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           Central Office
           East Central
           St. Martin

           You, Your Child, and School Bus Safety Information for Parents
           Employment Opportunities
           General Information
           Turnaround Request Form
           How To Become A Driver
           Bus Driver Handbook
           Supervisor's Handbook
           Transportation Forms
           Driver Education Forms
           Use of Charter Buses - Procedure 15
           Vehicle Purchase Procedures and Check List
           State Department of Safe and Orderly Schools

           Contact School Transportation Offices

           School Bus Pictures

           Space Bus
           Bus La Bonita

           Occupational Safety Handbook      (Word Format)     (PDF Format)
           Fire Extinguisher list

Safety Meeting Topics
          Back Safety
          Back Safety # 2 (Proper Lifting)
          Cell Phone Safety
          Don't Be A Fall Guy
          Fire Safety # 1
          General Safety - Classrooms and Offices
          Hidden Office Hazards
          Ladders, part 1
          Ladders, part 2
          Lifting and Handling # 1
          Personal Security Ideas
          Safety Training Materials
          Slip and Fall Prevention
          Slip and Fall # 1
          Slips and Falls
          Trip and Fall Prevention
          Unsafe Schools

Risk Managenent
           Check lists for each type of location
             Procedures for check lists

Workers' Comp
          School Board Workers' Comp Page        (Password Required)

           First Report of Injury         Excel Format    PDF Format
           Physician Choice Form           Word Format    PDF Format
           Billing Authorization Form      Word Format    PDF Format

           Retirement System (PERS)
           Mississippi Workers's Compensation Commission

Human Resources
         Link to job vacancy page
         Substitute Employment Procedures
                Job Description
                Substitute Handbook
                Substitute Training Seminars
         Link to MS Work Comp Commission
         Link to PERS

Personnel/Employee Insurance
          New Hires
                Certified Checklist
                  Non-Certified Checklist (working 20 or more hours per week)
                  Non-Certified Checklist (working less than 20 hours per week)

           Employee Insurance
                   Policy EGC - Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines

           Resignations / Terminations / Change in Hours
                 Resignation / Termination / Change in Hours Form

           Medical Leave / FMLA
                    Policy GDRH - Leaves and Absences Certificated Employees
                    Policy GDRHB Leaves and Absences Non-Certificated Employees
                    Leaves and Absences

           Marriage / Divorce / New Dependents

           Change of Address

           Educator License
                    License Pending or License Upgrade
                    Payroll Procedures (Policy DJC)

            Fingerprint List of Employees For office staff only. Password Required.
           Fingerprinting Information and Procedures

Liability Insurance - Employee Performance Bonds
               General Liability Insurance
                       General Liability Incident Report Form

           Property Insurance
                List of all locations (Excel)
                       East Central
                       St. Martin
                Break-In or Property Loss Report
               Hurricane Information

               List of bonds (excel document)

           Asbestos Annual Notice
           Regulated Locations and Reinspection Forms (Excel Format)

           East Central Upper Elementary
           East Central Middle
           East Central High

           St. Martin North Elementary
           St. Martin East Elementary
           St. Martin Upper Elementary
           St. Martin Middle

           Vancleave Upper Elementary

Crisis Management

Student Insurance
           Student Insurance Policy

           Student Insurance Claim Form

           Disposal Policy

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

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