Teacher of the Year Selection Procedure by mll78346


									           Teacher of the Year Selection Procedure

1. Please post these guidelines in the teacher workroom.
2. The building representative should conduct the voting process. This
   includes handing out ballots and handling tie-breakers if the need
   should arise.
3. The building representative notifies the staff to nominate a teacher.
   According to state guidelines, staff who do not qualify are: librarians
   and guidance counselors. All other certified staff are eligible,
   including special education teachers. Eligible teachers must have
   taught in the district a minimum of five years.
4. Only certified staff are to vote.
5. No electronic means of voting is allowed. All ballots are kept with
   the building representative until the Seaman Teacher of the Year
   nominee is selected.
6. The building representative and building principal determine the
   building nominee by counting ballots and tabulating results. Initial
   results and ballots are to be shared with the building principal only.
7. In the event of a tie, the building rep will make a new ballot with the
   names of the tied nominees for staff to revote. Step 2 is then repeated.
8. The building representative then notifies the nominee. At this time
   the nominee is asked if they are willing to represent their building and
   fill out the necessary paperwork to submit to the Seaman Teacher of
   the Year Committee. If the nominee declines, the next nominee with
   the highest votes becomes eligible for building Teacher of the Year
   and the building rep asks them the same question.
9. If the nominee accepts the nomination, an announcement is made to
   the staff informing them of their TOY nominee.
10.The district chairperson of the TOY Selection Committee is notified
   of the school’s nomination.

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