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					January 2009
Volume 3, Issue 1                                       Texas readING FIrsT                         QuARTERly

Elementary Teacher of                           Dora Newell named
the year............................. 1

Comprehension                                   Texas Elementary
Training Modules ..... 1

Collaborative                                   Teacher of the year
Coaching ........................ 2                      ongratulations to Dora Newell, a third-grade
News Flash:                                              teacher at Thigpen-Zavala Elementary in
Going Green! ................ 2                          McAllen Independent School District, upon
                                                her selection as the Texas Elementary Teacher of the
Spotlight on Success:                           Year. Newell received the award at a luncheon and cer-     Dora Newell,
Award-winning                                                                                           Teacher of the year.
Campuses. ..................... 3               emony at the Connally Banquet Hall at The Univer-
                                                sity of Texas Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Newell was
Focus: Video & PD .... 5                        awarded a cash prize of $5,000, a SMART Board technology package worth more
                                                than $15,000, and a commemorative trophy.
Instructional Connection:
Tier III .................................. 6

RTA Corner..................... 6               ‘Elements of understanding’ training
update .............................. 7
                                                modules target comprehension gains

            uuu                                         pproximately 30 years ago, Do-       Goudvis explain that, “Active readers in-
                                                        lores Durkin shocked the field of    teract with the text they read. Getting
                                                        literacy instruction when she re-    readers to think when they read, to de-
     Institute for Public School                vealed the results of her comprehension      velop an awareness of their thinking, and
Initiatives, University of Texas                instruction study. Her findings indicated    to actively use the knowledge they glean
        System Administration                   that virtually no comprehension instruc-     are the primary goals of [comprehension
                                                tion was taking place during the reading     instruction]. In this way, reading shapes
       Texas Education Agency                   instruction block within a regular school    and even changes thinking.”
                        (TEA)                   day. Instead, the study found that what
                                                teachers thought of as comprehension         Texas Reading First (TRF) data analyses
 University of Houston–Texas
  Institute for Measurement,                    instruction mainly focused on questions      have shown strong gains in the areas of
    Evaluation, and Statistics                  asked by teachers after the reading of a     phonological awareness and graphopho-
                     (TIMES)                    story. While this type of questioning        nemic knowledge. However, gains in
   University of Texas Health
                                                may be adequate to assess comprehen-         comprehension have not been as signifi-
     Science Center-Houston                     sion, these techniques were not useful in    cant. In response to these data and addi-
 Children’s Learning Institute                  teaching students how to make meaning        tional research within the component of
                         (CLI)                  of what they had read.                       reading comprehension, the TRF Part-
    Vaughn Gross Center for                                                                  nership has developed nine comprehen-
                                                In their book Strategies That Work: Teach-
 Reading and Language Arts                                                                   sion-related modules.
   at The University of Texas                   ing Comprehension for Understanding and
                    at Austin                   Engagement, Stephanie Harvey and Anne                        (Article continues page 4)
Page 2                                                                                      TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER

Collaborative coaching
Hundreds of miles apart, coaches put their heads together to craft GK routines

           hat does collaborative coach-      classroom teachers were provided the            Facilitator Dalia Perez of Austin ISD
           ing look like between local        GK routines training by their RTA and           creating numerous Spanish GK spelling
           campus coaches (LCCs) and          received the GK routines developed by           routines that can be used by classroom
reading technical assistance specialists      Socorro. Fabens began using the Eng-            teachers to improve GK scores. This col-
(RTAs) 556 miles apart in three different     lish routines, and the bilingual teachers       laboration was made possible by Reading
Reading First school districts? Well, ask     asked for routines in Spanish. This need        First Directors/Coordinators Rebecca
Socorro and Fabens LCCs in West Texas’        led the Fabens LCCs to begin developing         Gomez of Fabens, Raquel Martinez of
Region 19 and Austin LCCs in Region           the routines in Spanish using the Socorro       Socorro, and Peggy Mays of Austin.
13 how they managed to collaborate            template.
on the writing and sharing of grapho-                                                         While the collaborative efforts to com-
phonemic knowledge (GK) routines for          In November 2008, Peggy Mays, Read-             plete the Spanish GK spelling routines
second- and third-grade teachers in both      ing First director in Austin, invited Mir-      are still in progress, this cross-regional
English and Spanish.                          iam Corral, LCC from Lujan-Chavez               support can serve as a model well into the
                                              Elementary School in Socorro, to attend         future for the sustainability of research-
In January 2007, Socorro LCCs began           the Austin Independent School District          based reading instruction in Texas.
creating and implementing GK routines         (ISD) Reading First coaches meeting.
with Reading First teachers after a Chil-     Corral and her RTA, Lilia Montelongo,           Special thanks for work on this project
dren’s Learning Institute training. A tem-    led a discussion about their experiences        to: RF Directors/Coordinators Rebecca
plate developed by Socorro LCCs after         in planning the implementation of the           Gomez of Fabens, Raquel Martinez of
the initial training was a helpful tool for   enhanced GK spelling routines at the            Socorro, and Peggy Mays of Austin; UT
developing the routines.                      campus level for the Austin ISD Reading         System Project Manager Marsha Loyd;
                                              First coaches and response to interven-         RTAs Lisa Drummond, Nina Lillian,
In the spring of 2008, Fabens LCCs and        tion specialists.                               and Lilia Montelongo; Austin LCCs
                                                                                              Sandra Hendricks, Marla Hunt, Tracy
                                              As a result of Corral’s excellent coaching      Rakusin, Melanie Weedman, and Sum-
   News Flash!                                when introducing the GK routines to
                                              her teachers — including modeling the
                                                                                              mer Woodman; Fabens LCCs Rosemary
                                                                                              Gallo-Avitia and Alicia Macias; and So-
                                              routines in every second- and third-grade       corro LCCs Nancy Apodaca, Cindy C.
          Going green!                        classroom — the campus GK scores im-            Contreras, Helen Coplan, Miriam Cor-
                                              proved dramatically in both grades. This        ral, Sylvia Gomez-Soriano, Veronica Lo-
   The Texas Reading First Quar-
                                              first-hand experience in improving GK           meli, Alta Rubio, Cynthia Velasquez,
   terly newsletter is going green!           scores gave Austin LCCs a road map              and Rosemary Yates.
   In an effort to become more                to campus implementation. Corral ex-
   sustainable and environmentally            plained that her first step was using the
   friendly, starting in April 2009,
   the newsletter will be published
                                              second- and third-grade GK data from
                                              the Texas Primary Reading Inventory                     Save
   only online, at http://texas-              and the Tejas LEE. She also reflected on ter-
   lynewsletter. The newsletter
                                              her experiences troubleshooting with her
                                              campus teachers. At the end of this collab-
                                                                                                    the Date!
   will no longer be printed and              orative, informative meeting, the Austin          The Advanced Coaching Insti-
                                              LCCs agreed to join Socorro and Fabens            tute IV will be held May 12–13
   mailed. All previous editions of
                                              LCCs in writing, enhancing, editing, and          at the Westin Galleria in Hous-
   the newsletter can also be found
                                              revising the Spanish GK routines.
   at this site. We hope you enjoy                                                              ton. Online registration opened
   the new format and continue to             In December, the cross-regional collabo-          on January 19. Visit http://
   use and share this resource with           ration continued with RTAs Lilia Mon-   
   others.                                    telongo, Lisa Drummond, and Nina                  ACI2009 to register.
                                              Lillian; several LCCs; and Reading First
TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER                                                                                                                                                Page 3

Te x a s R e a d i n g Fi r s t S p o t l i g h t o n S u c c e s s
Congratulations to the fol-         Lubbock ISD                           •	 Gonzalez	Elementary             El Paso ISD                        •	 Anderson	Elementary

lowing Texas Reading First           •	 McWhorter	Elementary              •	 Longoria	Elementary              •	 Bond	Elementary                •	 Benbrook	Elementary
                                    McLeod ISD                            •	 Palm	Grove	Elementary            •	 Clendenin	Elementary           •	 Briscoe	Elementary
                                     •	 McLeod	Elementary                 •	 Perez	Elementary                 •	 Coldwell	Elementary            •	 Brookline	Elementary
2008 No Child Left Be-              Mount Pleasant ISD                    •	 Resaca	Elementary                •	 Collins	Elementary             •	 Burnet	Elementary
hind (NCLB) Blue Rib-                •	 Annie	Sims	Elementary             •	 Skinner	Elementary               •	 Fannin	Elementary              •	 Burrus	Elementary
bon Schools, Reading                Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD              •	 Southmost	Elementary             •	 Hawkins	Elementary             •	 C.	Martinez	Elementary
First Campuses                       •	 North	Alamo	Elementary            •	 Vermillion	Road	Elementary       •	 Lamar	Elementary               •	 Carrillo	Elementary
 •	 Ben	Milam	Elementary,	Dallas	   Rio Grande City Consolidated Inde-    •	 Yturria	Elementary               •	 Logan	Elementary               •	 Crawford	Elementary
    Independent School District     pendent School District (CISD)
                                                                         Buffalo ISD                          •	 Newman	Elementary              •	 Crespo	Elementary
    (ISD)                            •	 Alto	Bonito	Elementary
                                                                          •	 Buffalo	Elementary               •	 Park	Elementary                •	 De	Chaumes	Elementary
 •	 Victor	Hugo	Hartsfield	          •	 John	&	Olive	Hinojosa	
                                                                         Castleberry ISD                      •	 Putnam	Elementary              •	 Durham	Elementary
    Elementary, Houston ISD             Elementary
                                                                          •	 Castleberry	Elementary           •	 Roberts	Elementary             •	 Eliot	Elementary
2008 Texas Education                 •	 North	Grammar	Elementary
                                                                          •	 Joy	James	Elementary             •	 Schuster	Elementary            •	 Emerson	Elementary
Agency (TEA) Exemplary               •	 Ringgold	Elementary
                                                                         Chilton ISD                          •	 Whitaker	Elementary            •	 Field	Elementary
Rating, Reading First               Socorro ISD
                                                                          •	 Chilton	School                   •	 Zavala	Elementary              •	 Gallegos	Elementary
Campuses                             •	 Loma	Verde	Elementary
                                                                         Colmesneil ISD                      Everman ISD                        •	 Garcia	Elementary
                                    Three Rivers ISD
Athens ISD                                                                •	 Colmesneil	Elementary            •	 Hommel	Elementary
                                     •	 Three	Rivers	Elementary                                                                                 •	 Garden	Oaks	Elementary
 •	 Bel	Air	Elementary                                                   Corsicana ISD                        •	 Souder	Elementary
                                    Tornillo ISD                                                                                                •	 Garden	Villas	Elementary
 •	 South	Athens	Elementary                                               •	 Carroll	Elementary              Fort Worth ISD
                                     •	 Tornillo	Elementary                                                                                     •	 Golfcrest	Elementary
Austin ISD                                                                •	 Fannin	Elementary                •	 Clifford	Davis	Elementary      •	 Gregory-Lincoln	Education	
 •	 Campbell	Elementary             2008 TEA Recognized                                                                                            Center
                                                                          •	 Jose	Antonio	Navarro	            •	 Diamond	Hill	Elementary
                                    Rating, Reading First                    Elementary
Avery ISD                                                                                                     •	 Dolores	Huerta	Elementary      •	 Hartsfield	Elementary	
 •	 Avery	Elementary                                                     Dallas ISD                                                                (also a Blue Ribbon School)
                                    Alvarado ISD                                                              •	 E.	M.	Daggett	Elementary
Beaumont ISD                                                              •	 Albert	S.	Johnston	Elementary                                      •	 Isaacs	Elementary
                                     •	 Lillian	Elementary                                                    •	 Eastern	Hills	Elementary
 •	 French	Elementary                                                     •	 Arcadia	Park	Elementary                                            •	 J.	W.	Jones	Elementary
                                    Amigos por Vida – Friends for Life                                        •	 Glen	Park	Elementary
 •	 Homer	Drive	Elementary          Charter                               •	 Ascher	Silberstein	Elementary                                      •	 K.	Smith	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Oakhurst	Elementary
 •	 Price	Elementary                 •	 Amigos	por	Vida	–	Friends	for	    •	 City	Park	Elementary                                               •	 Law	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Richard	Wilson	Elementary
Brownsville ISD                         Life Charter School               •	 Erasmo	Seguin	Elementary                                           •	 Lewis	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Sam	Rosen	Elementary
 •	 Dr.	Ruben	Gallegos	Elementary   Austin ISD                            •	 F.	P.	Caillet	Elementary                                           •	 Looscan	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Springdale	Elementary
 •	 Morningside	Elementary           •	 Pecan	Springs	Elementary          •	 Fannin	Elementary                                                  •	 MacArthur	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Worth	Heights	Elementary
Cisco ISD                           Beaumont ISD                          •	 Hogg	Elementary                                                    •	 McDade	Elementary
                                                                                                             Freer ISD
 •	 Cisco	Elementary                 •	 Blanchette	Elementary             •	 Houston	Elementary                                                 •	 N.	Q.	Henderson	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Norman	M.	Thomas	
Dalhart ISD                          •	 Dunbar	Elementary                 •	 Ireland	Elementary                  Elementary                     •	 Patterson	Elementary
 •	 Dalhart	Elementary               •	 Fletcher	Elementary               •	 Leila	P.	Cowart	Elementary      Galveston ISD                      •	 Port	Houston	Elementary
Dallas ISD                           •	 Lucas	Elementary                  •	 Maple	Lawn	Elementary            •	 Burnet	Elementary              •	 Red	Elementary
 •	 Ben	Milam	Elementary	            •	 Martin	Elementary                 •	 Medrano	Elementary               •	 Morgan	Elementary	Magnet	      •	 Scroggins	Elementary
    (also a Blue Ribbon School)                                                                                  School
                                     •	 Pietzsch-MacArthur	Elementary     •	 Miller	Elementary                                                  •	 Shearn	Elementary
 •	 Walnut	Hill	Elementary                                                                                   Harlandale ISD
                                    Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD            •	 Peeler	Elementary                                                  •	 Valley	West	Elementary
El Paso ISD                                                                                                   •	 Gillette	Elementary
                                     •	 Palito	Blanco	Elementary          •	 Preston	Hollow	Elementary                                          •	 Wainwright	Elementary
 •	 Bonham	Elementary                                                                                         •	 H.	W.	Schulze	Elementary
                                    Bloomington ISD                       •	 Roberts	Elementary                                                 •	 Whidby	Elementary
 •	 Cielo	Vista	Elementary                                                                                    •	 Rayburn	Elementary
                                     •	 Bloomington	Elementary            •	 Ronald	E.	McNair	Elementary                                       Kaufman ISD
Fabens ISD                                                                                                   Harts Bluff ISD
                                    Blum ISD                              •	 Rowe	Elementary                                                    •	 Monday	Elementary
 •	 Fabens	Primary                                                                                            •	 Harts	Bluff	Elementary
                                     •	 Blum	Elementary                   •	 Tolbert	Elementary                                                 •	 Phillips	Primary
Hale Center ISD                                                                                              Hawkins ISD
                                    Brownsville ISD                      DeKalb ISD                                                            Kenedy ISD
 •	 Akin	Elementary                                                                                           •	 Hawkins	Elementary
                                     •	 A.	X.	Benavides	Elementary        •	 DeKalb	Elementary                                                  •	 Kenedy	Elementary
Harlandale ISD                                                                                               Hearne ISD
                                     •	 Aiken	Elementary                 Donna ISD                                                             Kingsville ISD
 •	 Gilbert	Elementary                                                                                        •	 East	Side	Elementary
                                     •	 Burns	Elementary                  •	 C.	Stainke	Elementary                                              •	 Harrel	Elementary
Highland ISD                                                                                                 Hempstead ISD
                                     •	 Canales	Elementary                •	 J.	P.	Lenoir	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                •	 Kleberg	Elementary
 •	 Highland	School                                                                                           •	 Hempstead	Elementary
                                     •	 Champion	Elementary               •	 J.	W.	Caceres	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                •	 Lamar	Elementary
Houston ISD                                                                                                  Hooks ISD
                                     •	 Cromack	Elementary               Driscoll ISD
                                                                                                                                               Kirbyville CISD
 •	 Allen	Elementary                                                                                          •	 Hooks	Elementary
                                     •	 Del	Castillo	Elementary           •	 Driscoll	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                •	 Kirbyville	Elementary
 •	 Cornelius	Elementary                                                                                     Houston ISD
                                     •	 Egly	Elementary                  Edcouch-Elsa ISD
                                                                                                                                               Kopperl ISD
 •	 Love	Elementary                                                                                           •	 A.	A.	Milne	Elementary
                                     •	 El	Jardin	Elementary              •	 John	F.	Kennedy	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                •	 Kopperl	School
                                                                                                              •	 Alcott	Elementary
La Vega ISD                          •	 Garden	Park	Elementary            •	 Santiago	Garcia	Elementary
 •	 La	Vega	Elementary               •	 Garza	Elementary
                                                                                                              •	 Almeda	Elementary           (Article continues page 4)
Page 4                                                                                                            TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER

Reading comprehension training modules (cont. from p. 1)
These modules, delivered to reading technical assistance special-                              as she observed teacher instruction.
ists (RTAs) and Partners, include Reading With Purpose, Think-
Turn-Talk, Listening Comprehension, Cognitive Strategy Instruc-                          •	 Completed	walkthroughs	with	the	principal	and	the	same	
tion, Making Connections, Creating Mental Images, and Making                                checklist.
Inferences and Predictions. Remaining modules, to be delivered                           End of the year (EOY) TPRI and Tejas LEE scores indicated
at the fourth Advanced Coaching Institute, include Asking and                            gains in comprehension across grade levels at May King Progress
Answering Questions and Determining Importance and Summa-                                Elementary. However, as the TRF Campus Leadership Team at
rizing. A complete set of the Elements of Understanding mod-                             May King Progress Elementary considered their EOY data, the
ules will be provided to every TRF local campus coach (LCC)                              principal noticed a large number of students who were “Still
during the 2008–2009 school year. Districts and campuses are                             Developing” in the comprehension section of the TPRI and
encouraged to examine their data to determine which of the                               “Nivel Intervencion” in the comprehension section of the Tejas
comprehension trainings would most effectively meet the needs                            LEE. One teacher on the Leadership Team commented that
of their students.                                                                       a number of students are struggling because they are not able
We will examine a sample school — May King Progress El-                                  to make necessary connections between the core reading sto-
ementary — and discover how this elementary school plans                                 ries and their own life experiences. The team decided that the
to implement training that may be appropriate to its campus                              Elements of Understanding: Making Connections module would
needs. After the middle of the year (MOY) data point, the                                help meet this need. A prerequisite for this training is Cognitive
Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) and El Inventario                                 Strategy Instruction, a quick, 60-minute module.
de Lectura en Español de Tejas (Tejas LEE), the TRF Cam-                                 This TRF Campus Leadership Team updated its Campus Read-
pus Leadership Team at May King Progress Elementary met to                               ing Instructional Plan for the fall semester. The Cognitive Strate-
analyze data in K–3 reading. Data indicated that listening and                           gy Instruction module and the Making Connections training was
reading comprehension scores were low, with many students                                included in the Instructional Plan for all K–3 teachers, inter-
still struggling at all grade levels. The team asked the LCC and                         ventionists, and special education teachers, as well as selected
RTA to present one of the Elements of Understanding training                             support personnel such as the librarian (who regularly coor-
modules: Reading With Purpose. Following the presentation of                             dinates her lesson plans with grade-level objectives). The LCC
this module, the LCC:                                                                    enlisted the help of the RTA, and they prepared to co-present
•	 Met	with	her	teachers	to	assist	them	in	creating	lesson	plans	                        these two trainings.
   that utilized routines outlined in the checklist found on                             In summary, careful consideration of the data by the TRF Cam-
   page 106 in the Tools for Administrators section of the Read-                         pus Leadership Team; specific planning as set forth in the Read-
   ing With Purpose module.                                                              ing Instructional Plan; coordinated training efforts among the
•	 Modeled	 the	 selected	 instructional	 routines	 in	 the	 class-                      teachers, coach, and RTA; and follow-up by the principal and
   rooms and had teachers use the previously mentioned                                   other campus stakeholders may lead to adequate and complete
   checklist. Teachers then provided feedback to the LCC.                                implementation of the professional development at May King
                                                                                         Progress Elementary and to improved achievement for students
•	 Used	the	same	checklist	to	provide	feedback	to	the	teachers	                          in the areas of listening and reading comprehension.

Spotlight on Success (cont. from p. 3)                                                  •	 Wheelock	Elementary
                                                                                        •	 Wolffarth	Elementary
                                                                                                                    •	 South	Marshall	
                                                                                                                                                •	 Escandon	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                •	 Jackson	Elementary
                                                                                       Lyford CISD                 Mart ISD                     •	 McAuliffe	Elementary
La Marque ISD                  •	 Milton	Elementary       Los Fresnos CISD
                                                                                        •	 Lyford	Elementary        •	 Mart	Elementary          •	 Rayburn	Elementary
 •	 Highlands	Elementary       •	 Santo	Nino	Elementary    •	 Las	Yescas	Elementary
                                                                                       Malakoff ISD                McAllen ISD                  •	 Seguin	Elementary
Lake Worth ISD                Latexo ISD                   •	 Lopez-Riggins	
                                                              Elementary                •	 Malakoff	Elementary      •	 Alvarez	Elementary       •	 Thigpen-Zavala	
 •	 Effie	Morris	Elementary    •	 Latexo	Elementary
                                                           •	 Los	Fresnos	Elementary    •	 Toole	Elementary         •	 Blanca	E.	Sanchez	
 •	 Marine	Creek	             Leary ISD
                                                                                                                       Elementary               •	 Wilson	Elementary
    Elementary                 •	 Leary	Elementary         •	 Villareal	Elementary     Malone ISD
                                                                                                                    •	 Crockett	Elementary     Mercedes ISD
 •	 Miller	Elementary         Liberty-Eylau ISD           Lubbock ISD                   •	 Malone	Elementary
                                                                                                                    •	 Dr.	Carlos	Castaneda	    •	 Ruben	Hinojosa	
Laredo ISD                     •	 Liberty-Eylau	C	K	       •	 Bean	Elementary          Marfa ISD                                                   Elementary
 •	 Don	Jose	Gallego	             Bender Elementary        •	 Parsons	Elementary        •	 Marfa	Elementary
                                                                                                                    •	 Dr.	Pablo	Perez	         •	 Travis	Elementary
    Elementary                 •	 Liberty-Eylau	Primary                                Marshall ISD
                                                           •	 Ramirez	Charter	School                                   Elementary
 •	 H.	B.	Zachry	Elementary   Loop ISD                     •	 Roy	W.	Roberts	           •	 Robert	E.	Lee	
 •	 Heights	Elementary         •	 Loop	School                 Elementary                   Elementary                                (Article continues next page)
TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER                                                                                                                                                    Page 5

Focus on: using video for professional development

         his time of year, many coaches                      •	 How	will	this	video	connect	to	the	                          •	 Analyze	and	reflect	together.
         are asking: “How can we make                           current instruction in the class-                            •	 Consider	 multiple	 viewings	 for	
         the biggest impact in the                              room?                                                           different purposes.
shortest period of time as we enter the
second semester?” The answer to that                         •	 Does	 this	 video	 show	 positive	
                                                                                                                             3. Connect to practice.
question often is professional devel-                           practices that you want to use as a
                                                                catalyst for change?                                         •	 Set	 manageable	 short-term	 goals	
opment (PD). But PD is most effec-
tive when we show participants what                                                                                             for implementation.
                                                             After you have answered those ques-
strategies look like in practice, rather                                                                                     •	 Follow	 up	 with	 classroom	 obser-
                                                             tions, you are ready to start planning.
than just talking about concepts.                                                                                               vations and feedback.
                                                             Here are some guidelines to consider:
An inexpensive and sustainable option
                                                             1. Set a clear purpose.                                         Don’t forget: When the video has fin-
for showing “how to” is using videos.
Often, the most convenient time to                                                                                           ished, your job has just begun. While
                                                             •	 What	 are	 participants	 watching	
deliver this PD is at grade-level meet-                         for? Be specific.                                            a single viewing of a video can have
ings. When planning such meetings,                                                                                           a positive impact, creating a cycle of
                                                             •	 Are	there	clear	examples	and	non-
make sure the videos are used to tar-                                                                                        PD that includes watching “how-to”
                                                                examples in this video?
get particular instructional strategies                                                                                      videos followed by structured analy-
by asking:                                                   2. Build in structure.                                          sis, implementation, and follow-up
•	 Why	are	you	choosing	to	use	a	vid-                        •	 Have	participants	use	an	observa-                            is an effective strategy for improving
   eo to demonstrate this practice?”                            tion tool.                                                   teacher competency.

Spotlight on Success (cont.)                                           Elementary
                                                                       •	 General	Ricardo	
                                                                                              •	 Ogden	Elementary
                                                                                              •	 Robert	B.	Green	
                                                                                                                            Socorro ISD
                                                                                                                             •	 Campestre	Elementary
                                                                                                                                                              •	 Prada	Elementary
                                                                       Sanchez Elementary        Elementary
Mexia ISD                      •	 Pharr	Elementary                                                                           •	 Elfida	Chavez	Elementary      •	 Rodolfo	C.	Centeno	
                                                              •	 Grulla	Elementary            •	 Rodriguez	Elementary                                            Elementary
 •	 A.	B.	McBay	Elementary     •	 Reed-Mock	Elementary                                                                       •	 Escontrias	Early	
                                                              •	 La	Union	Elementary          •	 Rogers	Elementary              Childhood Center              •	 United	D.	D.	Hachar	
Monte Alto ISD                 •	 Sgt.	Leonel	Trevino	
                                                              •	 Roque	Guerra,	Jr.	           •	 Schenck	Elementary          •	 Escontrias	Elementary            Elementary
 •	 Monte	Alto	Elementary                                        Elementary
                                                                                              •	 Storm	Elementary            •	 H.	D.	Hilley	Elementary      Vanguard Academy
                               •	 Sorensen	Elementary
Mount Pleasant ISD                                           Roosevelt ISD
                                                                                              •	 Travis	Elementary           •	 Hueco	Elementary              •	 Vanguard	Academy	
                               •	 Whitney	Elementary
 •	 E.	C.	Brice	Elementary                                    •	 Roosevelt	Elementary                                                                            Charter
                               •	 Zeferino	Farias	                                            •	 Wilson	Elementary           •	 Lujan-Chavez	
 •	 Frances	Corprew	                                         Runge ISD                                                          Elementary                   Venus ISD
                                  Elementary                                                  •	 Woodlawn	Hills	
    Elementary                                                •	 Runge	Elementary                Elementary
                              Pittsburg ISD                                                                                  •	 Robert	R.	Rojas	              •	 Venus	Elementary
North Forest ISD                                             San Antonio ISD                 San Benito CISD                    Elementary
                               •	 Pittsburg	Elementary                                                                                                        •	 Venus	Primary
 •	 Lakewood	Elementary                                       •	 Austin	Academy               •	 Downs	Elementary            •	 S/Sgt.	Michael	P.	Barrera	
                               •	 Pittsburg	Primary                                                                                                          Waco ISD
                                                                                                                                Veterans Elementary
 •	 Shadydale	Elementary                                      •	 Beacon	Hill	Elementary       •	 Dr.	Raul	Garza	
                              Port Arthur ISD                                                                                                                 •	 Bell’s	Hill	Elementary
                                                                                                 Elementary                 Sonora ISD
 •	 Tidwell	Elementary                                        •	 Bowden	Elementary
                               •	 Robert	E.	Lee	Elementary                                                                                                    •	 Hillcrest	Professional	
                                                                                              •	 Frank	Roberts	              •	 Sonora	Elementary
O’Donnell ISD                                                 •	 Collins	Garden	                                                                                 Development Center
                              Queen	City	ISD                                                     Elementary                 Splendora ISD
 •	 O’Donnell	Elementary                                         Elementary                                                                                   •	 Kendrick	Elementary
                               •	 J.	K.	Hileman	                                              •	 Fred	Booth	Elementary       •	 Peach	Creek	Elementary
Olney ISD                                                     •	 Cotton	Elementary                                                                            •	 Parkdale	Elementary
                                  Elementary                                                  •	 Judge	Oscar	De	La	
                                                              •	 David	Crockett	                                            St. Mary’s Academy Charter
 •	 Olney	Elementary          Quinlan	ISD                                                        Fuente Elementary                                            •	 West	Avenue	Elementary
                                                                 Elementary                                                  •	 St.	Mary’s	Academy	
Paint Creek ISD                •	 D.	C.	Cannon	                                               •	 La	Encantada	Elementary        Charter School               West Hardin County CISD
                                                              •	 Fenwick	Elementary
 •	 Paint	Creek	School            Elementary                                                  •	 La	Paloma	Elementary                                         •	 West	Hardin	Elementary
                                                              •	 Foster	Elementary                                          Tarkington ISD
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD       Ralls ISD                                                       •	 Rangerville	Elementary                                      West Orange-Cove CISD
                                                              •	 Graebner	Elementary                                         •	 Tarkington	Primary
 •	 Austin	Elementary          •	 Ralls	Elementary                                           Sealy ISD                                                        •	 Anderson	Elementary
                                                              •	 Hawthorne	Academy                                          Texhoma ISD
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD      Ramirez ISD                                                     •	 Selman	Elementary                                           Winfield ISD
                                                              •	 Henry	Carroll	Academy                                       •	 Texhoma	Elementary
 •	 Buckner	Elementary         •	 Ramirez	Elementary                                         Ser-Ninos Charter                                                •	 Winfield	Elementary
                                                              •	 J.	T.	Brackenridge	                                        Troup ISD
 •	 Carman	Elementary         Raymondville ISD                   Elementary                   •	 Ser-Ninos	Charter	School                                    Zapata County ISD
                                                                                                                             •	 Troup	Elementary
 •	 Cesar	Chavez	Elementary    •	 L.	C.	Smith	Elementary      •	 Japhet	Elementary           Shallowater ISD                                                  •	 A.	L.	Benavides	
                                                                                                                            United ISD
                               •	 Pittman	Elementary          •	 Lamar	Elementary             •	 Shallowater	Elementary                                          Elementary
 •	 Garza-Pena	Elementary                                                                                                    •	 Juarez/Lincoln	
                              Rio Grande City CISD            •	 Maverick	Elementary          •	 Shallowater	Intermediate       Elementary                    •	 Zapata	South	Elementary
 •	 Geraldine	Palmer	
    Elementary                 •	 Dr.	Mario	E.	Ramirez	       •	 Neal	Elementary                                             •	 Judith	Zaffirni	
Page 6                                                                                TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER

Instructional Connection
Tier III intervention: Ensuring that progress happens

      or students who receive Tier III instruction, reading       •	 Plan	multiple	opportunities	for	practice	within	differ-
      can be laborious and frustrating. Interventionists             ent groups of students: For example, three students are
      must find unique and motivating ways to encourage              learning about words with the igh pattern, and one stu-
students, while also having an extensive “toolkit” to help           dent is struggling with the concept more than the other
students meet their learning goals.                                  two. Plan to structure the time so that the struggling
                                                                     student can develop this skill. For example, the student
Many times, this means that teachers must seize “teach-              struggling with the concept (a) does a word sort with
able moments” and apply an “on-the-spot” strategy when               the igh and the ice patterns, (b) underlines the igh in
students are struggling. Here are a few suggestions to help          the sorted words, and (c) reads the words. Simultane-
interventionists take advantage of teachable moments in              ously, the other two students practice reading flash-
any Tier III lesson:                                                 cards with igh to each other for 3 minutes each (use a
                                                                     timer). All three students come together and chorally
•	 Plan	an	extension	activity	and	a	review	activity	within	
                                                                     read five sentences that have the target igh words in
   each lesson: An extension activity allows students the
                                                                     the sentences. Each student then reads a sentence to a
   opportunity	to	apply	the	skill	in	a	more	difficult	man-
                                                                     partner and one sentence individually. This plan allows
   ner. A review activity allows students who are strug-
                                                                     for a comprehensive practice of the skill that meets the
   gling the chance to review prerequisite skills to help
                                                                     needs of all students.
   these students connect the new concept to more fa-
   miliar skills. This might mean planning for more than          Teaching on the spot is fundamentally about responding
   one prerequisite skill and will require careful data           to students’ needs in every moment. The above suggestions
   analysis to ensure the activities are specific to students’    can be used in any tier of instruction; however, they are
   needs.                                                         powerful strategies for Tier III instruction.

   RTA Corner
   Strategic leadership meetings (SLMs)      During November, many RTAs as-            tending trainings delivered by the
   have been a major focus for many          sisted Texas Reading First Partners in    Vaughn Gross Center and the Chil-
   reading technical assistance special-     preparing for differentiated techni-      dren’s Learning Institute. The Vaughn
   ists (RTAs) the past several months.      cal assistance visits. November also      Gross Center guided RTAs in analyz-
   From El Paso to Beaumont to               brought about an opportunity for          ing scenarios in a problem-solving
   Brownsville to Abilene, SLMs have         Houston and Tyler area RTAs to col-       format, determining root causes and
   engaged district and campus stake-        laborate with Higher Education Col-       suggesting next steps. The Children’s
   holders across the state in using data    laborative (HEC) members to present       Learning Institute provided another
   to reflect on accomplishments and         to university students on topics such     four comprehension element mod-
   challenges, planning instructional        as using data to guide instruction,       ules, Making Inferences and Predic-
   enhancements, and identifying ways        Response to Intervention (RtI), prog-     tions, Creating Mental Images, Making
                                             ress monitoring, the 3-Tier Model,
   to monitor and provide high-quality                                                 Connections, and Cognitive Strategy
                                             and differentiating instruction. In
   feedback. These sessions have also re-                                              Instruction, which will be shared with
                                             addition, several RTAs took part in
   sulted in networks being developed                                                  campuses and districts in the near
                                             a webcast to share graphophonemic
   within districts, as well as with other                                             future. Also, several RTAs provided
                                             knowledge routines.
   districts, to plan, adjust, and refine                                              SLM follow-up sessions to analyze
   instructional techniques.                 December and January included at-         middle of the year (MOY) data.
TRF QuARTERly NEwSlETTER                                                                                                  Page 7

                                                                                          We want to administer the outcome
Assessment update                                                                         assessments that we use in grades 1
                                                                                          and 2 to other grades; will TIMES
Outcome assessments: Questions and answers                                                take care of that for us, too?

                                                                                          TIMES is authorized to order and pay
       or this edition of Assessment Up-        kindergarten EOY is the outcome           for assessment only for students in grades
       date, we address many of the as-         assessment for the year.
                                                                                          1 and 2. If you want to administer the
       sessment questions we receive
                                            •	 The	 TAKS	 for	 third	 grade	 is	 sent	    assessments for other grades, the district
from educators across the state. Out-
                                               from the state.                            must contact the publisher directly.
come assessments are a frequent theme
of these inquiries. As part of Reading                                                    Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
                                            •	 The	Stanford	10/Aprenda	or	ITBS/
First requirements, all students must                                                     for several of our students state that
                                               Logramos are ordered through and
be administered a reading outcome as-                                                     they cannot take group-administered
                                               paid for by the Texas Institute for
sessment. The criteria for ordering and                                                   assessments in the classroom. Should
                                               Measurement, Evaluation, and Sta-
administering these assessments follow         tistics (TIMES), including the test-       we still assess them with the class for
below.                                         ing materials and scoring for grades       Reading First?
Which assessments are outcome as-              1 and 2.                                   Always follow the guidelines on the IEP.
sessments?                                                                                Each student’s case should be handled
                                            I have submitted our campus/district          according the IEP on file at the campus.
•	 Kindergarten:	 All	 students	 should	    numbers to TIMES for our grade
   be administered the end of the year      1 and 2 outcome assessments; do I             We have students who need large print
   (EOY) Texas Primary Reading Inven-       need to do anything else?                     or off-level assessments. How do we
   tory (TPRI) or El Inventario de Lec-                                                   handle ordering these?
   tura en Español de Tejas (Tejas LEE).    This answer is simple. Wait for the ship-
                                            ment of assessments to arrive and verify      Again, contact your TIMES campus
•	 All	first-	and	second-grade	students	    the number ordered to ensure that you         manager, and these needs will be ad-
   should be administered the full          have an adequate number for all students      dressed with the publisher.
   reading/language arts battery of as-     being assessed.                               When should we administer the out-
   sessments from either the SAT 10 or      Someone from Harcourt or River-               come assessments?
   ITBS for English and the Aprenda         side contacted me about student in-
   or Logramos for Spanish.                                                               The TIMES suggested timeline recom-
                                            formation. Why?                               mends April 20–May 15. This time-
•	 Third-grade	 students	 should	 be	 ad-   Both publishers contact the district          frame is recommended so that the as-
   ministered either the English or         Reading First director or assessment di-      sessments can be scored and reports
   Spanish Texas Assessment of Knowl-       rector to set up student files so that stu-   returned to the campuses/districts in a
   edge and Skills (TAKS).                  dent identification labels can be created.    timely manner.
                                            This ensures that the assessment data
How are these outcome assessments                                                         Whom should I ask if I have questions
                                            are accurate, with valid student demo-
purchased?                                                                                about assessment?
                                            graphic information. The bar code labels
•	 The	 TPRI	 and	 Tejas	 LEE	 outcome	     contain all of the needed information, so     For any questions on assessments, do not
   assessments are included in the as-      teachers do not have to bubble in all of      hesitate to contact your reading techni-
   sessment kits used throughout the        the information on the student assess-        cal assistance specialist (RTA) and/or
   year for benchmark assessing. The        ment booklets.                                TIMES campus manager.

Reading First assessment timeline
  January 12–23          MOY screening/diagnostic, K–3 (all RF campuses)

  February 6             MOY data for K–3 due to TIMES. Vendor deadline for submitting data to TIMES.

  Online System:         Campus updates—addresses, contacts, grades, languages, instructional programs, assessments,
  February 16–28         teacher rosters, and general teacher information (all RF campuses; completed by LCC)
                         Implementation survey (all RF campuses; completed by LCC)
    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a
    thought without accepting it.”
                                                          — Aristotle
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