Financial Literacy Workshop for Not-for-Profit organisations by mll78346


									                         Financial Literacy Workshop
                         Not-for-Profit organisations
This workshop will enable you to familiarise yourself with financial statements, understand profit
   and loss statements and teach you how to evaluate your organisation’s financial position.

            **Limited to 25 participants – so register early to secure your place**

 Stephen Gallagher
 Senior Finance Manager, Group Finance              Topics to be covered include:
 NAB                                                    1. Introduction to Accounting Principles
                                                        2. Understanding your organisation’s:
 Stephen Gallagher has 11 years experience
 working in the finance division of National                     Statement of financial performance
 Australia Bank (NAB) involving financial                        (profit and loss statement)
 statement review and preparation including the                  Statement of financial position
 NAB's annual report and half yearly profit
 announcements. Stephen has also held senior                     (balance sheet)
 finance positions that involved the provision of                Statement of cash flow statement
 accounting advice on financial transactions,
                                                        3. Accrual versus cash accounting
 budgeting, forecasting and the provision of
 management accounts. Stephen is a qualified            4. Principles of Depreciation
 Chartered Accountant and has previously worked         5. Profit versus cash
 for KPMG and Norwich Union.
                                                        6. The impact of debt versus equity on
 Date                                                        financial statements
 17 October 2007
                                                      **Participants are requested to bring:
                                                                 writing material,
 9.30am – 12.00pm                                     a calculator and a copy of your latest
                                                           annual report (if applicable)
 Cost: $30
 National Australia Bank                            Please complete the attached registration
 Level 34, 500 Bourke Street                        form and return to PILCH.
                                                    Light refreshments will be served
 By Wednesday, 3 October 2007
                                   It will assist PILCH and the presenters if you could complete the questions
                                   on the Registration Form so we can tailor the presentation for the
                                   organisations attending and answer your questions on financial literacy.




Please set out any questions you would like the presenter to consider in his presentation.

Organisation Type:              Incorporated Association            Unincorporated Association          Community         legal

  Other (please specify)         Company         Limited     by     Law Firm                          Law student

Taxation Status                 Income Tax Exempt Charity           Public Benevolent Institution     GST concessions
                                                                    Deductible Gift Recipient

Principal Activity           Community Services                   Health                              Education
                                child care                          NFP private hospital              Religious
                                accommodation for the aged          NFP public hospital               Arts and Culture

                                disability services                 nursing home                      Sport & recreation
                                youth services                      primary care service              Environment
                                other residential care              health agency                     Interest Group
                                other non-residential care        Please specify                      Other

                                other community service                                             Please specify
                             Please specify

Primary Purpose                 serve its members and                Or serve the public

How many employees              none                                5 – less than 20                  50 less than 100
(whether full or part-
                                less than 5                         20 less than 50                   100 less than 1000

How many volunteers             none                                5 – less than 20                  50 less than 100
                                less than 5                         20 less than 50                   100 less than 1000

Income                          less than $500                      $10,000–less than $100,00           500,000      to   less
                                                                                                    than $1 mil
                                $500 – less than $10,000            $100, 000 less than 500,000
Financial Literacy Workshop for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Date: Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Place: National Australia Bank, Level 34, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Cost: $30.00 per person

To reserve your tickets please complete and return this form to:
Marlena Pitrone Administrator PILCH at
PILCH Level 1, 550 Lonsdale St Melbourne or
Fax: (03) 9225 6686; or email to

Name and Organisation:



Number of tickets required for the seminar @ $30 each:


    Cheque for      $____________        enclosed payable to: PILCH

     Direct debit of $____________       paid to: PILCH, BSB: 06 3009
     Account No: 1023 7968, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
     Please quote attendee’s name when making deposit.

    Credit Card           Visa             Mastercard

    Credit Card Holder’s Name __________________________________________

    Credit Card Number __________ / __________ / __________ / __________

    Expiry Date ________ / _________             Amount $____________

   Note: We only accept Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard:
Public Interest Law Clearing House (Vic) Inc       ABN: 54 206 789 276
This document will be a tax invoice for GST when you make a payment.
Please retain a copy for your records.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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