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Mortgage Consultant Resume Example


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									Jesse Kendall
123 Elm Street ▪ Las Cruces, NM 88005 ▪ 505.555.5555 ▪

Proactive in contacting prospects, customers, businesses, and community organizations to generate new business
and capitalize on opportunities. Expert in mortgage products with a reputation for providing exceptional customer
service during loan processing. Adept at structuring interest rate structures in response to individual or corporate
credit history, financial status, and property values.


                                     20xx 20xx
ABC Mortgage House, Las Cruces, NM ▪ 20xx – 20xx
MORTGAGE CONSULTANT: Worked closely with clients and described residential loan benefits and features. Pre-
qualified and pre-approved loans. Performed credit evaluations and reviewed loan applications. Provided superior
client service throughout the full lifecycle of the loan and followed up after closing to ensure complete client
satisfaction. Communicated with banks and loan financers every day.

   Improved investor list by establishing new relationships with account executives and banking institutions.
   Organized team of three Processors; streamlined processes for working with banks and filing information.
   Closed 11 units at $3.3 million, winning August 20xx Unit Award.

BCD Lender’s Mortgage, Las Cruces, NM ▪ 20xx – 20xx
MORTGAGE CONSULTANT: Originated loans and aggressively sold residential mortgages. Conducted cold calls to
prospect business; called Real Estate Agents and CPAs to solicit sales. Presented different loan features to clients to
ensure the best product match. Pre-qualified and pre-approved applications, and evaluated client credit history.
Ensured full data collection, application completion, and client satisfaction.

   Established lasting relationships and developed impressive database of clients through referrals.
   Ranked in “Southwest Top 25” for Q2 and Q3 20xx.

CDE Mortgage Financial, Las Cruces, NM ▪ 20xx – 20xx
MORTGAGE CONSULTANT: Originated residential mortgages nationwide, including home purchases, refinance
transactions, new construction lending, and small commercial lending. Compiled required documents to expedite
processing and underwriting. Formed synergistic relationships with industry partners in core market.

   Generated $1.8 million in originations each month with peak of $4.2 million in June 20xx.
   Earned two branch production awards.


                                     XYZ STATE UNIVERSITY – Las Cruces, NM
                              BA in Finance / Minor in Business Administration, 20xx

                             Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook
                             Statistical and mathematical software: Sass, Eviews, JMP
                             Banking software: Store Vision Teller, Store Vision Banker
                                           Other: Photoshop, QuickBooks

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