY TICKET starting Sept
                                                                        CLASSES every WED 6-7pm & every          9, every SUN 11am at the O’Club &
                                                                        SAT 8-9am at Auto Crafts                 Centennial

                                                                                                                 blissNOW 25
   bN          golf

     Member Appreciation Night
     This year’s Member Appreciation Night will be
     held on September 19 at 7pm. This is your op-
                                                                     2007 MWR Long
                                                                     Drive Championship
     portunity to hear about future events, meet and
     greet fellow members and enjoy delicious food
     and drink. Call 562-1273 for more info.

     Discounts for Families
                                                                                         The results are in!

     of Deployed Soldiers
     The George v. Underwood Golf Complex is                                             n August 17, the George v. Underwood Golf Complex hosted
     offering special discounts on services. The Golf                                    the MWR long Drive Championship presented by Cadbury
     Complex is offering a $10 discount on daily green                                   Schweppes. This official Long Drivers of America (LDA) qualifier
     fees and lessons. For more information, contact                                     saw participation by two dozen golfers and event was document-
     568-1273.                                                                           ed by sports network ESPN. local installation prizes included: 1st
                                                                                         Place: $300 Pro Shop Gift Certificate & Adams 460cc Red Line
     Veteran’s Play Pass                                                                 Driver, 2nd Place: $150 Pro Shop Gift Certificate, 3rd Place: $ 50
     veterans can now apply for membership to the                     Pro Shop Gift Certificate. The top long drive competitor at each of the (5) geo-
     prestigious George v. Underwood Golf Complex.                    graphical zones who records the longest drive, will win an all expense paid trip to
     All applicants must bring a copy of either a veteran             compete in the military division at the RE/MAX long Drive Championship in Mes-
     identification card or a DD214 form to the Pro                   quite Nv on Thursday, October 25th 2007. Airfare, ground transportation, lodging,
     Shop. The membership fee for single veterans is                  tickets to the entire event and additional rounds of golf at world renown courses
     $85 per month and for veterans with a family is                  are included. local winners were PFC Thomas lara in First Place, who drove 367
     $125 per month. Membership is available for a 1,                 yards, in Second Place was SGT
     3, 6, 9 or 12-month time period. Dues must be                    Parrish Jacoby with 347 yards
     paid at the time the application is processed. For               and in Third Place was SFC Scott
     more information, please call the Underwood Golf                 Trumbull with 346 yards.
     Complex at 562-7255.
                                                                      The Active Duty Service Member
                                                                      who hits the longest qualified
     Wounded Warrior Program Services
                                                                      drive during the Military Divi-
     individuals with a Wounded Warrior Card are en-
                                                                      sion of the RE/MAX long Drive
     titled to Free club rental, cart rental and free green
                                                                      Championship will win $10,000
     fees at George v. Underwood Golf Complex.
                                                                      and be featured on the ESPN
                                                                      coverage of the event.

   daily lunch specials
   Every MON is Meatloaf, TUE is Chef’s Choice, THU is Schnitzel. SAT enjoy A la Carte or Soup de Jour. SUN is Steak & Eggs. WED & FRI feature:

   S E P T E M B E R 5 Baby Back Ribs 7 Catfish or Breaded Shrimp 12 Beef & Chicken Fajitas 14 Catfish or Shrimp Cocktail 19 Chicken Parmesan 21 Catfish
   or Baked Cod 26 Bratwurst 28 Catfish or Hoki Fish O C T O B E R 3 Beef or Chicken Taco Salad 5 Catfish or Seafood Platter 10 Pork Chops 12 Catfish or
   Breaded Shrimp 17 Enchilada Plate 19 Catfish or Shrimp Cocktail 24 Hamburger Steak 26 Catfish or Baked Cod 31 Bratwurst N O V E M B E R 2 Catfish
   or Baked Cod 7 Fried Chicken 9 Catfish or Breaded Shrimp 14 Beef or Chicken Taco Salad 16 Catfish or Seafood Platter 21 Turkey & Gravy 22 CLOSED Happy
   Thanksgiving 23 Catfish or Shrimp Cocktail 28 Chicken Parmesan 30 Catfish or Breaded Shrimp

   tournaments & tee times
   Every MON & TUE are specials, so check with the Pro Shop for details. Every WED is a draw for weekend tee times.

   S E P T E M B E R 1-3 Men’s Club Championship 4 Training Holiday 7 911 Tournament 12pm Shotgun on Sunrise 11 CCC 9am Shotgun on Sunrise 13 11th
   BDE 1pm Shotgun on Sunrise 15 vFW 1pm Shotgun on Sunrise 19 Member Appreciation Night 6:30pm 21 MPOA 11am Shotgun on Sunrise 28 SAME 10am
   Shotgun on Sunrise O C T O B E R 4 Assist State Convention 9am Shotgun on Sunset 5 Goodtimes 8am Shotgun on Both Courses 8 Holiday Columbus Day 9
   1st Round ladies Club Championship 10 UTEP Alumni 12pm Shotgun on Sunrise 12 EPCC 10am Shotgun on Sunset 13 Western Refinery 10am #1 Tee on Sunset
   15 Restaurant ASSN 9:30am on Sunset 16 2nd Round ladies Club Championship 18 BOSS Tournament 8am Shotgun on Sunset 19 iEC 12pm Shotgun on Sunrise
   22-24 Aerify Top Dress on Sunrise 27 Golf for Diabetes Awareness 1pm Shotgun on Sunset 29-31 Aerify Top Dress on Sunset N O V E M B E R 2 Canutillo
   Alumni Foundation for EDUC 12:30pm Shotgun 3 Western Refinery 10am #1 Tee on Sunrise 6 ladies Ace of Aces 9 EPiSD Fund 9am Shotgun on Sunset 12 Holiday
   veterans Day 13 Training Holiday 18 EP Coaches 9am Shotgun on Sunrise 22 CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving 23 Training Holiday

26 blissNOW
                                                                                                                  sports & fitness                      bN

Push-Ups                                                                                                           The Technique
                                                                                                                   The push-up is the first event tested in
                                                                                                                   the APFT and measures the endurance
                                                                                                                   of the chest, shoulders, and triceps
             This is the third in a four part                                                                      muscles. It is similar to a bench press,
                                                                                                                   except you are doing it in an inverted
             series on improving PT scores.                                                                        fashion using body weight for resis-
                                                                                                                   tance. For the US Army version:
             In this article, we will look at
             the push-up. by Doug Briggs, Ph.D., CSCS, MWR Director of Strength & Conditioning                        1.	     Assume a front leaning

                                                                                                                        position with you hands ap-
                   n the last installment of “So You Want to improve Your APFT Score?” we looked at the                 proximately shoulder width
                   fact that the single most limiting factor would be excess bodyweight, i.e. FAT. As a re-             distance apart and your
                   cap, the first thing to do to improve your APFT score is get your body fat down! There               feet no farther apart than
                   is no explainable reason why you should be lugging around all the excess fat. Since we               12 inches.
                   know that only maybe 2-3% of the population has genetic factors related to weight, the             2.	 The body should be in
                   only other possibility is you! Bottom line: calories in equal calories out. As you know, i           a straight line from the
                   am very big on personal responsibility. if you are overfat, it is your fault! Take responsi-         shoulders to the ankles
              bility and do something about it.                                                                         when viewed from the side.
                                                                                                                      3.	 Begin the push-ups by
              For the push-up this becomes even more critical as you have to actually lift all that excess              bending your elbows and
              baggage commonly referred to as a gut or spare tire. A Redneck way to put this might                      lowering your ENTiRE
              be: “How do you know you’re too fat to do a pushup? When your waist measurement is                        body as a single unit until
              larger than the diameter of a 55-gallon barrel!” Seriously, at no point in the push-up should             the upper arms are parallel
              your gut touch the ground; your chest maybe, but not your gut.                                            to the ground and then
                                                                                                                        return to the starting posi-
                                                                                                                        tion by raising your entire

Training Week                          DAY 4 Do a combination              Tips                                         body until your arms are
                                                                                                                        fully extended.
                                       of push-ups and push-ups                                                       4.	 Repeatuntilyougetamax-
                                       with weight: 30 reps without         • Get the weight off.
What is important is the effective-                                                                                     imum number of push-ups
ness of the training that you do?      weight, 30 reps with weight;                                                     in two (2) minutes or until
Training is specific and as such, if   20 reps without weight, 20           • Train specifically for the push-
                                                                                                                        you get the maximum num-
you are training for an APFT test,     reps with slightly heavier             up event by doing push-ups.
                                                                                                                        ber for your age adjusted
you need to train in the manner        weight; 10 reps without                                                          score; of course it wouldn’t
that you’re tested.                    weight, 10 reps with even            • Have another soldier add a
                                                                                                                        hurt to do more if you are
                                       heavier weight.                        weight plate to your upper back
                                                                                                                        capable of doing so.
DAY 1 Do max push-ups                                                         and then do push-ups. Gradu-
                                                                                                                      5.	 in the US Army you may
                                                                              ally increase the weight over
using CORRECT form three               DAY 5 Do one set of the                time as you get stronger.
                                                                                                                        rest by sagging in the
(3) times. The first set you           maximum number of push-                                                          middle or flexing your back.
might get 80 reps, the second          ups you can do in two, timed                                                     While MOST push-up tests
60 set, and the 3rd set only                                                • Do bench presses, shoulder
                                       minutes just as you would on                                                     require remaining rigid and
40. The number of reps you                                                    work including rotator cuff
                                       the APFT.                                                                        resting in the “up” position,
get on the sets will be unique                                                internal/external rotations, and
                                                                                                                        the US Army gives you this
to you.                                                                       triceps work to increase the
                                       DAY 6 & 7 Relax and                                                              slight advantage.
                                       enjoy the hard work you have
                                                                              strength in the triceps.
                                                                                                                      6.	 The Soldier’s chest MAY
DAY 2 Do push-ups from                 put into making this an easy                                                     touch the ground, but the
                                                                            • Develop your CORE strength
the floor with a weight plate          event.                                                                           ground may not be used to
                                                                              and keep your abs tight while
on your back. Do 20 reps                                                                                                “bounce” off of.
                                                                              doing the push-ups.
three (3) times. On all push-          You can do this even on the
up work, exhale on exertion;           days you do the bench press;                                                There are other rules to follow
                                                                            • When actually doing push-ups,
for the push-up that would be          just do it after your chest                                                 when doing push-ups, but these
                                                                              work on the speed to engage
as you are coming up to the            and triceps work unless you                                                 are the major ones.
                                                                              the muscle in muscular endur-
starting position.                     are trying to pre-exhaust the          ance. A 400 lb. bench press is
                                       muscle. Good luck and let’s            great, but will not necessarily
DAY 3 Enjoy the day off                watch those push-ups grow in           translate into 80 push-ups in
from push-ups.                         number!                                two (2) minutes.

                                                                                                                   blissNOW 27
   bN        bowling

             National Bowling Week
                                         Oh what fun!

                                                           ids, as well as adults, had lots of fun during National Bowling Week
                                                           which was held August 25 thru 31. Fort Bliss Bowling Center
                                                           kicked-off the event with an awesome Block Party on Saturday with
                                                           free bowling for kids. Children, and even some grown-ups helped
                                                           color bowling-inspired murals which were hung. And where there
                                                           is a celebration, there is always free cake and punch. The Bowling
                                                Center also had a remarkable selection of give-away prizes, including an iPod
                                                shuffle and Coby MP3 players, free music downloads, movie tickets, and free
                                                               bowling games and parties.

                                                                      Bowling Week also saw patrons win games of bowling
                                                                       while participating in the Blue Pin Special promo-
                                                                        tion. Retirees had their own special appreciation day
                                                                         and labor Day weekend was kicked-off by a special
                                                                          Thursday Night Family Event.

                                                                                           BOWLING PARTIES
                                                                                           The Fort Bliss Bowling Center is offering a variety of
                                                                                           birthday party packages. Parents may choose from
                                                                                           four different birthday packages for their children.

                                                                                           The Dog Package $8.50 per child
                                                                                                     Hot dog with chips
                 BOWLING LUNCH                        CLUB THUNDER ALLEY                             12oz fountain drink
                 SPECIALS                             Join the Fort Bliss Bowling                    1 game of bowling
                 Fort Bliss Bowling Center of-        Center for a state-of-the-art        The Hamburger $8.50 per child
                 fers a schnitzel lunch special on    good time. Thunder Alley gets                  Regular burger and chips
                 Wednesdays and seafood lunch         underway every Friday and                      12oz fountain drink
                 special on Friday. For informa-      Saturday night from 10pm-1am.                  1 game of bowling
                 tion call 568-6272.                  Get a strike, have some drinks,      The Pizza Package $8.75 per child
                                                      and hang out with friends dur-                 Slice of pizza
                                                      ing this glow-in-the-dark play                 12oz fountain drink
                 IT’S KARAOKE TIME!                   land and club-like atmosphere.
                 The Fort Bliss Bowling Center                                                       1 game of bowling
                                                      The center’s lounge features a       The Full Bliss $119 for 14 guests
                 hosts karaoke nights for MWR         wide-screen Tv, Karaoke, dancing
                 patrons and guests Friday and                                                       2 large 1 topping pizzas
                                                      and entertainment. Snack bar                   2 pitchers of soda
                 Saturday nights. Karaoke King        features a full short-order menu.
                 takes to the stage beginning at                                                     2 lanes for 2 hour
                                                      The center is also available for
                 7:30pm in the center’s lounge. As    small get-togethers or for your      All birthday packages include shoe rental, party hats,
                 a reminder, all non-active duty      next birthday party there. Several   balloons and ¼ sheet party confetti, streamers and
                 military guests, including family    packages are available. Call 568-    cake. Minimum of six children is required per party
                 members and civilians, must be       6272 for more.                       with 48 hour reservation for all parties.The Bowling
                 at least 21 to drink alcoholic                                            Center features automatic bumpers, controlled by
                 beverages. For information, call                                          the center’s scoring system, for the benefit of younger
                 568-6272.                                                                 bowlers who can now bowl together with older
                                                                                           children and adults with little interruption to the
                                                                                           game. For information or to reserve your party, call

28 blissNOW
                                                                                                                                bowling            bN

          Coaching Analysis:visit the center and improve your scores
          with a Personal Video Analysis by USBC Certified Coaches.
                                                                               Hot Dog!
                                                                               What a Deal!
          The Fort Bliss Bowling Center is offering special discounts on       The Fort Bliss Bowling Center will be selling deli-
          services. The Bowling Center is offering a $1 discount on up to
                                                                               cious Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs through
          three games of bowling in one day. This discount is available Fri-
          day through Sunday. For more information contact the Bowling         Sept. 30. When you purchase six ½ lb. or ¼ lb. hot
          Center at 562-6272 or 568-1685.                                      dogs, you’ll receive one free ¼ lb hot dog. Once
                                                                               your punch card is full, you’ll be entered into a
          40 FRAME TOURNAMENTS                                                 sweepstakes drawing for several fantastic prizes!
          The Bowling Center hosts a 40 Frame tournament every                 For more information contact the Bowling Center
          month at 12:30-3:30pm. Bowlers will bowl 40 frames, with the         at 562-6272 or 568-1685.
          40th frame counting as a traditional 10th frame. Throughout
          the game, frames such as money shot, mulligan, no tap, and re-
          throw will be included. The cost is $20 per bowler. Prizes will
          be awarded!

          individuals with a Wounded Warrior Card are entitled to free
          shoe rental and free games of bowling at the Bowling Center.

  “Develop a mental game.
The key for any top bowler is         Meet the
to keep the mind free. Smart
decisions during competition
                                                                                                                                     “Always check your
can make a difference in the
                                                                                                “Keeping your eye on                shoes for cleanliness.
         final score.”
                                                                                              your target from start to            Make sure the slide shoe
                                     “Have your                                              finish will eliminate many               is clean and dry.”
                                 equipment checked                                              inconsistencies in the
                                  once a year for a                                                  approach.”
                                     proper fit.”

        DON AGUILAR                         GEORGE GAUCIN                       JAVIER MATAMOROS                               JOE FEDALIZO
     Center level - Senior Coach          Center level - intermediate Coach       Center level - Junior Coach               Center level - Junior Coach
    Coaching Experience - 20 years          Coaching Experience - 5 years        Coaching Experience - 10 years            Coaching Experience - 3 years
    Certification Level - USBC Silver     Certification Level - USBC Bronze     Certification Level - USBC Level 1        Certification Level - USBC Level 1
                 30 years                               20 years                              15 years                                  10 years

                                                                                                                    blissNOW 29
                      bN          mwr news

                      2007 Summer Reading Program
                             By Kathy Thomson,
                          Mickelsen library lead    Paws, Claws, Scales, & Tales!
                                   librarian Tech
                                                    Meet Furry, Fishy, Feathery
                                                    Friends at the Library!

                                very summer, Mickelsen Community library sponsors a sum-           Mr. Derrill Rothermich, a volunteer with the El Paso Zoo, both enter-
                                mer reading program for Fort Bliss children ages 2 through 12.     tained and educated the crowd with four animals he brought from the
                                The objective of the program is twofold. First and foremost, it    zoo to show the children. They were a golden bearded lizard, a leopard
                                is held to encourage children to read for enjoyment through-       gecko, a tiny opossum, and a chinchilla. Everyone was allowed to pet the
                                out the summer. Second, it is held to introduce children and       mammals. After the program, refreshments were served.
                                their parents to the post library.
                                                                                                   Mickelsen Community library is located in the basement of Wing E,
                      This year’s theme was ““Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales! Meet Furry, Fishy,   Building 2. Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays through
                      Feathery Friends at the library!” Reading began June 5 and continued         Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Wednesdays, from 12:00 p.m. to
                      through August 4, concluding with an awards ceremony and party held          8:00 p.m. The library is closed Sundays, Mondays, all Federal holidays,
                      on Saturday, August 11. One-hundred eleven children read 1,717 books         and the Tuesdays following a Monday holiday. Call 568-6156/1491/6154
                      during the summer. Each reader received a goody bag full of surprises.       for more information.
                      Children who read at least 10 books qualified for a certificate, and the
                      top three readers in each age group received special prizes.

                                                                                                     RESULTS BY AGE GROUP
                                                                                                     in the 2-5 year old category, 992 books were read by
                                                                                                     71 children. The top three readers were:

                                                                                                     1st Noah Scott                4         135 books
                                                                                                     2nd isabel Perez              4         100 books
                                                                                                     3rd Olivia Clark              2         69 books

                                                                                                     in the 6-7 year old category, 336 books were read
                                                                                                     by 35 children. There was a tie for 2nd place; no 3rd
                                                                                                     place was awarded. The top three readers were:

                                                                                                     1st Evan Clark                7         45 books
                                                                                                     2nd Wyatt Calvert             7         27 books
                                                                                                     2nd Essynce lewis             6         27 books

                                                                                                     Twenty-two 8 & 9 year olds read 232 books. The top
                                                                                                     three readers were:

                                                                                                     1st William limon             9         60 books
                                                                                                     2nd Roger De la Hunt          9         40 books
                                                                                                     3rd Ebony lewis               8         19 books

                                                                                                     157 books were read by 16 children in the 10-12 year
                                                                                                     old category. There was a tie for 2nd place; no 3rd
                                                                                                     place was awarded. The top three readers were:
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                                                                                                     1st Chaise Carl               11        27 books
                                                                                                     2nd Marvin Hughes             10        22 books
                                                                                                     2nd Amber Reid                12        22 books

30 blissNOW
                                                                                                               mwr news                 bN

On the Road Again
               By Cher Poehlein, ACS Relocation Readiness Manager

                 odern technology is making life a little easier     Plan My Move allows families to move more effectively and
                 and so much more convenient. There are a            efficiently. The site also provides information regarding your
                 number of tools and resources for Soldiers and      entitlements and benefits, points of contacts, checklists, plan-
                 their families that can ease being on the move,     ning tools, and information on education and employment.
                 whether it’s your first or twenty-first move. The   This amazing program also allows you to create a custom
                 newest tool available to support Soldiers and       calendar for you and your family to follow. You can store the
families is called Plan My Move or PMM and Military installations    entries on the site and return whenever you like to update
or Mi which are the newest sources now available from Military       or make changes.
                                                                     if you need assistance with your next move stop by Army
The Relocation Assistance Program was established in 1989,           Community Service located at 2494 Ricker Road on Fort
throughout the years there has been a number of relocation           Bliss or call (915) 568-1132 for more information. Your
websites that were established to ease the hardships of moving       friendly neighborhood Relocation Assistance Manager would
to a new location. One of the most commonly used informa-            love to welcome you into our Team Bliss Community or as-
tion site was managed by Defense Manpower Data Center or             sist you with your next journey…”On the Road Again…”
DMDC and this “was” SiTES or Standard installation Topics
Exchange Service. As of May 1, 2007 SiTES is no longer avail-
able. The office of the Secretary of Defense, who is the primary
sponsor of the SiTES web site has evolved with technology
and has also made a transition to a more informative program
designed to help you plan and carry out a PCS with ease.

Plan My Move and Military installations are available through
both Military OneSource at and
Military Homefront at These
sites are interactive and allow the user to tailor each move to
fit their needs and those of their family.

Plan My Move allows
families to move more
effectively and efficiently.
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                                          Contact MWR Sponsorship &
                                          Advertising to see how you can
                                          reach America’s Soldier today.
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   bN        fort bliss fun facts

   Fort Bliss Fun Facts
                                            Fort Bliss has six locations, five besides its                 if you consider that the Confederacy

                               1            current one. The Post Opposite El Paso
                                            was the first, located where the convention
                                            center and Abraham Chavez auditorium
                                                                                                  6         in the Civil War was a foreign power,
                                                                                                            two “foreigners” commanded Fort
                                                                                                            Bliss during the Civil War. They were
                                          are. The second was Magoffinsville, located                      Colonel John Baylor and Brigadier
                                      at the corner of Magoffin and Willow Streets                       General Henry Hopkins Sibley.
      See how much             east of downtown. Camp Concordia was the third,
                               located south of Concordia Cemetery and i-10. The                           After the end of the 19th century,
     you know about
                               fourth was Garrison Town, which was in rented build-                          Fort Bliss became the biggest horse
                               ings surrounding San Jacinto Plaza downtown. The                              cavalry post in the Army. The 1st
        the history of         fifth was Hart’s Mill, where the Hacienda Restaurant                          Cavalry Division was formed here in
       your Fort Bliss         is just off the viaduct on Paisano Street. The final
                               location was originally called lanoria Mesa and was 5
                                                                                                             September 1921. The division head-
                                                                                                           quarters and the Second Brigade were
          community.           miles east of El Paso.                                                  here, with over 8,000 horses and mules.

                                       Fort Bliss was named in 1854 for William                             The horse cavalry fostered the game

                                         Wallace Smith Bliss. Bliss graduated from                           of polo. Noel Field, one of the main

                                          West Point in 1833. He served as General                           parade fields, and Armstrong Field,
                                           Zachary Taylor’s adjutant general dur-                            located below the Fort Bliss Offi-
                                           ing the Mexican War and as his personal                          cers’ Club, were named after officers
                                             secretary when Taylor was the President                       who were killed playing polo.
                                                 of the United States. it probably did
                                                    not hurt that Bliss was married to                       in 1945, many German rocket scien-

                                                      one of Taylor’s daughters. Bliss                         tists were brought here to conduct
                                                        died of yellow fever in 1853.                           research using the v2 rocket. The
                                                          Although he is buried here,                           project was called Operation Paper
                                                           he never actually served at                         Clip, as those selected had a paper
                                                                 Fort Bliss.                                 clip attached to their files. In 1947,
                                                                                                         one v2 rocket went in the wrong direction

                                                                      The garrison           and landed three and a half miles south of the Juarez
                                                                       headquarters          business district.
                                                                       building was a
                                                                      hospital at first.                   Fort Bliss has a total of 1.12 million

                                                                    Building 4, the Di-                     acres and is larger than all of the
                                                              rectorate of Resource                          other Training and Doctrine Com-
                                                              Management, was a                              mand posts combined. You could
                                                             quarantine facility. it was                    put the state of Rhode island in the
                                                            used heavily during the                       maneuver area and still have room.
                                                           1918 influenza epidemic,
                                                          and is said to be haunted.         Courtesy of John A. Hamilton, Command Historian,
                                                                                             U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center and School
                                                        The Fort Bliss replica is a

                                                          replica of Magoffinsville. It
                                                          was actually built in 1948,
                                                          with real adobe brick and
                                                         timbers from the Capitan
                                                       Mountains in New Mexico.

                                        Several officers that served in the Confed-
                                          eracy were commanders or leaders at Fort

                               5           Bliss in the 1850s. They included James
                                           longstreet and George Pickett. Both
                                          were at Gettysburg, where Pickett’s divi-
                                         sion was destroyed in Pickett’s charge.

34 blissNOW
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